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Dalia Research is Hiring! //BERLIN//ONSITE//VISA SPONSOR// BACKEND ENGINEER (Ruby on Rails) & QA ENGINEER (manual + automation) Dalia (https://daliaresearch.com/home/) is a growing Market and Opinion research company based in Berlin. Currently with an Engineering team of 13, and looking to steadily add to this throughout the year.

Looking for- Senior Backend engineers (Ruby on Rails)to develop, enhance, and maintain our Ruby-on-Rails web application platform, based on multiple microservices collaborating through APIs.

And a Senior QA (Manual + Automation) to Refine and monitor all QA activities and Implement scalable automation testing strategies for core platform functionalities and work cross-functionally to uncover, document and follow up on bugs detected internally and reported by users.

We offer in return a pretty kick ass office in the heart of Berlin (Kreuzberg) with a fitted kitchen (lots of team cooking sessions) And a team boat (we built it ourselves) used for summer nights on the Spree (River in Berlin) As well as the usual startup benefits.

COME AND JOIN US! https://daliaresearch.com/career-opportunities/

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