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LightFi | Senior React front-end developer | London, UK | Remote OK (UK only) | www.lightfi.io/jobs

We are a small London based start-up producing novel IoT sensors for building automation, with a particular focus on reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. Our occupancy sensors can be found controlling buildings used by Heathrow Airport and British Gas.

We are developing our nascent web front-end to display new sensor data and analysis that will help clients understand, redesign and reopen their buildings with confidence in light of COVID-19 and beyond. We are seeking someone with a strong knowledge of React.js interested in joining our team to take a lead role in front-end development.

As an integral member of a very small tech team, if interested, you would have the opportunity to gain experience and contribute meaningfully anywhere across our entire stack (sensor hardware/firmware design, embedded linux, python, AWS, data science, fastAPI, React...) and play a key role in the development of new products and technologies.

https://www.lightfi.io/jobs or contact me (CTO) directly - matt at lightfi.io

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