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Upwave | Principal/Staff Data/Distributed Systems Engineer & Full Stack Engineer| San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE (REMOTE during COVID, ONSITE after)

About Upwave:

Upwave is a YC/venture-funded startup that helps large enterprises plan, measure, and optimize brand advertising campaigns. We offer a comprehensive set of tools that help our Fortune 500 clients to understand and improve how they’re perceived in the marketplace, how aware consumers are of the value they provide, and how much consumers trust them to provide the value they promise.

About the Roles:

Upwave has built an excellent backend system for gathering and statistically analyzing data on consumer sentiment. But our revenue and client list are growing fast, which means we've got to adapt to new levels of scale in our data pipelines.

We're looking at doing a substantial overhaul of our data pipelines to prepare us for our next stage of growth. We need an experienced technical leader to help us rationalize our cloud costs, architect a new high-efficiency system, and help us develop a highly scalable, highly maintainable set of pipelines.

We also are building out a suite of interactive, visually compelling, self-serve analytical tools to help marketers ask and answer sophisticated strategic questions (and visually communicate their results to internal stakeholders). We need an enthusiastic, quick-learning full stack developer to work on our Web API and our React/Redux-based data visualization dashboard.

See and apply for these roles at http://www.upwave.com/careers and/or email me: george@upwave.com

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