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created:September 16, 2007
karma: 786
about: I am a software engineer, professional trader, and active angel investor. I am a co-founder of Emobie Labs, where we are bringing affordable social robots to children for the purposes of therapy, tutoring, and play.

In June, 2014, I moved back to Seattle to start a proprietary trading firm called High Amplitude Trading Capital (HatCap). My brother and I develop and operate a semi-automated trading system.

For 5+ years prior to that, I worked at AMA Capital, a hedge fund based in downtown Palo Alto that develops their own software for automated forex trading.

I'm not looking for outside investments in my trading firm, but I am looking to make them. If you are an entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest, please consider applying to either the Seattle Angel Conference or the Seattle Angel Fund, and feel free to ask me questions via email.