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I Am Cart | Technical Co-Founder (Senior Engineer / Full-Stack 5+ years) | Remote | Min 20hrs/week | Equity | https://iamcart.io

iamcart is a website that let’s people create their own e-commerce websites - think Shopify, Ecwid etc, with a focus on Africa - the untapped tech frontier.

I’ve spent all of 2020 building the site and launched in September 2020 to real paying merchants. I am stretched very thin trying to juggle between enhancing the product and driving growth so I’m looking for a co-founder to handle/lead the tech aspect. I’ve used Python/Django for the back end, and Vuejs for the frontend so far.

I was in the top 10% of applicants to the 2020 Summer batch of YC and was encouraged to apply again. Having a co-founder and demonstrating “startup-like growth” are two ways in which that can improve so if you join me, we can have an even better shot next time around but for now, we build and deliver an amazing product.

Email cofounder@iamcart.io to learn more/discuss. Thanks.

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