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This is most likely your best option. You can also get pretty fancy with this implementation with very little extra work.

Yup. Oracle is trying to push everyone to their rapid releases of java 10, and 11.

No, the page hasn‘t been changed in quite some time. The last real change was the 4.8 change, long after 4.8 was out.

> And if you do, your entire program is technically invalid, and the compiler could do unexpected things to it without warning.

I think you have it in reverse. The compiler doesn't do anything with undefined behavior. The compiler takes your source and does well defined transformations on it, that according to the standard result in the same output for the same valid input. I also think it would be near impossible for a C compiler to account for all currently undefined behavior unless the standard comittee went to extreme lenghts and for example removed pointers from the language or required runtime checks on every pointer access.

Beneath the marketing, ML is a souped-up version of "draw a line through these points". Great for image recognition etc. But the line/curve/manifold won't just suddenly "wake up" once we add enough points.

There's something deeper missing (maybe something related to recursion or self-reflection?) and we don't even know what it is, much less how to add it. Yes maybe we'll make a breakthrough and build a rocket tomorrow but it won't be because of any insight we gained from tree-climbing.

RIP and shame on those who make tasteless jokes or baseless criticisms again this man.

>> The tree climbers may well build a rocket and land on the moon anyhow.

Sticking with the OP's analogy, the number of people who think it is impossible to get to the mooon in any way is much, much smaller than the number of people who, misunderstanding how tree-climbing works, believe that is the way, that climbing to the moon is just a manner of climbing trees better than we presently do and that if everyone keeps climbing trees someone will reach the moon any time now.

The problem of course, is that there are no trees that reach all the way to the moon. We can keep climbing all we want and we'll never reach as high as the moon. To get to the moon, we need a radically different approach.

A rocket, perhaps- certainly! But, how long have people been climbing trees for, before the first rocket was made?

And where are the people proposing rocket designs, in modern AI research?

You can never win versus a psychopath. In my experience dealing with several as a freelancer is to never give them any conceived power over you. Wether personal or professional. In the future they will use any ammo available to get what they want.

I see it as a game of chess dealing with this kind of person.

The examples are obviously in a terminal so you should expect it to not work on Windows.

Families in [3] are doing better than the individuals you use to calculate the multiple.

I guess it's still a whole number factor sort of thing.

I also wonder if those numbers are accounting for Medicare and Medicaid (which add costs to the private insurance system).

Somewhat offtopic, but (almost) all of these websites use Google Maps. This means they probably are going to get large bills with this extra HN traffic flood. :(

Since these are non-commerical tools, my company (in my bio) would be happy to provide free maps for these websites—as would many other OpenStreetMap-based providers.

>Just go spot fruit trees on your own.

How would you know if you are allowed to pick the fruits? Not all private properties are fenced, so if you take your bugs and go hunting for fruits you could get face to face with the angry owner, his dog and who knows in some countries his gun.

> That's how I understand the whole topic anyway.

This suggests that you're not an expert. Therefore, it is wise to just stick to what the experts write, in articles such as this. That's what I do. Cryptography is a very complex subject; non-experts who give advice without knowing exactly why they are saying what they're saying are contributing to the problem, so please avoid doing that.

While I agree with what you’re saying, I think it should be pointed out that the author clearly states that it’s a simplistic model and even mentions the multiple pools briefly (though I’m unsure if that was add post-comment, as author is on hn also).

So what's in the requirements that prevents you from using a trivial implementation? Where trivial is: db table (from_id, to_id, time, read_flag, deleted_flag, body) with one page that lists them and another that allows you to write them?

Almost any NoSQL would fit your usecase.

For example, a mailbox matches the MongoDb Collection model well.. it's a file on a disk (so there is no outer index on username needed - filesystem will do it) and you can specify which inner index(es) you would like, probably time. Storing auto-assigns internal 128bit uuids that you can use to refer to a specific message.

If you're allergic to mongo you can do this in pretty much any document store. Hell you can do it in a simple SQL table but you will have to deal with outer index (which may or may not be a problem for you).

Is that still a concern? It used to be a major health issue when I was a kid because of tetraethyl lead pollution, but now that leaded fuels have been banned long ago, the car emissions should be harmful only to breathing and climate change, without any poisonous residue on roadside plants.

Because half the American population supports a party that thinks public spending should be banned.

So you end up with the classic 'privatise the profits, socialise the costs' setup.

I don't understand why people can't see that some public spending is an economic force multiplier.

I mean US infrastructure is notoriously bad for a developed economy, you have thousands of bridges that need massive remedial work to make them safe by modern standards.


Czech version https://na-ovoce.cz/map/

But this is only Java 8, right? Or am I misreading?

Leave the date off your degree. Leave out experience prior to date X, or leave dates off ancient history experience entries.

Or use a “functional” style resume.

As an aside, in order to be able to speculate about how close we are to AGI, with neural networks or any other technique, it is important to first unerstand the state of the art in AI.

As usual, I'll recommend the classic AI textbook, "AI - A modern approach" by Russel and Norvig:


After the system has been running for a few minutes, there is no difference in security between the two.

Yellowing in paper is a combination of factors, primarily cellulose content, acidity, and exposure to light, heat, and air. Decent bond paper from the 1980s will generally look just fine if it's stored in a dry box. It has a low acidity and will normally have a higher dag content do will age more slowly.

Exposing it to sunlight and/or excessive heat will cause it to age. If it's high cellulose paper, like a newspaper, it will generally yellow quickly regardless of the storage because newspaper is cheap and acidic and not intended to last.

The vast majority of canned goods I buy these days have tear tops. Is this not the norm in the USA?

I'm so excited about Kakoune! I hope it manages to achieve critical mass along with a booming plug-in ecosystem. As it is, things are pretty lonely.

Your argument would be more persuasive if you didn't attempt to tar him for things his son did. He has no control over where his son banks, obviously.

The phrase “being on the right side of history” comes to mind.

Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Tamerlane, almost an endless list of greater military leaders than napoleon. People who actually won and built empires.

I'd even put george washington and Vo Nguyen Giap above napoleon.

The amount of undeserved praise napoleon gets irks me. He was handed the largest empire ( french empire ) with the greatest army and destroyed it in a few years. He is the architect of a few of the military history's greatest follies. The invasion of egypt, the invasion of russia, the continental blockade, amongst others. Every major military endeavor of his was a colossal failure.

Were it not for the artificial propaganda and myth around the guy, he'd be viewed as one of history's greatest military laughingstocks.

Napoleon's greatness wasn't in the military sphere. His genius was in the bureaucratic and legal spheres.

Upvoted for "primogeniture home owner's association" which is lovely. I like the argument too, please make the rest available.

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