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American businesses, especially in predatory industries like adtech, complain all the time.

and before that, there were suicide bombers in Israel pretty much every week. it's worked quite well, it's the leaving them to fester part that didn't work out. so now they'll need to be under a brutal military occupation. they could have built Singapore on the Mediterranean, but they wanted Somalia.

It's been a long time, but I think you're correct. In my environment I didn't actually care (any failed push would be retried so the layers would always eventually complete, and anything that for whatever reason didn't retry, well, it didn't happen enough that we cared at the cost of S3 to do anything clever).

I think OCI ordered manifests first to "open the flow", but then close is only when the manifests last entry was completed - which led to this ordered upload problem.

If your uploader knows where the chunks are going to live (OCI is more or less CAS, so it's predictable), it can just put them there in any order as long as it's all readable before something tries to pull it.

> Step zero is actually having a process/protocol where any phone is tamper evident meaning we can tell 100% that this call came from this operator and the operator knows the call came from this user.

This basically doesn't work because the mapping between phone numbers, users and operators isn't exactly 1:1:1.

Some businesses have a single number that they use as Caller ID on all their calls , despite having one corporate HQ in New York, one branch in New Orleans and one customer support callcenter in New Delhi. All of these use different carriers and are based in different countries, yet they're all legally authorized to use that number.

If you want to read more about why this is such a hard problem to solve, see https://computer.rip/2023-08-07-STIRred-AND-SHAKEN.html

> The classical approach was to understand how genes transcribe to mRNA, and how mRNA translates to polypeptides; how those are cleaved by the cell, and fold in 3D space; and how those 3D shapes results in actual biological function.

Do you have references for this approach? It’s my understanding that structure solutions mostly lag drug development quite significantly and that underlying biological understanding is typically either pre-existing or will end up not existing for the drug until later. Case in point look at recent Alzheimer’s drugs where the biological hypothesis is even straight up disproven.

The Japanese have been supposedly working on robots to support their aging population for a couple of decades now. It sure seems to be extremely difficult to make progress in this field (and in robotics in general).

Also, as you noted, half the problem are people whose problems are self-inflicted, mostly due to bad lifestyles. Right now, companies profit off bad lifestyles (first by selling them and them by helping to manage consequences). No comercial entity will profit from population keeping itself healthy and balanced, as mostly involves substraction (NOT doing some things) and not addition (doing/buying). It's a awareness and policy issue, and can only be fixed through either campaigns promoting good living, and through policies which enable it (more vacation time for workers, healthier food in stores, less stress due to economic pressure etc.).

I think this is a fair assumption if your concern is about the impacts on the “real world”. An ASI which wreaks havoc in a simulation is not really cause for concern.

Accept that that is how it works for you. Like, maybe you do different types of work and subconsciously find it useful only for some of them. That's OK.

Consider it a tool you sometimes use, and think of using journaling as an option when you're frustrated with something.

"Presumptive positive" means that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has tested them positive, but the CDC has not yet confirmed it.

If it does, it will be psychological. Almost placebo

No. The comment above you is taking a jab at the concept of "there are no differences at all between men and women". It's the type of snark which isn't allowed on HN. Unless you were using the incredulous "Really?" rather than the credulous "Really?".

This seems based on the assumption that the only knowledge worth anything is related to physicality and testability in the "real world", which is why language itself is rather useless. Ironically, that appears to me to be the exact kind of intellectual self-deception that he accuses the "high-brow 4chan" people of.

Those who do not want to choose e-mail as the notification method can take a look at ntfy.sh (https://github.com/binwiederhier/ntfy). You can receive notifications via your smartphone (Android, iOS). A self-hosted server can also be used.

> `git reflog`, which the article prominently mentions, really should be the VERY FIRST thing to teach everyone who is learning git.

Top that up with `log` showing all branches at all times (except if you ask otherwise) and you end up pretty much where mercurial is. Detached heads is such nonsense. Git missing phases and obsolescence (to denote if and how history eventually got rewritten) is another.

The amount of garbage increased, but the blogs as windows into one's interests are still there, but you won't find them easily via search.

ok, that's a busy and crowded field with at least a dozen entrenched players: gitpod, codeanywhere, codepen, replit, jsfiddle, coder, jsbin, playcode, aws cloud9, codeenvy, github codespaces, and just plain old jupyter notebooks, just to name the ones I can think of.

Is this really just a metoo product?

Though Falcon 9 is currently grounded by FAA following the upper stage failure on the last Starlink launch. Hopefully that gets cleared up by then.

Are we ever gonna get new standards for bulbs? We can make DC supplies last decades, if we keep them away from the hot bulb.

We can make just the LED itself replaceable without having to swap heatsinks.

We can make it future proof with pins for RGB and color temperature.

Why aren't there any standards for modular LED lighting?

You want MSYS2.

User data is valuable in aggregate as well, and keeping it from advertisers in every form is a component of privacy.

It's an attack surface with no redeeming value for end users. There is no value gained by compromising with advertisers.

the number 1 job of a company is to enrich shareholders.

I prefer the exact opposite approach personally: no merge commits, only rebases and fast-forward merges to master. Of course I never merge more than a handful of commits to master at a time—almost always just one—and if it’s more than one, it’s specifically because the diff is more understandable broken apart that way.

Though to be honest I am not sure what you mean by “jumbled” diffs. If you’re pushing a bunch of intermediary commits that don’t make sense on their own, don’t; that’s what interactive rebase is for. If you’re seeing jumbled diffs it might be specifically because you’re relying on merge commits instead of rebasing and fast-forwarding; if you consistently and diligently rebase that isn’t a problem.

Yes but my point is that these problems are as hard as we want to make them. For a simple language implemented in C, maybe it's fine to never free any memory until the process quits.

>Calling this a conversation is generous.

this I'll agree with, have a good one.

Nobody has tested positive since the 2 from 2022. The three counted in this article are what’s known as “presumptive positive”, which is a different term reserved for those who have not tested positive.

It’s just another scare tactic, one which saw heavy exploitation in the COVID era. I personally tested presumptive positive once: they treated me as though the test was positive and prohibited me from receiving medical care. In fact it was explicitly not positive, I never experienced any symptoms, and they relented and let me recover the procedure some number of weeks later – with no change in testing.

edit: I neither made nor recanted any claims as to the positivity of the other 48 in my first comment, I do not know why you are asserting I edited claims out.

Does "front page news" and "publicly announced" really constitute a reasonable disclosure to the users? I am not even sure what "front page news" actually means anymore? I so frequently get a different set of must-share news from various people that I have to wonder how much overlap most of our lives really have.

I think we could all reasonably agree that 0% transparency would be never acknowledging any change at all and 100% would be a disclaimer message on every instance a blue checkmark is shown.

If we split that down the middle, which seems fair, a page shown on next login that explains the differences and has the user click an acknowledgment button is where I see the midpoint to transparency is.

A press release doesn't meet that bar for me. If you use the service there should be an attempt to inform you an important change has been made to the platform, before continuing. And not in some legalise policy document nobody reads. This is where we really need those flashy corporate landing pages with info-graphics that make it easy for everyone to grok the changes.

Anything less seems deceptive to me. If you aren't trying to deceive, catch your users at the door. They can decide from there.

I don’t like keeping it seperate from “The code”. I try but there is ultimately one place to keep everything and that is in “the code”. So my comments become my journal, and this gels with how I view code and source control - that leaving dead comments, moving around functions and chnaging stuff is part of the process

It’s like, we are somehow conditioned into thinking that the commit must be perfect and not reflect a process over time.

And the thing is a software system reflects a process over time even if we are pushing it into production

Creating online playgrounds that execute in the users browser.

Confirmed the new setting was on for me. Mozilla is really starting to test my patience. Do I have to check the settings every time I update my browser now?

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