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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2020)
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Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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Materialize | Engineers | Marketing | NYC and North America Remote | http://materialize.io/careers

Materialize is a streaming database for real-time applications. Materialize lets you ask questions about your data, and then get low-latency, correct answers, which are kept incrementally updated as the underlying data changes.

Materialize is built on Timely Dataflow, a low-latency cyclic dataflow computational model, first introduced in the paper "Naiad: a timely dataflow system". Materialize is co-founded by Frank McSherry, the primary author of Timely Dataflow (http://timelydataflow.com) and Differential Dataflow (http://differentialdataflow.com), the two open source projects that power Materialize. Materialize itself is source-available and entirely written in Rust: https://github.com/MaterializeInc/materialize

Materialize is a team of over twenty, primarily based in New York City but also open to remote positions. We are hiring in all engineering positions (eng. manager, engineers from new grad to principal) as well as several non-engineering positions. For the full list, see http://materialize.io/careers

We are a team of significantly experienced individuals in databases and distributed systems, and looking to add more folks with that interest and/or experience to our team.

This posting says North America remote, but the site says US Remote. Can you clarify which it is?

I had some genuinely great chats with Arjun last summer, though life got busy and i didn't followup at the time. I have no doubt that its a fantastic group of colleagues to work with though.

How strict are the requirements for the marketing positions? Do you have something suitable for entry-level / recent graduate?

Should engineers from new grads to senior levels apply under Principal Engineer listing?

I fixed the listing, thanks for pointing that out!

Please do!

Nice! they're using Rust

Not A Satellite Labs | Co-Founders (Marketing/Sales + Computer Vision) | Remote (U.S.) | https://notasatellite.com

We're building the world's first real-time map using a network of cameras aboard 60,000+ daily commercial flights. Our approach lets us gather thousands of times more data at a fraction of the operational cost of building, launching, and maintaining satellite constellations. Our competitors advertise daily revisit rates; we've demonstrated 1,500+ updates on a single coordinate in early tests using only cell phone cameras at an average resolution of 20cm.

I've been building the prototype and handling early-stage product market fit exercises as a solo founder, but now we're actively raising with the help of an excellent advisory team. I'm looking to bring on co-founders who can help run the growth machine and assist me with development of the video ingestion engine in a GTM capacity. We currently have 248 customer commitments running on a negligible burn (~$100/month for feeler ads, ~$400/mo for cloud compute) and have begun the patent filing process.

If you'd like to hear more about the business concept, current challenges, the product roadmap, or just want to chat about GIS, shoot me an email (chris@notasatellite.com) or check us out @notasatellite.

Discord | Senior Software Engineer - Audio + Video | San Francisco | Onsite, Remote (USA) | Full-Time | 150k - 250k + equity | https://discord.com

Love Rust? C++ Connoisseur?

Join us on our journey to build the best cross-platform messaging and communication platform in existence. We've seen tremendous growth the past couple months and are on a vendetta to make the audio and video experience the best it can possibly be for our 100m+ monthly active users.

In our quest for excellence we've built our own hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding pipelines from scratch (in Rust!), dug into the guts of Chromium and WebRTC, and worked around some of the most esoteric OS constraints I've ever seen in my career. We'd love to have you join us.

Apply at https://discord.com/jobs/4764612002.

Email is in profile (or jobs@discord.com) - come chat about what we're doing, or if you have questions!

You mention remote, but the job description says the position is based in SF. Is this position only remote temporarily due to COVID, or is this a full-time remote position?

We can do full (permanent) remote.

Worldwide or US-only?

US only at this time, unfortunately.

DuckDuckGo - We are looking for candidates that are excited to join us on a mission to raise the standard of trust online. All of our roles are fully-remote, except where specific locations are noted.

DuckDuckGo | Associate General Counsel (US) | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Director, Data Scientist | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Director, Site Reliability Engineering | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior C# Developer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior macOS Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Director, Windows Application Development | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Android Engineer| REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior DevOps Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Product Designer, Mobile | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Corporate Counsel (US) | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior iOS Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Privacy Engineer | REMOTE


I applied for the Senior C# Developer role, unfortunately it didn't proceed as my C# experience is largely on the web side rather than the desktop side. I just want to say I felt valued throughout the process and that I felt Prakash really listened to me and spoke honestly. It was refreshing to have such an open and empathetic interaction with a company, so kudos to you folks for operating like this!

Same! I applied for the Senior iOS position and I liked how the whole process was transparent and straightforward.

Why does ddg care much about desktop? Aren't they an online search portal?

They also have browser.

It seems like they have a keyword-based non-tech gatekeeper. Your case reminds me about: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/4k994j/if_...

United States Digital Service | Senior Product Managers, Senior Designers, Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE required in general, but most of us are 100% REMOTE during COVID-19 | https://www.usds.gov/

We are looking for empathetic and mission-focused engineers, designers, product managers, government procurement specialists, bureaucracy hackers, and more with 3+ years of experience in the tech industry to work on sometimes ambiguous --sometimes huge-- but always impactful endeavors. We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people, including: streamlining immigration, helping veterans get benefits, modernizing health care, reforming hiring, improving school safety, fixing procurement, and more. Come join us in shifting government tech in the right direction -- no government experience required!

Check out our most recent impact report for examples of what you could be working on:


Apply here: https://www.usds.gov/apply

The work we're doing helps everyone from Veterans to medical patients. Making government services responsive, accessible, and transparent is really important right now.

Please consider applying, or just ask here if you have any additional questions!

Is USDS recruiting focused solely on tech companies? I know some strong folks looking for work, but they're coming out of being digital people in DC nonprofit world, not working at tech startups.

Current USDSer -

We hire from anywhere. If you have the skill set, battle-scars, and a willingness to dive into hard problems, we want you.

Thank you

As a current federal employee in DC, I've been long interested in working for USDS--in fact I've had a USDS jobs tab open in one of my long-lived browser windows since 2019. The one thing that has dissuaded me from applying is the "tours" aspect whereby the position is temporary. I'm not as into the Silicon Valley constant job-hopping thing. I'm more into gaining a depth of knowledge in each project I work on rather than skipping around and not feeling ownership.

Tour of duty model is required due to how they hack the GS pay scale to get folks closer to technologist market rate.

They are doing meaningful, impactful work, and even if you’re adverse to the short term model, I’d highly recommend considering a conversation with them (might be possible to do a tour with USDS and then roll into a long term role at 18F @ GSA).

I've always been interested in USDS but the requirement to relo to DC is always a non-starter.

If you wanted to try a short tour, now is a very good time; things are quite remote-friendly right now. Then when the COVID situation is better, you'd have better information about whether the DC trade-off is worthwhile.

I would be interested in the senior product type role.

Ockam | Remote (US only) | Full-Time, Remote-OK | https://ockam.io

Ockam offers tools that help builders create IoT systems they can trust. Ockam's open source developer tools make it simple to send trustful end-to-end encrypted messages between connected devices and/or cloud services.

Here are our open roles:

- Embedded w/ Rust: https://www.ockam.io/team/Senior-Engineer-Embedded-Rust/31b8...

- Distributed systems w/ Elixir: https://www.ockam.io/team/Senior-Engineer-Elixir-Erlang/d93a...

Hey Matt! Would you be open to hiring an intern/entry level Elixir devleoper? I graduated in May and fell in love with Elixir in the last few months. I'm eager to learn and ready to work.

Ockam is up to some incredible things!

In my first week I've worked on our Rust codebase, cryptographic key generation & storage, trust architecture, and had a masterclass on modern Open Source business. This is a fantastic place to do great work.

Volocopter | (Senior) Embedded Software Engineer / (Senior) Autonomous Flight Software Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE | Bruchsal, Germany & Munich, Germany | https://volocopter.com/en/

We at Volocopter are pioneers in the development of electrical air taxis that take off and land vertically (eVTOLs).

We bring Urban Air Mobility to life, by establishing air taxis in addition to current transportation options in megacities globally. Our aim is to offer affordable on-demand air taxi services and save people time by flying them safely to their destination. In 2011 we performed the first-ever piloted flight of a purely electrical multicopter and have since showcased numerous public flights with our full-scale Volocopter.

We are looking for software engineers experienced in the development of real-time embedded software applications.

Prior aerospace experience is great, but not a requirement.

Join us and build software that will literally take off in front of you!

List of all job offers to apply directly: https://careers.smartrecruiters.com/VolocopterGmbH

Videos of flights: https://www.youtube.com/c/Volocopter/videos

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email at manuel.mohr (at) volocopter (dot) com :)

Teller | London, UK | On site preferred but remote worldwide is OK | https://teller.io/

Teller makes banking APIs for developers that provide real time access to live, up-to-date data from their users' accounts and also allow instant payment initiation and transfers on behalf of users.

Our approach is unique in that we don't "screenscrape" online banking portals, we reverse engineer the bank's often heavily protected mobile app to discover its private API contract and implement our own API compatible clients.

Roles we are currently hiring for:

- Designer #1

Are you the kind of designer talented enough to walk on to Stripe's design team but want to have the impact of being designer #1 not #100? We would love to talk to you.

- Reverse Engineering (iOS)

We pop open some of the most well protected mobile apps in the world as a prerequisite to integrating a new bank. If you have a more sophisticated answer than "MITMProxy" for the question "How would you reverse a banking app's API contract?" please get in touch. We're working on some exciting projects like our own LLDB debugserver undetectable by state-of-the-art anti-RE tools and static decryption of Apple's FairPlay DRM. We strongly believe investing in proprietary tooling is major advantage.

- Erlang/Elixir Engineers

Our application is 100% Elixir. We really mean it. We are 100% all in on Elixir, we've already built a lot of new features on Phoenix LiveView too.

- DevRel/DevX Engineering

Do you think DevRel has jumped the shark and needs a reboot? Same here. This role involves a mixture of core engineering, being a user advocate within the company, creating great content and tooling for the best possible developer experience.

Sound interesting? Let's talk: sg@teller.io

That Reverse engineering gig looks good but my RE experience is based on WhatsApp (and more exp in android). Hijacking private APIs to build your product is pretty ballsy. Very cool.

Reforge | Full-time | REMOTE | Full stack Engineer (React + Rails)

Hi. I'm Buford. I sometimes tell bad dadjokes at inappropriate times. People ask me if I'm alright, but clearly I'm half right and half left.

Reforge is changing the way we do professional education. Our customers are the leading practitioners in the tech world. We want to be the example of world-class education and community product.

Bootstrapped we went from 15 to 35 people even during covid. Our eng team is 4 and we're looking to add 5 and 6. Hoping for a product-focused engineer to come think with us.

Founded by Brian Balfour -- 3x successful founder and ex-VP Growth at Hubspot. You'll be working with people who once hailed as VP Engineering at Credit Karma, employee #10 at Eventbrite, AirBnB PMs, Rails core contributors, and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Tech stack: latest React, latest Rails, Redis, Heroku, Postgres, some Python

Would you like to know more? buford@reforge Full role details: https://www.reforge.com/careers/senior-software-engineer

Wow, what a start to this one. lol

The Register (Situation Publishing) | Perl developer | REMOTE / UK/CH/EEC

The Register: https://www.theregister.com/

El Reg's small tech team is looking for a full-stack (Perl) software developer. Offering up to 60,000 EUR / 55,000 GBP / 0.00055Pg based on your location and experience.

Fully remote. You'll need to be in UK, CH or the European Economic Area though.

As ElReg's readership grows and revenue streams change, there is a steady flow of work. You will ensure that the website remains performant and that journalists have the tools they need. ElReg needs your help in keeping the business profitable whilst providing great free content to readers.

More details on: https://www.theregister.com/Page/perldev.html

Offtopic but it's nice to see a perl listing!

Nice to see THE Perl listing!

Rescale | San Francisco | SF & REMOTE | https://jobs.lever.co/rescale

Rescale offers a software platform and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulation. (We're an HPC/Supercomputing Cloud Platform) We are a Y Combinator startup with top investors: Jeff Bezos, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Peter Thiel, & a bunch of others. I think we're now #39 on the Top YC list. We have about 170 employees scattered around the world, with about 30 software developers. The company still feels small and everyone is pretty tight. Work atmosphere is fun & friendly. We just closed Series C so we are in a very strong position to ride out whatever plays out in the economy & are probably a bit more insulated than most companies. We are growing very rapidly--all departments are hiring. It's exciting, a lot of opportunity, interesting technical problems to solve, definitely a good time to join. Devs that come in now will have the opportunity to have a big impact on the future of our company, our code & our culture.

We're currently looking for: Senior Backend Engineers, Full Stack, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, & a Lead UI/UX Designer

Where did the list of acceptable remote states come from?

Does it work for people in Europe?

MobSquad | Calgary, Canada | Toronto, Canada | Vancouver, Canada | Halifax, Canada | Full-Time | Visa |

MobSquad helps foreign national technology professionals in the US that are struggling to secure or renew work visas. The company also has a significant and ever-growing pool of international talent that MobSquad pairs with scaling and innovative technology companies across North America.

We are currently looking for talented tech enthusiasts to fill roles in Front-End Development, Full-Stack Engineering, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning/Data Science Management. Candidates with US experience are encouraged to apply today!

Additionally, MobSquad can help with visa sponsorship. Are you currently in your last year of STEM OPT eligibility and are concerned that you will not be successful in the upcoming H-1B work visa lottery? Or are you worried that your current H-1B visa will not be renewed given increasing denial rates? Contact us today to discuss how we can help with these pressing work visa issues.

Find our job postings here: https://mobsquad.io/join-team/ For more information, contact us here: info@mobsquad.io

Ambue | Software Engineers | REMOTE (UK only) | https://www.ambue.com

Ambue is an Oxford-based startup developing technology to help people make their homes energy efficient. We've part of an accelerator with the Energy Systems Catapult and we're backed by the UK government.

20% of CO2 emissions come from domestic property and >£65b will need to be spent upgrading properties to meet the UK's Net Zero targets. The government have multiple financial incentives available, but we've got a data problem: people don't know which upgrades to make, they don't know how to access finance, and they don't know how to find trusted tradespeople.

We help homeowners collect property data and combine it with our own data to create an accurate energy loss model. We identify the best retrofit solutions for their home and help them through the upgrade process.

We're looking to work with creative software engineers who care about the environment, want to make a difference, and are happy working independently.

We have two rolls to fill:

- Elixir + Phoenix Liveview (full-stack)

- Unreal Engine or Unity

For more info and to apply: hn-hiring@ambue.com

Hyperfine | Python Backend and Deep Learning | NYC/CT | ONSITE (eventually...) | Full Time | https://hyperfine.io

Hyperfine invented a portable MRI scanner to make MRI available to more people in more situations. We are FDA cleared and shipping to customers now - see recent post on HN [0] for some more information and discussion.

Hyperfine is part of the 4Catalyzer accelerator. Our 7 sibling companies (including Butterfly - portable ultrasound) share resources and expertise.

Relevant open positions (https://hyperfine.io/careers/):

Senior Machine Learning Scientist New York City, New York

Sr Software Engineer (Deep Learning) New York City, New York

Senior Software Engineer (Python) New York City, New York

I think we will also have a DevOps role open soon...

We are using Python, Django, Svelte, TensorFlow, and the PyData stack.

Apply through our website or contact me (aanderson at hyperfine.io) if you are interested.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24421331

Latitude / AI Dungeon | ML Engineer / Applied Scientist | Remote (U.S.) | Full-Time | https://latitude.io

Latitude is revolutionizing how games are made by leveraging advanced AI. Our first product AI Dungeon (https://aidungeon.io) is an AI powered text adventure where literally anything is possible. We're a small team looking for ML Engineers / Applied Scientist to help us continue innovating on how to transform how games are made.

You can apply by emailing careers+hn@latitude.io

Awesome! Have been following the AI Dungeon story from the start and it's great to see it become a full fledged product. Definitely somebody's dream job ;)

Grouparoo | Senior Full Stack Engineer - Founding Engineer | Full-Time | Remote - USA

Grouparoo (https://www.grouparoo.com/) is a venture-backed software company building the open-source framework for managing, syncing, and syndicating data between your app(s) and all the marketing and operations tools your company needs to run. Do you need to keep your product data (Postgres) in-sync with Hubspot, Marketo and Zendesk? Do you want to limit the PII that leaves your firewall but still build robust email-marketing cohorts to use in Mailchimp? Do you want to enable your Marketing team to experiment with new definitions of what “high LTV customers” are, and try new ways to re-engage them… without you needing to write any code? That’s what Grouparoo does.

As our first hire, you’ll be a Founding Engineer at Grouparoo. You will be responsible for helping to craft the roadmap, developing features, fixing bugs, and building products that make our customers happy. We are a small team, and so we are looking for generalist engineers who are interested in learning about a wide variety of tools and technologies rather than becoming experts in any one part of the stack. We connect many different APIs, databases, and vendors, so there’s always something new to learn.

Learn more about the position @ https://www.grouparoo.com/jobs

Digi-Key Electronics | Search Product Owner | Full Time | MN (Bloomington or Thief River Falls)

Digi-Key (https://digikey.com) is a distributor of electronics components that supplies over 11 million different parts to Engineers, Manufacturers and Hobbyists around the world.

We are looking for someone to own the future of our best in class component search. Ideal candidates are passionate about the cross section of electronics and software, but need not be an expert in either. This position will lead agile teams with the goal of making Engineers' lives easier, more efficient, and to help uncover more effective ways to search, filter and understand how to find/choose new hardware technologies.

We have recently upgraded to Elasticsearch and React, Node, and have quite a bit of .NET C# infrastructure as well.

Onsite at one of two offices in MN is preferred, but remote is possible. The health benefits are amazing and it's a great environment for people with families. Checkout the job listing here. https://digikey.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Digi-Key/job/Thi...

Nightwatch.io | Remote | Full-time | Elixir, Rust, Ruby, Go

This is a fully remote position, full-time or part-time, with flexible working hours and work arrangements.

We’re looking for an experienced developer who enjoys working with server side technologies and possesses a good mixture of DevOps and application development chops, has been around the block a couple of times, and would like to build forward-thinking and innovative solutions with experienced teammates in a progressive-oriented environment.

About the role: You should have plenty of experience in building performant, easy to use, well monitored and well tested APIs, creating and maintaining robust web applications, designing efficient data flows, communicating clearly, usharing knowledge and questioning existing solutions.

If you are a positive-oriented hacker who does not fit the traditional company structure and resonates with the mindset of programming languages and paradigms being just a tool and not a heavy personal attachment and identification, then this role might be the right fit for you.

About the company: We’re a self funded SaaS company that primarily builds forward-thinking tools for internet professionals. We are a bootstrapped company that believes the future belongs to smaller companies that don’t subscribe to the 9-to-5 corporate way of doing things. We believe that the Silicon Valley era is over, and we are building a business that allows us to enjoy the freedom of working remotely where each of us has the autonomy and flexibility to have a high impact on the world with our work.

Back-end Developer (Elixir, Ruby, Rust, Go): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/backend-developer

Front-end Developer (Ember.js transitioning to React): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/frontend-developer

Devops Engineer: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/devops-engineer

Product Owner: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/product-manager

Allumia | Clean Tech | www.allumia.com | Remote (Seattle-based) | FT | Software Developer

Allumia provides a platform through which utilities can fund, design, install, and maintain energy efficiency upgrades for commercial and industrial buildings. After six years of bootstrapped growth and proven success, several of the nation’s major utilities have now signed on with Allumia.

This is where you come in. We’re seeking a software engineer to join our small, growing product team and help us build out our customer-facing web platform and metering infrastructure to handle the vast volume of work our utility partners are sending our way.

For the web piece, our stack is React/Typescript, GraphQL, Rails and PostgreSQL. Our meters use C++, Python, and Node endpoints. Product thinking, decent design sense, and comfort with/interest in data is also key.

You’ll be working alongside the rest of the tech team, as well as some very sharp minds in a variety of fields, from finance to electrical engineering. We’re a mission focused company and have built a successful business model around saving energy.

If you’re interested in reducing the output of carbon into the atmosphere, working here is a pretty decent way to maximize your impact.

Email tech@allumia.com with resumes and inquiries.

SUSE | Software Engineer | REMOTE or ONSITE | Full Time

Arm Kernel Software Engineer

We're looking for an experienced Arm Linux developer to help our team make Linux run on specific Arm machines, implement new features and solve bugs in the kernel and other core software. If you can analyze and fix kernel crashes, have a clue on how to track down mysterious system hangs and like working with open-source communities, then this is the job for you.

Requirements are excellent knowledge of the C programming language, knowledge of the Arm architecture, understanding of the open source development processes and culture, version control with git. Experience with Linux kernel development is appreciated.

How to apply

Preferably, submit all relevant information in a single PDF file, so that no important detail is lost in transit. Give us some time to process your application. Expect the interview to be done over phone. Form submission for this position at https://jobs.suse.com/us/en/job/71000102/Arm-Kernel-Software...

This is not the only job opening currently available at SUSE, see suse.com/jobs

SeedFi | Senior React Native Engineer | SF, NYC or Remote (USA) | seedfi.com

SeedFi builds financial products for the 100M Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. Our customers are the most vulnerable members of society and our products tangibly improve their financial health. We're backed by A16Z and our founders have decades of experience in the lending industry.

There are many fintech startups trying to differentiate themselves, capture customers, and then figure out how to make a profit later. We're proudly starting from the other side... we’re adding the banking after getting the unit economics to work!

Many of the products we're building don't have any existing analogues in the market, so we're looking for engineers with an entrepreneurial bent. Our team experiments frequently, iterates quickly, and we use both data and customer feedback to measure our success.

We've purposefully kept a low profile, so we'll tell you much more about our products during the interview process!

To apply, please email your resume to jobs at seedfi dot (most common TLD).


You can also ask me questions via the email on my profile.

1build (YC W20) | Full-Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE (US time-zones), SF Bay Area | Full-time

1build is building the future of construction. We like to think of buildings as applications. We see the process of turning blueprints into buildings as an algorithm. It's an algorithm we seek to optimize. We're ambitious and relentlessly driven, yet humble and collaborative. You'll join 1build in our first stage of development, in which we build an application to improve the process of converting blueprints into shopping lists and cost estimates. It's a process that's critical yet currently cumbersome for 3.2 million builders in the US alone.

Investors love us. We're backed by top VC firms including YC, Initialized, Sequoia, and MetaProp. Our core team has experience at Apple, WeWork, Tesla, CloudKitchens, and Hipmunk, with academic backgrounds from Harvard and Princeton. You'll join a culture of excellence at 1build.

Tech stack: GraphQL | Postgres | Python | Go | React | TypeScript


3Box Labs | Software Engineer, Distributed Systems Engineer | NYC, Berlin, Remote | Full Time Want to build a more interoperable web free of silos? Join us in building Ceramic, the p2p dataweb for open information management.

We're a small, highly technical team at the center of the web3 ecosystem. We are extremely intentional, impact-driven, community focused (everything we do is open source), and driven by nonstop learning and growth. We have a lot of fun while we work - remote-first, with pods in NYC and Berlin - and travel to amazing places for regular retreats.

We're looking for engineers on the cutting edge of modern development. If you like to push browsers to the limit, experiment with edge computing, or scale p2p networks then we'd love to talk to you.

Learn more about what we're building at https://www.ceramic.network/ and https://idx.xyz/.

Apply at https://jobs.lever.co/3box

Simplecast (A SiriusXM Company) | Remote (USA) | Full-Time | Senior Back End Engineer & Senior Front End Engineer

Every year, millions of new listeners are being exposed to podcasting, with hundreds of thousands of new creators meeting this increased listener demand with new content. Individual audio content creators are looking for better tools to immerse their audience in a story.

We're growing our product development team to shape the future of podcasting by empowering audio creators with the resources they need to connect their shows with a world of listeners.

Our Tech Stack includes:

    Elixir, AWS (Lambda, S3, Aurora Postgres, SNS, CloudFront), Kubernetes,
    ElasticSearch, Redis, Vue.js, GitLab CI/CD, Git, Node
Apply for Back End role here: https://jobs.jobvite.com/siriusxm/job/oOJbdfwF

Apply for Front End role here: https://jobs.jobvite.com/siriusxm/job/ooJbdfwf

Heidelbergcement | Frontend, Backend, Devops, UX & Data Engineers | Onsite and Remote | Heidelberg, Germany & Brno, CZ

HeidelbergCement is one of the biggest concrete, cement and aggregates business in the world. Do you like UX-driven applications and construction machinery, then come join us. We are hiring both juniors and seniors. Our stack is React Native, .net, OKD, graphml, Azure, NATS, postgresql, etc

- UX designer https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/ux-designer-fmd--%282931...

- (Lead) devops https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/lead-devops-engineer-fmd...

- Service Owner https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/service-owner-digital-pr...

- Frontend (react) https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/front-end-engineer-react...

- backend (.net core) https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/back-end-engineer--net-f...

- QA https://www.heidelbergcement.com/en/quality-assurance-engine...

- Data engineers (Azure, python, etc etc) Ad is not yet up. Send me a PM.

Vetspire | Full Stack Software Engineer | Remote | Austin, TX | Full-Time | https://vetspire.com

Vetspire is an AI-driven medical records and practice management platform for veterinarians. We’re a startup that builds the technology suite that powers veterinary hospitals, impacting every aspect of patient care from AI assistance in the exam room to managing client communications and clinical analytics.

We're looking for a full stack engineer to join our small and technical team to continue to bring veterinarians’ dreams into fruition. Your day to day work will consist of learning and understanding veterinarians' needs and bringing them into reality from the front-end to the backend. Some examples of what your weeks may look like:

* building remote tools for pet owners to sign consent forms, pay invoices, and fill in information online so they don't have to walk into the clinics during the pandemic

* creating an emergency room clinical census to monitor patients and alert staff in real-time

* designing the interface and algorithms for intelligent immunization reminders.

You'll be working directly with the thousands of veterinarians and staff using Vetspire every day, and talking with them often to better understand their needs and iterate on solutions with them. It's an incredibly fulfilling role to be able to make such a drastic difference in the lives of vets, and ultimately, everyone's pets. It's half-part engineering, half-part problem-solving.

Our backend tech stack is a GraphQL Phoenix/Absinthe application written in Elixir, our frontend is using React with the Apollo GraphQL framework, our primary database is PostgreSQL, and it all runs on Google Cloud via Kubernetes.

Email me if interested at sam@vetspire.com (include "HN" in the subject).

Radix Labs | Software Engineers esp. Front End Engineers | Cambridge, MA, USA (Boston area) | Full Time and Co-Op/INTERNS Biology has talented PhD Biologists spend 5 hours a day on hard to reproduce, unoptimized minutia that isn’t innovative. Radix Labs hopes to accelerate biotech innovation like early compilers did for computing by enabling lab protocols to seamlessly operate and be optimized across physical labs. Our software makes biology reproducible, faster, more efficient, and lets smart biologists focus on the science instead of managing the implementation. We do this by developing a compiler, operating system, scheduler, and device drivers for biology labs and protocols. We have funding from Ycombinator (S18), Firstminute Capital, MIT's The Engine, and Nikesh Arora.

Technologies: 100% Scala code base but we don't require you know it already. (It's helpful if you have past functional programming experience with Erlang, Ocaml, Prolog, Haskell, or similar.) Other tech: HashiCorp stack (Nomad, Consul, & Terraform), Apache Kafka, Akka, ScalaJS React, Z3, Cats, Bazel w/ rules_scala, (some) AWS.

We're especially looking for an experienced front end developer to lead developing our front end visual programming language that biologists use to describe their protocols to the rest of our software. Come join our world-class diverse, inclusive, and caring team! You won't be the only woman, trans person, POC, latino, non-US citizen, wearer of silly hats, or parakeet! We will consider remote candidates and those who need visa sponsorship on a case-by-case basis. We offer equity, great salary, unlimited PTO, medical, dental, and vision insurance, mechanical keyboard budget, and flexible work hours. Any questions, send me an email: halie at radix.bio

FT app and job descriptions: https://forms.gle/1d3qE466kVFir8pf9

Co-Op app and job descriptions: https://forms.gle/6qY9Gx4dkVtHSFXf8

Technical business development, sales, and marketing (biology, manufacturing/operations, or CS competent): https://forms.gle/WWo9A43TWagR2Pp8A

This is a really neat project; I recommend language nerds with an interest in cross-disciplinary work check them out.

Inpher (https://www.inpher.io/) | New York (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland), Paris (France) | Software Engineers | Full-time | Onsite

At Inpher, we believe that privacy and security are foundational to the future of computing and have built enterprise products to make this vision a reality. We are a small team of veteran founders, world-renowned cryptographers and proven software engineers. We are headquartered in New York City, with satellite offices in San Francisco and Lausanne, Switzerland, and have raised $14M in funding.

Apply at https://www.inpher.io/careers

Or email to me directly at $user@inpher.io, where each ascii character of $user can be obtained by solving for x and converting to base-128,

x = 145767 mod 611939, x = 109572 mod 598463

Meister | Vienna, Austria | Full-Time, ONSITE, DevOps, Backend Engineer, and others. https://www.meisterlabs.com/jobs/ --- Meister was founded in 2006 and is the company behind MindMeister (mind mapping - https://www.mindmeister.com) and MeisterTask (taks & project management - https://www.meistertask.com). We currently have an engineering department of 35 people and we're working with Ruby, Elixir, React, Redux, Kubernetes, on Google Cloud. We have 2 offices, the main and the biggest one in Vienna, Austria, and the newer, smaller one, in Seattle, WA.

Argentinia, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA. ONSITE and REMOTE.

In Swahili, ‘tanzu’ means the growing branch of a tree. In Japanese, ‘tansu’ refers to a modular form of cabinetry. At VMware, Tanzu represents our growing portfolio of solutions to help you build, run and manage modern apps. We help customers develop cloud-native apps and maintain existing apps side-by-side, on the same enterprise-grade platform.

Work on or with Kubernetes, Spring, Cloud Foundry, RabbitMQ and many other open-source projects: https://tanzu.vmware.com/open-source

Practice Extreme Programming, Lean Product Management, User-Driven Design or Site Reliability Engineering.

We're hiring for most levels of

  - Software Engineer
  - Solutions Architect
  - Solutions Engineer (pre-sales)
  - Site Reliability Engineer 
  - Open Source Community Relations Engineer
  - Product Manager
  - Product Designer
  - Technical Program Manager
  - Sales roles
  - and more
Listings are here: https://careers.vmware.com/main/jobs?keywords=tanzu

If you'd like to get referred for a position, apply through this site: https://vmware.rolepoint.com/?shorturl=vEyvj - just search for the Job ID/"Req ID" mentioned in the listing.

VMware is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind: VMware is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.

Digital Onboarding | Senior Full-stack Engineer | REMOTE (US based) | Full time

Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members.

Stack: Elixir + Phoenix, React, Lambda (Node), Postgres


  - 8+ years in front end and back end web development  
  - Committed to building features you're proud of  
  - Strong understanding of SQL databases  
  - Strong understanding of functional programming  
  - Strong communication skills   
  - Previous Elixir experience

  - Machine learning experience  
  - Experience working on a remote-first, distributed team   
  - Love of nachos
Send me an email me at jonathan at digitalonboarding dot com.

Sevendof | Embedded / Front-End / Back-End / Robotics | Trondheim, Norway | ONSITE, VISA, Full-time | https://www.sevendof.com/

Sevendof is a Norwegian startup building the drone infrastructure of the future. Our mission is to make drones a safe and positive tool to help solve important problems in a scalable manner.

We are now hiring several new engineers who wish to help us build the future of industrial drones.

To apply, please submit your application at https://thehub.io/startups/sevendof or reach out to careers@sevendof.com with your information.

Cookpad | Search Engineer, Python Engineer | Bristol, UK | REMOTE currently, relocation assistance available, ONSITE option (post Covid-19) | Full time | Visa sponsorship

Cookpad is the world's largest recipe sharing service, with over 100M monthly users globally. This is an opportunity to join the Global division of Cookpad, which is headquartered in Bristol (United Kingdom), and is responsible for 30+ languages, 70+ countries, and over 2M daily search requests.

Cookpad is growing its Search Team and is looking for experienced software engineers with a solid Python background who want to help build the next generation of recipe search on top of a modern stack. Particularly of interest are engineers who have previously worked on search and/or recommendation systems.

The team is working from home currently. Remote welcome, timezone-dependent. Relocation welcome. Relocation assistance available.

The stack includes: Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Python, AWS, Kafka, Spark, Docker, Kubeflow

Learn more about the role and apply: https://apply.workable.com/cookpad/j/BB8D0999E3/

Learn more about Cookpad's mission to make everyday cooking fun: https://www.cookpadteam.com/

Shogun (YC W18) | TypeScript + React Engineer | Full-Time | Remote (US, Canada, UK)


Shogun is building next generation storefronts for eCommerce stores. We're at the intersection of eCommerce, JAMstack, and low-code/no-code tools. Our fully remote team of 70 is located all around the world.


About You..

* An experienced TypeScript + React Engineer in the United States, Canada or the UK who will be working directly on one of our client-facing products, helping people build highly performant pages and PWAs for their eCommerce stores.

* You'll be working in an agile team responsible for building UIs and tools for making web apps by utilizing modern technologies and solutions like TypeScript, React, Webpack, GraphQL, etc.

* You'll write well designed, testable, readable and scalable code in accordance to clean code principles and team agreement.

* You'll work closely with design, product management, and development teams to create elegant, interactive and highly performant interfaces.

* You'll take proactive ownership of tasks and see them through to completion, and take responsibility for coding, bug testing, general software deployment, and tracking the product through its lifecycle, along with communicating with other internal teams.

* You'll regularly contribute to discussions and brainstorm high quality ideas that result in adoption and improvements.

* You'll proactively share knowledge and help your team evolve.


Sounds interesting? Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/getshogun/j/A20FAFA044/

NASA ADS | Front-End Developer | Cambridge, MA (US) | Onsite | Full-time | VISA Sponsorship Available

The NASA/Astrophysics Data System is seeking a talented Front End Developer. Your front-end code will empower astrophysicists around the world to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Job description: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/about/careers/

NASA ADS: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/

Do not hesitate to contact us directly at adshelp@cfa.harvard.edu

Hello Community! Glovo is hiring for the Tech team!

Co-Vid 19 has made our Grocery section have a HYPERGROWTH! We need great Tech Team members to provide the best experience and SOLUTION to the world!

We are super flexible, start dates can be moved and you can start remote to THEN MOVE to Sunny Barcelona Office + New Tech Hub in Warsaw Poland!

(WFH, full flexibility but Fulltime NOT JUST REMOTE, full relocation + Sponsorship)

At the moment Glovo is the fastest-growing generation 2 (this means that we have our own logistics platform) delivery startup in the world and becoming one of the best Tech Product Start-ups in Spain.

Tech Challenges: Project Valkyrie: Related to the number of deployments per day. Project Darwin: Going from a Monolithic to a Microservices architecture. Better efficiency with Machine Learning.

Tech Stack: Java , Python, Spring Boot, Redis, Python, NodeJS, AWS (SQS, Kinesis, Aurora,EC2, Lambda,Cloudwatch, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Github Actions, Spinnaker, DataDog Mobile: Java, Kotlin, Swift Frontend: JavaScript, Vue.js, Typescript.

Key SENIOR Job Openings: Staff Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Tech Leads.


If you write to me I will guide you through the process faster!


I’m attaching our corporate video: https://youtu.be/1lnZ8xsx9bE ;)

Calico Energy | SR Backend/Fullstack AND SR Frontend Engineers | US Remote | Full Time with Equity | http://calicoenergy.com

Calico Energy serves utility companies nationwide and offers an enterprise software product designed to enable the next generation of energy efficiency programs (and more) for existing buildings. 40% of the energy consumed in the US is used by building stock, and our solution provides a critical first step in reducing that number.

Calico's utility-implemented data platform helps building managers make the most of their energy footprint. We need senior engineers who work with a small team while quickly iterating toward a product used by building owners and utility admins alike. Our engineers regularly dive into all parts of the stack to ship new features, from wireframe to functional product. Attention to detail, customer-focus, and communication are key, as you’ll be collaborating daily with both technical and non-technical folks in the complex realm of utility data.

To apply: https://calicoenergy.bamboohr.com/jobs/

Kolonial.no / One of Norway's most disruptive tech scale-ups working with online grocery and logistics (end-to-end solutions) / Oslo, Norway / ONSITE

// Some of the roles they are hiring for right now:

- Director of Engineering - Shop Platform

- Software Engineers x20 at least - all teams and future teams

- Android Software Engineer - Shop Platform

- iOS Software Engineer - Shop Platform

- Platform Engineer - Infrastructure & IT

- Reliability Engineer - Infrastructure & IT

- Product Manager - Logistics Platform

- IT Project Manager - Infrastructure & IT

- Data Analyst - Data & Insight

- Service & UX Designer - UX Design

- Digital Designer - UX Design



MICROMINE | Software Engineer | Perth, Western Australia |Full-Time | Onsite

MICROMINE is a an established, growing, global company that creates cutting edge software solutions utilised by some of the world’s largest Mining companies.

You will be working on a wide range of projects, extending the Micromine software suite by developing new and extending existing complex cloud applications using a mix of technologies. If you have experience with building, deploying and managing complex online systems hosted in the cloud and can apply your skills and creativity to craft sophisticated software, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Skills/experience: Web application development using Django, Experience deploying/maintaining AWS (Azure) systems and a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or equivalent IT qualification

To apply: https://www.micromine.com/job-details/query/7976839

Shipyard (https://www.shipyardapp.com) | Growth Marketer | Full Time | REMOTE (USA) or ONSITE (Austin, TX)

Shipyard empowers Data Teams to quickly launch, monitor, and share data pipelines without the headaches of managing infrastructure. We're a cloud-native workflow automation platform that's taking the best parts of tools like Airflow, Luigi, and Prefect to create something that's streamlined and easy to use for both technical and business users.

The Growth Marketer role will focus on spreading the word of Shipyard through content, advertising, PR, and other methods. If you love experimenting, moving quickly, and uncovering the best tactics to scale traffic/interest in a product, we'd love to hear from you. Bonus points if you're passionate about data usage and automation.

This is the first dedicated marketing role at the company, so you will be given the opportunity to make many of the decisions that directly affect the positioning and trajectory of the product. We're a small, growing team with the financial backing of a larger company, aiming to achieve rapid growth over the next year.

If you're interested, apply directly through https://apply.workable.com/shipyard/. Feel free to shoot a note to blake@shipyardapp.com as well!

Osmind | Software Engineers II and III | Mountain View, CA | Onsite/Remote Hybrid | Full Time | http://osmind.org/

There are 22M+ Americans who suffer from treatment-resistant mental health conditions, meaning they’ve failed two or more conventional treatments. Our mission is to further innovative mental treatments (ranging from FDA-approved psychedelic medicine to neuromodulation) for those who are suffering the most. We do this by empowering providers, improving patient care, and accelerating research. Our software is used by mental health doctors and their patients. We analyze multimodal data from the software to help the doctors deliver better care and also offer insights to help research and development of new treatments that actually work. Together, we can usher in the mental health revolution and help solve our world's mental health crisis.

We are looking for mission-driven, passionate full stack software engineers to join the team. This is an opportunity to be part of a fast-paced, high-growth health tech startup. Our engineers work cross-functionally and have full ownership over their projects. We utilize a React/React Native, NodeJS, and AWS Lambda stack.

We are a team of Stanford graduates (CS/Engineering, School of Medicine, Graduate School of Business) with deep experience in healthcare and tech (AWS, Verge Genomics, etc.) backed by General Catalyst and Y Combinator.

I'm co-founder/CEO and you can reach me at lucia@osmind.org.

More info here: https://osmind.breezy.hr/

Pico MES | Backend Developer | North America | Remote | Full-Time

Pico MES is a well funded Seed stage startup developing a software/hardware system deployed in midsize factories. We have a web-based product which allows manufacturing engineers and technicians to create and manage their entire workflows within the factory and crosses everything from electric vehicles to aerospace and more. We also provide a distributed hardware system for integrating the 100s of devices on the factory floor into our system. We're a team of software and hardware engineers that understand what it takes to build a highly capable manufacturing line and we need your help.

Looking for an experienced Backend Engineer to join our 7-person dev team. You would be responsible for concept and implementation of features and functions for our manufacturing system primarily written in Go. Preferably someone with:

  - +5 years experience developing web service applications, ideally in Go.
  - Experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  - Experience with relational databases, such as Postgres
  - Experience working with distributed systems built with tools like Docker/Kubernetes, gRPC, and REST APIs.
Please reach out to me zac [at] picomes.com

More details here: https://angel.co/company/pico-mes/jobs/962018-senior-backend...

Uneeq | New Zealand / Remote | Full-time | Senior ML Engineer & Senior Unreal Engineer | https://digitalhumans.com/careers/

At Uneeq, we are on a mission to introduce digital humans to the world. We have developed a platform that enables creators to design digital human experiences which have a positive impact on the lives of people, everyday.

We are looking for a Machine Learning Developer to join the team which builds our digital human platform. You'll be focused on improving the behaviour and awareness of our digital humans.

We are also looking for a Software Developer experienced with the Unreal Engine to join the team who build our digital human rendering components.

These roles are key contributors to one of UneeQ's core product teams and will play an important role in helping to develop UneeQ's platform and take it to market.

We recently launched a self service version of our platform, where you can create, integrate and deploy your own digital human - https://digitalhumans.com/creator/

If you'd like to know more, here are full role details: https://digitalhumans.com/careers/

Dive | Sr. Backend Engineer | India | Remote | Full Time | https://www.letsdive.io/

Dive is a fun space for remote teams where team members can socialize. You can see who’s online, call a group, play games, watch movies together, or bond on common interest areas. You can talk, screen share, and do video chat with a click.

We are growing rapidly and are looking for Sr. Backend Engineers to join our early stage engineering team. We are seeking someone who has experience building robust backend applications and can solve complex engineering problems at scale. The role is fully Remote. You can be anywhere in the world to apply to this position

We're a relatively small team of about 4 people - meaning your work will have a lot of impact. We truly encourage being yourself at work and it shows in the creative code we write :)

Our Customers love us. We have given access to the product to a very limited set of companies which includes Facebook, Google, Gitlab, Rippling etc. who absolutely love using Dive.

We use: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, gRPC, Django, Go, Node.js, Cassandra, MariaDB, Redis, React, Redux, Javascript

If you are interested in joining our small and passionate team drop me an e-mail to om[at]letsdive[dot]io - come chat about what we're doing, or if you have questions!

More Info: https://www.notion.so/letsdive/Careers-Dive-c75d4d1ee8c9486f...

Hackworth | ONSITE (but WFH for now) | FULLTIME | London | https://www.hackworthltd.uk/

Hackworth Ltd is a well-financed, bootstrapped, private limited company based in London. Our purpose is to make programming relevant to children of all backgrounds. We're currently in the prototyping and research phase for our first product: a novel, interactive learning environment for programming, rooted in functional programming principles, with a particular focus on structure editing and the visualization of program execution.

We're currently hiring for 2 full time roles. These roles are on-site in London, though we're indefinitely in work-from-home mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You must be eligible to work in the UK, as unfortunately, we can't sponsor visas to work in the UK at this time.

* UX designer: https://www.hackworthltd.uk/jobs/20200901/

* Front-end web developer: https://www.hackworthltd.uk/jobs/20201001/

We hope to hear from you! If you have any questions, email careers@hackworthltd.com and it'll come directly to me.

Hopper | Multiple Engineering - (Remote) | Montreal, Toronto, Boston, NYC, 100% remote | Full-time, Salary + Options

Hopper is a mobile first travel company aimed at making it simple and stress free for users to book travel. We predict Hotel and Airline prices, and help customers optimize for price by advising them when to book, and when not to book.

Amongst a range of products built to reduce the stress and complexity involved in travel, we, for example, back our price predictions by offering users the option to freeze a specific price (we cover the difference if the price doesn't drop quite as far as we predicted). We've been helping users who are forced to travel during these challenging times by scaling out capacity for our "Cancel for any Reason" product, and are gradually rolling out other products in a similar vein.

We've raised 70m in funding in May, and are well situated to survive the pandemic. We're looking for mid or senior engineers, for multiple roles; apply directly on our site


--- Message me on here or via. linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-a-4792498/) for additional details or questions

Qualia | Fullstack ENGINEERING MANAGER | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, Salary + Options

Qualia (qualia.com) is a startup making web applications for real estate professionals. We have raised over 95M in total funding, have not stopped hiring throughout COVID and are actively looking to add 50 folks to the team before the end of the year.

We are making it easier to buy and sell homes by taking the process online.

Solving the real estate coordination problem makes for some really fun engineering and design challenges, and opportunities to make the process better for everyone involved.

About US: - Well funded with years of runway - Own 20% of a 40 Billion dollar industry - Actively hiring during a world recession - Personal and Career Growth opportunities - 5X revenue Growth last 18 months - All 3 Founders are Forbes 30 Under 30 Award recipients - Recently named as one of the best startup employers in 2020. -Named one of the "50 Future Unicorns" by CB Insights and Fast Company.

Contact David at David.Suniga<at>qualia.com!

Treasury Prime (YC W18) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite / Remote | https://treasuryprime.com

Treasury Prime is transforming banking for the 21st Century. We partner with banks to build the technology to enable this new wave of fintech startups. Through simple, unified APIs, we are modernizing the economy.

To learn more about who we are, our culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our careers page https://treasuryprime.com/careers/

We are growing rapidly and have many open roles, including:

- Developer Relations Lead: https://treasuryprime.com/jobs/developer_relations_lead/

- Technical Program Manager: https://treasuryprime.com/jobs/program_manager/

- Senior Software Engineer: https://treasuryprime.com/jobs/senior_software_engineer/

- Clojure Software Engineer: https://treasuryprime.com/jobs/clojure_software_engineer/

Owkin | Software Engineer / DevOps | Paris, France or Nantes, France | REMOTE | Full time |

Owkin was co-founded in 2016 by Thomas Clozel, MD, a clinical research doctor and former assistant professor in clinical hematology, and by Gilles Wainrib, PhD, an academic pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence in biology. The company was built on the belief that medical research should be collaborative, inclusive, and privacy-preserving. Today, Owkin is building a global research network — using federated learning — connecting data scientists, clinicians, researchers, and pharma on a research platform that keeps the data secure and preserves privacy. Owkin’s work has been published in Nature Medicine and other top-tier journals. Owkin has raised over $74M from leading VC funds and is now working with the largest cancer centers and pharmaceutical companies in Europe and in the US.

We're looking for experienced software developers with a desire to help medical research. Our tech stack : Python/Go/React/K8S.

For more information, check our job page here : https://www.welcometothejungle.com/en/companies/owkin/jobs

Quick feedback: that page does not work in Safari/Mac.

Caper | YC W16 | https://www.caper.ai/ | Remote | Fulltime Caper builds smart shopping carts - powered by deep learning and computer vision - to enable a seamless grab-and-go retail experience. We differ from other emerging cashierless technologies like Amazon Go because we are the scalable solution. Caper’s autonomous checkout technology is plug and play, meaning it requires no in-store renovation, no operational overhaul, no heavy computations or endless image labeling. Any retailers can buy the carts and their entire store is upgraded with cashierless capabilities. Caper costs less than 1% of Amazon Go's infrastructure. We are already live in-stores and our customers love us! See here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/10/25/tired-l....

Software Engineer: https://recruiterflow.com/caper/jobs/10

Android Engineer: https://recruiterflow.com/caper/jobs/11

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer: https://recruiterflow.com/caper/jobs/4

Reach out directly to me if interested at griffin.kelly at caperlab.com

Visible Body | Full-time | Software Developer | Newton, MA | REMOTE (FOR NOW) | https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=55114f7bb2448ce3&tk=1ejkmi...

Visible Body makes learning and teaching anatomy and physiology visual and engaging. We invent apps that advance the way students learn and healthcare professionals practice. Our inspiration comes from the dynamic world of 3D games and mobile devices. Our compelling, interactive, and highly accurate visualizations launch anatomy education far beyond written text, flat images and plastic models.

Job Description:

Visible Body is seeking a highly motivated Software Developer to join our growing team. The Software Developer will work with teammates to create and update our eLearning platform.


Strong OOP fundamentals 2-5 years experience in Ruby on Rails 2-5 years experience in DBMS Superior problem solving skills and debugging ability Critical attention to detail and ability to test one’s own code for quality assurance Strong verbal and written communication Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field


Experience with Unity game engine Agile development experience

Remote | Front-End Developer | Sharetribe Platform | Full-Time | FunnelRolodex.com

As a sister company to ClickFunnels.com ($10M+ MRR), we are a digital marketplace, connecting their 140k+ paying clients to freelancers. We are looking for an additional front-end developer to rebuild our marketplace on the Sharetribe platform to improve the user experience and usability for all our users (buyers/sellers).


- User Experience: We're looking for someone who understands what it takes to deliver a quality user experience. There is a massive difference between building what is simple from a development perspective and ultimately delivering the best user experience. You will need the ability to see and feel what it's like for a first time user going through the projects you develop.

- Communication, Communication, Communication: We are looking for a developer who understands the importance of team communication. Working remotely requires an added layer of good communication. It's important to keep the team up to date on what you're working on and if you're running into any issues, that you're clearly communicating them to the team so we can work together to figure them out.

- Timelines/Deadlines: Understands the importance of setting and hitting deadlines. Each project you will be expected to set an estimate on how long it will take to accomplish and the work towards hitting that target.

- Detail oriented: Someone who pays attention to detail and cares about the quality of their work, enough so that none of the details slip between the cracks. With each of your commits, it will be important that your notes are accurately reporting what was updated within each of the commits.

- Development Stack: React, Redux, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Github, Stripe, PayPal.

If you're interested and feel you would be a good fit, please email me your work experience and examples of your work to bj@funnelrolodex.com

Outschool (YC W16) | Remote | Full-time | Senior software and infrastructure engineers https://jobs.lever.co/outschool/

Since 2015, we’ve been growing a community marketplace for live classes that inspire kids to love learning. Now we’re scaling it quickly to support distance learning for kids affected by school closures. Our business is growing explosively and as of August, 500,000 learners have taken more than 2M class hours. We just announced our $45M Series B funding round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Our sales have grown 2000% in the past year to reach a run-rate of more than $100M. We're also making $1M of live online classes available for free to families in need and adding thousands of new teachers in weeks.

We need senior software engineers to build up a complex product for a highly engaged audience. We are also looking for infrastructure engineers to help our systems scale effectively. We have a pragmatic culture that promotes focused collaboration and iterative development.

Stack: TypeScript, React, Node/Express, Apollo GraphQL, PostgreSQL, AWS CDK, CloudFormation, AWS Batch, AWS Fargate, SQS.

This is a great company!

Login.gov | REMOTE or Washington, DC | DevOps/SRE/Software Engineers | Full-Time | https://login.gov

Login.gov gives the public simple, secure access to multiple US government services through one verified account. We're working to fix online identity for US government services. The Login.gov team operates like a startup within the government, working in the open as a distributed, agile team. The core product is open source, hosted in modern cloud infrastructure, and built for scale. Tens of millions of people have Login.gov accounts, and we aim to be the preferred entrypoint for all government digital services. Our users include people accessing benefits, applying for government jobs, serving in the military, and collecting funds awarded through grant programs.

Find us on Github: https://github.com/18F/identity-idp

The Login.gov project began as a collaboration between 18F and the U.S. Digital Service (USDS). Today it's part of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS). You'll join other software engineers delivering better public services through modern technology.

* (opening soon!) Site Reliability Engineer: https://join.tts.gsa.gov/join/devops-engineer/

The above postings open on a revolving basis. If they're not open, just email us at jobs@login.gov or joinTTS@gsa.gov, where we can answer questions and accept your application.

Feel free to reply on thread with any questions.

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) | REMOTE (Europe) or Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

TalkJS lets developers build the perfect custom chat feature, in hours instead of months. We power communication in online marketplaces, community sites, trading platforms and so on. We're product driven and we care tremendously about quality: We're out to build the tool that every developer worldwide will use to build chat/communication features.

Currently in the market for:

    * Senior Backend Developer (Elixir)
    * Senior Fullstack Developer
    * iOS Developer
    * Android Developer
Our stack is mainly React, TypeScript, Elixir and PostgreSQL. Nearly the entire company is product people, founders are a designer and a programmer.

TalkJS touches millions of people and we're growing quickly. We're in it for the long run: we combine a hungry ambition for growth with a healthy and flexible work/life balance. We expect a lot from each other and give a lot of support and freedom in return. Sound good?

More info on all positions, + how to apply: https://talkjs.com/jobs/

No recruiters / agencies please.

Gojek | Backend Engineer | Bangalore, India (ONSITE generally. REMOTE during covid) | Full Time

Gojek is a Super App. It’s one app for ordering food, commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, getting a massage and two dozen services. It is Indonesia’s first and fastest growing unicorn building an on-demand empire. It is quite simply the Operating System of Indonesia. For more details about Gojek Tech please visit https://www.gojek.io/

We are growing rapidly and are looking for Product Engineers with strong experience. You will be joining monetization platform, which builds tools for merchant growth (promotions, ads). You would be working with Elixir, Go, Clojure and other languages. The positions are based in Bangalore.

As a product engineer you work with your team and product owner, and will be responsible for imagining, building, deploying and running one or more of these products. You will own the future of the product, ensure its quality, and get to see the results of your efforts in people's everyday lives - merchants are involved in various offerings such as food delivery, offline payment acceptance, POS, financial services, deals, and promotions.

If this sounds interesting, please follow the below steps to apply: Take up the coding challenge at https://gist.github.com/ciju/40afaa21a4b9be998955e84570a057c... and share your solution & CV to our Recruiting partner - rashmi.gowda@go-jek.com

If shortlisted, you will be invited for technical interviews via zoom.

LightFi | Senior React front-end developer | London, UK | Remote OK (UK only) | www.lightfi.io/jobs

We are a small London based start-up producing novel IoT sensors for building automation, with a particular focus on reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Our occupancy sensors can be found controlling buildings used by Heathrow Airport and British Gas.

We are developing our nascent web front-end to display new sensor data and analysis that will help clients understand, redesign and reopen their buildings with confidence in light of COVID-19 and beyond. We are seeking someone with a strong knowledge of React.js interested in joining our team to take a lead role in front-end development.

As an integral member of a very small tech team, if interested, you would have the opportunity to gain experience and contribute meaningfully anywhere across our entire stack (sensor hardware/firmware design, embedded linux, python, AWS, data science, fastAPI, React...) and play a key role in the development of new products and technologies.

https://www.lightfi.io/jobs or contact me (CTO) directly - matt at lightfi.io

Namebase | Full stack engineer and Backend engineer (Node.js) | REMOTE | https://namebase.io

Namebase is on a mission to enable freedom, security, and ownership on the Internet. We’re doing this by making Handshake — a new decentralized DNS protocol — easy-to-use. You can think of our product as GoDaddy for Handshake.

Since launch six months ago we’ve already processed over $20M in transaction volume and tens of thousands of Handshake name registrations. We work in a highly collaborative environment across a distributed team (currently in US and Australia). Open communication is the standard — strategy discussions occur in slack, not behind closed doors. New initiatives have a single owner to maintain focus while feedback is solicited from everyone.

We use Node and Go on the backend, React on the frontend. We're a small team of 7 with ample funding — we've raised from Coinbase Ventures, Thrive Capital, Paradigm Capital, Balaji Srinivasan, and count Josh Elman (board member at Discord) amongst our advisors.

We're on an ambitious mission to fight the trend of the traditional internet becoming balkanized. If this resonates with you send me an email at tieshun at namebase.io.

IOMED | Database Developer| Barcelona, Spain | Full Time | Onsite Are you looking for a job with a direct impact on healthcare?

* Problem: Clinical data is messy and makes research slow. * Mission: To structure clinical data and give unified, standardized access to it. * Product: Natural language processing models and a unified SQL data access interface for researchers. * Traction: Validated idea, Validated business model, growing and scaling stage. * Funding: +3y runout and growing. Backed by national and international VCs. * Stack: Database Administration, SQL dialects, open-source relational databases (PostgreSQL, MariaDB),familiarity with distributed SQL databases,PL/SQL and C, C++ or C#.* Values: Methodic, transparent, hard workers with a HUGE emphasis on work-life balance. Join a multidisciplinary team working hard to make clinical research faster, accessible and ubiquitous. Also it's a nice excuse to enjoy Barcelona's vibe and nice weather!

Want to know more? Ping me at julia@iomed.health Check our site for more info https://iomed.health/careers/database-developer/

I work here. Happy to answer any questions.

Citrine Informatics (citrine.io) | Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Sr. Backend/Frontend roles |Remote within USA| Full Time|

Citrine Informatics is revolutionizing how raw materials and chemicals are produced by empowering companies to develop them faster and more sustainably. Working at Citrine offers the rare opportunity to collaborate with applied scientists at the leading edge of statistical learning theory and application. Here are a few representative peer-reviewed publications describing research done at Citrine in support of the platform’s AI capabilities:

Assessing the Frontier: Active Learning, Model Accuracy, and Multi-objective Materials Discovery and Optimization (2019). at https://arxiv.org/abs/1911.03224 Can machine learning identify the next high-temperature superconductor? Examining extrapolation performance for materials discovery (2018). at https://doi.org/10.1039/C8ME00012C Overcoming data scarcity with transfer learning. (2017). at https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.05099 High-Dimensional Materials and Process Optimization Using Data-Driven Experimental Design with Well-Calibrated Uncertainty Estimates. (2017). at https://doi.org/10.1007/s40192-017-0098-z

Learn more at: https://jobs.lever.co/citrineinformatics

Loc.tax | REMOTE (EU-based) -2 CET - +2 CET | Senior Frontend Developer | https://loc.tax Loc.tax is a collaborative platform that aims to bring together all internal and external stakeholders around the tax function of multinational enterprises. End goal is to achieve higher levels of collaboration, compliance, efficiency, and transparency.

Loc.tax makes this happen through version control (git inspired), and a well designed product experience. Tax managers will be able to manage tax compliance, retrieve information, analyse scenarios, gain high level insight, as well as project-manage simple to complex changes and transactions.

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our founding team. More information: https://jobs.loc.tax/

Tech stack: React / Typescript / Recoil / Styled components / GraphQL

Remote-first, MacBook Pro and other necessary accessories, Subscriptions to preferred educational platforms and content, Flexible work time & vacation policy, Maternity & Paternity leave, Competitive salary and equity, Budget for any other specific perks you'd like

Highstreet Mobile | Backend Engineer | Utrecht (near Amsterdam), The Netherlands | Onsite/Remote (EU) | Full Time

Highstreet Mobile's mission is to connect people to the brands they love. We are a team of makers and we've built a SaaS product for fashion brands. We enable brands to give an amazing shopping experience to their customers. Our customers get a native mobile shopping app for Android and iOS and that app constantly gets better.

You would be designing and developing API's in our middleware, the beating heart of our product. It connects to different e-commerce and payment providers like Magento, Commerce Cloud, Adyen and many more. You will focus on scale and performance, will deploy to production every week and will work closely with our mobile engineers.

Stack: Ruby / Sinatra / Rails / Minitest / Redis / OpenAPI Spec / PostgreSQL / Go / Docker / k8s / GCP / Gitlab CI


Apply via the link above or contact me at vincent@highstreetmobile.com if you’d like to know more.

IXON | DevOps | Overloon, Netherlands | REMOTE for now | https://www.ixon.cloud/

Keeping machines running, that's why we do it. A machine builder’s job used to be done after delivering the machine. Nowadays, they remain involved throughout its entire lifespan. All to ensure that the machine runs as optimally as possible. But how? By connecting the machines to the cloud, in a platform in which all machine service and maintenance is managed. With the IXON Cloud platform and supporting hardware, we deliver the technology, so the machine builder can do what they do best: collaborate with clients, provide service, and share insights.


Chillhop Music | Remote (Netherlands) | Full Time | https://chillhop.com

Chillhop music is a music label known for its LoFi Hip Hop YouTube stream and Spotify playlists. Rather than relying on SaaS, we develop a lot of our software in-house in order to accommodate all the needs of our artists and employees.

We are looking for a Full Time Dev/Ops Full Stack Web Developer.

Your responsibilities would include maintaining our CMS and extending its functionality, writing extensions, maintaining and extending the front/back-end of our website, and creating any other applications as required.

Our tech stack consists of:

We are looking for the person that fits the character of Chillhop and has the capabilities to join our existing engineering team on a full time basis and take our products to the next level.

We are open to considering remote workers outside of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Apply here: https://chillhop.com/jobs/dev-ops-full-stack-developer/

Santa Cruz Bicycles | UI Designer| Salt Lake City, UT | Remote for now, Onsite later | Full Time | www.santacruzbicycles.com

Santa Cruz Bicycles, Juliana Bicycles, and Cervelo Cycles’ SLC-based digital team is hiring a UI Designer to create new online experiences for customers across our brands. As the next member of our team you will design new responsive and accessible experiences.

As we migrate to a headless CMS and commerce experience for our b2b and customer facing merchandise store, we need talented designers to own the digital experience across brands.

We offer great benefits that include 100% paid health, dental, and vision insurance, 401K matching, monthly employee events and major discounts on bikes and bike gear.

We offer a relaxed but highly motivated working environment, local singletrack, and the opportunity to work with a group of bike enthusiasts.


Culture Biosciences | Software Engineer | South San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.culturebiosciences.com/

Write software to make cells grow in custom made robots! We're a 25 person startup, we build our own hardware in our own lab and we need a great addition to our software team of 4 to help keep the cells, robots, and customers happy.

This can involve writing software at all levels of the stack. No specific experience required other than writing good software and being curious.

I joined almost 2 years ago and I can not emphasize enough how much fun it has been. The people are kind and trustful, the environment is one of curiosity and exploration, and I always look forward to going to work.

We're looking for someone with 6+ years of experience shipping software, preferably some of that at company of our stage. Good interface and architecture design, knowing which corners to cut, and which to spend more time on are important.

If you're interested in chatting send me an email: satshabad@culturebiosciences.com

(Note, we've gotten many candidates so it may take some time to get back to you)

Chronosphere | Engineering Manager (NYC/Seattle), Platform Engineer, Customer Solutions Engineer | Onsite NYC/Seattle, Onsite Vilnius, Lithuania or Remote | Full-Time | https://chronosphere.io/

Chronosphere is a fast growing, early stage startup building an innovative observability platform for cloud native applications. Chronosphere enables customers to develop and operate reliable cloud native applications: with the ability to quickly identify problems and their causes; simply, affordably and at scale. The platform is delivered as a SaaS service that is easy to adopt and scale with customer needs.

We're hiring a leader - our first Engineering Manager (NYC/Seattle).

We're hiring software engineers; Platform Engineers & Customer Solutions Engineers.

You'll be working with Matt Mihic, our Global Head of Engineering, who previously led engineering at Okta, Square, and Uber during their early and hyper growth phases. Read more about our team and career opportunities here: https://chronosphere.io/

Chalkboard | Manchester, UK | ONSITE | Equity | http://usechalkboard.com/

Local businesses feel left behind by technology. And yet, 40-55% of total monthly household budgets are spent locally, and the average person visits 7 local businesses a month. Chalkboard makes simple tools that make local businesses convenient to work with, driving more customers through their door.

Chalkboard are taking the same technology that is transforming enterprise, simplifying it, making it truly mobile-first, and putting it in the hands of deserving local business heroes.

We're currently looking for: Full stack engineers / Mobile app engineers

Our stack includes PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Node, Express, GraphQL, Kotlin, Swift

Sound exciting to you? Send your CV and cover letter to: careers at usechalkboard.com or read more at: https://chalkboard.recruitee.com/?source=HackerNews

Ardan Labs | Mid-Level/Senior Go Engineers with Kubernetes experience | REMOTE must be in North America | https://www.ardanlabs.com/

Ardan Labs is a software consulting and training firm specializing in Golang, Docker, & Kubernetes. We are a group of passionate engineers and business professionals focused on solving our client’s problems based on core engineering values and community involvement.

What our clients are looking for:

  - A working knowledge of Go, standard library, idioms and common guidelines.
  - Ability to collaborate with team members, flushing out designs to finalizing solutions.
  - Understanding business requirements and translating that into engineering decisions.
  - Capable of determining and communicating engineering trade-offs.
  - Capable of writing documentation and tests.

- As a W2 employee, we offer family medical coverage, life insurance, paid vacation, and technical training.

Apply here: https://www.ardanlabs.com/my/careers

Blueshift | Bay Area / Charlotte / REMOTE OK| Full-time, Remote | https://blueshift.com

Blueshift’s AI-Powered Marketing Platform empowers cutting edge B2C brands to drive 1:1 marketing on every channel. Blueshift is growing rapidly, and has consistently been rated a leader in the CDP and Multi-chautomation categories. We're backed by top tier VCs, and have been recognized as a “Cool Vendor for AI in Marketing” by Gartner. Customers love our product, and achieve tremendous ROI from using our solution.

1. Senior Platform Software Engineer - Elixir / Cassandra / Ruby / ElasticSearch https://blueshift.com/careers/?gh_jid=4263429002

2. Senior Site Reliability Engineer - AWS, Docker https://blueshift.com/careers/?gh_jid=4913893002

GRAILED | https://www.grailed.com | SOHO, NYC | Full-time | Onsite | Grailed is a community-driven marketplace for fashion, style, and streetwear. We are 70 people, our engineering team is 26, and we run a rails backend with react front-end.

We've got a lot of exciting work to be done in the space of recommendations, discovery, and fraud! We place a lot of emphasis on quality of life - this is a truly great place to work :)

Open roles:

- Sr. Software Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/grailed/jobs/4885598002)

- Sr. iOS Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/grailed/jobs/4890394002)

- Engineering Manager (https://boards.greenhouse.io/grailed/jobs/4883501002)

email: alec.mckinley@grailed.com

Synthego | Redwood City, CA | Full Stack Engineer | DevOps Engineer | ONSITE eventually

Synthego is a mature biotech startup, developing an industrialized CRISPR genetic editing platform. https://www.synthego.com/

About the Full Stack Engineer role:

  - Add new functionality to our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), enabling scientists to automate and improve their workflow.
  - Tech stack: Django and React
  - Non-CS backgrounds are also welcome.
  More about the role: https://jobs.lever.co/synthego/6391e353-c9cd-4316-8a8f-b343e83c169a
About the DevOps Engineer role:

  - Deploy a variety of microservices.
  - Build and maintain monitoring.
  - Containerization of microservices.
  - Tech stack: AWS, CI/CD, Linux, Docker, Python
  More about the role: https://jobs.lever.co/synthego/c1dec2e1-4f44-4f4d-806a-0a5d7f3e905c
All open positions: https://www.synthego.com/careers#open-positions

Reach out at: recinternal [at] gmail dot com

Plasmic | Bay Area | Full-time, Remote | https://www.plasmic.app/

We are an early stage software startup funded by NEA and other esteemed investors. We are creating a visual builder for React - something that is as easy to use as a design tool like Sketch/Figma (which you can also import from!) but builds production-ready React components. We want to fix design/development collaboration and simplify product development.

We have an intimate team of 5 (tech leads from Google, Microsoft, Facebook), of which 3 have PhDs (MIT, UW), and 3 have previously launched successful startups.

We're looking for another engineer to join the core team. The only skill requirement is React, but generally we are seeking engineers with at least a couple years of experience. Background in building complex tools, deep frontend work, compilers, or distributed systems are pluses!

If you're interested, please let us know - we would love to hear from you! hiring@plasmic.app

Doctype | Software engineer | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE, VISA or REMOTE (worldwide) | Full-time | https://www.doctype.se/ We're a small digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently around 15 people. We have an office in the heart of Stockholm, but our employees are free to work from wherever they feel most productive. We've built https://lemondogs.com/, https://www.gothiaecup.com/, https://beta.esportal.se/, amongst other websites. Our largest clients are within the eSports segment.

We’re currently looking for a software engineer with reverse engineering skills to work with us on client-sided anti-cheat technology. The project you would be working on is a standalone client built in C/C++, Go and x86 Assembly. Our current tech stack is mainly Go, MariaDB and React,


* Good understanding of C and x86-64 assembly

* Good understanding of the Windows NT kernel

* Good grasp of reverse engineering

* Eager to learn

Nice to have:

* Experience with reverse engineering malware/cheats/games, the windows NT kernel

* Experience with binary instrumentation

* Experience with hardware-assisted virtualization (such as VT-x and AMD-V), SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) (e.g. EPT, NPT)

* Understanding cryptography primitives

You’ll be working together with another anti-cheat engineer to combat cheaters in video games. Mail me at: asamy@doctype.se

Faithlife | Full-Stack, Backend, Team Leads, Project Managers | Bellingham, WA - Chandler, AZ - Puebla, Mexico | Fulltime | Onsite or Remote

There is a lot that goes into building an Integrated Ministry Platform (https://equip.faithlife.com) and Logos Bible Software (https://logos.com). We are looking for Software Developers who can help us build awesome software. Join us as we make revolutionary technology for administration and discipleship for churches all over the world. The ideal candidate will be able to work on front-end UI, develop the supporting back-end services, and has a passion for building elegant solutions.

Technologies: C#, .NET, JavaScript, React

Where we can hire: https://faithlife.com/careers/remote

Engineering Manager (Mexico): https://fl.vu/FdMEngMgr

Team lead: https://fl.vu/engmgr

Senior Full-Stack (USA): https://fl.vu/srfullstack

Senior Full-Stack (Mexico): https://fl.vu/FdMSrEng

Senior Backend: https://fl.vu/SrBackend

and more … https://faithlife.com/careers

Petal | New York, NY | Software Engineers, VP of Engineering, Engineering Manager (Data), Product Design Lead | Remote (United States)

Petal is a credit card for people with limited credit histories. We use machine learning to analyze cash flow, augmenting traditional credit score-based lending decisions. Our mission is to increase access and fairness in the credit market. We've raised our Series C and are growing dramatically.

Some recent coverage we've received: https://techcrunch.com/2020/09/24/valar-petal-series-c/

Tech stack: https://stackshare.io/petal

Please apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/petalcard/?lever-origin=applied&lever-...

Immunant | Senior Staff Engineer | REMOTE | Full-time | https://www.immunant.com

Immunant's mission is to make it easier to deploy Rust code alongside or in place of C/C++ at all levels of the stack. We are looking for a fellow systems programming expert to help us harden components used by hundreds of millions of users each day. If you have demonstrable experience with C/C++/Rust, an eye for detail, and plenty of self-motivation, we'd love to talk.

We are located in Southern California but also encourage strong candidates who wish to work remotely in the US to apply.

More details: https://www.immunant.com/jobs Code: https://www.github.com/immunant

Send questions and applications to team@immunant.com – please mention HN in subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Checkly | Full Stack JS, Lead Open Source | Berlin, REMOTE, EU region | Full time | https://checklyhq.com/jobs

Checkly is the delightful API & E2E monitoring platform for modern developers: programmable, flexible and loving JavaScript. We are a young, well funded and growing developer tooling company run by experienced founders. We build our main SaaS app, a popular open source project called Headless Recorder and the site https://theheadless.dev. You will be working on all of these things.

We are remote, spread over DK, NL, DE, PL and TR.

We are hiring for two positions:

- Full Stack JavaScript developer: build, extend and harden our backend and frontend.

- Lead Developer Open Source: lead our open source initiatives with code and communication.

Key tech we use: JavaScript, NodeJS, Vue.js, Heroku, Postgres, AWS.

For details on the roles and how to apply please visit: https://www.checklyhq.com/jobs

Core Fitness | https://core.fitness/ | New York, Montreal | Full time | Onsite

Core is an early-stage startup helping fitness instructors thrive in a post-covid digital world. We're building an instructor-first platform that empowers anyone with passion and talent for teaching to easily build a sustainable digital fitness business. We're breaking free from the tired stereotypes and making fitness more accessible, creating a happier, healthier world for every body.

We're looking for engineers looking to join a very early stage startup to take on broad ownership to architect, build, and collaborate across business/product/design:

- Senior Software Engineer, Backend-Focused (Elixir)

- Senior Software Engineer, Frontend-Focused (Svelte)

- Senior Software Engineer, Mobile (iOS, Swift)

Frontend/designer combos welcome and a big plus.

Fullstack a big plus.

Payments experience is a plus (Stripe, in-app payments, platforms/marketplaces).

We value curiosity, humility, ambition, and empathy.

Apply or find out more at: apply@core.fitness

Railway | https://railway.app/ | Engineers (Infra/Full-Stack) | SF & Remote

Railway is collaborative software infrastructure with superpowers. It's as simple as CMD + K -> Postgres to provision whatever containers you need. We also offer cloud environments for all team members, a CLI to route all the container-relevant environment variables to your programs, and plugins like (e.g a logger) with Egress' to your favorite services (e.g DataDog).

Our goal is to offer the fastest experience from zero to production application. We're at about 15 minutes for developers, and we want to get that down to 5 minutes, for anybody.

Our Core Tech: Frontend: TypeScript, React, GraphQL Backend: TypeScript, Node, Golang, Prisma Databases: Postgres Infrastructure: Ansible, Terraform, Docker, CloudFlare Workers

About Us: Really small team (3 ATM), all engineers. Backed by some of the biggest names in devtools. Well capitalized and lots of equity in the table if you want to tune the slider either way (Cash or Equity)

If you're interested, play with the product and shoot me an email jake at railway dot app.

Product: https://railway.app/invite/y2-r-nkin3F69OMlwpcvR

Infra Eng: https://www.notion.so/railwayapp/Infrastructure-Engineer-3ba...

Full Stack: https://www.notion.so/railwayapp/Full-Stack-Engineer-0c78646...

Dell Technologies | Fulltime | Remote (US-based) | https://www.dell.com/

We’re looking for 4 senior analytics professionals to join our Massachusetts-based Data Science team. The desired candidates will work to enable Dell's Global Business Operations & Sales organizations with data-driven insights that support our game-changing quota planning and business transformation efforts. The roles will be remote - so location in the US is negotiable.

- Machine Learning Lead Engineer: https://lnkd.in/eY3ny-4

- Principal Data Scientist: https://lnkd.in/ecDXgGW

- Senior Data Engineer: https://lnkd.in/ex2UE9V

- Data Science Business Engagement Lead: https://lnkd.in/eJ6Q3nZ

Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA and Munich, Germany | Full time | Onsite

Do you want to help transform manufacturing? We are building the best team in the industry to bring consumer-grade user experiences to a space dominated by ancient enterprise technology. Our platform enables our customers to create apps without code and to connect their apps to machines, sensors and smart tools. These augmented production lines would otherwise rely on paper to share information.

We have offices in Somerville, MA and Munich, Germany and have raised $52m from NEA, Vertex, and other leading investors. Our customers include some of the largest manufacturers in the world across numerous verticals of the manufacturing industry.

We'd love to talk to anyone interested, but in particular we are looking to bring folks on in:

- SRE/DevOps: Kubernetes-admin, scalable monitoring across the firewall, hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment

- SRE/DevOps: Azure cloud architect, ideally with container service/AKS experience

- QA Engineer: build out a robust testing pipeline across all areas of the stack, from Hardware up to UI.

- Web Development: React+Redux frontend, NodeJS+Mongo+Postgres+Redis backend, syncing data with Meteor, delivering useful, real-time experiences in the browser and on Electron

- Data & Pipeline Engineering: planning, implementing, and finding insights with our next generation of process & sensor analytics

- IoT/Embedded Software: delivering a reliable, extensible HW platform across arm and x86, all manner of bus/IO tech

Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co

Wyssen Avalanche Control | Backend/Full-Stack Engineer | Switzerland | Onsite | Full Time | https://www.wyssenavalanche.com/

Visa possible for the right applicant (EU preferred)


Wyssen sets the standard for innovative and high quality solutions for risk management in avalanche-exposed areas. We deliver cost-effective and ecological solutions for avalanche control equipment and software tools.

We have over 350 avalanche towers protecting roads, railroads and infrastructure in Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Chile and Canada.

We are constantly focusing on innovative solutions, and this has enabled us to set the standard in the field of avalanche control with our state-of-the-art technology and professional risk solution services.


We are located in Reichenbach im Kandertal, a small ski town in the Bernese Oberland (ten minutes to Adelboden ski area, 30 minutes to Interlaken, 30 minutes to Bern).

Our current team is small: one frontend engineer, one devops/backend engineer (me), and the electrical engineer who built the initial application. The practical challenge right now is to transform the current, non-OOP, primarily PHP application into a modern, extensible, and manageable tool for our users and for future developers. We are looking for someone with a strong architectural background and experience with PHP web applications. You and I will have an opportunity to define much of the direction and technologies we will adopt or modify.

Most of the team speaks Swiss German, but I am a native English speaker and we use English for technical discussions.

Job description (in German): http://minify.link/6hf

Please email me with questions: gerrit[at]wyssen[dot]com

Relay Financial | Toronto, Canada | Frontend/Backend/DevSecOps/QA Engineers | FULL-TIME | REMOTE or ONSITE

Relay Financial is on a mission to increase the success rate of small business. We believe that banking is a growth limiter rather than a growth enabler for business owners, and we’re changing that. We’re building banking designed for growing businesses. With Relay, business owners can open an account in minutes, issue corporate cards in seconds and automate financial management.

We’re growing quickly and we're looking for engineers who are excited to work on challenging problems and be part of the next wave in banking.

We're hiring for the following positions - Senior Frontend Developer - Senior Backend Developer - DevSecOps Engineer - Quality Assurance Lead

Visit our career page @ https://relayfi.com/careers for full job descriptions, or reach out to careers@relayfi.com for more details.

Kira Systems | Software Development Manager| Canada, Toronto | Remote | https://www.kirasystems.com We’ve built a machine learning software that enlightens the world’s enterprises by enabling them to truly know what’s in their contracts and documents. We’re bold in our decision making, clear on our mission and – most importantly – passionate about pairing the power of human know-how with a powerful product. We are hiring a Software Development Manager to lead a group of high performing developers responsible for one of the most important features - enhancing connectivity of our application with other platforms. The pod is one of our 6 multifunctional teams building and improving our core SaaS application in close cooperation with Product, Design and Quality Engineering. Since our establishment we have gone far and have built a powerful tool relied upon by thousands of users every day. We are now ready to scale, innovate and take the application to the next level. In this role you will leverage your extensive technical expertise as well as leadership skills to lead, motivate and strengthen our team.Apart from strong leadership, you will be responsible for high level architecture and design, code reviews as well as technical mentoring of your team. We follow agile methodology in our delivery, however, as the Software Development Manager you will be responsible for the tasks delegation, orchestration, dependencies and overall product delivery of the pod. At this stage of Kira’s growth, this position will have a huge influence on our direction and success.This role is suitable for a Software Development Manager with Front-End and/or Back-End Development expertise. For more information, visit our careers page https://kirasystems.com/careers/#anchor_careers?gh_jid=47738... or email us at sarka.urbankova@kirasystems.com.

What we do: Application complexity is shooting through the roof, and a large part of the reason is obsolescence of underlying data platforms that were built for centralized and simpler workloads. We are building the next generation data fabric for cloud native applications - where data mobility and portability is a central theme. This vision is matched by the passion of the founding team (with experience at Google, Facebook, and other internet scale companies), and we are recruiting our first engineers that will help establish the direction for the platform and establish the culture for the company.

What you'll do as a Founding Engineer:

As a Founding Engineer, you will design, implement, and deploy highly distributed, large-scale services. You will translate complex functional and technical requirements into detailed architecture and design. You will be very hands on, and work with others on the engineering team to manage day-to-day development activities, and participate in designs, design reviews, code reviews, and implementation. Our ideal candidate will be passionate about delivering high quality solutions to complex engineering problems, while working within a team.

Required Qualifications:

--BS or MS in Computer Science or a similar field (PhD a -plus)

--Track record of successfully shipping systems or infrastructure software

--Experience with lower level systems programming in C or C++

Bonus Qualifications:

--Previous experience building distributed databases or storage software

--Experience with cloud-based technologies

We are also looking for a PM with 5+ years of experience. If you have experience working in a relevant field and are open to new opportunity, please contact me.

If you're interested in our tech or joining our team, please send your resume to jnguyen@grainite.com (:

Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE

Histre | Full-Stack Developer | REMOTE | https://histre.com/

Histre is "Effortless Knowledge Base". The core idea is that the signals that users generate as they go about their day on the web can be put to good use for them. Right now it visualizes their research path, save notes and highlights, collaborate with teams, and such things related to creating and maintaining a knowledge base semi-automatically. We have ambitious plans for where we want to take the product.

We're looking for an experienced full-stack developer. We're specifically looking for extensive Django and JavaScript expertise (4+ years), with skills to build robust systems. Experience with browser extension development, PostgreSQL, and Elastic Stack would be a big bonus.

Please apply here: https://histre.com/jobs/

Roblox | San Mateo, CA | Full Time | REMOTE through June 2021 -> ONSITE July 2021

Roblox is ushering in the next generation of entertainment, allowing people to imagine, create, and play together in immersive, user-generated worlds. We are recruiting across multiple teams and positions. We are actively hiring and all interviews are currently done via phone & Zoom.

Our top priority roles are:

- Technical Artist: 5+ years experience; Proficient in C++, Lua, Python and/or JavaScript

- Backend Web Engineer: 5+ years experience; Fluent in C#, C++, Java, or another OOP language

- C++ / Lua Engineer: 3-5 years experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with Lua preferred

- C++ / UI Engineer: 3-5+ years experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with building very complex end user applications

- C++ 3D Modeling Engineer: 3-5+ years experience; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on 3D APIs

- Software Engineer, Distributed Caching/Infrastructure: 3+ years experience building software to manage infrastructure

- Data Engineer: 3+ years experience; Expert with Java and Go; Custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance

- Tech Lead/ Engineering Manager: 3-5+ years leading projects and/or teams; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on growing and mentoring teams

- UI Engineer: 2-4+ years experience; Strong Python; Build tools to accelerate the development process for millions of engineers

Please reach out to "efife at roblox.com" and mention this Hacker News post.

Or, to find more information, see our full list of open positions, and apply, please visit:


VSCO | Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Senior iOS Engineer, Server Engineer | Oakland, New York, Chicago | Full Time

VSCO is a creative channel. We build creative tools, spaces, and connections driven by self-expression. Our mission is to help everybody fall in love with their own creativity.

We value generalists over specialists. Our technology stack includes AWS, Chef, Terraform, Bazel, Envoy, Kubernetes, Docker, gRPC, TensorFlow, Spark, Java, Kafka, Titan, Mongo, Go, C++, Node.js, PHP, Swift and Objective-C on iOS, Kotlin and RxJava on Android, and React.

We're a relatively small engineering team of about 50 people - meaning your work will have a lot of impact. We truly encourage being yourself at work and it shows in the creative code we write :)

Apply at https://vsco.co/about/careers or feel free to reach out at jmendez@vsco.co (Jen Mendez).

[REMOTE] Platform.sh is seeking a Customer Support Engineer This position will be responsible for assessing the nature of product or service issues and resolving support problems for customers and partners through support tickets, live chat, and occasional voice calls. Don’t let the word “Support” fool you - this is not a typical call center role. Our customers are technically sophisticated and once a question gets to us search engines have failed to provide an answer. On any given day, you’ll be applying your knowledge of Linux with technologies like MySQL, DNS, CDNs, SSL, Redis, various programming languages, replication, integration with other systems and much more. Expect to learn something new every day.

Successful employees will collaborate with other team members, meet deadlines and test new ideas, tools, and tactics. We are looking for motivators and go-getters who will improve our processes, our products and ourselves. As one of our Cloud Support Engineers, you are our front line; when our customers think of how great Platform.sh is, they think of you.

This role is permanent and full time, 5 days a week including Saturdays and Sundays as 2 other weekly days off will be allocated

Qualifications 3+ years combined of: Linux system administration Web development using PHP, Python, Ruby or Go. (However, this is not primarily a programming job) Experience using git Managing DNS Functional knowledge of TLS and encryption Demonstrating exceptional communication skills to provide clear and empathetic customer support

We are a worldwide distributed team and are looking for a candidate who can perform well working remotely. To be an effective performer as a CSE here at Platform.sh, you’ll need to be able to effectively collaborate across time zones while operating with a high level of independence and autonomy.

Apply here: https://platform.sh/company/careers/job/?gh_jid=4833534002

Hello, is there an email address to reach you at?


I think you're in the wrong thread, you want the "Who wants to be hired" one at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24651637.

you're correct! My oversight, thanks for the heads up!


We're tackling exciting difficult challenges and building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We have particular strengths in dispersed computation, functional programming, cryptography, and deep learning.

We're currently most interested in engineers with solid experience in Rust, Haskell/Idris, or cryptography. We also have openings for enthusiastic developers or researchers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We welcome internship/fellowship interest from postdoctoral scholars or senior graduate students.

We do not presently have openings for current/recent undergraduates.

Wherever you are in the world, send your resume to info@onai.com and we'll let you know if there's a potential fit.

Delibr | Full-stack developer, Product Manager | Stockholm, Sweden | Full-time | ONSITE| jobs.delibr.com

Delibr is a Stockholm-based startup that helps product managers and their teams become better at collaborating in their feature refinement process.

Our product is "like Google Docs for product managers", and our customers love how it is adapted for them, with integrations with Jira and Slack, and with features that give them better support for input gathering and decision making related to product development.

We are continually extending our now 7-person team, with a view to doing a VC round early next year, followed by rapid global expansion.

We are currently looking for: - Full-stack developer - Product Manager

If you are interested, go to https://jobs.delibr.com and apply ASAP!

ML6 | Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer | Python, TensorFlow, Google Cloud Platform | Full-time | Amsterdam, Berlin, Ghent (EU)

We are a Machine Learning consulting company that builds end-to-end Machine Learning solutions. By applying the latest AI research, we keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.

If you are interested check out: https://ml6.eu/resource/

You will mostly work with TensorFlow and Python to solve hard Machine Learning tasks and help to put these into production. As Premier Google Cloud Service Partner, ML6 has a very strong relationship with Google, providing you options to collaborate and alpha test a lot of their latest ML tools.

We are looking for:

• Machine Learning Engineer

• Data Engineer

• Front End Developer

• Customer Engineer

• Customer Experience Manager

• Project Manager

• Business Developer

Apply at: https://jobs.ml6.eu

Ashwink | Robotics engineer with strong coding background | India, preferably Jaipur/Delhi |

We are building automated hematology analysers for point of care diagnosis - think Theranos, but much smaller and legit. We are going to transform the lives of a billion Indians who don't have access to diagnostic services. We use neural networks and computational imaging to generate blood reports and have completed the first prototype. We need people who have worked in image analysis.

I'm a solo founder from IIT Delhi, with an amazing team of IIT Delhi alumni. We also have a distribution network in place, just waiting for the product to materialise.

Please do mail at hardik@ashwink.co.in if interested!

Calipsa | Full-time | Remote (be able to work in CET time zone) | Engineering Manager

Calipsa's mission is to make the world a safer place by helping to detect and prevent crime. Calipsa’s AI platform analyses CCTV video in real-time to assess risk, filter out false alarms and automatically notify alarm monitoring services. Our current focus is on detecting burglary and theft and we monitor sites across construction, logistics, industrial, agricultural, retail and residential sectors in 7 different countries.

Role & Responsibilities

  - Responsible for the delivery of the product
  - Improve the application team’s technical capabilities by establishing best practices, mentoring team members and recruiting new employees
  - Lead discussion on technology and architecture with the development team
Key Requirements

  - Minimum 3-4 years experience working within engineering teams with team lead/management experience; ideally within fast growing and category-leading companies
  - Great knowledge in those different technologies node.js / single page application frameworks (vue js/react) / AWS / Kubernetes
  - Understanding of and experience with large, multi-faceted and complex systems.
  - Experience working in small teams with a great deal of autonomy
  - Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Send resume and links to rashid[dot]khan[at]calipsa[dot]io

Flow Labs | Oakland, CA | Software Engineer, Designer | Full-Time

We’re building the world’s first Autonomous Traffic Management (ATM) platform - a single platform that plugs into connected vehicles and connected infrastructure to optimize city traffic. Our flagship product, Predictive Traffic Control (PTC), is the world’s first pure software solution for traffic signal control with proven capabilities to reduce rush hour travel times in major cities by up to 24%. We’re on a mission to eliminate congestion, improve traffic flow and give back time to everyone.

Currently hiring for our first Designer (https://angel.co/company/traffic-flow-labs/jobs/991819-produ...) and Software Engineers (https://angel.co/company/traffic-flow-labs/jobs/986260-softw...)

This is a great opportunity to join an ambitious, mission-driven startup taking on a $1tn+ global problem. We're well-funded and are making significant traction in our market. If you’re interested, apply via AngelList or email me your resume or LinkedIn at jatish@flowlabs.ai

Canexia Health | Vancouver, BC, Canada | On-Site or Remote | Devops Engineer We believe everyone with cancer should have the same fighting chance to survive and thrive.We work in a rapidly evolving field that attracts smart, talented people who are committed to making a difference for cancer patients. But not everyone has access to those advances, which are all too often limited to patients at elite medical institutions or those who know someone who ‘knows someone’ working in our field. People who join us are dedicated to bringing equity and access to critical aspects of cancer care. The DevOps Engineer is a part of the software team that works within a cross functional structure with software developers, bioinformaticians and lab scientists. You are a highly motivated individual with a penchant for automation and a desire to deliver quality software by increasing our DevOps maturity. Our tech is largely open-stack, with a lot of Python, Javascript, Django, AWS EC2, Ansible and Docker. Your work directly helps identify targeted treatments and clinical trials that can benefit cancer patients. If this is you, check out our posting: https://canexiahealth.com/about-canexia/careers/ if you have any questions, email mmchenry@canexiahealthcom

Forward | San Francisco, CA | Frontend, Mobile, Full stack Engineers | ONSITE when safe, REMOTE for now

Want to transform healthcare? Now’s the time. We're hiring for our world-class engineering team at Forward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkjxo6SdPT8

We're on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to those who need it most around the world. We’re looking for detail-oriented, product-focused, impact-driven teammates to help us realize the mission.

We're building an entirely new system to empower our doctors with advanced tools (https://goforward.com/technology) to facilitate early detection, continuous improvement and personalized care – supported by data – with a nationwide network of primary care clinics in cities across the country. Video tour here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnJEsoGmh-8&feature=youtu.be

If this mission resonates with you, check out our open roles at https://goforward.com/eng, or reach out to me directly at marissa@goforward.com with your resume.

Seattle Mariners | R&D Analyst | Seattle | Onsite

We are seeking individuals with a background in statistical analysis and data science for a full-time role on the Research and Development team. This position will work alongside other baseball analysts on a variety of projects, with the ability to impact scouting, player development, and front office decision-making.

Proficiency in R or Python required; Proficiency in SQL, git, biomechanical analysis, sports tracking data preferred.

Interested applicants can apply here: https://www.mlb.com/mariners/team/job-opportunities-full-tim... Applicants with questions can email me fdiamond@mariners.com

Sonder | San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto | Onsite, Remote | Full-time | https://www.sonder.com

Sonder is transforming the future of hospitality. We are building the operating system for the future of the hospitality industry. Technology is at the core of powering the platform for the world's first deconstructed hotel and we are the first to do it. We recently raised our Series E at a $1.3B+ valuation. We are growing rapidly and looking for talented engineers to join us on this journey.

We are hiring Senior and Staff engineers, view all positions at https://grnh.se/cee91ba62us

Zoomforth (https://www.zoomforth.com) | Engineering (Product) | US/UK-based REMOTE | Full-time

Hey HN readers, we're looking for engineers to join us!

Zoomforth is like Squarespace for Enterprise. We help professionals design and manage beautiful microsites. Big companies love us because their sites are consistently branded, accessible by a tightly controlled audience, and we provide great support. Their employees love us because they can use a WYSIWYG editor to create, edit, and publish with ease.

Founded in 2012, we have a stable and growing base of big-name customers who love us. We are currently looking for a product engineer who can:

Design, implement, and improve our frontend React application, backend Python app, and ancillary systems. Work with the product team to help determine product direction. Manage and maintain an AWS elastic beanstalk environment.

Our stack is AWS/Linux/MySQL/Python/React. We use modern dev tools like Docker, Webpack, and CircleCI.

We're a small, distributed team—so excellent communication, and a self-motivated work ethic are essential. Bonus if you’re experienced with remote work.

If this sounds exciting to you, please see our full job posting and apply at: https://share.zoomforth.com/product-engineer-hn


Relativity Space | Long Beach, CA | Full Time | Onsite, remote during COVID | Equity

Relativity Space is building humanity’s multiplanetary future. We invented a new approach to design, build, and fly our own rockets, starting with Terran 1 – the world’s first entirely 3D printed rocket.

Tech stack: C++, Python, C#, SQL

No aerospace experience required. Looking for full stack and C++ software engineers excited to dive into problems in controls, computer vision, and robust scalable solutions.

YouTube video of how our technology is building the future of humanity in space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhNnurW48G0

Build software for our cutting edge 3D printing technology: https://boards.greenhouse.io/relativity/jobs/4902289002?gh_j...

Build real-time flight control software: https://boards.greenhouse.io/relativity/jobs/4905019002?gh_j...

Build launch data acquisition and control software: https://boards.greenhouse.io/relativity/jobs/4824690002?gh_j...

Prune AI | New York, NY | Senior Full-Stack Engineers, Senior Backend Engineers | Full Time | Remote (US) or Onsite (NYC)

Prune.ai presents a scientific approach to social media marketing. We are building an AI-powered marketplace to help businesses promote their products with word-of-mouth on social media. We have an MVP in stealth mode and are currently testing in closed beta.

We are looking for: * Experienced Full-stack/frontend engineer (React, bootstrap, HTML5/CSS, Django)

* Experienced Backend Engineer (Python, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS and/or Azure, Scala and experience with Spark preferred)

* Machine Learning Scientist (Python, Tensorflow or PyTorch, R or Matlab, Docker or Kubernetes, Scala and experience with Spark preferred, Masters+/PhD preferred)

The engineering team works directly with Machine Learning Scientists, so there is an opportunity for significant technical learning. Our team includes a PhD, ex-Amazon, and people with 10+ years of experience. Our team of 5 is fully remote at the moment, but we'd prefer applicants from the US to maximize time-zone overlap.

MORE INFO: https://www.prune.ai/index.php?utm=hkn APPLY HERE: https://angel.co/company/prune-ai/jobs

Tango | Los Angeles, LA | REMOTE US | Senior Full-Stack Engineer| Full-time | https://tango.us/

Tango helps teams share how work gets done. Learning on the job today is a snooze. Training manuals and performance reviews? Terrible. We think better coaching results in more people reaching their full potential. To start, we’re building screen-capture tech and workflow analytics for team members to watch and learn from each other, remotely.

Myself and 2 other co-founders left HBS to build this. Backgrounds at Uber + General Catalyst, and our CTO in blockchain tech.

We're a team of 7 that have raised seed funding (unannounced) and looking for Senior Full-Stack Engineers who care about helping people be their best at work and having fun while joining on the ground floor.

More info: https://www.notion.so/Senior-Full-Stack-Engineer-Tango-bd92c...

Apply: rebrand.ly/tango-sfse

or reach out dan at tango.us - always excited to share more!

Vitally.io | Software Engineer | Remote (U.S.) | Full-Time | https://vitally.io

Vitally is a powerful and beautiful Customer Success Platform that helps SaaS teams reduce churn. We're a small (8 employees) but fast growing team based in Brooklyn, NY looking to bring on an early engineer to help us continue to scale as we rapidly add more customers.

As an early team member, you'll have plenty of discretion to make technology and design decisions as we grow, but our current setup is full-stack Typescript: React+Typescript on the frontend and Node+Typescript on the backend, all backed by Postgres and hosted on AWS.

You can apply by emailing patrick [at] vitally.io

Aclaimant | Remote | Full Stack Developer | Full-time | https://aclaimant.com

At Aclaimant we are redefining the way companies and employees work together to manage risk.

Aclaimant is looking for an experienced Clojure developer to join our team. Our SaaS platform is built using Clojure and ClojureScript. We work remotely from the comfort of our own homes. Pair programming is important to us; it helps us build culture and share knowledge.

We expect candidates to be located in the US and work core hours.

Email jobs@aclaimant.com for more information or visit https://www.aclaimant.com/work-with-us

Luminare | Full-stack Clojure(Script) Engineer | REMOTE (US + Canada timezones) | Full-time

At Luminare, our mission is to stop the #1 cause of death in hospitals, and help safely reopen America during the COVID-19 pandemic. We accomplish this through our two flagship products, Sagitta[1] and Quickscreen[2].

We’re looking for another experienced full-stack Clojure(Script) developer to join the team.

Our frontends are built with re-frame. We’re building new Clojure backends (moving from nodejs/Express).

Luminare’s team is distributed across the U.S. and Canada, and we’re hiring in those timezones. Our headquarters office is in Houston, Texas, with the team-members in that region all working remotely due to COVID. This position reports to our CTO.

To apply, please review the job description[3], then send your resume or C/V to join@luminaremed.com (please reference this post). Please email there with questions.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

[1]: https://www.luminaremed.com

[2]: https://quickscreen.luminaremed.com

[3]: https://luminareinc-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/adam_fe...

Percona | Multiple roles | Worldwide | Remote | Full Time | https://www.percona.com/

We Are Unbiased Open Source Database Experts. And we are hiring.

We are looking for a MySQL Engineer. Location - APAC business hours. https://www.percona.com/about-percona/careers/database-engin...

Technical Operations Engineer. Location - APAC business hours. https://www.percona.com/about-percona/careers/technical-oper...

A Golang Developer with strong experience with K8s and databases. Location- anywhere. https://www.percona.com/about-percona/careers/golang-softwar...

A Software Engineering Manager. Location - EMEA https://www.percona.com/about-percona/careers/software-engin...

Symaps.io | Full stack | Paris, France | Full Time | Remote / On Site | Compensation based on profile |

Symaps.io is an application rank and score locations based on the environment : residents, surrounding businesses and infrastructure, footfall. Our data is incuding anonymized movements from 500+ million mobile devices in 180 countries, +100 million businesses, HD census in any country.

We just closed a 700K seed round and several clients contracts, and are urgently looking for passionate peoples to strengthen our team of 10 people (incl. 4 full time engineers).

Esp. we're hiring 2 full stack engineers. Our stack : Python, React, Scikit-learn, Kubernetes, Elastic, PostgreSQL / PostGIS.

More details here : https://50-partners.welcomekit.co/companies/symaps-io-1/jobs... https://50-partners.welcomekit.co/companies/symaps-io-1/jobs...

DataCamp | London UK / Leuven BE / Remote | Full-time | https://www.datacamp.com/jobs

DataCamp is building the best platform to learn and teach data skills. We create technology for personalized learning experiences and bring the power of data fluency to millions of people around the world. Our learners get real hands-on experience by completing self-paced, interactive data science courses, practice, and projects from the best instructors in the world, right in the browser.

We are an international team with backgrounds in education, data science, design, psychology, biology, linguistics, engineering, and more. We are united by our passion for impacting the future of education.

Currently, we have multiple open positions in our Engineering department.


## Engineering Manager

More information & applications: https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/2356366


## Senior Full Stack software engineer (JS/Typescript)

More information & applications: https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/1402346


## Senior Front-end software engineer (React/Typescript)

More information & applications: https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/2366084

Ripcord, Inc. | Fulltime | Currently Remote (due to COVID-19), eventually Onsite (Hayward, CA / SF Bay Area)

Ripcord is the world’s leading robotics digitization company, combining hardware and software robotics to process and digitize paper-based records via an Integrated SaaS offering. Focused on smart robotics digitization, smart content management with AI and helping better enable RPA and business processes.

Ripcord is transforming the $62 billion records management, RPA, MPS, and ECM space through robots that scan, index and categorize paper records, making them searchable in the cloud and integrated into existing business processes and enabling RPA. Ripcord is based in California and has raised $110 million from leading investors including CDK Global, Kleiner Perkins, GV, Baidu, Lux Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, Steve Wozniak, Legend Star, and Icon Ventures.

We respect and look after one another at Ripcord. We want everyone to feel supported, safe, free to innovate and take risks that result in breakthroughs that challenge the status quo. Crazy ideas are welcome here! Our team is fun, driven, and energetic. Every day we work with industrial robots, computer vision systems, and a diverse stack of software tools to tie it all together.

Apply here: https://www.ripcord.com/careers/

REMOTE- JAVA Software Engineer at Health Fidelity, Inc. https://healthfidelity.com/careers/open-positions/?gh_jid=23.... Health Fidelity is a healthcare tech company. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and reduce the overall cost of healthcare by making the decision-making process more data driven. Our products will have an impact on the national healthcare infrastructure, as well as patients’ quality of life.

REMOTE- JAVA Software Engineer at Health Fidelity, Inc. https://healthfidelity.com/careers/open-positions/?gh_jid=23.... Health Fidelity is a healthcare tech company. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and reduce the overall cost of healthcare by making the decision-making process more data driven. Our products will have an impact on the national healthcare infrastructure, as well as patients’ quality of life.

Intellimize | Senior Back-end / Machine Learning Engineer | ONSITE San Mateo, CA or REMOTE (US or Canada only) | FULL-TIME | https://www.intellimize.com/careers/mle/

Intellimize optimizes websites to generate more revenue. We use machine learning to automatically optimize each buyer’s path to drive more web conversions.

Our unique solution enables experimentation and personalization at an unparalleled scale, and it replaces traditional approaches to optimization such as A/B testing and rules-based personalization. These methods are too slow, require daily attention, and don’t automatically adapt to changes in behavior over time.

This role: senior level, back-end and some ML engineering. The exact blend is flexible, and we'd be happy to have a great back-end engineer join us even without any ML background.

Primary technologies: Java, Python, Tensorflow, Spark, Airflow, AWS.

Our team is positive, low ego, and customer focused. Strong communication skills are a must.

We plan to re-open our San Mateo office once it is safe to do so, and the company will continue embrace remote work (it's going great for us!). This team in particular is remote-first.

You can apply via email to careers@, or to alex@ if you want to contact me directly. I'm the hiring manager for this position.

Optiwatt | Remote | Frontend/Mobile | https://www.getoptiwatt.com

Here at Optiwatt, we are building the brain between the grid and electric vehicle charging. We offer a free app that automatically schedules electric vehicles to charge during off-peak rates in order to save money and reduce grid load.

We are a small startup located in San Francisco, California. Our team is made up of software focused environmental enthusiasts who love solving large scale energy problems.

We are looking for a frontend / mobile developer to help us launch our current web app on mobile.

Our Stack: Python(Django), Postgres, React/Redux

Please Email: casey@getoptiwatt.com

Cookpad | Machine Learning Engineer | Bristol, UK | REMOTE currently, relocation assistance available, ONSITE option (post Covid-19) | Full time | Visa sponsorship

Cookpad is the world's largest recipe sharing service, with over 100M monthly users globally. This is an opportunity to join the Global division of Cookpad, which is headquartered in Bristol (United Kingdom), and is responsible for 30+ languages, 70+ countries, and over 2M daily search requests.

We are looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join our ML Research team to help take more of our research into production. The role will involve working in collaboration with our ML Infrastructure team to support the deployment of ML based features at scale. We are particularly interested in engineers who have strong hands on deployment experience and broad knowledge across the production ML stack. The team is working from home currently. Remote welcome, timezone-dependent. Relocation welcome. Relocation assistance available.

Learn more about the role and apply: https://apply.workable.com/cookpad/j/379B445315/

Learn more about Cookpad's mission to make everyday cooking fun: https://www.cookpadteam.com/

Torqata | Lead Solutions Architect, Senior UX Researcher, Senior Data Engineer, Senior DevSecOps Engineer, Senior Full Stack Engineer, Senior Product Designer, Senior Product Manager, Senior QA Engineer, VP of Product | Remote | Full Time

We're building SaaS tools to help tire sales shops improve their profitability. https://torqata.com/

Our frontend stack is Angular. Our backend API stack is Python, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL. Our data stack is Google BigQuery, Airflow, Kubernetes, Pandas and Python.

We're also working on a blockchain project.

Please send a resume to me, dgilman at atd-us dot com

Amazon | Engineers | London, UK | On Site (Remote during COVID 19) | Full-time | VISA Sponsored | https://www.amazon.com

Amazon Alexa Shopping team is hiring Software Development Engineers to be based in London. Our vision is to redefine the future of shopping by transforming the way our customers browse, find and buy from Amazon using Alexa.

If you are interested in being considered or if you have any questions, email me: (achandaw <at> amazon (dot) com)

Pelican Community: The Pelican Community is the Uber of international delivery. Through the Pelican Community, an overseas online shopper can now order from any country's e-commerce store even if they don't ship internationally, and get their items delivered to them in hours to few days compared to current international delivery time ranging from weeks to months. We are achieving that by using the existing daily 22 million international passengers from each to every major city in the world, we use their remaining free luggage space to deliver items heading to the same destination. The result, Passengers make up to $400 per flight while online shoppers get access to any country's e-commerce store and get their items delivered them cheaper and faster than ever! Check us out at www.pelicancommunity.com (Website is currently down for Maintenance)

Location: Toronto, NYC, Washington DC or Remote North America

Positions: -Looking for an entrepreneurial CTO

(https://angel.co/company/pelican-community/jobs/995234-looki... )

-Entrepreneurial Business Development Manager

(https://angel.co/company/pelican-community/jobs/1006898-entr... )

This is a great opportunity to join an ambitious, mission-driven startup taking on the $1tn+ logistics Market. We're Pre-revenue and Pre-seed. If you’re interested, apply via the AngelList link or email me your Resume/LinkedIn at info@pelicancommunity.com

Saiga | Front-End Developer | Senior Product Manager | Product Designer | Berlin, Germany | On-Site | Full time | Visa sponsorship | https://sai.ga

Hi, we are Saiga, a new company working on revolutionising the way people deal with the bureaucracy and administrative issues in their lives. Saiga is founded by an ex-DeepMind researcher and will employ the latest in Machine Learning as part of our offering.

We are currently looking for a very experienced Product Manager to join our team: https://www.notion.so/getsaiga/Senior-Product-Manager-9457e9...

Also, we are looking for our first Product Designer: https://www.notion.so/getsaiga/Product-Designer-eb9e11099cbf...

And finally, we are still hiring for a front-end developer position to complete our initial engineering team: https://www.notion.so/getsaiga/Front-End-Developer-1277c386c...

Feel free to reach out directly to me at karlmoritz@saiga.co !

Qualia | Fulltime | SF (but currently remote due to COVID-19) | Full-stack developers

At Qualia, we’ve built a new class of real estate technology that simplifies home buying and selling into an easy, understandable, and secure process. Our products bring together users from across the real estate ecosystem—homebuyers and sellers, lenders, title and escrow agents, and real estate agents—onto a single shared platform, providing greater clarity and transparency to real estate transactions. Today, over half a million real estate professionals use Qualia to power their closings.

Our engineering team is the core of our company. Fast-paced and product-focused, Qualia engineers work cross functionally with design, product, and our customer-facing teams to imagine and build new experiences for our growing user base.

Software Engineer II (New Grads): https://grnh.se/b2c913571us

Senior Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/8e96b6c11us

Senior Software Engineer, Infra: https://grnh.se/6e04192c1us

Engineering Manager: https://grnh.se/6e04192c1us

FBI | ONSITE | USA | fbijobs.gov

The FBI consists of more than 35,000 special agents and professional staff who work across the globe to protect the U.S. from terrorism, espionage, cyber attacks, and major criminal threats.

Many FBI career options are traditional to the investigative and intelligence community. Others are similar in nature to careers found in most Fortune 500 companies.

• Senior Advisor Computer Scientist, AI/ML (Quantico, VA) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

• Supervisory Information Technology (Quantico, VA) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

• Supervisory Information Technology Specialist (Washington, DC) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

• Special Agent (Nationwide) - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

Additional positions at https://apply.fbijobs.gov. Please see further details in postings.

EmbraerX Beacon | Senior Front-End Engineer, Senior Back-End Engineer, Senior Test Automation Engineer | 100% REMOTE (but, for legal reasons, US or Brazil only)

Embraer, the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building https://beacon.works, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone.

We have multiple (functional JS and TS) React and React Native frontends and a GraphQL API backend in Clojure. Our engineering team is small but very experienced, passionate, and kind. We're looking for senior engineers with relevant technical experience as well as a product/project manager.

Location: Remote (must be able to legally work and reside in the US or Brazil)

Tech: React Native, GraphQL, TypeScript, Clojure, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply: Please email your resume to work@beacon.works (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Note: We can only hire legal US or Brazil residents and cannot sponsor visas or relocation. We are also federally regulated and all employees must pass a federal drug test. These restrictions are not within our control so please do not ask for exemptions. Thanks.

I've applied and we had the first interview by phone. The next step would be a technical test. The recruiter ghosted me and I never got to the test. After 20~ days, I sent an e-mail asking for an answer, even if negative. Never got a reply.

I'm very sorry for your experience. This should definitely not happen. Could you please email me at dom@beacon.works so I can look into it?

Today I got an answer from the recruiter. Thank you.

Remote Inning | Python/Django Backend Developer | Full Stack Developer (Django + React/Vue) | Remote (India) | Full-time or Part-time | https://www.remoteinning.com

Remote Inning is looking for Django Web Developer. We are looking for developers with qualities like consistency, reliability, working independently and communication skills especially written skills apart from tech skills.

As we are a remote-first company, you can work from a place of your choice. The position is open to candidates based in India only. Full-time salary is 10-15 LPA and hourly rate is $25. The immediate requirement is for 1 developer but we will be hiring more developers soon.

- At least 3 years of experience working on custom web apps in Python/Django.

- You are not afraid to look into code of Django packages like Django Rest Framework when in doubt. And also look into the Django codebase when something is not clear from the Django documentation (rare as docs are great).

- Create and edit Django templates so a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required. You know how to create template tags, filters and integrate SASS etc. The position requires nearly 80% backend and 20% frontend skills.

- Good understanding of Django class-based views.

- Good communication skills. As we are a remote-first development agency, good communication skills are a must. It does not mean writing in 100% accurate grammar. But understanding the feature requirements, ask questions early on and make sure the team gets the message properly. You know how to describe the issue, discuss and come up with the implementation.

- Wagtail experience is a plus but not required.

Email us at hello@remoteinning.com with Resume. Mention your development experience, motivation for applying to us and links to relevant projects.

NZXT | REMOTE | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time | https://www.nzxt.com/

NZXT CAM is the next generation of desktop software for powering your PC. Whether it’s monitoring performance, customizing your hardware accessories, or overclocking your GPU for those extra frames, NZXT CAM has the solution.

Senior Software Engineer, CAM (Frontend): https://nzxt.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=244&source=aWQ9MT... We leverage web technologies to build software features for PC hardware (such as controls and visualizations on our recently released Kraken Z series of liquid coolers https://www.nzxt.com/product-overview/kraken-z) and are looking for a senior-level software engineer with experience in full stack web development for our front-end team. Tech stack: TypeScript/JavaScript, Electron, React, MobX.

We are also looking for software engineers fluent in Rust and development targeting Windows desktop for our back-end team: Senior Software Engineer, CAM: https://nzxt.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=259&source=aWQ9MT...

Learn more at https://www.nzxt.com/camapp

We <3 Gamers

Smartcar | Mountain View | Full-Time | https://smartcar.com The connected car API for developers.

Here are our open roles:

- Back-End Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/smartcar/5a03899a-8e1a-4cfa-bc5f-65a56...

- Head of Sales: https://jobs.lever.co/smartcar/e005f9ab-c5da-4c5a-a67d-49a53...

Feel free to reach out to our internal recruiter directly!


Aiven | Python Backend Engineers, SREs, DevOPs | Berlin, Helsinki, Toronto, Sydney | Full-time, remote/onsite | https://aiven.io/careers/

We are Aiven — a cloud technology startup launched in 2016. We create managed cloud services from the best open source technologies that take the infrastructure worries away from our customers. Our products are used daily by hundreds of customers across the globe to power their next-gen event streaming and analytics applications with more joining every single day. Backed by Europe's leading investors, we’re now looking for top talent to join us in our headquarters in Helsinki and our new offices in Boston, Berlin, Toronto and Sydney.

Aiven develops DBaaS. We are a company, founded by developers, who started coding at a very early age. We want to keep this focus that programming remains an essential core of our company´s culture. We are looking for motivated team members, who will share our vision and passion for software development and will work together with our Team on the development of the Aiven cloud platform.

We are looking for Python Backend Engineers, SREs, SWE in Support in Berlin, Helsinki, Toronto, Sydney.

Remote options are also available.

If you’re interested, send us your application along with a link to your GitHub profile.


Launch Potato | VueJS Python Django | 100% Remote (US) | Full-Time

Launch Potato builds valuable companies with smart, fun, passionate people and our proprietary technology stack. As an engineer you can look forward to: Contributing to front-end libraries that drastically speed up building new customer experiences with reusable components utilizing VueJS. Working with Python, SQL, PostgreSQL, Presto, Redshift, Spark, Hive, AWS, and Looker to build and maintain large-scale data pipelines, data warehousing, and data lakes that support a flexible business intelligence ecosystem. Designing, developing, and maintaining modern, scalable web applications in a Unix environment using VueJS/Nuxt, Python Django, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Celery, Kinesis, Docker, AWS.

Lead Front End Engineer: https://launch-potato.breezy.hr/p/130a3e5ec20a All other positions: https://launchpotato.com/careers

Sewan | Multiple positions | Full-time | ONSITE (2 WFH days/w) Paris 10eme or Montpellier| https://www.sewan.fr/

Sewan is an European (Paris based) tech company providing B2B telco services "with a twist" : Become your own telco and build your customer base, deploy services and bill them through a unique white labeled web portal. We take care of all the infrastructure, automation, shipping, billing, ... so you can focus on your customers. Think some hybrid version of AT&T+AWS+Shopify.

Our services are available in France, Spain, Belgium and Germany at the moment and we're in great shape despite the pandemic: 115M€+ expected revenue and a recent 75M€ in funding

We recently started a spin-off team of about 20 people in charge of rethinking and rebuilding part of our platform and main portal with new techs, and a full-on "user first" approach supported by a dedicated UX conception team. Tech stack: SPA ReactJS+Styled-components, GraphQL, SOA (Python/ NodeJS), infra as code on AWS

I'm looking for experienced only :

* Product Owners & Scrum masters

* Backend Engineers (SOA Python/REST API or NodeJS/GraphQL)

* Frontend Engineers (SPA React/GraphQL)

* Devops Engineers (AWS, Terraform, Gitlab)

Contact: ricardo.belin AT sewan.fr

The company also offers a wide array of engineering positions (network, telco, cloud computing, etc.) across multiple teams (R&D, Ops, devs, support...) that you can find and apply for here https://www.sewan.jobs/ (only in French at the moment)

Skytap | Full-Time | REMOTE (US/Canada) | Mid/Senior Full Stack Engineer (Ruby/Rails/JS/React)

Skytap, a cloud infrastructure startup based in Seattle, seeks a talented, mid-level or senior Rubyist for a full-time, remote opportunity as a Rails / full-stack engineer, anywhere in the US or Canada.

I’m the hiring manager for this position. My team of 5 (including this new opening) manages a product of our own that sits atop Skytap’s cloud platform and helps to drive one of the most important segments of Skytap’s business. We work closely together, wear lots of hats, operate with a high degree of autonomy, and are generally pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. :)

More info: https://jobs.lever.co/skytap/0d7943d0-a111-4ac5-a907-5fe0704...

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or would like to chat: my HN username at skytap.com.

Metabase | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE, FULL-TIME | http://www.metabase.com/ We’re a small team building open source business intelligence tools with a strong focus on user experience.

React frontend, Clojure backend. Most of the work we do is open source. We’re looking to hire strong frontend, backend, or generalist engineers.

If you love open source, building beautiful products, and working with data, apply at http://www.metabase.com/jobs

DialogEDU | West Palm Beach, FL | REMOTE US | Ruby on Rails developer | Full-time |

Our team is currently 2 full-stack rails engineers, We're looking to bring 2 more (front-end/back-end focused). MUST have: 3+ years production Ruby on Rails experience. TDD/BDD using Rspec, Capybara. Experience using/implementing RESTful APIs. Experience with code refactoring & optimization.

Our tech: Rails, React, MySQL, AWS Projects to work on in the near future: Update rials from 4 to 6. Improve test suite, increase test coverage. Extract Rails engines into core app. Improve performance. Scale. Develop integrations with 3rd party APIs. Develop next version of API. Make your email subject line 'Dialog SE application <your name>' so we know you've read this.

Send email to jobs at dialogedu.com Include in the email: 1) Resume. 2) Why you'd be a good addition to the team. If possible, links to projects/code samples that highlight your skills.


DialogEDU | West Palm Beach, FL | REMOTE US | Front End developer | Full-time |

Our team is currently 2 full-stack rails engineers, We're looking to bring 2 more (front-end/back-end focused). Must: 3+ years production React experience, Strong js experience. Testing with Cypress or similar. Bonus: Basic understanding of rails

Our tech: Rails 4. React, Ember 1.8, jQuery. MySQL, AWS Projects to work on in the near future: 1) Convert app dashboard (currently: html, css, jquery, ember, react, tubolinks) into react app. Make your email subject line 'Dialog SE application <your name>' so we know you've read this. 2) Overhaul platform UI/UX Send email to jobs at dialogedu.com Include in the email: 1)Resume. 2) Why you'd be a good addition to the team. 3) If possible, links to projects/code samples that highlight your skills.

Fueled |NYC / London / Noida| Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs

* All roles will be remote until January 2021.

-- Who We Are --

An award winning mobile app dev agency.

-- Where You Fit In --

You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles --

Lead Product Designer | NYC | https://grnh.se/f07bd4031us

Lead Product Designer | London | https://grnh.se/8f4a1cb31us

Senior Product Designer | London | https://grnh.se/7ced0ea81us

Principal Product Designer | London | https://grnh.se/6376da221us

Principal Product Designer | NYC | https://grnh.se/0d45def91us

Mobile Engineering Manager, Android | London | https://grnh.se/e9dfa3481us

Mobile Engineering Manager, Android | Noida | https://grnh.se/e60b0a9c1us

Please contact Christine Chung, Lead Talent Manager (christine@fueled.com) for more information regarding Fueled positions.

Cookie.AI | Remote | Full time

Cookie.AI, Inc. is an early-stage stealth startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, operating with a remote-first mindset - we have teams across US continental states and in Europe. We are building a market category defining data security company for the dynamic world of cybersecurity. We are well-funded (Series-A) and backed by top-tier VCs and CEOs / Security veterans as our angel investors. The founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs and early engineers from startups and veterans from big companies. We are looking for engineers across distributed systems, SaaS, and SRE / CloudOps / DevOps with hands-on experiences with data and cloud-native products. You will play a critical role in building V1/V2 products with early customers, working closely with the founders, and collaborating with senior engineers who have built and shipped $1B+ products. You will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies (Presto, Kafka, Golang, Docker, K8s, Figma, React.js, etc.) and many others from the open-source world. We are looking for characteristics such as ambition and agility, commitment to build an enduring company, passion to build products, and intellectual curiosity to innovate! Please reach out: hello AT cookie.ai.

Software Engineering- Mentor | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full-time employment | 75 paid vacations days | INR100K learning & travel allowance | Competitive compensation | Apply at https://bit.ly/2S9PNVw

If you've ever thought of sharing your programming skills, we want you. MountBlue Technologies (https://www.mountblue.io) is looking for great software engineers to mentor the next generation of coders. Come, contribute towards making India a nation of coders. You have been saying you want to give back- here is your chance

Design, plan and implement a 9-12 weeks intensive programming bootcamp in one of the various streams such as Full-Stack Web development, Android, iOS, front-end intensive, backend intensive etc. Be a coach and a cheer leader. Continuously push, nudge and encourage, trainees to produce their best work.

MountBlue vision is to be an alternative to traditional college education. Currently, MountBlue’s business is running coding bootcamps for entry level programmers on most in-demand web and mobile technologies, with a view of finding them rewarding development careers in startups. Our developers are in some of the most well-known startups in India- from bootstrapped software shops to unicorns. If successful, MountBlue will rewrite the technology education paradigm in the country

Shaper Tools | Full-time | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Full Stack Software Engineer

Shaper is developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, starting with Origin, a handheld CNC router. Origin is the perfect tool for all sorts of woodworking projects, from inlays and signs to fine furniture making. By using computer vision and a corrective range, Origin allows anyone to up their game. This is your opportunity to work directly with hardware products that have an impact.

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join the Web team to help lead development of our marketing and e-commerce web site. We use a wide variety of technologies including React, Redux, Styled Components with headless CMS for our front-end and Kubernetes, Terraform, NodeJS, and more on the backend.

We're also hiring for Marketing Lead, Hardware Engineering Technician, Product Design Engineer (Mechanical), UI/UX Designer. If any of this sounds interesting check out the link below and apply today.


Drvn Solutions | Software Engineer | London, UK | REMOTE currently, Covent Garden post Covid | Full time

Drvn Solutions are a startup in Connected Vehicles working alongside European breakdown clubs to process vehicle telemetry data and prevent breakdowns. As a Software Engineer in our team you'll work on streaming services in Java and Python services all hooked into Kafka. Bring your micro service and distributed systems knowledge and apply it to a rapidly growing platform.

The team are working from home currently. When things return to normal we hope to get back to a day or two in our London office.

The stack includes: Python, Java, Kafka, KStreams, AWS, Docker

Learn more about the role and apply: https://www.drvnsolutions.com/software-engineer Learn more about Drvn: https://www.drvnsolutions.com/

Remote (Europe) | Full- time & Permanent role

Senior Backend & Data Scientist roles @komoot

Roles: - Senior Backend Developer (Kotlin/Java/Scala) - Senior Backend Developer / Data Scientist (Kotlin/Java/Scala & Python) - Senior Data Scientist (Jupyter, pandas, NumPy etc.)

@komoot - We are building the best outdoor navigation planner and the biggest outdoor community and simply inspire people to explore more of the outdoors.

15million users | 100k 5* reviews

We are now searching for senior backend engineer and data scientist who would like to take their skills to the next level, love to find simple and smart solutions to complex problems and focuses on delivering impact.

Find out more info here:

Senior Backend Developer https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-backend-developer

Senior Backend Developer/ Data Scientist https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-backend-developer-data-sc...

Senior Data Scientist https://www.komoot.com/jobs/senior-data-scientist

Jupiter | Full-Stack Software Engineer | Full-Time | SF/Remote

At Jupiter, we’re on an (ambitious) mission to eliminate personal food waste by putting groceries on autopilot. We’re based in San Francisco and backed by Khosla Ventures, NFX, and Y Combinator (S19 batch).

Our goal is to make the experience of buying groceries as seamless as paying for running water. By keeping track of our customers’ consumption habits and product preferences, we aim to play a role in reducing the 8 million tons of food that go to waste every year due to spoilage by building the most personalized, comfortable grocery experience for working families.

Joining as a full-time member of our engineering team, you’ll dive right into our TypeScript/Kotlin stack and have a say in making foundational design, infrasture, and architecture decisions. You should have a strong background in building human-centered products from the ground up. You’ll have the opportunity to marry operations with data to create the most personalized predictive experience for our hundreds of homes in San Francisco.

Learn more here: https://jupiter.co/careers/software-engineer

Check out our stack here: https://starship.jupiter.co/jupiter-stack/

Senior Java Backend Engineer & Senior SRE / Devops Engineer | Wizenoze | Full time | Amsterdam | REMOTE GMT+-2 or ONSITE

Are you looking to work on challenging projects, with a diverse and motivated team, while building technology that can change the world? Do you want to join an award winning startup in their scale-up phase? Do you want to give students all over the world access to a prosperous future? Do you want to work with large distributed systems, machine learning, web crawling, and other interesting technology? Then join us in our mission to close the readability gap and make the web readable, relevant, and reliable for students.

We’re looking for:

- Senior Java Backend Engineer / Architect with 8+ years experience in Java, Spring, REST APIs, Elasticsearch, and other web tech. https://www.wizenoze.com/language/en/senior-java-backend-eng...

- Senior Site Reliability Engineer / Devops Engineer with 8+ years experience in REST APIs, large-scale distributed systems, and the AWS stack. https://www.wizenoze.com/language/en/senior-site-reliability...

Both positions either remote near the GMT+-2 timezone, or based in our Amsterdam office.

SiteSpect | Front-End Customer Success Developer | REMOTE - Boston | https://www.sitespect.com

SiteSpect is a digital optimization platform that lets you test or target your web traffic without having to change any code on your side. Under the hood, SiteSpect is a reverse proxy. Requests from end users are routed to an appropriate backend and SiteSpect modifies the response based on what tests the user is assigned to and then delivers those changes back to the end user. We're looking to fill a variety of roles, including seeking client facing front-end developers to help our clients use our tools to test and modify their websites, and advise clients on how best to test and optimize their customer experience.

Open Technical Roles:

Front End Solutions Developer (Customer Success) - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3JgOalwN

Streamlabs | Multiple Roles| Vancouver/SF/Remote | Visa for CAN Streamlabs is searching for amazing QA, Senior C++ engineer, Front-end engineer, Customer Success


- What we do today: make tools for live streamers who broadcast on Twitch/YouTube/Mixer (core business today) + expanding to new content verticals (ex. https://oslo.io/)

- Mission: empower creators to do more

- Results: used by 70% of Twitch streamers; paid out $500M to creators since inception. Launched many things - some worked and many didn't, but we learned a lot and we are still building.

- Details on roles, culture, stack and more https://gist.github.com/georgekurdin/042691b608b8e3f8c83ae32...

- Process: take home problem -> chat with hiring manager -> google hangouts with team -> offer (we will move quickly and will do our best to not waste your time). There is a take-home problem for all roles

- Visa: will sponsor for Canada

- Remote: yes

- Contact: careers@streamlabs.com with questions (all welcome) or your application (if interested)

Bedful | Software Engineer | London, UK | REMOTE (UK residents only) | Fulltime | https://bedful.com

We run one of the most popular camping websites in the UK and help millions of people a year plan and book a great camping and glamping holiday, and the booking system which supports it. We are constantly improving our central booking system - Bedful, along with our sales channels cool camping, glampingly, cool places and others so you’ll be working on exciting new features for partners and guests including integrations with other providers and the internals of the booking system. We're seeing high growth in domestic tourism and are expanding our team.

Due to Coronavirus our office in Shoreditch, London is currently closed, and we're working remotely for the next 6 months at least, but we hope to return to the office next year. We are looking for applicants with UK residency only.

We deploy new code to production most days and are looking for a software engineer to work at first remotely. Most of our code is written in Go - we’ve been using Go for a few years now and love working with it. Limited experience in Go is not a problem as long as you're keen to learn and self-motivated. Experience with Go in production is a plus.

More details here: https://bedful.com/careers/software-engineer or send me an email - hello at bedful.com.

Partoo | Lead Developers / Fullstack devs / QA | Paris, France | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.partoo.co/en/

We keep synchronized and up to date your business information on all major online platforms as Google + Google Maps, Facebook, Apple Maps, Foursquare, etc.. For example, those past weeks we helped tens of thousands of business updating their opening times regarding coronavirus. Like this, we avoided people doing unnecessary trips to a closed business.

We're looking for :

- Lead developers, to manage a feature team of 3 devs and a PM. Experience in python & webapps required.

- Full stack developers that have a product mindset, all levels welcome :)

- QA, to help us setup a quality process for our app.

Our stack is mostly in Python & React, and we're in AWS. We're growing rapidly while being profitable, and there are plenty of opportunities to leave a mark in the company.

Need to be able to work in France.

To know more about us : https://www.welcometothejungle.com/fr/companies/partoo (in French)

If you're interested, send an email to julie@partoo.fr :)

IOTAS | Portland, OR or Remote | https://www.iotashome.com | Full time | REMOTE | Backend Engineering Manager

At IOTAS we work directly with apartment buildings to bring smart home technology to renters and property managers. Think smart door locks, lights, thermostats, etc that can be controlled via our mobile app. We are constantly integrating with new IoT devices that make life easier for both residents and property managers. Our backend software runs primarily on AWS (ECS, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda) and we have a fleet of hubs deployed in the field which are installed in each apartment.

We are looking for a Backend Engineering Manager to lead the IOTAS backend team which is responsible for architecting, designing and building the core of the IOTAS IoT platform.

* Backend Engineering Manager - https://www.iotashome.com/job/backend-team-engineering-manag...

Synopsys | (Senior) Software Engineer, Static Analysis | San Francisco, CA or Ottawa, ON | Full-time | ONSITE (..eventually...)

The Static Analysis team is looking for an exceptional C/C++ developer to join the Coverity team. The job involves the creation of new code checks, evolving Coverity's state-of-the-art analysis infrastructure, optimizing multi-process and system code, and generally pushing the envelope of static analysis. The perfect candidate will have a strong passion for improving software quality and security-- perhaps some background in programming languages, compilers, or static analysis-- and foremost a strong desire to learn.

This position is ideal if you: * Enjoy abstract reasoning about software systems. * Want to help find critical security vulnerabilities before they go live. * Have a desire to deconstruct the latest programming languages and frameworks, to help find patterns of vulnerabilities.

You will work in our China Basin office in San Francisco, with easy access to Muni and Caltrain. This is a chance to dive deep into some challenging engineering problems, with the backing of a solid company and top-notch team of coworkers.

Apply at https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/Home?partner...

Tatari, Product and Eng roles, any location US or Canada.

We are on a mission to democratize TV advertising, enabling new businesses to grow through that marketing channel and making TV ads more interesting and relevant. We are looking for FE, FS, and Backend engineers to work across on stack of React/Python/and Redshift-centered data engineering.

Job posts here: https://www.tatari.tv/careers

Engineering blog: https://eng.tatari.tv

How strict are the experience requirements for the marketing roles? Do you have anything suitable for entry level / recent marketing graduate?

Hi Scott, I saw you were looking for FE engineers, but see no openings for it in the careers link. Should I still try and send a resume your guys' way? Thanks for your time!

Talend is a leader in cloud data integration and data integrity, with French roots and a US-based HQ. Stack: K8s / Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), Microservices, API, Scala, Java, Python and others :)

We are currently looking for:

Application Security Engineer | Nantes or Paris, France | Full-Time | Onsite - buzzwords: OWASP, SDLC, CI/CD, Cloud (AWS, Azure), Python, Burpsuite, Acunetix https://bit.ly/3gFiGRl

Backend Developer / Software Engineer | Bonn, Germany | Full-Time | Onsite - buzzwords: Java, Scala, K8s, Docker, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) https://bit.ly/2GiFk5L

Technical Writer API | Nantes or Paris, France | Full-Time | Onsite - buzzwords: API, SDK, XML, DITA https://bit.ly/33udc8b

For all positions and further details contact me or have a look here: https://www.talend.com/about-us/careers/

With the current Covid-19 situation, we interview 100% remotely.

Prism | Co-Founders (Python Developers + AWS Developers + ML Developers) | Remote (US)| https://www.getprism.tech

Prism Technology is developing the killer app for brain computer interfaces.

Our application, a video game which helps users reduce stress and achieve peak performance, is built on over 30 years of peer-reviewed research, and combines the best of modern neuroscience hardware with the latest in machine learning technology.

We have a rock-star team of neuroscientists, game developers, and machine learning engineers which is in the final stages of development of our alpha proof of concept.

We're looking for a python developer and/or ML developer to help us accelerate our already fast moving development as we shift from proof of concept stage into user testing / fundraising.

As a bootstrapped team, we have also engaged a best-selling game designer as a team member, gotten several soft commitment purchase agreements from resellers (LOIs within the next month), and received just under 100 signups for our waitlist in a two week trial marketing campaign ($3 CPA).

If you'd like to hear more about the business concept, current challenges, the product roadmap, or just want to chat about ML/behavioral health/neuroscience, shoot me an email (Ari@getprism.tech).

Shell Hydrogen | Boston or REMOTE (US Only) | Software Architect | Full-time | US Citizen or Green Card Holder Only

Shell Hydrogen is at the forefront of decarbonizing industrial and mobility sectors where hydrogen can serve as the energy carrier to improve the business efficiency and customer experience.

The Product Development Team in Boston has created a digital platform using AWS serverless architecture to embed data and analytics into every part of the decision making process and the nascent supply chain. It is up to us to explore what purpose can data serve for the hydrogen sector, and how it will have an impact on the new energy industry as a whole.

Join as the first technical hire - Software Architect - as the tech lead for the entire digital platform, and guide the industry with your technical vision. You will be working with a globally distributed system with high-throughput data streams, IoT devices on mobile refueling sites and trucks, as well as setting up social experiments on how to improve the experience for FCEV customers.

A side note: The work-life balance is great with the work being challenging and fun. Shell also offers great retirement packages and other incentives.

To apply, please send an email to richard.zhang at shell.com AND submit your resume here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2157929963/

UnifyID | Redwood City, CA | Full-time | Onsite | Competitive | https://unify.id/

UnifyID is building a revolutionary identity platform based on implicit authentication. Our solution allows people to identify themselves in a unique way that is extremely difficult to forge or crack. Best of all, we are doing it in a way that respects user privacy.

Latest Announcements - https://unify.id/press.html - SXSW Security & Privacy 2017 Winner - RSA Innovation Sandbox Unanimous 2017 Winner - TechCrunch Disrupt SF Battlefield 2016 Runner-Up - Stanford StartX S15

Roles: - Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://bit.ly/2ZfoNVE - Machine Learning Engineer: https://bit.ly/3839Uta - Lead iOS Engineer: https://bit.ly/2A46R7N - Senior iOS Engineer: https://bit.ly/2VeshX2 - Lead Android Engineer: https://bit.ly/3ezYks2 - Senior Android Engineer: https://bit.ly/2VkqOhV - Lead DevOps Engineer: https://bit.ly/3ey7hCr - QA Engineer: https://bit.ly/31fD5be

Excellent team, comprehensive benefits, great light-filled office, visa sponsorship, exciting growth, and meaningful impact at this early-stage VC funded startup.

Email: careers@unify.id

I Am Cart | Technical Co-Founder (Senior Engineer / Full-Stack 5+ years) | Remote | Min 20hrs/week | Equity | https://iamcart.io

iamcart is a website that let’s people create their own e-commerce websites - think Shopify, Ecwid etc, with a focus on Africa - the untapped tech frontier.

I’ve spent all of 2020 building the site and launched in September 2020 to real paying merchants. I am stretched very thin trying to juggle between enhancing the product and driving growth so I’m looking for a co-founder to handle/lead the tech aspect. I’ve used Python/Django for the back end, and Vuejs for the frontend so far.

I was in the top 10% of applicants to the 2020 Summer batch of YC and was encouraged to apply again. Having a co-founder and demonstrating “startup-like growth” are two ways in which that can improve so if you join me, we can have an even better shot next time around but for now, we build and deliver an amazing product.

Email cofounder@iamcart.io to learn more/discuss. Thanks.

Elation Health | Software Engineer | REMOTE | https://elationhealth.com

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible. We have various openings across the rest of the organization which you can see here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/ but specifically I'm focused on growing our engineering team with frontend ReactJS experienced folks. Right now is a particularly challenging time for our healthcare systems and providers -- Elation offers an opportunity to work and innovate in support of those providers and their patients.

Elation is headquartered in San Francisco (though remote for at least the rest of 2020), and our engineering team is distributed across PST-EST timezones.

Tech stack is AWS/Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS. We have a great team full of people that really value working closely with product, customer-experience, and users. Lots of interesting problems to solve!

Apply on the website if interested, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! You can reach out to me directly at phill.tornroth@elationhealth.com

Seeq | Senior Software Development Engineer - Performance / Backend | REMOTE | FULL-TIME

Seeq is a remote-first startup that makes data analytics software. We also wrote our own virtual office software (https://qube.work) and we have really good GlassDoor reviews: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Seeq-Reviews-E898633.htm

We're looking for a backend engineer to help us scale our Java/Kotlin-based calculation engine for processing time series along with our ultra-high-performance data caching layer.

Apply here:

Performance-focused: https://seeq.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk01bfg?source=HackerNews

General backend: https://seeq.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk03iwi?source=HackerNews

98point6 | Product Security Engineer, Senior Engineering Manager, Senior TPM, Senior Software Engineer, ML | OnSite Seattle, WA | Full-time | https://98point6.com/careers#open-roles

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m Director of Engineering at 98point6. We’re hiring for a number of roles, like Product Security Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Senior Software Engineer, ML. Our goal is to make access to primary care as easy as googling something, without needing to make a financial tradeoff. We were seeing exciting growth before COVID-19 and that growth has accelerated even more as we help support the response to this global pandemic in the US. Some quick mentions of the technology we’re using: all our infra is in AWS, IaC using CDK (and some Terraform), Typescript, Kotlin, DynamoDB, and PostgreSQL. We are usually ONSITE in the office. During Covid, we are fully remote. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Recent press about our team: * https://www.thestreet.com/investing/walmart-sams-club-teams-... * https://www.geekwire.com/2020/sams-club-partners-seattle-sta...

Floom/ FloomX | Full stack engineer | REMOTE or ONSITE, but must be on BST

Floom is a VC-backed startup on a mission to become the leading vertically integrated florist software and ecosystem. Since launching in Feb 2016, we’ve been voted one of the top UK 100 startups three years in a row and created long-lasting relationships with florists across the UK and US.

Floom is looking for a Full Stack engineer to help us build and strengthen our florist SaaS platform.

As a Full Stack Engineer at Floom you will: * Design, develop, deploy and maintain responsive web solutions, backend services and APIs * Help build and design the infrastructure of our products * Collaborate with a multi disciplinary team to deliver innovative solutions * Ensure best practices, standards and tooling are used

Please apply here: https://apply.workable.com/floom/j/22C9980030/

Spondool Ltd | Senior Full Stack Developer | Dublin, Ireland | Full-Time | ONSITE

Spondool develop security related software. We're looking for a full stack developer to join a small team. You'll be working on APIs and Interfaces that control and respond to a large distributed system.

We are looking for:

- Someone with experience in both frontend and backend development, comfortable in moving between each

- Someone with a high level of attention to detail and a strong sense of ownership over their work

- Someone who will set conventions, follow them and get others to follow them

Specific Skills/Knowledge:

- Python

- Javascript

- Django / Flask

- Relational Database Design

- Vue (nice to have)


Okay | Android / iOS developer | Skien, Norway | Onsite | Full Time | https://okaythis.com

Okay does Strong Customer Authentication and transaction security for mobile devices. We're looking for people with a strong interest in computer security, who would like to work on securing payments on Android and iOS. Experience programming in Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift and Objective C is welcome. You would be expected to work mostly on the front-end, but some back-end knowledge can be useful, as you would eventually be one of the people responsible for managing our SDK releases. Onsite in beautiful Norway is most likely required, as our customers are very security conscious.

You would be working with a team from all over the world, mostly located in a really nice small town a couple of hours by train south of Oslo, Norway. If you're looking for a change in lifestyle, with decent benefits and salary this might be the job for you. Norway is a place where vacations and reasonable work weeks are not just encouraged, but legally required.

I'm the CTO. More information here: https://okaythis.com/careers

Shield AI | San Diego, CA | www.shield.ai | Onsite | Remote Considered (For certain roles) | Full-Time

Shield AI is an artificial intelligence robotics company building products for the national security sector and first responders. We are searching for people ready to rise to the occasion and join us in developing state-of-the-art technology alongside a mission that matters. Are you up for the challenge?

Positions Open Across Technical Teams: https://jobs.lever.co/shieldai -- Android Developer -- Artificial Intelligence: Senior Software Engineer C++ -- Embedded Software Engineer -- Senior Cloud Data Architect -- Senior Machine Learning Engineer -- Senior Autonomy Engineer -- Core Engineering Services -- Senior DevOps/Software Engineer -- Human-Robot Interaction Staff Engineer -- Robot and Systems Software: Principal Software Engineer -- Product Operations: Technical Product Manager for Autonomy -- Technical Product Manager for Controller and Fleet Management Software -- Technical Program Manager for Autonomous Platforms -- Drupal Front End Developer -- AI Robotics Systems Analysis Engineer -- Senior AI Robotics Product Quality Engineer -- Embedded Software Engineer - Manufacturing Automation

Our team is built of scientists, engineers, and business leaders inspired by our mission; to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems.

FullStory | Engineering Manager, Platform | Remote or Onsite | Atlanta, GA

FullStory’s mission is to improve user experiences on the web and mobile devices. We’re accomplishing this mission daily by providing a platform that allows developers and product teams to automatically collect ultra high definition analytics from their sites and applications, then make those analytics available through a powerful search engine, pixel-perfect session playback, and machine learning insights.

Platform engineering is responsible for scaling FullStory on two dimensions: the number and size of our customers, and the number of engineers on the FullStory team. This includes a range of challenges, from providing rock-solid core libraries and tooling to production infrastructure at scale. We’re looking for an engineering manager who will work closely with teams and tech leads to build great software—and to develop an outstanding team.

FullStory is a now-permanently-remote, hyper-growth SaaS company based out of Atlanta. The work environment we've cultivated is aligned around our three watchwords: clarity, empathy, and bionics. We value high-quality/low-ego collaboration and use automation to eliminate toil in daily work. If that sounds good to you, join us!

Please submit via our jobs page: https://boards.greenhouse.io/fullstory/jobs/4889713002

ATHOS | Redwood City, CA | Remote | Full time | Competitive Salary + Benefits | https://athos.applytojob.com/apply

At Athos our mission is to build better athletes by helping coaches and athletes personalize their training and make better performance decisions. Our training system is used by many of the best sports programs in the country.

Since we started, Athos has been translating EMG into a simple and powerful training system. From cueing how you use your muscles, evaluating movement progression and monitoring when you are at risk of injury throughout your training. By giving athletes and coaches this unprecedented insight into muscle performance, they better understand what the body is actually doing in the days, weeks, and months of preparation for the performances that matter most. We are helping athletes reach their highest potential and are used by many of the best sports programs in the country.

Interested in joining the team? We're always looking for highly-motivated employees who will help us stay on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation.

We are hiring for the following position:

-Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote): https://athos.applytojob.com/apply/3g1ZIMJbCy/Senior-Fronten...

Alzion Labs (https://www.alzionlabs.com/) | Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer | India, REMOTE

At Alzion Labs, we specialise in technical consulting, designing and developing engineering solutions from scratch. Our client base includes early stage, as well as established startups from global markets.

Currently, we are in the process of building our team and are looking at hiring for full-time employment, as well as independent contractors. As a part of Alzion, you would be working with a team of talented engineers and collaborating with some of the best startups.

We are looking for:

Frontend Engineers (React + Redux): https://alzionlabs.freshteam.com/jobs/vOcA9WZrmET7/react-dev...

Backend Engineers (NodeJs, Postgres): https://alzionlabs.freshteam.com/jobs/VTLtlrZvuJjR/nodejs-de...

For more info, please email neha@alzionlabs.com

Phocas Software | Software Development Engineer Who Tests | Christchurch NZ/Remote | FULL-TIME

Our mission is simple – Phocas helps people feel good about data. We help companies turn their data into results. Our award-winning software provides customers insights that help them make more informed, data driven decisions, improving efficiencies and boosting their bottom line.

Phocas ranks #1 in G2 Crowd, has a 4.9/5 rating on Glassdoor, and appears in Deloitte's Fast 50.

This is NOT a testing role: We are looking for a software engineer that is tired of launching buggy products, where every step forward is dogged by errors and backlog tickets. The ideal person for this role will be one who daily feels “there must be a better way, I’d build it if I had time and resources”.

In this role, you’ll have that time and those resources. In fact, we’ll pay you well to do it.

Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/phocassoftware/j/3EFB612001/

Summery | New Position: CTO | REMOTE | www.summery.ai

We are pleased to announce the search for Summery's first CTO. As a fast-growth, dedicated-remote company with a 100% virtual offering, we are rapidly expanding our client base. We are especially interested in diverse candidates who share our Summery values. Please apply & forward the open position to talented professionals within your network.

Looking for someone to: • Partner with the CEO to build the business, including overseeing engineering, managing technology partnerships, owning product road maps, representing the organization in the media, industry conferences, and with investors. • Assume role of lead engineer, continuing to enhance existing product suite to direct and build new AI-based products • Make critical technology decisions, including tech design planning, product architecture, development platform enhancements • Manage tech team, including recruiting and hiring additional developer support/consultants as needed • Fortify current QA and product testing systems • Track, analyze and monitor technology performance metrics • Oversee and implement best practices on data & tech security and ethical AI • Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity

More info on the position specifics including core projects for 2020-21, tech stack, and corporate values: https://www.linkedin.com/company/summery/

ESI Group | Software development engineer | San Diego, CA | Full-time | Onsite preferred

ESI Group is currently seeking a software development engineer to work in our San Diego office. We are a small team with diverse backgrounds focused on developing desktop software applications in the field of vibro-acoustics simulation. Our clients include NASA, Boeing, Airbus, GM, and Ford.

We are looking for candidates with a Bachelors/Masters degree in the sciences or engineering. We use C++, Python, Qt and CMake to develop our applications. Presently, we are migrating our MFC-based application to Qt. We use GitLab as our version-control platform with continuous-integration, unit testing and package management, via Conan, to complete our DevOps toolkit. Many of our team members are skilled in numerical methods and high performance computing. Our ideal candidate would be familiar with several of these programming languages and development tools.

Being a small team, you'll enjoy a high level of autonomy and the ability to influence new products and features on several levels. You'll learn from our wealth of pooled knowledge and share your expertise in return.

We offer a number of flexible work schedules. During Covid, ESI adheres to governmental guidance and public safety measures.

Please contact Tracy at ext-tracy.sidall@esi-group.com with any questions you may have relating to the position or company. Don't forget to mention HN in the email!

Weyerhaeuser | Scientific Programmer | Seattle, WA / Remote | Full Time

Weyerhaeuser Company (www.weyerhaeuser.com) owns and manages approximately 13 million acres of commercial timberlands in the U.S., including a southern ownership that extends from the east coast of North Carolina and Florida to eastern Oklahoma. Weyerhaeuser is committed to sustainable forest management that includes protecting aquatic resources and all ownership is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

We are looking to hire an aspiring, competent Scientific Programmer to work on our Advanced Forestry technology team.

As a member of the Advanced Forestry Systems (AFS) team at Weyerhaeuser you will work on a diverse range of projects involving data pipelining, web development, geospatial analysis, and machine learning. The AFS team mission is to ensure the availability of reliable and cost-effective forest information for the optimal management of Weyerhaeuser land and timber. The AFS team is committed to fulfilling this mission by providing world-class data acquisition, analytical technologies, and support.

Technologies: R, Python, C++, AWS, geospatial libs (GDAL, GIS, LiDAR etc)

I can answer questions if anyone has them (email in profile).

If you are interested, please submit an application through the company portal here (Req ID:01015158): https://weyerhaeuser.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobsearch...

Slim.AI | REMOTE or Seattle | Full-time | Linux System and Kernel Developer | https://github.com/slim-ai/engineering

I'm the CTO at the company and I'm looking for someone who likes exploring Linux system internals and who likes building system profiling, debugging, performance monitoring, system security or other fun tools leveraging the low level system capabilities in Linux. Do you know the difference between tracepoints and kprobes in eBPF? If so, I'd love to chat :-)

We are a funded seed stage startup in the developer tooling and DevOps space empowering developers to build and run their cloud-native applications. The current product is focusing on containers and the friction around them.

We are building a brand new engineering team. We are developer friendly, low on process with no mind-numbing bureaucracy or micromanagement. We are looking for people who'll be excited to be a part of the engineering team in an early stage startup during its inception phase building modern cloud-native applications the right way.

You can find out more about the mission, how we work and the roles here: https://github.com/slim-ai/engineering

Email me at cto@slim.ai if you'd like to learn more.

Openbase | San Francisco, CA | Frontend+Backend+Fullstack Engineers, Developer Advocate | Full Time | https://openbase.io

Openbase helps developers choose among millions of open-source packages - so they can build amazing products faster.

The company was founded in 2019 and is backed by Y Combinator and some of the best investors in the industry.

We're growing fast, currently serving almost 400,000 developers monthly, and are now hiring our 3rd and 4th engineers, as well as our first developer advocate!

Our stack includes AWS, Netlify, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Node, Apollo GraphQL, React, styled-components, Parcel

We offer great startup culture and energy, unparalleled impact and autonomy, and the opportunity to build something that helps millions of developers.

To apply, please visit https://angel.co/company/openbaseio or email careers@openbase.io

CNS-Solutions - Member of Frequentis | Full Stack Developer, Test Engineer | Vienna, Austria | ONSITE required in general, but mainly REMOTE during COVID-19 | Full-Time CNS-Solutions & Support GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Frequentis AG based in Vienna and was founded in 2004. Our incident management solution efficiently supports our customers to plan events, prevent service interruptions, analyse situations and restore normal operations. A thorough documentation of all activities, information exchanges and communications helps our customers to ensure a responsible and reliable operational service.

We are in the process of developing the next major release of our incident management application for different mission critical business domains such as public transport, maritime, defence or national air policing.

We are recruiting for a full stack developer and a test engineer to join our development team in Vienna. Your focus will be on the development of our frontend as progressive web app and our Java backend. We are enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and architectural styles such as CQRS/EventSourcing and Micro Frontends.

We use: React, Redux, MaterialUI, Typescript, Mapbox GL/JS (Frontend), Java 8/11, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Elastic (Backend), Docker and many more 3rd party libraries.

If you are interested in joining our small and passionate team in Vienna and for more information visit : https://cns-solutions.net or drop us an e-Mail: office@cns-solutions.net

Skool | React & Go Engineers | Full Time | Remote USA

Skool is a community platform that’s optimized for learning. Our mission is to democratize education by building Earth’s largest online school for everybody. We’re a small team of two software engineers, one product manager, one product designer, and one entrepreneur. We’ve built the initial product. We’re in private beta with select communities to get user feedback and bake the product just right. We're looking to hire:

  * Software Engineer - Product (React)
  * Software Engineer - Backend (Golang)
Our CTO has 20 years of intense software engineering experience, has high standards for engineering talent, system design, and code quality. Our CEO has 10 years of experience in the e-learning industry building a company from $0 to $36m. He self-funded Skool with $10m of his own money. We’re well funded, have a cool office in LA, a product users love, huge growth potential, a meaningful mission, and a talented team capable of getting it done. Join us! The stars don’t align like this very often, get in while the teams small, and equity is on the table. Above market salary, full employer-paid benefits, catered lunches, and more...

Interested? Check out our job postings here: https://jobs.lever.co/skool Or, email us fun@skool.com

DomainTools| Seattle,WA,USA | Senior Python Engineers | Full Time | Remote (US) or Onsite (Seattle)

DomainTools is the leader in domain name, DNS and Internet OSINT-based cyber threat intelligence and cybercrime forensics products and data.

We are seeking a Senior(5+ years)Backend Engineer (Python, GoLang, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, My SQL, NoSQL, Hive, Linux/Unix, DevOps) Our team’s vision is to create a self-service, GitOps driven, developer-centric platform that allows for continuous integration and deployment of our world class security applications to our hybrid AWS environment

MORE INFO/APPLY: https://apply.workable.com/domain-tools/j/6AE954A733/

CoinTracker (YC W18) | Remote (Global) | Full Time | Senior Software Engineer | https://www.cointracker.io

CoinTracker is a portfolio manager for cryptocurrency. It is used by 100K users, tracking $1.5B in crypto assets, and enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio, investment performance, and calculate taxes.

Bigger picture, we are building a financial assistant for all financial assets. Our mission is to increase the financial freedom and prosperity of individuals and companies.

We have a lot of interesting technical problems that need to be solved to make cryptocurrency easier to use for the mainstream. We are a fully distributed, tight-knit team of eight people spread across five countries. All applicants are welcome.

We are looking for senior software engineers who love building great products and engineering systems, enjoy being in early-stage startups, and are passionate about cryptocurrency or financial services.

Tech stack: Python, Postgres, Redis, GraphQL, React, React Native, Heroku, AWS

If you're interested, please tell us a bit about yourself and apply on https://jobs.lever.co/cointracker/abb7f14c-5ad4-474a-ad5a-53...

If you have any questions, feel free to email us directly: jon+hn@cointracker.io

Home | Full Stack Engineer | Toronto, ON | ONSITE, REMOTE | https://joinhome.com/

Home is building a new path for first-time homebuyers. We automate ways for you to save, and combine it with personalized advice to make buying a home painless and approachable. Home helps you understand where you are today, create your optimal plan, and help you become a homeowner faster.

Our team comes from early roles at Uber, Shopify, Opendoor, Betterment, Compass, and more. Our investors have built or backed some of the biggest names in our space including Plaid, Wealthfront, Monzo, Intuit, Tally, Roofstock, and Petal. And many of them are still in the trenches building the next wave, as founders of companies like Wave, Ada, Properly, and Pillar.

You'll be responsible for driving projects from concept to completion in an environment of autonomy and creativity. And since we're early, you'll have an opportunity to shape not just our product, but our culture: who you work with, and how we all work together.

Full job description: https://angel.co/company/homehq/jobs/914373-full-stack-engin...

Submit your application to gaurav@joinhome.com

Tech stack: Ruby/Rails 6, Stimulus JS, ViewComponent, React/React Native, PostgreSQL

Love the idea. Encouraging and helping folks save for a home purchase is critical.

Thanks Robert, we think so too!

Sotheby's | New York (NY) | Onsite (Remote for now) |


We need people that can help us drive technical vision, product development, innovate, optimize complex problems and improve efficiency. We’re looking for team players that value opinions other than their own, look to data to support their decisions, take initiative and make things better. Ideal candidates are curious and eager to learn, are comfortable with ambiguity and a fast paced, ever changing environment.


5+ years of industry engineering experience with proven track record Must have proven experience writing, deploying, and running distributed systems Must have experience writing microservices with clear separation of concerns Must have expert knowledge and experience with Either Golang or Scala Must have proven experience using data structures and algorithms especially as pertain to web system design and distributed systems Must have expert knowledge of RDBMS such as Postgres or MySQL and writing migrations Working knowledge of GraphQL and GRPC is a big plus Working knowledge and experience writing in Golang is a big plus Working knowledge and experience with Docker and Kubernetes Working knowledge of cloud platforms such as GCP or AWS Working knowledge of messaging queue systems

Link to apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/senior-backend-software-e...

Archipelago | PM, PMM | San Francisco or REMOTE (US only) | Fulltime

Archipelago is a Silicon Valley start-up working to change how risk is insured. Our platform enables large real estate owners, managers, brokers & insurance carriers to efficiently map their portfolio, manage their risks, and underwrite them, through a mix of machine learning and human intelligence. Our founders are tech & finance entrepreneurs with several IPOs and acquisitions under their belts. We are headquartered in San Francisco, have raised several rounds of VC funding, and currently employ over fifty people across the US & Europe.

We're currently hiring for the following roles:

- Senior Product Manager: help manage design & delivery of our enterprise software platform https://archipelago.breezy.hr/p/a533667e883801-senior-produc...

- Head of Product Marketing: define & execute our messaging, packaging & collateral https://archipelago.breezy.hr/p/d4441f66df3b01-head-of-produ...

If you want to apply, it's better to do it directly through the links above, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me directly tim@onarchipelago.com!

Iteratively | Engineers & Designer | Full Time | Remote

Iteratively helps teams who rely on data to capture high-quality analytics they can trust.

You will be working in an early-stage but fast-growing VC backed startup with experienced founders.

Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, AWS.

Senior Software Engineer: https://iterative.ly/careers/senior-software-engineer/

Senior Backend Engineer: https://iterative.ly/careers/senior-backend-engineer/

Product Design Lead: https://iterative.ly/careers/product-design-lead/

I’m one of the co-founders of Iteratively, feel free to reach out to me at patrick@iterative.ly with any questions.

CloseCross | Full Time | Remote

Blockchain Engineer / Node.js and Solidity

- Proficient in blockchain technical concepts, cryptography, architecting secure and distributed systems and having the ability to translate the architecture and design into actually working code - Understanding of Layer 2 blockchain concepts, at least one of: State Channel, Payments Channel, Pegged Side Chains or Plasma. Ability to implement these concepts or willingness to quickly learn how. - Self-starter, not afraid to work as a part of bigger team and also alone on some tasks - Happy to be part of the remotely working team of engineers and product development people - Hungry for learning more, being exceptional blockchain technical expert, go-to person - Able to comfortably use English language for communication of technical concepts, both verbally and on writing - Node.js , TypeScript and Solidity experience is a must. Knowledge of Kotlin and/or Java would be beneficial - Paying attention to details, high level of coding standards, focused on producing quality code - Doubtful, you always ask “why” before you start to think “how” - Ability and willingness to see your work in the wider product context

Apply via https://angel.co/l/2hh8Wb

JamLabs Data Science Inc. | www.jamlabs.com | Toronto, Canada | Full-Stack Software Developer | Full-time | Remote

We have an exciting opportunity. JamLabs is a rapidly growing data science firm that works with financial institutions around the world to organize, analyze and monetize their data. We create customized solutions for our clients as well as develop our own in-house products.

You’ll be one of the first hires who will work with the company founders to form the foundation of a development team. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of interesting technologies and define the fundamental processes we will use going forward to deliver products to our clients.

You will:

  - Design and build data solutions on AWS using Lambda, Kinesis, Elastic Map Reduce, Athena and Glue
  - Create web applications using NodeJS and React
What You Will Need To Succeed:

  - 5+ years of full stack development experience.
  - Expert knowledge of AWS
  - Extensive experience with SQL, a web technology like React/Angular, REST APIs, WebSockets, JavaScript and Python
  - Data engineering and ML experience at-scale (nice to have)
If you're looking to make an impact in the world of data, visit https://jamlabs.com/careers or give us a shout at careers@jamlabs.com

Ambassador Labs (formerly Datawire) | Software Engineers (mid-level to senior to principal) and Engineering Manager | REMOTE with preference in Montreal Canada, Boston MA, Portland OR | FULL-TIME

Ambassador Labs is a series B tech company solving problems for cloud native developers in the Kubernetes space. We are looking to hire engineers that care as much about empowering developers as we do and have embraced the cloud native phenomenon that is taking over the world.

As a team, our focus is firmly on products that help users make the shift to the cloud with Kubernetes. We’re most known for our flagship product Ambassador and are investing heavily in other rising stars like Delivery Accelerator, Developer Portal and Service Preview, and Kubernetes Initializer.

You’ll work in Golang and Python because our products comprise multiple services and those services are written in various languages (the best language for that particular task).

More specifically, we’re looking for backend engineers that have contributed or are currently contributing to open source projects. We are also looking for engineers that are well adept in devops or have experience working on low level systems development (comfortable fiddling with linux configurations, VPNS, etc). We are also looking for an engineering manager! If interested, please send a resume or linkedin profile directly to carly.sigler@datawire.io.

NV Access | Brisbane, Australia | Full Time | 100% REMOTE (Australia) | Software Engineer | OPEN SOURCE

Use your Python / C++ skills to empower blind and vision-impaired people globally through technology.

NV Access is a global non-profit organisation, based in Australia with a 100% remote team, dedicated to the ideal that access to technology should not incur an extra cost for blind and vision impaired users. The purpose of NV Access is to lower the economic and social barriers associated with accessing Information Technology for people who are blind or vision impaired. NV Access develops the free, open source NVDA screen reading software for Microsoft Windows, enabling more than 100,000 blind and vision-impaired people across the globe to access computers. We are looking to appoint a full-time Software Engineer to join our small team. Your work will focus on improving our NVDA screen reading software and related online infrastructure, including feature implementation and bug fixing.

To apply for this position, you must be classed as "An Australian Resident for tax purposes".

More information, requirements, and how to apply: https://www.nvaccess.org/post/nv-access-seeking-software-eng...

F-Secure | Front-end, back-end, data science, cybersecurity | Helsinki / Oulu (FI), Poznań PL, London UK, Kuala Lumpur MY, Johannesburg ZA | ON-SITE/work-from-home-locally

F-Secure makes products to protect your digital footprint and make the connected world a safer place. This is all suddenly massively more important now everyone is working from home. We're seeing the effects of that over the last 6 months with unexpected growth rates, and we are growing substantially.

We've got around 500 technologists across 5 main sites in Europe, Africa and Asia, and positions are opening up rapidly.

One absolutely key role: for the first time we're hiring an in-house software recruiter to help us grow by bringing people in the door and smoothing out the recruitment path - see https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/66045-f-secure-software-enginee...

Whoever gets that job will be helping us to fill these open positions and lots more to come...


Please apply via the links above.

DroneDeploy (https://www.dronedeploy.com) | FULL-TIME | REMOTE

DroneDeploy is the enterprise-grade drone data platform for managing complex job sites. Trusted by brands globally, our software automates everything from flight to insight, making the power of aerial data accessible and productive for everyone. We’re transforming data collection across a variety of industries, including agriculture, oil & gas, construction, solar, and utilities, so teams can survey large areas and make informed decisions quickly, safely, and accurately. We are the leading drone software company with over 5,000 customers across 200 countries. Our team is comprised of passionate, tech-driven enthusiasts. Voted the #1 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area, we welcome talented professionals looking to make an impact.

We have several open positions: https://www.dronedeploy.com/about/careers/ I am hiring for a senior backend engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/dronedeploy/b4c9277a-f993-45f3-9566-ef...

Some of our tech stack: Python, Angular, Kubernetes, GCP, Cloudflare Workers

Onja.org | Front End Engineer (multiple positions) | Madagascar, Africa | onsite

Looking for a meaningful and intrepid change? Join our social enterprise that trains capable, low-income youth into world class software developers and provides them with life-changing remote work.

We’ve spent the last two years training an inspirational group of students to become strong front end web developers and are now looking for two front end developers to help us progress onto the next stages.

We’re looking for:

1) Front end Teacher: Develop and deliver a second-year front end web development course that will allow students to extend their knowledge and prepare them for their future careers. For more details: https://onja.org/frontenddev/

2) Techlead/Mentor: Lead graduates to career success - help our graduates take their first steps into professional work. They’ll need you to guide them on the technical aspects of front end development, coach them on communication and help them navigate the day to day challenges they will face. For more details: https://onja.org/techlead/

We’ll sponsor your visa and you’ll join our beautiful team in Mahanoro - a peaceful beach town on Madagascar's East Coast.

Feel free to contact me, Sam, at team@onja.org for a chat / more information.

Role: Product Engineer (Full Stack, Ruby on Rails)

Hack Club (https://hackclub.com) is seeking a full stack product engineer to own the product development of Hack Club Bank (https://hackclub.com/bank/), our nonprofit fiscal sponsorship service for teenagers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiscal_sponsorship).

This is a senior role. You will be expected to work independently and manage direct reports, including 2 people running backend operations and 2 part-time engineers.

We are a small, but growing nonprofit building the program we wish we had when we were 15. We have a core team of 5 right now. In April 2020, Elon Musk endorsed Hack Club: https://hackclub.com/elon/.

Compensation: $80k/year + healthcare. Remote friendly, but with a regular travel expectation. Our HQ is in Burlington, Vermont.

Requirements: 10 years of engineering experience with prior experience managing direct reports. Strong eye for product.

If interested, please email me at zach@hackclub.com and CC tina@hackclub.com. Include "Hacker News HCB" in the email subject line.

InnoVint | Wine Production Software | www.innovint.us | Remote (US-based) | FT | Front End Developer

InnoVint is the world's leading SaaS solution for wineries and wine producers. We are and have always been a well-performing, tight knit virtual team that meets several times a year in the real world (usually a wine destination!). About half the team has some wine production experience. If you love the idea of being part of the wine industry, but haven't yet considered combining your experience in SaaS and tech, maybe InnoVint is the perfect company for you. If you are a reformed or aspiring winemaker, that's even better!

We're seeking a passionate Front End Developer to help build the foundation of a new cutting-edge PWA. You will be working in parallel with our existing front end team to lead the development of this new mobile web platform. You should be excited to learn more about the latest developments in the progressive web app space, including offline data storing, cacheing, and performance optimizations. Our stack is Angular 10/Typescript & Python/Django/PostgreSQL.

If you're interested in helping us delight our winemaking clients with the wine industry's best software and most passionate team, I'd love to hear from you. Please send it to directly to me (Dan, the CTO) at dan @ innovint.us

Instruqt.com | Full-time | ONSITE | Amsterdam | Back End, Front End, Full Stack https://instruqt.com

Instruqt is a challenge-driven online learning platform for IT that helps organizations accelerate the adoption of new technologies for employees, partners, and customers. Enterprises use our learning solutions to upskill their employees at scale. Tech companies use our platform to teach real-world usage of their products to drive adoption and increase revenue growth.

Apply if you like working on challenging problems, running Instruqt is a complex operation to scale and secure. Supporting all major cloud providers and containerization platforms, is a hard problem. Our core technology is Golang and React+TypeScript, knowledge on cloud automation technology (e.g. Terraform) is a plus.

It's a great time to join Instruqt, we're a growing product team consisting of 6 full-time people, and we reach students all over the world through our customers like Hashicorp and Google Cloud.

Apply via https://instruqt.com/careers/product/full-stack-product-deve... or contact me directly matthisk at instruqt.com

SevenFifty | Technical Lead (Rails/React) | Remote USA | Full-time

SevenFifty is an end-to-end supply chain and communications platform (B2B SaaS) connecting U.S. alcohol retailers, wholesalers, and producers/importers.

We're looking for an experienced full-stack developer to join our 15-person engineering team and lead development for a small squad. The squad you’ll be joining is currently two other engineers and a project manager working with stakeholders across the business, and a cross-team designer as needed. They work in two related Rails apps, with a combination of classic server-rendered Rails functionality, and React components on top of Rails. We use Solr for search, Postgres on Amazon RDS for data, and run our web apps on Heroku.

This role entails a mix of hands-on development and technical leadership. You'll be the technical representative for your squad of engineers, taking the lead on architectural decisions and quality development practices across the team. We expect you to be team-oriented and be comfortable mentoring, but we do not expect you to directly manage other engineers.

yitz at sevenfifty dot com (hiring manager)

More info and link to apply at: https://www.builtinnyc.com/job/engineer/technical-lead-web-d...

RxRevu | Engineering, DevOps, Data Science, UX/UI, Product | Remote (US Based) | Full-time | https://rxrevu.com

RxRevu is a well-funded digital healthcare startup that offers tools and content for healthcare providers to understand the cost of care for their patients. We've been growing like crazy over the past year and we're now in over 300 hospitals, with hundreds of thousands of doctors performing millions of price transparency transactions per month.

This is a particularly hard problem in the US Health system and we have great momentum so far. If you like solving difficult problems that translate into a material improvement in someone's quality of life, e.g. access to a medication they wouldn't have otherwise had, then we should probably talk.

We're cloud centric and use ruby on rails for transactional services, python for data pipeline and other data intense systems. We've been fully distributed since the pandemic struck, most of us were based in the Denver area, but as we've grown in the past half-year we're now open to candidates anywhere inside the USA.

Please check out our careers page as we have many roles currently open! https://rxrevu.com/join-us/

Reapit | Senior Full Stack TypeScript Engineers | Contract | UK Only, Fully Remote

Reapit are the UK’s market leading prop-tech CRM platform. Last November we launched an early Alpha of our new ‘Foundations’ PaaS, Developer Portal and Marketplace that allows third parties to extend our core desktop product with web technologies https://youtu.be/y-Fhlg2jrYo. The product has come a long way since then. We are in the process of rolling out to our customer base and now comprises multiple web apps, NPM packages, micro services, web components, an interactive style guide and other tooling. The code, as well as our Kanban and project milestones are all open source and on Github here: https://github.com/reapit/foundations

We are looking for skilled JS contractors to join the team to build new features, services and web apps. Ideal candidates will have 5+ years commercial JavaScript development experience and will be comfortable working with our tech stack; TypeScript, React, Redux, Node, Jest, GraphQL, Svelte, AWS and tooling. They will have an attention to detail, particularly for UI, testing and code quality, be comfortable working independently as well as contributing ideas both technically and on a product level. If this is you, would love to hear from you! Email your Github profile with a brief resume / LinkedIn to Will McVay wmcvay@reapit.com for details. Direct hires only, no recruiters thankyou.

Airteam | Sydney, Australia | Onsite/remote mix | Full time permanent | No visa sponsorship available | Competitive salary

Hi everyone.

Airteam is looking for a Senior Javascript Developer to join our team. We are a software design and development company based in Sydney. We are experts in user experience and custom development. We take an idea from concept to a fully developed piece of software.

Great perks: Work/life balance with flexible hours, paid time off, a mix of remote and some onsite working arrangements (all with COVID safe procedures in place with a preference to WFH as much as possible). Supported learning with an annual personal development budget and time off for training. Be part of a growing company with a friendly, supportive and positive culture.

Full role details and applications to be made through our website: https://www.airteam.com.au/careers


Strateos(YC W15) | Front End, Back End and Full Stack Software Engineers, Product Managers | Menlo Park, CA | https://strateos.com | FULL TIME; ONSITE/VIRTUAL

Strateos is turning life science into an information technology by creating a fully automated cloud wet lab. Scientists anywhere can define and (reproducibly!) run experiments over the internet on-demand and without investing up-front in a lab facility.

The Strateos Common Lab Environment (SCLE) takes Autoprotocol (http://autoprotocol.org/), a high-level JSON description of a biological protocol, and executes it on our custom-built robotic workcells. The protocols we handle routinely involve solving constraint programming models with thousands of variables and constraints in order to find the best plan that fulfills the scientist's biological intent.

Scientists manage their experiments through our web application or via our API. We provide a single platform that controls scientific devices from many vendors in a unified way, and an interface to control our automated labs.

Tech stack includes: Linux, Scala, RabbitMQ, Rails, Typescript, React, Ansible, Postgres

Benefits include: full medical/dental/vision insurance; catered lunch and dinner when in office, and a fully stocked kitchen; flexible vacation policy; 401(k) with matching; gym and commuter reimbursement; and education reimbursement up to $3,000/year.

Asana | San Francisco, New York City, Vancouver [BC] | Onsite | https://asana.com/jobs/engineering#jobs

We're building the future of teamwork. Over 82K paying organizations around the world rely on Asana to coordinate and manage their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. We believe in using the best tools for the job, and being mindful about how we solve problems so that we’re always thinking about the future, while still doing great things, fast.

We're hiring for:

Software Engineer - Product Lead - in San Francisco: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/2258436/software-engineer--tech... - in New York City: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/2251775/software-engineer--tech...

Product Engineers - in New York City: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/1163890/software-engineerproduc... - in Vancouver: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/1284781/software-engineerproduc...

* Infrastructure Engineer - in San Francisco: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/721271/software-engineerinfrast...

Full Stack Engineer | Full Time | Remote | https://fanmio.com

@Fanmio is looking for a full stack developer to help build and maintain a new greenfield project. The project is an e-commerce system and you will primarily be responsible for the frontend admin portion + "backend for frontend" GraphQL API.

Fanmio is a platform that allows you to meet your favorite celebrities & heroes in one-on-one personal video meet & greets. The project's tech stack is:

- TypeScript

- Vue.js

- Buefy + Tailwind CSS

- Node + GraphQL (using AWS Amplify)

If this sounds like something you're interested in and is in your wheelhouse, apply by sending me an email with your GitHub profile, portfolio/project links, and resume to careers@fanmio.com.

Looking forward to talking with you!

Alameda Research | Full Time | Hong Kong | ONSITE + visa sponsorship | 175-200k USD base + bonus https://www.alameda-research.com/

Alameda Research is a quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm based in Hong Kong. We trade between ~600 million to 1 billion dollars a day, making markets across 1000 coins using one of the most sophisticated trading systems in the industry. We have a strong history of success through varied market conditions, are rapidly growing, and are excited to add new members to our team.

We're looking for:

- Blockchain engineers - we are a major partner of Project Serum (https://projectserum.com/) and contribute to the project

- Backend and database engineers to work on the infrastructure and databases backing our trading and research platform

- Engineers with a background in high performance computing and/or low latency trading and networking

- Quantitative researcher/developers with a background in electronic trading

Developers at Alameda don't necessarily specialize into a single role so don't feel like you have to fit into a single slot.

If you're interested, send an application via this form: https://www.alameda-research.com/join-alameda.

ID.me hiring multiple positions to join our rapidly scaling team. We're keeping up with 60k+ new daily users, about 1MM every 20 days!

ROLES: Sr Android Engineer Sr Software Engineers Principal Software Engineers Team Lead Engineers Sr Frontend Engineers 3 Sr Devops Engineers

Remote until mid 2021, then onsite with flexibility in Mclean, VA Direct hire positions, must be eligible for US employment, no visa sponsorship. May provide relocation assistance.

Salaries range from 130-180k+ with equity options

APPLY HERE: https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/...

Fishtown Analytics | https://fishtownanalytics.com/ | Full Time | Remote, anywhere in the United States

At Fishtown Analytics, our mission is to empower analysts to create and disseminate organizational knowledge.

Over the course of the past several years we've built a community of 6,000+ people and 2,500 companies who are using our ideas, products, and workflows to conduct analytics, including Lyft, Monzo, GitLab, Snowflake, the ACLU, Amazon, JetBlue, and RentTheRunway. Our product, dbt (https://www.getdbt.com/), has come to be synonymous with the practice of analytics engineering, defining an entire industry.

Our team is growing fast as well. We're hiring for a number of roles across Engineering and Sales. If this mission sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, let's talk!

You can find our open jobs here: https://www.fishtownanalytics.com/jobs/

At Fishtown Analytics, we’re committed to building an inclusive team that welcomes a diversity of perspectives, people, and backgrounds. Whether or not your experience exactly fits the job description above, your passion and skills will stand out and set you apart even if your career has taken some twists and turns. If you are on the fence about whether you meet our requirements, we encourage you to apply anyway!

Ladder | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | Senior Software Engineer https://withladder.com/company/jobs/4057701003


Ladder creates upward mobility for American job seekers and simplifies hiring for employers. Right now, we're helping job seekers attend 3-14 week classes to become certified nursing assistants (CNAs), financing their tuition and placing them with employers immediately upon completion. For many, Ladder represents a new lifeline to economic stability and a better chance at a fulfilling career.

This is engineering role #3 at a 10+ person company with some phenomenal talent and great culture. We're hiring for both front-end and back-end roles, with a focus on the front-end role and someone who has had 2+ years of experience working in React, TypeScript, and front-end JavaScript frameworks. We are optionally WFH thru the end of 2020.

In my time in tech I have never come across a company that is as mission-oriented as ours — while still very much focused on building a successful business. We are backed by USV and some of the best VCs/angels in the business. It's a great opportunity to join an early-stage company.

You can apply here and mention HN, or email me directly (brandon@ the below domain name):


Helm.ai | Various Engineers | Full-Time | REMOTE & ONSITE (covid WFH) | Bay Area

Helm.ai is a rapidly growing seed-stage autonomous vehicle startup. Our deep learning approach to self-driving is uniquely data- and capital-efficient, allowing us to get to market quickly. Our team consists of researchers from top schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Caltech and engineers from companies like Google, Stripe, Quora, and more.

* Autonomous Vehicle Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmAVE

* Software Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmSWE

* Research Engineer (Perception) - https://tinyurl.com/HelmRE

* Systems Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmSYSE

You can read recent articles published about Helm.ai below:

* Forbes, "Android of Self Driving Cars" - https://tinyurl.com/HelmForbes

* Medium, "Helm.ai Pioneers Breakthrough 'Deep Teaching' of Neural Nets" - https://tinyurl.com/HelmMedium

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