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You need a great knowledge of math to internalize the complexity of neural nets. One particular area of mathematics that is not in the set of highschool-level ideas is topology.

Of course e-commerce will be fine, because browser vendors will have licenses to ship TLS modules and as a condition of such will include the .gov root cert.

It's trivial when you can pass arbitrary legislation.

Back in the 90s we had to deal with US gov restrictions on encryption export. Software companies fell into line. It was a big deal when 128-bit keyed Netscape became available globally in 1997, per State Dept approval, but even the the full-strength server-side SSL was still restricted to 'approved' entities.

See: @IridiumBoss and @ToryBruno for great examples of responsive social media savvy(ish) CEOs who've used Twitter to great (and no ill) effect - albeit both riding on the coattails of Musk.

you were somehow satisfied with the way stata handles missing values???

    gen x = y if z > 4 // headaches abound
Julia's missing value support is great now and is only going to get better. You have to be more careful with how you use them, but you won't get anything like the output above in julia.

* For reference, stata uses +Inf as missing value, so any operation with "greater then" is going to assign missing values to something. And yes, there have research papers retracted due to this behavior.

Tesla reached 70,000 Model 3’s today.


Their next goal is 6,000 a week. Musk should just take a week off and let his team work on it.

It does pose a significant problem.

I see more value in it for clear technical tasks with technical descriptions, and not so much for discussions. Then proposals can be peer-reviewed before accepted as work that needs to be done (as a merge request to master, for example).

Then another problem that comes along with that, especially for golang users, is that your master branch is getting bombarded with issue updates, causing what looks like releases, when there's no effective change.

Using an optimization library seems like the completely wrong approach to solving this interview question. Was that intentional?

To your point, I also remember working with early windows systems and when the network went down for a moment, the mouse and screen would freeze. Given the two options, Most would probably take the Mac.

The challenge would be making sure that only that modified wheat was harvested. I'm sure it could be done, but a needle in a haystack seems much easier to find than a conventional wheat in a celiac friendly wheat stack.

I'm not sure genetic mapping is really the core of the issue anyway. What we need is the equivalent of a reverse vaccination, since celiac is essentially an immunity to wheat. Such a concept might do for chronic disease what vaccination did for acute.

The first step is to figure out what you like doing, regardless of whether it’s productive. The second step is to just do it all the time. Over time opportunities will pop up.

To contrast with the parent poster,I've had lucid dreaming before and it was a quite boring actually. Everything was muddled and blurry, nothing comparable with the real world. It felt like I was telling myself a story and my unconscious mind would go along with it and the dream would follow it.

The solution was trivial: just reverse the two instructions in the code generator part of the compiler.

Streaming is better for every technology, of course this might not be always true ... but RAM isn't really random access, that is an abstraction, it is much faster at streaming. Same goes for SSDs.

> However, building around sequential reads gives you the wrong idea when the hardware changes underneath you.

If one is going to build a system tuned to the hardware, they can't ignore the hardware. What abstraction should the author be using?

Rusty rail is a line rate distributed load balancer It is inspired by the Google Maglev paper(http://research.google.com/pubs/pub44824.html). Here is the video talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GRM1Ij_3t0

You should try Visual Studio, on Windows if you have to ;) it's not just CLI vs. GUI that I'm talking about, though that's of course a significant part of it too. Eclipse is a GUI too but I still find it painful. (w.r.t. Xcode I've only barely touched it, so hard to compare, but nothing particularly good or bad stood out to me in the little bit I used it.)

Yes, you've made that comment twice now. He's exhausted and kind of scattered in that interview. Not surprising that he was at a breaking point by the time he got to the NY Times.

Musk looks haggard in the interview - Cramer commented if he were on the board he'd insist on medical time off, can't say I disagree.

You might want to check out https://github.com/dbro/csvquote which helps awl and other text tools handle csv files which have quoted strings as values.

m4 is a fantastic utility. I only recently discovered it but was using it + make to create alternate builds of docker images.

This article naturally leads to a question that I didn’t see addressed, perhaps you can answer it here:

If it’s unnecessary to ever prefer /dev/random to urandom, then why does /dev/random’s current blocking implementation still exist? Surely between all of the kernel developers, between all of the Unix-ish OS’s, over the last couple of decades would have realized that /dev/random should simply act like /dev/urandom?

Did you see how Julia does missing values now?


Well the Yankees wanted a big federal government so here you go. Big brother taking your $$$ to subsidize others. Should've left the southern states alone.

I would also love to see that!

That there are going to be shop lifters, is accepted in the industry. It is called shrinkage. Every year or every 6 weeks, retailers hire inventory audit companies to calculate shrinkage.

Some consulting company like McKinsey might have advised big retailers on how to reduce/recoup the shrinkage. These cease and desist letters, vague laws, etc are product of that effort.

Perhaps there are long nested paths, e.g. `/usr/local/share/foo/{many files}` with nothing in the directories before `/foo` besides the child directory?

> The correct implementation was not enough until the hardware was fast enough.

This doesn't refute his argument, which I read as being, essentially, against performance optimization of software during initial construction. Knuth famously bemoaned premature optimizations, as well.

Obligatory Big Bang Theory reference:


no, it means nothing of that sort, it just means the DNA is five times longer, not that there are five time as many genes encoding five times as many proteins. It is more like there is more DNA padding around the genes as a protection from virus which tend to jump limited distances along a genome.

sorry for leading with a negative, I know it can come across more strongly than I intend.

In my experience at several startups, and discussions with numerous friends and colleagues in similar positions, yes the eng comp at startups is much better than it was 5 years ago.

What's the logic behind not taxing 100% juice? It has just as much sugar as a Coke; the fact the sugar comes from a grape/apple/guava etc changes one thing - it's now "naturally" sweetened sugar water.

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