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oso | Developer Advocate | New York City (NYC) | Remote or Onsite

oso (backed by Sequoia) puts security in the hands of the makers. We're doing this by delivering security as code, or as Charity Majors (cofounder & CTO of Honeycomb) put it, "Consumer-quality developer tools" for security (https://twitter.com/mipsytipsy/status/1288326027001782273) – beginning with an open source policy engine for authorization.

We recently released oso into Developer Preview, and the feedback has been amazing. We are out to build a big, vibrant community of open source users, and we need to be proactive to achieve that goal. To that end, we are hiring our first Developer Advocate. This person will report to the cofounder/CTO and work closely with him, the cofounder/CEO, and the rest of the engineering team.

We are hiring folks who want to put security in the hands of fellow makers. We are building the product in Rust, which we think is both a good design choice for our use case and a fun choice for the team. The team members who join now will not only have a disproportionately large impact on the product and the community, but also on the culture and future of the company.

We are based in NYC and hiring folks remote or onsite.

To apply, please visit https://www.osohq.com/jobs/dev-advocate or email jobs [at] osohq [dot] com.

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