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created:February 20, 2007
karma: 27773
about: I try to express ideas on HN as directly as possible and without mincing words. Sometimes that results in great discussions and other times I miss the mark.

I also try to exercise the idea in G. H. Hardy's words that "It is never worth a first-class man's time to express a majority opinion. By definition, there are plenty of others to do that."

Please do tell me why you think I'm wrong, with as much supporting logic and factual data as possible. I don't want to be wrong any longer than necessary. I regularly change my strongly held beliefs.

I have deep respect and love for all conscious creatures.


Update: After ~10 years, I decided to "retire" from HN for the most part. At this point I've become a very different person from who I was when I started here, and the community has also grown orders of magnitude larger. I've learned a lot, I've grown a lot, and it was a great experience being an early member of the HN community. Thank you!