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NodeBB Inc. | Toronto, Canada | Javascript Developer OR System Administrator OR UX Designer | Part Time, Pref. onsite, remote OK

NodeBB Inc. is a small (under 10 employees) company that develops NodeBB, the open-source forum software powering many communities online today. We took a proven communication model (bulletin boards) and modernized it for today's audience.

We're looking for either a developer or a system administrator, or a designer, with skill crossovers especially useful (isn't it always...), but definitely not a requirement.

Developer - proficiency in javascript, web technologies, send portfolio and/or GH profile.

Designer - Adobe XD, familiarity with things like inVision, wireframing concepts, would work closely with PMs. Send portfolio please.

System admin - Familiarity with BASH, cloud computing, would work towards implementing best-practices company-wide and administering/hardening our fleet of cloud servers.

To apply: julian+hiring [at] nodebb.org

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