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How do we really know that this is actual deletion and not a deleted="true" in their databases?

We don't know that. If you're feeling charitable you could believe they're being honest, but if you not then you just have to wonder. There is no way Facebook could prove they don't have a secret server with your data on it somewhere. Proving that would be impossible.

Hi coat

I agree that sometimes not having dependencies is important and that's definitely a big feature of this library. However, in my experience it is more desirable in many cases to have clear code. You basically get this for free when by using LaTeX, because you create documents at a higher level than writing raw pdfs. Another big advantage ia that you can make use of its vast package ecosystem, which allows you to for instance create beautiful tables that span multiple pages with ease.

It definitely is a large, and more importantly external, dependency though. However, if you control the installation environment of your software this isn't really a problem. For all use cases where I had to generate pdfs this was the case (webapps and local one off scripts).

"Neoliberal" is a meaningless term of abuse. In practice, it just means "not a communist".

I agree that sleep is a complicated thing and that bedtime routines are vital to overall healthy sleep habits. I think you're right and that reinforcing good sleep scheduling is the next step with the app in terms of big features

I'm old enough to remember when Chomsky was still being an apologist for Pol Pot and Robert Mugabe, so no.

Try this instead.


Yes, thank you. This was originally posted as: "An XSS in Atom Editor That Turned into RCE". XSS + Electron instantly made me think markdown

I've heard really great things about them

Thank you, the template I used had these nice phone graphics and I thought they were just generic phones because I wasn't paying attention. Going to fix that now.

I'm not a mathematician but I tend to avoid using the word infinity and prefer "infinite value" as I used above.

And here I was thinking a trivial solution would be to pay using US dollars instead of bitcoin. I guess I don't understand technology.

> How about all the bodies that piled up in defense of capital and capitalism?

Not a hundred million. Not by orders of magnitude.

There is no "other side of the story" here.

That constantly animated squiggly line is surprisingly annoying.

Please: do not animate things like that. Animation can be good when triggered by user interactions, to signify state transitions, but simple gratuitous animations can be quite annoying.

This is really fun to play around with. I've got a pretty large eurorack, and while I can't see myself going 100% digital again anytime soon (I've done the MAX/MSP and Csound thing in prior year) it's a really cool playground. I bet some people could do some really great things in this eventually with VST support

>I'm really surprised (even concerned) that the West (in particular) doesn't demand the same access to China that China gets to the rest of the world.

That's because the right people are getting their palms greased

Nitpick: I think you meant "infinity" not "infinite". Infinite is an adjective, infinity is a noun.

What the hell does any of that have to do with this guy getting kicked out of his RV lot so Zucks wife can build a school near her home?

The option is a lie, I did this the fall after the Snowden releases, and then this past summer decided to see if the delete actually happened after the two week period that was part of that process then, everything from my account was still there, nothing was deleted.

Facebook is more than welcome to come gentrify the city where I live. It would be a welcomed change from the influx of decrepit homes that are abandoned and/or poorly maintained.

No, they aren't being helpful, and neither are you. It is lurid interest, at best. I don't owe anyone additional details about it. It isn't relevant to the discussion and I am being down voted for not wanting to answer what are essentially intrusive personal questions. Plus you called me a troll in your other comment, which only emphasizes that your intent here is not positive and not respectful. I am feeling very much like this entire thing has a malicious element to it. None of the comments here are any kind of good faith engagement of my main point.

Thank you! I have gotten a lot of awesome suggestions about the idea of reinforcing bedtime and helping promote good sleep habits and am looking in to a few options for that in future updates

but i do need to refocus because i can't anticipate what the camera operator's next focus will be. It's still uncomfortable.

As for 3d, i think its comfort is for the next generation of movie goers to decide on.

wow... thanks for the link. I need to keep a closer eye on the platform, apparently.

If corporations are allowed to have exclusivity contracts with other corporations, why shouldn't they also be able to have exclusivity contracts with unions?

As explained in the linked page, the third value in the sequence is infinite. The fourth in the sequence is five.

During my visit to Venice I found a museum with interactive exhibits by Leonardo da Vinci. It's actually hard to appreciate full scale of his genius unless you actually try out each of the devices he created by your own hand. Most of these devices are very minimal and simple, something even you could build in half a day with right tools, but just magical. Even more importantly, what I learned was that he didn't just pulled them out his brilliant brain in one stroke. He meticulously studied how extremely simple things like gears, pulleys, levers, wheels & axle, inclined planes, friction, and screws behave and why do they behave that way. Then he started studying how lot of medieval machines that were already in existence simply be viewed as composition of these simple elements. Then he studied newer ways to compose them to build ever more complicated machines. So after years of such studies he was able to create these magical devices which worked without electricity, steam and such way back in 1500s. One of the device on display was ball bearings he had made and he was generally attributed as his inventor.

Last I checked, this doesn't permanently delete your account. You can still return with the same email and have all your old contacts (and post history, etc?).

It was a misunderstanding on the part of the author not an issue with macos.

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