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BlueSky Education | Senior Software Engineer | Guildford, UK | Onsite | Full-time

BlueSky is looking for its first in-house, full-time software engineer in Guildford, UK.

Over 17 years, our pioneering team has made BlueSky the UK's leading performance management tool in the field of education. BlueSky is a web-based software product that drives professional development for tens of thousands of teachers.

You will be our first in-house engineer. You will gradually take charge of engineering practice that we've successfully contracted out for 17 years. In the long term we will look to you to set standards for future engineers and help recruit a larger team. There is the opportunity for this to become an executive level role within 12-24 months.

Educators are our lifeblood here at BlueSky – we need you to care about their careers as much as we do. Responsibilities


You'll be reporting to the Managing Director, Denise Inwood, who also designed and specified the BlueSky software.

In the short term, you will need to take ownership of our 50,000 line Rails 3 code base and deliver improvements alongside our outsourcing partner.

You'll be stepping into a multi-disciplinary team of server, front-end & database experts who are part of our outsourcing company, and will be a major part of BlueSky for years to come. You'll build a working relationship with their team, plan engineering work with them and manage a slow transition of ownership.

More details and application instructions -> http://bit.ly/2M3FSe4

(If you recognise my handle, you'll know this isn't my company - I founded bytemark.co.uk and did lots of hiring of engineers over the years. Since leaving Bytemark I'm helping BlueSky create their own engineering department, and I'll be assisting with the recruitment process - this will the first move of many!).

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