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created:1335 days ago
karma: 209
about: I help startups with engineering processes and strategy. I also have a team of Ruby of Rails developers available for short-term and long-term contract work (SF and world-wide). If you're open to remote freelance work, let me know, I'm always looking for good people.

Professional inquiries: paul [at] CleverPoint.co

Personal inquiries: paul [at] PaulMestemaker.com

Interests: Ruby/Rails, Python/Flask/Pandas, Data analytics, product management, startups, mobile


Started first business when I was 15 building software for fortune 500 companies. Acquihired by largest customer. I worked for them through high school and college.

Head of Product: Early stage startup in SF (Close.co)

Founder: Mythly Studios

Microsoft life: SystemCenterAdvisor.com

Part-time Video Blogger: channel9.msdn.com/shows/PingShow/