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created:January 28, 2011
karma: 9958
about: Hi!

Some facts:

- Living in Tacoma, WA, working in Seattle, WA

- I teach computers to do things.

- Email: paul@nathan.house

Please feel 100% free to email me out of the blue. I really do love meeting new people, and try to respond to everyone I can - if I didn't respond, it's not because I didn't want the email, it's because I'm swamped.

Some other notes:

- http://articulate-lisp.com Common Lisp for new users!

- Has grad degree, M.S. in Computer Science.

- PL geek: experiences in... assemblies, bash, c++, c#, common lisp, haskell, java, ocaml, perl, prolog, objective c, python, rust, scala

- Portfolio/open source work: https://github.com/pnathan