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created:September 2, 2007
karma: 2654
about: I run Deep learning Retreat(DLR) in Montreal and Data Science retreat (DSR) in Berlin.

DLR is the first deep learning school in the world. We train people who want to either:

- Have a job in a tech company - Have tons of impact by going alone on their own startup or doing ‘good’

We make sure we fulfill those two customer needs by giving them the best environment to produce an impressive portfolio project.

The more we talk to companies interviewing today, the more apparent it is: A portfolio project is decisive when making hiring judgments. Jeremy Howard recommends it. Andrew Ng recommends it. Why? It’s far better at discriminating talent than any other proxy (CVs don’t work; pedigree doesn’t work; puzzles don’t work). DLR focus is to help you write the best portfolio project you could; in that sense, it’s like a writer’s retreat, where one goes to finish your masterpiece novel. We use online videos to cover the theory, but focus on project-based, peer-learning methods that are completely hands on. When you come out of the door, you should be holding a project that proves you can write damn good code and makes you unstoppable in interviews… or an extremely desirable partner for social impact projects or startups.