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I remember when Internet Explorer 7 released with tab support. I'd been using Firefox since 1.0 (something like 5 years at that point?)

He whisked me over to his laptop and started opening tabs, before looking at me like he was the first man to discover fire

When I responded "oh, I've had that for years" he looked genuinely shattered at my reaction

Sigh. Looks like Mozilla management hasn’t been able to sense the zeitgeist, after their latest downsizing, so let me spell it out for them:

Dear Moz://a management: Everyone is already on board with your ideals of open Internet. What you need to do is get your house in order and focus on your core competency i.e. the web browser and related tooling. You won’t get a seat at the table of Internet biggies if you’re a has been entity.

Besides AWS and Azure what's the third major cloud provider he's referring to? (I can think of others, just haven't really thought any were close to Amazon/Microsoft/Google.)

Yes, but Thiel has been saying this for many years, if not decades, and he did put his money where his mouth was, by paying students to drop out as part of the Thiel Fellowship program: http://thielfellowship.org/

Nobody has ever claimed 20ms to go around the world, because that's physically impossible. He did claim ping times would be 20ms, which is patently false, even within CONUS. There is no "second generation" to date. They have not been launched or tested. So the more of v1 that are out, the less v2 you can launch without deorbiting a very expensive part of the fleet.

I had Google cloud break twice this week. First their "AI Notebooks" images broke some dependency, then some IAM change broke the cloud console interface.

Though our engg. team is on it, Pointless hours of productivity lost :-(

If someone walked into their place of work and spent the whole day shouting obscenities and racial slurs I think their speech would be deemed intolerable.

The "Medieval Warm Period" is well-documented, as is the "Roman Warm Period". Sadly, they and their significance as well as positive effects are being downplayed by activists lately.

Ah yes, this can be a bit confusing. We show you a preview of the screen you are recording, which if it’s the same screen you’re on will cause the looping effect. You can just switch to a different tab and do your video, come back and stop the recording. The 3 second countdown is there to prepare you for the recording starting. We will try to make this less confusing though!

Does Mozilla even follow their own Manifesto?

> Individuals’ security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.

So having Google as the default search engine is the right approach for privacy?

How many people from the 2008 crash went to jail? After that, I realized we are no further from the robber barons on old.

Ah so if your civilization ends but humans ad a spicies survive, the next civilization won't have it so easy. That makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

And cost-wise, the price of the used platinum foil and PEDOT electrolyte is also neglected but due to the low energy density a lot of that is needed as well. The article however emphasizes the cheap base material several times (bricks) and everyone has an idea of bricks. To me this publication can't hide that it has a PR smell to it. Also the peer review discussion is unexpectedly long and energy density wasnt initially conaidered to be included in the publication...


Looks and performs really well, awesome work!

Todo apps are not a new idea, this proves you can still make a successful product even in the most competitive markets!

if you're in NYC, you do have other options. NYC mesh wifi is volunteer-based free isp, with suggested $20 monthly donation. https://www.nycmesh.net.

The Old World is making noises about a "greener" recovery as long as we have to make adjustments for Covid. If that happens or not remains to be seen.

Personally, I spend most of the year between 250-1'750 metres over sea level, in a country that (at least in the past) has prized food security over cheap eats, and (until Fukushima) ran our rail system on mostly nuke+hydro power. That said, our glaciers have also retreated noticeably over my lifetime.

(I had thought eliminating Covid would be a good warm-up exercise for tackling climate change, but it appears that even though when it comes to clothing fashions, humans herd like sheep, when it comes to effective concerted effort, humans herd like cats.)

Yes, they will.

Cyclists who value lighter parts or somehow obsess over their bike's weight. This guy:


I'm not saying it will be higher.

This first generation of satellites doesn't even have inter-satellite lasers. So those extra hops will never be an issue. It's a moot point. The 20ms number is about the first generation.

But some day, when those links exist, if data goes halfway around the world via satellite, it would be stupid to say "gotcha! longer than 20ms!". That's a complete misunderstanding of the context, and complaining about something that makes the data go faster.

If someone was going to use multi-hop results to 'disprove' 20ms, they don't even need data. Just look at the speed of light. Bam, already disproven! But that's because it's not what the 20ms number was talking about. He wasn't promising to violate causality.

SEC funding has nearly doubled since 2009, so... no? It makes no sense to imply that the SEC has been "defunded" or weakened by "capitalists" when it now has more power than ever before and a wider regulatory oversight than almost every other federal agency. In fact, I can't think of a better or a more feared market oversight body anywhere else in the world. Same goes for the IRS when it comes to tax evasion.

It's amazing how these types of vague, rhetorical anticapitalist comments here on HN almost consistently end up lacking any substance and add nothing to the conversation.

Any Plan 9 discussion should also consider the actual end of the road, Inferno and Limbo.



France got its industry decarbonised in 10 years with nuclear.

There are some providers in Russia, China and South Korea who do deliver on time and on buget.

With energy less dependent on climate, we can further proceed to atmospheric CO2 capture and reuse [1]

Putting it here for another direction of hope...

[1] https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/01/22/climate-ch...

There are places where you can get a decent house for about $50k, total. Why the hell people remain in an area with that kind of rent is beyond comprehension. Nothing about the bay area is worth that.

How much does it cost to send a letter using UPS?

That's not an innovation. Iridium was doing that 25 years ago.

No because I’ve got a family to feed and bills to pay. I don’t fall for the “We are family and we are trying to make the world a better place” bullshit. How did that work out for all the people who accepted less than half of what they could get at other tech companies and still got laid off?

While the CxOs are still living pretty.

Ok, so today after this thread I added some new features to the game.


Another all nighter, but I'm very happy with how things are going.

It is possible and has been done before in the past. The companies that tried it went bankrupt because the business plan doesn't work out. The ground stations are too expensive for end consumers. Starlink will likely see the same fate unless they get government money.

6:th highest in the world per million.


That even though we are not obese, doesn’t have a high population density, doesn’t have a touchy-feely culture, free healthcare.

Our nordic neighbors are in the middle of the list.

We did well economically, but got punished for it by having to send around $3 000 per working person to EUs crysis fund to save the EMU currency (which we don’t have). Our median wealth is also a lot smaller than many of the net contributors.

In essence, it’s great to have a job, but it’s not so great having the highest taxes in the world https://nomadcapitalist.com/2017/08/07/countries-with-the-hi... to be used as a eu piggybank even after we sacrificed our elderly and our backs for it.

It’s a but like US would send $3000 per working person to Canada. Just absurd.

You know, for a long, long time Apple users claimed that Macs were unhackable. That was part of the hype and appeal for a long time. Problem was, Macs didn't reach critical mass in market penetration during those "unhackable years". Once there were enough in the general public to make it worth hacking, people start noticing/realizing that Macs weren't special, just irrelevant for a long time.

Same goes for self-driving cars. Critical mass has not been reached, not by a long shot. Most miles driven by autopilot cars have been supervised by either trained or very attentive drivers or even in very controlled environments. In other words, not how autopilot will be used in the real world what so ever. Because that's not the point. Either the car drives by itself or the person is driving. Not half here, half there. This is where the fear and hesitation exists. Will autopilot be inevitable? Probably. But Silicon Valley's cult like attitude to "break things fast" is not the attitude I want behind the software that is going to drive me to work or make me headless like the dude that crashed into a semitruck in Florida. At 33, I'm perfectly good at driving and will place my own life in my hands if "break things fast" is going to be their little bonfire chant. Someone else's idea of "the greater good" doesn't always live up to expectations.

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