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created:2492 days ago
karma: 1389
about: Can't decide what to eat?

I just re-launched


Discover and Share Amazing Food Dishes By Your Location

I need your help if you have moment, could you please ad your favorite dish to the site?

I am another tech person like most of you. I am always happy to chat, share, and help.

I am looking for some beta testers, your opinion would be huge.

Can't remember that dish you loved several years back?

Traveling? start a food bucketlist before you go.

You put all that effort into finding that amazing dish, don't let it fade away.

Is it spicy? Is it vegan? Is it gluten free? Does it follow the ketogenic diet? Is it safe for your allergies?

Google wants to organize the knowledge of the internet.

I just want to organize your favorite foods so they are not forgotten.

Let's connect if your interested in food or if you want to make an impact on the world.

twitter @tysonmaly @bestfoodnearme indiehackers: tvmaly