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Theoretically, all the same concepts could be taught in Python as well, but I doubt they are doing that. Many of the more mind-bending things that are made relatively easy in Scheme due to the uniform syntax and small core actually become much more complex to do for Python (e.g. writing a self-interpreter).

> Only the larger manufacturers are going to be upgrading plants [...]

Well, one consequence of this might be that only larger manufacturers survive. The new robots are increasingly general purpose and an army of those could quickly switch tasks based on current needs.

I've been programming in languages that have them, and almost every time I have to read code that has a ternary operator, I have to stop and think what's the condition, what's the "true" branch and what's the "false" branch.

This is even worse in languages that have truthy values (i.e. I suppose all of the ternary operator -supporting ones).

The privacy policy does not appear to be linked from the homepage, but you can reach it [4] through by searching. It's devoid of any meaningful content, though.

The company appears to be a shell registered in Cyprus [5]. The address on an older SSL certificate [6] matches the one in the registry.

[4] http://www.flightsimlabs.com/index.php/privacy-policy/

[2] https://efiling.drcor.mcit.gov.cy/DrcorPublic/SearchForm.asp... (search for "flight", 2nd page. Can't link to it directly, apparently)

[3] https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/flight-sim-labs-launc...

Monads cannot be a waste of time. Monads just are. It can be a waste of time to design an effect system for Haskell around monads (it's probably not) or it can be a waste of time to design an effect system for Javascript around monads (it might well be). But monads cannot be a waste of time.

See also this discussion from a few hours prior (with a more prosaic but less informative title thanks to the Washington Post): https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16414263

Thank you for that one neat trick.

I don't understand your logical problem.

    - A is bad for you. 
    - B contains A, X, & Y. 
    - X & Y are good for you.
Are you saying that A is now necessarily good for you? Can X and Y not make B healthy despite A?

Also, "Would you like to amend your original statement?" is kind of a cringey argumentation device.

Wanting to learn other tech is mostly a question of how much effort will you have to invest in it before you get reasonably fluent. I don't really know about Qt but if learning it is a matter of a weekend (provided you already know a compatible programming language and have experience in UI design) then I don't think it's a problem. But I doubt it is this easy with Qt. I have had an idea of developing a KDE5 desktop plasmoid widget so I have taken a look at other plasmoids QML source codes and they didn't look easy to me, it felt like HTML is more intuitive (although I am not a web developer actually).

"Yes, that is right. The LAND doesn't come with the HOUSE."

This is absolutely not true. Just because most of the house owners pay rent to the land owner, doesn't mean that you can't buy houses with land or just the land itself.

Legend has it my uncle bought his house for $1, cut it in half, paid the town to stop traffic for a day, and moved it a few blocks.

Individuals are not just exchanging labor. What we want is result of combining factors of production together (capital, labor, land or natural resources).

What happens if the things people want today are 70 percent labor and 20 years from now just 40 percent labor.

Isn't 3.x essentially LTS (team has decided on at least 12-2021) just without that name applied to it, just like you're saying about 2.7?

Sorry, I'm just a little confused.

In the context of niche games with pricey DLCs, I now have a significant collection of TS2018 DLCs. If I was not able to "try out" that game a few years ago in a less than legal fashion, I likely never would have gotten into it in the first place. I have a similar trend with books; on several occasions I've ended up owning (legally) the entire work of some author, simply because a friend gave me their copy of a book.

I also believe that in the age of Steam specials, refunds, etc, people who pirate your game are not "lost sales". They are usually doing it because their appetite for games outstrips their budget, and they were highly unlikely to pay for it in the first place. But there is a significant chance may convert to a paying customer, or at least market the game by word of mouth.

Their announcement yesterday[0] is barely half an apology.

The only mistake they're admitting to is that their malware ran on all installations, when they meant for it to only run on pirates computers. Or that they got caught doing it.

There's no recognition that collecting this data from [innocent until proven guilty] "pirates" was wrong. There's no confession of what they did with the data they collected, but I can only imagine it amounts to a serious infringement of global Computer Misuse Acts.

Just because you think somebody didn't pay for your software doesn't give you carte blanche to anything on their computer. Again, that is almost certainly a criminal offence.

[0] https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/announcement/11-...

Thank you! I'm very pleased to see your comment. As you wish, I also want Sinatra to be there so I'll continue to maintain Sinatra until the time comes.

Thanks! I was trying to make something simple for my team that has no patience for discipline and protocol. I think it's simple enough that even the laziest of devs (often me) and dev teams can give it a try

I've downloaded and played dozen of pirated games, but I've been lucky enough to never have a problem. Or at least I never realized I had malware on my PC :-|

For my part, it was not a lack of money, but rather ease of getting the game (when I was directly given an ISO) or because I don't want to wait for a sale, but the game still seems too expensive. I ended up buying two of them (KotOR on a sale and transistor full-price). But now I have a big enough library and I have less time to play, so it's not as appealing as before (and I also have more to lose on my computer).

I'd like to see a change in society* where we talk about remuneration in terms of buying power and fair comparisons rather than focusing on what we now perceive as being taken. If I earn minimum wage at say $10 an hour, that's $500 a week ($26k salary) at 40 hours a week. If I pay 10% tax, I get $450 a week in the hand. If I earn $50 an hour ($100k salary) and am taxed at 30% I get $1400 a week in the hand.

So the minimum wage worker as 70% less buying power than me: making it fair that I contribute more. We look at taxes of our salary like "you can't take 30% of my pay! I work hard!" instead of "I'm going to make a contribution to the society I live in by a fair percentage". If we saw our tax bills and payslips this way, and talked about it to our kids and in the media like this, we'd all feel a lot kinder towards what we would consider as giving.

Maybe technology will allow future transparent societies to be governed with full transparency and this will come to pass.

* (This presumes a fair society without corruption, which I'm aware many of us do not live in)

Monad is practically synonymous with choice. Any time you multiplex on whatever is represented by a thing to choose a different thing, you're doing a monadic operation whether you want to or not. The difference is whether or not your language has libraries for this or you have to program it yourself every time.

This is because the actual reason (for the First Home Buyer's Grant in Australia at least) is to stimulate the building industry. It is not to make housing cheaper.

Typical suburbs. Nothing like a big city, but houses and small businesses are all over the place.

> Not sure if that can get employees into trouble in case of a criminal investigation

Hopefully they can. We need to make it clear that 'just following orders' is no excuse for criminal behaviour.

Regarding the end of your post, you apparently make the point that, for a game, if a DRM is not cracked just after the release (let's say 1 to 2 months), the sales of those would be higher than the sales of games which are available at release?

The problem is that the recent examples of games not being cracked on release (like the latest Tomb Raider) does not fit with your reasoning, since they did not have sales number above the norm.

If you have a freehold, then you own the land. With a leasehold, you don't own the land. This concept exists in most parts of the world.

Canadian (state operated!) casinos are notoriously lax in checking the source of the funds that people bring to gamble. A bunch of people in Canada that I ran a gas station with made off with several hundred thousand $CAN in cash and spent it all in the Sault Ste. Marie casino without so much as a single question. Gambling with illegally obtained funds is A-Ok in Canada as long as the government is on the receiving end.

Thanks for your comment! It's the same reason for you that I started sinatra and padrino.

What you are thinking is very sharp and you will not be able to deny it at least from a fair standpoint. However, while I write golang, I also love ruby. Will it be the right place for the right person?

Last, I love the attitude to respect diversity.

One of the problems is that most jobs (95%) created from 2005 up until now are temporary jobs[1]. That is in itself not necessarily a problem as it could mean that people just become freelancers. But for the US it opens up for two major issues.

1) Freelancers have to pay their healthcare themselves. 2) Most jobs created are forced freelance contracts i.e. even if you work at an accounting company they will try and put you on a freelance contract.

My personal belief is that while globalization is still growing we will not see the underlying changes until it' too late. That's why I think all governments should assume that most of their population will be without a job sooner or later and plan accordingly.

[1] https://qz.com/851066/almost-all-the-10-million-jobs-created...

I think he was just pointing out that it is contributing to the uncertainty in the market, and therefore increases the chances of a crash. I didn't read it as a criticism of Corbyn per se.

I keep my PS4 offline, and any way my point was that by gaming on my PS4 instead of on my computer I avoid running potential malware on the same hardware where I keep sensitive information.

Even if my PS4 was online it still only has gaming related data on it.


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