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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (January 2019)
587 points by whoishiring on Jan 2, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 966 comments
Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Y Combinator (yes, the people who run this site) | Full stack web | San Francisco | Onsite | Fulltime

Happy New Year, Hacker News!

Y Combinator has a small ~5 person team in San Francisco that builds all the software that runs YC. We don't hire for this team very often, but we're looking to hire a couple of people now.

Despite our small size, we're in charge of a number of important products. We run the software that powers YC's application process, software that almost every investor in silicon valley uses (https://blog.ycombinator.com/investor-day-software/), and Bookface, a private community site that is very actively used by YC founders. This year we launched two big new projects - Startup School (http://startupschool.com/) and Work at a Startup (http://workatastartup.com/). Those new projects are going very well - we have over 26K founders signed up for Startup School - and we want to double down on them.

An unusual aspect of being on the YC software team is that you'll get full access to the YC program, founders and partners - from our dinner talks to demo day. You'll learn the ins and outs of how YC works, and you'll get to know and learn from hundreds of companies. If you want to start a startup someday, working at YC would be an excellent jumping off point.

We're looking for capable generalist engineers. We care mostly about your ability to write great software; we don't care if you've used the technologies we work with as long as you're willing to learn them. We look for engineers with great product instincts who can own whole projects from start to finish.

We also offer highly competitive compensation and benefits, including equity in YC's portfolio. You can read more about our values and engineering culture on KeyValues: https://www.keyvalues.com/y-combinator.

Apply here: http://bit.ly/1Od0T2l. Email me with any questions: jared@ycombinator.com

I'm really curious how many applications you will receive on this position. What a super opportunity.

Any data science or BI positions?

Not currently but hopefully later this year!

@jared, Do you sponsor visas?

Some visas, depends on the details. Email me with your visa situation and I'll let you know if we can help.

While I'm someone else, I sent you an email :)

United States Digital Service | Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, Senior Designers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://www.usds.gov/

The best of technology. The best of government. And we want you. We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government resume required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people there are, immigration, veterans service, students, health care, and more. We're especially looking for talented senior engineers to join us to help shift move government tech in the right direction.

See one of our Reports to Congress for examples of what you could be working on:


Apply here:


If you'd like to get a feel for the sorts of folks we have at USDS, our Medium account is a pretty good place to start, too: https://medium.com/@USDigitalService

Wow this seems like a perfect opportunity, Matt. I hope that you are doing well.

I presume green card holders are not hired either?

We need U.S. citizens for the roles we have.

It would help save a lot of time if OP added this important piece of information on their job posting.

I have a GC and have applied for citizenship. Does than count?

Are there specific clearances that applicants would be expected to obtain?

How's the pay when the gov't is shut down?

Not trying to be cheeky -- genuinely curious does the shut down affect the pay of those on this team?

It depends on the team! This shutdown, only two of our teams are affected -- the DHS Digital Service and the SBA Digital Service. We work when our parent agencies work, and we shutdown with them for the most part.

When furloughed, yes, we are not paid -- however, so far, Congress has always passed legislation to pay back employees who were furloughed.

If only you guys were able to offer a relocation stipend or on-site outside of DC. Upending your life to move to an expensive city for, at most, a 12 month commitment? No bueno.

I'm not generally a fan of remote work so really what I'd like to see change is along the lines of: housing assistance, relocation stipend, a path to non-term-limited employment, and/or positions on-site outside of DC.

(and that whole drug testing thing, but one step at a time)

Just to address the "that's a lot of changes to make for a 12 month commitment" aspect, you can sign up for a two year term at USDS, which can be renewed, so you can work at USDS for up to four years if things are going well. We're just at the point where the first set of folks are reaching their four year mark.

For folks who don't know, USDS salaries for digital service experts typically top out at the "GS 15 step 10" cap for government salaries, which is a little over $164,000/year.

One of the ways I've looked at public vs private sector jobs is that you trade salary for stability and benefits (USDS is no exception). So it's good to hear that there is a longer-term potential, and it would good to see the copy on your site updated as such. The way it reads now seems like "that's a lot of changes to make for at most a 12 month commitment"

Likewise the USDS site indicates that the TSP is a maybe. That's a big negative any way you slice it. Aside from being idealistic a government job is again about stability and predictability. Some way of figuring out a way to ensure all USDS gigs are eligible for TSP would be a big comfort. Either that or some sort of more clear indication about what sorts of jobs would or would not qualify.

That said, topping out at $164k is about average in terms of base pay for the Bay Area (dunno how much cheaper DC is). It's actually pretty disappointing to see that the comment about salary uncertainty get downvoted into oblivion. Not everyone who wants to do good things in the world has the financial security to weather missing paychecks.

It's unfortunate that trump and the republicans have brought such unprecedented instability to the federal government, but that's where we as a country are at right now. Coming from the private sector world, I haven't worried about whether my paycheck would bounce in over a decade and have zero interest in going back to those days.

Personally I'm starting to think about looking around for an ops gig again. From my point-of-view 18F seems more in line with what compromises I'm willing to make. Obviously USDS (or any other federal gig) will never be exactly like a private sector job, but it would go a long way towards making someone like me polish my résumé if USDS were closer to what other federal gigs offer.

Fullstack.io | Book author | Remote | Part Time | https://www.fullstack.io/write-a-book/ Earn on order of $50k/year by writing a programming book. We’re the authors of Fullstack React, ng-book, Fullstack Vue and we’re looking to work with authors like you to write a few new books this year.

Our books sell very well because:

- We go way beyond API docs and teach everything you need to know to build real apps.

- We guarantee the books and code are up to date.

- We invest in marketing the books (and have an active email list of over 100k)

- We love the topics we write about and aim to create something remarkable every time.

If you decided to self-publish, you may find the marketing is more than writing the book. We have an audience, and we know what they want to read - so when your book is done, we already have people who want to buy it.

If you decide to go with a “traditional” publisher, you may be given a mediocre editor, write your book in MS Word (ha), and earn 5-15% in royalties. With us, our editors (me) are programmers first, our tooling is dev-friendly, and our royalties are split 50/50. (For scale, the author of Fullstack Vue earned $20k on the opening weekend.)

I’d specifically like to work with someone on Fullstack Go and Fullstack Rust - which is less about the respective languages and more like guides to building full-stack web applications with each, including third-party libraries, etc. But we’re also looking to write content about Python, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Elixir, etc. Anything up and coming.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, fill out the form linked below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


(I've talked more about our economics of writing books here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17015117)

This is very cool! Last year I wrote a manuscript on an hands-on approach to learning Python [0][1], going to apply on your site.. :)

[0] https://github.com/joaoventura/full-speed-python

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16622038

This looks cool. Couple of bits of feedback on your website: the “Request for Books” link appears to be broken on the landing page you linked here. The hamburger menu in the upper right doesn’t do anything for me in iOS Safari. I have an adblocker though so maybe that’s interfering?

I'll fix those, thanks!!

Another tiny thing: Under the Request for Books topic you have spelled it Pheonix instead of Phoenix.

This sounds like something I'd love to get into, but I don't have any book writing experience. Do you have any tips/pointers for me? Can you recommend any online courses that might help me learn more about technical book writing?

We will teach you :)

What's most important is that you've used your topic in production and you have some "earned secrets" that don't normally appear in API docs that you'd love to share to others. I always say that we're writing the books we wish existed when we were learning.

We have some internal training on how to think about outlining, how to evaluate the audience, and how to refresh yourself on the things beginners want to know. We'll also work with beta readers before we launch, so you'll be able to test the material against a fresh audience.

Basically, if we decide to work together, I'll be working with you closely through every step of the process: outlining, drafting, coding, revising, editing, marketing, etc.

If this interests you, please apply.

There are definitely topics I can think of that I have always wished were in the books I learned from. I'll let the ideas churn for a bit before I apply. Thanks so much for the quick response :)

Quick note @jashmenn : in the last sentence of section 8 of the "write a book" page, "filling" is misspelled as "filing" (missing n).

Also fullstack.io seems pretty cool!

Ha - Looks like I need to use an editor on my own landing page. Thank you!

Pretty cool, I've always wanted some topics to write about.

Neos Insurance | Developers, designers, project/product managers | Full Time | Brighton, UK | London, UK | Remote (UK ±1 hour) | https://neos.co.uk | https://neos.workable.com

Neos are combining smart home devices and home insurance to make people's homes safer, and reduce the number of claims being paid out. We closed funding from Aviva, one the UK's largest insurers, late last year and we're now looking to grow the team. We sell our own insurance policies, and also provide a white labelled version of our IoT platform to insurers around the world.

Specifically we're looking for mid-level/senior developers on both frontend and backend, project managers, product managers, designers, and QA engineers. For most of those roles we can hire people working in London, Brighton, or remote if you can demonstrate previous experience of doing so effectively.

Our tech stack consists of lots of Ruby (and a little bit of Elixir) on the backend, Angular SPAs on the frontend, mobile apps for iOS and Android, alongside hardware from a variety of suppliers which we integrate with our platform.

You can see the full job specs at https://neos.workable.com, but if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email on jon.wood@neos.co.uk and I'll either answer or find the right person to do so.

SpaceX | Hawthorne, CA; Redmond, WA; Vandenberg, CA; Cape Canaveral, FL; McGregor, TX | Perm, Onsite, Full-Time | https://www.spacex.com/

SpaceX designs, manufactures, and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not. Today SpaceX is actively revolutionizing space technology with the ultimate goal of enabling human life on Mars.

We currently have 300+ roles open across our various locations with the largest number of openings at our Hawthorne, CA headquarters. You can view all available jobs here: https://www.spacex.com/careers

Highlighted open roles:

- Software Engineer C++ (TS/SCI Clearance): https://grnh.se/6bb9b2a62

- Senior Software Engineer (Python): https://grnh.se/0fe1cf412

- GNC Mission Design Engineer: https://grnh.se/b2ff294e2

- Manager, Information Security Engineering: https://grnh.se/ad1ea7cd2

- Information Security Engineer: https://grnh.se/0c39363b2

Hey there. I know a load of candidates for Python and C++ Roles Do you work with passionate Recruiters?


Are all your roles subject to ITAR restrictions?

Sooo.... that's a maybe?

looks like that's a "fuck you"

Prima Assicurazioni (prima.it) | Milan, Italy | Full time | Onsite and italian language required | Backend/Frontend/Fullstack/DevOps | https://www.prima.it/carriera

We are a team of really smart people working in a very well funded startup trying to disrupt insurance in Italy by using technology as our main competitive advantage. We employ a micro service architecture (10s of them are in production atm), Docker and AWS.

Most of our micro services are written in Elixir, we also have some Ruby, Haskell, Python and Rust in production besides a legacy Symfony 2 application, while on the front end side we are mainly using Elm.

We have a lot of automation in place, we run a pretty comprehensive test suite on Drone CI at every push and every developer can spin up QA environments that mirror our entire stack for a given feature branch (this is made possible by having all of our infrastructure managed through CloudFormation templates). All of this allows us to confidently deploy to production multiple times per day.

Our stack:

  AWS (a lot of services), CloudFlare
  OS: Amazon Linux
  EC2 instance number: from ~30 to ~100: we scale automatically a lot of times during the day and treat our infrastructure as immutable
  Infrastructure: CloudFormation + scripts
  CD: Drone CI, Docker (dev -> qa -> staging -> production)
  Container orchestration: AWS ECS
  DB: Aurora MySQL and PostgreSQL, Redshift, ElastiCache Redis, DynamoDB
  Monitoring: ELK, DataDog, New Relic, CloudWatch
  Team organization: small cross functional agile teams (every team has at least one person for all of these roles: backend engineer, frontend engineer, web designer, qa engineer, devops engineer)
  Backend languages: Elixir, PHP (we're phasing it out long term), Haskell, Python, Rust, Ruby
  Frontend languages: Elm, Javascript
If you're interested or just want some more info feel free to email me directly at andrea.usuelli@prima.it

TSM (Team SoloMid) & Blitz | Los Angeles | Onsite, relocation offered | Full-Time

We're hiring frontend (React, Electron) and backend (Elixir, Scala, Cassandra, Postgres) engineers to help build the future for gaming.

TSM is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports. We started out as a tech company by writing guides on our own website, then automating the process with probuilds.net. Later, we found success in Esports as one of the pioneers in the industry. We're looking to create software that helps push competitive gaming one step further. More specifically we're looking for 1-2 more engineers to join our engineering team in Los Angeles, where we're developing a desktop and mobile app that uses computer vision and data-driven insights to help gamers across all platforms to better their in-game performance. We plan to make this tool for every game - starting with the major ones as a benchmark: League of Legends, Fortnite, COD4, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Dota.

More details on the positions here:



If interested, please email kyle@solomid.net. For more questions you can reach out on Twitter as well @TSMLeaf.

PathAI | Boston, MA or Austin, TX | https://pathai.com | Onsite / Remote (US)

PathAI is looking for front- and back-end engineers and engineering managers to help detect cancer faster and more accurately while paving the way toward personalized medicine.

We're working with a modern stack using Python/Django/Flask/DRF, alongside a Vue-powered front-end. Services are containerized, and we do our best to have a great engineering environment alongside our regulatory and compliance efforts. We're a technology company working within healthcare, not a healthcare company trying to leverage technology.

We're making some major decisions around the direction of the platform, so we're especially excited to bring on tech leads, but early- and mid-career developers who have great software engineering chops can find a great home here as well.

Work alongside a diverse set of expert technologists, computational biologists, and computer vision scientists – if you're intellectually curious, it's an amazing environment to be in. We're well-funded with strong revenue, growth, and – most importantly – impact.

Check out our open positions at https://www.pathai.com/careers/.

Hi I have many years of exp in s/w product dev and recent in Python/backend web- Flask/Sqlalchemy/Postgres. Looking for any opportunities that fit my profile. I have applied online at pathai.com/careers.

I just applied to the Machine Learning Scientist position on your website! Please keep an eye out for me :)


I've already applied to a few positions from the last HN posting and haven't heard anything back. I think I'm a relatively strong candidate for the position, would love to get an email back regarding the positions I applied for.


Hey! Sorry about that. I don't see an application in our system with what I gleaned to be your name. Feel free to shoot me a follow up – jackson dot wilkinson at mycompany

Ugh. I'm not going to bother applying writing. I hate blackholes.

If you apply through the website, it won't be a black hole, for sure. There are some third party application sites that we're getting a handle on now. Hopefully we hear from folks like you!

Are all of the engineering roles open to remote workers? I'm interested in the Backend Manager position and located in D.C.

I think right now we're a little more cautious about a remote manager (it'll be our first) than ICs of all seniority levels. Definitely happy to have a conversation about it, though, and I have a soft spot from my time in DC.

Ok, I'll add a note in my cover letter regarding this interaction. I'm sure you have thought of this, but I think it is a powerful indicator to remote ICs if their manager is also remote. It at least suggests that the manage lives the same expirience that they do.

V7 | Deep Learning (vision) in real-time for human and robotic cancer research automation | London, UK, Full-Time


We are a team of experienced deep learning engineers working on doubling the progress of cancer research laboratories through a novel use of computer vision. We are partnered with the largest player in the field and have access to some of the world's most prestigious research laboratories for prototype deployments. No medical expertise required, we do not analyze radiological imagery or in-vivo experiments. We seek creative deep learning engineers who can grok how vision fundamentally works, and experienced full stack developers. We are also the creators of https://graphotate.com, a platform to annotate images and train neural nets.

Benefits include unlimited holidays, yearly 4-day retreats, and everything you would expect from a startup that places talent first. We're based in London, in front of Victoria station.



* Deep Learning Engineer (Segmentation+tracking, 6D object pose, hand pose)

* Back-End Software Engineer (Elixir/Phoenix experience)

* Front-End Developer (Vue.js, Swift, Kotlin)

* Full-Stack Software Engineer (Functional Programming experience preferred)

* Dev Ops (strong Kubernetes experience)

Email us directly to jobs [at] v7labs.com

Signifyd | Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Infrastructure Lead Engineer, Security Engineer | San Jose, Belfast, OR Remote


Our engineers build systems that catch bad guys. Using all available payment, user, and machine data, we have to separate legitimate credit card transactions from fraudulent in under 400ms. That means doing just-in-time mash-ups of internal data with external APIs and reducing it all into a single score with a few critical insights for end-users.

To solve this problem, we're looking for world-class engineers who are eager to learn, adopt, and contribute to a reactive style of programming. The tools you build will immediately impact the 5000+ merchants that already rely on Signifyd to help them grow without fear of fraud.

Our stack: Java, Python, Cassandra, MySQL, Solr, Apache Spark, Play! framework, Linux, Docker, AWS

Apply here: https://www.signifyd.com/careers/

PS: Some of our awards include * Best Company Culture, Entrepreneur Magazine, 2017 * Fraud Innovation Firm of the Year, Finance Monthly, 2017 * 50 Most Promising Startups, Bloomberg, 2017 * Best Places to Work in the Bay Area,2016 and 2017 * Forbes FinTech 50, Forbes, 2016

Are you open to Interns , Juniors ? Would you be open to work with such a profile REMOTELY ?

Remote from EU ?

Uniform Teeth | 3D Modeling/CAD Engineer | SF and Remote OK | $130K+ and equity

We're Uniform Teeth — the first premium, clinically credible consumer brand in orthodontics. We're making orthodontics cheaper, faster, and more accessible for everyone, plus we're backed by the same investors as Warby, Instacart, Casper and GoodRx. Read about us in TechCrunch.

## The Role

Our graphics engineers build our treatment planning environment — from the ground up. You’ll work hand in hand with our world-class UCSF-trained orthodontists to create a groundbreaking 3D environment for treatment planning.

We have several in-house algorithms for working with 3D models, and now we need to build a UI for working with them.

You’ll be responsible for building a native application that loads 3D models from intra-oral scans and allows doctors to manipulate teeth in an intuitive, novel interface. This software directly empowers our doctors to deliver better treatment plans and work faster.

## Responsibilities:

• Imports meshes from our segmentation algorithms

• Develop 3D UI for displaying STL files/3D meshes

• Manipulation tools: rotation, translation, smoothing, extrusion etc

• Visualization of meshes eg. collision detection

• Interpolation of translation/rotation between keyframes

• Exporting meshes to our API

## Contact

Reach out to tony[at]uniformteeth[dot]com for more info! https://bit.ly/2RwmMlK

ClubCollect | Backend Software Engineer | Amsterdam | REMOTE

Help us build an awesome billing engine! ClubCollect is looking for an experienced backend software engineer.

We've created a service for (sports) clubs and other organizations to make invoicing of club members a breeze. Invoicing, reminding, online payments: everything is processed via ClubCollect. Our customers (mainly treasurers of sports clubs) absolutely love our product. Hundreds of thousands of club members have already made payments using our service.

We're a small team (just under 50 people including 15 programmers), we love remote working but we also like to get together for beers and a great dinner.

ClubCollect is built in Ruby (+ Ruby on Rails) and Elixir (+Phoenix). For this position you'll mainly develop in Ruby, with a chance to learn Elixir. We value simplicity, creative solutions, and the ability to get things done.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to all areas of our code base.


- You love Ruby

- Several years experience with a modern web framework such as Rails or Django

- Not shy to touch JS

@recruiters: please don't contact us, we're not interested.

Apply at https://nlcollect-bv.workable.com/j/7D9B3037ED

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) | Eindhoven (the Netherlands) | REMOTE (Europe/Africa only)

TalkJS is the chat platform for platforms. We help online marketplaces and communities build great user-to-user communication. Working at TalkJS is fun because you get to make software that is used by other software engineers and that significantly impacts the experience of the users of our customers. Currently we're looking for a:


Our product is directly used by other developers, so there's deep API design work involved. We want to be faster at shipping new features and making existing features better, which is where you come in. Additionally, we're facing some big scaling challenges. Because of all this, we're looking for an experienced programmer who wants to help get TalkJS to the next level. Our stack consists of Elixir, PostgreSQL, React and TypeScript, but it's acceptable if you don't know all of these as long as you know many others.


We expect you to be fluent in at least 2 programming languages, and to have demonstrably deep experience with either Single-Page Web Applications, or relational databases, and at least some experience in both.

Our team is small and highly proactive, and we expect the same from you. If you need to be told what to do all the time, don't apply. If you want to be the smartest person in a (chat) room full of interns, don't apply. If you want to move fast with an experienced team, get in touch.

Apply by sending an email to hey@talkjs.com. (no recruiters or agencies please)

Hey Egbert, we haven't met but I am on the partnerships team at Andela. Andela is an engineering organization that places African software developers (of all experience levels) as full-time distributed team members of of global companies.

I don't know if you are familiar of Andela but wanted to give you some resources to review in case it is something your TalkJS team might be interested in looking into. We can provide you with what you described above.


Feel free to email me to learn more: lucy.white@andela.com. I appreciate you taking the time to read my plug :)

Hi Lucy,

While I appreciate what Andela is doing, I want to stay consistent with my earlier remark that we don't engage with recruiters or agencies for this position.

I guess they are looking for hires(humans) and not company.

Commure, Inc. | San Francisco, CA / Boston, MA | Rust Engineer | Fulltime | ONSITE

We are a stealth startup working to fix the software doctors use. If you have seen what physicians have to put up with, it's a bad version of the 90s, and makes medical care worse and more expensive for everyone. We are a group of previously successful engineers and entrepreneurs (MIT, Dartmouth, Stripe, Twitter, Salesforce, DataPower, etc) and senior doctors (Johns Hopkins, UCSF, etc) who are determined to finally fix this.

Compensation: market salary & equity -- we are well funded by top-tier VCs.

Stack: includes Rust, React and Kubernetes. In addition to building our back end in Rust, we are also solving some very interesting problems in the areas of data processing, high-speed APIs, flexible UX frameworks and fine-grained privacy for healthcare data.

Please email jobs@commure.com and mention "[hnrust]" in the subject line. Other positions available: - Senior Front End Engineer (React Native, React) - Senior Security Engineer (identity, SAML, OAuth, etc) (please use [hnfe] or [hnse] in subject line for the above).

Locations: San Francisco, Boston or Montreal; sorry, no distributed/remote option at the moment.

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard | Cambridge, MA | Software Engineer | INTERNS, ONSITE, VISA

We are seeking a creative, self-motivated software engineer who is excited about building high-performance GraphQL APIs. You will work with data from hundreds of thousands of human genome sequences and other orthogonal biological datasets, with the goal of understanding how DNA sequence variation relates to human physiology, traits, and susceptibility to disease.

You will work closely with a tightly knit team of scientists, software engineers, computational biologists, medical doctors, and geneticists. Your code will be 100% open source, and you will play a critical part in making our results accessible to the larger scientific community.

Key to our success is growing a strong team with a diverse membership who foster a culture of continual learning, and who support the growth and success of one another. Towards this end, we are committed to seeking applications from women and from underrepresented groups. We know that many excellent candidates choose not to apply despite their capabilities; please allow us to enthusiastically counter this tendency. If you are a software engineer who is eager to grow professionally and to contribute to our team culture and to participate in high-impact, open science, then we encourage you to apply.

Our stack: React, Redux, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, Node.js, Python, Hail, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform.

See what it's like to be a software engineer at the Broad Institute: https://www.broadinstitute.org/careers/software-engineering

email: msolomon@broadinstitute.org

GAMEANALTICS | London (UK) | On-site and remote | https://gameanalytics.com/careers

GameAnalytics is the #1 free analytics tool designed to help game developers and publishers drive conversions, refine critical flows, and boost retention for their titles by making the right decisions based on data. Currently, 17,000+ game developers use GameAnalytics to track performance in 38,000+ titles around the globe.

By joining the team, you'll help shape the development of an industry leading SaaS platform in one of the most exciting and highest growth verticals on mobile. We are a truly international company with a strong presence in Europe, the Americas and - through our parent company Mobvista - Asia.

Currently recruiting for:

* Backend Developers (Erlang, Elixir, Python, Terraform, Docker, Ansible, Packer, Hadoop/EMR, Druid).

* Frontend Developers (JavaScript, React, Angular)

* Data Engineer (algorithms, data structures and data modelling, Big data and ML)

* Data Scientist X2 (SQL and RDBMS, Java, Pyhton, R, data pipelines and modelling)

Beneftis include: * Competitive salary plus excellent bonus structure. * A fun and supportive working environment. * Food, snacks and drinks. * Office in Central London (with bike racks) and entertainment area incl. newest consoles and popular games. * Opportunity to work with the biggest and most innovative gaming companies in the world. * Number of paid holidays (25) excluding bank holidays. * Working from Home policy. * Work laptop (Mac/Windows/Linux) depending on your preference.

If you have any questions contact: yinka@gameanalytics.com

Gambit Research Ltd (http://gambitresearch.com) | London, UK | ONSITE | £40-85k + Bonus + Benefits + Flexible Hours + Personal training budget

At Gambit Research we specialise in creating and managing an automated betting service, via research, statistical analysis and the use of complex algorithms. We ingest and organise terabytes of market and event data from more than fifty sources and make the data available to our strategy teams via internal APIs. We care deeply about speed, accuracy and availability.

Our flagship product, MollyBet, presents the odds offered by many of the world’s largest bookmakers and betting exchanges, and enables clients to bet with multiple operators with a single mouse-click or API request. Molly is generally regarded as the best product in its class.

We’re always looking for clever, pragmatic, and autonomous individuals to join our team - individuals like you. We have a unique culture, where hierarchy and fancy job titles don’t matter. Instead our team is given the freedom to choose their own tools, work on projects they actually find interesting, and have totally flexible working hours. The technologies our team typically works with includes: Python, Erlang, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, C, C++, Java, Haskell, Julia, Go, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, Sentry, Git, and GitLab.

We’re currently recruiting for:

Python developers (all levels)

Erlang developers

JavaScript React developers

Linux infrastructure engineer / Sysadmin / SRE / DevOps engineer

Junior Product Analyst

Opendoor | Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer | Full-time onsite | SF, LA, and Atlanta

At Opendoor (https://www.opendoor.com/) we’re changing the way homes are bought and sold.

We're growing insanely quickly -- both in size and in revenue. In fact, we're on track to be the fastest company to $1bn in revenue (faster than Google, FB, Airbnb, & Uber), but we need your help.

Technologies we work with: Rails, React, React Native, PostGIS, Python, AWS, Webpack, Phoenix (Elixir), Kubernetes, Docker.

We also have quite a few YC alum who work here. It's a great place to meet your future cofounder :)

Shoot me an email and I'll get you fast-tracked: zain@opendoor

HEY! I know a lot of people in this space and can certainly recommend individuals.

  AdGear - ONSITE - Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Spark, Kafka, Vertica, AWS)- Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Front-end engineer (SASS, Bootstrap, Webpack) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, React) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby, RoR) - Montreal - FullTime
Following its acquisition by the Visual Display division of Samsung in 2016, AdGear is now focusing on enabling brands to connect with Samsung TV audiences as they are exposed to digital media across all devices. We're trying to bridge the gap between traditional TV advertising and digital advertising!

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

#erlang #c11 #rust #scala #ruby #typescript #react #opensource

HoneyLove (YC S18) | Head of Engineering, Product Manager, Supply Chain Manager | REMOTE | $100k-$190k + equity HoneyLove (honeylove.co, YC S18) is a VC-funded fashion startup. We launched our online store in July 2018, and have generated over $2MM in sales in our first 5 months. We have been profitable since our launch and were chosen by Techcrunch as one of the top 10 companies from our Demo Day (https://tcrn.ch/2BABQZb).

To manage our fast growth, we are looking to add three senior members to our team:

* Head of Engineering: https://bit.ly/2Rrewnm

* Product Manager: https://bit.ly/2LLOExa

* Supply Chain Manager: https://bit.ly/2Rvcqmj

Let's chat! I am Betsie Larkin, and you can reach me at talent@honeylove.co.

Dollar Shave Club | Software Engineers | Full-Time OR Contract | ONSITE | Marina del Rey (Los Angeles), CA | https://www.dollarshaveclub.com We're looking for frontend, backend, and infrastructure engineers! Come work with React, Go, Elixir, Kubernetes, and more! Here are a list of all our open positions: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/jobs/all-jobs

VP of Enterprise Architecture: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/oS457fwS

Lead Software Engineer, Frontend: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/oyc67fwH

Senior Software Engineer, Backend Web: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/ovfr8fw3

Senior BI Developer: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/o7cd8fwo

Data Analyst: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/o9md8fwA

BI Developer: https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/o9At8fw4

Software Engineer, Backend Web https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/oZX58fwT

Junior Software Engineer, Backend Services https://jobs.jobvite.com/dollarshaveclub/job/oRW58fwK

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions: jon.ong@dollarshaveclub.com

RINSE | San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston | Full-Time, Onsite

Lead/Senior/Principal Engineer - Software Engineer - Software Intern

Rinse provides technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery services in five cities now, and we're growing rapidly!

We're hiring a Lead or Senior Software Engineer at our San Francisco office. This individual will lead our back-end engineering, including designing, building, and maintaining scalable logistics systems, leading and mentoring a team of engineers, advancing our software engineering culture, and liaising with other senior technical and non-technical staff.

This is a great opportunity for someone interested in the delivery / logistics sector, or who grew up in dry cleaning, or who is looking to build consumer-facing products supported by a significant marketing budget. It's also an opportunity to do some management, while remaining technical.


We're also hiring other software engineers of all experience levels, and have begun hiring individuals into our satellite offices. We have great offices in Los Angeles and Chicago, into which we would be happy to hire members of our already-distributed team.

We have a few seats for new graduates and interns as well.


See https://www.rinse.com/careers/ for a full list of openings.

Please apply!

Interested? Email jobs at rinse dot com, or contact me directly at sam at rinse dot com

Hi, do you still have any openings for Software Developer/interns in DC area?

WGames | ONSITE | VISA | Backend Engineer (Golang) - Toronto, FullTime

WGames | ONSITE | VISA | Backend Engineer (Elixir) - Toronto, FullTime

WGames, is a well-funded, social gaming company based in the heart of downtown Toronto. We develop high-end mobile games that will be distributed globally. We are seeking an experienced, talented Backend Engineers. Our main product is next generation social casino mobile application with deep personalization.

Tech Stack: Elixir, AWS + GCP, CI/CD, Terraform, Datadog, Elasticsearch, Dataflow

Apply for Golang at https://wgames.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=67 for Elixir at https://wgames.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=57

HackerRank | Bangalore, India | Fulltime | ONSITE | www.hackerrank.com

HackerRank is a Y Combinator alumnus backed by tier one Silicon Valley VCs. We are a skills-based hiring platform that helps companies evaluate technical skills, better. We’re driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. We have a community of 5M+ developers and 1,000+ customers across industries, and the best part is we are just getting started. Our customers - including VMware, Twitter, Capital One and many other Fortune 100 companies - rely on HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

We're hiring across engineering for the following roles: - Back-end engineers - Front-end Engineers - QA Manager - QA Automation tester.

Good pay with following benefits: - Insurance to all Employees (term life, personal accident, medical, gratuity) along with insurance to their dependents(medical). - Employee stock options, flexible work hours and time off. - Employee Reimbursements on gym, telephone, internet etc. Our pantry is stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, Coffee and free catered lunch every day. - Ping pong, hoverboard, foosball, PS4 and many office celebrations like Mafia games, outings, movie evenings to name a few!

Please send an email to anil@hackerrank.com with "WHOISHIRING" in the subject line, with your resume/CV, and a little bit about yourself and relevant experience.

Pex | Multiple positions | Downtown, Los Angeles | US-ONLY REMOTE or ONSITE, FULL-TIME | $105,000 Minimum Salary + Equity | https://angel.co/pexeso/jobs

Pex is an audio-visual reverse search engine, that uses the content as a base for its search (think of Google Image Search). We operate at a pretty large scale with some fun stack (https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2018/06/22/video-search...).

We're looking for senior engineers for positions listed bellow:

  - front-end (React and Redux)  
  - signal processing (mostly R&D)  
  - DBA architect (Postgres [with Citus], FoundationDB, others)  
  - Go and Java for work on our backend systems  
  - C/C++, Rust to help us optimize our algorithms
Remote is only available for US based candidates. For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salary within US (no matter where you live you are paid as in LA)
  - 30 days of paid vacation
  - fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum) [70% coverage for your family]
  - 3 months paid parental leave
  - $300 monthly allowance for co-working or commuting
  - covering all costs of visiting conferences
If you want to learn more, reach out directly to me at r@pex.com

PromptWorks | Multiple positions | Philadelphia PA | ONSITE https://promptworks.com/

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren't just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use lots of Ruby, Python, Elixir and JavaScript (mostly React and React-Native).

Open positions:

• Director of Engineering • Software Engineer • Senior Front End Engineer • Senior Software Engineer


Atrium | Full Stack Engineers, Integrations Engineer, Security Engineer, Engineering Manager | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full Time | React, Typescript, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, Postgres


Atrium is the most client-centric platform providing legal services and applications to fast-growing companies. We’re an integrated team of engineers, product managers, designers, attorneys, and paralegals working to dramatically improve legal services for high-growth companies.

Our initial focuses are on products that help startups from the start to finish of venture financings and assist with their repeatable corporate legal needs. With these products, Atrium’s 200+ clients have raised over $500M in venture capital. Thanks to Atrium’s technology, legal processes are highly efficient and user-friendly, guided by web-based tools that often result in closing deals and completing legal work significantly faster and with greater accuracy than traditional law firms.

We’re based in San Francisco and have $75.5M in funding from top investors including Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, SV Angel, Greylock, and more. Atrium aims to disrupt Big Law and the $160 billion corporate legal services market.

Scribd | Android + iOS | Full time | ONSITE (REMOTE possible for more senior candidates in certain US states) | San Francisco, Toronto

Scribd offers all you can read ebooks and audiobooks for $8.99 a month and our apps get a ton of usage. We strive to build a great product, whilst considering ourselves primarily a technology company. We love to address technical debt, do things right the first time, encourage refactoring & trust engineers to know what is important.

The job right now involves primarily Kotlin and Swift interfacing with a Ruby on Rails backend.

Our interview process involves only directly relevant programming tasks, on your own hardware (if thats possible), with no whiteboard coding.

We’ve hired a bunch of people from these “Who is Hiring?” HN threads, including myself!

Please apply directly via the links below and I’ll know it is from here.

Android: https://jobs.lever.co/scribd/4fa6b064-48fe-46fa-aab4-6fba243...

iOS: https://jobs.lever.co/scribd/6d283383-27ed-49f9-992c-11c287e...

If you have questions you can reach me at joe at scribd.com (I’m the head of mobile engineering and happy to answer any question related to this role).

@recruiters & agencies - please do not contact me

Routific | Vancouver, BC | Full-Time, Onsite | https://routific.com We tackle the NP-hard route optimization problem for delivery businesses. We cut their fuel consumption by 20%~40%, with a tremendous green impact for the planet. We saved the equivalent of planting 100,000 trees last year alone!

We also cover relocation expenses and sponsor work permits :)

Headquartered in beautiful Vancouver BC, with sweeping views of the ocean and mountains. To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/routific

Check out our open roles:

* Senior Full-Stack Engineer: https://angel.co/routific/jobs/376543-senior-full-stack-engi...

* Front-end Engineer: https://angel.co/routific/jobs/454028-front-end-engineer

Tech Stack: Rust – Common Lisp – React – Angular – Typescript – Node.js – Postgres – MongoDB

Cambly (W14) | Mobile and Full-stack Software Engineers | San Francisco | ONSITE | VISA*

Cambly is an app that makes it really easy to practice English with a native speaker.

English is a critical life skill for billions of people around the world that unlocks life-changing economic and academic opportunities. Everyday, we empower people from around world with the language skills they need to improve their lives.

We have millions of users from around the world, and we're hiring product-focused engineers who are passionate about using technology create opportunities for people globally.

At Cambly, you get to: - Enjoy an eng-focused culture -- founded by 2 ex-Google engineers - Work on a noble mission -- every day you'll be helping people learn and improve their lives - Work in a fun, friendly, and collaborative culture -- our uniquely global team loves to collaborate across job roles - Accelerate incredible growth -- 5x in the last year

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/cambly?department=Product&team=Enginee...

If you have any questions, contact me at kevin@cambly.com

* We'll sponsor visas with a high likelihood of success (no h-1b regular cap unfortunately, US masters cap and transfers ok)

Zapier | BE/Python Engineer, FE/React Engineer, Test Automation Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Director (soon) | Earth | 100% REMOTE | https://zapier.com/jobs/

Zapier is 100% remote from YC S12. We're just over 7 years old, wrapped 2018 with 200 folks across 20+ countries -- about 75 of those are engineers! We're sustainably profitable and have a lot of cool stuff we want to do in 2019 to bring automation to the masses.

If you haven't heard of Zapier, we're sort of like Legos for the internet -- we help people build workflows around SaaS software or other online productivity tools. We're doing well, but we have a lot of work to do still. I think 2019 might be Zapier's most exciting year to date! :-)

We're also doing a lot of technical investment in 2019 around simplifying and scaling the product, evolving the architectural design, and of course a bit of tech debt reduction (which is mostly deleting code without breaking anything!).

We're also going to be hiring a Director/Manager-of-Managers layer as well as some Security Engineers in early 2019, but the job posts aren't up yet. If you are interested in those, maybe drop me a line bryan@zapier.com?





FocusVision | Portland, OR | Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers | ONSITE | FULLTIME | $80k-$130k+

FocusVision builds products for market researchers to perform both quantitative and qualitative research. We provide collection and analytics tools for focus groups and recordings, online survey platforms, live small-group web interviews, and more.

We are looking for engineers with web development backgrounds who have strong experience in API design and service oriented architectures.

We use a wide range of technologies, mostly hosted on AWS. Experience writing Ruby, Elixir, and/or ES6 is a big plus, as is experience with Docker, CI/CD, and AWS.

Reach out to me at rsullivan@focusvision.com if you're interested.

New Knowledge | Multiple Positions | Austin, TX | Full-time | Onsite | https://newknowledge.com/

New Knowledge is on a mission to defend public discourse. We build products that repair online communities, identify manipulation, and help them communicate more authentically. In a world where social media is being manipulated on a massive scale, this is no small task. We care about protecting communities, brands, and companies from being targeted by the spreading of disinformation. The right fit for us is someone who is passionate about that challenge and mission. We just closed an $11M Series A in August 2018 (https://tcrn.ch/2Pfuw6X) and we are on the fast track to grow a powerful, mission driven team!

Our tech stack: Python, Flask, Javascript, Node, React, Postgres, Kafka, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible

Our current technical openings: Data Science Manager, DevOps Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Computational Disinformation Analyst, Client Success Director, Product Designer, Product Manager.

Our non-technical positions: Head of Sales, and Business Development Director.

You can view more information and apply to these roles at https://grnh.se/43037c332

If you have any questions about a position, the company, or the hiring process you can email me here: jeff (at) newknowledge (dot) com and mention "Hacker News" in the subject line.

Actyx | Munich, Germany | Full-time | REMOTE or ONSITE | Full-stack | €50k - 75k | Equity | https://www.actyx.io

Factory software is at the core of value creation, it is crucial to our society. Creating factory software is exceedingly difficult. Actyx is solving this problem. Our platform ActyxOS—based on a peer-to-peer architecture with no central nor on-site servers—allows developers to easily build and run powerful data-driven applications. This helps factories answer questions, reduce waste, and increase performance. Over the last 2.5 years Actyx has grown to a team of 25 absolutely outstanding people, raised over 4 million EUR and was installed in multiple factories.

To help fuel growth of ActyxOS we are looking to hire for multiple open positions in the following roles to join the 8-strong Pan-European distributed development team:

1) Distributed Systems Engineer - https://careers.actyx.io/o/distributed-systems-engineer

2) Experienced Distributed Systems Engineer - https://careers.actyx.io/o/experienced-distributed-systems-e...

We seek an outstanding candidate, who is highly driven, smart, confident, and gritty. Our perfect match is hungry to learn and enjoys working in fast-paced environments.

We are looking for candidates located within +/- 1 hour from CET/CEST (Berlin) time zone.

Please apply using the links above.

FLEXPORT | SF,CA | FULLTIME | VISA/GC SPONSOR | https://www.flexport.com/engineering

Happy New Year, y'all! We've just announced our second engineering office in Chicago and we'll be scaling to another 75 engineers in 2019.

==> https://breakoutlist.com/

==> https://www.keyvalues.com/flexport

A few roles we are hiring for:

- Software Engineer ==> https://grnh.se/ba91da6c1

- Senior/Staff Software Engineer ==> https://grnh.se/5d99d1f51

- Infrastructure Engineer ==> https://grnh.se/102713da1

- Engineering Manager ==> https://grnh.se/e9b447601

- Engineering Director, Platform ==> https://grnh.se/916ed0ce1

YC Podcast w/ Ryan Petersen: https://goo.gl/NFnM7P

View all of our jobs here: https://grnh.se/c0d6caef1

DataKitchen | Boston/Cambridge, MA, ONSITE full-time | Multiple Positions in Engineering, Customer Success | http://www.datakitchen.io/

Due to customer growth (not a cool investor pitch deck), we are adding six+ positions to our team:

  'Senior/Principal Software Engineer
  'Site Reliability Engineer
  'Software Engineer in Test
  'Data Engineer

DataKitchen, Inc. enables analytic teams to deliver value quickly, with high quality, using the tools that they love. DataKitchen provides the world’s first DataOps platform for data-driven enterprises, enabling them to support data analytics that can be quickly and robustly adapted to meet evolving requirements. DataKitchen is leading the DataOps movement to incorporate Agile Software Development, DevOps, and manufacturing based statistical process control into analytics and data management. Our company is bootstrapped, profitable, stable, rapidly growing and stock will be part of the package.

Learn more about us from the Software Engineering Podcast: https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2018/08/29/dataops-with... We offer very competitive pay, benefits like a company funded 401K, experienced team, technical leadership, bootstrapped growth, amazing customers, equity, and a cool office location.

Contact jobs@datakitchen.io

Skool | Senior Backend & Frontend Engineers | Los Angeles (LA) | Full Time | Onsite | 155k-260k

  * Problem: Education systems are gatekept, expensive, slow, outdated, unpersonalized.
  * Mission: To democratize education, instill lifelong learning and collectively educate Earth.
  * Product: Social learning network that incentivizes intelligence and contribution, not fame.
  * Traction: Validated idea, early dev stage, CEO with $30m/y e-learning company, 6y exp.
  * Funding: $10M bootstrapped.
  * Stack: Golang backend, React frontend, various datastores.
  * Values: Student obsession, laser-focus, high standards, long-term thinking, stay lean, scientific reasoning, ALL in, full transparency, question everything, invent impossible.
Want to join a team of thinker-doer engineers with a hatred of bureaucracy and a bias for building, on a quest to educate Earth? We’re looking for Senior Frontend (React) and Backend (Go) Engineers to join our small self-organizing team.

Above market pay, ownership via RSU’s, superb benefits, relocation allowance, lots of sun.

Interested? Send us an email hackernews@skool.com

How is a company bootstrapped w/ $10M?

Highrise (YC S18) - Senior Android Developer | REMOTE | Full-time | jobs@high.rs | Virtual world

Highrise is the leading virtual world on iOS. We're backed by YC, Maveron, Bessemer and other leading investors. Every day, over 100,000 people use our application to make friends, keep in touch, decorate avatars and rooms, and chat.

As Senior Android Developer, you'll work closely with our CTO and Head of Mobile to lead Highrise on Android. Our CTO built Highrise (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/highrise-virtual-world/id924...) from the ground up, and our Head of Mobile was VP Eng at Ticketmaster Mobile, where he built dozens of mobile apps. You'll work with them to develop a unique 3-layered mobile infrastructure - C++ business logic layer, Cocos2dX game engine layer, and native (Java/Kotlin) UI layer. The objective is to combine gaming and social tech to build a new kind of social platform on mobile.

To apply, email jobs@high.rs.

VMware | Senior Software Engineer - vSAN (Distributed Software Defined Storage System) Backend | Palo Alto, CA | Bay Area, CA | Boston, MA | Full-Time | Onsite

You will be a member of the core development team and will work with architects, product management teams and other stakeholders across different business units spread over multiple geographical locations.

* Would like to work on a hyper growth product within VMware (Also VMware is leading the charge on hybrid cloud initiatives)

* Would like to work at an engineer driven company -- I constantly nudge my team to pursue advanced development opportunities and participate in research tech talks within the company

Lots of examples of how these ideas turning into product and features (and patents).

* Love to solve hard distributed systems (+ systems management) problems

If you're interested, shoot me an email: araghuna@vmware.com

Full JD: https://careers.vmware.com/job/palo-alto/senior-software-eng...

BBC iPlayer | London | Fulltime | On Site | Back-End Software Engineer | 33k - 49k GBP

The job description is pretty much on point - we're a small team of 4 engineers (one of whom is me). We build the API for iPlayer, which is used by the Mobile Apps, TV Apps and the Website.

We're heavily investing into personalisation and experimentation at the moment, working closely across all three platforms and finding the best ways to promote the right content to each user individually at the right time and in the right way. Another focus this year is on Live events, and Music, Sports and News content. There is scope to have a real impact on the product and consulting with architects and product managers.

Our tech stack is mostly Node.js, with several dozen microservices. We manage a couple hundred EC2 instances, dozens of Redis caches and databases, and half a dozen Postgres databases, with code deployed directly to production every day. We have 10% time, as well as days dedicated to personal objectives, and some working from home days.

Full job description: https://careershub.bbc.co.uk/members/modules/job/detail.php?...

And some more background about how we work in two blog posts:



I was really interested in this until I saw the salary. Is this for a jr role? Its very low.

Nope, not a junior. For our staff roles, we have Junior - Mid Tier - Senior - Principal. This is for a Mid Tier role.

It's just how it is here, sadly - I wish we could change it, and so does my boss.

Nobody is here for the money; we get to work on pretty cool projects with quite a big user base (we're talking millions of users and billions of request per day) - No. 6 Alexa rank for the U.K, and one of 2 non-startups in the Top 20. We have a lot of authority and a relatively relaxed work environment

You have one thing right. It is very Sad. You will either hire dreadful developers or junior developers, Salary is FAR too low BBC!! Dont be Cheap now!

Being completely honest!

Celo | San Francisco & Berlin | Software, Mobile, and Cryptography Engineer | All Levels | 100K - 200K + equity + coins | FULLTIME, INTERNS, ONSITE, VISA | https://celo.org

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Celo is a mobile-first stable cryptocurrency working to increase financial inclusion in developing markets. Using a novel address-based encryption algorithm, Celo lets you send crypto to phone numbers in a fully decentralized way. Additionally, Celo uses stable-value tokens pegged to fiat currencies, like the US Dollar, to minimize volatility. Anyone can participate in the network and earn Celo currency, even with just a budget Android smartphone.

Investors: a16z, Polychain, General Catalyst, Coinbase, Reid Hoffman and Jack Dorsey, among others.

Stack: Typescript, Solidity, Go, React Native, Python, Android, iOS

Team backgrounds: Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, MIT, Stanford

We tried to make applying fun: 'Mine' your application form to create an applicant blockchain at the bottom of our jobs page: https://celo.org/jobs

More about us here:

Blog - https://medium.com/celohq

"Hello from Celo" - https://medium.com/celohq/hello-from-celo-34bf195cb99

"The Next Adjacent Possible" - https://medium.com/celohq/the-next-adjacent-possible-bed9a14...

Hi Mareko! Was wondering if Celo considers international candidates for internship.

Absolutely! We can apply for visas for both our US and Berlin offices.

Hi Mareko! I had applied for a software internship (by mining) sometime back and haven't heard anything since. Is there any way to know about the status of my application? Sorry to post it here, since the website doesn't state an email address to contact. Thanks!

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer | REMOTE (US based) | Full time

Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members.

Current stack: Elixir + Phoenix, React + Redux, Lambda (Node), Postgres

Requirements: ​

* 5+ years in front end and back end web development

* Committed to building features you're proud of

* Strong understanding of SQL databases

* Strong understanding of functional programming

* Strong communication skills ​


* Prior Elixir experience

* Machine learning experience

* Experience working on a remote-first, distributed team ​

* Love of nachos

Send me an email me at jonathan at digitalonboarding dot com.

Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site Come work at the 11th highest trafficked website in the world. We are looking for:

-Director of Marketing and PR

-Senior Java Developer

-Senior PHP Developers (You don't have to tell your friends or family you code in PHP)

-Front-end Developers

-UX Designer

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal. Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com and please mention you saw the post on HN. More info on pornhub.com/jobs

Inventables | Chicago, IL | ONSITE

My team is hiring software engineers. We make and sell CNC carving machines for entrepreneurs, home users, libraries, maker spaces, and schools. We write software for every step of the process, from creating a design to driving the machine. That means there's a huge variety of technical challenges and design challenges.

If you're a programmer or designer who spends their evenings working with powertools or Aduinos, we definitely want to talk with you. If you don't even know what CNC is, but the idea of working on software that can turn computer-based designs into physical objects is exciting to you, we want to talk to you as well.

I've been working here as a software engineer for two years, and I'm really excited about our next phase of growth and some of the work we have planned for the next year. If you're in Chicago (or thinking of moving here), and you want to know the details of why, hit me up at david@inventables.com.

Zach is the CEO of Inventables, and he's a standup dude - I worked for him and Keith as a freshman in college. I'm always excited to see Inventables growing.

ReifyHealth | Full-time Software Engineer, Engineering Manager | Boston | ONSITE, REMOTE (U.S.) | $100-150K + equity

Hi. We are building clinical trial software that makes a difference in people's lives. Clinical trials are slow, unpredictable and expensive and we aim to improve this for everyone's benefit. We have multiple apps in production and have plenty of interesting features coming up. We care about building meaningful products, providing delightful user experiences and actively listening to our users with the goal of continuous improvement. We actively use, contribute to and author open source libraries. We care about having a good remote culture and bring remoters in quarterly.

We are hiring for three positions (full stack engineers feel free to apply to Frontend and Backend positions):

* Engineering Manager ($100-160K): https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/a9f1ad89-11f3-43aa-b94a-bc...

* Junior to Senior Frontend Engineer: HTML, CSS, ReactJS, ClojureScript - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/089e5e4c-13e9-49c8-93a9-11...

* Junior to Senior Backend Engineer: ClojureScript, Clojure, PostgreSQL - https://jobs.lever.co/reifyhealth/dd9f818f-d94c-4a0c-b97c-06...

We value diversity and believe the unique contributions each of us brings drives our success. If this sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you!

Apollo Agriculture (https://apolloagriculture.com/) | (Senior) Software Engineer | Amsterdam, Netherlands | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

Apollo Agriculture is using satellite data to help bring modern farming to the worlds poorest farmers. Millions of farmers globally don't have access to the basic farm tools the rest of the world depends on for food production, good seed and fertilizer. We sell these proven agricultural tools on credit, and use satellite data and ML to figure out who we can lend to profitably.

We use Scala, Python/NumPy/SciPy (for science/ML), android and are heavy postgres users. We're building great software for places with low reliability networks and harsh environmental conditions. We're entering our third year and we can't keep up with the demand from smallholder farmers.

To apply, send me an email at earl@apolloagriculture.com

NodeBB Inc. | Toronto, Canada | Javascript Developer OR System Administrator OR UX Designer | Part Time, Pref. onsite, remote OK

NodeBB Inc. is a small (under 10 employees) company that develops NodeBB, the open-source forum software powering many communities online today. We took a proven communication model (bulletin boards) and modernized it for today's audience.

We're looking for either a developer or a system administrator, or a designer, with skill crossovers especially useful (isn't it always...), but definitely not a requirement.

Developer - proficiency in javascript, web technologies, send portfolio and/or GH profile.

Designer - Adobe XD, familiarity with things like inVision, wireframing concepts, would work closely with PMs. Send portfolio please.

System admin - Familiarity with BASH, cloud computing, would work towards implementing best-practices company-wide and administering/hardening our fleet of cloud servers.

To apply: julian+hiring [at] nodebb.org

Haven Connect | Multiple Software Engineers (front-end, back-end) | Full Time | Austin, TX | ONSITE | https://havenconnect.com

Haven Connect is a software company that uses automation and a deep understanding of the regulatory challenges for affordable housing to get low-income Americans into units faster and at a fraction of the cost.

We provide an online platform for the affordable housing community. This currently includes an online application portal for low-income applicants, and a CRM like dashboard for property managers to maintain a waitlist and communicate with applicants over a long time period.

Technologies we use:

  - Elixir, JavaScript, ReasonML (for some internal tools)
  - React, Redux, React-Apollo, Webpack, Babel, Cypress
  - Postgres, RDS, Algolia, Twilio, Heroku, AWS
Full job descriptions coming soon, please email adam@havenconnect.com

Crown Equipment Corporation | Onsite | Troy, OH | New Bremen, OH

Crown Equipment Corporation is a leading innovator in world-class forklift and material handling equipment and technology. As one of the world’s largest lift truck manufacturers, we are committed to providing the customer with the safest, most efficient and ergonomic lift truck possible to lower their total cost of ownership.

We are seeking: Business Analyst SAP, Web Applications Developer, Software QA Analyst, Software Solutions Architect, Business Analyst II Application Dev, Java Developer

SAP|Java|Spring Boot|SQL|Junit|API Testing|Gherkin|UML|HTML|.NET|

You can apply directly at crown.jobs (https://www.crown.com/en-us/careers/)

For more information, email us at recruiting.us@crown.com

Indigo Agriculture | Back-end, front-end, DevOps, PM, Data Science, Computational Biologist | Boston, MA | Full-time | On-site | https://www.indigoag.com/join-us


We're the fastest growing unicorn you've never heard of [0].

Indigo is revolutionizing agtech by offering better crops to farmers through technology. Agtech is one of the most underhyped technology trends [1] and we're serving a multi-trillion dollar marketplace services industry [2].

We're growing so fast that we have to add 35-50 engineers in 2019. Back-end, front-end, devops, data science; you name it, we need the help (including PM and UX roles - see all of them here: https://www.indigoag.com/join-us ).

Our tech stack includes AWS, Docker, Kubernetes (DevOps), Postgres (DB), Node & GraphQL (back-end), React & Apollo (front-end), and Python (data science / comp bio).

We also offer incredible perks. Free lunch (a rarity in Boston), massive commuter benefits (both MBTA and bicycling), fitness reimbursement, ample vacation; we really focus on and believe in both health and sustainability.

I'd be happy to tell you more, so feel free to PM me and I'll personally refer you to the company.

[0] https://www.builtinboston.com/2017/09/26/agtech-startup-indi...

[1] http://stateofstartups.firstround.com/2018/#trends-and-takes

[2] https://andrewchen.co/how-marketplaces-will-reinvent-the-ser...

SimplePay | Ruby on Rails Developers | Cape Town, South Africa | REMOTE

The story (skip this paragraph if you don't like stories in your job posts): I founded and continue to run this startup. Most of the team works from our office in South Africa. However, 8 months ago I moved to Singapore for work / personal reasons. I used to be quite averse to the idea of remote workers, but seeing as just about everyone will now be remote from my perspective, I decided it's a good time to start focusing on hiring for remote work. We’ve hired 3 remote developers so far and it’s been a great experience!

SimplePay is online payroll software for South Africa, Ireland, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our software lets thousands of small business owners (and their accountants) run their payrolls without headaches, so they can focus on the challenge of building their businesses.

Do you believe most SPAs are a pile of steaming crap, but wouldn't mind digging into Vue.js for pages that will benefit from the increased interactivity? Do you laugh when people give up the power of PostgreSQL in favour of data stores that don't offer any benefits for their use case? If so, you may fit in well with our mindset. The work will include: Doing direct integrations with banks that offer good APIs; Expanding our API for other systems to integrate with us; Adding new features; Optimising for performance; Integrating with government systems; Squashing bugs; Eventually, the opportunity to do some mobile development (maybe using Flutter).

Experience: Due to our full pipeline, we can only hire developers who have a few years of Rails experience at this time, or polyglots who at least know Ruby. Previous experience with remote work would be a bonus - we need people who understand the challenges and can share what they've learnt.

Location: Most of the team is in GMT+2, and I'll be in GMT+8 going forward. So anything from GMT+2 to GMT+8 should be OK.

Please mail careers@simplepay.co.za and put "Hacker News" somewhere in the subject. I look forward to transforming the company to being more remote-friendly.

Amen! I wish more companies would realize that SPAs are not the right solution in many cases.


I love that word. Maybe some day I would apply

10x Genomics | Software Engineers, DevOps, SREs | San Francisco & Pleasanton, CA | Onsite or Remote (US Only)

We're a software group of 19 people within a biotech company of 380 developing novel products that give scientists new methods of unraveling complex systems like cancer and immunology. No biological experience is required, but if you're interested, there are an abundance of opportunities to learn!

Last month, we announced a 2019 plan to grow by 50% in headcount and 200% in office space. We also announced the acquisition of Spatial Transcriptomics [1]. In 2018, we were found to be the #1 fastest-growing private company by the SF Business Times with "an eye-popping 2,044 percent spike in revenue, to more than $71 million in 2017 from $3.3 million in 2015." [2]

You can find out more about our massively parallel pipelines as well as our visualization software at https://support.10xgenomics.com/. We manage our pipelines with Go, develop analysis code using Rust and the NumPy/SciPy stack, and drive our front-end applications with React/Redux.

We're currently hiring for all software roles. Details are on our careers page: https://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/. Feel free to email me if you think you're a good fit for these roles or if you just want to chat. You can reach me at kevin.wu@10xgenomics.com or @kevinwuhoo. I strive to reply to all emails, regardless of whether they're informational or applications!

[1]: https://www.genomeweb.com/business-news/10x-genomics-plans-l...

[2]: https://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/news/2018/10/30/fas...

LogRocket | Cambridge, MA | Boston, MA | Full Time, Onsite | https://logrocket.com

LogRocket is a logging service that helps developers fix problems in their JavaScript apps by letting them replay bugs. Our product is used by hundreds of companies like UserTesting, Carfax, and NBC to eliminate the guesswork for developers as they fix bugs. We are a few engineers today and looking to double our team in the next few months. If you are interested in joining at the ground-floor of a venture-funded, fast-growing company, feel free to reach out to matt at logrocket dot com.

Faithlife | Senior Full Stack Software Developer-Social Network | Bellingham, WA or Chandler, AZ | Full-time | Onsite Faithlife is a tech company committed to the Church. We build the world’s premier Bible study software, along with an entire line of resources for Christian living: Faithlife.com (an online community that connects Christians from all around the world), Proclaim (a cloud-based church presentation tool), Faithlife TV (video streaming service), the Faithlife Study Bible (the world’s most advanced study Bible), and more. Faithlife is looking for an experienced full-stack engineer with the knowledge and skills to help build Faithlife Groups. Faithlife Groups is an online community that helps people find and create fellowship wherever they are. You will be someone who can work well in a diverse environment of different languages and technologies. You should have expertise in responsive web and single page applications, but you will also have opportunities in the services, data, and architecture overall. You should also be able to provide positive technical leadership. Apply at https://faithlife.com/jobs/SeniorFaithlifeFullStackSoftwareD... or email devjobs@faithlife.com Check out all the developer positions we have open here, under Software Development: https://faithlife.com/careers Please note that Faithlife cannot sponsor applicants for work visas.

Mixmax | San Francisco or REMOTE | Full-stack engineer or INTERN in Spring or Summer | https://mixmax.com/careers We're a fast-growing startup looking for full-stack engineers (senior, new grad, intern).

Mixmax is the hub for all your business communications. We integrate with your company's existing toolchain - email, calendar, chat, CRM, and more - to bring all information into one place. This means we're syncing, storing, & indexing hundreds of millions events a day into our system, and then building fast APIs and delightful front-end UIs to make the data actionable for our users.

Try the product (it's free!): https://mixmax.com

Check out our developer platform: https://developer.mixmax.com

Read about our engineering challenges: https://engineering.mixmax.com

Our stack: Javascript, Node, Mongo, Elasticsearch, React, Go, AWS

Team fun: https://instagram.com/mixmaxhq

APPLY TODAY at https://mixmax.com/careers. Interview process: screen call, 1hr tech screen, 3hr interview.

Asana | New York City, San Francisco, and Vancouver | Onsite | https://asana.com/jobs

Asana is a leading work management platform for teams, on a mission to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. More than 50,000 organizations and millions of users across 195 countries rely on Asana to focus on the work that matters, including Airbnb, Disney, KLM Air France, NASA, Uber and Vox Media. Our highly recognized culture spurs innovation and business results, and for the last two years, Asana has been named a Top 5 Best Place to Work by FORTUNE and one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

We’re looking for outstanding people anywhere to help us innovate and scale, and we offer relocation.

Some open roles:

* Software Engineer, Product, in Vancouver: https://grnh.se/17c436191

* Software Engineer, Android in San Francisco: https://grnh.se/7682b4df1

* Software Engineer, Infrastructure in San Francisco: https://grnh.se/0b5a502b1

* Engineering Generalist in New York: https://grnh.se/4ffea1d61

Hi, how to apply? Your email?

Elation Health | Software Engineer/Lead & QA | REMOTE & San Francisco, CA| Full Time

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible. We've got a number of roles available in engineering, design, and sales. See them all here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/

Specifically I'm closely involved with trying to fill our positions in engineering. Looking for Engineering Leads & Software Developers (particularly frontend folks!). Our engineering team is about half based in our San Francisco office and half remote (remote for us is PST +/- 3 hours). Tech stack is AWS/Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS. We have a great team full of people that really value working closely with product, customer-experience, and users. Lots of interesting problems to solve!

Apply online at the link above -- Also feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! I'm always happy to chat with people about healthcare, startups, whatever. Also I'm in the Encinitas/San Diego area in case you're close and wanna grab coffee. Contact info's in profile.

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA or REMOTE

Sourcegraph is building a better, smarter foundation for software development. Our code search allows you to instantly search across all of your company's private code to find what you are looking for (definitions, examples, error messages, etc.), and our browser extensions give you IDE-like code intelligence (e.g. hover tooltips, go to definition, find references, and more) while you are looking at code in your browser, on Sourcegraph, or on your code host. Software developers at big/recognizable companies around the world already love, use, and pay for our product on a daily basis.

We are a small distributed team of mostly engineers who love to code. If you are passionate about making the world better through software, come join us!

Stack: Go, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker + Kubernetes

Master plan: https://sourcegraph.com/plan Product roadmap: https://docs.sourcegraph.com/dev/roadmap Our code is open source: https://github.com/sourcegraph/sourcegraph Jobs page: https://github.com/sourcegraph/careers/

Klarity (YC S18) | NLP/ML Engineer | FULL-TIME | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | https://klaritylaw.com

Klarity (Y Combinator S18) is building AI that replaces lawyers. Our product analyzes contracts and makes changes our users need so that they can sign much faster. We have multiple paying enterprise customers that are using us on a daily basis, including a $100B+ Public Software company and one of the world’s largest Private Equity firms. We are founded by MIT and Harvard Law graduates and raised a large seed round from the worlds top angel investors.

We are looking for a brilliant NLP Engineer to join our core team. 
 You will love this job if you: 1. Thrive in small teams (employee #5!) 2. Want to build and own a big chunk of the code base 3. Hate doing the same thing over and over again 4. Will do whatever it takes to solve the problem (such as using regexes instead of a DNN)

Our stack: Python (scikit, pytorch, spacy) Docker AWS

You ideally have: 1. CS/STEM Bachelors/Masters 2. 2-4 years experience building NLP products 3. Familiarity with Information Extraction & Sequence labeling

Nice to haves: 1. Experience designing data annotation pipelines 2. Interest in linguistics 3. Experience with common NLP libraries (both deep and otherwise :) )

If you’re interested, please email me (cofounder and CTO) at nischal@klaritylaw.com

Maybe I'm wrong about the intention based on seeing NLP, but wouldn't this be more so replacing paralegals, and serving as complementary to the lawyers? If you are replacing lawyers, what's the value prop in your own words?

I love the idea of applying tech to law and seems like it has a lot of promise-- the phrase "replacing $occupation" was surprising though, I must say, as tech companies usually sugarcoat this with "empowering $occupation" or something of that sort.

Field | Berlin, Germany or Abuja, Nigeria | FULL-TIME | ONSITE | Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Engineer (Backend) | www.fieldintelligence.org

We work on child survival and access to life-saving commodities at scale by designing and building products which make powerful supply chain intelligence available to users in low-tech and poorly connected places. Along the way, we have been developing a unique approach to product design for the next billion and actually scalable offline-first web architecture.

Health logistics in emerging markets can be complex, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving which combines innovative technology with process design, public health, pharmacy and boots-on-the-ground field experience. The pay-off when we get things right though is unprecedented impact as we are working in the fastest growing and most underserved places on the planet. We're looking for experienced engineers to whom this kind of challenge seems exciting, and want to dive in with us.

Our team works from Abuja and Berlin, and is experienced at helping out-of-towners find their feet in either.

(Current, evolving) stack: React, Node, CouchDB, ES, Python, AWS, Travis

Culture: pragmatic professionals

Site: https://www.fieldintelligence.org/work-with-us

say hi: jobs at fieldintelligence.org

Springbok Solutions Ltd | Singapore | Full Time | REMOTE | US$50-60k

I'm looking to fill two programming roles - both are full-time remote, but you must be able to work at least 4 hours during Singapore office hours (ie. 9am to 5pm, excluding weekends). You'll be doing remote pair programming during this time, so you must have excellent English and a good internet connection.

Role 1: C++ / Objective C++ Programmer for Feather Apps - https://Feather-Apps.com

You will help extend Google's Flutter library to run smoothly on macOS and Windows. You'll also develop the front-end Flutter app in Dart, and the back-end service in Java (Tomcat with MySQL database). Apply to: jobs@feather-apps.com

Role 2: Java Programmer for Solar Accounts - https://www.SolarAccounts.co.uk

This is a client-server accounting application with SWT Java desktop client and Java tomcat server. The focus is on security - it is the only accounting software to offer end-to-end encryption of financial data. You must have excellent object-oriented design skills. You'll be adding features to the the SWT Java client, updating the website, and developing a port to Android and iOS using Flutter and J2Objc. Apply to: jobs@solaraccounts.co.uk

Popdog | Frontend/Backend Software Engineer | Santa Monica (Los Angeles), CA | Full-Time | Onsite

Popdog (https://popdog.com) is a technology and services company focused on fixing core problems in the esports and live streaming industry. Our technical team is working to build the backend of gaming to support both our talent (Inlcuding Ninja, Shroud, LIRIK, summit1G, TimTheTatman and many more: https://loaded.gg/) and streaming/esports as a whole. We are looking for talented frontend and backend engineers to work with us in Los Angeles (Santa Monica, CA).

* Frontend: Typescript, React, GraphQL, Webpack https://jobs.lever.co/popdog/0c6443a2-09c5-4a27-a536-2270037...

* Backend: Experience with Go, Python, Ruby or JavaScript (Typescript) https://jobs.lever.co/popdog/3377b4f4-2b54-4a78-a9ad-1a40ed0...

All Available Positions: https://jobs.lever.co/popdog

Quantopian | Site Reliability Engineer | Boston, MA, USA | ONSITE | https://www.quantopian.com

Quantopian empowers amateur and professional quants to find alpha in trading markets. We provide a hosted Python platform for free-form research of market data, an open-source backtesting engine, and a large base of educational material for quants of all experience levels.

We're looking for Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) to support our rapidly expanding user base and build towards our ambitious product roadmap. The SRE team at Quantopian manages the full cloud infrastructure platform that all of our products and services run on. We oversee code deployments, monitoring and alarm systems, databases, servers, containers, test infrastructure, and more.

You'll get hands-on experience with Python, Kubernetes, Apache Airflow (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81F8A6tHM30), Postgres, MongoDB, and more.

Full details are here: https://quantopian.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0jw29

If you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you - jd {AT} quantopian.com - I manage the SRE team here.

BCG Gamma | Data Scientist | Boston, LA, SF, NYC, Chicago | Onsite Full-Time | Visa OK

Gamma at The Boston Consulting Group is a team of world-class data scientists and business consultants who specialize in advanced analytics. BCG Gamma combines advanced skills in computer science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and statistics with deep industry expertise. We are a rapidly growing team and are hiring data scientists – from entry level to directors.

What we're looking for: people with experience applying advanced analytics to real-world business situations. Successful candidates have a deep understanding of modern machine learning techniques and their mathematical underpinning, are well-versed in a broad base of data engineering/analytics/visualization tools, are fluent in popular scripting/programming languages (especially Python/R), and have experience developing end-to-end analytical pipelines.

Competitive salary plus excellent bonus structure and benefits package.

Read more here: [ https://www.bcg.com/en-us/beyond-consulting/bcg-gamma/defaul... ]

Apply here: [ https://talent.bcg.com/apply/FolderDetail/Gamma-Full-time-Ap... ]

The Boston Consulting Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Is BCG Gamma hiring for devs in Chicago? I talked to a recruiter previously and they said there were not open positions in Chicago

Yes. Ask specifically about roles on our Gamma X team, which has more of an engineering focus. Feel free to drop me a note at daniel@bcg.com if you have questions.

Ritual.co | Backend (Java), Mobile, Web (React), Data Engineers, DevOps (GCP+Kubernetes) | Toronto, ON | ONSITE, FULL TIME

Ritual’s mission is to digitize local commerce. We are a two-sided marketplace connecting consumers to their local merchants to make the purchasing of goods and service more efficient. Our initial product focuses on creating a social food ordering experience that allows users to pre-order take-out at their local restaurants. We make it easy to place group orders and have a coworker deliver your lunch or coffee right to your desk. Our value-add for merchants is to increase their order volume and repeat business. Additionally we provide merchants with valuable insights into their local customer behaviour, allowing for highly targeted local marketing campaigns.

We recently closed a $70M Series C round and are looking to double our engineering team to 100. We are mostly focusing on intermediate and senior talent. Come help us digitize local commerce!

Our glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.ca/Reviews/Ritual-Reviews-E1195050.htm

You can apply at https://ritual.co/careers or email me directly at andrew.potapov@ritual.co

Maverick Retirement | CTO | New York City (NYC) | Onsite & Work from Home

Maverick Retirement, an early stage startup with traction, customers, and funding, seeks a CTO to replace the founder (me) so I can focus on the CEO role.

What we do: People want to use retirement funds to invest outside of Wall Street, including in real estate, private companies, cryptos, and more. It’s legal but complicated to do in a tax compliant manner. Maverick makes it easier than anyone else.

Traction: - Hundreds of customers for our Solo 401k product - New IRA product launching soon that will multiple our market size 10x - Accepted by a major NYC accelerator for the winter cohort

Requirements: - Significant early stage startup experience - Management experience as a tech lead or higher - 8+ years of hands-on software development experience - Hiring and recruiting experience - Not a jerk

Current tech stack: - Front-end: Angular 6 with Typescript (we're open to switching to React and/or reducing the amount of SPA) - Back-end: Node / Express with Typescript

Culture - Biased towards uninterrupted time to do quality work - Mix of work from home / office - Low Kool-Aid

Apply here, please: https://maverick-retirement.breezy.hr/p/c71d6090b8b2-cto/app...

Really interesting problem. I'd love to chat more. But there's no open postitions on your breezyhr link.

Link doesn't show any openings, but I would be interested in learning more.

One Health Company | https://www.theonehealthcompany.com | Full-time | Palo Alto, CA

The One Health Company is committed to breakthroughs in cancer biology for both canine and human cancer care. Sadly, about 6 million dogs and 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States. To help canine family members, we are bringing new targeted cancer diagnostic and treatment options to veterinary medicine.

We are looking for engineers who would be passionate about one or more of the following initiatives:

- Analyzing and learning from genetic data, known drug targets, and patient outcomes data to improve diagnostic efficiency and optimize treatment decisions

- Building full stack web and digital products that have positive impact on veterinary workflows and companion animal care

- Designing data pipelines, data reporting, and visualization tools

Tech stack: AWS, Node.js, Javascript, Graphql, Typescript, React, PostgreSQL, Superset, Python

We'd love to hear from you at jobs@theonehealthcompany.com See our detailed job description for more info: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6uua8lcb3j65w16/One%20Health%20Com...

Is this open to remote?

On-site/bay area is preferred, but happy to chat with anyone interested who might not be local currently.

Just sent my resume

Amazon Video | Seattle, WA | ONSITE | VISA | Software Engineer

I'm the Hiring Manager for the IPA(a pun on API) team at Amazon Prime Video. After you click the play button in our app, a huge number of services are used to provide the client with streaming video. Our team orchestrates, aggregates, and processes that data to provide the best experience for the customer's particular device.

We are looking for multiple engineers, from recent grad (or equivalent) to senior. Here's why you should consider joining our team!

* Flexibility of a Startup with Benefits of a Large Company

I come from a startup background and value personal responsibility. If you have errands or need to work from home, as long as the work is getting done it won't hurt the team. As a large company, Amazon also has excellent salaries/health insurance, and will provide visa/relocation assistance.

* Learning

I am very focused on my team's personal growth. We have started a library, we have brown bag/lunch & learn sessions, we have incredibly talented engineers who have weekly office hours, but we can always do more. Feel free to make suggestions!

* Scale

Prime Video operates on a tremendous scale - without giving exact numbers, we are responsible for close to 10% of the world's internet traffic! The challenges are vast and require strong design and architectures to scale cost-effectively.

Reach out to me directly with any questions, comments, or if you just want to say hi at `vmangla@amazon.com`!

Hey @manglav, You might be interested in my profile and experience with APIs. More information about me here: anshulsinghal.me I also sent out a formal introduction to your email from 1997anshul[at]gmail[dot]com.

Stream | https://getstream.io | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Senior Software Engineers | Full-time | EUR 60-70k + equity | ON-SITE (NL)

We're looking for three developers to expand our core team in Amsterdam. Our tech stack: Golang / Python 3 / AWS. We built and operate our own in-house distributed database (Go + Raft + RacksDB + gRPC).

You can find more information about the positions on Angel List.

- Senior JS Engineer -> https://angel.co/stream/jobs/421542-senior-javascript-develo...

- Senior iOS Engineer -> https://angel.co/stream/jobs/434049-ios-mobile-developer

- Senior Python / Machine Learning Engineer -> https://angel.co/stream/jobs/268098-senior-python-developer-...

Experience running high traffic services and maintaining open-source libraries is a big plus.

You can also email me with any questions: tommaso@gestream.io

Artory | Full-Stack Engineer | Berlin, Germany | Full Time | ONSITE, VISA

Artory is the the Registry for the Art World and wants you to be a part of it! Artory has built the world's largest repository of data for the art world. Transparency and integrity is paramount in gaining the trust of the market and becoming the go-to resource for artwork-related information. The Registry enables partners (e.g. dealers and auction houses) to register important events of an artwork, which serve as immutable, long-lasting documentation for the artwork. Partners provide artwork owners with anonymous private keys, allowing them to identify as the owner without storing their identity in the Registry.

We ensure the integrity of the data with progressive cryptography and blockchain integration. Our goal is to bring the benefits of public-key cryptography and blockchain technology to the art market. We want to make these technologies more approachable and easy to use in order to increase confidence in both buyers and sellers of art.

We are looking for a full-stack engineer focusing on cryptography and blockchain development.

Tech Stack: Python, Django, TypeScript, React, Docker, AWS

For more information and to apply, please see: https://artory.workable.com/

Lambda School (YC S17) | 100% REMOTE (US and UK/EU) | Instructors (Web, iOS, UX, Data Science), Sr. Full Stack Web Engineer | https://lambdaschool.com/careers/

Lambda School is an online, immersive program striving to make entry into the tech industry more accessible by investing in human potential. We have incredible backers including Y Combinator, Google Ventures, Stripe, Paul Buchheit (the creator of Gmail), and more.

As an instructor at Lambda School, you'll create curriculum and teach bright people eager to learn development. We have a growing set of courses, including full stack web, iOS, Android, UX Design, Data Science/Machine Learning, with more to come. Salary and benefits for our instructors are in line with engineering roles.

As a senior software engineer, you will report directly to the VP of Engineering, and will create software used by our students and staff every day. We use React/Redux, Node.js, Postgres, and Airtable.

We are a growing startup founded in February of 2017. We currently enroll over 100 new students every month. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, but we are a 100% remote company with employees across the continental United States, and in Europe. We use Zoom, Slack, GitHub, and other tools to collaborate. While remote, we work very collaboratively.

Apply here: https://lambdaschool.com/careers/. If you have questions, email me: andrew@lambdaschool.com.

AlasConnect | Software Engineer | Anchorage, Alaska | Onsite | Full-time

AlasConnect is a subsidiary of Matanuska Telephone Association, a telecommunications company which services part of southern Alaska. AlasConnect itself is a Managed Service Provider and has offices and clients throughout the Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Palmer areas.

I run a small team of developers which writes and supports software for both companies. All new projects are being written in Haskell as we standardize our tooling.

* Functional programming experience would be nice, but not required. Happy to train passionate people into Haskell.

* No internships. This is a mid-career position, so a few years of practical software engineering experience is required.

* We are not in a position to sponsor visas, and therefore can only consider people authorized to work in the US.

* Unfortunately onsite is a hard requirement at this time.

If you are interested the official position requirements and forms are listed at http://alasconnect.com/jobs.html under the Programmer heading.

Please mail all applications/resumes to hr@alasconnect.com

About the interview process: We like to keep it simple. No coding tests, no white boarding. Just a nice chat or two about your skills, interests, and determining whether you're a good culture fit.

Industry Dive | Scrummaster | Washington, DC | ONSITE

# Scrum Master

Industry Dive is looking for an Agile Scrum master who is curious and motivated to join our engineering team. The engineering team consists of two full-stack Scrum teams focused mainly on building Industry Dive's main product — a series of mobile-optimized, consumer-facing news sites with an internal content management system — by adding new features, fixing bugs and improving performance. We are also cross-functional, so our teams have the opportunity to work on many other projects, including data science products, mobile applications, and dev ops. This job reports to the VP of Engineering.

Industry Dive strives to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment. One of our core values is for employees to bring their unique perspective and personality to a variety of projects. Your voice and the work you’ll do here matters to your teammates, other teams within the company and our customers and readers. More details at industrydive.com/careers/


# Full-Stack Engineer

# Interactive Designer

# Recruiter

# Business Journalists and Editors (esp with experience or interest in Biotech or Construction)

More at https://www.industrydive.com/careers/ or email me with questions eli-at-industrydive.com

Sourceress | Machine Learning Engineer | San Francisco | Full-time | Local or Remote | https://www.sourceress.com/jobs

We strongly value personal growth, and want to help you grow into a great engineer (or great engineering leader). We also already have some machine learning expertise, so are happy to hire great engineers who are willing to learn.

Our mission is to help people find work that matters. We believe that the world is better when people understand the opportunities available to them. Our human-assisted AI platform delivers great results to our customers (customer quote: "I'd have a panic attack if you guys stopped existing").

Because of this, we raised $3.5M from OpenAI researchers and Lightspeed [2] at one of the highest ever valuations coming out of YC. Our team has previously sold companies, published machine learning research, has Dropbox's former Chief of Staff, and previously worked at Google, Airbnb, McKinsey, etc.


- Are you empathetic, driven, and intellectually curious?

- Do you understand the value of shipping quickly and of software craftsmanship, and have the judgment to know when to apply each?

- Do you enjoy collaborating with other developers and helping them grow?


Python (Django), AWS, PostgreSQL, Typescript, React

To Apply:

email me at josh@sourceress.com

Talla | Boston | Onsite | Multiple

About Us

Talla is working on creating knowledge-centric digital-coworkers for customer-facing teams. At Talla you will be working on hard problems for conversational interfaces (chat), rich text editing, annotation, training for AI/machine learning, 3rd application integration and data visualization. You will be working with the latest technologies within the frontend and backend ecosystem.

Our front-end stack is centered around React, with a single page application architecture and Ruby, Python & Go based backend services. Our products use AI and machine learning to solve problems and provide advanced insights and predictions. All the engineering roles at Talla are a unique opportunity to do advanced user feature development and get exposure to the AI/ML domain.


Front-end Engineer (2 openings, senior and junior. we will prioritize the senior hire.) http://pages.talla.com/careers/ui-front-end-engineer

Fullstack Engineer (1 opening, we will prioritize more experienced candidates)



Please apply directly through our site. Feel free to reach out to me [dhairya at talla dot com] after you have applied or if you have questions. We are a small team and I am happy to refer applications.

The Farmer's Dog | Software Engineer | New York, NY | ONSITE, SALARY:100-160k, https://www.thefarmersdog.com/

The Farmer’s Dog is a VC backe direct-to-consumer pet health brand on a mission to disrupt the $60 Billion pet food industry. Our products are human-quality, personalised and manufactured on demand.

Even though we don't sound like a typical tech company we take pride in doing software development the right way. We’re building a subscription based e-commerce business from the ground up and have plenty of interesting problems to solve. Our aim is to offer a seamless subscription experience through on-time production, customised products and best in class customer support. We have CI and CD processes in place and make use of docker-based microservices via Iron.io. From building node APIs to solving bin-packing problems to optimising fulfillment operations, we have plenty of ground to cover.

We're looking for a mid/senior Software Engineer who's comfortable writing backend (or frontend) code and dealing with docker and aws. Our stack is react (and redux), node, postgres, docker and aws. If this sounds like you reach out at info+hn@thefarmersdog.com

Channable - https://www.channable.com | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE

We are a data feed management company that connects ecommerce companies to all big online marketing channels (marketplaces, price comparison sites etc.) We also optimize and synchronize product data, offers, and orders on various platforms.

We currently have two open positions:

- Frontend Developer [1]

- DevOps Automation Engineer [2]

Our Stack includes: Python (Flask), Haskell, Scala (Apache Spark), PostgreSQL, Redis, HDFS, Ansible, Terraform, Ember.js

We process hundreds of millions of products per day and offer technically interesting and challenging work. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled engineers to join our team in the center of Utrecht.

See https://www.channable.com/jobs/ for a detailed job description.

[1] https://www.channable.com/career/frontend-developer-24-40-hw...

[2] https://www.channable.com/career/devops-automation-engineer/

Gaia GPS | REMOTE, WESTERN HEMISPHERE | Software Engineers | https://www.gaiagps.com/company/jobs/software_developer/

►► About Gaia GPS

Come build the future of outdoor maps. The entire team spends a lot of time outdoors, which imbues the work with an unusual level of personal attachment. Everyone (including support and marketing) contributes to the code. People at Gaia GPS have done all the major thru-hikes, along with other outdoor feats, and the engineering team universally hails from strong software backgrounds.

Gaia GPS is profitable, boot-strapped, and growing rapidly - we expect to double revenues again in 2019 and grow the team to over 20 people.

►► Roles

We're mostly focused on hiring people who want to focus on frontend/middleware at the moment, but we tend to prefer candidates who can deal with back-end things like data structures, API, and SQL with ease. We're hurting for an applicant with a strong iOS background in particular.

Apply here: https://www.gaiagps.com/company/jobs/software_developer/

Hi Andrew- I'd love to speak with you or someone on the team about the writing/video/content side. Would that be possible? Thanks.

Blue Origin | Site Reliability Engineer | Seattle, WA | Full-Time | Onsite | https://www.blueorigin.com

Blue Origin is developing technologies to enable human access to space at dramatically lower cost and increased reliability. To accommodate our rapid growth we have multiple openings for site reliability engineers who are building the infrastructure that the company runs on.

Our SRE's bring a software engineering approach to ensuring systems remain operational and scalable. You will implement the infrastructure that allows for rapid development and iteration of software throughout the company, including distributed systems, internal systems, and embedded software on-board our rockets and space vehicles.

Our languages (used across the company) include: Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++ Our tech stack within the SRE team includes (but isn't limited to): AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Datadog, Gitlab, Linux, Ansible

More details are available here: https://careers-blueorigin.icims.com/jobs/3439/site-reliabil...

I'm happy to answer any questions!

are all your positions subject to ITAR restrictions?


Invitae | San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Seattle | ONSITE | FULL-TIME

Invitae makes genetic testing an integral part of the patient journey. At Invitae, you'll get to change patient’s lives on a daily basis, the scale to impact millions and to live on the cutting edge of medicine. Sound interesting?

We are looking for: 1) Senior Product Managers -- who have either deep genetics or consumer web experience, come build the future. 2) Technical Program Managers -- lead complex projects that span a huge set of technologies and teams. 3) Senior Software Engineers -- front &| backend, we're building distributed systems to handle the scale and complexity of genomic data.

I'm the hiring manager for the first two and sometimes involved in the last one. Hit me up if you have any questions, or apply through our website.

More details: * Career Page -- https://www.invitae.com/en/careers/ * Senior PM -- https://boards.greenhouse.io/invitae/jobs/1412977?gh_jid=141... * TPM -- https://boards.greenhouse.io/invitae/jobs/1468409?gh_jid=146... * Software Eng -- https://boards.greenhouse.io/invitae/jobs/888569?gh_jid=8885...

Astranis (YC W16) | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite | US Citizen or Green Card

Four billion people do not have access to the internet. Astranis is going to change that. We are building the next generation of smaller, lower-cost telecommunications satellites to bring the world online.

Join us and work with top engineers who have flown things in space before. The team is currently 35 people from SpaceX, Skybox, Qualcomm, and Google.

Roles we’re hiring for include:

* Embedded software -- write mission critical software that runs the spacecraft. No previous embedded or space experience required.

* Avionics -- PCB design, layout, bringup, test of mission critical electrical subsystems. Bonus: experience with fault-tolerant electronics

* Power electronics -- Design ~2 kW satellite power systems, including solar arrays and electronics for power regulation and distribution

* Thermal -- Design and analyze systems to reject sizable point loads without the aid of convection

* Aerospace/controls -- implement solutions to 6 DOF, non-linear control problems. Experience with spacecraft controls is a plus but not required.

* RF/Microwave -- work across a broad range designing and implementing RF systems at microwave frequencies, including LNAs and power amplifiers

* DSP/FPGA -- program FPGA hardware, develop custom DSP IP cores and integrate off-the-shelf IP cores

Please check out our postings here-- https://jobs.lever.co/astranis

IDS | Data Engineer | Sydney, Australia | Full-time | Local | https://www.ids.io

IDS produces AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) for the Australian property market - essentially, we produce a price estimate of every residential property in Australia by running machine learning algorithms against our property database.

Opportunity exists for a data engineer to join our small, growing, well-funded team in Sydney. Your responsibilities will include working on our current and greenfield ETL platforms, productionising algorithms developed by our data scientist, and developing APIs to expose more of our data and insights to our customers. We work from home 2-3 days/wk, and spend the remainder of time pairing/interacting/laughing/working at our York St offices. IDS offers market relevant salaries and the possibility to participate in ESOP.

Stack is a mix of Python, Clojure, Scala, R, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redshift and a number of other AWS services (Lambda, Gateway, DynamoDB, ...)

Sound interesting? Email me at claudio@ids.io and we'll set up a casual coffee chat.

Note: At this time, we are only considering Australian residents or those with an existing right-to-work VISA for Australia.

Ubisoft Massive | Site Reliability Engineer (Infrastructure Engineer) | Malmo, SE | Onsite, Relocation/VISA offered http://www.massive.se My team is looking for an automation focused individual to help us release AAA games with the highest possible reliability, while supporting the needs of the adjacent programming squad. Our team is comprised of classicly trained sysadmins who have always had a brush with automation, we work very closely with C++ programmers so experience or willingness is helpful.

Our stack is primarily comprised of Saltstack/Python/terraform, an ideal candidate would have enough Python experience to be able to investigate with us and fix bugs with us in saltstack (and contribute them back upstream).

We also deal with Windows and FreeBSD, but knowledge in those things is not paramount, typically we look for expertise in practical use of systems and infrastructure, concepts that go beyond the implementation of a single OS. A full Jobspec is here: https://www.massive.se/job/online-infrastructure-site-reliab....

We have many other open positions for C++ programmers, Animators, Data Managers: https://www.massive.se/career/ each offers a relocation package and an additional VISA if required. if you're interested in the role I am posting about and do not want to apply the usual way you can email me at jan.harasym <at> massive.se - I will be happy to file it for you.

Letting you know the ink to the SRE position is broken :)


Wow. What a terrible omission. Thanks for correcting me, the link must have changed when the title was altered. :(

Engelska är okej, eller hur? Behöver vi att talar svenska som infödda också?

Sorry I should have mentioned; The lingua Franca is English. I’m an English native and have not needed any Swedish in my working life at the company (I’ve been there nearly 5 years now).

SpokenLayer | Software Engineers | Full Time | New York City | ONSITE | US $120k-$150k | https://angel.co/spokenlayer/jobs

SpokenLayer is hiring full-time software engineers in New York City (front-end, full-stack, back-end, dev-ops).

At SpokenLayer, we turn content from online & news publishers into streaming audio on Alexa / Google Home / iTunes using real human voices. We've acheived product market fit and are ready to build processes & products that help our team & business scale.

Our stack is primarily Node & Python, Angular, PostgreSQL, with a lot of AWS infrastructure managed with Terraform. We automate repetetive processes, build tools to shorten customer onboarding time, and help our partners reach bigger audiences.

We're looking for creative engineers who know what they are doing, who want to solve tough problems & build new experiences, and who can prove it.

It's a neat gig. We smile a lot because we actually like what we do. We pay market & have great benefits. We have real clients. We act like adults. We build products that people rely on & pay for. We review our code. We improve and learn from our mistakes.

Secfi | Software engineer(s) | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | EUR 35-60k + equity

We're on a mission to increase employee’s private company ownership by helping them exercise their options - a complex and opaque process that typically comes with a lot of anxiety and unanswered questions. Our tools help you fully understand your stock options’ value and maximize their potential.

For example: one of the most complicated things for employees is figuring out how much taxes they need to pay when exercising their Incentive Stock Options or Non-qualified Stock Options. The tax planning tool inside our dashboard does just that: https://www.secfi.com/#gif-container

Complex challenges we’re working on next include: multiyear tax forecast analysis, recommendation engine based on various sources and fantastic UX and UI.

Things have been going very well here at Secfi, and for the first few months of 2019 we aspire to grow the team 3x.

We’re looking for ten software engineers and two product managers to join us: https://www.secfi.com/careers

Interested? Please email frederik@secfi.com to get in touch.

Honu | Founding Software Engineer | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE

## About

Honu helps companies automate new hire onboarding experiences designed to engage employees from the time they accept their offers to the time they’re settled into their new jobs. A positive onboarding experience improves retention by setting employees up for success from the start, and automating that experience enables HR teams to focus on building and improving culture.

## Team

We're currently a team of two. I'm CEO, and the only engineer. We plan to grow to 8 people by the end of 2019.

We are an equal opportunity employer, celebrate diversity and inclusion in our culture, and strive to help our customers cultivate and improve their cultures as well. We like to have fun, encourage balance in life, challenge each other to be the best humans we can be, and produce meaningful work.

## Role

We're looking for a Founding Software Engineer to own architectural and other decisions, and potentially lead the engineering team in the future (if that interests you). More info in the application link below.

## Stack

AWS, Postgres, Node.js, Express, Apollo, GraphQL, React

## Apply


VSR (part of NCC Group) | Senior Security Consultant / Penetration Tester | Boston, MA | ONSITE

VSR is focused on providing quality information, network and application security consulting services. We work with clients in nearly every industry vertical and at multiple stages of maturity, from start-ups to large multi-national enterprises. VSR is always looking to expand its team of experienced security consultants so that we may better serve our clients and expand our thought leadership.

Our typical security assignments include: application penetration testing (web, mobile, commercial off-the-shelf software, products & appliances), network penetration assessments, red team exercises, and social engineering. Expertise in all areas is not necessary, however, familiarity with multiple areas is preferred. A strong desire to learn and the ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues however is a job requirement.

We're currently looking for Penetration Testers / Ethical Hackers / Security Consultants. Check out our employment page at https://vsecurity.com/company/employment.html

Would you be open for remote work ? or at least give it a try ?

Asset Mapping | Python developer | London (United Kingdom) | Full Time | Onsite

Asset Mapping | QA (+ Selenium) | London (United Kingdom) | Full Time | Onsite

At Asset Mapping, we help make smart buildings that are cheaper to operate, kinder to the environment and healthier to work in. For more details please see https://assetmapping.com and https://www.linkedin.com/company/asset-mapping/

We are looking for python back-end developer and QA (preferably with experience in writing Selenium tests) to join our scrum team. You will have opportunity to work with cutting edge of IoT sensors industry and tackle challenges related to processing of time series data.

Tech Stack: Python, Postgres, Distributed systems, Docker

If this sounds interesting to you please send your CV to email address which you get by running following in console:

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    # Run below if you are on Linux
    echo Z3JlZ0Bhc3NldG1hcHBpbmcuY29tCg== | base64 -d
    # Run below if you are on Mac
    echo Z3JlZ0Bhc3NldG1hcHBpbmcuY29tCg== | base64 -D

I really love how you have setup your contact. I'm a Systems Admin, and not who you are looking for; but this both keeps your email away from the scrapers and adds a small 'barrier to entry'.

Thank you :-)

Cross platform

  echo Z3JlZ0Bhc3NldG1hcHBpbmcuY29tCg== | perl -MMIME::Base64 -pe 's/(.+)/decode_base64($1)/e'

Thank you :-) We are (mostly) python house on the back-end so I might use python instead of perl but I like the approach you suggested.

Well, since you mentioned Docker:

    echo Z3JlZ0Bhc3NldG1hcHBpbmcuY29tCg== | docker run -i busybox base64 -d
Edit: Yes, I'm piping your email address through an operating system image I just downloaded from the internet and, to be honest, I feel quite badly about this. :(

  >>> import base64

  >>> email = "Z3JlZ0Bhc3NldG1hcHBpbmcuY29tCg=="

  >>> print(base64.b64decode(email).decode('utf-8'))

Do you have plans to apply for visa sponsorship license?

I'm sorry but unfortunately at this time we are not looking to sponsor visa however there is good chance we will at some point in the future.

QuotaPath | Backend, Frontend or Full-stack Engineer | Philadelphia, PA or Austin, TX | $70K to $140K DOE | Full-Time | On-Site | https://www.quotapath.com/careers/

Happy new year, y’all!

Sales compensation plans can be shockingly complex. Too often, salespeople are forced to use unfriendly accounting software or to pass around buggy Excel spreadsheets. At QuotaPath, we’re solving this problem in a new way by creating a platform that’s built for salespeople, not accountants. Our business model is unique, both consumer-facing and B2B (“B2BC”; think Slack). Good UX and beautiful design are at the core of our process. The demand for a product like this is intense and we’re working as hard as we can to deliver features to eager users.

We’re looking for engineers to help us accelerate our development. If you’re interested in having a huge impact on a small team, this is a great opportunity. We’re well-funded, but we’re still only 8 people: 3 engineers, 1 UX and 4 others. I’m one of those 3 engineers, and I’m also the technical co-founder. Please ask me questions if you have any!

Our stack is Python + Django on the backend, TypeScript + React on the frontend, but we’re more interested in working with people who are smart and capable than people from any particular background. If you have strong opinions about using different tech, we’ll hear you. Like most startups, we’re built on lots of open source tech and we plan on giving back. We value building a culture of inclusion and transparency. We care about diversity and hope you do too.

Feel free to reach out to me directly: eric at quotapath dot com

HAProxy Technologies | Software Engineer, Systems Engineer | Waltham, MA | Paris, France | REMOTE

HAProxy Technologies is the company behind the world's fastest and most widely used open-source software load balancer.

We're looking for developers stretching across many spectrums: C, Golang, and Frontend (javascript). We're also seeking Senior Systems Engineers (Linux).

Below you will find the job descriptions for each.


We are looking to reinforce the development team of HAProxy and are looking for developers who have solid skills in Shell, C, HTTP, TCP/IP and uses Git. Knowledge of cloud environment is a plus. We are looking for people who are not afraid of patching the Linux Kernel and who can quickly become autonomous.


We are looking for Go developers with 2+ years of experience in Kubernetes and Cloud environments, as well as load balancing. A Bachelors or higher degree in IT is desirable. If you want to contribute to the software enabling performance and reliability of some of the largest websites on the internet.


We are looking for an agile and responsible person to join our team as Frontend (JavaScript) Developer. Our department’s mission is developing high-performance, high-quality intuitive user interfaces to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Senior Systems Engineer:

We are seeking Senior Systems Engineers (Linux) to work out of our Waltham, MA office or remotely in the EST/CST/MST/PST timezones. Knowledge of HAProxy is a plus.

Please send cover letter and resume to careers@haproxy.com

Jellyvision | Senior and Staff Data Engineers | Chicago, IL, USA| Onsite | Full-time

Hello, we're Jellyvision Jellyvision’s award-winning software talks people through important, complex and potentially snooze-inducing life decisions - like choosing a healthcare insurance plan or saving for retirement - in simple, helpful, and engaging ways.

We are looking for fun, passionate individuals to join the Data Engineering Team and help us solve data and machine learning problems- Opportunity to be part of a modern data & machine learning architecture from its infancy :)

Interested? Senior Data Engineer-> https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/1045274472/?pathWildc... Staff/ Lead Data Engineer -> https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/cap/view/1045277289/?pathWildc...

or reach-out directly to marinaatjellyvisiondotcom

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, REMOTE | Backend Engineer, Devops Engineer, Lead Product Designer, Technical PM, Demand Gen Marketer

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch

* We're a ~30-person team (SF, Barcelona, and remote) on a mission to help companies build better software faster

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team-oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're currently hiring for:

- Engineering (backend, ops)

- Lead Product Designer

- Technical Product Manager

- Marketing: demand gen, marketing ops, product marketing

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

Are you only considering Ruby engineer for remote work? Would you consider backend, core or DevOps for remote work?

<still-unnamed startup in stealth mode> | REMOTE | 20-40h per week freelancers

Sorry for the vague description but I can tell you more about the product we're building when you apply. Hopefully I can attract you in a sufficient way with our tech stack (see below) and some keywords (blockchain, DLT, bitcoin, ethereum, mimblewimble/grin, smart contracts, DAI, atomic swaps, etc).

Job positions:

- Build engineer: you are a Linux-er who has some past experience building deb or rpm packages, are excited about reproducible builds, and are willing to learn (if you don't already know) new things such as snap or flatpak. gitlabCI and/or AzureDevOps is a plus. (Might do some DevOps work after we come out of stealth mode as well.)

- Xamarin developer: C# experience as a minimum, F# desirable (we can also mentor you on the transition from C# to F#), interested/knowledgeable in Rust is another plus.

- Rust/blockchain developer: experience in Rust, or smart contracts (especially EVM or Ivy) is a must. Desirable to have experience writing bindings or zkSNARKs.

Important perk for all positions: all the code/scripts you'll write will be opensource, at least for the first 6months.

Write me at andrew.forsure@gmail.com

PS: Abstain from applying if you have/expect a managerial/lead role. We need manpower, not decision makers. (That doesn't mean you won't make decisions, just that we won't pay you to solely make decisions.)

Top Hat | Software Engineers | Toronto, ON, Canada | ONSITE Full-time

We are hiring for a variety of development roles including: DevOps Engineer, Sr Platform Developer, Sr Android, and Full-stack Web (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js/Flux, AWS, Ansible; recently we’ve been practicing Continuous Deployment on Lambda). Salary range based on experience from $80K to $120K.

Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful engagement tools, inside and outside the classroom. Recently, Top Hat has been building out interactive textbooks and creating a way for professors to collaborate on authoring new content and sharing it through our marketplace.

We have a great dev culture and some really cool problems to work on!

Check out our ongoing projects here: https://sites.google.com/tophatmonocle.com/engineeringattoph...

Apply here! https://tophat.com/company/work-with-us/

Stanley Black & Decker | Towson, MD | Full-Time, ONSITE | Firmware, Power Electronics, Electro-Mechanical

Firmware - https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partner...

Electronics - https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partner...

Electro-Mechanical - https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partner...

Multiple engineering disciplines needed for consumer product design. This team develops motor-control power electronics, batteries and accessories for power tools (DEWALT, Craftsman, MAC, Stanley, Black & Decker brands). Hands-on engineering.

Starsky Robotics (YC S16) | Gen. Software Engineer, ML Engineer, Data Infra Engineer, Controls Engineer, Behavior Planning Engineer| San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time

Come build self driving trucks! Starsky Robotics is a fantastic place to work, we're solving hard problems across the board and need help. We have positions open for all sides of the robotics stack, and are specifically looking for more Software eng. maturity for the platform and infrastructure teams. I personally work on the platform/infra side and am looking for extra hands on our data eng and testing infrastructure.


We're working to make trucks autonomous on the highway and remote controlled by experienced drivers for the first and last mile. Our self driving trucks will make roads safer while giving drivers meaningful work close to their homes and families.

We currently run our trucks autonomously on the highway, with freight. We are looking for awesome engineers who are comfortable working on a scrappy, driven engineering team. The team takes an extremely active role in the development and testing of Starsky Trucks on highways across the US.

We use Python, C++, and lots of bash scripting. We are a group of PhDs, masters, bachelors, college dropouts, and high school interns all working together. No matter your experience, we're looking for intelligent folks who have a history of diving excitedly into new fields. Able to sponsor all visas. All positions non-remote unless otherwise specified.

Apply online, every application is read: https://jobs.lever.co/starskyrobotics/ or email me (daniel + @<company_name>.com) with any questions.

I applied, I think you guys have an amazing mission.

Cooklist | Backend Django / Data Engineer | Dallas, TX / Remote | $80K - 120K w/ restricted stock Cooklist shows you recipes you can cook with the groceries you buy and will allow you to order groceries by choosing recipes you want to cook.

Think Kayak for aggregating all the grocery retailers into one interface and Mint.com for importing all your retail purchase data into a digital pantry.

We just finished the TechStars Retail Program and announced a partnership with Target. We're a small team of experienced startup founders and engineers and are looking for a backend engineer and data engineer to join our team.

Cooklist can connect directly to 77 grocery chains like Walmart, Safeway, Kroger etc. and automatically download every purchase a user makes in store and online. It uses NLP to match each product purchased to recipe ingredients. Over 1,000,000 products are matched to 1,000,000 recipes.

You can see a demo video and find links to download the app for iOS and Android at https://cooklist.co or email me at daniel@cooklist.co if interested

Nexedi | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | FULL TIME and 4-12 months INTERNS. Happy New Year!! We are looking for new colleagues and trainees to help improve our Free Software solutions. Our stack is FOSS only (https://stack.nexedi.com/) and we use it to provide custom industrial implementations. We offer neither fame nor fortune - you do need to be idealistic and passionate about Free Software to apply (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs). Candidates will do a programming challenge and 1 interview (2 for full time). We're hiring for:

    - Nexedi | Python PyData and Javascript Project Developer | Munich | INTERN

    - Nexedi | Python PyData and Javascript Project Developer | Munich

    - Nexedi | JavaScript Severless Web Messaging | Lille | INTERN

    - Nexedi | Python AI and Big Data | Lille | INTERN

    - Nexedi | Out-Of-Core Numpy | Lille | INTERN    

    - Nexedi | Jupyter Lab Mass Deployment | Lille | INTERN

    - Nexedi | Resilient Embedded GNU/Linux Edge Computing | Lille | INTERN
About Nexedi: We are a team of 35 programmers (headquarters in Lille, France) creating Free Software since 2001 and providing custom implementations that range from collecting and analysing sensor data in windparks to managing product flows in car assembly lines. Unique features of solutions in our stack enable us to offer levels of scalability and durability required in industrial settings. We participate in European research projects, contribute to open source solutions and have time to play and experiment. We all use degooglized Chromebooks, have a flat hierarchy, paperless offices and no meetings. We hack in Python and (vanilla) JavaScript, plus golang and C if needed.

Hi, do you consider applicants from the US for your internships? Thanks!

Pirate Studios - https://www.piratestudios.co.uk | Mid-weight Developer | ONSITE | Bristol, UK | Full-time | Salary range of £32-42k

Pirate Studios is building music rehearsal studios in multiple countries, and we're big on tech in our studios. We're the biggest rehearsal studio provider in the UK and rapidly expanding abroad. We build our own studios that are open 24/7, and all booking is handled online.

We're looking to add a developer to our dev team right now. Being excited about music is definitely a bonus, but we have loads of fun and exciting programming projects in the pipeline. Ideas are welcome and many of our improvements come from people in the business suggesting them.

Our current primary projects are in Ruby, JavaScript (React), Haskell, and Elixir; with a smattering of Rust and Python in IoT and ML projects. We work in small project-based teams on our various components, and we have dedicated (and good!) project managers who help give us plenty of time and space to focus on programming. Our current focus is around live streaming from inside our studios and this would be the project you'd be starting on when joining.

We're looking for someone in Bristol to join the team working in our Old Market office. Some of the dev team work remotely, but all of us are within easy distance of Bristol (or London) and we meet up regularly to discuss/work/beer together. Unfortunately we're not currently able to assist in relocation to this area.

I'm Head of Development, and working for Pirate Studios is the best job I've ever had. I'll go out of my way to make sure you get to build great things :)

Email us at tech-jobs@piratestudios.co.uk.

What benefits of the job counterbalance the low salary?

This is a reasonable salary for the role and in the Bristol area.

Hustle | San Francisco and New York City | Onsite | https://hustle.com

Hustle is a peer-to-peer text messaging platform that provides organizations with an affordable, efficient, and effective tool to reach their target supporters and customers. By facilitating two-way conversations, we help users maintain genuine, personal dialogues with hundreds, thousands, and collectively millions of people. As a result, organizations like Planned Parenthood and Sierra Club can scale and humanize the way they rally their users to action.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/hustle

Our open positions:

* Senior Product Engineer, Back-end: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hustle/jobs/1048318?gh_src=ceec...

* Senior Product Engineer, Front-end: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hustle/jobs/1048297?gh_src=ceec...

Tech Stack: Products and services are built end to end in JavaScript - React & React Native in front of Node.js over Mongo, which enables you to be as full-stack as you want to be.

Read more about our diversity efforts here: https://bit.ly/2mYjFCm

You can message Victoria Sian at vic@hustle.com to learn more.

FreeAgent, Edinburgh and REMOTE


At FreeAgent we help freelancers and small businesses be more successful by putting them in control of their company finances.

We have built a multi-award-winning accounting app that offers full end-to-end compliance, from time tracking to tax return filing. We're based in beautiful Edinburgh and we're growing from strength to strength with over 75,000 paying customers and strong YoY growth. Our NPS is amazing (68!) - customers love what we do and our team get to make a real impact.

We're a growing team of over 170 people. The majority of our team are based in Edinburgh, but we have staff distributed across the UK (50% of our engineering team are distributed). We're going through a growth spurt so if you want to help us make small businesses awesome at doing their finances, take a look at our vacancies (more details here -> https://www.freeagent.com/company/careers):

* Product engineers, mid/senior/principal - you'll be working predominantly with Ruby on Rails but you don't need to have experience of this tech - we'll get you up to speed.

* Platform engineers, mid/senior/principal - opportunities to work on large-scale refactorings, developer tooling, cloud migration (AWS specifically)

* Engineering managers/team leads

You can apply directly via the website but feel free to get in touch with me directly (olly [at] freeagent [dot] com) if you have any questions. Happy to chat!

(We are looking for UK-based full-time staff only right now)

Bay Labs | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE Bay Labs is actively hiring!


Bay Labs combines deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence, with cardiovascular imaging to help in the diagnosis and management of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the world. To achieve this vision, we've assembled a team of experts in machine learning, visual neuroscience, physics, medical devices, regulatory affairs, and cardiology.

We’re looking for people who will bring a unique perspective in defining the future of healthcare with us.

Learn more and apply here:

Software Engineer: https://baylabs.io/careers/#!/e75caf0f-483d-4b8d-adf2-ef99a9...

Head of Engineering: https://baylabs.io/careers/#!/7a122f5e-dec1-4483-8417-b35a70...

Fresh4cast | Python Developer | £28k+pa + share options | London: Spitalfields | Full-Time | ONSITE

Fresh4cast | Data Scientist | £36k+pa + share options | London: Spitalfields | Full-Time | ONSITE

Fresh4cast is an early growth-stage company transforming the fresh fruit and veg sector by providing accurate, real-time forecast-as-a-service across the fresh produce supply chain. We are looking for a senior data scientist to come and take over from the CEO and lead/build our data science team, and a full-stack Python developer to join our CTO in building the platform, and delivering to customers.

You will be our fifth and sixth team members, so we're looking for people looking to develop their career quickly over the next few years and want to be at the heart of a growing startup.

We are currently profitable, and are seeking to expand our successful platform rapidly in 2019.

Tech stack: AWS, MySQL, Python/Django backend with plenty of Pandas. Python/Keras Data Science and Typescript/d3 frontend.

To apply please send an email introducing yourself and a CV to member@fresh4cast.com.

Sorry, the salaries posted are not correct. Developer £40-8k, Senior Data Scientist £46-50k.

Cyient | FULL TIME | ONSITE (remote for the right candidate) | Melbourne, FL; Bangalore, India| http://certsafe.com/ CertSAFE is a software suite developed by Cyient for the design, development, simulation, verification, and validation of safety-critical systems. CertSAFE features a graphical development environment for a visual modeling language based on dataflow/circuit diagram notation, a simulation engine and interactive testing interface, an automatic test generator based on Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solving, and more. As a member of the CertSAFE team, you will get to apply your software engineering and computer science knowledge in diverse areas, including programming language theory, graph theory, user interface design, concurrent and parallel software design, and software test automation. You will get to interact on a day-to-day basis with real-world users and customers working on safety-critical applications in aerospace, defense, transportation, medical devices, and other fields. CertSAFE is developed by a small team with a Lean Kanban development process. We use a variety of technologies including Java, Maven, Jenkins, Python, and AWS, and also especially appreciate experience with functional languages such as Haskell, F#, OCaml, Lisp, etc.

Positions available include Software Engineer (Bangalore, India), Software Quality Assurance Engineer (Bangalore, India), Product Specialist (Bangalore, India), and DevOps Engineer (Melbourne, FL). Visit http://certsafe.com/careers/ for full position descriptions.

The roles outside of Melbourne, FL will require travel to Melbourne, FL for 90-180 days to undergo necessary training. Visa assistance is available.

Interested? Email your resume to careers@certsafe.com.

ClearVoice | Backend Software Engineer | Phoenix, Seattle or REMOTE (USA) | https://www.clearvoice.com | Full Time

ClearVoice is a Content Marketing Platform and Marketplace. We make creating great content easy for everyone. We have indexed over 100M online articles and have identified and ranked 300k+ authors. We use this index to power our transparent talent network. We supply all engineers with 15" Macbook Pros and quality tools. Competitive pay, fantastic weather and low cost of living in Phoenix (or wherever you live)!


- React - Frontend

- Ruby/Rails - Platform API

- Python - Crawling, Search Index, ML

- Terraform+AWS - Infrastructure

Currently looking to hire:

* Backend Software Engineer ($90k-$120k)

* https://clearvoice.workable.com/j/B2A0B579A0

Mandatory Requirements:

* 3+ years experience as a fullstack or backend developer on a SaaS product

PS: Phoenix has neighborhoods with Cox Gigablast - full duplex gigabit internet access :)

Interested in another role not posted?

E-mail jeff __4t__ clearvoice.com

Digit | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time, Onsite | https://digit.co

Digit is a journey aimed at refreshing the interactions between humans and their money. Bad financial habits create unnecessary hardship that derail us from living our life to the fullest. We believe we can help people avoid some of these hardships by combining recent discoveries in behavioral psychology with technology.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/digit

Here are our open roles:

- Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/digit/jobs/922676

Tech Stack: JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Python, Node.js, React + React Native, AWS Lambda, Spark, Kinesis, MongoDB, Redshift

Varonis (www.varonis.com) | New York, NY | Marketing Demand Gen | Full-Time | Remote

Varonis is an enterprise software company (B2B) that helps organizations better secure their data.

This is perhaps not the most glitzy thing, but I really appreciate that:

- The software does what it says

- It's pretty unique in how it does it

- Actually, genuinely useful to the people that use it daily

- Helps protect basically everybody else on the internet

In short, it's something I feel really good about representing and I think that makes marketing it much easier.

The Inbound group is fully remote, large enough to have an actual budget for things, small enough to have some flexibility in execution and be open to new ideas.

We're looking for a very hands-on person who can help increase the number of inbound leads generated by leveraging the work of the existing content and sales teams. We want to build intelligent multi-step campaigns that educate and inform prospects as the first introduction to our company, explore new campaign platforms and make smart data-driven decisions about what to pursue.

I realize marketing jobs aren't usually what gets posted here, but the people who have really thrived at Varonis are both really technical (a third of the marketing team are full stack devs who moved into marketing, myself included) and adept at marketing. Our biggest wins have been when we've been able to cross those two disciplines in a unique way.

If you're interested, please use the 'Apply' button on the job page here (which also has some more details about the role)


Serotiny | Bay Area, CA | Lead Back-End Engineer (First SWE Hire) | Full Time

Serotiny is a synthetic biology design firm that invents custom proteins to cure cancers and genetic diseases. We help design proteins involved in CAR-T therapies, CRISPR systems and other multi-domain protein therapeutics. See https://serotiny.bio/notes/proteins/

Industry: Synthetic Biology, Biotherapeutics, Bioinformatics, Genetics

Location: San Francisco ideally, limited remote

Stack: REST API written in Go, Javascript (Ember) front-end

Role: API engineer - refine & augment API architecture, develop data structures and algorithms, help invent data-standards for synBio

Perks: Small credentialed team, flexibility, community engagement

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision

Compensation: $100-150k + Equity


Happy to chat. My name is Justin, and my email address is my name at serotiny.bio

Lendable | London, UK | ONSITE | £60-85k + Benefits

We are the UK's fastest growing consumer lending platform. Well-funded and profitable after only three years, we're a small team of high performers who have built outstanding technology to deliver real innovation in lending. A key contributor to our growth are our Data Science team. To facilitate further expansion and impact the data science team are seeking a Python developer who will take responsibility for bringing internal Data Science products into production. This is a greenfield role where the successful candidate will sit at the intersection of engineering and data science. The role offers autonomy on implementing professional structure to existing data science services. The role would by its nature result in exposure to the data science project lifecycle where learning new technologies and skills will be supported and encouraged.

Tech Stack: Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Angular

Email nick@lendable.co.uk

ODYN | Somerville/Cambridge/Boston ONSITE (our office is in Davis) | DevOps Engineer https://angel.co/odyn/jobs/241401-devops-engineer (or email techjobs@odyn.ai)

ODYN is modernizing the world of logistics. We provide visualization and analytics of the movement of goods in the global supply chain by analyzing data streams from container vessels, airplanes, and our proprietary tracking devices. Our technology gives our customers x-ray like visibility into global logistics and enables significant reduction in operating capital (read: saves a lot of money).

This is one of the few massive industries ($4T) left that are left to be digitized and completely optimized with technology. We have some funding, customers, interesting strategic partners, and are growing fairly quickly.

Come solve hard problems with us.

Repl.it (YC W18) | Infrastructure Engineer | ONSITE | SF https://repl.it/jobs Repl.it is the first open computing platform where anyone, even without needing an account, can hop on and in seconds start executing code, build and host applications and websites, and collaborate with other people.

Providing a service like this is challenging from all a scaling, security, and billing perspectives. Furthermore, supporting the number of languages that we do (https://repl.it/languages) is hard in both tooling and systems -- we have to build generic protocols for executing, debugging, authoring code.

It's a great time to be joining us, we're still 6 people, we reach more than a million coders a month, and we're backed by YC and a16z

Square, Inc. | Software Engineer | Atlanta | Onsite | https://squareup.com/careers/jobs

Square's Atlanta office nearly doubled in size in 2018 and is still hiring for multiple positions. We have back end, full-stack, and front end engineering teams in the office building features for our Point of Sale systems as well as backend services that power our payments platform.


What we do:

Develop and support the systems that power Square’s products and third party products. Develop and support routing and gateway support between Square’s products and payment processors in the US and abroad.


Why it's cool:

Our Atlanta office has a history of working on mission critical projects. Infrastructure used throughout Square is designed and developed here. Day-to-day we use Java, Go, Ruby, Javascript, and Objective-C. Our work environment includes lots of Silicon Valley style perks, plus all the advantages of working in a smaller office where everyone knows each other. Our office is located in Midtown, close to Georgia Tech’s campus. Square’s products are widely used by the general public, so you’ll be building features that are used by millions of people.


Who we're looking for:

Engineers familiar with Java, Go, or Ruby or another high level OO language.


If this matches your background and interests, we'd love to talk to you -- email zundel+hn@squareup.com.

If you are a new or recent graduate, please apply directly on our career page at the link above for the "Software Engineer New Grad (All Locations)" position. If you are looking for an internship, please apply directly on our career page at the link above for the "Software Engineer Intern (All Locations)" position.

Im a Hiring Manager at Cloudflare on our Security Team. We are hiring in San Francisco, San Jose, Austin, and London. Our Security Team is looking for folks with a variety of skillsets. https://www.cloudflare.com/careers/departments/security/ Our company is growing quickly, has tremendous impact on the internet as a whole, and bringing to market some of the coolest and technically challenging products to build.

We need help:

  1) Working with other teams to make our product great and secure.
  2) Detecting, monitoring, and responding to security alerts and incidents.
  3) Securing the platform and infrastructure that runs our 155+ datacenters.
  4) Working as a program manager to drive company wide security initiatives.

I do not see any job postings for San Jose specifically. Could you provide an e-mail address to follow-up ?

Do you consider Remote options for the mentioned jobs?

Do you sponsor visa?

Amazon Restaurants | Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer - Delivery Experience | Seattle, WA | Full-Time | Onsite

Amazon Restaurants ( https://amazon.com/restaurants ) enables customers to order meals from top rated restaurants in their area. Our teams builds ultra-fast delivery experiences for delivering food.

As a software engineer, you will join a small team of engineers, product managers and research scientists working to build ultra-fast delivery experiences. You will own significant portions of the product and help define the next wave of product features and system architecture. You will be part of an entrepreneurial environment and innovate independently, launch quickly, and have fun. Come cook-up something great with us!

If interested, please shoot me an email - kmganesh -AT- kmganesh . com

s/kmganesh . com/ amazon (or) gmail . com? Is this what you meant?

No need to substitute! I meant kmganesh . com :)

Powertools Technologies | Junior Engineer | Lisbon, Portugal | Full-time, ONSITE

Looking for a junior engineer for work on Electronic Design Automation software tools, scripts and physical design kits. Candidate should at least have (or graduate shortly) a 3 year university degree in engineering. Most suitably Electronic/Computer Engineering or Informatics with good Systems base.

Site: https://www.powertools-tech.com . Growing a small experienced team with international industrial and academic track, willing to train new hire in fairly uncommon skill set. Candidate should be capable of quality detail work, and have good communication abilities, to provide support to international design teams in fabless semiconductor companies.

Email your interest and CV to contact@powertools-tech.com, please.

Kensho Technologies | Data Scientists/Engineers across the stack | Full-time/Onsite | (Cambridge/Boston)/NYC/DC/LA Kensho is a leading analytics and machine learning company serving the financial, healthcare, and national security sectors.

Kensho was the largest A.I. acquisition in history by S&P Global - we will continue to operate independently and remain a distinct brand. We recruit world-class engineers, data scientists, designers, scientists and researchers, many of whom have PhDs in scientific disciplines. We have a spectrum of opportunities in Harvard Square, New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angelos for individuals with the right scientific and computing skills. To see all open positions visit:


LedgerX | New York City | Full-time

LedgerX is the first US federally-regulated derivatives exchange for bitcoin. We launched in October 2017 and to date, we have done around $500MM in volume. Now we are are growing our team as we scale our trading platform and build new products.


- Senior Frontend Engineer

- Senior React Native Engineer

- Independent Contributor Frontend Engineer

- Independent Contributor React Native Engineer

Stack: TypeScript, React, React Native, Redux, D3, Node.js, Express, Styled Components

We won’t quiz you on algorithms and data structures that you’ll never use here. We prefer to discuss projects that you’ve worked and other relevant material related to the job.

We also provide training and a personal development budget.

If interested please fill out this form and our hiring manager (not a recruiter) will reach out: https://goo.gl/forms/q2EhfSKx1h1qkE1G2

Would you work with Recruiters - I am sure i used to work on some block chain roles there last year. Thanks

Just started working here. Awesome place with a great team! Happy to answer any questions.

What does 'Independent Contributor' mean?

You are a self-starter: you have the ability to take on a feature request from start to finish on your own. You have the talent of Senior level but you also have the ability to break down (and ask for) requirements and communicate effectively. When an important feature is coming up people want you to work on it!

I'm reading this as the next step above senior (ie: super senior)

Here it is, but it really does differ by organization.

Loan Ecosystem Online | NYC | Full-Stack Developer | Full-Time | Onsite | 100k-130k | https://loaneco.net/ Loan Ecosystem Online is a platform that is transforming the way middle market loans are bought and sold. The platform drives efficiency into the currently outdated middle market loan syndication process. Our current stack is Ruby on Rails, AngularJS/Angular Hybrid, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS and Docker. You will be working closely alongside our founder and CEO, and be a part of the core team that shapes the company as we grow. Apply her https://angel.co/l/28JSu2 or email your resume to me at neil@loaneco.net

Second Measure (YC S15) | SF Bay Area - San Mateo, CA (downtown) | ONSITE | https://secondmeasure.com


Second Measure analyzes billions of credit card transactions to answer real-time questions about consumer behavior.

Through our self-service analytics platform, we help our clients – some of the world’s largest brands and investment firms – answer questions like:

  - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in NYC? [1]
  - How many Tesla Model 3 preorders have been refunded? [2]
  - How dependent is Stitch Fix on its biggest spenders? [3]
  - (Check out our research blog [3])
We’re 50 people today - mostly senior engineers and data scientists. Two-thirds of us are technical, more than half with PhDs.

We’re looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

  - Senior Frontend Engineer
  - Senior Data Engineer
  - Senior Data Scientist
  - (more)
I'm a founder (mike@). Apply directly [4] or email jobs@ and CC me.

[1] http://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/Lyft-gets-boost-...

[2] https://www.recode.net/2018/6/4/17414496/nearly-a-quarter-of...

[3] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/2017/12/07/whales/

[4] https://boards.greenhouse.io/secondmeasure

Drizly | Boston, MA | Full Stack & Front-end Software Engineers | ONSITE


We're an alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop for beer, wine, and spirits.

Our customers trust us to be part of their lives – their celebrations, parties, dinners and quiet nights at home. We partner with the best retail stores in over 100 cities across North America to serve up the best buying experience.

* One of the hottest startups in Boston

* The worlds largest alcohol marketplace

* Funding: Closed our Series C at $35M, led by Tiger Global

* Core Stack: React/Redux, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Python

* Looking for Senior Full Stack Engineers, Senior Front-end Engineers, & Mid-level Software Engineers


Staked | Boston or New York | Full Time + Onsite

Staked operates highly available and highly secure, institutional grade staking infrastructure for leading proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols. Our infrastructure is deployed in a multi-tier signing and listening cloud configuration using Kubernetes that combines geographic diversity and redundancy across on premise data centers and cloud providers. We are well funded by leading cryptocurrency funds, and have significant customer traction and early momentum.

Open Positions: Full-Stack Web Developer, Security Engineer, Smart Contracts Engineer and Blockchain Engineer

To apply, please visit https://staked.us/jobs/ or email jonathan at staked dot us directly.

10TEN | Frontend Engineers, Backend Engineers, iOS Engineers, Android Engineers | REMOTE | Full-time | https://10ten.ae

10TEN is a tech agency, based in Dubai. We are building our own products (like https://barrio.ae) and helping companies to improve their tech.

Frontend: Typescript, Angular 7, SCSS, Angular Universal

Backend: Typescript, serverless, Python, Django (coming soon: Kotlin, Rust, Erlang)

iOS: Swift 4

Android: Kotlin

Infrastructure: AWS Lambda/DynamoDB/S3, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Minio, FreeBSD, Archlinux, Clever Cloud, Scaleway

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale and are extremely focus on quality.

If you are interested to learn more about the roles, feel free to contact me at loic@10ten.ae .

Disney Streaming Services (formerly BAMTECH Media) | SRE/Infrastructure Engineer | REMOTE (US) or New York, NY | Full time

Looking to add 1 person to the infrastructure team supporting and building Disney's streaming service (Disney+) in AWS.

Currently support many different streaming platforms including ESPN+, NHL, MLB, MLS, PlayStation Vue, HULU live, Twitter live streaming, and more.

Lots of exciting changes coming this year and plenty to learn.

Apply here: https://jobs.disneycareers.com/job/new-york/infrastructure-e... Email or DM me questions: justin.garrison@disneystreaming.com or @rothgar on Twitter

Sematell | Clojure Developer | Saarbrücken, partially REMOTE, Germany |

Sematell is Europe's leading provider of call-center Response Management software. We do e-mails, social media postings even fax & letters and help our customers help their customers to the best answer as quickly as possible. We use AI, rule engines, scheduling engines, steam engines.

We are looking for an experienced Clojure developer who would help us shape the next generation of our platform, starting from scratch, going full SaaS and world-wide.

Reqs: Proven Clojure experience. The ideal candidate has some background in Java Enterprise Software and is aware of the challenges in shifting mind-sets to functional, cloud-first systems.

Get in touch at jochen dot bedersdorfer at sematell dot com.

Modular Science | Hardware Generalist | Onsite | San Francisco, CA

Modular Science (YC S17) is building robots for outdoor vegetable farming. We're automating the entire growing cycle: planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting. Our goal is to make it easier to do sustainable farming. Our daily work involves Python, Arduinos, RTK GPS, stepper motors, water valves, and muddy fields.

We're looking for someone with mechanical and/or electrical experience to join the founding team as the first full-time employee. Compensation will include meaningful equity. If you're interested in helping us improve farming, please send a short note and a resume to jobs@modularscience.com.

Frame Health | Senior/Lead Developer | Los Angeles or Boston | Full-time/Contract | ONSITE or possibl REMOTE | https://www.framehealth.com

Frame Health brings the power of behavioral and personality science to enhance many aspects of health care, leading to better outcomes, economics, and patient happiness. Our small company has recently launched several new partnerships with leading national healthcare organizations.

We're seeking strong generalist technologists with a data science interest or background. Technologies: Ruby/Rails, Python, Javascript, and React.

Please email: developerjobs@framehealth.com.

Looks to me like there's some SSL issues. Regular HTTP works normally but multiple browsers throw an error for SSL:

> An error occurred during a connection to www.framehealth.com. SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

Sorry: should be http://www.framehealth.com

Your website seems to be down right now.

Thanks—http://www.framehealth.com works. Sorry for our error.

F9 Teams | Software Engineer | Java | Boston | Onsite (or remote with up to 80% travel for the first 3 months) | https://f9teams.com/

F9 Teams has partnered with Kessel Run, a flagship software development organization, that’s been tasked with rapidly modernizing the way we build, deploy, scale, and run software in support of operations around the globe.

- Focus on scale, automation, and high-availability platforms for members around the globe

- Introduce modern cloud best-practices to the redesign of complex, mission-critical platforms

To apply:

allyssa at f9teams dot com



Daily Harvest | https://www.daily-harvest.com | jobs: Software Engineer + more | New York City, NY or Princeton, NJ | Full-time Onsite | https://www.daily-harvest.com/careers contact me at savraj@ [our domain] and mention HN in the subject line! Based in NYC we are a rapidly growing startup sending out thousands of products to happy customers each week. Everyone around you -- especially the non-techies in your life -- will at least try, if not consistently enjoy the frozen superfood eats that your work at Daily Harvest will deliver! Our 50+ flavor combinations of smoothies, overnight oats, chia parfaits, and harvest bowls are co-created by our team of chefs and nutritionists and come packed with organic fruits and vegetables, and no added sugar or preservatives. As a member of our software engineering team, you’ll craft and ship the code that powers our entire business -- from user-facing UI, to code that interfaces with our shipping providers, to inventory and supply chain management at scale. You’ll be working with a team of friendly, easy-going engineers. Your qualifications - 3+ years of experience in software development roles - Experience with Python-powered web-apps (Flask, Jinja, Google Cloud, Google App Engine, Stripe) - MySQL, Google Cloud SQL, PeeWee ORM - Experience with Git, PyTest, Travis, and deployments to Google Cloud.

Signal | Remote (US only) | Full-Time | https://signal.org

Let's start off the New Year right!! Signal Messenger is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/signal

Here are our open roles:

- Server Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/2a5fee8b-5875-46d4-a41d-773a28a...

- Android Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/cc2a16be-b9aa-496e-ba2c-cf8ba36...

- Desktop Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/6cbff26c-290a-4e74-a56f-78e9783...

- iOS Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/5d866dff-b979-4a90-9a53-f581eee...

- Product Designer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/4ad12dc0-e337-44bc-a995-3c7aa28...

Tech Stack: iOS team: Swift & Objective-C. Android team: Java. Desktop team: Electron, web stack (js, css, etc.). Server team: Java, AWS, devops.

Also, feel free to email resumes to workwithus@signal.org

Why do you require a CS degree for your developer positions? Bad experience in the past or just to give your hiring managers a filter?

Concerto Health AI | http://precisionhealth.ai/were-hiring/ | New York, NY or Boston, MA | ONSITE | Full-time

Concerto Health AI is building a team of healthcare and AI experts to break down data silos and make the world’s cancer data actionable. We have a multi-disciplinary group of people from top healthcare and data companies working together to build value for the cancer ecosystem.


stack: python, making heavy use of numpy/pandas/scipy - SQL - AWS


Positions available:

- Sr. ML/Backend Engineer

- Data Scientist

- Healthcare Data Scientist

- Technical Project Manager

Textio | Seattle, WA USA | Full-Time | On-Site

Selected as Washington's #1 Place to work! At Textio, we're changing the way people write. We predict how your writing will perform based on previous real-world results from similar documents. We have some of the largest companies in the world as customers, and we're hiring engineers across the board to help us solve difficult problems. We have a tight-knit, friendly, and experienced team, an incredible product, and a bright future.

Buzzwords for Keyword Searchers: AI, NLP, Machine Learning, ReactJS, SaaS

All Textio careers - https://textio.com/careers/ Check out our team - https://textio.com/team/

Open Roles: Director of Data Acquisition, Frontend Engineer-Applications Team, Full Stack Engineer-Applications Team, Senior Data Platform Software Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer-Applications Team, Senior Full Stack Engineer-Applications Team, Senior NLP Software Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Engineer-Backend Software Engineer-Backend, IT Support Technician, Senior Data Journalist, VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, Senior UX Designer, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager,Product Marketing Manager, Market Development Representative, Customer Success Engineer, Account Manager

Xstealth | London, Bengaluru | Engineers -> ML(1), Backend(1) & Frontend(1) | Full-time | Onsite / Remote-considered | Equity 0.15% - 1%

We are a stealth technology startup which is ‘atleast’ 10x ahead than nearest funded competitor ( >$3 million ). Our demos have been delivering ‘WOWs’. We are angel funded by well known founders. And based out of UK & India (Bengaluru) and SF (soon). Our product’s horizons have kept expanding since early POC. Hence, we are looking for true freaks in Node.js and Machine learning to join us and help build a platform which will power 'a million new solutions'.

  Backend Engineer :
  * You are a rockstar node.js backend engineer or have sufficient aspiration-and-promise to be one.
  * APIs, SQL, NoSQL.
  * Docker / Kubernetes.
  * Apache Kafka.
  * Serverless.

  Frontend Engineer :
  * You are a rockstar frontend engineer or have sufficient aspiration-and-promise to be one.
  * Vue.js (React considered) / HTML / CSS
  * Demonstrable skills / experience / portfolio.
  * Desired : Eye for UX and Electron experience

  Machine Learning Engineer :
  * Prior experience in Recurrent Neural Networks
  * Demonstrable skills / expertise in Machine Learning or
  * Relevant PhD 
  * This is fully a hands on role.

  If this spikes your interest email us at : admin@xstealth.space
  * With your resume and brief description about your interests.
  * And relevant links to your portfolio.

what us your startup, working on. What is the (service / product) it's selling?

Probably won't be disclosed if they're in 'stealth' mode

Dialpad | Full Stack Product Engineers | Backend Product Engineers | Frontend Product Engineers | Vancouver, BC, Canada | San Francisco, CA, USA | $119,000 - 159,000 + benefits | Full-time | INTERNS | ONSITE | https://www.dialpad.com/

Dialpad is the cloud based phone system that powers voice, video, and messages all from a single platform. With a beautifully intuitive interface that works on your existing devices, your phone system is finally as adaptable as your team.

At Dialpad, we're a team of do-ers. A team that thinks outside the box and when that doesn't work, we reinvent it. We don't settle for the status quo and neither do the things we build. Led by the same minds behind Google Voice, we build products that get businesses talking—whether it's across the hall, street, or country.

With $120 million in funding from ICONIQ Capital, Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Scale Ventures and other top VC’s Dialpad attracts top engineers from companies like Microsoft and Google, and every member of our team plays an essential role in creating dynamic products that doesn’t just combine design and mobility but works with you wherever productivity may strike.

Stack: JS (Vue.js, Backbone), Python, Google Cloud

See the full job descriptions and apply here: https://www.dialpad.com/jobs

HCaptcha/Imachine | Anywhere although we have offices in San Francisco | Remote Friendly | https://www.hcaptcha.com https://hmt.ai https://imachine.com | We specialize in deep learning and visual domain machine learning at scale.Our scientists and engineers scale solutions for top global companies. HMT is a new approach to human-level machine intelligence: letting machines ask us directly for the data they need to improve. HUMAN Exchanges maintain an order book of job requests, matching labor with demand. We already have numerous applications such as hcaptcha.com using our HMT protocol. | We are hiring for all positions. Data Scientists, Product Management and Software Engineering. Additionally , we are looking at hiring unity engineers for new platforms.

Tech Stack: We mostly use python and javascript but we have a bit of rust when we need to be more explicit.We are not afraid of other languages when it's appropriate.

For more details visit: https://www.imachines.com/jobs https://hcaptcha.com/jobs

but it would be fastest to message me personally at alex@imachine.com

StockX | Detroit | Full-time ONSITE | https://stockx.com/jobs From HR:

StockX is the world’s first 'stock market of things' for high-demand, limited edition sneakers, streetwear, watches, and handbags. Launching in 2016, our live marketplace allows users to anonymously buy and sell limited edition consumer products with stock market-like visibility.

From an engineer:

  - Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube all visited our offices in the last month. Snoop took pictures with people. 
  - We're well funded, growing fast. Just closed Detroit's largest VC round ($44MM from GV, Battery). 
  - Engineering team is doubling to 120ish in the next 6 months.
  - Link above has some job descriptions and ways to apply.
  - Our edge team is doing cool stuff with serverless. We're over a billion invocations of our lambda functions a month. 
Tech StackX: - Clients: iOS with Swift + Android moving from Java to Kotlin + React/Redux on web - Edge/Serverless: Cloudflare (workers are coming!), AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambdas (Node.js), DynamoDB/Redis for caching - Backend: PHP/MySQL moving to Node.js and Go microservices with Kubernetes, Redis, Postgres, other things - DevOps: AWS! Terraform! So many things! - Other: Really depends on the team. There's autonomy to try new things. What do you want to use?

Being a sneaker head, I wish there was a remote position.

Oof, yeah. We're not there yet. Definitely bug me with any ideas you have :-) The intersection of sneakers and tech is a fun one.

Segment | Engineering | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | Onsite Segment is building the customer data platform for everyone. We transform data and route to over 200 different integrations, adding new ones every day. We're processing billions of events daily and maintain the analytics infrastructure for companies like DigitalOcean, Instacart, New Relic, and Docker. Our goal is to help companies learn from how their users interact with the products to build even better products. We also like to share our work and what we learn, here are some recent examples:

  - https://segment.com/blog/we-test-in-production-you-should-too

  - https://segment.com/blog/secure-access-to-100-aws-accounts

  - https://segment.com/blog/why-status-codes-matter-in-data-delivery
  - https://segment.com/blog/goodbye-microservices

  - https://open.segment.com
We have a modern stack consisting of Go (golang), AWS ECS, Docker, Javascript, React, GraphQL, Kafka, and others! If any of this sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you! Check out our open positions at https://segment.com/engineering#jobs If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to me directly alan ⒜ segment.com (but please do apply on the site).

BBOXX | Software Engineer | London | Onsite BBOXX provides affordable energy to off grid customers in sub-Saharan Africa using an innovative IOT based solar kit combined with cashless digital payments. We are looking for experienced developers to maintain and break our back-office solution into focused micro services.

Apply: https://bboxx.workable.com/jobs/774071


Lack of energy access in sub-Saharan Africa is a significant problem, with more than 600 million people currently without mains electricity supply. In Rwanda, 9.5 million people or 81% of the population cannot access mains electricity, which has a negative impact on quality of life and limits people's chances of achieving economic prosperity.

BBOXX is helping to address this issue by providing off-grid communities in developing countries with affordable solar energy solutions. BBOXX customers typically use a Pay-As-You-Go payment method, which enables very low income customers access to electricity at home that they would otherwise not be able to afford. To date BBOXX has installed more than 150,000 solar systems and provided around 750,000 people with access to energy.

Check out our impact here http://www.bboxx.co.uk/customers/

Luster | Brooklyn, NY | Web Front End Developer | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | $60K - $85K + Benefits + Equity | https://luster.cc

Art meets Engineering. Luster is small products and services company in the events space. Our products are one of a kind and enable fans to interact with brands in truly unique ways. Check out https://luster.cc/mosaics/ https://luster.cc/printers/ and https://luster.cc/flip-disc/

We are looking to add you, a Front End Developer, to our small dev team.

What you'll do: You will collaborate with our creative team to translate their design aesthetics into beautiful, functional, fast loading, responsive UIs that are easily maintained. You will work closely with back-end engineers to integrate REST APIs. You will code in Javascript, HTML and CSS using React and Redux.

Our software stack also includes Django, postgres, linux, nginx, postgres and AWS services.

Apply here: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/227495/web-front-end-develope...

STRIVR | Software Engineer | Menlo Park, CA or Seattle, WA | Full-Time | https://www.strivr.com/careers

STRIVR just announced a deal with Walmart where we are helping to train all of their employees! We are managing VR devices and building VR content on a large scale and have some very interesting problems to solve in such a new space.

STRIVR transforms the way companies train and develop employees by integrating VR into their training. We're a fast growing startup based across the US with engineering offices in Menlo Park, CA and Bellevue, WA. We're looking for folks with VR, cloud, or strong CS backgrounds. We create tools that let our team and customers create VR trainings, and software that deploys and manages those trainings, as well as collects large amounts of data to help improve them even more.

Tech stack: Unity and C# heavy, but we also use C++, Java, Python, Go, and build on Windows, Linux, and Android. We're investing a lot in .Net Core.

Want to change the way the world approaches learning? Join us! All of our engineering roles are available at both locations, see more at https://www.strivr.com/careers https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18354503

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