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PingCAP | Senior Engineer, Customer Success, SRE | Full-time | REMOTE | https://jobs.lever.co/pingcap

We make TiDB, a MySQL compatible open source database built for scale. TiDB is a distributed scale-out database that you don't need to shard. It uses RAFT consensus for reliability and features online migrations. Our underlying distributed key-value layer, TiKV, is a CNCF project.

Our tech stack is Go, Rust, and Kubernetes.

We are looking for experience that can translate to global success of TiDB. You could work on our cloud product (development, site reliability, or technical support) or on the database itself.

We seem to be transitioning to Lever (see the above link) but we also have the positions with salary ranges posted on Angel List: https://angel.co/company/pingcap-1/jobs

Is there a job listing for working on the database itself? Both listings on Lever and Angel List advertise a "Software Engineer, Cloud"

We aren't hiring as aggressively there. It is all open source so I would recommend getting involved with the open source project enough to get some better understanding and then if it does seem like something you are excited to keep working on you can ask maintainers about applying.

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