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created:May 28, 2008
karma: 21776
about: Author of the forthcoming "Knative in Action", to be published by Manning: https://www.manning.com/books/knative-in-action

I am frequently wrong. I hope you will not spare my feelings when I am.

See http://chester.id.au for my not-updated-since-I-moved-to-NYC blog. Visit http://ozblogistan.com.au for the little blog network I run.

I work at VMware (via Pivotal), but please don't construe anything I say as an official statement. Unless it makes us look awesome and you're impressed, in which case, construe your heart out[0].

For personal email: hn@jacques.chester.id.au

For work-related email, including referrals: jchester+hn@pivotal.io

[0] Subject to usual disclaimers about forward-looking statements -- consult your doctor, our PR team, an accountant, the oracles etc before investing/buying/mocking/tweeting.