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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (August 2013)
279 points by whoishiring on Aug 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 388 comments
Please lead with the location of the position and include the keywords INTERN, REMOTE, or H1B if the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. Feel free to post any job that may interest HN readers from executive assistant to machine learning expert to CTO.

Also see: Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (August 2013) http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6139937

San Francisco, CA - Zenbox. Software Engineer. [LOCAL | RELOCATE OK]

We're a YC company wrangling SaaS to work together (as they should), starting by bringing the biggest apps our customers use right into Gmail. We've been growing our team over the past few months, and looking to add even more awesome people.

We work with dozens of API's to show our users profiles of their customers without having to jump out of the email flow - imagine having http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtzqRSlgqkw available when helping customers.

Thousands of people use it every day for hours on end, and are happy to pay for it to make sure they can continue using it. But there's still so much polish and improvement possible.

We also spend time improving our tooling, and tools for other developers. As one example we've recently vastly improved the source-map capabilities of the ClojureScript compiler. We do it because we want to give back to the communities that have enabled us, because it helps us, and because it's interesting.

Looking for an engineer who loves the craft, who cares about building product, and is excited about helping customers. We also explore some pretty awesome ways to escape from getting crushed under the heel of complexity, and we're all excited to start toying around with ideas like http://clojure.com/blog/2013/06/28/clojure-core-async-channe... for the frontend.

This is both UI and backend work.

Languages: Clojure, Clojurescript, Ruby, Javascript.

sean @ zenboxapp


Twitch - twitch.tv - San Francisco, CA.

Three years ago there was no "real" way to watch live gaming video online. Now we're the defacto and the likes of xbox and valve are realizing that and working very closely with us. This type of growth needs support!

Devops Engineers - We're scaling at an insane rate! 3mm MAU increase over the last couple of months, up from 2mm MAU a few months ago, which was up from 1mm MAU a few months prior to that! As such nearly every aspect of our stack is being revved, automated and improved. We're looking for people that never do things three times, it is always scripted and solid by then. Come help us build intelligent request routing into our infrastructure, help us get our server build and deploy process down to a work of beauty. Everything is up for grabs here for the right candidates.

Data Architects - Do you dream about large volumes of data? We have it! We're looking for engineers with tried and tested experience of modern storage mechanisms to help us scale out all data related things. Our vision is to have you build the platform for our stats guy (an absolute baller!) to go to town on. We want to build platforms that help us both with real time queries (recommendations for channels / vods, etc, to watch) and longer bulk queries (cohort analysis).

Interested in either? Want to know more? Email me, Mike Ossareh, Director of Engineering: ossareh@twitch.tv

Atlanta, GA - MailChimp

I am hiring for two roles on the Infrastructure side:

Systems/Coding: http://mailchimp.theresumator.com/apply/6Il9br/Infrastructur...

NOC/Networking: http://mailchimp.theresumator.com/apply/8ZRfKP/NOC-Engineer....

MailChimp is a unique place. We have ~3.5mm users, send ~6bn emails/month, and sit at ~80k queries/second hitting our dozens of database shards during a typical day. We are growing rapidly, adding 7000+ new users/day with that rate increasing every week. On the infrastructure side we do some neat stuff to support that scale and growth rate, working closely with developers to build and support our applications.

The engineering teams are still small, our benefits are unmatched, and internally we function much like a startup aside from established stability and abundant resources. There are no sales people, no investors, no board, no phones, no useless meetings, and engineering teams are trusted to make good decisions with resources with minimal oversight.

If interested, use the links above to apply. Your information will come directly to me.

Mutually Human - Grand Rapids, Michigan



We are a small team passionate about making people's lives better through software.

A little bit about us:

  - We write custom software of all shapes and sizes for clients all over the US
  - Though everyone here is fluent in Ruby, we don't artificially limit ourselves.
    In the past few months, I've worked with Objective-C, Backbone.js (inside 
    PhoneGap), Angular.js, Ruby (of course) and a little bit of Java and C#.
  - We practice a sustainable pace. We recognize that we each have lives,
    activities, and families outside of work. Late nights and > 40 hour weeks are
    rare by design.
  - We're agile, but not dogmatic about it. Our process evolves to suit our needs.
  - We offer competitive salaries, health/vision/dental insurance, quarterly profit 
    sharing, retirement + match, weekly catered lunches, and a top-floor office
    with snacks, guitars, and your choice of standing or sitting desks.
A little bit about Grand Rapids:

  - 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit, less than an hour to the beach.
  - Lots of great beer. Founders Brewery (a mile from our office) has 3 beers in
    the Beer Advocate top 15. HopCat is a “World Class” bar on BA. 
    Just look here: http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/city/43
  - If you’re renting anything larger than a breadbox in the Bay Area or NYC,
    you can afford a house here. I bought a nice house with a mortgage payment
    30% lower than the rent of my 1 bedroom apartment in Mountain View.
  - A growing technology and startup community.
A little bit about you:

  - You love writing software, and you have a few years of experience doing it.
  - You learn new stuff quickly. You’ve used a lot of technologies, but you’re not
    afraid to use more. It would be nice if you use and love Ruby, but not required.
  - You believe software is written for humans, not computers.
  - You want to come into work every day and enjoy the people you work with.
If you're interested, send me your resume/CV and a little bit about why you’re interested:


Kira Talent (https://www.kiratalent.com) - Toronto, Canada

At Kira Talent, we help employers spot high-performers earlier in the hiring process through timed video interviews.

A bit about us:

  * we’re a small team (you’d be #8), based in the heart of downtown Toronto

  * we’re well funded and have had paying clients since day 1 of the company

  * we’re hiring designers and all types of devs -- mobile, frontend, backend, analytics

  * we think even enterprise software can be beautiful, and pride ourselves on our design

  * every single one of our developers have committed code within their first day at work; some within their first hour
Here’s some stuff we’ve been working on lately:

  * building infrastructure to allow us to scale our video recording and streaming

  * re-building the UI-heavy sections of our product using AngularJS

  * designing and creating our mobile suite for both job candidates and employers alike

  * presenting analytics data captured in our product to the end user, and our team internally
We use Python/Django, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), ActionScript, MySQL (and some MongoDB), but you’d be free to choose your own tools and libraries.

If this sounds fun, let’s chat! My name is Konrad, and you can send me a note at konrad@kiratalent.com. :)

Washington, DC and Boston, MA -- Software Developers (full time)

NGP VAN (http://www.ngpvan.com/) is the market leader in integrated political campaign software and we serve only progressive candidates/organizations including the Democratic Party and President Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. We're looking for a few more talented software developers to join ~50 other developers in DC & Boston as we ramp up product development efforts on the next versions of our SaaS products in advance of the 2014 mid-term elections. See a bit more about us, our perks, and our culture on our CoderWall page: https://coderwall.com/team/ngp-van

In particular we're looking for folks that want to help change this country for the better and have experience in (or a burning hunger to learn) one or more of the following:

  - AngularJS (or another SPA framework/library)
  - node.js
  - ElasticSearch
  - Hadoop
  - .NET (C#)
Please email me directly at tgoode@ngpvan.com if interested. Include a brief note about why you think you're a match and a link to your GitHub/BitBucket/etc profile.

London, England - Full Time - Local Only (with flexibility to work from home on occasion)

Optim.al (https://www.optimalsocial.com/) is hiring full stack engineers for our London office, working on real time bidding, analytics, data science and front end web applications.


    * BS or MS degree in computer science, mathematics, or related field.
    * Good understanding of web technologies HTML, Javascript, HTTP, JSON, REST
    * Can demonstrate that you're a great 
      programmer in at least one of Scala, Python, Java, Clojure, Haskell, 
      F#, Kotlin or Ruby
    * Willing to work in Python, Scala and Java
    * Good understanding of a Unix based operating system
    * Some experience of databases and at least one web application framework
If you love programming and would like an interesting job with a steep learning curve and a wide variety of challenges, please get in touch. You can email me personally at jamie@optimalsocial.com or use the following Jobvite link:


No recruiters please.

Damballa - Atlanta, Remote

We are a information security company analyzing network traffic to find machines infected with malware. No prior security experience is necessary; just an interest in the field.

We are looking for Clojure developers unafraid of Machine Learning and Machine Learning experts unafraid of Clojure.



Please feel free to contact me directly or apply via the web site.

The R&D Data Scientist job listing doesn't seem to mention the possibility of telecommuting. Do any employees currently work remotely?

Also my email address is jackmaney at gmail.com

We do have remote employees, but none on the R&D team ... yet. We want (and need) to change that to hire the best folks available.

indeed! NYC >> ATL :)

ahobson, how can I get ahold of you? My email address is <my user name> atsign alum dot mit period edu.

Moveline is transforming an industry older than the internal combustion engine. We ship every day and play Settlers on Fridays.

We’re looking for a solid full-stack javascript engineer who loves Settlers of Catan, remote development, and can tell the difference between an IPA and a Lager.

About Us

- We’re passionate about building software that dramatically improves the customer experience, end-to-end, around moving. Our web product is at the heart of it.

- We are also working with a world-class set of investors and advisors, who you’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with on a regular basis.

About You

- You are fluent in Javascript – our stack is MEAN: Mongo/Express/Angular/Node (and Backbone)

- You are passionate about code and elegant solutions, and want to work with others who are similarly so. You can’t sleep at night knowing you left something not DRY’d

- You have architected and developed end-to-end products that are currently running business applications on a production environment

- You have an obsessive attention to detail

- You thrive when you are working closely with others on a small team

- You want to build stuff that solves real human problems

- You can explain the differences, chemical and philosophical, between a lager and an IPA

- You have a panic attack if you don’t push code before noon

- You don’t care that the moving industry isn’t sexy

- You would rather make money than make the front page of TechCrunch (though we do that too)


Market salary and meaningful equity is available. We’re primarily a remote engineering team, with the company (ops, marketing, customer service) based in Las Vegas in the heart of Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. Hackers in Vegas or remote in the US welcome. Full Time or Contract-to-Hire only please. No freelancers or recruiters need apply.


Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition's Robotics Group in Pensacola, FL, looking for Java developers and robotics people.

We're looking for short term, long term, interns, post-docs, researchers, full-time, basically anything. We do frequently sponsor foreign job applicants with work visas.

We recently placed 1st in the DARPA Robotics Challenge VRC, and are looking to fill out our team for the next stages of the DRC that involve doing some pretty cool challenges.

Applicant would need to be able to relocate and stay until at least December 2013.

More info about the DARPA Robotics Challenge here:


More info about our lab here:


More info about the job postings here:



Sounds like interesting work! I'll be in Tuscaloosa in a couple weeks ... do you give tours to visitors?

Having worked with the IHMC in the past, I recommend them highly. =)

Kaiserslautern Germany, Software Engineer at Aircloak - REMOTE ((UTC +2) +- 2)

My name is Sebastian, and I am the CTO at Aircloak. Aircloak is a young and well-funded startup working on privacy preserving data processing and analytics. We are a spinout from the German Max-Planck Institute for Software System research institute, where we also currently have our offices.

Our technology allows us to process highly private streams of data and only ever make fully anonymous data available to our customers. One of the features that make our system unique is that no one, including operators, customers, and ourselves, ever has access to the sensitive raw data. This property holds true even after we update the software running on the machines processing the sensitive data!

You should:

    - be intelligent
    - have a good sense of humour
    - be an amazing programmer
    - wish to change the world
Our system spans many machines and services, with major components written in Erlang and Java, in addition to components written in C, C# and ruby. Knowledge of functional programming is a plus. Experience with web development is not going to hurt either.

We are:

    - recent University of Cambridge graduates 
    - one director at the Max-Planck Institute
The work environment is highly international and diverse, and we would like to keep it that way. We are looking to hire two more full time engineers. You can either work on site with us in our offices in Kaiserslautern, Germany, or, for the right candidate, remote. We offer good and stable salary, generous equity and great facilities.

We hope to hear from you. Please email us at jobs@aircloak.com if you have any questions! You can find more on our website: http://www.aircloak.com/join.html

Stockholm, Fulltime, PHP developers skilled in MVC

Hej hej,

We´re looking for PHP developers with MVC Skills who want to join us full-time in our Stockholm office, developing Platforms, CMS-Modules and Apps. If you have knowledge of CSS, jQuery, Zend framework, MySQL, Doctrine or Git that would be awesome too.

We offer a spot on a startup Software Tech Team scaling up its work in Apps-In-The-Cloud, module-based WYSIWYG functions and Real-Time updates. Buzzwords aside, at the end of the day we just want to enable people to have apps.

You're a hungry programmer who wants to grow with us as we expand to new markets. We do not require any formal merits, only that you are really skilled. You are most probably a junior programmer who got your PHP skills from hacking away in you basement.

Salary as agreed upon. Bonus if you excel.

We´re a young company that so far have worked with brands such as Unilever and Microsoft. The last couple of weeks we have hired four programmers. We need more :) Send a cv to michael@openratio.com.

Kind regards

The team at OpenRatio

Modilabs, Columbia University -- New York City -- Full time


We are a university lab under The Earth Institute at Columbia University. We are building open source softwares to help developments in various countries in the world with a kick of technology.

Currently we are involved in a data collection / analysis project in Nigeria, an infrastructure planner project for remote islands in Indonesia and many more. We also have a team in Narobi, Kenya with whom the New York team work very closely. Our stacks includes but not limited to python, javascript, django, nodejs and we are always looking forward for new technology.

We are looking for hackers who are passionate about the stuff that helps the world sucks a little less. If you are interested in hacking with us, traveling to the developing world, please go to the afromentioned github job repo to contact us.

Chicago, IL / New Haven, CT / Telecommute -- Development Operations Engineer

Prometheus Research, LLC (http://prometheusresearch.com) is searching for a full-stack development operations engineer to help build-out our SaaS offering and custom deployments of bio-informatics applications. We're comfortable with telecommute, however, since we work with HIPPA, you must be in the U.S.

* We help medical researchers (especially those working with autistic children) manage their data.

* We both use and produce free and open source software (YAML, HTSQL, and soon RexDB).

* We are a Javascript, Python, PostgreSQL, and Linux consulting and custom development group.

* We have a RexDB SaaS offering that is typically hosted on university networks.

* Our clients (and users) have demanding problems; they are appreciative, smart & fun.

* Our work is primarily funded through foundations and grants (we'll never be flush with cash).

We're looking for someone who would help us build-out our software deployment and monitoring infrastructure. You'll be working closely with Clark Evans in Chicago (truthfully, over IRC) and other members of Prometheus in New Haven CT and Prague. Your clients will be internal data analysts, custom software developers, and client relationship managers. We're currently transitioning from an ad-hoc set of system management scripts to Ansible and Cogs; and soon we'll probably move most services to Docker or some other open source light-weight virtualization system. We're looking for someone who uses appropriate open source tools and helps us contributes back to the broader community.

We value planning, documentation and competent execution. This is not an entry level position. If you're interested, tell us at ops-hn-20130801@prometheusresearch.com


New York City OR Austin, TX : Yodle : Software Engineers and Software Engineers in Test

Yodle (www.yodle.com) helps local businesses succeed. We will continue to make an impact for the 35,000 businesses we work with today and eventually make a much broader impact on the local business economy as a whole.

We assemble teams of problem solvers, individuals who are excited to drive change, and want to work in a collaborative and team oriented environment. Our engineers build software products that make marketing simple and cost effective for small businesses and help them attract and retain customers.

Our 50+ person engineering team powers our 1100 employees that support our 35, 000 customers.

We are growing our Austin and New York Engineering teams. visit our careers site to learn more - www.yodlecareers.com - and feel free to email me directly with your resume awecler at yodle

Just a friendly reminder about WFH.io (http://www.wfh.io), a site listing global full time remote / work from home (WFH) tech-related jobs.

In July 2013 we added 36 jobs, with a breakdown as follows:

27 Software Development

4 System Administration

2 Design

2 Customer Support

1 Other

Also, it's still free to submit your job posting to WFH.io, so please do so! :)


The first job listing on your page, under "Top 5 requested jobs" being "Sr Software Developer - Cloud Servers" at Rackspace has already been filled according to the rackspace URL the website provides. It doesn't give a good impression if the first thing you look at isn't available anymore.

You are right. :( I do scan remote links daily looking for non-200s, but that's obviously not robust enough.

Also, some of them are not actually WFH, e.g. this one requires relocation to Portland: https://www.wfh.io/jobs/16/

I'm pretty stringent about that -- if you click the employer's job link, you'll see:

"We'll work with you wherever you are (in the US) or help you relocate to Portland, OR."

My apologies, I misread that as "work with you to help you relocate".

It's great to see a site dedicated to WFH. I wish you every success with it!

No worries, and thanks!

FlightCar (YCW13) - Cambridge, MA, FULL TIME, INTERNS, REMOTE considered


Come join FlightCar and help bring car sharing to airports (the place car sharing makes the most sense!).

We're hiring:

-Python/Django (++ if you're an awesome JS'er or can work some PSDs and AIs)

-iOS/Android (++ if you have Python/Django experience)

Email shri@flightcar.com with a resume/github if you're interested.

Knewton - New York, NY (Union Square) - full-time

Knewton's mission is to bring personalized learning to the world.

Knewton is the world's leading adaptive learning technology provider. The Knewton platform makes it possible for anyone to build applications that provide real-time proficiency estimation, activity recommendations, analytics, and more. The world's largest and most innovative learning companies use Knewton technology to improve student achievement in K–12 (e.g.,Houghton Mifflin), higher education (e.g.,Pearson), global English Language Teaching (e.g.,Macmillan), and other markets. Knewton has been recognized globally as a "Technology Pioneer" (World Economic Forum in Davos), one of the world's "50 Most Innovative Companies" (Fast Company), and one of "The World's 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs" (Goldman Sachs).

Knewton has about 120 employees, over half of which work in technology, data science, and adaptive instruction, including machine learning.



Some specific openings:

* Business Development Director - http://bit.ly/10uusn3

* Data Scientist - http://bit.ly/12yWm1X

* Software Engineer - Big Data - http://bit.ly/14IsjUm

* Senior Security Engineer - http://bit.ly/14lqxJY

* Senior Product Manager - http://bit.ly/14lqyxv

--> For more follow http://twitter.com/knewton_jobs

Barclays Bank - New York, NY - all levels

We do high throughput, low latency java server programming.

We love scrum and domain driven design. We automate everything, especially testing.

Our group has got advantages of big company and startup. We're changing the way that Wall Street develops software.

If you like to write code that expresses application logic with brilliant clarity,

Or if you like to hack on high performance systems engineering,

Email us about working at Barclays: bigcojosh@gmail.com

High performance LIBOR fixing is more like it.

Adzerk - Durham, NC - Full-time, permanent - (http://www.adzerk.com)

We're looking for a devops engineer and both junior and senior developers. More info on our jobs page (http://www.adzerk.com/job-openings/)

Adzerk is focused on helping publishers make more money from their ad inventory by building a revolutionary ad serving platform. We believe that making advertising a viable business model for publishers ensures the future of a free and healthy internet. We love nothing more than helping a great publisher be rewarded for their hard work and help them continue to create awesome content.

Cupertino, CA - 1+ year contract (possibility of internal conversion)

Two open contract positions with Apple Inc. Work on an exciting team with some cutting-edge tech. Here's our current tech stack.

* LAMP (w/ PHP 5.4)

* Symfony 2

* Redis

* Ember.js

* Node.js

* Vagrant, Puppet

* statsd, Graphite, etc.

Applicants for this position should feel ready to deliver on all of these fronts. You're a strong, modern PHP engineer with a focus on delivering solid, unit-tested code. You're comfortable with working in Symfony 2, excited by Ember, and have a history of delivering great code.

Candidates with active Github profiles and open source contributions will be given strong preference. (Please include a link to your profile.)

To apply, send an email to jnettles at apple dot com with your resumé and any pertinent information.

Sorry, but we cannot sponsor H1B candidates for these positions.


Top 5 reasons why you should move to Berlin, now:

1. Lowest livings costs with highest standard of living. Stay in gorgeous, perfectly renovated apartments in pre-WWII residential buildings with high ceilings, right in the middle of the center and pay a fraction of costs of any other capital (even cheaper than any Eastern European capital). No need for a car—Berlin has one of the densest subway nets and wide streets make biking fun + we have Car2Go and Drive-Now (these are world's best smartphone-supported car sharing systems with brand new cars at every corner, cheaper than owning a car or riding a cab). In addition, Germany has an amazing social health care system including health, unemployment and pension.

2. A vibrant and fast growing ecosystem of smart people. A vast number of new software talents, founders, software companies and VCs are moving to Berlin, every day (Twitter, Google, Soundcloud, Earlybird, Mozilla and many more).

3. People here are open-minded, outgoing, mix well and international—no need to learn German, everyone speaks English. Making new friends is a matter of days. Visit tons of networking and startup events, every week.

4. Easy work permissions—Europeans do not need any and can work from day one.

5. Berlin's night life is unmatched, huge and changing every day (plus ridiculously cheap). Berlin has got some of the most dazzling, naughty, and original clubs on the face of the Earth.

Berlin is calling and getting the new tech hub of Europe. If you are passionate about building great software, we’d love to talk with you. If you don't live in Berlin yet, we could help to fix that.

We are one of Berlin largest Node.js team, running an high availability cluster on Node/Express and looking for more Node.js Software Engineers.

=> our product: http://versus.com

=> our career page: http://urge.io/jobs

=> or apply to career <at> versus <dot> com

Hey guys, just a quick comment about the colors on versus.com. #bfbfbf is your text, and #f4f4f4 is the background. Those colors are so close together that its nearly impossible to read without really straining the eyes. I'd recommend going with a darker color for your text to provide better contrast. Good luck!

"Easy work permissions—Europeans do not need any and can work from day one."

Are you folks willing to hire people from the US, too?

Amicus (YC S12) - New York City

Amicus is reshaping civil society through innovation. We believe profits and social good can go hand in hand. At Amicus, we build tools that increase the amount nonprofits raise, while drastically decreasing their costs. Amicus puts more money in the hands of great organizations and creates lots of value in the process. Tired of deciding whether to do good or do well? You've come to the right place.


  - Javascripters
  - Rubyists
  - Other (non-technical)
http://jobs.amicushq.com/ for mored details.

Shoot an email to jobs+Aug@amicushq.com if interested. Tell us why you think you'd be a good fit.

San Francisco, CA (or, Washington DC area) http://leagueapps.com Our platform powering recreational sports leagues & events needs to evolve to keep up with the demand. We're seeking an experienced software engineer well versed in Java, Javascript, and MySQL (Scala & Python relevant as well). Send your resume and a brief note to careers@leagueapps.com or apply directly at http://leagueapps.theresumator.com/apply/WMUWVg/Senior-Softw...

Khitchdee, Allahabad (India) (http://www.khitchdee.com) Khitchdee is a simple dish made of rice and lentils, cooked together with some spices in a single pot. We've named our high-tech company after this dish, and strive to be simple, useful and friendly. Our work spans music, teaching and building gadgets. We're based in a small town called Allahabad in northern India. We're looking for people who are or have been musicians, have taught at some level and are programmers or chip designers. Send us an email at rohit@khitchdee.com

REMOTE: Part or full time developer and support team member

We're a small company selling software and services to a technical and demanding industry. Our international team is looking for someone who is up to learning something possibly completely new, and extending their coding abilities on varied systems that we're in the process of scaling.

Tools we work with include: Python/Flask/PostgreSQL, C/C++, /Java (server side), AngularJS (frontend), OSX/Windows/iOS/Android apps

You will need to be available for working with our customers on the phone between at least 10am-3pm CET (Central European Time), and collaborating with our distributed dev team during some later hours some parts of the week (flexi-time). You should have good speaking english to take occasional support calls during the day - this is an important part of how we work, where all developers have direct access to customers. We'd also love to have a German speaker on board.

Interns/Junior devs completely welcome to apply - if you are just learning to code, have a technical background in any field and can demonstrate genuine aptitude for independent learning please get in touch. This is a 100% remote position and some of us have kids while working from home so we're very family-friendly. It's also an excellent position for anyone studying.

Email resume, github profile etc to hire.me.mex@gmail.com

Could you elaborate a little bit on the industry you are servicing and/or the specific problem domains?

also: where is the company located (i'm asking for tax, health insurance reasons etc.) ?

We're US-based and this position is ideally suited for someone in Europe due to the timezone we need. Support is mostly troubleshooting installs remotely, and development focuses on networking and low-level media elements. A note on support: we work hard to try and automate support, so the reason we ask devs to take on support issues is that it helps us focus on not having to do support for an issue once we've automated/fixed it. We also love having a direct connection to every customer, it makes the work more meaningful (though we find it really interesting in itself).

And are you looking for a direct employment of someone from europe or a contractor agreement? it is my understanding that it's quite a bit of paperwork for US companies if they have no local branch in a memberstate of the european union.

i'm asking because it sounds interesting (and i'm german ;) ) and i'm looking for a new gig as a software developer right now.

This is a contract opportunity at least to start with. Could you get in touch and we can talk more? I'd love to know what you're looking for and see if it's a match.

After doing a quick google search of zuvikomx I'm pretty sure the company's located in Mexico City, Mexico.

We were previously looking for someone in Mexico to help a local office there, we're US-based.

Are you still looking for someone in Mexico?

Yes absolutely, we'd be really happy to speak to anyone in Mexico.

Palo Alto, CA - Angaza Design - http://www.angazadesign.com/

Angaza is building a new energy economy for the billion+ people who now live off-grid, with East Africa as our initial market. These markets are moving beyond conventional centralized grid generation, becoming the center of development for the resilient, distributed, renewable energy systems that will replace it. Robust low-cost metering, financing, and payment technologies form the key to making those systems possible.

We are a technology company for an unconventional market, a market that demands unconventional technology solutions. Angaza is looking for a talented electrical engineer to join our team in the SF Bay Area. Responsibilities include designing and optimizing hardware for intelligent solar energy generation; supporting ongoing manufacturing; assisting with firmware development; contributing to collaborative research in low-cost distributed metering, including novel digital communication systems; traveling occasionally to field sites across the world; and helping to solve any of the unforeseen and exciting challenges that emerge in a rapidly changing startup environment.

If hired, you will become part of a small team creating a new approach to energy in emerging markets. You will receive both a salary and equity stake in the company. See http://www.angazadesign.com/jobs/electrical-engineer/ and contact us at careers@angazadesign.com.

Shoreditch, London. Full-time and onsite. (https://howareyou.com)

To all exceptional Ruby developers

We are behind howareyou.com https://howareyou.com/, an online personal health record completely free to all NHS patients.

We are committed to building the best clinical API https://howareyou.com/developers, highly available and secure. Our API is a collection of services distributed across multiple infrastructures (including AWS).

The right candidate will be interested in:

   - RESTful APIs - including the hypermedia component
   - non-web Ruby services - we're big on EBI (Entity-Boundary-Interactor)
   - non-Rails apps - we are slowly phasing out Rails
   - client-side apps - our newest apps are all Angular.js talking to APIs
   - Service Oriented Architecture
   - hybrid infrastructure
   - Redis and Riak - masterless clusters is where we're heading
You will be working alongside the best in their field from Google Campus, less than 5 minutes walking distance from Old Street station.

For the best contractors, we are willing to pay £450 per day. All candidates are encouraged to get in touch with us on jobs.hn@howareyou.com

Stormpulse – Austin, TX – Full-time, permanent – (http://www.stormpulse.com)

Our mission: To interpret the Earth's most threatening data.

-- Senior Python Developer --

About us:

We tell our customers when bad weather is going to disrupt, delay, or damage their business. Our product provides high-level intelligence and low-level analysis on weather risk for supply chain managers, business continuity professionals, commodity traders, and oil/gas operators. Here's President Obama looking at our map: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/u-president-barack-obama-looks-...

We're looking for a couple of developers to join our team. Tools we work with include Python, Celery, Redis, MySQL, Postgres, Backbone, nginx, AWS

About you:

* Able to rapidly gain (and enjoy gaining) new expertise in a previously-foreign, non-technical domain (e.g. weather, earthquakes, wildfires, solar flares)

* Derive joy from seeing huge leaps forward in the customer experience

* Mastery in a non-technical discipline (i.e. you are not only a great developer, but also a master at jazz music, mountain climbing, chess, skiing ... something that has taught you how to think beyond a keyboard).

* Ability to collaboratively apply the design principles of Stormpulse to new projects

* Not satisfied with a compromise -- always pursue the possibility that two seemingly contradictory goals can be simultaneously achieved through great feats of design / engineering

* Derives pleasure from the final aesthetic


- B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or college degree with related technical experience required. ("Hackers with Humanities degrees are awesome" says Matt) - Strong experience with one or more of Python, Ruby or similar object oriented dynamic language required. Additional experience with Javascript, HAXE, HTML, or CSS is highly desirable. - Experience with GIS (PostGIS, ESRI, Mapbox) is preferred - Linux experience with knowledge of Linux internals and Distributed Systems preferred. - Self-motivated and driven to continuously improve personal and professional skills combined with openness to constructive feedback. - Strong communication and documentation skills.


3925 West Braker Lane Third Floor Austin, TX 78759 United States



StormPulse is awesome and I would highly recommend working with Matt, Brad & co.

These dudes are legit and they have interesting engineering problems.

+1; Storm Pulse is my 2nd favorite startup in Austin!

And your favorite?

Heh, just saw this. Brian is my fiance and I run a funded startup here in Austin (see my profile, although we're about to rebrand.) So it's not a fair fight. ;)

>B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or related technical discipline required

No exceptions?

Definitely exceptions. I was a humanities major. Listing edited. :)

Actually, I meant is a degree really required?

Personally, I left college with a couple of years left to go, when I realized I could make just as much money without a degree as with one, and I could teach myself anything I needed to know, anyway.

(I haven't regretted it in 15+ years of professional programming, for what it's worth.)

For flexible private-sector organizations like startups, 'X required' almost always means 'X or equivalent experience required'. Being bold enough to understand that and apply, explaining your equivalent experience, can be a positive signal.

(I imagine there are exceptions among very bureaucratic and regulated agencies or government contractors. But even there, you may reach an individual hiring manager with both the wisdom and discretion to hire anyone with the right skills, regardless of credentials.)

Also fine.

Veering wildly off-topic but your product looks both useful and amazing.

Thanks. Now that we are in a subthread I guess it's no longer off-topic to say that I'd be happy to answer any questions about it. :) (Or email me -- email in HN bio).

San Francisco; REMOTE possible.

We help publishers of all sizes make more money by showing readers great recommendations of more things to read (both related and not). We've got cool clients, the most innovative product in the space and we're poised for big growth in the next few months.

Things we don't do: crappy outbound traffic arbitrage links.

We build products that are good for publishers, writers and readers. That's in our DNA.

We're lean and nimble; have an awesome roadmap full of fun tech challenges; and looking to find the right person to lead our tech team. The stack? Currently, PHP, Nginx, Apache, Memecache, MySQL, jQuery, a dash of PostGRES. Future? Likely some Python, maybe Go, maybe Redis, maybe some NodeJS. Whatever makes sense.

There will be some machine learning stuff, some big data, some UX challenges, etc. The ideal person is someone who is passionate about making online publishing better; who has track record of leading teams to ship quickly without burnout; and who wants to learn more - but doesn't make stack decisions based on the cool new tool they want to learn.


What we offer: a fun challenge working on a product used by millions daily, great co-workers, significant equity.

There's no timeframe on the hiring, so if it's something that sounds good for 3 months from now, drop us a line.

Put CTO in the subject line and tell us a bit about yourself. info@contextly.com.

CircleCI (https://circleci.com/jobs) - SF or REMOTE fulltime (in the US)

At CircleCI we're building Heroku for Continuous Integration and Deployment. We have traction and revenue and funding and great customers. Our customers love us, because we move quickly and provide amazing support. Everyone talks to customers a lot.

We're still a small team, so you'll have a large impact on company culture. We're highly influenced by Valve's Employee handbook, and have as flat a structure as we can.

We're currently looking for a Frontend Engineer - You'll work on improving our customer's experience. Our frontend is a single page javascript app, using HamlCoffee, Less and Knockout. Its a lot of fun to work on, but also needs a lot of work. We have a lot of impressive features that our users need, everything from better visualizations of deployment, to responsive features that work well on mobile, so you'll be a really important part of the team. Experience with Angular would be particularly cool.

Check out our shiny jobs page at https://circleci.com/jobs. Include samples of awesome stuff you've done.

AMA Capital -- Palo Alto, CA. Full time. H1B okay.

AMA Capital trades billions of dollars per day in the foreign exchange markets.

We are all engineers, and we all do a little bit of everything. We design and implement our own trading strategies and infrastructure, down to the networking code that ties us in to financial markets. We are a very small team (I am the only employee) and are looking to add one or two engineers who will focus on strategy or on infrastructure.

No experience or specific knowledge of finance is required. However, you do need to be at least interested in financial markets and to be able to implement your strategies carefully in C++.

An example of a project that a member of our infrastructure team could work on is a system for logging to non-volatile memory. We generate large logs that cover everything from prices to transaction data. NVDIMMs are a form of RAM that survives power loss. Hardware like this has been on the horizon for a while, but it is just now becoming available to early adopters. Writes to NVDIMMs will be nearly instantaneous and immediately durable. This project will be to develop an NVDIMM-based system that simultaneously functions as a log, an IPC mechanism, and a searchable database for analysis. Making this work will involve a number of pieces: kernel drivers, CPU cache control, lock-free synchronization, a daemon to write everything back to long-term (i.e. less expensive) storage, and more. If this works well, we plan to open-source all the pieces.

Please visit http://amacapital.net/careers.html to learn more, and, if interested, apply to careers@amacapital.net.

Educreations (http://www.educreations.com) - Full Time in Palo Alto, CA

Want to use your skills as a force for good to improve education for all? Here's your chance.

At Educreations, we believe that the world's best teachers should be available to all students.

As a first step, we've made it extremely easy for teachers to teach online. Our app (top-100 overall, top-10 in education) transforms the iPad into a mobile lesson recording studio, and millions of teachers and students in over 20k schools are using it learn from each other anytime, anywhere.

Educreations is looking for some sharp, passionate people to help us redefine online teaching and learning. We were part of the first cohort of Imagine K12 and are funded by Accel Partners, NewSchools Venture fund and other top angels.

We've set out to make a dent in the future of teaching and learning and if this sounds like something you're interested in, get in touch.

We are looking for:

    Strong Python or Objective C Engineers
    Visual Designers

Monetate - Conshohocken, PA (Philly suburbs)

Monetate helps digital marketers make their content more relevant. We turn data in action on our clients' sites by doing real-time data analysis and DOM manipulation to put the right experience in front of their users. We’re looking for engineers who want to do highly visible work on great brands and solve tough problems.

What we're looking for:

* Problem solvers who like to code - we take things apart, figure out how they work, then build software to solve our users' problems

* People who like hard challenges - we have great problems across our products - data, UX, 3rd party Javascript, high volume / low latency APIs - we have no shortage of fun problems to work on

* People who like to ship - we're focused on building and shipping great products - if you like to see your work in production quickly you'll see it here

About us:

* Founded in 2008

* Respect - it's our core value. We have a great team and we work well together. Our technical teams have full authority over (and responsibility for) the problems they work on.

* Market rate salaries

* Open source - Google Closure, Python, Hadoop, Mahout, Solr and Lucene - we're open source across our stack

* Funded by First Round Capital and OpenView

We've hired great people from HN in the past. We're looking for people not positions. We have people who have joined the team with no background in our primary languages and people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Feel free to email me with any questions - tom at monetate com

Shmulevich Lab, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA. REMOTE posible for proven cantidades.

We need a few versatile coders/data scientists who are willing to tackle hard problems as we analyze the data from large biomedical studies like The Cancer Genome Atlas.

We run massively parallel analysis, warehouse data and present it using interactive html5 visualizations and are seeking coders who can contribute to all or part of that process. The abilities to self manage and work directly with scientists are a must.

Things we use: * Linux * Go (golang), python (numpy, scipy), javascript (d3.js, node.js in dev), R, C, C++ * HTML5, websockets, REST, json * mongo, neo4j, solr/lucene, sql * random forests, boolean networks, information theory, statistics and [spectral] graph theory

Things we don't use: * Hadoop

We are a largely grant funded non profit with a mandate to open source code. You may have seen our analysis running on 600,000 cores streaming results to a webapp during the compute engine demo at last years Google IO.

See "Shumelevich Lab" postings here: http://www.systemsbiology.org/open-positions

Is it possible for me to stay in SF? Can travel a bit.

We have full time remote team members and all meetings etc are google hang outs but the current team all started in Seattle and we don't have a policy on fully remote new hires yet so I guess it is on a case by case basis.

I think that it would be a "yes" for someone having a proven record on open source projects or published scientific work etc.

Are you open for H1B too?

I think so. I'm not sure on the details (I'm an engineer) but we have non-us-citizen engineer and scientists thanks to various overseas collaborations. The job submissions site goes through HR who can let you know for sure.

applied a bit go, never even heard back :)

We actually just started looking at resumes today ... small team and lots of people taking time off while the weather is good.

Bit different to the usual start-up post, we're an Ops consultancy firm looking for a Linux geek to join our team. We look after infrastructure for a number of customers, primarily e-commerce but other sectors too.

Senior Linux Consultant, UK

We are looking for an additional team member to join us at our office just outside Manchester, UK. Participation in our on-call rota will be required, although the expectation is that the hours for this will shrink considerably over the next 12-18 months.

The candidate should possess all of the following characteristics:

Excellent, in-depth knowledge of GNU/Linux and associated technologies Strong knowledge of the workings of TCP/IP Highly skilled in at least one scripting language Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal A proven track record of working with Linux systems Able to work autonomously, identifying and prioritising tasks; experienced enough to know when to seek input from others In addition, the following are highly desirable:

A maths or (Computer) science degree A strong understanding of statistical analysis Experience of working in high-traffic environments Experience of working with configuration management, preferably Puppet Experience with Amazon Web Services at scale Pay and benefits Salary expectation £40k-£50k, dependant primarily on experience 25 days paid holiday per year Location The position is on-site at our office in Birchwood, between Manchester and Warrington. Birchwood station is easily reachable from Manchester and Liverpool. A free bus runs from Birchwood station, stopping outside our building. Alternatively, a parking space will be provided.

How to apply Please send a covering letter and an up to date CV to jobs@bashton.com

London, UK. Full-time Ruby / Rails Developers

globaldev.co.uk are the team behind the worlds leading social discovery and dating company.

You'd be hard pushed to find another environment where you get to work on such a range of challenges. Everything from everyday web development, through to full on engineering on our RabbitMQ based email system that pushes out millions of emails every single day.

Our team regularly speak at various tech events and one of our engineers was one of the headline speakers at EuRuKo so you'll be working alongside engineers who actively participate in improving the Ruby community.

We have a development team based right next to Waterloo station in London and our HQ is in Windsor, Berkshire. We don't mind what office you choose to work in.

You can find a full job spec here: http://globaldev.co.uk/jobs/

We're also on the lookout for a full-time, permanent developer in test to join our team so if you know anyone, send them my way.

Email me if you'd rather not apply on our site or if you just want to find out more about the role or the company: sbuckley@globaldev.co.uk

Administrate (http://www.getadministrate.com/) Edinburgh, Scotland. Full Time. We build online software for training companies that helps them run their entire operation.


We're looking for a full time developer who can start on our support team dealing with bugs and smaller dev projects for the first 12 months, then move on to other things (if desired). We have fantastic offices at the Edinburgh Tech Cube (http://www.techcu.be) with spectacular views of Arthur's seat and the Meadows.

Detailed job description can be found on our about page (http://www.getadministrate.com/about), look on the lower right.

We're using a combination of technologies:

- Crufty old PHP (being refactored), and newer PHP (Doctrine)

- All new development is being done with: Python, SQL Alchemy, Flask, and AngularJS using the Bootstrap UI framework

We're looking for smart people that get things done using the above techs, and who want to join a small company, have lots of responsibility, and work in a very challenging environment.


We're growing really quickly, have a small team, a challenging product that's mission critical for our clients, and we're located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If you're outside the EU, we can look into visa sponsorship in very special cases, but this can be a long and difficult process, particularly for the UK. Sorry. Email me if interested, my name is John: jjp@getadministrate.com

Apportable (YC W11), San Francisco - H1B, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

The Apportable SDK cross-compiles Objective-C applications, allowing iOS developers to reuse their existing code on Android devices as well. Pop icon Björk recently joined the community of thousands of Apportable developers and ported her Biophilia app to Android: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6059844

We're growing quickly (team of 30, mostly engineers) and are looking to hire another software engineer to join our platform team. You may find yourself implementing missing Objective-C frameworks, debugging OpenGL ES visual and performance issues, improving our Xcode integration, or help successful iOS developers bring their titles to the Android market.

Market salary and meaningful equity is available.

Languages: Objective-C, C++, Python

To apply, contact jobs+hn@apportable.com

More about us:



Philadelphia Suburbs (Blue Bell) - Wingspan Technology

Scala, Javascript (Backbone, Facebook's React which knocks the socks off of Angular). Functional programming on frontend and backend. Clojure engineers, we want to make you happy here too.

Enterprise web application development. Large problems, fast pace, complex domains. Mature team of about 16 software engineers with a broad range of experience levels.

Spotify - NYC, SF, Stockholm, Gothenburg. Full time.

We've got plenty of positions in all offices for backend devs, iOS devs, Android devs, and also JS+frontend devs. Check out our job site and drill down: https://www.spotify.com/us/jobs/vacancies/

Also, right now I'm working as an engineer on our backend infrastructure team in NYC and want to specifically call out an opening we have on this team. The role description (at http://spoti.fi/13zEPmT) should give you some idea: my team is building the infrastructure that all devs at Spotify use to build their features and services on top of. Great way to make a big impact, and also involves playing with a lot of fun tech like Cassandra, LXC, and Docker :-)

I've been at Spotify for a year and a half and it has been a great place to work as a developer. Let me just list the ways:

    - Really smart people with very diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.
    - Problems that are actually pretty tough & challenging at scale.
    - A hacker culture, where solving or building things is what's valued.
    - Getting to travel between our offices and exploring new places.
    - Speaking of travel, 4-5 weeks of vacation depending on your location.
    - Excellent events with great music and bands (look up "Spotify Sessions")!
We also have all the standard benefits and things you'd expect (nice offices, health insurance, coffee, etc.), but those things above are what I think have really made working here unique.

Feel free to reach out to me directly (rohan@spotify.com) if you have any questions or want to talk, or feel free to fire off an application through the jobs site.

San Francisco, CA - DevOps Engineer

BASIS Science (http://www.mybasis.com) is focused on making the world a healthier place. Our product, the Basis Band, is a sleek, wearable device that connects to a web and mobile service and delivers personalized, science-based feedback.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with a passion for building scalable systems to join us in applying technology to advance health. If you’re a Chef or Salt guru (or want to become one) and want to own the infrastructure supporting our service, API, and ever-growing database of health and fitness-oriented physiological data, then we want to hear from you!

Full listing: http://basis.theresumator.com/apply/DaITYK/Dev-Ops-Engineer....

ps. We’re always on the lookout for great Python engineers to come work on all parts of the backend. If you’d like to know more, please email sw-jobs@mybasis.com

Planet Labs Inc. - http://planet-labs.com - San Francisco, CA

We provide universal access to information about the changing planet. We'll soon operate the world’s largest fleet of Earth imaging satellites to frequently image the entire planet and provide open access to that information. We have a big mission and we seek highly performing and accountable people who care deeply about the art of creation.

We're primarily looking for strong software engineers interested in working on distributed systems, image processing, embedded systems, spacecraft commanding, mapping, and web tool development. While we expect you to have a strong background in building software systems, no prior experience in these specific systems is required. You'll code in Python and C++, among other languages.

See our open positions and apply at https://planetlabs.recruiterbox.com/.

Come help us build a spacecraft network!

New York and remote:

We're building a social retail platform. Looking for hackers with some or all of the following interests (several positions open and for the right person we'll create one):

- Machine Learning

- Functional Programming

- Ruby

- Javascript

- Mobile (web and native)

- Analytics, A/B testing

- UX

We've been covered by TechCrunch, Vogue, Glamour and others and we've been experiencing excellent month over month growth. Our next few engineering hires are critical for our team and we're looking for talented, creative problem solvers who love to learn and to build great software and systems.

Our company culture has a unique combination of strong work ethic, relaxed atmosphere, and collaborative problem solving. There is also delicious gourmet lunch brought in most days.

If interested, send an email to matt@chloeandisabel.com with the subject Hacker News. Link to your github and mention the kind of stuff you want to be working on and what you think your greatest strengths are (tell us what code to read first). Next step can be coffee or a chat over the phone, or a visit to our office to meet the team, many of whom read HN.

SpiderOak - Anywhere (Telecommute) - https://spideroak.com/jobs / https://spideroak.com/blog/20130722141302-python-web-develop...

SpiderOak seeks a web developer to build our next generation web presence and web applications. You will be working closely with our designers and our CEO, and you'll get regular code feedback from internal application security teams. Key technologies are Python, Django, and HTML5.

You’ll be expected to have mastery of HTML-related presentation technologies, from HTML layouts with CSS to JavaScript-based UI frameworks and Bootstrap. Prior knowledge of the Django ecosystem of reusable apps would be beneficial.

SpiderOak spans eighteen timezones the written word is essential. You'll need to join IRC channel occasionally during US business hours (but no rigid scheduling), participate on our bug tracker, wiki, and email.

Some of the best programmers we've known have poor resumes, so we have no minimum requirements for degrees. We’re also super-equal-opportunity: quality design knows no bounds for race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, species (Giant Pandas will be encouraged because "AAAAhhhh-dorable!!!!") or religion. If you can meet what we need, we’ll do amazing things together.

- About Us -

Started in 2007, SpiderOak provides desktop, web, and mobile software for backup, sync, and sharing, keeping user data encrypted and private. We provide consumer and enterprise solutions, own storage backend and our own data centers. Most of what SpiderOak creates is Python, and free and open source software. SpiderOak is a 100% distributed, virtual-office, work-from-home, your own schedule company.

Atlanta, GA - Full Time - Software Development Engineer

Clearwave has an opening for a full-stack Software Development Engineer. As part of this position you will be working on numerous aspects of the product and service including:

- Application development of web hosted, kiosk, and other service-oriented software

- HL7 based data integration between healthcare providers and partners

- HIPAA compliant EDI healthcare transactions

- Kiosk development (design, deployment, and operations)

This is an opportunity to play a significant role in a company whose products are seen and used by thousands of patients and healthcare providers each day. An ideal candidate will be able to fill a variety of technical roles, and have a passion for new technologies and new ideas.

The front-end stack is heavy on HTML and JavaScript while the back-end stack is primarily C#/.NET.

More info here: http://www.clearwaveinc.com/careers-with-clearwave.html

Contact me: jdaigle at clearwaveinc.com

Voxer is more than just a walkie-talkie app, it is one of the most used Push-to-Talk and messaging applications in the world. Voxer iOS and Android apps allow tens of millions of users across the world to communicate instantly. We're making voice and multimedia communication faster, more efficient, and more social. Our goal is ambitious - we're building the next generation communication voice service at the intersection between PTT, phone calls, SMS, conference calls, and multimedia messaging.

It's no small feat to achieve, to keep one of the world's fastest growing voice applications humming along and growing at a phenomenal pace. But we are 50 dedicated individuals who are putting some of the most exciting technology in the world to work right now - we are the world's largest Node.js site, and we also run one of the largest Riak clusters in the world.

We are dedicated and solely focused on building the next generation of communication. The problems we're facing are at a scale only seen at companies like Twitter and Facebook and we're looking for exceptional people who can help us tackle them.

We closed our first outside round of funding last spring, and our brand new offices are right off Market Street in San Francisco. There's tons of restaurants and shopping nearby at Westfield and Union Square to spend your hard earned cash on, and if you're a musician there's a few outside on the street that we wouldn't mind you teaching a few new songs to. There are plenty of MUNI lines right outside, BART is a block away, plus the Ferry to Oakland and Marin is a pleasant fifteen minute stroll or five minute bus ride away.

We are hiring across the board and looking for Front End Engineers, iOS Engineers, Android Engineers, Server Engineers, and more!

Check out our site for a complete list of open jobs. http://careers.voxer.com/

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. No remote work – must be able and willing to work at our Amsterdam office.

Silk (www.silkapp.com) is looking for Full-stack and Front-end engineers. We're looking for people who enjoy and know how to build great things that in run in the browser in Javascript. We're building a product that makes it easy for people to create sites with content that is easy to query, visualize and share. On a deeper level, our vision is to bring the semantic web to the masses and build an amazing company around that.

We're working on many interesting and challenging problems, with a custom-built Haskell graph-database on the back-end and a cutting-edge Functional Reactive client-side framework in Javascript on the front-end. We are well-funded by top-tier VCs (NEA and Atomico) and are located in the city center of Amsterdam.


Nestio - New York, NY: Django/Python Engineers (Full Time) http://nestio.com/about/

We're a NYC-based startup attempting to fix the horribly broken apartment rental process by creating a real-time platform of information for landlords, brokers, and renters. We are looking for smart, full-stack engineers who want to join our team and build the best tools that the rental market has ever seen.


  - Are awesome at Python + Django.
  - Also know front end (html, css, js, jquery, backbone, you know the deal).
  - Know how to optimize a SQL query.
  - Write tests.
  - Care about UX/Design and love talking product.
  - Enjoy eating sandwiches (this is critical).
Competitive salaries, equity packages, benefits, and more for the right hire. Drop us a line at jobs@nestio.com and tell us about yourself.

Plaid is hiring full-stack engineers in San Francisco.

-Plaid (http://plaid.io) is an API for Bank Data. We help developers access a cleaned & categorized view of user transactions. We're changing the way bank data is used, and revolutionizing fintech in the process.

-We're backed by the best in the business (announcing soon).

-We won the Disrupt Hackathon when we built an app on our platform. http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/28/rambler-takes-home-the-disr...

More details at http://plaid.io/jobs - or send an email with a note and your github or linkedin to jobs+engineer@plaid.io.

BaubleBar - Flatiron, NYC (Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer - PHP, Python, Magento)


BaubleBar is seeking engineers to help build the next generation of our ecommerce platform that is scalable and fast. This is a rare opportunity to make a lasting impact at a fast-growing, VC-backed start-up. Your work will be used by millions of users. You’ll report directly into the VP of Engineering and work in our swanky new office located in Manhattan.

BaubleBar is building a unique retail destination for fashion jewelry by addressing the unmet needs of both consumers and designers.

We're a team of 4 amazing web folks right now. Business is growing and we're looking for talented engineers to join us.

Feel free to email me with any questions or to apply: tyler@baublebar.com

OpenSignal - London, full time

We're the largest independent data source on cellular and WiFi networks. We're looking for people to help developing our crowdsourcing apps and interpret the data. Our team is small and we have a great time working together - lots of BBQs in the roof garden in the current weather.

We're looking for:

- iOS developer, iOS7 has opened up some great new APIs and we're looking to bolster our app out there, making it as popular as our Android app (currently clocking 15k downloads per day)

- Back end developer with a passion for data. We use R, Hadoop, SQL, PostGres and more, and we love dataviz.

- Telecoms expert, someone who likes a startup environment but has detailed understanding of how cellular networks work and experience within the industry

join @ opensignal.com http://opensignal.com/jobs/

Pod1 is hiring a full time LEAD Front End Developer.

We are a digital agency who specializes in creating beautifully functional eCommerce apps for high profile clients and brands. (We work with many high name fashion brands if that interests you).

Applicants should send an email to techny@pod1.com with their resume or github profile.

We're looking for the following:

Object Oriented JS experience (and Javascript that goes beyond jQuery). JS Framework experience (backbone, underscore, require, d3, etc..) A keen eye and ability design to convert .psds into functional web pages. SASS experience.

Previous Magento exposure, or, at the very least, some PHP, Python, or other scripting language experience.

We offer very competitive payment if you have the ability to provide the aforementioned skills and can hire immediatly.


Recent college grads are also encouraged to apply for a JUNIOR role if have the skills, but don't have professional experience.


Akamai is hiring Linux kernel engineers in Cambridge MA

You will work on the the Linux kernel, the foundation of the Akamai software stack. We develop new kernel features from scratch and enhance existing components to optimize our massively distributed network. You will work on projects that make our network more scalable, faster and secure. Akamai has a great atmosphere, inspired people and a fine location.

More details at http://jobs.akamai.com/job/Cambridge-Senior-System-Software-.... If you are a good fit, send me an email at quentin.fennessy@akamai.com.

See http://www.akamai.com/60seconds to see what Akamai does in 60 seconds.

Chartbeat - New York, NY - (Frontend || Backend || Infrastructure) Engineer, Data Scientist, UX Designer (full time)


Chartbeat is a real-time analytics service designed for real-time action used by everyone from The Wall Street Journal to Al Jazeera. We're democratizing data by putting it in the hands of people who need it to make decisions and take action - right now. Just before our 4th birthday we moved into our own sprawling office in Union Square, Manhattan. We are packing it full of incredible talent. Thanks to years of hard work and amazing funding by some of the top investors in the world (Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Index Ventures, and Betaworks) we're growing, and growing quickly.


JumpCloud - Boulder Colorado

Like solving BIG problems? Like working with BIG data? Want to have BIG fun? Then JumpCloud wants you. We're looking for a senior developer to be the next member of our small, agile, awesome engineering team. You would be an integral member of the development team helping to design and build the next generation of cloud security software.

At JumpCloud (formerly SafeInstance) we're solving complex problems in the cloud using the latest and greatest technologies, like MongoDB, Hadoop, Node JS, Vagrant, Puppet, Express JS, etc... If you enjoy solving challenging technical problems using the latest technologies, then this is the job for you. But wait, you haven't used those technologies? No worries: we're open minded and we believe that good engineering is not technology specific.

Looking for... --Willingness to learn and embrace new technologies, languages, and frameworks --4+ years of programming in either C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, or Javascript. --3+ years experience building web based applications/web sites. --Skills with SQL and querying databases, bonus points if you've worked with a NoSQL DB such as MongoDB, Riak, etc. --Web UI development in Javascript using JQuery, ExtJS, Backbone JS, Angular JS, or equivalent framework/api. --Comfortable with Linux/OSX/Unix as desktop development environment. --Familiarity with networking and network security is a huge plus.

JumpCloud is an early stage, stealth mode, venture backed cloud security business based in beautiful downtown Boulder, Colorado. We offer cutting edge hardware and tools, full benefits (medical, dental, 401(k), etc.) and a fast paced but casual startup working environment. Local or relocatable applicant preferred, but remote applicant considered. Flexible working hours. Office is right on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, stumbling distance to hundreds of bars and restaurants, not to mention the epic hiking, biking and climbing opportunities in the Flatirons. All employees learn to write buffer overflows and pick locks while drinking scotch.


Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/) is hiring in Mountain View, CA

Coursera's mission is to make a college-level education available to everybody in the world. We currently offer over 400 classes from 80+ of the world's most prestigious institutions. Come be part of the online education revolution!

We are hiring for all the positions listed at https://www.coursera.org/about/jobs, including:

- Course Operations Specialist

- Software Engineer - Analytics

- Software Engineer - DevOps

- Software Engineer - Infrastructure

- Software Engineer - iOS

- Software Engineer - Product

- Software Engineer - Test & Automation

- UX Designer

- HR Manager

You can email me directly at jacob@coursera.org or apply directly through the website. We do not have any remote positions available at this time.

London, UK - FULL TIME

Rentez-Vous, the Airbnb of Fashion, is looking for a CTO. (http://rentez-vous.fr/en/)

With more than 15 offline events in London and Paris, we are a unique Peer-to-Peer and Designers fashion rental marketplace. With a growing community and a strong media coverage (from Glamour to Euronews), we are now looking to launch Rentez-Vous on the web and mobile.

We are looking for a full stack web developer experienced in desktop and mobile (native app experience is a plus). We are currently working with Python and PHP.

If you are interested in fashion and would like to take up a challenging position, please email me at fiona@rentez-vous.com with your resume and Github or links to your work.

Berlin, Germany: Adspert (http://www.adspert.net) Software Developer Python / Javascript

We're always looking for talented software engineers who join us to develop our backend/data heavy SaaS in the marketing/adwords area.

We're a small team (~8 devs) working mostly with Python and big Postgresql deployments, as well as quite a significant amount of javascript in the frontend.

We offer a friendly atmosphere, competitive pay, competent co-workers, no overtime, in the center of Berlin! We'd love to hear from you!


(no remote workers, sorry)

Dallas – Houston – Chicago – Seattle – Atlanta – LA – San Francisco – NYC – DC Pariveda Solutions is hiring developers… Do you like custom web sites, mobile applications, and thick clients? Are you proficient in C#, Java, or HTML/JS/CSS? We build applications for clients in many industries across multiple platforms and languages. We like to work with small, structured teams on projects that are typically less than 6 months in duration. At Pariveda, your platform, language, and industry will be constantly changing. We offer a progressive career path, competitive compensation, and excellent benefits. Please send your resume to andrew.bose@parivedasolutions.com.

Outpost - Montreal, QC, Canada [FULL TIME OR INTERNS] http://outpost.travel

Outpost.travel is a P2P travel aggregator helping travellers to commute with unique and affordable experiences. We're 4 months in, a team of 3, and just secured 125k yesterday. If you are interrested in having sleepless nights and eating tuna everyday, check out our job page http://outpost.travel/#!/help/jobs

We are looking language agnostic in the backend, anything goes: node.js, parse, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Toronto, Canada - FULLTIME. VC Backed. Comp Salary + Benefits + Equity Opportunity.

Top Hat(https://tophat.com). We build software for The Modern Educator.

Django, JS, RabbitMQ, AWS, Backbone, Real Time, Big Data, EdTech, Dent in the universe kind of stuff.


Looking for a brilliant developer:

Does doin’ your thing in Django take you to your happy place? Does coding in JavaScript feel better than Christmas morning? Does programming in JavaScript bring you more satisfaction than rainbows and puppies combined? Read on, you Maniac Hack. Read on.

If you’ve been to university, you understand the nut Top Hat is trying to crack. Your professor starts to talk, and you really do have every intention of listening. But within about five minutes, your good intentions fly out the window and you begin to surf Facebook, catch some Zz’s, or if you’re feeling really ambitious start working on a problem set for a completely unrelated class. When you join our team, you’ll be working on classroom interaction software and help higher education find its mojo!

Your work will touch hundreds of thousands of paying customers (300,000 and growing every day). Plus, you’ll get to ship code on a weekly basis. We only officially launched a little over two years ago, but we’re already profitable and are growing like crazy! Lucky for you, we’re small but mighty. That means you get to touch everything—front-end, back-end, database code—whatever your little hacker heart desires! And what’s more? Everything you touch will be yours. Well, kind of. We follow the “Facebook approach,” meaning we give developers complete ownership of features.

The Fabulous Life of the Top Hat Developer comes with other sweet perks too. Every fifth week is hack-week, where you and your fellow developers get to spend a week working on pet projects. There’s also lots of free deliciousness. What’s up catered breakfast and unlimited snacks and drinks? Oh, and did we mention StarCraft throw-downs at lunch?

https://tophat.com/about/jobs Or email: matt [at] tophat dot com

San Francisco, CA - Performance Engineer

Splunk, Inc. is focused specifically on the challenges and opportunity of effectively managing massive amounts of machine data, and providing a next-generation platform for powerful new applications. My team works on a kick-ass web application SaaS and seek a performance engineer. If you think you fit the bill, my email is in my profile.

~5 years industry experience

Ability to find performance bottlenecks and their root causes

Good with Linux and Python

Define, design, and implement benchmarks to generate metrics giving guidance to field engineers and customers on how to properly deploy and configure our products

Suddenly, bodily wrestling the AngularJS documentation to the ground and headbutting it into submission seems like the smartest thing I've done in months and not just an unnecessary exercise in masochism.

CardFlight is hiring in NYC for full stack/mobile developers and an enterprise sales/BD lead.

Mobile payments: by developers, for developers. We give mobile app developers the tools, infrastructure and support to easily incorporate credit card payment acceptance into their own apps.

https://getcardflight.com/careers derek at getcardflight dot com

Why CardFlight? - We just closed a round of VC funding and are growing from 3 of us to a team of 7. You'll work directly with the founders to help build the future of our company without getting lost in the crowd. - An energized, yet casual/fun work environment. - Budget and time-off for professional development (conferences, workshops, tech meet ups, etc.) - Competitive pay, equity, vacation time, and lots of cool perks. - Opportunity to grow and develop your career in an early stage startup. - Work with some of the latest and greatest technologies around. - Mobile payments is one of the hottest spaces for startups right now.

Traction: - Hundreds of clients on our private beta waiting list - Signed partnership with Stripe (http://techcrunch.com/2013/05/08/cardflight-partners-with-st...) - Just closed VC-led funding round (to be announced)

Atlanta, GA - Full Time - Developer - VersionOne - http://versionone.com

VersionOne produces a leading agile project management software product by the same name. We are a growing team that focuses on continuous improvement in our software as well as our process. Our main technology stack is .NET but we use many tools, languages, and platforms including ruby, coffeescript, less, backbone.js, d3.js, jquery, node, asp.net mvc, html5/css3, nhibernate, jenkins, git, angular.js and more.

We are looking for passionate developers that are comfortable with practices such as pair programming, test driven development and are great communicators. We have a strong dedication to sustainable pace and team building - we have catered lunches 2-3/mo, a keg of craft beer at all times as well as in-house homebrew, pool tables, table tennis tables, foosball table, cornhole, arcade, extremely large bean bags, and team events such as skeet shooting, paintball whirly ball and go karts.

If you are interested please contact me (a developer) at [dan][.][lash][at][versionone][.][com] or visit our career page here: http://bit.ly/8y8CNx (email is better). We also have some open source projects here: https://github.com/versionone/ We have offices in Alpharetta as well as midtown Atlanta for your commuting pleasure.

New York, NY (full-time, remote) Flyer - http://flyerapp.com


We just closed our seed round for 1.6m. We're looking to bring event recommendation to NYC the best way possible! Our beta is right around the corner. Our backend stack utilizes Postgresql (DataMapper) & Ruby (Padrino). Here's the positions we're interested in:

- API Backend engineer

- Web frontend engineer

- iOS engineer

A little about you:

- You have a bachelors degree in CS or have been developing 4+ years

- You are a kind team player

To apply, shoot me an email at mark@flyerapp.com

Smarkets, London, VP of Engineering and Software Engineer, Python, Erlang & Mobile

Smarkets is disrupting the global betting industry by offering a modern betting exchange with significantly lower transaction fees than the competition. We're a well-funded company with a small, agile development team, and our platform has handled over £350 million of bets since launching in 2010. Smarkets has been featured in publications such as Wired, The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch and was recently selected as part of the Startups 100.

We're building a reliable, low-latency exchange system to facilitate automated traded strategies, as well as a fast, modern web interface. Our team constantly works on significant, challenging software engineering problems; if you're fed up of writing yet another boring CMS, we might be able to help.

The Smarkets platform is written predominantly in Python and Erlang, and relies heavily on asynchronous programming techniques and REST. We make extensive use of version control, configuration management and automated testing, which allows us to reliably deploy code to production several times a day.

Our team builds on a modern, open-source software stack which includes Linux, Vagrant, Flask, Eventlet, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Graphite, Chef and Git.

For more info: http://info.smarkets.com/about/jobs/

Lead Back-end at TourBuzz - Atlanta, GA

TourBuzz is a production and workflow platform for professional photographers. Our customers love us because we take leading-edge technologies and commercialize them in accessible ways that improve their business.

We've started to grow really quickly, and although we've grown to 8 people (5 dev, 3 biz) in the last 2 years, we still cannot build all of the things people want to pay us for fast enough. We are bootstrapped, profitable, and debt-free.

We are looking for strong lead developers to help us get where we need to go. Our team approach is to hire the very best developers we can. We want professional, seasoned developers that can build amazing, enduring software. We offer a sane, well-balanced environment, ensuring that our devs have the time, resources, support and autonomy they need to do great things.

Problem domains: photography, image processing, workflow, media players (photos/panos/videos), scheduling/routing, invoicing/ecommerce, 3D, video, and much more. Technologies: PHP, Java, Scala, Ruby, CoffeeScript, Javascript, Obj-C, Lua, Postgres, AWS/EC2/S3, Chef, Heroku, ImageMagick, git, Ember, Angular.

Here's the full job posting: http://tourbuzz.theresumator.com/apply/AaX0Zh/Lead-Software-...

Germany, Hamburg, Most beautiful City in Germany :) ONSITE

Software Engineer: Ruby, iOS, Android

We are a small but capable company of 8 likeminded people with a focus on web and/or mobile applications in the domain "professional sports". We craft our backends in Ruby on Rails, love clean code and successful projects. Our clients chose us because we support them with our professional and honest advice, because of our straight work and because we are not afraid to interfere if we have to.

What we offer:

  - Mixed team from juniors to seniors with strong skill-sets in all web development areas 
  - Good competitive salary
  - Well tested and automated software
  - Office in the central city of Hamburg, within 2 minutes walking distance to the Alster (big city lake)
  - a friendly, respectful working environment
  - Help with finding accommodation
What you offer:

  - you KNOW Ruby (and Rails), you love it, you breathe it
  - you are hungry to learn new things and get better in what you are already quite good at
  - you are willing to move to Hamburg
  - you have been doing web development professionally for at least 2-3 years
Bonus points for:

  - iOS or Android experience
  - operations skills
  - you love wakeboarding || climbing || cycling || snowboarding || insert sports here
Just say hello@njiuko.com if you're interested in getting to know us a little better and hear a lot more about us and our work

Little Bridge World - Hammersmith, London, UK

Little Bridge mixes video game sensibilities with language learning. We teach English to millions of children in more than 30 countries across the world. We've got a unique mix of social networking with learning, where kids can make friends all over the world to practice their English, with enough help along the way that they'll never get stuck. Children can walk around a 3D village, meeting characters and playing games. The company is currently expanding from web clients onto tablet and mobile and is extending it's products to better fit how kids learn today.

Cloud services are essential to what we do, and we're looking for server-side developers and sys-ops wanting a challenge, who are comfortable leading a team to build a scalable solution with us which includes messaging, scoring mechanisms, achievements and a whole lot more. We're developing layered services using PHP and Zend Framework, MySQL, noSQL and message queuing among others. Essential skills also should include developing applications for HA and scalability in cloud environments (clustering, replication, load balancing), Linux admin, Apache/Nginx, IP networking, network/application security, unit testing and release management. An interest in educational products is a must!

You can find out more about the company at http://www.littlebridge.com

Send an email to jobs@littlebridge.com, with a CV and a little about yourself and let's talk!

Thanks to those who have sent mails to us. Please send any further CVs to roz.young at littlebridge.com.

1621 ABBOT KINNEY | Venice, CA ZEFR is HIRING ENGINEERS - All levels, all programming languages welcome!

Why work here? Game-changing products, great pay, stock/benefits, solid team, awesome perks- oh yeah and we are three blocks from the shore!

Products: http://zefr.com/brandid/ , http://yhoo.it/12zElO1 , movieclips.com

Innovation: http://bit.ly/17Fd8he

Culture: http://bit.ly/WEfCZQ

Perks: Catered food, beverage bar, basketball court, bikes, surfboards, paddle boards, team sports, weekly music jam sessions

What We're Working With: python-2.7 javascript, node.js, backbone.js, angular.js, knockout.js coffeescript, postgres


Python Developer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=omqlXfwO&s=HackerNews Mid-level Software Engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=opDQWfwy&s=HackerNews Senior Software Engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=otDQWfwC&s=HackerNews

Reonomy - New York, NY - http://www.reonomy.com/careers

A Seed round startup in NYC!

Tech: Python, Flask, Heroku, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Node.js, Javascript (angular, masonry, bootstrap, jquery), HTML5

Open Positions:

  Lead Analytics Engineer
  Lead Web Application Engineer
  Frontend Web Application Engineer
  Platform Engineer
About us:

Reonomy’s mission is to provide clarity and insight into the world’s most opaque markets. Initially focused on the $13T US commercial real estate sector, Reonomy fuses disparate data sets and performs cutting edge financial contextual analytics on income producing properties and debt.

Reonomy enables institutional investors and lenders to conduct analyses that currently take thousands of hours and execute them in a matter of clicks while also providing more accurate and comprehensive results.

Reonomy is backed by tremendous and dedicated partners including: four venture capital firms, proven innovators such as the founders of Thomson Financial, Vonage and Datek Online, and sector leaders including the former President and Vice Chairman of Cushman & Wakefield.

Get in touch! http://www.reonomy.com/careers Read more: http://crunchbase.com/company/reonomy

spoke with their founder yesterday, really awesome smart guy, super nice too.

Theres a solid business in what they're doing, a feel good element to the extent to which the tools will help the customers (ie crazy amounts of time saved), and he also really cares about helping engineer he pulls in grow professionally.

Worth chatting with!

San Francisco, CA. Relocation Assistance Provided (within US). Looking for a Backend Python Engineer/Data Scientist to help design and implement novel intrusion detection/prevention strategies using a technologies like Tornado, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL and AWS. If you have data analysis background, you could additionally analyze security data and develop new machine learning models. You will work with data created using http://www.mykonossoftware.com/about-us.php * Above all: interest in coding, security and statistics. Knowledge of specific technologies is not required.

  * Desirable: 
  - Strong Python coding skills, understanding of Java and C.
  - Understanding of and experience using common data structures i.e. trees (heaps, binary trees, tries, etc), Bloom filters, arrays, linked lists.
  * If you want to do data analysis, you should have 
  - Understanding of and experience using common statistical techniques: generalized linear models, PCA, and basic statistics (Fisher's exact test, Binomial test, t-tests etc)
  - Experience with implementing algorithms from academic papers
  - Experience with at least one machine learning package e.g. Mahout, Scikit-learn
You get: - Very competitive compensation. - SoMA (close to downtown) location. - Work with a great small team with smart people who look forward to coming to work every day. - Excellent benefits package. - Free Macbook Pro and any work-related software. - Flexible working hours.

Please send resumes to dpaul@juniper.net

Classic Specs, New York, NY, Full-Time

We have been designing and building high-quality prescription eyewear in Brooklyn since 2010. We have a number of high-end fashion brands for which we design and sell eyeglasses.

We're building a company to last - we have revenue, a loyal client base, sustained and expanding growth. We’re backed by all-star group of investors and folks who have built some of the most successful fashion brands in the world. Now we need someone to help build our technology.

Come work with us team to design and implement a white-label software for managing eyewear websites and order fulfillment across multiple brands! We're looking for engineers who are interested in building everything - from inventory management infrastructure to A/B testing our website - for selling eyewear online.

Our team is small. As an early developer, we’ll ask you to look for things in our business that can be made more efficient and use technology to improve them.

You will completely own a feature, from choosing which technology to use, implementing the frontend, interfacing with our back-end database, and then measuring its impact on the business.

When you build something cool, we'll open-source it. When you learn something new, teach us! Help us mentor interns.

Our back-end stack is mostly Python + Flask, using uwsgi on nginx. Our current project is using mongodb on the backend.

Feel free to email me: jay@classicspecs.com

Brooklyn, NY - Full Time - Dash (www.dashwith.me)


Description: We’re looking for a badass developer who’s passionate about building the infrastructure behind an aggressively growing start-up. Join us in shaping the future of mobile payments.


- Loving code, but also loving constant collaboration between a killer team - Building Web Services to be consumed by Mobile or Web applications - General Algorithm, Data Analysis, and Performance Development - Clean, Object Oriented Design and Coding - Documentation and Collaboration - Automated Testing and Quality Assurance

Skills and Experience

- Comfortable working with PHP, Go, Rails, or Node.js - Experience with one or more database systems (MySQL, Mongo, etc.) and the ability to learn new data systems - Demonstrated ability to write organized, object-oriented, server-side code - Solid oral and written English communication skills - Experience working with Git version control and continuous integration - Experience with automated provisioning and deployment (Chef, Puppet) - Deep understanding of Amazon Web Services


Ready to apply? Please send an email to jobs@dashwith.me including your resume, your favorite text editor and linux distro, a link to your github, as well as why your passionate about working for a start-up. (Bonus points if you include a story of when Dash would of been helpful to you in the past!)

Remote, USA, Full Time.

We are looking for 2 full-stack developers to join our exciting team. We are doing interesting stuff with research apps, content enrichment, APIs, and lots of other cool things.

This post might be a bit early, since we don't have the official positions online yet, but I wanted to post here so I didnt need to wait another month :)

Feel free to email me if you are interested! max.irwin at wolterskluwer dot co dot uk

--EDIT-- We are 'remote', but if you are in Boston(Needham), NYC, or Tampa, even better :)

--EDIT 2-- Some more info on what we do: We build research products for healthcare, and are expanding to other markets. We currently serve SaaS to over half the hospitals in the US.

Our current stack is REST API and UI running on node.js/express with redis/mysql on EC2, C and Apache on Solaris, C++ on Windows. We are looking to expand and rebuild our offering and are looking at using other languages (currently looking at Scala and Go - but we havent decided yet). We are also building apps on iOS, using Solr for our search backend, and creating a BaaS using a mix of Tech.

Familiarity with API design, Machine Learning, MVC, Git, Continuous Integration, and BDD are also a plus.

If you don't know any of the above but are talented otherwise don't be shy! We learn what we need, when we need to.


I didn't see a jobs section on that page. Who would you like us to contact or should we fake our way through the contact us form?

Just email me directly please! Our jobs section is on the Wolters Kluwer corporate site, and we haven't officially posted these openings yet, but we are definitely hiring for them.

email you how?

It's right up there in the middle of the post, mildly obfuscated.

LOCAL -- Lovely is hiring in San Francisco, CA

http://livelovely.com http://pro.livelovely.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lovely-find-homes-apartments...

We are Lovely.

We are a passionate 15 person startup operating out of a shared workspace in San Francisco, California. We know from personal experience just how painful it can be to rent an apartment, and we think it should be faster, easier, and more transparent. So we created Lovely, a real rental marketplace that helps renters find the homes they want and helps property owners and managers find the renters they want.


We are seeking smart and dedicated people to help us seize the enormous rental market opportunity and redefine the level of ease and transparency that renters and property owners can expect on both sides on the marketplace. Bring your passion for problem solving and leave your mark on an industry that impacts 95% of all US residents

Applications can be submitted through our job board. Mention HN in your application :).


Vancouver, BC - Full Time Server Engineer - RocketChicken Interactive (www.rocketchicken.com)

We're RocketChicken Interactive, the indie game studio behind the alternate-reality iOS game CodeRunner. Check out the trailer here:


(And dig a little deeper to see what other players have been up to using the "Spy Map":

http://www.coderunnergame.com/map/ )

We're building a follow-up game and we're looking for the best engineers in the city to round out our team. Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, we promise very competitive compensation and a chance to get involved on the ground level of an exciting, up-and-coming game studio!

The new game is going to rely heavily on a sophisticated server back-end. Our ideal candidate has experience with both SQL and NoSQL solutions and can help us choose a full-stack solution that's cost effective and will serve us well into the future. Experience with .NET or Java web services is a huge plus.

For more information, check out the original job posting here:


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Front-end engineer – Copenhagen, DK – http://graduateland.com

I am looking for a Front-end engineer with experience in developing large scale JavaScript applications.

Our front-end is built on top of an internal CSS framework written in SASS (SCSS) and OOCSS (the concept not the framework), Twitter Flight, AMD/RequireJS, GruntJS and we are willing to introduce testing asap!

About us: Graduateland is Europe's largest career network for international top universities.

We focus on delivering outstanding career portals to universities all over the world – and we are good at it! We have been able to heavily expand, growing from 6 to 27 people in 2012 and we are aiming to be 60 at the end of 2013. We need talented people it could very well be you!

Despite our size we count team members from 8 different countries, and English is spoken as much as Danish.

Our office is located in the heart of the beautiful Copenhagen. We have a pool table, weekly pool tournaments and friday bars, fantastic lunches, coffee and snacks, 5weeks/year of vacations and competitive salaries.

Feel free to contact me at gg@graduateland.com

I would love to peek into your amazing works/side projects’ code so it would be awesome if you could provide me with your Github profile or any link to open source work (or website)

SigFig | San Francisco | http://sigfig.com

== Sr Software Engineer, Data ==

We're looking for an engineer to lead one of the the world's biggest portfolio tracking platforms! We currently sync $75 billion with over 80 brokerages.

The ideal candidate will have deep experience in web scraping and web service APIs to build out and expand our platform. If you have a knack for scraping websites with challenges such as requiring authenticated sessions and relying heavily on AJAX to render content — and have a strong interest in finance — let's talk.

= Responsibilities = * Develop and expand our technology for importing data from brokerages and other data providers * Build systems and monitors to ensure the imported data is reliable and accurate * Lead other engineers who are fanatical about web scraping challenges

= Ideal Qualifications = * Relentless resourcefulness (of course!) * 5+ years experience in software development, and in particular web scraping technologies * Expert in developing (PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, or C++) * Extensive experience building scalable, reliable distributed services * Knowledge of Amazon Web Services, NoSQL, or Statistics is a plus * Interest in investing a huge plus

Please contact jay@sigfig.com with your LinkedIn profile or resume.

Perfect Audience - San Francisco, Chicago, Remote

Hi. We're Perfect Audience. We help companies get more sales and customers so they can hire more folks and ship better products. We do this through what's know as ad retargeting and real-time bidding. When people leave your site without coming back to complete a transaction, we bring them back by serving ads to them on Facebook and the web. If you spend $10 with us, we can make you $100. It's pretty amazing.

We have thousands of customers including many companies you know and love. We're generating significant revenue and growing our team swiftly with folks from Google, Stanford, Accenture Tech Labs, and Tubemogul.

We're up against companies 10x our size, and winning regularly because our product is awesome and our customers understand how much we love working on it.

Underneath our simple self-service dashboard is a massive beast of a real-time bidding platform that processes billions and billions of ad requests a day. We're looking for an engineer to tame this beast using common sense and lots and lots of automation. If you like using tools like Scout, Nagios, and Jenkins and want to do something really, really hard, this might be a good fit for you!

We're backed by A-list investors. We have A-list customers. We work out of two gorgeous luxury live-work apartments in SoMa, and an office in the heart of Chicago. We ship code every day and let our team choose the tools they want to use.

If you're interested in helping us tame the beast, we'd love to talk to you. Contact us at jobs@perfectaudience.com

Salt Lake City, UT - Lucidchart

Lucidchart is building world class graphical applications in the browser and on mobile devices. We're rapidly growing in every dimension of the business and need people to join our team. For fun we raft river rapids on company retreats, have Friday BBQs, and eat lots of pizza. Talent and ability to learn are more important than specific skills.

BACKEND SOFTWARE ENGINEER (all experience levels) - Lucidchart runs with various decoupled services in a Linux environment using Scala, MongoDB, AWS, and MySQL. At Lucidchart your responsibilities would include enhancing existing services, building new services, integrating with 3rd party applications and ensuring services are highly available, secure, and scalable.

Requirements: * Talent

Recommended experience: * Building large products / applications * Scala or Java * MySQL or other relational database * NoSQL databases (MongoDB especially desirable) * Opscode Chef or Puppet * Cloud computing (AWS)

FRONTEND SOFTWARE ENGINEER (all experience levels) - Lucidchart is powered by one of the largest Javascript codebases on the Internet, optimized so that the user experience is indistinguishable from an installed native application. Come help us show the tech world what can be done on the web.

Requirements: * Talent

Recommended experience: * Building large products / applications * Javascript * Google Closure compiler/library * CSS/HTML/DOM manipulation * jQuery * node.js * Native app development on Android and/or iOS

All applicants email resumes to jobs@lucidchart.com.

San Francisco / Mountain View - Full time, relocate okay, remote (as long as willing to move to bay area) - EasyPost (https://easypost.com) (YC S13)

We're literally "always shipping"...

We're the simple shipping API focused on bring shipping into the 21st century. We're solving complex problems related to the tracking of shipments, delivery times, services, carriers--anything related to all those packages sent to you from the interwebs.

We're more than doubling each month so from day one you'll be pushing features and fixes that contribute in a huge way to growth. We stay super close with our customers by everyone doing support. We don't micromanage--pick an area and go after it.

We're three guys in our late 20s, all with SOs, into video games, snowboarding, squash, motorcycles, cycling, opera (okay, just me), food, etc. We're having a ton of fun here and would love more company.


We have no office (coming soon, but we do have space where you can work in SF/MV) We can give you beer tokens All meals including a mention of "easypost" will be paid Flexible vacation time (we don't count days) Smile at work

Looking for:

Frontend / Design Backend Support Engineers (eager to take on more responsibility) Sales

San Francisco, CA - FULLTIME + INTERN - Early-stage (0.5-2+% equity)

Vurb (http://vurb.com), a Max Levchin funded startup - featured on TC this year - http://techcrunch.com/2013/02/20/contextual-content-engine-v...

We're creating a better way for people to search, browse, and share on the Internet, by connecting the different online services we use together in a contextual way that's more usable, efficient, and social (e.g., no more having lots of windows/tabs open). We do this through unique UX/UI combined with search, machine learning, big data, and other fun technologies.

We're looking for people who are interested in:

* Mobile (iOS, Objective-C) - leading our development of native apps on iPhone and Android

* JavaScript (node.js, backbone.js) - generalist / full-stack development

* Search / Data Science - search / classification / ranking, machine learning, NLP, data processing/pipelining

We're stealth but funded by Max Levchin, Drew Houston (Dropbox), Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Michael Arrington (CrunchFund), and many others. If you're looking to join a small team that solves complex problems and is making something people will use daily, then come find out what we're up to.

jobs@vurb.com | http://vurb.com/jobs | angel.co/vurb

Do you welcome interns from europe (J-1 visa)?

San Francisco. H1B transfers welcome. Software Engineer for our Crawlers/ Spiders team at LOOKOUT.

Assembling the world’s largest and most comprehensive data set about mobile applications starts with discovery and acquisition of those apps. As part of the Acquisition team you will contribute to the infrastructure that feeds the mobile threat network. You will build highly scalable crawlers that scour the web for mobile apps, and highly scalable services that accept data directly from mobile endpoints themselves. You will own a key part of the platform that feeds Lookout’s Mobile Threat Network.

Desired qualities: You think at scale, and with high availability. You’re excited about building out world-class crawler infrastructure. You love to pull apart sites and protocols, figure out what makes them tick, and write libraries to emulate their protocols. You are a strong software engineer, thinking in frameworks and clean interfaces. You enjoy coming up with creative solutions to solve challenging and intricate problems that may well live inside of a black box.

Toys Ruby, Resque, Wireshark

Apply here: https://www.lookout.com/about/careers/detail?jvi=oIbNWfwm

San Diego, CA – Full-time, permanent – Vivantech

Full-Stack Software Engineer (Lead) We are looking for a stellar software engineer to work on an exciting new product offering at Vivantech. This role is perfect for a generalist who sees the big picture as well as the subtle details. This lead engineer must have a knack for helping and inspiring other members of the team, as well as finding optimal solutions to business goals.


-You will be responsible for architecting and building new features

-You will have the opportunity to grow into a significant leadership role

-You will ensure that the development team is following modern best practices and writing solid, maintainable code


-You should have experience building large-scale, production quality systems

-You should have a degree in Computer Science or related technical field (we're flexible on this though)

-You will work with Java (EE) and JavaScript (and HTML/CSS) at a minimum, however we value generalists, and you don’t necessarily have to be expert in both of these if you have a solid software engineering background

-Experience with Kuali (enterprise software for higher ed) is a big plus

-Experience with cloud infrastructure and distributed architecture is a plus

Contact us at careers@vivantech.com

We are also always looking for Java developers and more. See http://www.vivantech.com/careers for details.


We’re looking for talented and passionate web developers to help improve and expand our web application, FormAssembly.com.

FormAssembly.com is one of the leading web form management solutions, with over 200,000 users world-wide, ranging from small nonprofits to large enterprise customers. We have a great business model, and have been profitable from day one (figuratively).

As the ideal candidate, you can craft code that’s robust and easy to maintain, switch between back-end and front-end development, and keep usability and user experience in mind at all times.

You’ll work on our LAMP stack, and occasionally on new projects with a clean slate, for which you’ll help pick the best technologies, architecture, and tools.

You’ll work autonomously or with our small team depending on the project, and will get many opportunities to share, teach, and learn from your coworkers.

Your work will get in front of tens of thousands of users and help make data collection easier for a lot of people, from schools enrolling students to large corporations improving their business processes.

Position is full-time, local or remote. H1B sponsorship OK.

Email jobs@veerwest.com / http://www.veerwest.com/jobs

Conspire - Boulder, CO - Full-Time

Conspire is a TechStars company founded in 2012. We analyze email data to give users detailed analytics on their email network and to understand the strength of connections between people. With this understanding, we maintain an always-up-to-date, weighted network of connections without any work on the part of users. When a user needs to reach a person or company, Conspire finds the strongest path of connections in the user's extended network.

We're located in downtown Boulder, Colorado.


We're a small team, and we're looking for people to take on a lot of responsibility. You should be prepared to manage projects independently from start to finish, including gathering and refining requirements, evaluating potential approaches, soliciting feedback from teammates and experts, picking the right course of action given the company's goals and delivering stable, performant software that integrates seamlessly.

Our product is built primarily in Java, Scala, Rails and JavaScript, and we use several database technologies. We heavily leverage AWS infrastructure, manage source and issues on GitHub and continuously deploy code to production.

In-depth experience with our technology stack is a plus but not a requirement.


Along with all the benefits you'd expect, we also offer up to one month international travel per year. Work remotely from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. We'll even give you $1,000 to send you on your way.

Contact me at alex@goconspire.com (or jobs@goconspire.com).

Vehicle Data Science Corporation is looking for employee number three to help design and implement software that processes and analyzes big spatial data sets. The company is an early-stage startup located in the San Francisco Bay Area with initial funding from a National Science Foundation grant. We use location data from vehicles to derive driving behaviors which we capture in a proprietary database. This database feeds applications in the areas of driver safety, fuel economy and autonomous vehicles.

We are looking for a smart, adaptable individual with plenty of skills and breadth in computing to build products from our data streams. By joining us today, you get a unique chance to engineer new technology from the ground up. Working in tandem with the company’s CTO, you will develop key algorithms, design original data visualizations, and deliver data insights to instruct the direction of our product development. Depending on your skills and inclinations, the position could evolve to become either a management or software architect role.

The right candidate will have a solid scientific foundation and a self-starter, small-company work ethic. A graduate engineering or science degree from a top-tier university is preferred. Familiarity with geospatial tools and database architectures are major pluses and other skills of interest include distributed computing, web programming, statistics, and time series analysis. Most of the initial code base is in Python, thus prior experience with that language is highly desirable.

The opportunity is huge and possibilities are wide open for the right individual. Come help us grow the company you want to be a part of!

To reach us, e-mail: contact@VDS-corp.com

Stealth - Munich, Germany - Full-time, permanent Candidates can come from anywhere around the globe and do not need to speak German.

We are an ambitious, Munich-based, start-up looking to build the next generation search engine. We’re looking for equally ambitious talent to join our team as we research, develop, and apply state-of-the-art search and data technology. Our office culture is centered around curiosity, playing with new ideas, and pushing boundaries. It is a place to experiment—so we’re most interested in candidates who are passionate about learning. Candidates must also be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with challenging and, at times, demanding team. We are a team who are driven to push technology to the next level.

The technologies we’re working with include, but aren’t limited to:

. Map-Reduce . Social signals . Distributed systems . Machine-learning/Boosted decision trees . Text mining . NLP . Feature Extraction . Distributed Learning . Big data . Indexing, Fast-Tiers . Web-Crawling, Deep-Web

Candidates must have a background in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, information technology, or something similar. He/she must have good coding fundamentals and the ability to learn new languages quickly. An interest in attacking challenges around state-of-the-art technology is a must.

. Preferable: knowledge of Python/C/C++ . Preferable: knowledge of either Machine Learning, NLP, Distributed Systems, Crawling, Indexing, or Data Science.

First step in the recruitment process is an online coding challenge. Submit your CV/resume to jobs@cliqz.com and we will send you the challenge.

Segment.io, Full-time, San Francisco, CA

  - Mobile Platform Engineer (building SDKs for iOS, Android)
  - Customer Support Engineer (very technical support role)
  - Backend Engineer (our stack is node/rabbitmq/redis/mongo)
  - Frontend Engineer (do you love component.js?)
  - Head of Marketing (analytics academy, landing pages, email)
We simplify data collection across web, mobile and server apps, letting people send their data wherever they need it. Our goal is to make using data easy.

We’re a small team, so everyone on the team has a huge impact. With just four people, we’re already processing over 1 billion api calls every month. That's growing by leaps and bounds, faster than we can handle. Which is why we need you!

You’ll feel at home here if you like being self-directed and are fearlessly logical.

Like our design, our organization is flat and minimal. You’ll be in charge of your day-to-day work, and you’ll have a lot of freedom to work as you see fit.

We <3 open sourcing our code and writing down everything we’ve learned. We want you to help us give back to the community however you can.

If you're a great fit, H1B is no problem.


Work Market (http://www.workmarket.com) - NYC (Manhattan or Huntington, Long Island - your choice).

We're building an enterprise freelance labor platform. We're backed by USV, Spark Capital, and Softbank, and our founders have a very successful track record in the startup world.

We are looking to hire for two developer roles: backend with a focus on data analytics, and front end dev.

For the data engineer role:

* search & recommendation engine to help workers find the best jobs, or help businesses find the best workers

* visualizations in the application to help businesses and users understand their work history and patterns

* deep data-mining and analysis to help us improve our own matching algorithms

* Lots of work on the 'data side': mysql, map reduce, "big data", warehousing, analytics, etc.

* Search - help refine our usage of Solr

For front-end engineer:

* Constantly refine and simplify our existing user experiences

* Keep pages light and speedy

* help build real-time push (websockets)

* we use Backbone.js, Jasmine, Bootstrap, and others

Our tech:

* Our stack is Java/JVM, Spring MVC, MySQL, Redis, and others

* We practice continuous deployment and ship roughly 50 releases per month.

Apply on our web site: https://www.workmarket.com/ats/index

New York, NY- Software Engineers, UX Designers (full time)

Conductor, Inc. We're still growing and we're still looking for engineering talent to join our NYC based team. Conductor is building an enterprise marketing analytics solution that analyzes a company's web search presence. It's a big data product (we pull in 4TB of new information each week) and our engineers are working to solve challenges related to scale, performance and data visualization.

Our stack is Java based and we leverage an interesting mix of technologies server side to handle data: Mongo, Hadoop, Redis, plus processing tools like Kafka. Client side is developed using Javascript, Backbone, Handlebars and standard design languages.

Besides the chance to code in an interesting technical environment, Conductors have the benefit of working for the #2 Best Company to Work For in New York State.

Here's a snapshot of what a Conductor's day is like: http://vimeo.com/39843729

If you're interested you can either apply through our careers page (www.conductor.com/about/careers) or e-mail our Talent Ambassador directly (cwilterdink@conductor.com).

New York - Full time or intern Rails devs

Aidin's mission is to bring transparency to the healthcare system and empower patients with data to make more informed decisions on where they receive care. We're backed by the best institutional investors in both consumer internet http://techcrunch.com/2012/06/15/aidin-seed-round/. Aidin was born out of Blueprint Health (3% acceptance rate), a Techstars affiliated healthcare IT accelerator. We're surrounded by amazing talent as we currently reside in the heart of New York City.

As a software engineer on a small team, you'll touch on every aspect of the technology related to the company. It’s a broad job description and we’re looking for someone who loves being part of a fast-paced, constantly evolving work environment where your opinions and decisions will seriously affect our technical direction. We’re looking for a technology generalist with interest in specializing as necessary - It's more important that you love learning and can adopt new languages/frameworks/APIs very quickly.

There are few companies poised to actually make an impact on people's lives, but Aidin is one of them. Join a team of people committed to leave a lasting impression on a part of healthcare that one day, we too will rely on. We couldn't be any more excited about what we're doing, and so is the tech community!http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/10/meet-the-three-most-fund-ab...

For more info email mike@myAidin.com

Halifax, Canada. Twisted Oak Studios is looking for a strong developer interested in project management for our 4 year old worker-owned consulting company.

Our company's focus is high-tech interactive projects. Over the past year, our work has included game development (particularly in Unity 3D), graphics/shader programming, and language and audio processing. We're mostly platform agnostic (mobile, desktop, embedded, custom hardware). We don't do much web tech.

We're interested in working with people who care about their craft. Ideally this includes thinking at both the design level:

- data driven work estimation

- keeping long term technical requirements in mind

- thinking about how a piece of work contributes to product/project end-value

And the implementation level:

- code standards

- readability

- maintainability

-exploring new effective development paradigms & techniques.

For this position we'd like to hear a little bit about you, see something that you've worked on that you're proud of, and hear about how you approach large-ish projects with a team.

We offer strong compensation, prioritize developer quality of life (limiting work-weeks, flexible hours), and do varied interesting work. Lots of opportunities and support for professional development and side-projects.

Lastly, if the relationship is great after 6-12 months, we'll want to transition away from wages in to shared-ownership.

Sound interesting? Hit us up at jobs@twistedoakstudios.com We'll get back to you within 2 business days.

KnowItOwl - New York, NY - full-time (http://www.knowitowl.com)

We're looking for a full-stack engineer/CTO to love the hell out of this problem. You'll be the 4th member, and technical lead, of an incredibly talented team with a track record in insurance, startups, consumer marketing and design/UX. We have had a successful alpha phase and are already revenue positive. http://knowitowl.theresumator.com/apply/

Do you want to solve: A problem with scale. Insurance is a $2 trillion industry. That’s 36 times larger than Google and Facebook combined. Insurers pay their aging sales force a mint to sell insurance the old-fashioned way (with paper, face-to-face). We’re going to change this.

A problem that’s socially important. Nobody’s helping people figure out insurance – and that’s bad. Under-insured medical problems contribute to over half of all personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures. We’re going to deliver social impact.

A problem in desperate need of a new approach. The consumer problem in insurance is deceptively simple: insurance is hard to sell because people don’t want to think about bad things like death and illness. Insurers just throw money at the problem: advertising, hefty commissions, pushy sales agents. We’re introducing a new approach.

We’re looking to build our team with people who understand the importance of what we’re doing and want to apply their talent and energy to solving a Big Problem. We’re searching for Davids ready to take on Goliath. Come join Virgil and the KnowItOwl team to bring the $2 trillion insurance industry into the 21st century.

Evernote - Redwood City, CA - Full-Time

Looking for DevOps/SysAdmin candidates with experience in medium to large-scale Linux production environments (5+ years).

Ideally you should have significant experience with open source monitoring and alerting systems, switching/routing/security/slb, virtualization technologies, systems automation, and big data systems.

B.S. in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience required

Primary Responsibilities: * Involved in all aspects of building and maintaining the production infrastructure and services * Ensure proper security, monitoring, alerting and reporting * for the infrastructure * Troubleshoot and resolve production issues * Drive the capacity planning process * Develop and maintain processes, tools, and documentation in support of production * Participate in the evaluation of new software, hardware, and infrastructure solutions * Participate in on-call rotation

You can contact me directly: kgrossart@evernote.com

Full job description and overview of company vision, perks and benefits: http://evernote.com/careers/job.php?job=ozWnWfwy

Badgeville is looking for a Senior Operations Engineer.

Why would you want to be our Senior Operations Engineer? We sit right at the spot where websites, mobile apps & enterprise SaaS smack full-speed into big data analytics. Gamification is the big idea of 2013 and it’s only getting bigger. At Badgeville, you’ll be surrounded by the speed and flexibility of a start-up team while working to support some of the world’s biggest companies. Do you love brand-new offices featuring overstocked kitchens, games & outings, bike & jogging paths, unbeatable views and ridiculous gyms with climbing walls? Sure — we’ve got all of those. But you want all of that while you get to work with the latest systems in one of the hottest emerging markets around. You want to be in a position where the way you lead your team determines how the company performs every day. That’s why you want to be at Badgeville.

Requirements and Skills:

A minimum of 5 years hands-on Linux & package management experience Solid understanding of Internet working and security fundamentals Extensive experience with automation tools – Puppet & Chef Good understanding of underlying protocols & web interfaces – TCP/IP, JSON, REST, HTTP(S) Confortable with Linux shell scripting – Bash, Perl, Python Strong Systems Knowledge – storage subsystems, performance tuning Ability to quickly solve problems and automate routine tasks Good working knowledge of DB Systems (MongoDB, MySQL) Excellent written and verbal communication skills (ability to explain a problem/issue) Excellent team player and comfortable interacting with developers Preferred Knowledge and Skills:

Good networking knowledge – multilayer load balancing, BGP, network traffic analysis, firewalls, routers, switches Experience in an Enterprise level Network Operations Center a plus Benefits/Perks

Competitive Salary Stock Options Full medical, dental & vision benefits Brand-new office space bursting with tasty treats, games, and jogging/bike paths Fully paid gym membership (for code-crushing forearms) Company-provided CalTrain pass Lots of fun team events & outings Catered lunch 3 days a week


If interested email engjobs@badgeville.com

Propeller (http://usepropeller.com/) - San Francisco, CA - Full time, Intern.

We're building the next generation of native mobile app creation. We dabble in iOS (RubyMotion/Objective-C), Android (Java), JavaScript (Backbone), and Rails, and are solving Really Tough problems across the board.

How? Well, check out Bret Victor's "Future of Programming" talk (http://worrydream.com/dbx/) - we're pushing the needle in that direction.

We also do tons of open source work (https://github.com/usepropeller), and we're anxious to share even more of the tech we build with the community.

We're funded: http://techcrunch.com/2013/06/27/propeller-gets-1-25m-from-a...

If what we're up to sounds interesting and you want to know more, shoot a message to jobs@usepropeller.com

San Carlos, California - Full Time (http://www.lifestreetmedia.com/)


LifeStreet Media is a leader in global in-app advertising for Facebook, Apple (iOS) and Android developers. LifeStreet reaches 350 million social and mobile app users monthly and has driven over 325 million app installs.

We are looking for a hard-working, efficient, creative individual to support our display advertising team. The ideal candidate can adapt to an ever changing environment and can juggle a variety of responsibilities ranging from ad creation to data analysis.

Responsibilities may include: -Generating new ideas for web and mobile display advertisements using creativity, brainstorming sessions, and competitive analysis -Creating web and mobile display advertisements with the support of the design and development teams -Ensuring created ads meet all advertising compliance rules dictated by the advertiser, publisher or both -Implementing carefully planned A/B display ad tests to determine best performing creative -Analyze ad testing data in order to spot trends and make insightful recommendations -Executing an assortment of administrative duties as needed

Desired Skills & Experience: -BA/BS degree required -Creative thinker who is comfortable and excited about brainstorming image and copy ideas for display ads -High attention to detail -Adaptable to changing workload and responsibilities -Comfortable working in a fast-paced, start-up environment -Self-starter and team player with competitive drive and ability to multi-task -Photoshop experience a plus

Email resumes, inquiries, and contact info to Erica: Erica.Lubitz@webamg.com



You're wicked smaht and get sht done with minimal supervision. You're familiar with web technologies, databases and can get nice 'n comfy on both the front end and back end. You write code because it's frackin' fun. You like to say words like "frack".


We're looking for someone to build out the infrastructure that enables us to make clothing a solved problem for the awesome man. You'll fundamentally shape the matching algorithms that help us figure out what clothes a certain guy will love. You'll build out internal dashboards so we can obsessively monitor the crazy highs and teary-eyed lows of our company's key metrics. You'll release code that makes our heart skip a beat, break things that make our blood boil, and then we'll all argue and make up.


Lunch is provided every day, as are office snacks (but keep your hands off my Annie's Bunny Grahams). We also have medical and provide a monthly Unlimited Ride Metrocard.


Send us your resume at jobs@bombfell.com along with anything that highlights your ability to get sht done (github, open source work, sample code).

FYI, your two attempts to avoid spelling out "shit" has ended in a mostly italic ad.

Pandora Media Inc. is hiring! Pandora's elite team of Engineers work with current and cutting edge technologies like Java, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Python, Linux and Hadoop. Cruise our website (http://www.pandora.com/careers/) and feel free to reach out directly to me with your resume and interest: Thanks! Ginny Kisling, gkisling@pandora.com.

In case you don't have all the facts about Pandora, here are some interesting points:

Created the world’s largest personalized Internet radio service, with over 67 million monthly active listeners. We have over 20 billions rows of thumbs up/down data on playlist side. For users and transactionally. * On over 1,000 consumer electronics devices. * Serve about 700 million songs a day. Currently. To over 20 million daily listeners. Less than 600 servers. Use hardware efficiently. Built our own content delivery network across 3 data centers. * Top 5 most installed mobile app * Making a difference in the lives of artists that don't get air time on mainstream radio

FRONTEND DEVELOPER London, UK. Full time, permanent.

Contentment is a creative technology company solving problems to do with digital content production and publishing. We’re based in Shoreditch with a great working environment. Our products make it easier for publishers to produce content that looks great on tablets and smartphones.

We are looking for a front-end developer to join our team to help creating responsive applications in an agile environment.

The successful person will: Develop web application interfaces using HTML/CSS/JavaScript Work alongside an existing team of back-end and mobile developers Apply responsible software engineering practices (code organisation, testing)

Experience & skills required for the role: Relevant experience building web interfaces Strong JavaScript skills Hands-on experience with responsive design Experience with at least one MV* framework (Backbone or similar) Understanding of mobile web limitations on iOS/Android

Not required but useful: Open-source contributions Apache Cordova (Phonegap) or Titanium experience To apply, please send a copy of your CV plus contact details to jobs@getcontentment.com

ënimai - www.enimai.com - Mountain View CA - Full Time

ënimai develops hardware and software that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with computers. ënimai believes technology should be magic.

We are looking for a "Deconstructive" Android Engineer.

Someone who can write awesome Android Apps but then delve into lower layers. Understand the Android frameworks and tear them apart and rebuild them to work on our hardware platform. This is not your traditional Mobile App development. You will be creating your own custom framework on which you will write Apps. You will need to be familiar with JAVA, C, C++ and the various other Android frameworks.

You will work with a team that has built successful products at Apple, Google, Lab126, NASA and also a research team consisting of PhDs from Stanford, CMU and UIUC.

You will be pushed to your limit on what you can do in a very short period of time. You will also be rewarded with better than industry pay and equity. However, the biggest reward will not have dollar figures attached to it. It is the feeling you get doing what you do best and making an impact in this world.

Apply with your resume to email at stdin@enimai.com

Don't bother, yet another resume black hole.

Junior Rails Developer at Magoosh - Berkeley, CA - Full-Time (http://magoosh.com/jobs/junior-rails-developer/)

We’re looking for a friendly programmer to join us in bringing affordable and high-quality online test prep to the world. You’ll work to expand and maintain Magoosh’s various applications on the web, Android, and iOS.

Our development philosophy is to ship early and iterate with student feedback. We have fun all the time, and meetings only when absolutely necessary. We’re a small company, so you’ll have plenty of freedom and responsibility. An interest in educational statistics, web applications, and startups will serve you well.

About you: Experience shipping at least one web/mobile application Strong problem-solving skills High attention to detail Software development best practices 1-2 years of experience with Ruby on Rails A generalist programmer (front-end and back-end)

Why work at Magoosh? -- Magoosh prepares students for school. If you’ve ever wanted to teach students you’ve never met to read, to write, and to ‘rithmetic, Magoosh is the place. We’ve helped tens of thousands of students in over 150 countries prepare for colleges, graduate schools, and business schools.

Magoosh has been around for two years and is growing fast. We’ve grown from an idea to a business, from a single table to a small office, and from a handful of beta testers to thousands of customers. We need more excellent people to continue delivering teaching to the world.

Magoosh is a small team in Downtown Berkeley. Located by the UC Berkeley campus, we're a wisecracking bunch who eat out often. Do you like foosball, root beer floats, and word games? Come join us!

10gen(MongoDB) - New York City, Palo Alto - Full time - - Solutions Architect - Consulting Engineer - Technical Systems Engineer - Etc...

-10gen is looking for a team to further our ongoing plans for world domination! -

- Experience with non-relational databases is not needed. We will provide a deep intensive training course that will teach you the inside and outs of MongoDB. - - Don't know who we are? - We're developing and supporting the open source and document style database: MongoDB. To date, we've raised over $80M, including strategic investment from Red Hat and Intel. Last year we doubled in size while revenue grew 4x. We're solving huge data problems for companies like Metlife, Informatica, Disney, eBay, Craigslist, foursquare, and over 500 others…recently closing out additional very BIG name companies. - ...with that said... Feel free to reach out to me if there is any interest working here. - -...Still reading?... We are looking for all types of positions & backgrounds. My e-mail is - jason.chen@10gen.com . Drop me a note so we can setup an informal chat.

Evanston, IL - Full Time (onsite), Permanent

Junior Python Test Engineer at Leapfrog Online (http://www.leapfrogonline.com)

We're the leading independent digital direct marketing firm in the country, developing programs for Fortune 500 marketers to find and convert the right customers. We build complex app ecosystems with frameworks like Django and Rails sitting on top, with a mound of open source software supporting them.

We're looking for a junior-level Python/Ruby Developer to join our Test Engineering team, writing functional, integration, and unit tests in Python for our Django/Rails-powered business platforms. As part of the Operations team, we also do light system administration and help write monitoring tools.

Requirements: an intense attention to detail, a love of learning, a passion for problem-solving, and a good attitude and sense of responsibility. You should also have experience with Python/Ruby (or be willing to transition from another dynamic language like PHP); be comfortable working on a *nix command line; and have general knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Experience with mobile device testing is a plus.

We're committed to agile and open source; we use packages like mechanize, twill, Selenium (including Selenium Grid), and nose every day.

Interested? If so, we offer a competitive salary plus an incentive and benefits package, and a close-knit team who likes what they do and has fun doing it. If you think you're a good fit for this position, apply with your resume and salary history. https://hire.jobvite.com/j?cj=oLTEXfwZ&s=Hacker_News

ConnectSolutions - San Francisco - Full-time, permanent - (http://www.connectsolutions.com)

About us: We're a bootstrapped profitable company over our first 5 years of about 50 people, took $10M of investment at the start of the year and are looking to build out our team for significant growth. We're a web conferencing company whose building automation tools for our infrastructure and going to do some data science over web conferencing data.

-- Senior Frontend Engineer --

We are building out a backbone.js stack to front a bunch of self-service tools and future visualizations in data science. We have a team of mostly full stack developers and are looking for a second frontend developer to help push our team forward and knowledge share deep javascript knowledge and HTML/CSS. We have a terrific designer on contract who has been doing excellent work for us.

Our website hasn't been taken over by engineering yet so don't judge too much on that :)

-- DevOps Engineer --

Looking for two or more automation engineers who can help with a few tasks. Deploying our frontend (static html/css/js plus some java security stuff) and our backend (java soa) from a release management perspective (linux tomcat). Writing automation code for our managed services web conferencing products (a lot of this involves writing some automation on a windows platform).

We're solving some complex automation issues, especially with relation to windows, that people aren't solving yet. Take existing open source products as far as we can and add to the community with new tools when possible.

Reach out to me directly at matt@connectsolutions.com if interested.

Baltimore, MD; Reston, VA; - Videology - FULL TIME, INTERN (H1B maybe if already in US)

Videology Group - http://www.videologygroup.com/

Internet advertising startup looking primarily for server-side Java developers (if your Java is rusty but you're good, drop us a note anyway). I was working for a start-up called LucidMedia Networks (hence the "lmn" in the e-mail address below), which got acquired by Videology. The Baltimore office is a .NET shop, but the Reston office is Java on *nix (Mac for dev, Linux in production, and no plans to use Microsoft anything for development). Our stack is Java on Spring with MySQL and some NoSQL stores on AWS. We have some big projects in the works involving big data and volume as we scale globally and across mediums (video, mobile, etc.). Currently, our Reston platform alone handles 4 billion requests a day.

Contact me directly at sahil_lmn@yahoo.com.

I actually got hired through a HN "Who is Hiring" thread, and I hired an intern through these threads. These things do work!

New York, NY - Full Time

Lead Developer (VP of Engineering) @ DealSheet

DealSheet is an online information services firm that tracks which corporate transaction advisors worked on which deals. We bring clarity to an opaque market by 1) enabling law firms, investment banks and other advisors to showcase their deal experience to potential customers; 2) offering executives and investors a tool to find the advisors with the most relevant deal experience for their specific needs; and 3) providing professional networking opportunities among advisors. Transaction advisors spend billions on marketing each year trying to attract new clients and we are poised to disrupt how it’s done.

We are looking for a talented developer to lead our technology team and be one of our first employees. We offer a highly competitive salary, meaningful equity, collaborative culture, interesting challenges and the opportunity to play a pivotal role in building the product.

Technical requirements + full job description are here: http://linkd.in/1aZrBG4

Apply to jobs[AT]dealsheet.com




Brooklyn / NYC / Philadelphia / LA

Looking for: Tech Lead, Lead/senior Rails engineer, Senior front-end developer, and more. We're approaching hiring with a "smart people first, skills second" mindset, so get at us. Agency experience is not required.

RTO+P is a full-service ad shop based in Philadelphia. Last week, we won Ad Age's "Small Agency of the Year (11-75 Employees)" award. We serve clients like Under Armour, NBC Universal, Planet Fitness and more.

Brooklyn positions: We operate a small development outpost in DUMBO, Brooklyn - currently just yours truly and a few open desks waiting to be coded upon. From Brooklyn, you'll also be a part of a larger - but still small - organization of intensely creative pros. Some travel, mainly to Philadelphia, every couple weeks, should be expected (with costs fully covered, of course).

Please contact me at interactivejobs@redtettemer.com

Vreasy - http://www.vreasy.com

Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain)


We are looking for a backend Developer

Vreasy develops and markets disruptive technology in the property and travel market. US style tech startups are a rare breed here in Europe and with Vreasy, you will feel like you are back in San Francisco working on new technology for a very novel product. We're growing rapidly and want more people to join us in our office that is two minutes from the beach here in Barcelona!

The position:

* We are looking for a backend developer who is versatile in both backend and frontend webprogramming, but specialised in one of the them, preferable in backend

* Knowledge and experience of OOP in PHP and how to use it in larger codebases

* Knows Git from inside out

* Comfortable with Test Driven Development - we are doing continuous deployment with CircleCI

* Works well in a agile environment

* Good team player - we work hard but also really enjoy each other’s company

If you also like to play tabletennis and would like to spend some lunches on the beach, that would be a plus.

So, please send a message to jobs@vreasy.com with an application or send an email to victor@vreasy.com (me) if you have any questions.

Medidata - New York, NY, Hammersmith, UK, other locations or REMOTE http://jobvite.com/m?3baUZgwZ (All listings, select Engineering for the dev jobs) http://jobvite.com/m?3DiUZgwz (Application link for NY Software Engineer)

We're an established company, we're doing good work, and we're in the middle of a hiring drive. Medidata's web services are helping make clinical trials faster, cheaper, more secure, and more effective. We've already helped some new medicine get approved and released to the world, and we have close to twenty open-source repos on github (https://github.com/mdsol/ and /mdsol-share) with more on the way.

We're looking for developers who are willing to spend half an hour discussing whether a certain method should be a PUT or a POST. Experience with some kind of MVC framework is a plus.

Float - Edinburgh, Scotland - Full time, permanent (http://www.floatapp.com)

Float is a startup in Edinburgh, Scotland. We're solving the problem of cash flow forecasting for small businesses.

It's a difficult problem to solve, and our goal is to make a complex problem simple, enjoyable, and easy to understand.

We're based in TechCube which is home to some of the best high growth technology startups in the UK including companies like Neo, FanDuel and PlanforCloud. There is a great hotdesking space on the ground floor, a bar on site, a microbrewery and the Summerhall cafe. It's a great environment to meet other developers, there are games nights, and lunchtime talks which make it a great space to learn and socialise.

We're looking for two great developers to come and join our team. The role will involve generous stock options as we are looking for developers that will be with us for the long haul, who want to share in our success.


Palo Alto, CA


- Team: MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Google/Google Research, Facebook, Y Combinator, Microsoft Research, Palantir, IBM Research, Yahoo Research, ...

- Investors: Red Point, a16z, SHV, Social Capital, ...

- Customers: Box, Jive, Microsoft, Rackspace, Tableau, Zendesk, and many more

- Product: machine learning applications for non-technical users to help their businesses more effectively capture and retain customers

- Looking for: strong engineers excited to join an early-stage startup to grow with & shape the company


- Build predictive models using sophisticated algorithms and data extracted from the web and other sources

- Build beautiful visualizations to help customers understand model performance and meaning

- Develop and operate secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to manage and process customers' large, confidential datasets

- Interact with customers, analyze their data, understand their pain points, and develop new product features and new products


- BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Math or related fields

- Depth in software engineering, algorithms, and general analytical problem-solving

- Familiarity with Python preferred


- https://www.infer.com

- hiring@infer.com

Gurock Software (http://www.gurock.com/) - Berlin, Germany

Hiring: Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Evangelist, Interns

We are a small & successful bootstrapped software company from Berlin and build popular web-based applications for software teams. We have been in business since 2004 and many thousands of teams, both small and large, use our products. We are looking for software developers, a DevOps engineer and a product evangelist to join our team. You can learn more on our website here:


We are also looking for interns (paid) or computer science students to help us with various smaller projects part time.

Our main product TestRail is web-based test management software. It's available both as a download edition as well as a SaaS/cloud edition. In addition to completely designing and building our products in-house, we maintain our own high-availability and critical server infrastructure for our products. If you join our team you can expect a wide array of opportunities and challenges to test your skills.

We are about to open an awesome office in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg, near Mitte) and offer great benefits. We use a modern web development stack with PHP, an advanced custom MVC framework (like Rails), Vagrant etc. Our server infrastructure uses Ubuntu LTS, Ansible, HAProxy, MySQL, Corosync and DRBD among other things.

We are building an international team and most of our customers are from North America and all over Europe, so speaking German is not required. If you are in Berlin (or consider relocating) and one of our open positions sounds like a good fit, let me know.



Right now, our biggest hiring initiative is to grow our Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 sales team. As a Careers 2.0 team member, you will present Stack Overflow's Careers 2.0 products and services to prospective companies in a consultative and professional manner. Each team member is responsible for the entire sales-cycle from lead generation/prospecting to sales close to account management, support and growth. Sales activities are conducted using a strategic and structured sales process that consists of a balance of both inbound and outbound activities. Also, since each individual brings unique skills and capabilities to the position, documenting your successes and sharing best practices and insights among your teammates is an important part of the role. Our work environment is crucial to the success of the business so a candidate with a collaborative disposition and good team fit is mandatory.

Position is in Zimbabwe, BTW.

AppZorz - San Diego, CA


We are currently looking for a project manager type that has both knowledge of Ruby/Unix-admin and online marketing. You would be our interface between clients, our internal development team and our strategic team.

We're well funded, rapidly moving to profitability and looking for people that break the mold. Or eat around it. Consuming it is also an option.

Our goal in this new hire is to find someone who can:

1. Keep things on task with a group of 4 absolutely brilliant (seriously, they humble me everyday) engineers with diverse skills and immense capability, working directly with our CTO and Chief Mad Scientist

2. Manage interactions with our clients that have very pressing needs we are fulfilling, but that also are in it for the long-haul with us.

3. Work with myself and our VP Revenue to work on strategy to meet goals, figure out the market and crush competitors underneath our boot-heel. Helping design a better boot is not out of the question.

Email keith [att] appzorz [dawt] com - and tell me how you'll do it, how we'll reward you for it and how we'll hold you to it.

Mountain View Ca - Fulltime:

Mirantis is an OpenStack solutions and technology company help the wider adoption of OpenStack as well as contributing substantially to it development, and extending its capabilities via our own technology and products.

We are hiring a range of positions:

Engineering - http://www.mirantis.com/careers/

    Cloud Platform Services Architect Mountain View, CA, United States

    Customer Engagement Program Manager Mountain View, CA, United States

    OpenStack Cloud Architect Mountain View, CA, United States

    OpenStack Deployment Engineer Mountain View, CA, United States

    OpenStack Operations Engineer Mountain View, CA, United States

    Python Engineer – OpenStack Community Mountain View, CA, United States

    Sales/Solutions Engineer Mountain View, CA, United States

    Sustaining Engineer for OpenStack Deployment 
Well funded, great customers large, complex and interesting projects - great pay, benefits and flexibility.

Email me: sstave@mirantis.com

MeCommerce - San Francisco, CA (Full-time and interns)


Want to work with former YC founders (myself included, I was a cofounder of a company in W13), computer vision NASA PhDs, and passionate coffee drinkers? (one of our founders is an investor in Philz Coffee and a former investment partner at Sequoia Capital) Come join MeCommerce!

We're changing the face of e-commerce through computer vision technologies (9 patents and counting), and making them available to anyone with a smartphone - a very challenging problem. We're also building a vertically integrated apparel brand, where we control the full supply chain and in turn our destiny, while using software to help optimize how we buy and how we personalize the experience for each individual user. While we're in stealth, we're well-funded by a long list of tier-1 VCs and angels (Yuri Milner, a16z, Keith Rabois, Michael Kors, and many others including a number of celebrities).

We are small and are carefully growing our team - we have a strong preference for founders or people who have worked at startups. I can't say enough good things about working here - the founders have created a great culture.

In San Francisco, we're looking for:

* iOS / Android developers (if you're a mobile animal, we want to talk!)

* computer vision / image recognition experts

* machine learning specialists

* UI/UX designers

* software engineering interns (open to the type)

If you like to really own the product you're working on, soup to nuts, and any of this excites you, feel free to reach out to me directly: eugene at mecommerce.com

Coinbase - San Francisco, CA - Full-Time (https://coinbase.com/careers)

Coinbase is a platform that facilitates the easy conduct of the digital currency Bitcoin for consumers and merchants. This includes the buying and selling of Bitcoin, secure storage of Bitcoin in the cloud, and a suite of merchant tools.

Since the start of the year, user base has grown 20x to over 200,000 users and consistently achieve weekly revenue growth rate in the double-digits.

We're looking for generalist, frontend, mobile, and security engineers to join our team of 6. Our team is made up from people that have worked at Airbnb, Google, Goldman Sachs to OkCupid. Check out the team on our About page - https://coinbase.com/about.

We're also looking for a Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Biz Dev, and Customer Support.

If you're interested, head over to our careers page and email us at jobs@coinbase.com with links to your Github, resume or any personal projects.

Kaplan Test Prep - NYC

Software Engineers (Full Time)

Kaplan Test Prep is an Education Software company in downtown Manhattan. We are looking for .NET Developers to join our Engineering team. Since 1938 we have been an organization with both deep roots in NYC and a passion for helping others gain access to better futures and careers via our educational products and services.

The majority of our work is web development using ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and Visual Studio. We have many interesting and challenging problems and we are constantly implementing new technologies and supporting new lines of business.

We are proud to be members of an Engineering team that delivers technology transforming the lives of our students. The Engineering team believes in the following principles:

  * Write maintainable, high quality and high-performance code  
  * Test-driven development and continuous integration  
  * Be empowered to use the best tool for the job  
  * Work in a collaborative team environment using agile development methods  
  * Build products our customers love to use and achieve their educational goals

  * At least 3 years experience developing scalable, high performance systems
  * Writing HTML and CSS using industry best practices
  * Using modern JavaScript patterns and libraries
  * ASP.NET and C# development using .NET 3.5+ and Visual Studio 2010+
  * Solid experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  * Excellent communication skills both written and oral
  * Ability to work well within an Agile team and with external supporting teams
Check out our Engineering blog: http://engineering.kaptest.com

Please send your questions and resume to jobsintech@kaplan.com

I bought access to your GRE Prep site last week; using it was a nightmare. I am delighted to see this post.

sorry about your poor experience with GRE Prep :( what didn't you like about it? my team doesn't do the GRE products but I will certainly pass along your thoughts.

You're a kind soul.

The login was rather convoluted, and it implored me to keep re-registering my book. So I wound up with three registrations of my book. The system didn't record when I completed a practice test or quiz, so I couldn't access old work. The tests/quizzes themselves were often missing exponents in the answer keys; additionally, there were a few with contradictory answers (on one, it said "(B) is correct... (B) is obviously incorrect", or something to that effect).

It also crashed and booted me in the middle of practice tests twice.

Addepar is Hiring - Security Engineer - Mountain View, Ca

We are engineers rebuilding the infrastructure that powers global finance. The current technology in the space is broken and opaque; it empowers scandals like Bernie Madoff to go on for a decade while $64 billion vanishes from the economy, affecting endowments, institutions, and notable individuals. Our platform provides increased transparency, allowing for better decisions and furthering meritocracy in the multi-trillion dollar wealth management industry. We free data from disparate silos and build tools for advanced analysis and decision-making.

We are looking for a Security Engineer to focus on improving our engineering from a security perspective. If you enjoy breaking stuff and have a passion for building with a security bent, we’d love to tell you more!

Smart peers, great perks, building and breaking software to ensure transparency and security. Join us at https://addepar.com/careers/ or careers [at] addepar [dot] com.

Los Angeles(Culver City), CA - Full-time, permanent - eSalon.com http://www.esalon.com Looking for a junior to senior developer. Someone who gets stuff done, all around developer. PHP, javascript, Mysql, apache, nginx, redis, potentially some hardware programming...

We're an ecommerce site that sells custom haircolor. Doesn't sound too techy I know but there's more to it. Short summary, someone comes to our site, fills out a profile/sends a picture. We send them custom haircolor. When I say custom, I mean really custom. We manufacture and ship everything ourselves and we've built the whole system to do it ourselves. Every bottle of haircolor has the client's name on it, instructions are personalized, it's all made one off for the client.

More details.. We're an ecommerce site that sells a completely custom product that we manufacturer ourselves. Things that you might be working on.. Front end consumer facing website. Back end CRM customer service site. We use zendesk and custom software. Looking to integrate twilio for phone calls and build a custom call center solution. Helping automate our production line some more. Mix of hardware and software. We have an arduino powering some stuff, potentially more. Data mining, we're a very data driven company, constantly A/B testing and trying to make our colorists/customer service more efficient.

It's a really small team and you'll get to work on a lot of different things and have a big say in things. If any of this sounds remotely interesting, shoot me an email. I think we're quite different from any other internet startup because we produce something tangible.

http://www.esalon.com/jobs or email me at aaron@esalon.com

PageHub. London (New Office!) Real time customer insights, data collection and modelling. All served up in a beautiful bright, flat user interface.

We have 2 Full Time/Permanent positions:

Lead Django Dev: Super exciting role for you to come in and put your stamp on a new product we are working on, you will have full control over the product design and stack. This is an unusual role and has a lot of potential for growth and experimentation. We are a Facebook PMD so the project will involve the manipulation and management of large amounts of Facebook data mixed with our own - churning and displaying it in real time. £40-50k depending on experience, plus stock and benefits.

Front End Engineer: Join us working on our front end user interface, exploring creative new ways to render real time customer insight information. Backbone.js, D3.js, Django experience a plus! £35-45k depending on experience, plus stock and benefits.

Awesome benefits, salary and stock. Drop me an email and have a chat if you would like to know more. james.wood@pagehub.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you :-)

TMP Worldwide - New York, NY - Full Time

TMP Worldwide is a leader in recruitment-based advertising, helping companies brand and advertise themselves to prospective employees. Besides traditional digital advertising and branding we offer software products for employers to publish SEO-friendly job postings, gather metrics on ad campaigns and talent communities.

We are looking for a few senior level developers to join our R&D and new product development teams. We are primarily a Windows/.Net shop, so experience in C# and SQL Server would be great. We use the latest and greatest (4.5/SQL 2012/MVC 4/Entity Framework 5). We also make heavy use of Solr, MongoDB, Backbone.js and NServiceBus. We are looking for people that understand modern technologies and have strong experience in both back and front end development patterns.

I'm not a recruiter for TMP, I'm a software architect here looking for some awesome people to work with. If you are interested, please shoot me an email (Daniel.Battaglia at TMP.com).

New York, NY - Full-time and/or intern - Pathgather (pathgather.com)

Pathgather is bringing the open online education revolution to the corporate world. We're disrupting a $2bn industry with a 50% dissatisfaction rate through a platform that allows employees to learn more by learning together. Our platform incorporates educational resources from across the web (think MOOCs and the like) with a company's own internal content to provide employees with a comprehensive learning catalogue. Add a social layer on top of that, and we're building the next gen of LMS (learning management systems).

We're bootstrapping and have already signed a Fortune 200 company with 30,000+ employees as our first customer. They signed on board before we even had the product finished, which shows the demand for this type of platform!

We're a team of 2 at the moment (the founders) and are offering excellent pay and equity for our first engineering, full-time hire (full stack engineer is a huge plus). Any hire will be core to influencing the direction of our product and business. Cultural fit is highest priority. We work in WeWork in NYC and are looking for someone who we'll enjoy hanging out with as much as working with. Skills in any of the following are a plus, but seeing as how we are education based, if you aren't fully versed in all of these, no worries. Come learn here!

* Rails

* AngularJS (we use it heavily!)

* PostgreSQL

* Phonegap/Mobile development

* Coffeescript/Sass/Haml

* Past experience in API development

To apply, email me your Github or links to past work at jamie@pathgather.com. This is a great opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a very promising (and already profitable) early-stage startup!

1010data - New York, NY - Full Time, permanent

We are looking for a 'Systems Developer' – a technical generalist but developer first who enjoys writing systems administration tools and arguing the merits of their favorite languages. You need to know a lot about Linux internals, but also Windows, since one of the major projects you'll be involved in will be a gradual environment shift to Linux. You'll be diagnosing and remedying performance and availability issues. You'll be trying to wring more speed from our already very efficient cluster and add more 9’s to our availability metrics. You'll be writing code (bonus! in an exotic language!) to move data around, implement high availability and fault tolerance, to do logging and performance reporting, and who knows what else. You're going to be the person we all go to when it comes to the low-level arcana, so you're very familiar with the Way Things Work. You know who you are. Let us know too.

Send all resumes to jobs@1010data.com

San Francisco, CA (full-time, H1B welcome)

MindSnacks - http://www.mindsnacks.com/


We build wonderful educational games in San Francisco. If you are nice and want to help us make splendid products, we'd love to hear from you.

Voted Educational App of the Year by Apple. Funded by Sequoia Capital.

We're hiring in lots of areas! Here are a few:


* Android Engineer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/35CRVW/Android-Engi...

* Game Designer - http://mindsnacks.theresumator.com/apply/19JX7q/Game-Designe...


To apply, visit http://www.mindsnacks.com/careers For more info, email us at jobs@mindsnacks.com

LAUNCH has 2 openings: Sales/BD & Conference producer/editor.

Can be located in either San Francisco or Los Angeles. These are full-time positions.

The most important about working with us is a love for startups!

Apply: https://angel.co/launch or email demant @ launch.co

About Launch ======= Launch (Launch.co) is a media company focused on startups, technology and entrepreneurship that hosts in-person events and produces web-based content and videos.

Our events include the LAUNCH Festival (http://festival.launch.co), now in its seventh year, which drew over 6,000 attendees in 2013. Other events include LAUNCH Education, LAUNCH Mobile and the LAUNCH Hackathon.

Online we produce the LAUNCH Ticker and This Week in Startups, which draw hundreds of thousands of viewers monthly.

Sales/BD ======== * Researching potential partners for events, online TV show, and LAUNCH Ticker. * Creating sales materials (Keynote primarily) * Managing account through execution and insuring that you overdeliver on your promises * Create & foster long-lasting relationships * Help out running the events as needed

Conference Producer & Editor ======== * Creating editorial themes for our conferences. * Inviting speakers and startups to our events. * Writing and editing our emails, website copy and other collateral. * Working with sponsors at our events.

Ideally we’re looking for a full-time executive but would consider a consultant for the next three months as we prepare for the LAUNCH Mobile and Wearables and LAUNCH Hackathon events.

We’re looking for someone with three or more years in event production and editorial.

Boston, MA - Campaigns, by CustomInk (we will have a new name in 5 days!)


Think of it as "Kickstarter for Causes". We're a spin-out from CustomInk where a strong corporate parent allows for stability but the spin-out allows for a startup mentality designed for speed and individual impact

We're forming a seed team and hiring a

* Director Of Engineering

* Product Manager

* Visual Designer (with a strong ux/ui sense)

* Lead Engineer

* Full-stack Engineer

Starting with t-shirts, we will grow out to encompass the fundraising process. And we already have the backing to do so. Look out for our TV campaigns coming soon.

As you may surmise, we're no ordinary startup. Having a corporate backer, whose values and principles are reflected in this spinout, we get to retain the benefit of stability from CustomInk while enjoying the speed of a startup.

Where are we now?

We've already implemented a mobile-first, responsive design (cart included). CoffeeScript. Jenkins. New Relic. Agile, light Kanban. It's time to grow our platform.

We're data driven, funnels are monitored though GA/Kissmetrics and we have seen significant, measurable improvements based on our process.

I've been told many a time that we are a "sane startup". Not something that most startups can claim.

Interested in hearing more? Send me an email at:


with the position in the subject line and a brief description of what you're done (and your github username if applicable)

New York, NY -- Visual Designer -- Quartz -- http://qz.com

Quartz is a global business news media startup working out of Soho. We're less than a year old and hit 5MM unique users a month (I believe that puts us up with the likes of the Economist and FT). We're small and nimble - and no legacy hurdles to hold us back.

We like side hack projects: http://open.qz.com/

We release code all the time: http://app.qz.com

And generally a nice place to work: http://blog.qz.com/

I am looking for a Visual Designer to work with me (dev/product), my dev team, and editorial, to build out a reader-friendly experience across web, mobile, and new applications.

The job description is for a senior position, but I would encourage any sufficiently motivate designer with the right background to apply.

Official job description is here:


but feel free to reach me directly:


Hey! I adore Quartz and read it daily.

Though I've done UX testing and (the non-coding side of) design for a couple companies (one YC startup, one Boost, the second being my own), I don't think I'm qualified to work as a visual designer.

Before I worked in startups, I worked in journalism-- a Detroit business magazine and at the U of Michigan newspaper. My degrees are in econ and history. Is there any chance you're hiring for other positions, writer or otherwise?

I'm really passionate about reporting on the intersection of innovation and policy, but I'll write about anything. I'd just love to be a part of your organization.

Please, no recruiters or agencies. Thanks

Late to the party, but:

The Department of Better Technology is hiring a developer to come help us make software that helps government work better. We've just completed an initial round of funding, and now we need a developer to help us build out Procure.io and Screendoor.io -- our software that makes it easy for government to buy things. Are you the right fit?

You will work with us to build out the Screendoor.io platform. This means you need serious Ruby chops, some knowledge of systems administration, a self-driven work ethic, and a healthy sense of humor. You're going to be part of the founding DNA of this company, so fit and ethic mean a lot to us -- procurement and government isn't for everyone. But for the kind of person who wants to make government work better, and wants to build a great business doing it, we're a fit.

The nutshell:

- Experienced in Ruby - Passion for good user experience - Comfortable working in remote environments

Interested? Shoot us an email at hello (at) dobt (dot) co and let's chat.

Tribune Media Services - San Francisco, Chicago, upstate New York, REMOTE (for exceptional candidates)

We're looking for engineers who like problem-solving and learning new technology, not just programmers.

Join us to work on the data that powers most of the TV and entertainment apps out there. Work with a small, non-hierarchical team inside a stable, profitable company on products that are growing fast. We focus but keep sane hours and maintain work/life balance. We offer a competitive salary and the opportunity to manage your career towards technical team management or domain/technical expertise. Tools we use include Ruby, Node, MySQL, Thrift, and AWS.

Open positions include Software Engineer, Database Architect, and DevOps Manager. See the full listings here: http://www.tribunemediaservices.com/about-tms/careers/curren...

If you're interested, email ggentschev tribune com.

Curious Media is hiring! We are a Boise, ID based Interactive Agency. We are a team of about 16 dedicated people that do awesome projects for big clients. Prefer local but are open to remote setups as long as you are in the US. If remote, must be willing to work 8-5pm MST (and overtime when needed!). Remote will require that you are really awesome at what you do.

We are looking for a few people right now. HTML5 Game developers, high-end front end web developers (some backend experience preferred) and excellent designers. Looking for full time and/or freelance if you are the right fit. Familiarity and comfort with Javascript and HTML5 a must. Drop me a message with examples of your work. phil (at) curiousmedia.com

Our work is heavily focused on the children's entertainment and education sectors. Our clients include (but aren't limited to) Disney, PBS Kids, Scholastic, Random House and more. We also have some exciting internal projects that we work quite a bit on.


Factual is currently hiring engineers and data lovers of all levels in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

Factual’s location platform enriches mobile location signals with definitive global data, enabling personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences. Built from billions of inputs, the data is constantly updated by Factual’s real-time data stack. We were recently named one of "50 Disruptive Companies in 2013" by MIT Technology Review. We have a terrific team that is still fairly small and an incredible CEO who was previously the co-founder of Applied Semantics (which was bought by Google and became AdSense). Factual has venture funding from Andreessen-Horowitz and our partners/customers include Facebook, Yelp, Trulia, and Newsweek.

There are many challenging problems to work on at all layers of the stack: data cleaning and canonicalization, storage, deduping, serving, APIs, improving data using machine learning, etc. A great example is one of our most recent products, Geopulse Audience, which stands at the intersection of high quality places data and large scale analysis of user geo-data: http://www.factual.com/products/geopulse-audience . If you love data, Factual is the place to be. Our main criteria are that you're smart and get things done, but you'll get bonus points for experience with Clojure (http://www.factual.com/jobs/clojure), machine learning, NLP, algorithm design, or Hadoop.

You can email me personally at jake@factual.com, or view our job postings and apply directly via Jobvite:

Los Angeles/SF Bay Area Software engineer: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=oQR1Vfwn&s=Hackernews

10gen|MongoDB the leading NoSQL database seeking top notch talent! Locations - New York, Palo Alto, DC, Texas, etc...

-10gen is looking individuals to further our ongoing plans for world domination! -

- Experience with non-relational databases is not needed. We will provide a deep intensive training course that will teach you the inside and outs of MongoDB. -

- Don't know who we are? - We're developing and supporting the open source and document style database: MongoDB. To date, we've raised over $80M, including strategic investment from Red Hat and Intel. Last year we doubled in size while revenue grew 4x. We're solving huge data problems for companies like Metlife, Informatica, Disney, eBay, Craigslist, foursquare, and over 500 others…recently closing out additional very BIG name companies. -

- ...with that said... Feel free to reach out to me if there is any interest working at 10gen. We are looking for all types of positions & backgrounds. - Jason.chen@10gen.com

EAT Club -- Palo Alto, CA -- San Francisco -- Bay Area

We're hiring: Full-Stack Engineers, Front-end devs, iOS & Android devs, DevOps, TechOps, UI/UX Designers.

EAT Club currently delivers lunch to thousands of hungry employees at startups and other tech companies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and we're ready to grow!

We're different than any food delivery or catering service you know. We work with employers, and give their employees a custom menu daily, via the web and mobile, from several great restaurants in the area. Each employee has control of what they order, and when. Employes get their customized lunch with their name on it delivered fresh and ready to eat.

There is a lot of technology, order forecasting, and service ops, to make all of this happen. This is where you come in.

You'll get the chance to work on:

  Delivering personalized dish recommendations
  Food discovery engine
  Demand forecasting
  Real-time delivery tracking
What we're looking for:

  B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
  HTML/CSS/Javascript including a framework such as BackboneJS
  Familiarity with Python/Django or enthusiasm to learn
  Knowledge of building reliable scalable systems
  Comfortable using a shell/linux environment
  Love of food

  iOS and/or Android app development experience
  AWS knowledge (EC2/S3/RDS)
  Good UI/UX/design sense
  Competitive compensation + meals + endless stream of food samples
To apply, please send your resume/github/dribbble/linkedin to engjobs@myeatclub.com

Full-time, no remote


Electric Imp - Los Altos - Full Time

At Electric Imp, we are inventing new ways for people to interact with everyday objects - from garage doors to lights to coffee pots – using their smartphone, tablet, or web browser. To get there, we are building cross-platform tools that are powerful enough to inspire hackers, yet approachable and elegant enough to be appealing to everyone.

We are a diverse team of professionals from Apple, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and more. In our former lives, we built the iPhone, marketed Firefox, and designed Gmail. Together we are working on an even more revolutionary future, and we need your help!

We're hiring for a number of positions and growing rapidly (full details at http://electricimp.com/jobs/):

  - Senior Front-End Engineer
  - Front End Developer
  - Server Engineer
  - Lead Test Engineer
  - Hardware Engineer
  - iOS Developer
  - Android Developer
  - Evangelist

Sunnyvale, CA - Yahoo! - Full-time, permanent

Position: UI Ninja

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Big things are happening here at Yahoo! and we want Front-end engineers who are excited about the bleeding edge of web application development.

You're awesome because:

-> Someone in your life is jealous because you love JavaScript more than them

-> You want to build single page applications with Ember or Angular

-> Imperfectly written code keeps you from sleeping at night

-> Canary isn't a bird to you; it's a playground of wonderful new toys

-> You can develop back-end systems, but your keen understanding of user interaction is what sets you apart from the crowd

-> You're badass when working alone, but unstoppable when working with a team that's firing on all cylinders

-> You want/are working with a functional language like Scala or Clojure, because f* verbosity

We're awesome because:

-> We have other UI Ninjas just like yourself

-> We have the camaraderie of a startup, with all the nice perks of a big company

-> The projects you'll work on are incredibly ambitious, highly visible, full of big data, and directly impacting the success of Yahoo!

-> We have disowned Internet Explorer's first 8 children

Sounds like a great fit? Contact me via twitter:


Or linkedin:


As an alternative to twitter+linkedin, you can also shoot me an email at infona+yahoo@gmail.com

Codified Genomics - Houston TX codifiedgenomics.com

Codified Genomics is hiring a user interface and HCI developer. We have a massive amount of data to show users and need someone to develop new ways of presenting and interacting with it. Our current user interfaces are written in GWT, so experience with Java and css are important.

The software you write at Codified will directly influence healthcare decisions for thousands of patients. We do clinical genomic variant analysis. We take whole-exome sequence data and predict clinical outcome for the variants we observe in patients, which is then used by clinicians to inform treatment. To do this, we aggregate large amounts of additional data on individual genes and variants, and apply a series of proprietary algorithms.

A willingness to learn is more important to us than a Biology background, but the job will require you to become familiar with the Biology that we're working with.

Send resumes / portfolios to codifiedgenomics@gmail.com

New York, NY Full-time - Outbrain Inc.

As our newest backend engineer, you’ll help us scale, extend, and evolve our infrastructure. We use awesome libraries/tools that span the entire development spectrum– nginx, varnish, gevent, scipy, storm, kafka, fabric, and a number of our own proprietary technologies, too. Everything runs on Amazon AWS– a superbly flexible playground.

Outbrain offers full benefits, a competitive salary & bonus plan, and equity in a rapidly growing (and well-funded) start-up.


Scale existing backend Design and develop new features Build internal tools for engineering and account services Integrate with external data sources Qualifications

Hardcore programming skills Architectural and data modeling Experience with building big data systems BS or MS in Computer Science (or related field) Bonus: Experience with EC2, S3, EMR/Hadoop, MongoDB, Redis, Nginx, Storm, and Kafka Bonus: Experience with Python, Java, Machine Learning and Agile development

Contact: jobs_us@outbrain.com

CredSpark - NYC - Ruby On Rails SW Engineer (PT ramping up to FT)

In New York, startups aiming to be 'disruptive' are as common as break dancers in the subway. However, an extremely small number actually have a revenue-generating, scalable, profitable business model (we do.) CredSpark will fix the currently-broken way in which younger workers in many fields gain recognition for their skills and advance their careers.

Currently have one part-time engineer building the 1.0 version, and we're seeking another Ruby/Rails engineer to join the project. Our platform is built on Rails 3 with Javascript, deployed to Heroku, and version control is via Github. Tests are written in RSpec and run via continuous integration, and we track all of our stories in Pivotal Tracker. Our initial version is targeted toward desktop browsers, but we're looking to implement a responsive design in v2.

If you're interested, please drop us a line at jobs@credspark.com.

Civitas Learning, Full-time, Austin, TX (http://www.civitaslearning.com/)

Our mission is to use predictive analytics to improve the student learning outcomes and empower better educational decisions. We work with a wide range of institutions, from four-year universities to community colleges, where our platform helps students and faculty improve individual experiences and provides administrators insight into school wide success.

We currently hiring across the board, including:

- Data Scientist (lots of bayesian inference and time-series analysis)

- Software Engineer (our stack is node/postgres)

- Data Engineer (redshit ETL, hadoop, python)

- Sales Director

- Instructional Designer

See the full list at: http://www.civitaslearning.com/careers/#/openings. If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to email me at sid@civitaslearning.com or apply directly online.

Berkeley, CA - Contract - REMOTE - iOS front-end engineer

We’re bringing interactive cinema-quality physics to mobile devices. We need someone to help us build a slick, seamless iOS app to show off our awesome physics. If you want to push the frontiers of computer graphics, work with brilliant researchers, and build a game with the most beautiful interactive 3D liquids the world has ever seen: come talk to us!

Our team is three professors and a Ph.D. student, from CMU and Berkeley. We have a track record of producing great research, with six SIGGRAPH papers among us this year alone. This is a research project, not a company, but we do have a reasonable budget. If all goes well, we'll be presenting this project at SIGGRAPH next year.

If you write fantastic iOS apps, are interested in computer graphics, and (ideally) have some experience with video on iOS, you should get in touch!

Send an email to mlstanto@cs.cmu.edu with your resume and tell us a bit about why you’re interested.

KeepSafe - San Francisco - Full-time, permanent (http://www.getkeepsafe.com)

KeepSafe solves privacy for consumers. We give users power to control who sees what in their digital life.

We're a team of four based in SOMA, SF. Our fist product has 15 million users and is growing exponentially. We just closed Series A.

We are now growing the team. This is a perfect time for ambitious engineers to join and form the core of a team that can go places.

Open positions:

* Cloud backend engineer

* Mobile developer

* Analytics engineer

Requirements: Code speaks stronger than degrees.

- You have a strong understanding of computer science

- You get excited about startups

- You like learning

- Programming experience in at least two languages

Bonus, not necessary:

- You have experience in cryptography and security engineering

- You have experience in building iOS apps that are in the App Store

- You know what it takes to scale a system to millions of users

We get extra excited to see:

- Contribution or launch of an open source project

- Mobile apps, web apps you have made

We offer:

- Very competitive salary

- Very competitive equity

- Benefits (Medical, dental, vision)

- Set up your workstation any way you want.

- Ownership of a product that millions of people use

Contact: jobs@getkeepsafe.com

LiveRamp | Multiple Engineering Positions Available | www.LiveRamp.com/careers | San Francisco, CA

About us:

LiveRamp’s leading data onboarding solution empowers marketers to activate their CRM data in their choice of online advertising platform for targeting, attribution, content optimization and more. We see digital advertising as the world's largest optimization problem, and are excited to contribute to building a future where ads are predominantly informative, engaging, and even appreciated for their usefulness to consumers. Imagine that!

We're well funded, and steadily growing. Our employees enjoy weekly yoga,catered lunches, and unlimited PTO. But the best job perk is our awesome team - we’ve got a staff of amazing people who just happen to be great engineers as well.

About you:

Type S(tartup) personality is a must: smart, ethical, friendly, hard-working and proactive. You’re comfortable in multiple languages, frameworks, and environments. We are looking for full-time engineers and interns (summer or any time of year). If you think you’d be a good fit, consider joining our team!

We’re looking for smart and talented engineers for the following positions:

   -I’ll Be Back-End Engineer

   -Glass-Half-Full-Stack Engineer

   -Maximum Security DevOps Engineer

   -Statistically Significant Data Scientist
--And for new grads and interns--

  -Four Star Generalist Software Engineer

  -public static final intern softwareEngineer = fall/winter/spring/summer;
To apply: Visit http://www.liveramp.com/careers or send your resume to recruiting@liveramp.com. Tell us in three sentences why you'd like to join our team and what makes you a great fit, and show us what you’ve got. We’d love to see links to sites you have worked on or screenshots of your work.

  |                      NanoWE Inc.                      |
  |                    Palo Alto, CA                      |
  |                                                       |
  |Lead Developer --> RoR --> India <--> Palo Alto, CA    |
  |                                                       |
  |                                                       |
  |        $10-$15k <-- salary/equity --> 1.0%-5.0%       |
  |                                                       |
  |                                                       |
  |                 What’s in it for you?                 |
  |                                                       |
  |              Experiencing 5th worldwide               |
  |                technology revolution                  |
  |                                                       |
  |             Making your 1st million dollars           |
  |                                                       |
  |                     Requirements                      |
  |                                                       |
  |                   Serial entrepreneurs                |
  |                          +                            |
  |     You know top 30 things you want to do in life     |
  |                          +                            |
  |   You meet deadlines and you do it all before lunch   |
  |                                                       |
  |                      Email me!                        |
  |                                                       |
  |                     as@nanowe.com                     |                                                    

David Yurman -- New York, NY -- Full-time contract, 3 months+ http://www.davidyurman.com

Project Manager (mid-level)

David Yurman is in search of a project manager experienced in e-commerce to manage the re-platforming of our main site.

The main responsibilities of this position will be to manage the day-to-day workflow and production of digital creative projects including but not limited to davidyurman.com e-commerce re-platform, site refreshes, campaigns, homepages, landing pages, mobile / tablet, e-mail marketing, and managing creative development of assets such as photography and video.

• Project management - Candidate should be comfortable managing projects from concept to execution, and should have past experience managing the launch of online product as part of a team. Successful candidates will have experience with e-commerce platforms and workflow as well as interest in the fashion/luxury space.

• Technical Team Management - Candidate should be comfortable managing a mix of UX and front-end and back-end development teams working remotely. This includes being familiar with HTML/CSS & JS. A basic understanding of Java and Java-based platforms is a plus.

• User Experience - Candidate should be familiar with reviewing user flows, wireframes and functional spec documentation. Experience with large-scale e-commerce sites (3,000+ SKUs) is a plus.

• Creative Management - a creative background would be ideal, however the candidate should be familiar enough that he/she can communicate creative needs to our agency partners.

• Familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator - Position does not require previous Photoshop/Illustrator design work, but a familiarity with these programs is helpful in our everyday handling of assets.

resumes and introductions: jacobcohen [at] davidyurman [dot] com

Brighton, UK - XML Data and Content Engineer

Semantico is a successful software development company creating award-winning websites and access management systems for multi-national publishers. The company offices are located in the vibrant centre of Brighton.

The role requires the individual to be a forward thinking XML/XSL expert that can demonstrate the practical application of using XSD, RelaxNG, DTDs, XPath and XSLT to define and validate publishers' XML content; helping to ensure that any data conforming to the specification will contain all of the elements required to publish their content online.

Full job spec here: http://www.semantico.com/jobs/xml-data-and-content-engineer/

Contact me directly at georgeb at semantico dot com. Recruiters: Semantico has a Recruitment PSL in place and does not accept applications via agencies.

Boxfish \o/ - Palo Alto, CA - Full Time -> Mobile Dev (mostly android, but we're doing crazy stuff across all mobile platforms) - H1B OK (visa sorted)

Boxfish (http://boxfish.com) captures and indexes every word spoken on TV. Our mission is to harness this vast resource and deliver on our platform, beautiful and inspiring consumer focused products that reimagine TV discovery. We launched our product, 'Boxfish Live Guide' on iPhone, iPad, and Android (mobile + tablet), which a TV discovery app and remote control and are continuing our march onto GoogleTV and connected devices. We're a team of 9 and growing, with a position open for an exceptional mobile developer. Long story short, we're looking for developers to build products that use our index of TV.

If you're interested, get in touch -> marc@boxfish.com

Interface Vision - Santa Cruz, CA - Cooper Street

You are bored at work. You are distraught. Your tests aren’t passing because green is the new red. You want to be a part of something that will change the future. You wish you were challenged more. So, you check us out at http://www.interfacevision.com.

Wow, you think. A visual language of some kind? It’s been attempted before by many brilliant people. You ponder if they have some magical solution or have been partaking in some illicit chemical “exploration.”

Then you realize that, if a holy grail did exist, the way we make software would change forever. You see the “Vision”. So, you contact us.

About the Position: * You are given the freedom to create. * You must be open minded, have the ability to speak your mind and also be willing to listen. * Optimally, we would like you to be with us in Santa Cruz, CA. However, if we can pull it off, you can work from anywhere (We’re going to be implementing remote collaboration, so we might as well eat our own dog food). * The magic is done in C# Mono with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarion.Android (www.xamarin.com). Xamarin is an awesome company. Go check them out if you haven’t already. * We don’t have a specific software development position to fill so tell us what you would bring to the table and what you want to do - we will listen to everyone. * We really need help extending our GUI for both iOS and Android. * We are interested in extending our framework to include OpenCL, OpenGL, REST (and general API support), extensive math library, etc.

Your Abilities: * What is your specialty? * What do you like to work on? * What have you done? * Why do we want you?

We can’t wait to hear from you - simply check out our career section on-line at http://www.interfacevision.com and send us your info and resume/CV (depending on where you are from).

DoubleDown Interactive - Seattle, WA - Full time, permanent (http://doubledowninteractive.com/)

We just want everyone to have a good time.

DoubleDown is an on-line casual casino, currently on desktop, Facebook, and numerous mobile devices. We are looking for HTML5 mobile devs, Flash/ActionScript front-end devs, and Java/Scala server devs.

This is a fun, laid-back work environment, and we're looking (mainly) for experienced developers who pride themselves on shipping quality code.

Profitable company. ~150 people. Perks like it's still 1998. You can have a positive and appreciated impact on the company pretty much as soon as you start.

Check us out at http://doubledowninteractive.com/careers - or feel free to send me questions (my personal email's in my profile).


Banyan (http://banyan.co) is seeking a Full Stack Rubyist to join our team. We're looking for a versatile engineer who wants to join the team to take on a wide range of technical challenges. We are based in Chattanooga, TN, but you can be anywhere.


* You thrive in a fast paced startup environment, and hate micromanagement.

* You can quickly pick up new technology and effectively apply it.

* You love dealing with multiple programming languages, web services, analytics, databases etc and connecting them all together.

* You feel right at home in a full stack environment.

* You enjoy doing something that nobody else has done before.

Nice to haves:

* You have a MS/PhD & have published research during your time in academia.

* You are comfortable with a variety of languages and consider yourself a generalist.

* You value user-experience & user-interface design, even if you cant design yourself.

* You are comfortable with HTML5 (Haml), CSS (Sass), and JS (Backbone).

* You have a deep understanding of Git & other Version control systems.

Why you should work with us:

* A chance to revolutionize science.

* Competitive salary & benefits in a well-funded, early stage startup.

* Close-knit engineering team who loves pair-programming, agile development, and code review.

* We re-invest in our employees and focus on personal and team development.

* Transparency and honesty. Within the company, everything is open to discussion.

Salary is dependent on experience & ability. We will pay for relocation if you're interested. Compensation package included. To apply contact toni (at) banyan.co, or tweet me @twogiraffes

Fastest Growing YouTube Partner [HIRING] Python and JS Engineers ALL LEVELS! Come Innovate With US! ZEFR Why We're Awesome: http://bit.ly/WEfCZQ http://tcrn.ch/11Jjz03 http://bit.ly/UIA3oQ What We’re Working With: python-2.7, javascript (+ libraries), coffeescript, django, postgreSQL Check out our jobs page: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?cj=opDQWfwy&s=HackerNews Engineering Office locations: Venice, CA Boston, MA Industry focus: CMS Adtech YouTube platform Video distribution / monetization / optimization Entertainment


Could you fix your linebreaks and canonicalize those shortened URLs, please? This isn't Twitter. :)

Gilt Groupe KK - Tokyo, Japan

… is looking to hire engineers with a strong interest in JavaScript, Ruby, node.js, coffeescript, AngularJS, and responsive design.

Gilt Japan was founded in 2008 as Japan’s leading online flash-sale fashion site; we’re well funded and growing fast. All members of our tech team have a direct impact on growing our business and creating a great experience for our customers.

Gilt’s offices are based in the easily accessible fashion district Ginza, in central Tokyo. Our international tech team has members from France, Italy, Romania, Ireland, America, Canada, Jordan, New Zealand and of course, Japan. Japanese skills are valued but not essential - we use English day-to-day.

Interested? More details at https://www.gilt.jp/info/company/careers or send us an email at recruit@gilt.jp.

AppMyDay (http://appmyday.co.il). We make people happy.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Full time, permanent, local only at this point

Recently seed funded, looking for first employees

Who we're looking for:

We're looking for a senior iOS engineer to lead our mobile efforts (both Android and iOS apps). We've got a lot of really cool stuff in the pipeline and we want the right people to take us to the next level.

About us:

With AppMyDay, your event’s guests can share their experiences and photos on their own private, mobile social network. From a wedding or a birthday party to a corporate gathering or a conference, it just takes a few minutes to set up your event and distribute invitations to your guests. We even let your guests create souvenirs like magnets and t-shirt with their own photos on them right from their own smartphone.

Send your CV to omervk@appmyday.co.il and let me know you came through HN :)

Farmers Insurance (farmers.com)

Los Angeles, California (Local candidates preferred)- Full-time Contract or Freelance

Farmers Insurance make up one of the country's largest insurers of vehicles, homes and small businesses and provide a wide range of other insurance and financial services products. We are seeking local candidates for help building the next iteration of the website. We're specifically looking for javascript developers and full stack developers. Ideal candidates will have the following skills:

* Javacript (object oriented)

* AngularJS (or similar Javscript MVC like Backbone, Ember or Knockout)

* Familar with implementing architecture and and frameworks based on the above

* Data modeling, business logic, UI, UX

* HTML5/CSS3, Cross browser/platform troubleshooting, Responsive Design


* Node.js

* Yeoman

* Preprocessors (Sass, Compass, Coffeescript)

* API development

* Git source control or similar VCS (Active on Github)

* Understanding of server side languages and back end

To apply, email your Github account and resume to mel.wong@farmersinsurance.com

Booster.com – Boston,MA – Full-time, permanent – http://www.booster.com

Booster is the new way to raise money for your cause, passion, or project. There are few startups that actually have a good cause, a sound business and great backing. We have all 3.

Join us to build a rapidly scaling platform that inspires and enables people to raise dollars and awareness for their passions and causes with custom merchandise. We are a spin-out backed by our parent sponsor – CustomInk, a profitable, fast growing, top 200 e-tailer, and a top 500 places to work employer - we expect to grow rapidly, building both a brand and direct marketing strategy on a flexible technology stack that requires a sophisticated and ambitious coordinated effort.

Key Hires

-- Product Manager -- A multi-talented product person with the vision to bridge business and engineering. Requires a person both detail oriented yet with a wide understanding and view of the business. Requires you to be data driven as well as capable of making intuitive calls.

-- Engineering Lead, Senior Engineer, Engineer (Rails & JS) -- Looking for smart engineers. We’re on CoffeeScript, Rails, Jenkins, Capistrano, New Relic and deploy multiple times a day. Everyone pushes to production supported by a clean stack and a solid process. Our MVP has done well. But now, we need you to help build the next version and fill out the vision (hint: it’s much more than what you see!).

-- Visual Designer with an understanding of UI/UX -- It’s one thing to make things look good. But if you can make it look AND work good, that’s where we should talk. You will play a role in helping shape the voice, tone and feel of the site while ensuring the brand is integrated and interweaved on the site.

If you’re interested, please send your resume, sites, linkedin, dribbble, github or equivalent as applicable to


Janssen Choong CTO, Booster.com

Placements.io is hiring Full Stack Dev in San Francisco, CA - Full Time (Maybe Co-Founder)

Placements.io in a nut shell helps digital publishers (think Facebook, NYT, Huffington Post, Spotify) automate a huge set of manual tasks to get an ad campaign up and running. We're not really adTech but more like enterprise operations software.

Here's how we're gaining ground:

- We've signed two major paying clients - a major social network and $1Bln + media company.

- We have revenue and angel funding and can pay salary

- We have a pipeline that reads like the whos-who of the interwebz.

- We have a $1mln contract in the pipeline

- We're part of an accelerator and have a demo day coming up.

Who we're looking for:

Full Stack Engineer with experience with most of the following:

- Web - HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, D3.js - Frameworks - Angular.js, Backbone.js, or Node.js Ruby on Rails, - DB - Postgres or NoSQL like MongoDB - AWS, Heroku

For the right person, we'll consider co-founder status.


edwin AT placements.io

Addepar is Hiring - Engineers - Mountain View, Ca Who we are: Engineers rebuilding the infrastructure that powers global finance. Current technology in the space is broken and opaque, it empowers scandals like Bernie Madoff to go on for a decade while $64 billion vanishes from the economy, affecting endowments, institutions, and notable individuals. Our platform provides increased transparency, allowing for better decisions and furthering meritocracy in the multi-trillion dollar wealth management industry. We free data from disparate silos and build tools for advanced analysis and decision making. Addepar is an engineering-led company. We’ve designed our perks around enabling great technologists to build. Hiring Ember.js developers and generalist engineers. Join us: Careers.addepar.com Or email R2 [at] Addepar [dot] com

HumanAPI - Palo Alto, CA - Full-time (http://humanapi.co)


HumanAPI is building the unified API for all human health data, and we are hiring another experienced engineer to add to the core team. Our mission is to collect, organize and make sense of all human health data.

We started this company in late March this year, and are currently hard at work building the infrastructure to pull in and analyze health data from a wide variety of sources. Some of these include: wearable sensors, consumer health devices, smartphones, and genetic testing services (like 23&Me). We collect this data, normalize it, and have built an API to allow any application developer to easily and securely build applications on top of the human body. Pretty cool, huh?

We are looking for a long term hire, and this position includes meaningful equity in an exciting, fast growing startup.

The person joining should be an opinionated, independent thinker and feel comfortable making big decisions. You have experience shipping real products to users. You are broadly curious, have probably had some side projects, and you have ideally hacked around with some hardware as well.

You are versatile across technologies and platforms, and can teach yourself what you don't know quickly. You don't identify with specific technologies as much as you identify with the problems that need to be solved.

Ideally, though not required, you have some experience with distributed database systems (cassandra, hadoop, hbase, etc.), security (HIPAA), and generally get excited about data, sensors, health, and how we can combine them to make people healthy at scale.

We are based in Palo Alto, California - the right candidate can work remotely for a time period, though we would like to get the whole team under the same roof soon.

Come help us build the human health data infrastructure layer.


Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - H1B, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd (social publishing & eBooks, top 100 website, 35 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century..

We've hired SIX full-time people and TONS of summer interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads, including two this summer ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS / Android

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations

* Back-end infrastructure: scalability, web crawling, big data, analytics

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience. We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!).

Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire.

We are always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

Scribd's vision is to build the digital library of the 21st century. Just as Wikipedia built the successor to the encyclopedia, we want to build the successor to the library. It is a big vision and we have a long way to go, but I'd be happy to tell you more about what we're working on now and how we plan to get there.

See more at scribd.com/jobs and feel free to email me directly: jared at scribd.com

Anaheim, CA (Orange County/OC) or Boulder/Denver, CO (full-time)

SendGrid http://www.sendgrid.com


We've revolutionized the cloud-based transactional email space by efficiently powering the infrastructure for tens of thousands of companies that rely on us to send millions of emails every day (7B+ monthly). We have been growing really fast since launching in 2009, and we want you to be part of the awesome company we are building.


All Jobs - http://sendgrid.com/careers.html

Software Engineers (Infrastructure, Core, Apps, Automation)

DevOps Engineer

Project Manager/Scrum Master


Ruby on Rails, Python, MySql,Linux, Agile (We are technology agnostic - doesn't matter what you currently code in)


If you don't see what you're looking for here, reach out to us. We're always looking for talented, happy, hungry, honest, and humble people.

-Socrate- soc@sendgrid.com

Blue Shell Games is hiring full-time iOS developers in San Francisco’s Financial District.

- We are an independent studio focused on social casino games

- We’re bootstrapped, profitable and growing since 2010

- We’re 30 people with more than 5 million active monthly players

We’re looking for talented, creative, entrepreneurial candidates to help us continue to expand our network of casino games. Our mobile clients are native Objective-C and Java; our backend is based on Python+gevent, Redis, and MongoDB.

You should be an experienced iOS developer with a shipped title (or several; indie is fine) who wants to explore opportunities for technical development and leadership.

More about us at http://blueshellgames.com/. Apply via e-mail to jobs@blueshellgames.com; include a link to a playable game on an app store or a GitHub for a faster response :)

https://www.catincan.com - London/UK, full-time, telecommute

Looking for an engineer to join our team who:

* Writes readable and maintainable code * Understands common algorithms, data structures and their complexity * Has some experience building web applications * Has written some code in at least one of these: Python/Ruby/PHP/Javascript/Coffeescript

Ideally you’ll support open source software, like learning new languages and love the challenges that come with programming.

To apply (3-4 questions, 2 minutes):


Bunk1 / Bunk1rollcall.com - New York, NY / NYC - REMOTE allowed

:: Ruby/Rails Engineer wanted ::

Hi! I'm the CTO at Bunk1, and there's a good chance I want to talk to you.

Our company is a small, industry known team of ex campers working to make managing summer camps more efficient. The next year is going to be an incredibly exciting and demanding time for us, and we are looking to add someone to the team who is driven, but also enjoys being part of a team (we live on HipChat).

Ideal candidate would have experience in Ruby, be comfortable dealing with large datasets, and simply always be improving themselves.

Our current stack includes Rails, Postgres, Memcached, S3, and Heroku (moving soon!).

If you have passion for good code, get excited when you can make something scale, and think you can make a difference in our company, please get in touch with me!

Email: anVzdGluc0BidW5rMS5jb20= (base64)

Portland, OR - Full-time. We're a Techstars-backed game company and we're looking for an android game developer with experience in Cocos 2d-x. We're building game experiences around physical sensors and wearable computing:) Email us if you're interested: founders [at] chroma.io

Metamedia : Koh Samui, Thailand : javascript, backbone, node, redis [ http://metamedia.com ]

[ talented Snr Javascript Developer ]

Work in a focussed nimble team building technology that powers the next generation of social video sharing.

We are looking for elite Javascript developers with an appreciation of the full stack and a passion for building high performance scalable web systems :

Desired :

- modern idiomatic javascript

- jquery, ajax, json

- backbone.js

- underscore.js

- node.js

- redis

Appreciated :

- opensource, side projects, startup exp

- degree, math, technical blog articles

- performance, caching, latency

- linux, sysops, dtrace, nginx

- nosql : mongo, couch, riak, rethink, lmdb

- message queues, push, websockets

- design, html5/css3, UI, UX

- video, social, ecommerce

Benefits :

- interesting work, modern tech

- cosmopolitan passionate team

- flights, visa covered, help relocating

- comparable salary [ low tax, low rent ]

- mac pro, quality screen, good internet

- explore the islands and beaches on weekends

- spicy food, italian pizza+coffee nearby

Send your github link and CV pdf/link to jobs@metamedia.com

[ Also looking for exceptional Snr PHP Web Developer, Snr UI/UX Designer/Analyst ]

FullTime -- Android Developer, Artoo | Bangalore, India

Artoo (https://www.artoo.in) enables organizations working in healthcare and financial inclusion to deliver better products to more of the base of the pyramid (BoP). With our platform, the poor will have access to faster loans, lower interest rates, better healthcare, and other life-changing benefits.

We're looking for hackers who are passionate about creating a social impact, who are inquisitive, independent thinkers who propose new solutions, who work independently with minimal supervision, who are entrepreneurial and willing to take on multiple roles, and who are fun to work with!


Android Developer JD @ https://jobs.hasgeek.com/view/2gypj

Mountain View, CA - Distributed Storage Developer

Our distributed storage team in Mountain View, CA is hiring talented developers to build an advanced transactional key-value store that scales out without partitioning.

We are looking for top notch engineers with practical experience in database storage engines, Big Data platforms, transaction processing, or highly available distributed systems. Experience designing and implementing advanced data structures and algorithms, query processors, network protocols, APIs and frameworks is highly desirable, as is exposure to real cloud workloads and large, production grade, systems level codebases.

See full job description and apply at:


Foster City, CA (Next to San Mateo): full-time or part-time contractor, remote a possibility


SVBio (http://svbio.com/) is looking for the most talented full-stack software engineer for contract work, with experience and understanding of web architecture design and implementation, following best and up-to-date practices. The work will further enhance the application of our clinical-grade genome interpretation engine. As leaders in the field, we drive the vision of the genome-interpretation product down to the last detail - only modern browsers are supported here!

Knowledge of some specific technologies is greatly desired (see below), but not necessarily required for the right hacker. Knowledge of javascript is a must, as well as the desire to write clean and maintainable code. Knowledge of the genome and next-generation-sequencing technologies is really nice to have, but definitely not required. SVBio is a tightly-knit organization with people from many diverse disciplines and backgrounds, so being an all-around friendly person is a must. Strong preference will be given to candidates that can be on site.

Anyone who is interested should contact me (Edolfo - elicudine -A-T- svbio.com) directly with your background, a resume/c.v., some previous work samples, a github link, whatever you think might help me out.

---Preferable knowledge/experience---

- Significant proven experience, both in frontend and backend technologies.

- Dynamic frontends (angular.js, angular-ui, JQuery, d3.js, require.js)

- Advanced backend architectures (node.js, express, mongoose)

- Scalable persistency layers (HDFS, Postgres, mysql, mongodb)

- Production level coding (grunt.js)

-- Additional valuable experience:

- Script master (e.g., python, perl)

- An eye for aesthetics

Centzy - Software Engineer - NYC of SF - Full-time

Centzy is a search engine for services. We help consumers find, compare and buy local services like haircuts, oil changes and dog groomers. We are tackling big challenges in gathering, structuring and mining this messy set of data from online and offline sources. We are well funded but early stage enough that we can offer significant product and equity ownership and competitive salaries (plus full healthcare, free meals, etc).

We are looking for another smart engineer to join our team of seven. We are looking for someone who is thoughtful, driven and fun. You should be able to engineer solutions that scale as our data, users and team grows. It would be great if you had experience with Ruby or Go, but its not a hard requirement. Email me: jeremy at company name.

San Francisco


Ruby Engineers, Mobile Engineer, interns

The last 50 years has seen the reinvention of almost every major industry except for one: Trucking. Intrans is here to change that by deploying the world's first mobile platform for on-demand freight shipping. Over $30 billion dollars a month is spent trucking freight around the US. Without trucks, the country would grind to a halt overnight. In such a massive market, it's hard to believe that the entire industry today still runs on phones and fax machines. This means hundreds of millions of dollars worth of freight capacity goes unfilled every month due to the old-school inefficiencies of the industry. We are changing that.

Come join our growing team in San Francisco and help change this massive industry for the better! Send your CV and GitHub profile to jobs@intrans.com.

Charlotte, NC - PassportParking - Fulltime, INTERN

We are looking for another amazing developer or two to join our team. We are cranking away with Android, iOS, GWT, LAMP, etc. and have a lot of fun doing it.

If your interested shoot me a line or start our programming challenge. We highly consider anyone that crushes it. Don't care so much for resumes, or degrees for that matter. http://passportparking.info/PassportProgrammingTest

Recently featured in the Charlotte Observer, check out our team. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/07/30/4200193/charlott...


Brad Powers brad@passportparking.com

Diffeo -- Cambridge, MA -- Full-time, permanent -- http://diffeo.com

-- Senior Python Engineer --

Diffeo is a big data startup building an entity-centric search engine. Instead of searching by keyword, Diffeo brings you updates about entities that you identify by URL, such as home pages of companies and online profiles.

Diffeo is developing novel machine learning algorithms and software to perform entity disambiguation on unbounded streams of text.

We seek talented researchers and software engineers who love Python and want to build self-tuning database middle-ware that runs probabilistic models on large clusters using NoSQL databases, like Cassandra and Accumulo. For example, we are working on adding Salt Stack to our enterprise product, and use it to manage our own clusters.

We are applying state-of-the-art methods from natural language processing and information retrieval, including hierarchical probabilistic graphical models and inference algorithms such as MCMC. We have built a scalable tree-based architecture in Python to perform massively parallel computation over these models and processing large streams of data. Diffeo's products are focused on identifying structured entities (persons, organizations, etc.) in streams of unstructured text, enabling entity-based search and making it easy to monitor long-tail entities, such as companies in emerging markets or proteins relevant to your biomedical research.

Diffeo was founded by MIT people in Kendall square and actively collaborates with leading machine learning researchers. We are funded entirely by customer revenue and are targeting government, financial, mobile, and pharmaceutical institutions.


- Python

- Passion for automation

- Interest in machine learning

- Desire to build the coolest tools

  ****   See positions at  http://diffeo.com/jobs  ****

JOB TITLE: Application Software Developer

LOCATION: Telecommute, Petaluma, San Francisco, Vancouver (Canada)

DEPARTMENT: Engineering


As an application software developer at Cyan you work in an agile development environment and thus are enabled to make an immediate contribution to our products and customers. Newly developed features could be released to a live production site in a matter of days. We are looking for smart people to solve hard problems. You will handle a wide array of tasks ranging from prototyping new techniques and technologies, to developing test automation, and supporting our growing customer base. You are expected to write quality code with high availability for large-scale applications in a carrier-class networking environment. You will have the opportunity to work with newer technologies including Python/Django, Graph/NoSQL Databases, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and HTML5.


Cyan is looking to hire numerous developers with varying experience levels. Please apply if you satisfy most of the following:

* A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design

* Experience with both static language (e.g. C/C++/C#/Java) and dynamic languages (e.g. Python/Ruby/Perl/Lisp/JavaScript)

* Experience with programming in Linux Experience in large systems software development or client application development

* Experience with database systems and multi-threaded / multi-process applications Proficiency in web server architectures is desired

* Experience in an Agile Development Methodology is desired

Employment Visa Status: Candidates currently authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply.

Contact jobs[at]cyaninc.com or visit http://www.cyaninc.com/

Thank you for your interest!

San Francisco, CA. Java Engineer No remote. 2-5 years experience Java, Amazon experience, OO architecture exposure sql/mysql, some Hudson or Jenkins exposure, hopefully exposed to Puppet or Chef, great would be some build tools like Ant. Contact Robert at rbocknek@birst.com

A couple recommendations:

- "2-5 years experience Java" - There are vastly different ways to use Java, so someone like me would be in the 2-5 years of equivalent experience for things like Android, Swing or JavaFX development. JavaEE has progressed immensely and while the cool kids aren't using it, annotation-based development has led to the same sort of "convention-over-configuration" style programming and a lot of code generation from a fairly small amount of code. You don't have to generate 10 classes and interfaces for each EntityBean (EJB1 and EJB2) anymore.

- "... tools like Ant" - Managing dependencies in Java can be a real headache, so you want to specify a tool-chain that has dependency management. Say something like "Ant+Ivy" or "Maven". For integration with Hudson/Jenkins, Maven is superior but either will work.

- "OO Architecture" needs to be melded with an MVC/MVP pattern for big projects. These architectural patterns help immensely with testing and code management (plus watch for package tangle in Sonar).

- What's the rest of your tool-chain? You left a lot of holes and it's not clear from your ad which technologies you use and which you want to use. For comparison, here is my toolchain (I could give you more detail but not here):

  - JavaEE
  - WildFly
  - PostgreSQL
  - CouchDB
  - Maven
  - Jenkins
  - Sonar
  - Nexus
  - Vagrant
  - Ansible
  - JUnit and plugins (XmlUnit, DBUnit, etc)
  - Selenium2 (on the grid server and managed by Jenkins)
- "Amazon experience" is not very specific. I think we'll all assume you mean AWS, but there are APIs for running shops and for using mechanical turk.

Hope this helps!

New York, NY - Full-time, H1B possible



TheLadders (http://theladders.com) is hiring for a number of open roles to help us find the right person for the right job. We're a growing team looking for front-end developers, designers, UX, devops--the whole gamut. We believe in our team, offering unlimited vacation, competitive salaries, and no cap on training and conference budgets. Here's a brief description of the roles (as written by a software engineer, so keep that perspective in mind)

Devops/Systems Engineer: we use puppet. We have our own hardware, use VSphere, run mostly CentOS.

Designers: we've redesigned our jobseeker-facing site to be completely responsive. We're using sass and all that fun stuff.

Front-end developers: we're using backbone, mustache, sass to build a single-page application to help our jobseekers be as informed as possible when making their next career move. We've rolled our own graphics implementation for some visualizations, so if that sounds interesting get in touch.

Software Engineers: our backend is written in java, scala, with some tools in python and other languages. We're not married to any language, framework, or architecture, and many of us have been personally playing more with erlang and clojure in the hopes of using them in newer projects. Check out a blog post I've recently written up about one of the more fun projects I've done recently: http://dev.theladders.com/2013/07/denormalize-the-datas-for-...

If these problems and technologies sound interesting to you, I'm John Connolly, and I can be reached at jconnolly@theladders.com

Review more information about our open positions here: http://careers.theladders.com/

iHeartRadio -- New York, NY -- Full Time

We're looking for a full-stack engineer to work on our high visibility music products. This is not your average "jQuery monkey" position, you'll be working on cutting-edge high traffic Javascript/Python applications, where reliability and high performance are key. The person should be responsible for architectural software decisions, as well as software implementation in a team environment. The environment is dynamic with focus on creative thinking and usage of open source to solve complex problems and business needs.

Our stack: - Python Django - Gunicorn - memcached - Chef - HTML/CSS/JS and the latest greatest stuff Web can offer.

If you're interested, shoot my your resume AND github at longho@clearchannel.com

SeatGeek -- New York, NY -- Full Time

We're a search engine for tickets and live events. Think "Kayak for sports/music/theater tickets."

⇒ Frontend Developer -- A big focus on Javascript, HTML/CSS, and crafting (but not visually designing) user experiences and interfaces. Details here: http://seatgeek.com/jobs/ui_developer/

⇒ Web Engineer -- We're looking for someone who loves building web apps. Everything else (professional experience, where in the stack you fit, the languages you've used) is up for debate. Details here: http://seatgeek.com/jobs/web_engineer/

San Francisco, CA -- full-time

Blurb is a creative publishing and marketing platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. Blurb’s platform makes it easy to design, publish, market and sell professional-quality print and ebooks. Blurb’s bookstore and online marketing tools enable customers to market and sell their books, and keep 100% of their profit. Blurb’s social and community features allow customers to create and share Blurb books across social channels with ease.

We are looking for a strong web developer to join our 5 person web team. Our stack includes: Ruby (Rails), Javascript (Ember.js, Backbone), PostgreSQL, Redis


Sales Executive REMOTE - Full Time

We are a London based company, developing a black-box web application security scanner called Netsparker and providing a SaaS on top of this technology ( http://www.scantosecure.com ).

We are looking for an experienced software sales professional to join the team and grow the sales of their flagship product Netsparker.

More information about the position and how to apply: https://www.mavitunasecurity.com/netsparker-sales-executive/

More information about us: https://www.mavitunasecurity.com/about/

EventMobi - Toronto, Canada - Full-Stack / DevOps Engineers - http://www.eventmobi.com/about/careers/


EventMobi is an app building platform that allows event planners to create engaging apps for their event or conference in only a few minutes. We’re based in Toronto and are committed to using the mobile revolution to completely transform the events industry.

Our apps allow event planners to distribute content to their attendees, keep them engaged with the event, and help them learn and network with other attendees. EventMobi apps have been used at over 1500 events, 2 Million users, and are served for events in 15 languages across 5 continents.

We’re not your typical startup, we’re completely self-funded and yet with no outside capital we’re massively profitable and on an incredible growth path with companies like Intel, Disney and the Olympics IOC using us for their mobile event app needs.

We embraced HTML5, cloud architecture and cross-platform mobile web apps before any of them were fancy buzz words! Come and join Toronto’s fastest growing self-funded tech start-up and be part of something amazing.


We're looking for a Full-Stack Software Engineer and a DevOps Engineer to join our team and help build out the platform we need to innovate this space. This is a very fast-paced role, and we need energetic individuals that can build large-scale SaaS systems, as well as care about UX and be involved with the end consumer facing product. This is a great career opportunity to grow with a young startup, get your hands dirty in all aspect of cloud services, mobile and web development and help with every aspect of a startups technology infrastructure.

Experience with the following would be helpful: - JS frameworks (we use Angular and Backbone) - Python / Flask - MySQL / Redis / MongoDB

If you would like to chat further about the details feel free to email me at bijan@eventmobi.com

San Francisco - Software Engineer

Thumbtack is a new way to find and hire local services like DJs, photographers, house cleaners, and contractors. Over 250k small businesses around the country have joined Thumbtack, and we're making real money in the local services marketplace.

Thumbtack's people are down-to-earth, practical, and intelligent. Everyday for lunch we all sit down to a meal cooked by our in-house chef. On Wednesday nights, we stay late for a hot dinner, some wine, guests, and great conversation. Sometimes we drink beer that we've been brewing in the back closet.

Ping me (chris @) if you want to chat. Happy to meet up for coffee if you're in SF.


(H1B welcome)

IntraSee http://intrasee.com (50% remote, 50% travel)

Not your typical enterprise shop. We're looking for North American web developers or PeopleSoft developers who are looking to push the platform. We work with Fortune 500 companies and some big name higher ed institutions alike, using copious amounts of HTML/CSS/Javascript to create beautiful, usable PeopleSoft implementations. We were recently profiled by the PeopleSoft blog. Competitive salary, smart co-workers, great projects. If interested, shoot over a resume to careers@intrasee.com. (Note that you don't have to have PeopleSoft experience, we're willing to train great devs.) Thanks.

Rockton, IL / Fulltime Senior/Mid Web Developer, AccuLynx (http://www.acculynx.com)

AccuLynx is a bootstrapped and profitable startup that is growing rapidly. We need two full-time web developers to help maintain and build upon our SaaS web application. We have a small team (4.5 devs) and have some amazing challenges ahead of us. The biggest being how can we scale efficiently to accommodate our growing customer base. We have interesting problems that need smart people to solve them.

Detailed job description can be found here: http://www.acculynx.com/about/jobs/#webdev

Basically we are looking for smart people that get things done. Our team does not hire based on buzzwords or popular acronyms. We expect you to have mastered at least one language and be able to master any technology, language, or development environment in the future. If you are unfamiliar with a piece of technology we will help bring you up to speed.

We'd like to see skills in our current stack: Asp.net webforms (It is OK to shudder...), C#, jQuery, Sql Server. We are quickly moving to Asp.net MVC, Angular/, ElasticSearch, and Redis. We are building

We believe in employee happiness and strive to accommodate that. We work at a 40hr sustainable work pace, have awesome sit stand desks, and create a fun/relaxed environment. The village of Rockton offers "small-town charm" and low cost-of-living, without being far from larger metropolitan areas (Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison).

Benefits are top notch: Highly competitive salary (70k-100k), stock options, 15 days vacation, $5k/year to spend on continuing education (conferences, classes, etc), choice of computer hardware, choice of cell phone, MSDN subscription, gym membership, competitive medical, dental, vision, 401K with matching & safe harbor contributions, relocation reimbursement available.

Email me if you are interested (mention HN to get my attention), my name is Paul: dev@acculynx.com

Sr Software Engineer | SF | Full-time | H1B | FiveStars (http://www.fivestars.com/story/)

Apply here: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=oj3TWfwV&s=Hacker_News or email: dev(dot)jobs(at)fivestars(dot)com

Why you should apply: Here at FiveStars, we take pride in that we're not your typical web company. Our product faces both business owners and users, which places unique demands on our engineering team. Our web developers have built an API that interfaces with our desktop application, an analytics and tool-based dashboard for business owners and managers, and a consumer facing web application. The breadth of challenges we face is unparalleled -- whether that be handling and analyzing immensely large and interesting datasets or developing user experiences for millions of individuals.

  You'll be responsible for the following:
  + Plan, architect, develop, release and iterate on web features
  + Work across the entire web stack, from frontend to backend to database
  + Learn quickly and adapt to the rapidly changing web environment
  + Maintain, administer and improve system, network, and deployment infrastructure
  + Love to pair program and don't mind reviewing code (maybe even enjoy it)

  Why we should want you:
  + 3+ years of experience developing and releasing web applications
  + Expert knowledge using MVC frameworks in rapid-iteration environments
  + Experience with open source database technologies in production environments
  + Familiarity with MongoDB/Redis
  + Direct experience scaling application code and databases for millions of users
  + Making pages with HTML/CSS isn't a problem

  Why we should really want you:
  + Expertise in Django and Python
  + Developed scalable RESTful APIs for production use
  + Knowledgeable about web security and authentication protocols like OAuth
  + Experience with managing asynchronous job queues and workers
  + Experience setting up, configuring, and managing replication on Postgres/MongoDB/Redis

London, England - Full Time - Local Only (with flexibility to work from home on occasion)

AccountsPortal (http://www.accountsportal.com) is hiring PHP engineers for our London office. We are in the process of building some new products, so this is an opportunity to get in on the ground level. We have a very relaxed working environment, flexible working hours (work when you want) and a super friendly team.

Requirements You don't need any formal work experience or training, but you must have knowledge in the following areas:

- Laravel 4


- HTML5, CSS, Jquery, Git

Some experience in the following areas would be great, but not essential:

- Some CodeIgniter experience

- UNIX server administration

- Backbone, Angular or Ember JS frameworks

Send applications to hn-20130801@accountsportal.com

No recruiters please.

Clover Wireless -- New Haven, CT or Hoffman Estates, IL -- Full Time, Permanent, Local

Clover Wireless is seeking an experienced Operations Engineer to lead the planning, implementation, and maintenance of its growing web infrastructure. This is very much a DevOps role, as you will be working hand-in-hand with the software development team to design and build an environment that will allow Clover's services to grow by leaps and bounds.


* Designing, implementing, and maintaining the servers and infrastructure of the Clover Wireless systems

* Monitoring the Clover Wireless infrastructure and responding to system outages

* Maintaining and supporting existing systems while building the next generation of Clover Wireless services

* Working with users and teammates to gather functional and technical requirements

* Generating new ideas for improvements or opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction, sales, or revenue


* The ability to design and implement resilient and redundant web infrastructures with a strong eye to speed and availability.

* Experienced in managing cloud-based hosting platforms (RackSpace/OpenStack, AWS, and the like).

* Experienced with configuration management systems such as Chef and Puppet.

* Experienced in managing database systems like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

* Experienced in managing Nginx and RabbitMQ systems.

* A Linux guru, through and through.

* An innate desire to automate, monitor, and continually tune everything in sight.

* Python programming experience a big plus.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

* Self-driven, highly analytical, and detail-oriented.

* Ability to work in a fast paced working environment.

* A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent experience.

Send resumes to jobs@yourenew.com


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