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Issuu| Fullstack | Copenhagen | Onsite | Fulltime

Issuu is hiring and looking for both onsite Fullstack, Backend and Senior Frontend Developers in Copenhagen and Berlin. See more information here: https://issuu.com/careers

Issuu by the numbers: 45M+ documents - traffic (10.000++ requests/second) - data-heavy platforms (100++ terabytes)

- we're currently working on recommender engines, internal analytics and our famous reading experience to mention a few examples, - we currently use OCaml, Erlang, Python, Javascript and a bit of C++, and we’re extremely open to using new languages and/or technologies, our architecture is microservice-oriented using AMQP, - we deploy multiple times a day on AWS and use Docker Swarm, MySQL, Redis, Node, etc., - we strive to be agile (Who doesn’t?), but we're not religious about Scrum, Kanban or any other methodology.

You are welcome to reach out to me directly as well: Marie Bjerregaard, HR Coordinator (mbj@issuu.com).

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