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created:1680 days ago
karma: 7097
about: Paul Nathan would like to showcase the following things, which he has found relevant when examining other people's user profiles:

- Living in Seattle, WA

- Working software engineer/craftsman/hacker/artist/person.

- Feel free to reach out: I love meeting new people and resuming old conversations:

++ Email: pnathan@alumni.uidaho.edu

++ Twitter: @p_nathan

- What I do - lately, I've specialized in software development lifecycle process and tooling: source to artifact deployment systems and models for a variety of teams sizes and needs. This often actualizes into "tools for software developers", along with "internal consulting for version control design". This has a chance similarity to "devops", and sometimes results in "sysadmin". I've worked a good deal in Python, but I am migrating towards a AOT compiled language system that assists in Doing It Right The First Time.

Some other notes:

- http://articulate-lisp.com Common Lisp for new users!

- Has grad degree, M.S. in Computer Science.

- Language geek: experiences in java, perl, prolog, c#, objective c, c++, assemblies, rust, python, common lisp, bash, haskell.

- Portfolio/open source work: https://github.com/pnathan