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My understanding was OP has been a consultant for startups, in the traditional sense of advising what works and what doesn't. Depending on how involved OP is and how high level they are working, that may only involve spending a few hours per week per client - I'd imagine even just joining a weekly retrospective and advising a team would be pretty valuable.

Under normal circumstances retaliatory tariffs may be important, but I think because of the relatively asymmetric nature of US-China trade (the US's massive trade deficit to China), I'm definitely more interested in how the tariffs are affecting the Chinese manufacturers and American consumers. But yes a more complete analysis should look at both sides.

I do some webdev (work with APIs & frontend stuff like react, vue). The firefox debugger is different. After an adjustment period I got used to them just fine and actually prefer some parts (like the network tab).

Not so great if you can't afford to live in the most economically advantageous parts of your country.

He's talking most about military technology. I'd agree that killer-robots would be horrible - for the potential to make military action easier, to make it even easier for a single mad man launch a war and so-forth.

I think "real" military AI is going to be that close because things on the battle-field have to be robust and current AI seems to be inherently fragile - not always reliable and less reliable in chaotic situations.

But semi-military applications like deciding who a drone will kill have potential ... to do even more harm than drones have already done.

It does a great job at isolating and grinding on the insufferable pretentiousness of the SV startup scene.

The first season resonated the most with my experiences, but I know others who recognize their own experiences in different parts of it.

Is BBT filmed in front of an audience? I thought OP's point was it's a laugh track, and there are no people there actually laughing.

I’ve said it before: Chrome is a data collection app with a built-in web browser to keep you entertained while it does its real job.

I think we should be careful with this. Currently, because of the frozen property tax law, many houses worth millions pay very little in property taxes; if they did have to pay taxes on the millions of dollars their property is worth, they would have had to sell their houses ages ago. This would have likely created a downward pressure on the prices; making it unlikely that the home prices would reach the levels they are now.

All of which to say that assessing the property tax on the current market value of all those properties isn't an accurate number; there is no way there are so many people making that much money living in California.

Long before learning of React or redux I built a similar system to do IPC between two embedded MCUs.

All state was owned by the master MCU, slave MCU sent messages to the master requesting changes of state, the entire state for the slave CPU was then sent over with the requested changes.

Even what UI screen was shown was handled this way.

I was much more junior then, so the entire system wasn't event driven, all state was transferred every 33ms (iirc).

Redux is moderately more complex than that system, although my system was built in pure C and involved interop between C and C# running in an interpreter.

Or have the car rendezvous with the nearest police car which wouldn't probably leave the thief time enough to exit.

Even if he successfully gets away how likely is he then to steal another Tesla?

Even if a hacker sells them a zero day hack then it will only last a single day before Tesla updates its entire fleet.

Pull up, lift into road, park, profit.

Public WHOIS data is probably useful for commercial services, so that you can know who you are buying from. Other than that I suppose won't need (although there should still be some WHOIS data just so that you can see when it was registered, at least), although anyways it can be avoided if you do not use a domain name at all, or use a different TLD service than the official one I suppose.

Thanks :)

Much better than "Print to PDF" option

AΩ would be a neat new dystopian megacorp to rule the world. ABCs are already taken. Bit of a name clash with the villains of the last Planet of the Apes though!

H&CF is a great series and switches gears every season. The final season has some of the most beautifully written and acted character moments I've ever seen on TV. I finished it almost aching for the characters on the show and I rarely ever have a strong reaction to TV.

Also incompatible with MAOIs: liver, fava beans, a nice chianti.

You might also like "Nathan Barley (2005)" - a savage British TV parody of the mid-2000s startup scene in Shoreditch, London.


> I don't understand the desire to use google's browser.

It was the only browser with a decent Javascript sandbox, at least until recently. Wikipedia claims Firefox got a sandbox this month, but I think I've seen earlier claims:

> Until November 2018, Firefox was the last widely used browser not to use a browser sandbox to isolate Web content in each tab from each other and from the rest of the system.[120][121]

For me, completing the Spiral Matrix, I did not find the hint for the third and final section relate-able at all to my solution.

Essentially, it assumes a bit too much the shape of the resulting solution.

That's not to say I didn't get value from the hint, or that I think others will not - on the contrary, it is a valuable and clear hint.

The unfortunate part is just the feeling of being taken completely "out of it" in solving the solution with a slightly different approach and wondering momentarily if somehow one is wrong, even though one is passing all the tests.

Nice job on the site, generally. I only had a couple hiccups with submissions and some weird aliasing on the editor if I would a line before it redrew.

- if the thief is inside he will remain locked inside until police can arrest them.

Right, they'll just sit there patiently instead of kicking out the window at the next set of lights.

Maybe your craft itself is meditation

C++ did change the language - its specification of correctness. The definition of what is correct well-defined behavior is part of the language.

Any reason you looking for 6 months and not being able to land a job/going ahead with a place you got placed ?

Those are all nice and good value propositions, but at the end of the day you need to sell better. You need to get past the gate keeper and deliver a pitch that makes you seem amazing. Being better is clearly an advantage. but without the pitch, no one will care.

I assume you are referencing the forest fires? As I understand it city fire fighters are a rather different profession.

(But no, no one involved in that discussion was from California)

Very skeptical of the veracity of any claim that, "what the brain does when it processes a sentence." is at all universal across a wide sample of humans.

What about, for example, differences in languages, culture, personal background, etc.

Neither would the U.S. if they had hyper inflation.

Stopping Effexor did permanent damage to my nerves. It's been years and I still have symptoms. I will never take an antidepressant again after that.

Assuming half your taxes goes to the DoD and half the DoD budget goes towards protecting the oil trade, gas costs about about $30 per gallon if you make $150k: (40% to fed govt x .5 x .5 ) / 1000 gallons gas per year.

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