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created:May 28, 2013
karma: 371
about: I'm Jordan. I mostly post about economic and technological history.

Things I have built - Co-founder of the Tuesday Company, a SAAS startup. We make Team, the software campaigns need to bring friend-to-friend canvassing online. We turn online supporters into effective, trackable and manageable digital volunteers. - Co-founder of PawnGuru. PawnGuru is an online marketplace that connects pawn shops and used good stores with consumers.

Other stuff - Analyst at Resonant Venture Partners - MS in Information (Information Economics) at the University of Michigan. - Biz Dev at LeadGenius (YC S11) - Intern in Biz Dev & UX Research at StudyEdge (YC S12) - BA in Economics & History at the University of Michigan

I like internet friends. You can reach me at jordan at birnholtz dot com.