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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (September 2020)
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Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

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United States Digital Service | Senior Product Managers, Senior Designers, Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE required in general, but most of us are 100% REMOTE during COVID-19 | https://www.usds.gov/

We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government experience required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people, including streamlining immigration, helping veterans get benefits, modernizing health care, reforming hiring, improving school safety, fixing procurement, and more. Come join us in shifting government tech in the right direction!

Check out our most recent impact report for examples of what you could be working on:


In plain language: We are looking for empathetic and mission focused engineers, designers, product managers, government procurement specialists, bureaucracy hackers, and more with 3+ years of experience in the tech industry to work on sometimes ambiguous-- sometimes huge--but always impactful work for the American people.

Apply here: https://www.usds.gov/apply

We could really use some folks to help on impactful, important projects if people are willing to help. Thanks!

Will full remote with occasional travel (ever) be considered?

I mean, if you wanted to do a short tour (~6-9 months) right now, you could probably start and stay remote for most of that time.

In general, it's really useful to be around the table with stakeholders. In a COVID world, that's less important, but when we get through this, it really does make a difference if people can be in DC.

That said, these times are definitely an experiment in how to do remote work well.

Citymapper | Public and private transport app | London or Remote

Hi, I'm Marius, Head of Engineering for backend at Citymapper.

Citymapper's dream is to make cities usable, helping our users navigate the complex world of public and private transit to get from where they are to where they want to be. Millions of your fellow city-dwellers already rely on us, but there are millions more that we can still help.

Right now we're especially interested in senior full-stack web engineers: https://apply.workable.com/citymapper/j/DA33FBBD15/

But we're always looking for talented individuals on backend across a few, slightly different roles. If you've got at least 1-2 years experience and a hankering to solve tricky real world challenges, take a look at https://citymapper.com/jobs.

Feel free to apply at the links, or you can contact our hiring engineer directly at [michael@citymapper.com](mailto:michael@citymapper.com) if you have any questions (no recruiters please - even though you will ignore this anyway…)

I'm really drawn to the product and a role in particular, but why is your Glassdoor such a disaster review-wise? Has anything changed since those reviews?

Wow, you weren't joking. No wonder they're hiring - seems like a very toxic place to work at. Also not answering to you seems very fitting.

Just letting you know your links seem to have been rendered in a wrong way, so it takes people to literally " https://citymapper.com/jobs](https://citymapper.com/jobs) ".

Ah, good catch. The GP used a markdown syntax that HN doesn't support. I've fixed the links. Thanks!

Cleary | Full Stack Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, REMOTE | https://www.gocleary.com/

Cleary is building an ‘operating system of the office’ based on the kind of internal tools that companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Dropbox, Google, Uber, etc build for their own employees. We're seeing great traction - we're working with companies like Square, Flexport and LendingHome, and just raised a large seed round from top tier investors. We're assembling an A+ team - currently just 7 people with backgrounds from Twitter, Microsoft, Cornell, Carnegie Melon, YC, etc.

You’ll get to work directly with our experienced entrepreneurial team, which includes three second-time founders with two prior exits. In this role you will wear multiple hats, reporting directly to the CTO, and will have an opportunity to take on a leadership position (if desired) as we scale.

Full Job Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k9wl1zztDOlqE5sVdaTAAslA...

Submit resumes to ryan@gocleary.com

Tech Stack: Ruby/Rails, React, Redux, Postgresql, ElasticSearch, AWS

Hello Community! Glovo is hiring for the Tech team! Co-Vid 19 has made our Grocery section have a HYPERGROWTH! We need great Tech Team members to provide the best experience and SOLUTION to the world! We are super flexible, start dates can be moved and you can start remote to TEH MOVE to Sunny Barcelona Office + New Tech Hub in Warsaw Poland! (WFH, full flexibility but Fulltime NOT JUST REMOTE, full relocation + Sponsorship)

At the moment Glovo is the fastest-growing generation 2 (this means that we have our own logistics platform) delivery startup in the world and becoming one of the best Tech Product Start-ups in Spain.

Tech Challenges: Project Valkyrie: Related to the number of deployments per day. Project Darwin: Going from a Monolithic to a Microservices architecture. Better efficiency with Machine Learning.

Tech Stack: Java , Python, Spring Boot, Redis, Python, NodeJS, AWS (SQS, Kinesis, Aurora,EC2, Lambda,Cloudwatch, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Github Actions, Spinnaker, DataDog Mobile: Java, Kotlin, Swift Frontend: JavaScript, Vue.js, Typescript.

Key Job Openings: Engineering Manager, Senior ML Engineer, Senior Backend Engineers, Senior iOS Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers,Senior Backend Engineers - Platform Services


If you write to me I will guide you through the process faster!


I’m attaching our corporate video: https://youtu.be/1lnZ8xsx9bE ;)

Repl.it (YC W18) | Frontend, Fullstack, Programming Language Hackers | SF or REMOTE | https://repl.it/jobs

Repl.it is the first massively open collaborative computing platform where anyone, even without even needing an account, can hop on and in seconds start coding, building, and hosting apps and websites.

Apply if you like working on challenging and impactful problems. Running a service like this is hard to operate, scale, and secure. Also, supporting the number of languages we do (https://repl.it/languages) is a hard tooling problem -- we have to build generic protocols for all IDE actions like executing, debugging, authoring, running tests, writing files, etc. Finally, it's an incredibly challenging frontend/design problem to build a fast collaborative in-browser IDE that's both powerful and simple.

It's a great time to be joining us, we're still 15 full-time people, we reach millions of coders a month, and we're backed by YC and a16z.

Is Repl.it using OT or CRDT for realtime collaboration and document updates? I'd be curious what research has been evaluated and what you're looking for in the future. Lots of really cool work here!

Only in PDT timezone +- 4h

Doctype | Software engineer | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE, VISA or REMOTE (worldwide) | Full-time | https://www.doctype.se/

We're a small digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently around 15 people. We have an office in the heart of Stockholm, but our employees are free to work from wherever they feel most productive. We've built https://lemondogs.com/, https://www.gothiaecup.com/, https://beta.esportal.se/, amongst other websites. Our largest clients are within the eSports segment.

We’re currently looking for a software engineer with reverse engineering skills to work with us on client-sided anti-cheat technology. The project you would be working on is a standalone client built in C/C++, Go and x86 Assembly. Our current tech stack is mainly Go, MariaDB and React,


* Good understanding of C and x86-64 assembly

* Good understanding of the Windows NT kernel

* Good grasp of reverse engineering

* Eager to learn

Nice to have:

* Experience with reverse engineering malware/cheats/games, the windows NT kernel

* Experience with binary instrumentation

* Experience with hardware-assisted virtualization (such as VT-x and AMD-V), SLAT (Second Level Address Translation) (e.g. EPT, NPT)

* Understanding cryptography primitives

You’ll be working together with another anti-cheat engineer to combat cheaters in video games. Mail me at: asamy@doctype.se

Hey I know you guys, you're the ones who ran Darkcomet-RAT on players PC's to see if they were cheating. I will be sure to apply as I have lots of DC experience and I imagine you will be upgrading to blackshades soon(I can help with that!).

The Register (Situation Publishing) | Sysadmin/Devops | REMOTE / EMEA / UTC±2:00

The Register: https://www.theregister.com/

El Reg's small tech team is (still! I know!) looking for a sysadmin/devops human who can wrangle the Debian GNU/Linux-based systems that run a mix of open-source software and the closed-source Perl/Bash tooling.

Fully remote, though ideally you'll be in a UTC±2:00 TZ.

More details on: https://www.theregister.com/Page/devoops.html

The register is looking for a new bofh? I only say that because your URL is dev OOPS!

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Security Engineer, Product Manager, sales, legal, finance, and more | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is building Universal Code Search so developers can focus on solving problems instead of struggling to find and understand code.

Sourcegraph search helps developers find and discover code by providing the ability to quickly search across all code using regular expressions and advanced filters. Sourcegraph code intelligence helps developers navigate and understand code by providing hover tooltips, go-to-definition, and find-references, when viewing code on Sourcegraph or on a code host (via our browser extension). Sourcegraph campaigns enable developers to fix and evolve code at scale by automating search-and-replace and running arbitrary tools across massive codebases.

We are a completely transparent company and you can learn more about how we operate by reading our handbook: https://about.sourcegraph.com/handbook. Technologies that we use: Go, TypeScript, React, RxJS, GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes.

We are an equal opportunity workplace and our all-remote team is spread across the world. We embrace diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We just raised a $23M Series B (https://medium.com/craft-ventures/why-we-invested-in-sourceg...) and are growing our team to keep up with customer demand (some of our customers are listed on our homepage). If you want to make software development more accessible to everyone, come join us!

Apply to one of our many open roles here: https://github.com/sourcegraph/careers/

FYI your engineering hiring page gets almost obscured by the cookie consent pop up on iOS Safari.

Rally.video | Engineering Positions | Toronto, CA | Remote | Full Time

Video calls are generally very exhausting. After being on a 20 person Zoom call, we decided to build Rally. Rally is a video application that makes it easy to hop between breakout conversations. Users can see and hear other conversations around them, as if they were in a shared space.

Rally feels like a real party or gathering, as opposed to feeling like a meeting. Instead of being stuck in a giant gallery view or siloed into breakout rooms, you are free to switch between tables and rooms as you like. Instead of everyone being on mute, you can choose to vibe off of the audible laughter and chatter from neighbouring tables in the room. You can also create private tables for more personal conversations and take the stage to present to everyone around you.

We launched on HN as part of YC’s newest cohort, and have been focused on organizations using us for happy hours, networking, virtual cafeteria’s and more. Our vision for Rally is to be the one solution where online interactions are more social. This could mean sidebar conversations during a presentation, matching you to the perfect person to network with, or just having a virtual cafeteria for serendipitous conversations.

We hare recruiting for two main engineering roles, and would be interested in speaking to people who would like to be operations interns. See our roles here: https://www.workatastartup.com/companies/22247


TigerConnect | Full Time | Software & Web Developers, Sales Engineers | Los Angeles, CA and REMOTE for some positions (US based)

TigerConnect is a healthcare collaboration platform targeted at improving physician, nurse, administrator, and patient communication. We are recognized as a top Cyber Security Company to Know, one of the 5 Sizzling Silicon Beach Startups to Watch by Entrepreneur, Best Tech Startups in Santa Monica (2019 & 2020) and a Best Places to Work in Healthcare 5 years in a row (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019). TigerConnect currently has over 150 employees with offices in Santa Monica, San Jose, and Shanghai.

We are currently hiring for the following roles:

  - DevOps Security Engineer (AWS, security integration into CI/CD pipeline, scripting in Python, Ruby or Bash)
  - Sr. Software Engineer (functional programming and/or OOP - Erlang, Elixir, Go, Scala, Haskell, Java)
  - Sr. Web Developer (React frameworks, TypeScript, JS, HTML, CSS)
  - Sales Engineer/Solution Architect
Go to https://tigerconnect.com/careers to apply.

We are actively growing so if you'd like to share your resume and interest in work at TigerConnect, you can reach us at careers@tigerconnect.com.

JW Player | Senior Software Engineer, Product Designer | New York (NYC), NY | REMOTE currently, ONSITE likely | Full-time

JW Player pioneered video on the web over a decade ago and continues to innovate as the world’s largest network-independent platform for video delivery and intelligence. Media companies including Apartment Therapy, Business Insider, and Univision, in addition to hundreds of thousands of creators of all types and sizes, rely on JW Player to deliver and monetize their content across all devices.

JW Player’s massive global footprint of over 2 billion unique devices creates a powerful data graph of unique consumer insights and generates billions of incremental video views.

JW Player also started as and continues to be the most popular open-source video player: https://github.com/jwplayer/jwplayer

All our openings can be found here: https://www.jwplayer.com/company/careers/

Overall, we are seeing record video traffic over the past few months, and with that comes a ton of great challenges to work on at a huge scale.

If interested in any of these roles, please email me at pgodzin@jwplayer.com

Temporal Technologies | Multiple positions in SEATTLE WA - WORK FROM HOME | FULL-TIME |

We are a well-funded open source start-up - we're defining a new category of cloud software that abstracts away the complexity of distributed systems while still enabling developers to harness the benefits of them. Dozens of top tier companies have already adopted the platform to run hundreds of mission critical applications. We have a strong product-market fit, a vibrant and active community, and a large set of in-demand features that our community is asking us to build. Our team is comprised of senior level engineers with backgrounds from start-ups and larger companies like Microsoft, Amazon. Google, Uber, and more.

Read more here https://www.temporal.io/ and then click "Docs"

We're looking for senior level engineers for the roles below (partial list):

- Developer Tools Engineers - Back-end Engineers - Infrastructure Engineers - Developer Advocates - Developer Writer

Read more and apply here —> https://www.temporal.io/careers/

For all employees, we offer:

- Competitive salary - Stock options - Fully covered premiums for medical and dental benefits - Unlimited time-off - Work from home perks

Send resume to karl at temporal.io or apply here https://www.temporal.io/careers/

Hey do you have a temporal DB backing all of these queries? I was reading through and it looks like you might have some sort of Bi-Temporal DB backing your queries based on some of the samples I saw.

temporal.io is home of the Temporal Workflow project. It is not about temporal queries, but about writing resilient distributed application. The state is maintained in an event log and supports rollbacks, thus the name.

Baremetrics | Senior Backend Engineer (Ruby) | Full-Time | Remote


Baremetrics is a business analytics & insights company. We provide the tools and data businesses need to make solid business decisions.

We're not some flash-in-the-pan startup...we're seven years old, profitable, doing over $1.5M in revenue and growing. Nearly 1,000 business from all over the world trust us to help them grow their businesses.

As a senior backend developer at Baremetrics, you will be working on a variety of projects from payment provider integrations and data ingestion to metrics processing and user-facing features.

We're a very small team with a huge bias for simplicity. Baremetrics has grown to its current state with just 2 backend developers. You'll be working on projects, large and small, from inception to completion.

We approach our work with focus and purpose in an environment of trust and autonomy. When we work on a difficult problem, we take the time to think through and research the possible solutions and then write an implementation plan. Sometimes that may also include some tinkering.

Stream | Multiple Positions | Amsterdam, NL and Boulder, USA | Onsite, Remote | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship

Stream provides APIs for building activity feeds and chat. We've just raised a $15 million Series A round and are one of the fastest growing startups in Europe:


As a developer at Stream, you will build software that’s used by tens of thousands of developers and more than half a billion end-users.

Stream’s APIs are powered by Go, RocksDB, and Raft - with response times typically measured in single-digit milliseconds.

The React Chat tutorial is a nice way to learn more about our product: https://getstream.io/chat/react-chat/tutorial/

Actively hiring for the following positions: Go Developer | Android Developer | Security Engineer | Java SDK Developer | .NET SDK Developer | DBA / DevOps | Front End Developer

....and even more!

If you are interested in becoming a part of what we do, apply now! https://getstream.io/team/

Doctype | Full-stack web developers | Stockholm, Sweden | ONSITE, VISA or REMOTE (worldwide) | Full-time | https://www.doctype.se/

We're a digital agency focused on E-sports, based in Sweden, around 20 people. Our employees get to work from wherever they feel most productive. We build Esportal (https://esportal.com/), Lemondogs (https://lemondogs.com/), Gothia eCup (https://www.gothiaecup.com/) and many other platforms. Our tech stack is mostly Go, MariaDB and React.


* Good understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript

* Good understanding of SQL and relational databases

* Basic understanding of data structures (mostly arrays and maps), bitwise operators and concurrency concepts

* Eager to learn

Nice to have:

* Experience with Go, React, MySQL/MariaDB

* Computer science education

* A good sense for great user experiences and interfaces

We’re primarily looking for people to join us full-time who are also open to eventually relocate to Sweden, but we’re flexible and happy to discuss if full-time employment isn’t your thing. For relocation to Sweden we sponsor your visa and assist with housing, we're also certified with the Swedish Migration Agency which usually results in a smooth visa process. Mail me at mark@doctype.se if this sounds interesting to you!

1build (YC W20) | Full-Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE (US time-zones), SF Bay Area | Full-time

1build is building the future of construction. We like to think of buildings as applications. We see the process of turning blueprints into buildings as an algorithm. It's an algorithm we seek to optimize. We're ambitious and relentlessly driven, yet humble and collaborative. You'll join 1build in our first stage of development, in which we build an application to improve the process of converting blueprints into shopping lists and cost estimates. It's a process that's critical yet currently cumbersome for 3.2 million builders in the US alone.

Investors love us. We're backed by top VC firms including YC, Initialized, Sequoia, and MetaProp. Our core team has experience at Apple, WeWork, Tesla, CloudKitchens, and Hipmunk, with academic backgrounds from Harvard and Princeton. You'll join a culture of excellence at 1build.

Tech stack: GraphQL | Postgres | Python | Go | React | TypeScript


Rapid7 | DevOps | Belfast(UK) | ONSITE | Full-time

Rapid7 is probably known best as the company behind Metasploit. Besides Metasploit, Rapid7 provides various SaaS products in the SecOps space.

All of our products are in AWS and believe in Infrastructure as Code and manage up to 6 AWS regions via terraform. We recently started to run our first production workloads in k8s and are looking to refine our workflows and processes there. We use what makes sense, most of our tech stack is in Java & Python & Go with some Ruby and Rust sprinkled around. On the infrastructure side we heavily rely on AWS, Cassandra, Kong, Spinnaker, Consul, k8s etc. This is a great opportunity to shape and have significant impact on products and how our infrastructure and processes will look like in the future.

We are currently looking for people on all levels to join in:

• Belfast, UK

For a list of all jobs have a look at https://www.rapid7.com/careers/jobs/detail/?jid=R1335 or reach out to ulrich_dangel@rapid7.com

Please make sure to mention hackernews when applying

Nice to see a Belfast company here :)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services | Data Scientists | Woodlawn, MD | ONSITE required in general for new hires, but 100% REMOTE during COVID-19 | https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/577619700

You could be working at the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ), whose mission is to ensure quality healthcare through accountability and public disclosure. There, you could work on improving the quality of data used to measure and improve outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries. Data analysis will help drive improvement for patients in nursing homes, hospitals, medical practices, and dialysis centers. You could also work for the Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics (OEDA), whose mission is to improve Medicare data availability and transparency through the development of information products and to improve the quality or performance of HHS programs through data analysis. There you could work on leveraging data across Medicare, Medicaid, and the Marketplace to inform decision makers, empower research, and foster transparency for the American people.

Work at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has the potential to impact of tens of millions of people, improving their medical care experience and lowering their cost of care. If you don't consider yourself a data scientist, but have done data analysis work in the past, check the posting to see if your skillset aligns!

Skilled practitioners who want to have a major, lasting impact on the quality of public healthcare should apply on 9/3 (posting may close in one day): https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/577619700

Bicycle Health | https://www.bicyclehealth.com/ | REMOTE | Full-stack Engineer | Full-time

Bicycle Health is a rapidly growing telemedicine startup that provides Medication Assisted Treatment for individuals struggling with opioid use. Our mission is to improve access and treatment for patients with substance use disorders and to provide comprehensive care through telemedicine.

* We are looking for a software engineer to build clinical systems that our medical teams use to provide care to our patients. * Tech stack: Python, Flask, Node, Typescript, React * We've experienced recent rapid growth due to the shift to telemedicine * We recently closed our first round of funding

Contact Chris, chris@bicyclehealth.com. Full job description: https://bicyclehealth.applytojob.com/apply/VAGLLnCnUX/Full-S...

EmbraerX Beacon | Product Manager, Senior Front-End Engineer, Senior Back-End Engineer, Senior Test Automation Engineer | 100% REMOTE (but, for legal reasons, Brazil only)

Embraer, the third-largest producer of civil aircraft, is hiring. We’re building https://beacon.works, a tool for airlines and mechanics to manage unscheduled aircraft maintenance. This has the potential to be a very high-value product for the aviation industry and could make air travel much better for everyone.

We have multiple (functional JS and TS) React and React Native frontends and a GraphQL API backend in Clojure. Our engineering team is small but very experienced, passionate, and kind. We're looking for senior engineers with relevant technical experience as well as a product/project manager.

Location: Remote (must be able to legally work and reside in the Brazil)

Tech: React Native, GraphQL, TypeScript, Clojure, Postgres, AWS/GCP

Apply: Please email your resume to work@beacon.works (principals only, no recruiters or agencies)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services | Data Scientists | Woodlawn, MD | REMOTE for now (permanent remote negotiable) | Full time

USDS is supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in hiring new data scientists! These positions will open 9/3. Skilled practitioners who want to have a major, lasting impact on the quality of public healthcare should apply ASAP.

Apply here: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/577619700

Bunch.ai | New York, NY & Berlin, Germany | Various roles | Full-time, Remote

Our team is on a mission to make sure everyone has a great manager. The amount of knowledge that exist in psychology research about leadership and teams is mind blowing, but surprisingly enough, almost none of it is used on a daily basis: in your sprints, stand-ups, one-on-ones or performance feedback. We want to change that.

Here's our open roles:

- Product Designer: https://angel.co/company/bunch-hq/jobs/682927-freelance-full...

- Product Lunch intern: https://angel.co/company/bunch-hq/jobs/907192-product-launch...

- Staff Engineer: ping me on twitter @superzadeh, no CV required

FTI: you may want to correct the spelling on Product Lunch Intern. Perhaps role is just getting lunch for team :) Wink Wink

United Nations Development Coordination Office (UNDCO) | Drupal and JS developer | Full-time | REMOTE

DCO is seeking a talented and creative professional to lead content management and web design for the UNSDG country websites using Drupal, including supporting and oversight of hosting/maintenance infrastructure, web design of new elements of the websites, as well as working with data sources and APIs to visualize results effectively.

The work would ideally later shift its focus slightly to contributing to the main API (Node.js/PostgreSQL) and frontend (React) development as well based on the candidate's skills and interests.

We are a great little team within the UN with people from all around the world. We've successfully just launched our main platform and are excited to take it further.

I'm the Dev Lead here so if you are interested or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (Hadrien) at hj@devqube.io

DuckDuckGo - We are looking for candidates that are excited to join us on a mission to raise the standard of trust online. All of our roles are fully-remote, except where specific locations are noted.

DuckDuckGo | Senior DevOps Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Windows Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior macOS Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Director, Windows Engineer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Android Engineer| REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior Product Designer | REMOTE

DuckDuckGo | Senior iOS Engineer | REMOTE


Any other ways to apply (e.g. email) besides filling that huge multi-entry form?

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, Budapest ONSITE or REMOTE | Engineering, PM, Design

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Twilio, Instacart, Heroku, Zendesk, and Twitch

* We're well-capitalized - we closed our Series B financing this January

* We're a ~60-person team (SF, Barcelona, Budapest, and remote) with a mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly

We're currently hiring for:

- Technical PM - DX

- Site Reliability Engineer

- Product Designer

- IT Technical Lead

- VP Finance

- Many more - please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

ATHOS | Multiple Positions | Redwood City, CA | Remote | Full time | Competitive Salary + Benefits | https://athos.applytojob.com/apply

At Athos our mission is to build better athletes by helping coaches and athletes personalize their training and make better performance decisions. Our training system is used by many of the best sports programs in the country.

Since we started, Athos has been translating EMG into a simple and powerful training system. From cueing how you use your muscles, evaluating movement progression and monitoring when you are at risk of injury throughout your training. By giving athletes and coaches this unprecedented insight into muscle performance, they better understand what the body is actually doing in the days, weeks, and months of preparation for the performances that matter most. We are helping athletes reach their highest potential and are used by many of the best sports programs in the country.

Interested in joining the team? We're always looking for highly-motivated employees who will help us stay on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation.

We are hiring for the following positions:

-Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote): https://athos.applytojob.com/apply/3g1ZIMJbCy/Senior-Fronten...

-DevOps Lead (Remote): https://20190702182835_5quuuyjezwghshkc.applytojob.com/apply...

-Senior Mobile Engineer | iOS & Android (Remote): https://athos.applytojob.com/apply/bM7Ghh0yyO/Senior-Mobile-...

Datadog | Software Engineers | ONSITE eventually (Boston, NYC, Paris) and REMOTE (US & EU) | Full-time

Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, and logs system for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast! We write Go, Python, Java, and React, (mostly) run on k8s, and are multi-region and multi-cloud.

We're looking for people who can build systems at scale as we process trillions of events per day. Let us know if that's you!


Hipcamp | Full-time | REMOTE | Senior Software Engineer - Mobile | https://jobs.lever.co/hipcamp/680d696f-7ce0-42de-b512-189d71...

Hipcamp is looking for a Mobile Senior Software Engineer to join our distributed Engineering team. The ideal candidate is proficient in ReactNative and has 4+ years of experience developing mobile applications. If you’re passionate about the outdoors and would like to work in a fast-paced startup environment remotely from (almost) anywhere in the US, then we want you!

App Annie (www.appannie.com) | Vancouver(Canada) & Utrecht (Netherlands) | Full-time | Onsite/Remote

Opportunities - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Senior Front end (5+ years experience, React preferred) - https://grnh.se/e06882571us - Senior Staff Engineer (10+ years software development exp. + technical leadership exp) - https://grnh.se/31133db61us

Utrecht, Netherlands - Maintenance (Support) Engineer (2+ years exp, Ruby preferred, Java, Python) - https://grnh.se/c0eedfa01us

NOTE: must have working rights in Canada or Netherlands; we are currently remote working and will be moving to flexible WFH/Onsite when safe to do so.

App Annie is the largest app intelligence platform, delivering powerful market data and insights to succeed in the app economy (mobile and web). App Annie can help you and your company better understand the app market, how customers interact with your app and market opportunities. The Vancouver team is building a new product that will go beyond the data and will be a set of tools for companies to better reach their customers and users.

Our stack - Python, Java and React on AWS.

We pay market rate and offer competitive benefits (details located in job descriptions listed above).

Follow Up Boss | Senior Full Stack Engineer | Remote | $150K - $162K | Full-time | https://careers.followupboss.com/senior-full-stack-engineer/...

We are a simple, sales-focused CRM for real estate teams. We’re a bootstrapped, profitable company started back in April of 2011. We are a remote company with a mostly US-based team. We are very customer-centric: https://www.facebook.com/followupboss/reviews and our customers love our product.

We are looking to hire two Senior Full Stack Engineers. Solve challenging technical problems and put your skills to the test every day. We've processed over a billion emails; per month we send nearly 3 million text messages and handle 700k+ minutes of call time for tens of thousands of active customers.

Strong expertise in front end technologies, we use React, JavaScript, CSS. Strong expertise in back end technologies, we use PHP, Aurora MySQL, Postgres, and Redis, to name a few.

Full job listing and specific skills we are looking for / Apply at https://careers.followupboss.com/senior-full-stack-engineer/...

Lumen5 | Intermediate/Senior Engineers | Vancouver, BC | Fulltime, Onsite | https://lumen5.com

We're a startup (40 people so far) that is growing quickly! We're writing software that uses machine learning to automate the creative process of producing video content. We've found that what we're building is very attractive to marketing and communications teams from lots of different organizations and we've got tons of interesting search, NLP, artificial intelligence, video rendering, and web scaling technical challenges. Right now, we're hiring:

Frontend Engineer: Contribute to our large, beautiful single-page app, using React, Redux, ImmutableJS, and more! https://lumen5.com/careers/opportunity/?gh_jid=4040744003

Javascript Engineer: We're building a powerful javascript library that handles all of our video rendering (in webgl), and we need the testing, toolkit, architecture and data structures expertise to continue to make it awesome. Similar tools to 2D game development. https://lumen5.com/careers/opportunity/?gh_jid=4109385003

Elation Health | Software Engineer | REMOTE | https://elationhealth.com

At Elation we make tools for physicians and their patients that improve the efficiency and fidelity of their relationship, and help to make the delivery of excellent, proactive healthcare possible. We have various openings across the rest of the organization which you can see here: https://www.elationhealth.com/careers/ but specifically I'm focused on growing our engineering team with frontend ReactJS experienced folks. Right now is a particularly challenging time for our healthcare systems and providers -- Elation offers an opportunity to work and innovate in support of those providers and their patients.

Elation is headquartered in San Francisco (though remote for at least the rest of 2020), and our engineering team is distributed across PST-EST timezones.

Tech stack is AWS/Python/Django/MySQL/ReactJS. We have a great team full of people that really value working closely with product, customer-experience, and users. Lots of interesting problems to solve!

Apply on the website if interested, and feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or are curious! You can reach out to me directly at phill.tornroth@elationhealth.com

> our engineering team is distributed across PST-EST timezones

Well, at the moment we're distributed across PDT-EDT...

(Come work with us if you enjoy timezone pedantry)

Datum Systems - Linux Embedded Systems Engineer - REMOTE or Mesa AZ Full-time - https://datumsystems.com/

Datum Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures satellite communications ground equipment. We specialize in high performance satellite modems for SCPC and VSAT applications.

• Competitive salary • 401k company match • Excellent health insurance

We're looking for a talented embedded systems engineer looking to accelerate their career and work directly with our Sr. IT Engineer on cutting edge and proprietary embedded systems projects.

Job Skills Summary: • The ideal candidate should be able to take direction well and enjoy wearing many hats • 4+ years of embedded Linux systems development • Solid understanding of TCP/IP and SNMP with network protocol experience • Recent, hands-on experience with Embedded Linux OS Development (Buildroot/ARM architecture), Python, and Linux Kernel Device Tree, and Device Driver development • Experience with Elixir, Nerves and Phoenix • SQL and Ruby experience preferred • Solid engineering fundamentals • Familiarity/Knowledge of STM32MP1 series microprocessors is a plus • IoT communication protocol experience is a plus • Project scope is open to both temporary and long term employment options

Send Resume to: careers@datumsystems.com

Rescale | San Francisco | SF & REMOTE | https://jobs.lever.co/rescale

Rescale offers a software platform and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulation. (We're an HPC/Supercomputing Cloud Platform) We are a Y Combinator startup with top investors: Jeff Bezos, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Peter Thiel, & a bunch of others. I think we're now #39 on the Top YC list. We have about 170 employees scattered around the world, with about 30 software developers mostly all located in San Francisco. The company still feels small and everyone is pretty tight. Work atmosphere is fun & friendly. We just closed Series C so we are in a very strong position to ride out whatever plays out in the economy & are probably a bit more insulated than most companies. We are growing very rapidly--all departments are hiring. It's exciting, a lot of opportunity, interesting technical problems to solve, definitely a good time to join. Devs that come in now will have the opportunity to have a big impact on the future of our company, our code & our culture.

We're currently looking for: Senior Backend Engineers, Full Stack, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, & a Lead UI/UX Designer

Does Rescale have any interest or capacity for hosting a winter/spring intern?

Helm.ai | Various Engineers | Full-Time | REMOTE & ONSITE (covid WFH) | Bay Area

Helm.ai is a rapidly growing seed-stage autonomous vehicle startup. Our deep learning approach to self-driving is uniquely data- and capital-efficient, allowing us to get to market quickly. Our team consists of researchers from top schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Caltech and engineers from companies like Google, Stripe, Quora, and more.

* Autonomous Vehicle Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmAVE

* Software Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmSWE

* Research Engineer (Perception) - https://tinyurl.com/HelmRE

* Systems Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/HelmSYSE

You can read recent articles published about Helm.ai below:

* Forbes, "Android of Self Driving Cars" - https://tinyurl.com/HelmForbes

* Medium, "Helm.ai Pioneers Breakthrough 'Deep Teaching' of Neural Nets" - https://tinyurl.com/HelmMedium

Alameda Research | Full Time | Hong Kong | ONSITE + visa sponsorship


Alameda Research is a quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm based in Hong Kong. We trade between ~600 million to 1 billion dollars a day, making markets across 1000 coins using one of the most sophisticated trading systems in the industry. We have a strong history of success through varied market conditions, are rapidly growing, and are excited to add new members to our team.

We're looking for:

- Blockchain engineers - we are a major partner of Project Serum (https://projectserum.com/) and contribute to the project

- Backend and Database engineers to work on the infrastructure and databases backing our trading and research platform

- Engineers with a background in high performance computing and/or low latency trading and networking

- Quantitative researcher/developers with a background in electronic trading

Developers at Alameda don't necessarily specialize into a single role so don't feel like you have to fit into a single slot.

If you're interested, send an application via this form: https://www.alameda-research.com/join-alameda.

Kalepa | Senior Backend and Full-Stack Engineers | New York, NY & Completely Remote | Full-time | VISA https://angel.co/company/kalepa Kalepa is a New York based, VC backed, startup building software to transform and disrupt the $1T commercial insurance market. Engineers and designers at Kalepa are solving interesting and challenging problems at the intersection of big data pipelines, cutting-edge machine learning models, intuitive frontend apps, and robust infrastructure. You will be working in a small team building technology from the ground up with the latest stack.

One trillion dollars are spent globally each year on commercial insurance. However, the process for estimating the risk associated with a given business across various perils is still reliant on inefficient and inaccurate forms and research. This information asymmetry leads to a broken set of incentives and a poor experience for both businesses and insurers alike. By combining cutting edge data science, enterprise software, and insurance expertise, Kalepa is delivering precision underwriting at scale. Kalepa is turning real-world data into a complete understanding of risk.

Kalepa's team members have worked at Facebook, Google, Amazon, ClassPass, APT (acquired by Mastercard), the Israel Defense Forces, MIT, Berkeley, and UPenn. We are backed by IA Ventures.


Contact: paul.monasterio@kalepa.co

Cookpad | Python Engineer, Search Engineer | Bristol, UK | REMOTE currently, relocation assistance available, ONSITE option (post Covid-19) | Full time | Visa sponsorship

Cookpad is the world's largest recipe sharing service, with over 100M monthly users globally. This is an opportunity to join the Global division of Cookpad, which is headquartered in Bristol (United Kingdom), and is responsible for 30+ languages, 70+ countries, and over 2M daily search requests.

Cookpad is growing its Search Team and is looking for experienced software engineers with a solid Python background who want to help build the next generation of recipe search on top of a modern stack. Particularly of interest are engineers who have previously worked on search and/or recommendation systems. If Python isn't your first language of choice, but you're willing to learn and you have substantial experience of search at scale, please do apply!

The team is working from home currently. Remote welcome, timezone-dependent. Relocation welcome. Relocation assistance available.

The stack includes: Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Python, AWS, Kafka, Spark, Docker, Kubeflow

Learn more about the role and apply: https://apply.workable.com/cookpad/j/BB8D0999E3/

Learn more about Cookpad's mission to make everyday cooking fun: https://www.cookpadteam.com/

Shield AI | San Diego, CA | www.shield.ai | Onsite | Remote Considered (For certain roles) | Full-Time

Shield AI is an artificial intelligence robotics company building products for the national security sector and first responders. We are searching for people ready to rise to the occasion and join us in developing state-of-the-art technology alongside a mission that matters. Are you up for the challenge?

Positions Open Across Technical Teams: https://jobs.lever.co/shieldai -- Android Developer -- Artificial Intelligence: Senior Software Engineer C++ -- Embedded Software Engineer -- Senior Cloud Data Architect -- Senior Machine Learning Engineer -- Senior Autonomy Engineer -- Core Engineering Services -- Senior DevOps/Software Engineer -- Platform Solutions: Electrical Hardware Test Engineer-- Senior Mechanical Engineer -- Robot and Systems Software: Principal Software Engineer -- Product Operations: Technical Product Manager for Autonomy -- Technical Product Manager for Controller and Fleet Management Software -- Technical Program Manager for Autonomous Platforms

Our team is built of scientists, engineers, and business leaders inspired by our mission; to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems.

Jane | Santa Cruz, CA | Onsite | https://www.iheartjane.com

Jane Technologies, Inc. has developed the cannabis industry's first real-time marketplace, where consumers can discover and order cannabis online. We believe in the cannabis industry's ability to bring well-being, health, and love into this world, and it is our mission to bring confidence to the cannabis shopping experience.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/jane

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/471672000...

- Technical Lead: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/469587900...

- Senior Product Visual Designer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/469964100...

Tech Stack: Backend: Ruby on Rails. Frontend: ReactJS + Typescript.

Clay (https://clay.run) | Software Engineers | New York, NY or REMOTE | Full-time | Visa Sponsorship Available

Want to help give the power of programming to an order of magnitude more people? Clay is the spreadsheet that fills itself - the first live-spreadsheet that brings together the best parts of spreadsheets, coding & simple automation.

There are only ~20 million developers in the world, but over 1 billion spreadsheet users - come help us build the bridge that lets that much larger group tap into “programming” superpowers. We’ve raised a Series A from the top investors in the world, and are a small, tight-knit group that is now building out our core-engineering and product teams in NYC. If you want to design and implement novel types of interfaces, and happen to be interested in Brett Victor, no/low-code tools and the history of computing - let’s chat!

Tech Stack: NodeJS, React, Redux, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elastic Search, AWS, Serverless & Lambda, Terraform & more...

Open Roles:

- Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/clay/d1cb19b1-88ab-4bea-9c78-6ac10c689...

- Designer Who Can Code: https://jobs.lever.co/clay/456b9e54-99be-4289-9529-6fca06786...

Or write us an email at jobs@clay.run

ActiveState | Full-time and Contract | REMOTE | https://grnh.se/772329f92us

ActiveState Platform - made by developers for developers! We are reinventing build engineering with an on-demand SaaS Platform and CLI tool that lets developers automate the building of any runtime environment using any open source language ecosystem on any platform. In Beta right now, we support Python and Perl and we're hiring to add more languages and packages! We’re building an ambitious language distribution platform so that no engineer ever has to suffer dependency hell again, and we need your help to build it.

Most of the positions listed have Build Engineer in the title, but these are for two different teams. The positions with "BE" in the code like "2-2020BE" are focused on fixing build problems (package X failed to build on platform Y). The positions with "LE" like "2-2020LE" are coding positions where you work on tools that do distributed builds.

The internships are only available to Canadian students in undergrad or grad school programs.

I'm a Team Lead here at ActiveState, though only the Platform Builder intern position is on my team right now. Please email me at autarch@urth.org if you have any questions.

Perry Street Software | Full-stack mobile software engineer | Remote or NYC | Full-Time

Perry Street Software publishes Jack’d and SCRUFF, two of the largest GBTQ+ dating apps on iOS and Android. Our brands reach more than 20 million members worldwide so members can connect, meet and express themselves on a platform that prioritizes privacy and security. We are hiring experienced Full Stack Mobile developers to help us build the next-generation version of our clients.

Ideal candidates have at least 3 years of experience on either iOS or Android, and some experience developing on both platforms. You strong have knowledge of Java, Kotlin, or Swift with the Android or iOS SDK; experience using design and architecture patterns; experience using RxJava or ReactiveSwift; and you have shipped consumer Android or iOS apps, available on Google Play or App Store.

Nice to have:

Full stack knowledge of technologies like Ruby, SQL, Linux, React Native, and AWS would be highly desirable; Experience with advanced animations; Experience with MVVM architectures; Data-driven mindset;

We are a small, agile, nimble company, so the ability to make an impact is significant. The position is permanent and full-time.

Learn more at: https://www.scruff.com/en/careers/fsm

Element.io / Matrix.org | REMOTE (EU timezones preferred, though not required)| Full-time Matrix is an open standard for decentralized secure communications. Matrix’s mission is to make messaging as open as email.

Our open roles:-

- Senior Web Developer, Element https://apply.workable.com/elementio/j/39759B827A/

- Engineering Manager/Director, Backend https://apply.workable.com/elementio/j/1ABB533BC5/

- Safety Engineer https://apply.workable.com/new-vector/j/1E79B2C579/

- Support Engineer https://apply.workable.com/elementio/j/2AFC6EA8F6/

However, whatever your background, feel free to contact me via https://app.element.io on @neilj:matrix.org I am always keen to chat with engineers of all disciplines about the project.

Venture Research Inc. | Software Engineer | Plano, TX (Dallas, TX, DFW) | Onsite Only | http://www.ventureresearch.com

Interested in RFID? In improving inventory and replenishment processes in hospitals, labs, and clinics? In automatically tracking pallets, containers, and other assets around a facility? Come join us!

Venture Research is a leader in the RFID industry and is consistently pushing the leading edge of what is possible using RFID. We have a variety of opportunities available for both fast-paced new product design and development as well as for development on some of our long-term stable products. 20 year old small but growing company, privately held, with excellent benefits, 401K matching, paid health insurance and highly competitive salary and bonus structure.

We do have some 100% work from home employees right now, but do require that you live in the Dallas area.

We are hiring for the following positions:

* Embedded platforms engineer: C, Linux, Android NDK (maybe not all at the same time haha.) Experience with hardware co-design a plus.

* Frontend Web Developer: HTML/CSS/JS, Vue.

* Senior .NET / Backend developer: C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL Server, Oracle, Postgres. .NET MVC a plus.

Please email resumes to hr@ventureresearch.com, or use the email in my profile. Thanks!

Super.mx | Full-time | Mexico City, REMOTE (western hemisphere only) | Elixir Engineers and Product Managers

At Súper we're building radically simple insurance products for LatAm. We're a team of fintech & insurance veterans and have and excellent engineering team and culture. For this role we are looking for someone with deep experience with MVC (django, rails, etc) and experience with Elixir.

We are also hiring product managers and performance marketers.

Just email me at sebastian@super.mx.

Clockwise | https://getclockwise.com | San Francisco (SF Bay Area) | ONSITE (REMOTE during Shelter in Place) | Product Hunt's #2 Product of the Year 2019 Clockwise is still seeing massive organic growth by creating the first intelligent calendar system.

We recently raised our Series B during shelter in place with funding from Bain, Greylock, Accel, Slack Fund, etc.

We are looking for experienced engineers to join our current team coming from RelateIQ, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox, Twitter, Asana, Discord & Zephyr Health to help reshape productivity, calendaring & employee health. This is a very hard problem and we're incredibly excited about the user-growth we're seeing.

Open Roles:

* Senior Infrastructure Engineer (Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform/Pulumi)

* Senior Back End Engineer (Java, Rust)

* Senior Front Eng Engineer (Typescript, React)

* Product Manager (first, foundational PM)

* Strategic Account Executive (foundational sales hire)

Apply here: https://www.getclockwise.com/careers

or email your info to michael(at)getclockwise(dot)com

It's also free to use. Here's a link to the app in the Chrome Store: http://bit.ly/getclockwise

Let's help the world make time for what matters!

Angaza | San Francisco and Nairobi | REMOTE and ONSITE | https://www.angaza.com/careers/

Angaza makes it possible for life-changing products, such as solar + battery home energy systems, to be sold _on payment plans_ in off-grid regions across Africa and Asia.

We've reached millions of people whose homes now have electricity for the first time:

- https://youtu.be/2EvEeAs_9R4 and https://youtu.be/onMT6_Yv67I

- https://www.angaza.com/category/engineering/

The technology you build will reach a billion more. We are hiring an (embedded) applications engineer / partner engineer, and other roles, in San Francisco and Nairobi:

- https://www.angaza.com/careers/

You can also read more about Angaza engineering culture on our Key Values page:

- https://www.keyvalues.com/angaza

Aha! (https://www.aha.io) | Rails / React / Security | REMOTE

Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. We serve more than 300,000 users worldwide.

We are looking for:

* Experienced full-stack engineers to work on the Aha! product. Our application is built in Ruby on Rails, with some React on the frontend for rich client-side experiences.

* Security engineers, with hands-on Rails development experience plus experience with compliance projects, security policy development, or other security initiatives.

Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America, and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding) and we deploy continuously.

Our entire team is remote - in North American timezones so we can collaborate during the work day.

You can view open engineering positions at https://www.aha.io/company/careers/current-openings?category..., and click through to a specific job for our simple application form. Our job postings also have a lot more detail about the team, our values, and what you'd be doing day-to-day.

BuildBook | Product Engineer | US - Remote | https://angel.co/company/buildbookhq/jobs/875012-product-eng...

BuildBook is an early stage company hiring for a key engineering role to help us continue our early momentum building technology tools for the residential construction industry.

We are a remote SaaS startup with team members in multiple cities in the US. We have a small, tight-knit team that is flexible in how/where we work. We are moving fast and are laser focused on a specific customer and specific problem. We have a solid core product in market, early customers that are raving about us, and a big vision to solve a massive problem.

Our product is a collaboration platform for residential construction teams and clients. In short, we are on a mission to make construction projects (new homes, renovations, etc) suck less for everyone involved. Our primary customers are small business owners - custom home builders, remodelers, interior designers, and others in the construction domain.

Given our early stage, all roles are hands-on with an opportunity to lead as we continue to grow.

Our product process is centered around lean and agile methods. Our tech stack currently includes React, React Native, Ruby on Rails, and Postgres. We are deployed on Heroku. We manage our backlog with Clubhouse, our code with Github, and Sketch+InVision for our product design flow. We are always open to new tools and technologies that will help us move faster and deliver more value to our customers.

Faithlife | Full-Stack, Backend, Team Leads, Project Managers | Bellingham, WA - Chandler, AZ - Puebla, Mexico | Fulltime | Onsite or Remote

There is a lot that goes into building an Integrated Ministry Platform (https://equip.faithlife.com) and Logos Bible Software (https://logos.com). We are looking for Software Developers who can help us build awesome software. Join us as we make revolutionary technology for administration and discipleship for churches all over the world. The ideal candidate will be able to work on front-end UI, develop the supporting back-end services, and has a passion for building elegant solutions.

Technologies: C#, .NET, JavaScript, React

Where we can hire: https://faithlife.com/careers/remote

Team lead: https://fl.vu/engmgr

Senior Full-Stack (USA): https://fl.vu/srfullstack

Senior Full-Stack (Mexico): https://fl.vu/fdmsreng

Senior Backend: https://fl.vu/srbackend

and more … https://faithlife.com/careers

MergeYourData.com | Orlando, FL or REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Contract to hire| https://www.mergeyourdata.com/about-us/careers/

MergeYourData.com specializes in business automation and data analytics for small to medium sized businesses. We build custom technical solutions that help companies grow who don't have dedicated analytics or development personnel.

We believe in letting our employees have autonomy and flexibility in how they do their work. This means you get clear goals to achieve, but aren't told how to develop solutions or when to work. We provide development and guidance for interns and entry level professionals if they're looking for it, but otherwise it's a "choose your own adventure" type relationship.

We're currently looking for:

- Outside Sales Representatives

- Advertising and Marketing Interns (paid)

If you're interested, feel free to visit our careers page linked above to learn more about the positions and submit a resume via email.

In addition, while we're not hiring for the specific positions at the moment, feel free to send your resume to be considered for future openings for the following positions:

- Python developers

- Data engineers

- Tableau/PowerBI developers

Distru (https://www.distru.com) | Senior Software Engineer, Product Manager | Oakland, CA | REMOTE | Full-Time Distru is a software platform for the cannabis supply chain. Our product helps cannabis companies manage production, sales, invoicing, and shipments, automating compliance with complicated state regulations that require real-time inventory tracking gram-by-gram. We are growing rapidly with over $1B in transactions per year passing through our platform, and we're uniquely positioned to define trade in the growing cannabis industry.

We are a lean 20 person engineering-focused team that values making the product process as streamlined as possible. We are hiring experienced engineers to help take our product to the next level. We love product-minded engineers that can own a feature across the frontend and backend, even if they're stronger at one side of that. Our tech stack is built from the ground up on Elixir/Phoenix, Postgres, React/Redux, and GraphQL.

After bootstrapping ourselves to profitability, we raised our seed round with Felicis Ventures, Village Global, Global Founders Capital, and notable angel investors including Elad Gil, Katie Stanton, and Avichal Garg: https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/03/distru-a-maker-of-supply-c...

Please apply at https://distru.com/careers and mention Hacker News!

Oracle Ksplice | https://ksplice.oracle.com/ | Full-time | Remote

Ksplice is the leading technology that allows administrators to patch the kernel on the fly with zero downtime and zero disruption. We're a distributed team of engineers forming part of the Linux and Virtualization group at Oracle with a passion for working on exciting technology, software engineering and all things Linux. Ksplice powers some of Oracle's biggest systems from massive databases to clouds. Join us on our quest to minimize downtime and secure systems. We're looking for a systems engineer to join us, helping Ksplice patch even more of the system, support new releases and improving our workflow.

Required skills include:

    * Deep understanding of developing the Linux/UNIX kernel
    * Skilled with software development best practices including TDD
    * Expert level C/C programming
    * Understanding of security issues and defences in compiled languages
    * Strong experience with Python
    * Excellent problem solving and debugging skills
    * Test automation
Send resumes (or questions) to travis.jensen (at) oracle.com.

Sigma Computing | www.sigmacomputing.com | Security Engineer | San Francisco/Remote | Fulltime

At Sigma, we are building a cloud-native data analytics platform that allows users to tap into their data warehouses hosted in the cloud and easily conduct analysis and visualize data. All without any programming involved. We are backed by leading VC firms Sutter Hill Ventures and Altimeter capital and our team is growing quickly to meet the demands of our quickly expanding customer base.

As a member of the Security Team you will be changing the way security analytics is done. Shifting away from expensive legacy solutions to analyzing security data directly in the data warehouse, building amazing visualizations as well as dashboards and evangelizing this solution in the community. You will be encouraged to blog, speak and join security events to talk about the work you are doing and how other companies can utilize it to better analyze their security data. Beyond security analytics you will also be pushed to solve security problems through automation ("let the robots do the work") and become a leader in this space.

Full job description found here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sigmacomputing/jobs/4069502003

We have other openings as well on our careers page: https://www.sigmacomputing.com/careers/

Please feel free to apply directly through our job board, or email us for the security role at: security@sigmacomputing.com

Matterport | Senior Software Engineer, Frontend/3D | Sunnyvale / San Francisco, CA | Full-time | REMOTE VISA

Matterport makes a 3D camera and web platform that allows users to easily capture and display 3D models of physical spaces. Check out some example spaces in our gallery: https://matterport.com/gallery

Some interesting facts about us:

* We host over 3,000,000 highly detailed 3D models of real places captured by our cameras, amounting to over 3PB of data.

* We serve over 90 million 3D views every month, which amounts to over 45 billion requests and 2PB of data.

The WebGL team makes our 3D viewing and editing applications for the web and VR. Core technologies include Typescript, THREE.js, WebGL and Preact. The team sits at the very end of our 3D pipeline: 3D data gets uploaded from our cameras, processed by our vision pipeline in C++, Python, and TensorFlow, before REST APIs serve the data to the WebGL and VR applications, which is what the end user sees.

If you have worked with 3D engines before, or if already know "normal" web development quite well, and want to take the next step into the world of 3D and WebGL, send me a note at hakon (at) matterport (dot) com.

Coalition | Backend, Frontend, Data Engineers | SF, Austin, Remote | Full-time

We're building a full-on cyber risk management platform encompassing not just insurance, but threat intelligence and other cyber security tools to help our customers prevent loss entirely. We're also assembling a team of expert incident responders, threat and malware researchers, and security analysts to protect our customers before, during, and after a cyber incident. We're a high growth startup and we've recently secured a large round of funding (https://news.crunchbase.com/news/coalition-secures-90m-serie...), we have many projects and tasks that you can take on, depending on your preferred area of focus.

We have a few priority roles we are actively hiring for:

- Data Engineer

- Engineering Manager

- Engineering Manager for Growth

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Test Automation Engineer

If you enjoy the challenge of building large, scalable infrastructure / components from the ground up, apply at https://jobs.lever.co/coalitioninc

Gravitational (YC S15) | Backend Engineer | US, Europe, Canada, Remote OK | https://gravitational.com

Do you enjoy building security and deployment tools for other engineers? Join us to hack on open source software anywhere in the U.S, Canada and Europe. Most of our code is Go, we have very little technical debt, our codebase is clean and small.

We expect you to be comfortable with the following:

  * Go.
  * Linux, networking.
  * Scalability or security experience for systems engineering software is welcome.
We’re looking for senior engineers to join the Teleport team. Gravitational is a company started by engineers to build products for engineers. We are a stable and growing company.

We offer:

  * Competitive salary and equity.
  * 401k with company match.
  * Offsite retreat for everyone once a year.
  * Excellent health insurance.
  * Work anywhere in the U.S.
Apply: https://jobs.lever.co/gravitational We are also looking for Full-stack Engineers, On-Call System Administrators and SRE, you can find more details on our jobs page.

Mapistry | Berkeley, CA | Full-stack | Remote (North and South America)

Do you want to make a difference for the companies behind all the products you take for granted and reduce pollution at the same time? Then Mapistry is the place for you. The EPA can write regulations on top of regulations, but if it is too difficult or too expensive to follow these rules, companies will drop the ball. At Mapistry, you’ll help protect the environment by making it easier and more affordable for companies to follow the rules.

Mapistry is a post revenue, venture-backed startup. Our customers range from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies. Some manufacture products like wine, cardboard, gypsum, garage doors, medicine, precast cement, and pickles. Others provide services like trucking, busing, recycling or tank washing. They all have one thing in common: they are overwhelmed by environmental regulations. That’s where Mapistry comes in to help our customers avoid lawsuits and fines, and protect the environment too.

Full job description: https://www.mapistry.com/careers/full-stack-developer/

Singularity 6 | Software Engineers, Artists, Designers | Los Angeles, CA | Full-Time, Remote

COVID NOTE: For the duration of the health crisis, we've transitioned into a fully remote, work-at-home environment. We can interview, hire and onboard you now. We're stable, with money in the bank and we're not going anywhere. While we have a preference to eventually return to an office, all software engineering roles can be remote indefinitely.

Who are we?

We're a VC funded (a16z) game studio in the westside of LA dedicated to the idea that online games can deliver deeper, more meaningful experiences. Currently, we're in the early stages of development of our first online game.

I'm am still growing my launch team! All positions are senior+ levels:

- Game Engineer, gameplay focus with a background in Unreal Engine 4 preferred

- Game Engineer, with focus on engine/systems

- Software Engineer, backend platform, microservices, Java/Kotlin

- Software Engineer, Cloud infrastructure, container clusters

- Software Engineer, Data & analytics, growth engineering

- SRE, infrastructure and operations, DevOps

To learn more, check out our website and feel free to connect to me directly on LinkedIn (please mention Hacker News!):




Trivia: Varig was the first airline in Brazil.


That is correct! It's a small SEO pain right now :)

Login.gov | REMOTE or Washington, DC | DevOps/SRE/Software Engineers | Full-Time | https://login.gov

Login.gov gives the public simple, secure access to multiple US government services through one verified account. We're working to fix online identity for US government services. The Login.gov team operates like a startup within the government, working in the open as a distributed, agile team. The core product is open source, hosted in modern cloud infrastructure, and built for scale. Tens of millions of people have Login.gov accounts, and we aim to be the preferred entrypoint for all government digital services. Our users include people accessing benefits, applying for government jobs, serving in the military, and collecting funds awarded through grant programs.

Find us on Github: https://github.com/18F/identity-idp

The Login.gov project began as a collaboration between 18F and the U.S. Digital Service (USDS). Today it's part of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS). You'll join other software engineers delivering better public services through modern technology.

* (opening soon!) Site Reliability Engineer: https://join.tts.gsa.gov/join/devops-engineer/

The above postings open on a revolving basis. If they're not open, just email us at jobs@login.gov or joinTTS@gsa.gov, where we can answer questions and accept your application.

Feel free to reply on thread with any questions.

Is visa okay?

Twitter | Remote, NYC, Seattle, SF | Senior | Backend | https://careers.twitter.com/en/work-for-twitter/202008/9bca4...

We are rebuilding our billing infrastructure. If you senior have interest/experience with GCP, DataFlow, ApacheBeam, BigTable/BigQuery, Looker, and/or Ads we would love to hear from you.

Our Payments team is also looking for folks with deep payments experience https://careers.twitter.com/en/work-for-twitter/202008/94528...

If you have any questions or want to chat, I am a engineer on the billing team and be reached at Mckendon@acm.org or https://www.linkedin.com/in/mckendon/

First link is broken


Seems due to the number of applicants, the first link was unpublished for now. The payments team is still accepting applications however!

Culture Biosciences | Software Engineer | South San Francisco, CA | ONSITE | Fulltime | https://www.culturebiosciences.com/

Write software to make cells grow in custom made robots! We're a 25 person startup, we build our own hardware in our own lab and we need a great addition to our software team of 4 to help keep the cells, robots, and customers happy.

This can involve writing software at all levels of the stack. No specific experience required other than writing good software and being curious.

I joined almost 2 years ago and I can not emphasize enough how much fun it has been. The people are kind and trustful, the environment is one of curiosity and exploration, and I always look forward to going to work.

We're looking for someone with 6+ years of experience shipping software, preferably some of that at company of our stage. Good interface and architecture design, knowing which corners to cut, and which to spend more time on are important.

If you're interested in chatting send me an email: satshabad@culturebiosciences.com

(Note, we've gotten many candidates so it may take some time to get back to you)

Nuna (https://www.nuna.com) | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE | Visa Transfer We build data and analytics solutions that will help shift the US healthcare system to one based on value and quality. Our technical challenges are complex and compelling, and the work we do has the potential to impact millions of lives. We partner with healthcare plans, providers, and the government.

Data can be a powerful driver of change—but only when it’s acted upon with empathy. Our technology, data, and analytics solutions help healthcare payers, and providers get the answers they need to make quality care more affordable for millions of people.

Open positions include:

* Senior Software Engineer - Front End (SF)

* Senior Software Engineer - Back End (SF)

* Senior Software Engineer - Data Engineer (SF)

* Senior Product Manager, Enterprise (SF)

* Product Specialist (SF, remote friendly)

Jobs Board: https://bit.ly/nuna-jobs

Backend Tech Stack: AWS/GCP, Java, Spark, Scala, R, Python, Bash, Go

Web Tech Stack: Python backend (Django), React, Typescript

Compensation: market salary & equity. We are well funded. Questions? Contact via email: recruiting+hn@( our domain )

Facile.it | Milan/Cagliari, Italy or REMOTE | Multiple positions | Full-time | https://https://jobs.facile.it/

Given that our business is strongly local to Italy, please do not apply if you are not fluent in Italian or a native speaker of Italian. This is a strong requirement.

Facile.it helps people save on bills, insurances, mortgages and a lot more by comparing offers from multiple providers as well as offering free consulting to help evaluate offers and compare prices.

Our backend is historically based on PHP (Symfony) and MySQL (both pxc and galera cluster) but we are expanding to Javascript/Typescript, a little Golang, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ and a lot more!

We moved most of our workloads on containers (Kubernetes) and we do CI/CD with Gitlab (we have our own fleet of runners in the cloud!)

We are currently looking for:

- Devops engineers

- NodeJs/Typescript Backend Engineer (associate-level and up)

- QA Automation engineers (we love RobotFramework!)

- Senior front-end engineer (Typescript, RxJS)

- PHP Backend Developer (we <3 Symfony!)

If you are interested, send an e-mail to emanuele.santoro@facile.it containing the string "HNWHOISHIRING" in the subject.

please can you specify what's the salary range for a strong candidate?

What we do:

Application complexity is shooting through the roof, and a large part of the reason is obsolescence of underlying data platforms that were built for centralized and simpler workloads. We are building the next generation data fabric for cloud native applications - where data mobility and portability is a central theme. This vision is matched by the passion of the founding team (with experience at Google, Facebook, and other internet scale companies), and we are recruiting our first engineers that will help establish the direction for the platform and establish the culture for the company.

What you'll do:

As a Founding Engineer, you will design, implement, and deploy highly distributed, large-scale services. You will translate complex functional and technical requirements into detailed architecture and design. You will be very hands on, and work with others on the engineering team to manage day-to-day development activities, and participate in designs, design reviews, code reviews, and implementation. Our ideal candidate will be passionate about delivering high quality solutions to complex engineering problems, while working within a team.

Required Qualifications:

--BS or MS in Computer Science or a similar field (PhD a -plus)

--Track record of successfully shipping systems or infrastructure software

--Experience with lower level systems programming in C or C++

Bonus Qualifications:

--Previous experience building distributed databases or storage software

--Experience with cloud-based technologies

If you're interested in our tech or joining our team, please send your resume to jnguyen@grainite.com (:

Voxel8 | Full-Stack Developer | Somerville, MA | Full-Time, ONSITE

Voxel8 is a VC funded company that was founded in the summer of 2014 by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers from Harvard University.

We are developing digital manufacturing systems which revolutionize how footwear and other products are designed, manufactured, and sold to consumers.

We are looking for a full-stack developer who can take over improving and managing our cloud-based manufacturing and analytics infrastructure. We will be looking to you to design and implement features to streamline the process of getting digital designs manufactured using our system, as well as improving the analytics to help our teams get insight into how we can improve our technology based on data gathered during the manufacturing process. You will also be handling day-to-day management and deployment of our cloud servers, CI/CD pipeline, and potential on-site enterprise deployments.

Right now, we use Flask, Postgres, Docker, and AWS.

Bonus points for having experience with 3D printing or other digital manufacturing, CAD/3D modeling experience, and .NET development.

To apply, contact jobs@voxel8.com.

Cortx | Machine Learning Engineer (Deep Learning) | Baltimore, Maryland | Onsite, Full-time

Cortx is a profitable, stable, and growing artificial intelligence startup that is building a tool that automatically writes content about any subject with the same level of quality, factual accuracy, and usefulness as a human.

You would be at the intersection of research and production code - taking our research roadmap and helping make it a reality. You will be helping our AI team take nascent research concepts and turn them into state of the art natural language generation. You will be constantly ingesting research papers, building prototypes, and later turning those prototypes into production code.

Our work almost exclusively involves very heavy deep learning (Transformers) and we primarily use PyTorch.

You will be working directly with our Founder/CEO, who is leading the AI team, both as a manager and an individual contributor.

We sponsor all visas (including H1B and Green Card), and we pay market rates for SF/NYC despite being located in an area with a significantly cheaper cost of living.

Apply by emailing alex@cortx.com with "HN" in the subject line.

Bloomberg LP | New York, NY (On Site) (and other locations) | Full-time | Senior Software Engineers

Please feel free to reach out and tell me about what you're looking for in terms of projects, technologies, stack. Email me Ana Doyle, at adoyle57@bloomberg.net

Here are a few of our current openings:

Senior Software Engineer - Communication Systems NYC - https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/82735

Senior Software Engineer – Trade Order Management System (TOMS) NYC- https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/83048

Senior Software Engineer - Equity - NYC https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/82030

Senior Software Engineer - Portfolio Analytics - LONDON https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/83773?qe=Senior+Sof...

Senior Software Engineer - Network Modeling NYC- https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/80264

Senior Full-stack Engineer - Jupyter Data Science Platform SAN FRANCISCO- https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/84311

Markforged | Software Engineers (Senior-level, full stack) | ONSITE (REMOTE FOR NOW) | Boston, MA, USA | https://www.markforged.com

Markforged builds cutting-edge cloud connected industrial 3D printers that produce parts 50x faster that are 23x stronger and 20x lower-cost. We print in composites (eg. carbon fiber) and in metal!

Our software stack: * Webapp - Express.js / AWS backend, AngularJS / WebGL frontend, Electron for optional desktop client, CoffeeScript * Computational geometry engine for part slicing - Written from scratch in CoffeeScript and C++. Runs on AWS Lambda, in-browser, or on desktop client * Printer touchscreen application - Node Webkit / AngularJS + Python, all on top of a custom Debian image on a BeagleBone * Printer firmware - embedded C on a custom board

Types of developers we look for: Public web-app, embedded web app, devops, computational geometry

To apply email me directly with your resume at cary.demello@markforged.com or go to www.markforged.com/jobs to check out our full slate of jobs and apply there.

Underdog.io | New York | Remote | https://underdog.io

Underdog.io, a talent marketplace, is hiring a backend engineer. This role will have ownership over backend and DevOps on our Python (Flask) and JavaScript-based stack. Underdog.io is a small, revenue-funded company where everyone’s contribution and decision-making is directly impactful. Ideal candidates have the skills and initiative to think deeply about everything from code quality to internal processes to the broader market in which we operate.

Specifically, we’re looking for someone with:

- Server-side development experience in Flask or a similar framework (Django, Express, etc.).

- Client-side development experience, preferably using a JS library like React or AngularJS.

- A deep understanding of HTTP and RESTful API design.

- Familiarity with SQL databases (we use PostgreSQL) and general data modeling practices.

- Experience managing AWS environments and working with DevOps tools (Jenkins, Docker, etc.).

- A desire to contribute to open-source projects.

Email chris+hn@underdog.io if you’re interested in learning more. No agencies, recent grads, or visa candidates, please.

Kintaba.com | New York, NY or Remote | Fullstack Engineer | Full-time | https://kintaba.com/careers

We're building intuitive software for dealing with high severity incidents (SEVs). We have folks near Montreal and in New York City, but are open to hiring anywhere (relocation not required).

At Kintaba, we believe that failure isn't a dirty word, but a critical component of growth. We're building tools to empower organizations to not only fix failure quickly, but to learn from failure.

We realize that great engineers come from all sorts of different backgrounds. We're not looking for someone with X years experience, or someone who is an expert in certain technologies. Instead, we're looking for someone who embraces Kintaba's growth mindset. You may fit for this role if you:

  * Are able to dive into the unknown New codebase? New tools? No problem! You feel comfortable taking on a task where all of the details haven't been figured out yet.
  * Have a tools building mindset You're constantly looking to make work more fun, the code more stable, and make the manual automated.
  * Are a strong generalist You feel comfortable wearing multiple hats: backend today, frontend tomorrow, helping a customer the next day.
  * Are a pragmatic decision maker You're able to settle on good when perfect isn't an option. You can work with codebases filled with decisions you didn't make or don't necessarily agree with. You can settle on gradual evolution over large scale refactors.
  * Don't play the blame game When things you wrong, you're not looking for who's responsible, but what you can do to fix the issue, and how you can prevent it in the future.
  * Have good debugging skills

Course Hero | Redwood City, CA | Various Engineering, Product roles | Full-time, Onsite | https://grnh.se/2ywlpf

Course Hero is an online learning platform where students can access over 40 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of educators and other students. We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared.

Course Hero has been recognized as the 278th Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's 2019 Technology Fast 500, and also 2019’s One of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area. We are in a hyper-growth mode and are actively hiring across the board!

We are hiring for the following roles:

- Senior/Staff/Lead Software Engineers - Front End, Platform, & Full Stack (5+ YOE)

- Senior/Staff Machine Learning Engineers (5+ YOE)

- Senior Analytics Manager (5+ total YOE with 2+ YOE in management/leadership)

- Principal SEO Strategist (8+ YOE)

- Staff Product Designer (7+ YOE)

- Lead Product Manager (5+ YOE)

Our tech stack: React, Typescript, Sass, Go, Python

Come join us on our journey to help invent the future of student learning!

Do you sponsor visa?

Abine - the online privacy company | WFH REMOTE or BOSTON, MA | PART Time or Full Time | Web application and Full Stack Developers | https://www.abine.com/

We are a profitable small company focused on better, easier, online privacy.

We make two products. Blur is a password manager foundation with privacy aliasing / tokenization built-in from the ground up to help people mask / control their PII credentials like email addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards. DeleteMe (joindeleteme.com) is a service for removing private information from many data broker sites that list and sell consumers personal profile data.

We're looking for strong web application and full-stack developers who are interested in making a difference in the fight for privacy. We are profitable, have been doing this for years, and have millions of users.

Please contact us at jobs at getabine dotcom. 1. no recruiters (please, really, please) 2. helpful if you can include both a full CV and desired comp range


Nightfall AI | Senior/Staff Backend, DevOps | REMOTE, ONSITE | USA, Canada (HQ: San Francisco, CA) | https://nightfall.ai Nightfall is a data security startup dedicated to helping enterprises discover, classify, and protect sensitive data across their cloud footprint - their corporate SaaS, data infrastructure, and APIs - via machine learning.

- We’re looking for folks passionate about working at the intersection of deep learning, information security, and distributed systems.

- Tech Stack: Go, Node.js, React, Python, Cassandra, Redis, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes.

- Raised $20M+ from top-tier VC investors who have invested in, operated at, taken public/exited major cybersecurity & SaaS companies.

Apply & view detailed roles here: https://www.nightfall.ai/careers

We would love to hear from you - please reach out to us at careers@nightfall.ai with any questions you may have.

ThoughtWorks Technologies | India - Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai

We are passionate technologists who believe in the power of software and technology as tools for social change. We contribute to a multitude of open source projects.

Primarily we are a Technology Consultancy Company. We look for zealous Technologists who are keen to learn on job. We value Object Oriented and Functional Skills. DevOps and Agile are a normal way of working here.

Skillsets/Platforms/etc.: C#, Java, Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, Rust, JS, AWS/GCP/Azure, Python, Node.js, React, Angular

Requirement: 4+ years of programming experience.

Interview process: Take-home coding assignment, Pair programming, Technical Interview(s), Leadership

More about ThoughtWorks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBqquBtwaNM


Contact: siddhark[at]thoughtworks.com

Please send email with 'Hacker News' in subject line.

Software Engineer (Remote-EST) | SharpSpring | Remote | Full-Time

SharpSpring is seeking talented Software Engineers for our remote team. We're looking for Software Engineers with significant real-world experience working in at least a few areas of our technology stack and a high level of enthusiasm for learning other technology we use. Candidates should be able to demonstrate examples of at least one public-facing or commercial application they have made significant contributions toward developing — ideally an app powered by a modern TypeScript or JavaScript framework with an API backend. We compensate based upon merit and skill level with a strong basis on practical skill sets, so existing projects are helpful in establishing experience.

Questions? ---> careers@sharpspring.com

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/sharpspring/4c80e4a1-150d-46e8-ae3c-0e...

Deref.io | Sr. Frontend Engineer | Remote

Deref is a next generation cloud management platform for DevOps. Every cloud-native business depends on dozens of cloud and saas services. Understanding how the pieces fit together can be challenging. Deref works like an IDE for the cloud. Deref helps engineers find what they're looking for with global search; keep track of changes and ownership with an audit log for resources; and rein in complexity and cost with advanced analysis and refactoring tools.

We're (pre-)seed funded and just now assembling the founding team. Currently, the team consists of a technical CEO and three full-stack engineers with a range of startup experience; fully distributed. Seeking a frontend-leaning, design-minded engineer to own and drive the user experience. Have you ever wished you could fix the AWS console UI? This might be the job for you.

Compensation: Reasonable salary and generous equity.

UI Tech: React / Next.js / TypeScript

Sound like this might be you?

Contact: jobs@deref.io

Or visit: angel.co/l/2t9J1e

Ambassador Labs (formerly Datawire) | Software Engineers (mid-level to senior to principal) | REMOTE with preference in Montreal, Boston, Portland | FULL-TIME

Ambassador Labs is solving interesting problems for cloud native developers in the Kubernetes space. We are looking to hire engineers that care as much about empowering developers as we do and have embraced the cloud native phenomenon that is taking over the world.

You will be working on products aimed at drastically improving the way cloud native developers work. Your impact will be felt by thousands of users at companies like Epic Games, Microsoft, PTC, Ticketmaster, Cisco and Unity Technologies. This is a rare opportunity to join a growing team of smart and empathetic software engineers. The role is focused primarily on product development of new products and services - this means you will be doing full stack work in Golang, Python, and Web-components (Javascript+CSS). Our products comprise multiple services and those services are written in various languages (the best language for that particular task).

If you are motivated by figuring out ways for developers (your people!) to own their work through the power of microservices and Kubernetes, you’ve come to the right place.

For more information about the company: https://www.getambassador.io/about-us/careers/?utm_source=ht...

We also spent a lot of time giving the high level and day-to-day picture of what we’re doing here: https://jobs.lever.co/datawire/bf563f3a-fed8-4993-84f0-7c77c...

If you’re interested, please contact us directly: Carly.Sigler@datawire.io.

StatsBomb | Software & Devops Engineers | UK/US/Spain/Cairo | Remote for now, or forever if you like

We're a football analytics startup (both the soccer and American varieties!) We sell data products as well as analysis tools to sports organisations, with a tech stack that includes computer vision, machine learning, stream processing, and web-based dataviz. We're hiring devops engineers, and front-end, back-end or full-stack software engineers to build out product teams across our fast growing business. We count many of the biggest names in football as customers, and your work will have a direct impact on our ability to deliver insights to those customers, driving success on the field.

More details at https://statsbomb.com/careers/, apply via careers@statsbomb.com, or for an informal chat, reach out to me at thom@statsbomb.com.

Roblox | San Mateo, CA | Full Time | REMOTE through June 2021 -> ONSITE July 2021

Roblox is ushering in the next generation of entertainment, allowing people to imagine, create, and play together in immersive, user-generated worlds. We are recruiting across multiple teams and positions. We are actively hiring and all interviews are currently done via phone & Zoom.

Our top priority roles are:

- Technical Artist: 5+ years experience; Proficient in C++, Lua, Python and/or JavaScript

- Backend Web Engineer: 5+ years experience; Fluent in C#, C++, Java, or another OOP language

- C++ / Lua Engineer: 3-5 years experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with Lua preferred

- C++ / UI Engineer: 3-5+ years experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with building very complex end user applications

- C++ 3D Modeling Engineer: 3-5+ years experience; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on 3D APIs

- Software Engineer, Distributed Caching/Infrastructure: 3+ years experience building software to manage infrastructure

- Data Engineer: 3+ years experience; Expert with Java and Go; Custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance

- Tech Lead/ Engineering Manager: 3-5+ years leading projects and/or teams; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on growing and mentoring teams

- UI Engineer: 2-4+ years experience; Strong Python; Build tools to accelerate the development process for millions of engineers

Please reach out to "efife at roblox.com" and mention this Hacker News post.

Or, to find more information, see our full list of open positions, and apply, please visit:


Timescale | Remote

We're looking for experienced cloud engineers to help us build and maintain our managed TimescaleDB cloud services. You will have the opportunity to work with a close-knit team, developing Golang services and features to power our platform as well as working with our underlying Kubernetes infrastructure to ensure stability, security, and performance.

Timescale is a remote-first organization; this is a full-time position and can be located anywhere across a wide range of time zones and locations (UTC-8 to UTC+3)

See the role below:


See additional roles, including Support Engineer, Developer Advocate, Prometheus Open Source Contributor, and Product Marketing Manager below:


Ultra Mobile/Mint Mobile|Various Roles| Costa Mesa, CA| Full-Time| Onsite but remote/WFH for time being due to COVID

Ultra Mobile and Mint Mobile. Our two brands are basically the Batman and Superman of the wireless industry, saving our customers from our overpriced competitors with incredible prices and premium wireless service. We are inventors and innovators who believe in owning the outcome of everything we do, being action-based, and embracing the journey we’re on as a team.

Check out our careers page to learn more about us and see all open roles: https://grnh.se/befa23953us

We are currently hiring for:

Scrum Master: https://grnh.se/2c7bb0603us

UX Developer/Front End Developer: https://grnh.se/8c8726bc3us

UX/UI App Designer: https://grnh.se/bc3f87373us

Sr. QA Analyst: https://grnh.se/e83bc9323us

Software Engineer I: https://grnh.se/b79b16f53us

DevOps Security Engineer: https://grnh.se/79e2be723us

If these positions don't appear to be a fit for you, refer a friend or colleague and get $1,000. Just send us an email to referralbonus@ultra.me with 1) your name and 2) their resume or link to their LinkedIn page. If we hire them and they stay for 90 days, you get $1,000. For more details of restrictions and rules, please email referralbonus@ultra.me.

VARIOUS | AirGrid | REMOTE | https://airgrid.io | London

We are trying to make the ad funded web a more private place through federated on device machine learning. A young startup, having secured our first few clients in the past week. Join us if you want to find a role where you can drive tech, product and culture decisions.

We are looking for: - Machine Learning Engineer / Data Scientist - Python / Node Engineer - Generalist (commercial, product) adtech experience a must for this role.

Candidates need to have at least 2+ years experience.

I am also open to meet a co-founder, so candidates who are interested in taking equity, please let me know in your intro email!

Send emails to careers@airgrid.io

Refs: - https://airgrid.io - https://edgekit.org/

Confident Cannabis (YC15) | Lead Engineer | Palo Alto / SF | Remote (for forseeable future in the very least, likely more), Full-Time | https://www.confidentcannabis.com

We’re a Series A funded YC backed company shaping the cannabis industry to be efficient, honest, and reliable by creating the software infrastructure necessary to both test and trade within it.

We're looking for an experienced, excited (and exciting!) backend (or backend/frontend) engineer to help us build an amazing team while creating awesome software for an immensely underserved market on the cusp of explosion!

We write Typescript / React frontends, Python / Django backends, and anything else we can find that allows us to build and iterate quickly and safely.

I'm Jared, VP of Engineering, email me to apply: jared+hn@confidentcannabis.com

Inpher (https://www.inpher.io/) | New York (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland), Paris (France) | Software Engineers | Full-time | Onsite

At Inpher, we believe that privacy and security are foundational to the future of computing and have built enterprise products to make this vision a reality. We are a small team of veteran founders, world-renowned cryptographers and proven software engineers. We are headquartered in New York City, with satellite offices in San Francisco and Lausanne, Switzerland, and have raised $14M in funding.

Apply at https://www.inpher.io/careers

Or email to me directly at $user@inpher.io, where each ascii character of $user can be obtained by solving for x and converting to base-128,

x = 145767 mod 611939, x = 109572 mod 598463


We're tackling exciting difficult challenges and building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We have particular strengths in dispersed computation, functional programming, cryptography, and deep learning.

We're currently most interested in engineers with solid experience in Rust, Haskell/Idris, or cryptography. We also have openings for enthusiastic developers or researchers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We welcome internship/fellowship interest from postdoctoral scholars or senior graduate students.

We do not presently have openings for current/recent undergraduates.

Wherever you are in the world, send your resume to info@onai.com and we'll let you know if there's a potential fit.

Aspen Cloud | Software Engineer | Full Time | Remote (US only) | https://www.aspen.cloud

At Aspen, we’re a new web browser to change how we work on the web. We’re currently hiring for the first members of our product team including a UX focused designer, frontend expert, and a backend/database master. Our culture is all about not taking ourselves too seriously but taking what we do very seriously.

If you’re naturally curious, don’t shy away from complexity, and pride yourself in building great products then this role is for you! I You’ll have a ton of autonomy and will directly impact the direction of Aspen. Generous equity is allocated for the founding team and pay is competitive.

If you’re interested send a note and resume to careers@aspen.cloud

Keywords: React, Typescript, Web, Elixir, Product, CouchDB

Matt, Founder & CEO

Prelim (YC S17) | Account Executives, Software Engineers, Product Designers | REMOTE (USA) | prelim.com

Prelim is a digital originations platform for banks. (We're a Y Combinator backed company! YC S17)

Banks spend billions of dollars on one-size fits all solutions to originate their products. When banks want to do something as simple as change copy, or add a new set of questions, banks are forced to either pay per hour, seek out a new vendor, or build it themselves. Our platform empowers banks to give their customers better experiences, instead of having to post a pdf on their website.

We're currently looking for full time account executives, frontend engineers, backend engineers, full stack engineers, and product designers.

More info here: https://prelim.com/company

This is a cool product. I just applied.

By the way, the sign up button in your footer is getting cut off: https://imgur.com/a/AqE4eYY

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Pave | Backend Engineer & Data Scientist | Full Time | Bay Area, CA or Remote

Pave is an early stage, venture funded startup building an API that makes it easier for fintechs & insurtechs to integrate data sources and attributes in their proprietary ML models (risk, personalization, lead scoring, segmentation).

We are powering financial insights for a new generation of fintechs.

We are currently a team of 2, bringing our early founding team.

  - Backend engineer
  - Data scientist
  - ML Engineer
Experience in any of the following areas:

  - Building scalable backend services
  - Feature engineering for ML models
  - Experience with bank transaction data
For more information: https://bit.ly/3gIqYrr or email hi@getpave.us

newline | Course author | Remote | Part Time | https://www.newline.co/write-with-us 7 out of our last 10 authors made $50k+ (each). We’re the authors of Fullstack React, ng-book, Fullstack Vue and we’re looking to work with authors like you to write a few new courses this year. Our books & courses sell very well because: - We go way beyond API docs and teach everything you need to know to build real apps. - We guarantee they're up-to-date. - We invest in marketing the books (and have an active email list of over 100k) - We love the topics we write about and aim to create something remarkable every time. If you decided to self-publish, you may find the marketing is more than writing the course. We have an audience, and we know what they want to learn - so when your course is done, we already have people who want to buy it.

If you decide to go with a “traditional” publisher, you may be given a mediocre editor, write your manuscript in MS Word (ha), and earn 5-15% in royalties. With us, our editors (me) are programmers first, our tooling is dev-friendly, and our royalties on profit are split 50/50. (For scale, the author of Fullstack Vue earned $20k on the opening weekend, Fullstack D3 even more.)

We’re looking to write the definitive guides on programming topics. Things like "The newline Guide to Authentication with React and Node in 2020" - But variations on that can be any major stack or task: Not only JavaScript, but also Rust, Go, Java, AWS, DevOps, Angular, React, ASP.NET Core, Serverless, Python, Elixir, Data Science etc.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, fill out the form linked below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


(I've talked more about our economics of teaching online here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17015117)

Hi - I have submitted an application on your website. - Lachlan

Origin | Fullstack, Embedded, Robotics | San Francisco (SF) | ONSITE | https://origin.io

Origin is a startup building 3D printers for mass manufacturing. Our DLP polymer printers are used in production today.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we rapidly developed and 3D-printed nasal test swabs which were approved by the FDA. Hundreds of thousands of units were delivered to hospitals and test centers: https://www.origin.io/npswab/

Join our software team as we continue to improve our 3D printers. We're looking for generalists who have experience with any one of the topics below:

- hardware devices

- robotics

- embedded linux

- networking

- Node.js/C++

Also looking for senior Node.js developers to work full-stack.

Your careers page only shows a marketing position.

Splunk | Data Visualization / Frontend Engineering / Engineering Manager Roles | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE / REMOTE | Full-time | Benefits + Equity [0]

My team at Splunk is currently looking for data visualization / frontend engineers and engineering managers to help build tools & user interfaces to analyze and extract insights from data utilizing state of the art frontend technologies.

Read more: http://bit.ly/dataviz-splunk-0920

Feel free to ping me at pwied at company name .com (add HN to the subject) if you have any questions

[0] http://bit.ly/benefits-and-perks-at-splunk

Sonder | San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto | Onsite, Remote | Full-time | https://www.sonder.com

Sonder is transforming the future of hospitality. We are building the operating system for the future of the hospitality industry. Technology is at the core of powering the platform for the world's first deconstructed hotel and we are the first to do it. We recently raised our Series E at a $1.3B+ valuation. We are growing rapidly and looking for talented engineers to join us on this journey.

We are hiring Senior and Staff engineers, view all positions at https://grnh.se/cee91ba62us

Signal | San Francisco or Remote (US only) | Full-Time, Remote-OK | https://signal.org

Signal is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

Here are our open roles:

- Android Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/cc2a16be-b9aa-496e-ba2c-cf8ba36...

- Desktop Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/6cbff26c-290a-4e74-a56f-78e9783...

-Distributed Systems (Rust) Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/7aa1ff1f-bd43-4359-82c7-8703d8b...

- iOS Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/5d866dff-b979-4a90-9a53-f581eee...

-Security Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/96f391f5-9840-409b-ac5e-e1f3007...

- Server Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/signal/2a5fee8b-5875-46d4-a41d-773a28a...

Tech Stack: iOS team: Swift & Objective-C. Android team: Java. Desktop team: Electron, web stack (js, css, etc.). Service team: Java, AWS, DevOps.

Please email us your resume to: Workwithus@signal.org

Matrix Partners | Investment Partner | Boston or SF | Onsite | VISA | https://www.matrixpartners.com/

We are a VC firm looking to grow our investing team. Our preference is to hire folks with technical or product builder backgrounds. All of us have been founders and operators in the past -- we aren't your typical finance types. In an effort to diversify our hiring pipeline, we are posting public job openings for the first time (in 40+ years).


Joyent | Software Engineer | REMOTE | https://www.joyent.com/about/careers

Joyent's object storage division is building an object storage system for use in public and private clouds. We're using many new and popular technologies (Go, Linux, Ansible, etc.) to help us rapidly accomplish our goals.

In particular, we're seeking candidates with experience in storage software, distributed systems, and deployment automation. The current open positions are for experienced candidates only.

Feel free to apply on the website or send your resume to kody.kantor@joyent.com.

TruCentive | https://trucentive.com/jobs-trucentive/ | Senior/Lead Full-stack Engineer| REMOTE (only) | Full-time

TruCentive is a fully-remote VC funded start up in the incentive automation and non-cash compensation accounting space.

TruCentive is hiring for a fully remote senior/lead full-stack developer. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, JS, some React.

Listing for this position, and others we may have open: https://trucentive.com/jobs-trucentive/

Fastmail | Platform/Ops Team Lead | Philadelphia, PA | ONSITE

Fastmail's the best email service around, built on open standards we invented and open source software we published. It's blazing fast and rock solid. We're looking for someone to join the team that maintains our servers, our software deployment, and the whole platform that makes it possible to provide high-quality service.

Drop us a line and tell us about yourself.


ESI Group | Software development engineer | San Diego, CA | Full-time | Onsite preferred post-Covid

ESI Group is currently seeking a software development engineer to work in our San Diego office. We are a small team with diverse backgrounds focused on developing desktop software applications in the field of vibro-acoustics simulation. Our clients include NASA, Boeing, Airbus, GM, and Ford.

We are looking for a developer with a Bachelors/Masters degree in the Sciences or Engineering. The successful candidate must have excellent C++ skills. We also use Python, Qt, MFC and CMake to develop our applications. We use GitLab as our version-control platform with continuous-integration, unit testing and package management via Conan, to complete our DevOps toolkit. We create UI wireframes and write product specifications to refine our development requirements. Many of our team members are skilled in numerical methods and high performance computing.

Being a small team, you'll enjoy a high level of autonomy and the ability to influence new products and features on several levels. You'll learn from our wealth of pooled knowledge and share your expertise in return. The office setting is casual, and we all enjoy the freedom of flex-time schedules.

Please contact Tracy at ext-tracy.sidall@esi-group.com with any questions you may have relating to the position or company. Don't forget to mention HN in the email.

Imperfect Foods | Remote | Full-time | https://www.imperfectfoods.com

At Imperfect Foods we are all about groceries on a mission. Since 2015, our services have saved over 100M lbs of food. Our product and technology team is responsible for building our ecommerce platform and internal tooling, as well as ensuring smooth daily operation of our rapidly growing business. We are swimming in interesting problems around customer-facing features, scale, and logistics. If all of this excites you, come join us!

We're hiring for roles across technology:

- Data Analyst: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/e8b6ce5a-033b-4798-bb1f...

- Data Analyst (Growth & Product): https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/4e9c41cd-aa55-4604-a859...

- Data Scientist: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/4c198d6e-acc4-405a-996c...

- Engineering Manager (Customer Experience): https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/27333d48-711a-493f-9607...

- Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/ebdaba83-69b0-4e10-aeac...

- Machine Learning Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/b61f21a9-62b2-4aed-9190...

- UX Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods/dced4e41-4715-4fbb-90d9...

Hi.. Interested in ML and Data Science positions... How can I reach out to you?

Great! The best way to apply is through our portal: https://jobs.lever.co/imperfectfoods

Learnerbly | Software Engineer | Full Time | London, UK | ONSITE, REMOTE (limited to Europe) Learnerbly is a Workplace Learning Platform that enables people to be their best selves at work. We work with organisations to create a progressive learning culture that empowers their people to own their development, guides them towards the best learning opportunities, and supports them in applying their learnings.

We are looking to hire a passionate full-stack engineer with experience in designing for and operating AWS based systems. Developing in Javascript/TypeScript for an AWS Lambda based architecture, using AWS DynamoDB and ElasticSearch, the ideal candidate should be familiar with these technologies. This knowledge may come as professional experience or personal research but you will be expected to speak knowledgeably about the state of the art with respect to web application development and infrastructure design. We like ‘geeks, and your ‘geek’ credentials are more important to us than your professional or educational experience. Show us your personal projects, tell us what you like and what you don’t like, about interesting things you have read, projects you have been involved with, people you have met and what you have learned.

Reach out to me or apply via https://learnerbly.teamtailor.com/jobs/917572-software-engin...

RXR Realty | New York City, NY | Full Time | Onsite | Software Engineering The Digital Lab at RXR is hiring! We are building a platform and a suite of services to empower Residents, Employees, and Tenants across our residential and commercial properties. We want to optimize how people live, work, stay, and play at our properties, and RXR is perfectly positioned in the "new normal" to deploy the Lab's productivity, efficiency, and safety technologies across our full portfolio.

RXR is one of the largest landlords in the Tri-State Area, involved in Grand Central Tower, Pier 57, 5 Times Square, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, The Helmsley Building, a new JetBlue terminal at JFK, and many other impactful, massive scale projects. We are strongly supported by the RXR executive team, including our CEO Scott Rechler, who personally oversees the Digital Lab.

We are seeking exceptional engineers to join our growing team. If you are passionate about technology, large scale consumer facing products, and real estate, let's chat to see if we have a role for you. Together we can shape the future of real estate technology!

Engineering roles include: Full-stack, Backend, Frontend, Data Science, DevOps, QA

Core technologies: Javascript, Azure, AWS (Amplify, Lambda, DynamoDB, GraphQL, Cognito, Pinpoint), React, React Native; Mobile experience preferred

To apply or find out more, please contact Tara Tretsven at ttretsven@rxrrealty.com.

Stryd, Boulder, CO, Techstars Boulder 2015 | Android Engineer | http://www.stryd.com

Stryd is a talented, multidisciplinary team that is redesigning how runners train and race, bringing together the human desire to move, and the science to do it smarter. Our informative and guiding technologies are integrated into wearables that people are excited and proud to wear.

We are looking for a talented Android Engineer. You will be part of a team that builds the core of the Stryd products, services and APIs in robust fashion.

We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. Our work environment is open, supportive, and fast-paced. There is tremendous room for growth.

You may be good fit if you have

  * Experience developing high performance Java and Kotlin code and view layouts and the ability to diagnose performance bottlenecks.
  * A familiarity with the Android tool ecosystem for development, testing, debugging, and performance benchmarking.
  * An excellent understanding of best practices for concurrency and threading.
  * Strong opinions about the product and an appreciation for what makes a great user experience.
We offer:

  * Competitive salary and equity.
  * 401k with company match.
  * Excellent health insurance.
Being able to relocate to Boulder for the position is preferred. If interested, please send an email to kun@stryd.com.

Fireside | Remote | Full-time

we're hiring a senior react native developer to help us accelerate building a first-of-its-kind interactive broadcasting platform to promote driving social impact through meaningful conversations at scale. We’ve raised a multi-million dollar seed round from top tier consumer investors and the co-founding team is made up of experienced serial entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban. You'd be joining a small team on the ground floor and will have a huge impact on the platform and community we’re building.

Excellent candidates will have experience building green field applications, integrating with APIs, working with designers and product managers to deliver delightful products through mobile app stores. Perfect candidates would also have experience with streaming media to mobile devices.

Required: React Native Javascript / HTML / CSS GraphQL Firebase

Ownership and Accountability - Our team is small, so you will get a lot of responsibility immediately. That also means we’ll be depending on you to deliver. Superb English written and verbal communication skills - This is a remote role, so the ability to create and communicate complex and detailed technical specifications is required Product orientation - No specification is perfect, so we expect everyone on our team to put themselves in the user’s position and ask questions to make the right decisions on their behalf


Brightflow AI | Sr Software Engineer | Remote (US) | Berkeley | Full-time | https://www.brightflow.ai/

Brightflow AI is democratizing finance by bringing easy, automated cash flow forecasting tools and financial insights to small and mid-sized businesses. Starting with e-commerce (Shopify or Amazon) businesses, our ultimate goal is to create an autonomous finance platform that liberates entrepreneurs from hours of lonely work in excel by automating financial analysis and backing it with insights, thus giving them more time to run their business with empowered decision making that was previously only available to the enterprise. Our focus is on 3 aspects of a CFO: Financial/cash visibility, financial/cash monitoring & Cash optimization.

Looking for employee #5 to join our awesome team, working closely with our Head of Engineering, a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer: Javascript / TypeScript, React, Node (koa), Postgres.

Senior Software Engineer Full Stack: https://bit.ly/brightflow-sr-se-hn About us: https://www.brightflow.ai/ Our values: https://bit.ly/3iMWeH9

Pupil Labs | Senior Backend Engineer (Python) + DevOps | REMOTE | https://pupil-labs.com

Pupil Labs is the world-leading provider of wearable eye-tracking solutions. We design, engineer, build, and ship hardware (eye tracking glasses) and software (capture, storage, visualization, and analysis tools) that are used by thousands of researchers in a variety of fields, ranging from medicine and psychology to UX design and human-computer-interaction.

You will be working on Pupil Cloud - cloud-based storage, visualization, enrichment, and analysis platform. This product addresses a number of exciting computational and infrastructural challenges that will involve close collaboration with our R&D and Design teams.

Requirements: - 5+ years of production experience - DevOps based around Kubernetes + Docker - Experience with Chef/Ansible/Puppet - Solid grasp of Python - Understands security - Experience with web-based services - Monitoring, implementing, and ensuring reliability of HA systems - Experience with message queues - Load/stress testing - Part of 24x7 on-call rota

Technology we use: Docker, Kubernetes, Postgresql, Python, Javascript, Redis, Nginx, Grafana, Prometheus

Services we use: Gitlab, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, Amazon AWS, Sentry, Google/Firebase

Apply: Send an email to jobs@pupil-labs.com with intro letter and CV and/or links to projects. (no recruiters please!)

6 River Systems | Full-time | REMOTE

6 River Systems (6RS) is a Shopify (SHOP) company leading the way to faster fulfillment. We’re revolutionizing warehouse automation with collaborative mobile robots driven by artificial intelligence and advanced cloud-based software.

We are hiring across the software engineering department, including robotics movement (https://6river.com/jobs-application/?gh_jid=4779710002) and perception (https://6river.com/jobs-application/?gh_jid=4825115002) engineers, full stack (https://6river.com/jobs-application/?gh_jid=4779718002), front end (https://6river.com/jobs-application/?gh_jid=4779807002), and simulation (https://6river.com/jobs-application/?gh_jid=4732447002).

6 River, and Shopify as a whole, are now Digital by Default (https://www.shopify.com/careers/work-anywhere) and we encourage those looking to work remotely to apply.

peregrine.io | Software Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time | ONSITE

Founded in 2018, Peregrine provides public safety agencies with technology to make data-driven decisions, power real-time operations, and strengthen community relationships. We do this through openness, accountability, careful policy enforcement, and respect for people’s personal freedoms. Our platform fuses disconnected government data silos across secure networks and empowers users with highly intuitive interfaces to search, analyze, and collaborate. Customers tell us we help them solve cases that they thought were unsolvable, and allow them to communicate in ways they have never seen before. We are particularly proud to help government agencies solve more crimes while averting wrongful arrests. We are looking for strong developers to join our small but growing team. As one of the earliest engineering hires, you’ll take on a lead role with vast ownership across one of our stacks. You’ll be able to work directly with end users to deliver a world-class, high performance SaaS platform

Stack: Python, Django, Celery, Airflow, React, D3, Mapbox, Blueprint.js, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4J, AWS, Terraform, Packer, Ansible

Open Roles: Frontend, backend, data, and infrastructure software engineers


To apply, or for more info, email dana@peregrine.io

Metopio | Sr Backend Engineer (Python) | Remote or Chicago, US only | Full-time | https://metopio.blob.core.windows.net/lalage/files/Lead%20Ba...

Metopio is a data visualization SaaS that combines publicly available datasets with client data to identify relationships and make better systematic decisions. We have fantastic JS visualizations powered by a flexible data architecture and analytics engine. We bring "analytics as a service" to people without technical or data skills, and we make it easy for anyone to explore and visualize data about their state or city.

As we grow, we're looking for a lead backend engineer to work on all aspects of our infrastructure and backend platform, with a heavy focus on Python and Django. You should also be comfortable with data and statistics.

This is our first non-founder role, so candidates will be comfortable doing many jobs and learning on the spot. We are in a strong financial position, so we offer competitive compensation with equity options. Apply by following instructions in the job posting. We will get back to you within a day and follow up with a phone screen, technical screen, short coding challenge, and then a longer interview. The whole process could be just a week or two.

Mindbody | Senior Software Engineer | Fulltime | NYC Onsite / US Remote

We’re the leading software platform for health & wellness businesses. Over 60,000 local entrepreneurs worldwide rely on Mindbody to run their businesses, and millions of consumers use Mindbody every day!

Our team Bowtie, a recent startup acquisition, works on an AI receptionist and messaging product that uses AI to chat with customers and help businesses connect with their clients. Our mission is to bring freedom and peace of mind to business owners so they can focus on doing what they love, instead of stressing out over missed customers: https://www.mindbodyonline.com/business/mindbody-software/bo...

We’re looking for a full stack engineer strong in Python to design and implement customer-facing features, lead projects, mentor junior engineers, and collaborate with teammates to execute the technical vision. We’re a fast-paced, focused, humble group with a sense of humor, and we look forward to meeting you!

Core tech: Python/Django, React/React Native, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, AWS

Check out the full job description and apply here: https://hrbrg.co/2nrgf0

I’m one of the co-founders of Bowtie and currently lead the engineering team for the product - please feel free to reach out with any questions at mike.wang@mindbodyonline.com.

Hubdoc @ Xero | Full-time | Onsite | Toronto | https://www.hubdoc.com

Senior Software Developer (Toronto): https://jobs.lever.co/xero/b10fc082-5b3c-49a3-9d4c-e1c9445ef...

Hubdoc is a document automation service for accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners. With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use platform that helps small businesses and their accounting and bookkeeping advisors grow and thrive.

You will become an integral member of our Dataflow team who are responsible for our document processing pipeline which integrates our upstreams, downstreams and machine learning to process millions of our financial documents per month, along with the internal tools/applications supporting it. We work extensively with Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, AWS and Docker.

Apply via the link. I am a part of the hiring process for this specific role, feel free to ask general questions here.

Lots of other roles in Toronto, Denver, New York, Wellington, and more: https://jobs.lever.co/xero?lever-via=XwiHpkoGYx

Ultimate Software & Kronos | Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, and more | Onsite & Remote www.ultimatesoftware.com/careers https://careers.kronos.com/

We also have opportunities in Europe at PeopleDoc, a company we acquired last year: www.people-doc.com/company/careers . Hiring in France, Germany, Spain, London, and Remote.

Ultimate Software has been building HR and Payroll software since 1990. We are passionate about building awesome tools to make people's work lives easier. Our motto is People First, which describes how we treat our customers and our amazing company culture. We recently merged with Kronos, and we have rebranded to "UKG." We are very excited about the future of our combined companies!

We are hiring for a variety of product development positions, including:

Application Support Engineer, Application Security Engineer, Tech Lead, and more.

Although our entire company is currently working from home due to Covid-19, typically, about 20% of our Product Development team works from home. We have an unbelievable benefits/401K package, so apply to Fortune’s #1 Best Tech Company to Work For in 2020 today!

Here is a link to our job postings: http://ulti.pro/29PRPAj

You can also email resumes to techcareers AT ultimatesoftware.com

Grouparoo | Senior Full Stack Engineer - Founding Engineer | Full-Time | Remote - USA

Grouparoo is a venture-backed software company building open source data infrastructure that make data reliable, accessible, and actionable. Our aim is to make a no-code tool for business users to understand and take action on their customer data, while making it easy for technical users to install and maintain. Funded by top-tier investors, Grouparoo is creating open-core applications to simplify and automate the data syncing process within companies, solving both technical and organizational challenges.

As our first hire, you’ll be responsible for helping to craft the roadmap, developing features, fixing bugs, and building products that make our customers happy. We are a small team, and so we are looking for generalist engineers who are interested in learning about a wide variety of tools and technologies rather than becoming experts in any one part of the stack. We connect many different APIs, databases, and vendors, so there’s always something new to learn.

We work in the open using an XP-inspired, open-source process driven by Stories and Pull Requests. Grouparoo is written in Typescript, and we use React, Actionhero, and Next.js as our major building blocks. Since we are building tools for others to use, we care a lot about the developer experience and how easy it is to install and run our products.

Learn more and apply @ https://www.grouparoo.com/jobs

Onja.org | Front End Engineer (multiple positions) | Madagascar, Africa | onsite

Looking for a meaningful and intrepid change? Join our social enterprise that trains capable, low-income youth into world class software developers and provides them with life-changing remote work.

We’ve spent the last two years training an inspirational group of students to become strong front end web developers and are now looking for two front end developers to help us progress onto the next stages.

We’re hiring:

1) Techlead: Lead graduates to career success - help our graduates take their first steps into professional work. They’ll need you to guide them on the technical aspects of front end development, coach them on communication and help them navigate the day to day challenges they will face. For more details: https://onja.org/techlead/

2) Front end Lecturer: Develop and deliver a second-year front end web development course that will allow students to extend their knowledge and prepare them for their future careers. For more details: https://onja.org/frontenddev/

We’ll sponsor your visa and you’ll join our beautiful team in Mahanoro - a peaceful beach town on Madagascar's East Coast.

Feel free to contact me, Sam, at team@onja.org for a chat / more information.

Strateos(YC W15) | Front End and Full Stack Software Engineers, Designers, Product Managers | Menlo Park, CA | https://strateos.com | FULL TIME; ONSITE

Strateos is turning life science into an information technology by creating a fully automated cloud wet lab. Scientists anywhere can define and (reproducibly!) run experiments over the internet on-demand and without investing up-front in a lab facility.

The Strateos Common Lab Environment (SCLE) takes Autoprotocol (http://autoprotocol.org/), a high-level JSON description of a biological protocol, and executes it on our custom-built robotic workcells. The protocols we handle routinely involve solving constraint programming models with thousands of variables and constraints in order to find the best plan that fulfills the scientist's biological intent.

Scientists manage their experiments through our web application or via our API. We provide a single platform that controls scientific devices from many vendors in a unified way, and an interface to control our automated labs.

Tech stack includes: Linux, Scala, RabbitMQ, Rails, Typescript, React, Ansible, Postgres

Benefits include: full medical/dental/vision insurance; catered lunch and dinner, and a fully stocked kitchen; flexible vacation policy; 401(k) with matching; gym and commuter reimbursement; and education reimbursement up to $3,000/year.

Aiven | Python Backend Engineers, SREs, DevOPs | Berlin, Helsinki, Toronto, Sydney | Full-time, remote/onsite | https://aiven.io/careers/

We are Aiven — a cloud technology startup launched in 2016. We create managed cloud services from the best open source technologies that take the infrastructure worries away from our customers. Our products are used daily by hundreds of customers across the globe to power their next-gen event streaming and analytics applications with more joining every single day. Backed by Europe's leading investors, we’re now looking for top talent to join us in our headquarters in Helsinki and our new offices in Boston, Berlin, Toronto and Sydney.

Aiven develops DBaaS. We are a company, founded by developers, who started coding at a very early age. We want to keep this focus that programming remains an essential core of our company´s culture. We are looking for motivated team members, who will share our vision and passion for software development and will work together with our Team on the development of the Aiven cloud platform.

We are looking for Python Backend Engineers, SREs, SWE in Support in Berlin, Helsinki, Toronto, Sydney.

Remote options are also available.

If you’re interested, send us your application along with a link to your GitHub profile.


Elementary Robotics is hiring! https://elementaryrobotics.com/

We are hiring a Senior Cloud Engineer and a Software Engineer on our team at Elementary. We are a VC backed startup out of LA working on solving challenging problems in the human<>robot interaction space, centered around manufacturing traceability and quality improvement. We're a full stack company that builds everything from the robots themselves, to the "OS" we run on (Atom, our open source SDK), CV + ML, and a cloud app. We've closed on our Series A funding with top tier investors, and we're already deployed with some big name customers.

Senior Cloud Engineer: This role will be responsible for the infrastructure and configuration for our docker-containerized IoT application on AWS as we scale to the next stage of growth. We are in need of an AWS guru who has worked on large-scale, cloud-hosted data solutions.

Software Engineer: This role will develop the core software and logic for controlling the robot across the full stack. We are looking for python proficiency and experience with docker, git, and linux.

Check out our job listings on our careers page here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/elementaryrobotics

SeatGeek (https://seatgeek.com) is actively hiring Android engineers! We’re an event ticketing company based in NYC. Yes, live events have been battered by COVID, but we are well capitalized to weather the storm (plus we’ve managed to sign a few new clients along the way). We have a small team of awesome engineers but are looking to grow and are working on some awesome things to make sure SeatGeek is ready for the return of people in seats!

SeatGeek prides itself on its attention to detail in our product development and we look to hire engineers that are product/design/UX-minded to help craft great experiences for people that love live events.

Quick hits: - 1+ years of experience (essentially hiring all levels but entry right now) - Full-time - HQ and Android team are in NYC, but are remote optional until at least Jan 2021 (we can provide relocation post-pandemic) - Full-time remote considered for US-based folks - Interview process: recruiter video screen, technical video screen, virtual on-site; generally focused on applied skills and knowledge, not algo - Visa sponsorship: not at this time, sorry

Feel free to ask questions, I’m happy to answer them, I’m the EM on the team here and have been with the company for almost 6 years now. You can reach me directly at stephen@seatgeek.com

If you’re just interested in applying (awesome!), here’s a link to our job posting: https://grnh.se/ormck1

Hackworth | UX designer | ONSITE (but WFH for now) | FULLTIME | London | https://www.hackworthltd.uk/

Hackworth Ltd is a well-financed, bootstrapped, private limited company based in London. We're hiring a full time user experience (UX) designer in London. This is an on-site role, though we're indefinitely in work-from-home mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You must be eligible to work in the UK, as unfortunately, we can't sponsor visas to work in the UK at this time.

Our purpose is to make programming relevant to children of all backgrounds. In this role, you'll lead the UX effort for our first product: a novel, interactive learning environment for programming, rooted in functional programming principles, with a particular focus on the visualization of program execution.

You should have a master's degree in HCI, or equivalent practical experience in a related field. You should also have experience with quantitative and qualitative methods of research design. Knowledge of programming languages is a plus, but not required (you won't be expected to write code).

For more about this particular role, please see the posting at https://www.hackworthltd.uk/jobs/20200901/

We hope to hear from you! If you have any questions, email careers@hackworthltd.com and it'll come directly to me.

Adopt-a-Pet | US REMOTE | Full Time

Adopt-a-Pet’s vision for the future is one where every pet that enters a shelter leaves through the front door and into a loving home. This proclamation drives everything we do, and the people who work here have the satisfaction of knowing that they are using all of their talents to save the lives of animals and give their new owners the gift of unconditional love. Every month at Adopt-a-Pet, we connect over 250,000 homeless pets with 5 million potential new families!

The team at Adopt-a-Pet is a group of intellectually curious individuals united by a set of shared goals and values: make a positive impact in the world, operate with integrity, value our partners and support one another, collaborate, continuously learn, and have fun!

We're working on a newly rebranded website and rewriting front and backend, so it will be a very exciting time to join!

Open positions:

Senior Front End Developer: https://apply.workable.com/adoptapet/j/EC0F1E7416/

Back End Developer (PHP / Laravel / PostgreSQL): https://apply.workable.com/adoptapet/j/43148697E6/

3Box | Distributed Systems Engineer | NYC, Berlin, Remote | Full Time

Want to build a more interoperable web free of silos? 3Box is building the dataweb for open information -- a decentralized data management network for publishing, linking and discovering verifiable information on the open internet.

We're a small, highly technical team at the center of the web3 ecosystem. We are extremely intentional, impact-driven, community focused (everything we do is open source), and driven by nonstop learning and growth. We have a lot of fun while we work - remote-first, with pods in NYC and Berlin - and travel to amazing places for regular retreats.

We're adding a distributed systems engineer to drive our core infrastructure development, with strong collaboration with our CTO. As we roll out our new distributed protocol and network we'll have some a number of novel challenges to tackle, which we'll do alongside partners like Protocol Labs, The Graph, and our fast-growing community.

Learn more and apply at https://jobs.lever.co/3box

More on 3Box and Ceramic Network: https://3box.io/ ; https://github.com/ceramicnetwork/ceramic

Livepass| Multiple positions | REMOTE (US and EU), FULL-TIME | https://www.livepass.io

Livepass is a New York and Copenhagen based startup who is building an end to end live video workflow that allows anyone to create their own white label video experience. We support both 1-1 sessions, classes and large streaming events and allow you to combine them, complete with payment, scheduling, rescheduling and audience tracking. We have built the basic engine and are now looking for talented people who can help us take this to it’s next step.

We are looking for the following people:

- Front-End Engineering Lead / Manager We work in React, css, html, javascript and we expect you to have a good eye for details and to be able to create tight optimized experiences.

- Backend-End Engineering Lead / Manager Experience with streaming services like Twillio is a plus. You will be leading a small team of developers. We expect all applicants to be self-disciplined, to think for for themselves and to be able to lead others.

For all employees, we offer:

  - Equity
  - 5 weeks of paid time off
  - fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum) [70% coverage for dependents]
  - 4 months paid parental leave
  - $250 monthly limit on work related expenses (books, software etc.)
If you want to learn more, reach out to us admin@livepass.io

Summery.ai | New Position: CTO | REMOTE

We are pleased to announce the search for Summery's first CTO. As a fast-growth, dedicated-remote company with a 100% virtual offering, we are rapidly expanding our client base. We are especially interested in diverse candidates who share our Summery values. Please apply & forward the open position to talented professionals within your network.

Looking for someone to: • Partner with the CEO to build the business, including overseeing engineering, managing technology partnerships, owning product road maps, representing the organization in the media, industry conferences, and with investors. • Assume role of lead engineer, continuing to enhance existing product suite to direct and build new AI-based products • Make critical technology decisions, including tech design planning, product architecture, development platform enhancements • Manage tech team, including recruiting and hiring additional developer support/consultants as needed • Fortify current QA and product testing systems • Track, analyze and monitor technology performance metrics • Oversee and implement best practices on data & tech security and ethical AI • Take the initiative in thought leadership, innovation and creativity

More info on the position specifics including core projects for 2020-21, tech stack, and corporate values: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/summery_summery-cto-position-...

Highstreet Mobile | Android Engineer | Utrecht (near Amsterdam), The Netherlands | Onsite/Remote (EU) | Full Time | https://www.highstreetmobile.com

Highstreet Mobile's mission is to connect people to the brands they love. We are a team of makers and we've built a SaaS product for fashion brands. We enable brands to give an amazing shopping experience to their customers. Our customers get a native mobile shopping app for Android and iOS that we constantly refine and extend.

You'll be joining the team that is responsible for the core library that powers our Android apps. The core library provides all app capabilities, from API calls to UI, but can be extended to meet customer needs. We care deeply about the user experience and you'll be working closely with the design team when implementing new features and improvements. Our automated unit tests and extensive code reviews make sure code quality remains up to par.

Technologies we use: Kotlin / Java / RxJava / Dagger / OkHttp / Glide

Apply via the following link or contact me at thomas@highstreetmobile.com if you’d like to know more: https://jobs.highstreetmobile.com/android-engineer/en

Nightwatch.io | Remote | Full-time | Elixir, Rust, Ruby, Go

This is a fully remote position, full-time or part-time, with flexible working hours and work arrangements. We’re looking for an experienced developer who enjoys working with server side technologies and possesses a good mixture of DevOps and application development chops, has been around the block a couple of times, and would like to build forward-thinking and innovative solutions with experienced teammates in a progressive-oriented environment.

About the role: You should have plenty of experience in building performant, easy to use, well monitored and well tested APIs, creating and maintaining robust web applications, designing efficient data flows, communicating clearly, sharing knowledge and questioning existing solutions.

If you are a positive-oriented hacker who does not fit the traditional company structure and resonates with the mindset of programming languages and paradigms being just a tool and not a heavy personal attachment and identification, then this role might be the right fit for you.

About the company: We’re a self funded SaaS company that primarily builds forward-thinking tools for internet professionals. We are a bootstrapped company that believes the future belongs to smaller companies that don’t subscribe to the 9-to-5 corporate way of doing things. We believe that the Silicon Valley era is over, and we are building a business that allows us to enjoy the freedom of working remotely where each of us has the autonomy and flexibility to have a high impact on the world with our work.

Back-end Developer (Elixir, Ruby, Rust, Go): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/backend-developer

Front-end Developer (Ember.js): https://nightwatch.io/jobs/frontend-developer

Devops Engineer: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/devops-engineer

Product Manager: https://nightwatch.io/jobs/product-manager

Arcesium | Distributed Systems Engineer | Linux Engineer | Product Manager | Product Support Consultant | New York, NY | Onsite | Full-Time | Visa

Arcesium is a technology and tech-enabled services company. We deliver front, middle, and back office solutions to some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional asset managers, hedge funds, asset allocators, and banks. Through a combination of advanced automation, innovative data management tools, and anomaly-resolution workflows, Arcesium’s clients can achieve a single source of truth, scalable to millions of data points, for use throughout their entire organization.

Building on a platform developed and tested by one of the world's leading investment and technology development firms, the D. E. Shaw group, Arcesium launched as an independent company in 2015. Arcesium received additional equity backing from a second seed client, Blackstone Alternative Asset Management, the world's largest discretionary allocator to hedge funds. Since then, we have grown to support more than $200 billion in assets with a staff of over 900 software engineering, accounting, operations, and treasury professionals.

Arcesium is hiring for the following roles:

- Distributed Systems Engineer - Linux Engineer - Product Manager - Product Support Consultant

To learn more about these positions, please visit our https://arcesium.com/careers.html. To be considered, please send your resume to careers@arcesium.com.

Sporttrade | Full Time | Software & Web Developers | Philadelphia, PA/New York, NY - remote flexibility considered

Sporttrade is an exciting sports betting startup looking to disrupt the traditional sportsbook industry. Built just like a financial exchange, the Sporttrade platform allows customer to trade on sports outcomes by buying and selling event contracts which trade between 0 and 100, and reflect the market's probability of the underlying event occuring.

We are currently hiring interested individuals for roles:

  - Full Stack Web Developer - own and build our internal tools, dashboards, and eventually our public web application
  - Software Developer - work on our cloud-based microservices system running on Kubernetes
  - Lead Developer, Exchange Technologies Group - work with our team of industry veterans to build and implement our Exchange systems
  - Lead, Information Security & Risk Management - implement and own our Security Controls framework and infosec infrastructure such as WAF and SIEM
Go to https://getsporttrade.com/careers to apply.

If you're interested in joining our team, but don't see a position open for your skillset, we are actively growing. Please send your information to careers@getsporttrade.com

CNS-Solutions - Member of Frequentis | Full Stack Developer, Test Engineer | Vienna, Austria | ONSITE required in general, but mainly REMOTE during COVID-19 | Full-Time

CNS-Solutions & Support GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Frequentis AG based in Vienna and was founded in 2004. Our incident management solution efficiently supports our customers to plan events, prevent service interruptions, analyse situations and restore normal operations. A thorough documentation of all activities, information exchanges and communications helps our customers to ensure a responsible and reliable operational service.

We are in the process of developing the next major release of our incident management application for different mission critical business domains such as public transport, maritime, defence or national air policing.

We are recruiting for a full stack developer and a test engineer to join our development team in Vienna. Your focus will be on the development of our frontend as progressive web app and our Java backend. We are enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and architectural styles such as CQRS/EventSourcing and Micro Frontends.

We use: React, Redux, MaterialUI, Typescript, Mapbox GL/JS (Frontend), Java 8/11, Spring Boot, Cassandra, Elastic (Backend), Docker and many more 3rd party libraries.

If you are interested in joining our small and passionate team in Vienna and for more information visit : https://cns-solutions.net or drop us an e-Mail: office@cns-solutions.net

Thrive Global | New York, NY | Full-time, Onsite (eventually) | https://thriveglobal.com/

Thrive Global is a behavior change technology company helping individuals and companies reach peak performance, ultimately ending the stress and burnout epidemic. We’re leading the global conversation about well-being and performance and creating tools and programs that help people go from knowing what to do to actually doing it.

* Engineer Manager- https://jobs.lever.co/thriveglobal/af6631ec-f1c0-4a40-ad3e-e...

* Platform Engineer- https://jobs.lever.co/thriveglobal/ca4c1bf5-dc3b-4bfe-8843-2...

* Android Engineer- https://jobs.lever.co/thriveglobal/8810aab6-d8e9-49b9-86a2-5...

* (Sr.) Infrastructure Engineer- https://jobs.lever.co/thriveglobal/1bcfcd90-754c-4cef-b779-0...

Citrine Informatics (citrine.io) | Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Sr. Backend & Sr. Frontend roles |Remote within USA| Full Time |

Working at Citrine offers the rare opportunity to collaborate with applied scientists at the leading edge of statistical learning theory and application. Here are a few representative peer-reviewed publications describing research done at Citrine in support of the platform’s AI capabilities:

Assessing the Frontier: Active Learning, Model Accuracy, and Multi-objective Materials Discovery and Optimization (2019). at https://arxiv.org/abs/1911.03224 Can machine learning identify the next high-temperature superconductor? Examining extrapolation performance for materials discovery (2018). at https://doi.org/10.1039/C8ME00012C Overcoming data scarcity with transfer learning. (2017). at https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.05099 High-Dimensional Materials and Process Optimization Using Data-Driven Experimental Design with Well-Calibrated Uncertainty Estimates. (2017). at https://doi.org/10.1007/s40192-017-0098-z

Learn more at: https://jobs.lever.co/citrineinformatics

Recidiviz (YC S20) | Senior Security Engineer | More roles soon | San Francisco | Remote Possible | http://recidiviz.org/

Recidiviz is a non-profit technology company based in San Francisco, CA. We build common, open source technical infrastructure to help the criminal justice system reduce incarceration and focus on ongoing iteration towards better outcomes.

Our work is in high demand and our organization is growing fast. The need to protect our infrastructure and data is more important than ever before. We’re hiring a Senior Security Engineer to improve the security of our technology and organization.

Check out the full job description here: https://angel.co/company/recidiviz/jobs/960490-senior-securi...

Though we are a non-profit, we offer competitive salary and a benefits package on-par with what you may be accustomed to from a for-profit tech company. Benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage, 401(k) plans with employer matching, generous PTO and paid volunteering time, commuter benefits, gym & wellness benefits, and more.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please reach out to me at joshua@recidiviz.org. If you are not a Security Engineer but are interested, we will be hiring across a number of roles soon and would love to hear from you.


Solv Health | San Francisco, Denver, Remote (US) | Sr. Software Engineer (Javascript / React), Sr. Integration Engineer (Python/Backend / Transactional API experience)

At Solv, we're bringing convenience, control, and delight to the complex world of healthcare. We pride ourselves on eliminating the confusion and frustration of "where", "when", and "how much" for millions of people seeking care. For our customers in convenient care clinics and doctors' offices, we transform the patient and provider experience end-to-end. We're hiring for experienced full-stack engineers who are looking to put their talents to work towards building something that matters - directly impacting the way people interact with their healthcare provider. Curious, passionate, and creative problem-solvers seeking to learn and contribute in a high-growth environment are right up our alley.

Sr. Integration Engineer (Python/Backend / Transactional API experience) => https://jobs.lever.co/solvhealth/a503305b-7bf3-4f53-a28c-1bf...

Sr. Software Engineer (Javascript / React) => https://jobs.lever.co/solvhealth/4fbe129a-7158-42c7-8502-d99...

Careers page => https://www.solvhealth.com/careers

Carta | Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer | SF, Palo Alto, Seattle, New York, Rio, Waterloo | ONSITE, VISA | FULLTIME

Carta is hiring experienced software engineers at the Senior, Staff, Senior Staff, and Principal levels in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Seattle, New York City, and Rio de Janeiro to build products and services powered by Carta’s ownership graph: the central registry of asset ownership across the globe.

Our stack is Python (Python 3!), Django, React, Postgres, Redis.

We offer competitive benefits:

  * Health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  * Competitive PTO and unlimited sick time
  * US & Rio: 401k matching program
  * Canada: RRSP matching
  * US & Rio: Commuter benefits
  * Catered lunch and unlimited snacks
  * Cell phone stipend
  * Unlimited reimbursement for work related books
Current Openings:

* Senior Software Engineer, CartaX: https://grnh.se/3f6c29ad3us

* Senior Backend Engineer, Financial Reporting: https://grnh.se/176f295b3us

* Senior Data Engineer: https://grnh.se/5dfe1d903us

* Senior Product Designer: https://grnh.se/e3edc97d3us

Pex | Multiple positions | REMOTE (US and EU), FULL-TIME | https://angel.co/pexeso/jobs

Pex is building VISA for digital rights. Our Attribution Engine (https://pex.com/attribution-engine.html) is being deployed on most of the UGC platforms enabling any creator to be paid for their content, and be able to freely mix and remix already copyrighted content without worrying about takedowns.

We're looking for senior engineers for positions listed bellow:

  - Front-End Engineering Leads / Managers
  - Senior Front-End Engineers
  - Product Managers
  - Data Engineers & Data Architects
  - Machine Learning Engineers & Researchers
  - Site Reliability Engineers
  - Senior Designers
For all employees, we offer:

  - equal salary within US and EU
  - 30 days of paid time off
  - day off on your birthday
  - fully covered health benefits (gold/platinum) [70% coverage for dependents]
  - 4 months paid parental leave
  - $300 monthly limit on work related expenses (books, home office, ...)
  - balanced work/life (no weekends, late nights, extra long days, ...)
If you want to learn more, reach out to us at hire@pex.com

We’re looking for senior software engineers (iOS & backend) to help rebuild the entire signup and login experience here at Uber.

In the past, each product team built their own signup and login experience. While this led to fast execution, it became harder over time to launch new growth and security features across all product lines (Uber has dozens of mobile and web apps!).


- High business impact: This is a mission critical team. You’ll directly be driving user growth. Signup and login is one of the most visited user experiences here at Uber.

- Ownership: Lots of unsolved technical problems (eg: single sign on, smart lock, biometrics). As part of this effort, we’re building a reusable identity library to handle our future identity needs. Help us build this from the ground up.

- Large scale: Lots of interesting scalability challenges on both the backend and web. We care a lot about performance since Uber operates in many regions where customers have underpowered devices and weak internet.

Come join us! Email me at dawang [at] uber.com

ios - https://www.uber.com/global/es/careers/list/61436/

backend - https://www.uber.com/global/en/careers/list/62077/

Audatic | Berlin, Germany (ONSITE) | Full-time | Visa | SysAdmin & Deep Learning Engineer | http://audatic.ai Audatic is building systems to intelligently modify sound using state of the art deep learning technology and unique datasets. Our personalized sound environment allows users to customize sounds to their individual taste. Applications include effortless interactions in noisy places (especially for people with hearing impairments), and realistic audio-environments for augmented reality. We are a young, driven and dynamic team with the vision to change people’s lives. We value each team member and opinion equally and count on everyone’s contribution to make our vision come true. You are encouraged to constructively challenge our ideas and can expect to be involved in the decisions that shape the future of our company. Tech: Linux, Python with Tensorflow, Android & iOS and some AWS. We are looking for smart and curious people who either like to manage our in-house cluster and infrastructure (SysAdmin) or build novel network architectures (Deep Learning Engineer). Apply now at http://audatic.ai/apply-now/

Intellimize | Senior Back-end / Machine Learning Engineer | ONSITE San Mateo, CA or REMOTE (US or Canada only) | FULL-TIME | https://www.intellimize.com/careers/mle/

Intellimize optimizes websites to generate more revenue. We use machine learning to automatically optimize each buyer’s path to drive more web conversions.

Our unique solution enables experimentation and personalization at an unparalleled scale, and it replaces traditional approaches to optimization such as A/B testing and rules-based personalization. These methods are too slow, require daily attention, and don’t automatically adapt to changes in behavior over time.

This role: senior level, back-end and some ML engineering. The exact blend is flexible, and we'd be happy to have a great back-end engineer join us even without any ML background.

Primary technologies: Java, Python, Tensorflow, Spark, Airflow, AWS.

Our team is positive, low ego, and customer focused. Strong communication skills are a must.

We plan to re-open our San Mateo office once it is safe to do so, and the company will continue embrace remote work (it's going great for us!). This team in particular is remote-first.

You can apply via email to careers@, or to alex@ if you want to contact me directly. I'm the hiring manager for this position.

Portchain | Architect / Principal Software Engineer | Copenhagen, Denmark | REMOTE (UTC-1 to UTC+4) | Full time |


We're looking for a hands on Software Architect (~50% coding) with 10 years minimum of professional experience in Software Engineering. Experience with any or all of the following technologies is a plus: Node.js, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL. Startup experience valued.

Our company:

Did you know that 90% of all goods globally are transported through a container, and the largest container vessels are 400 meters long and can transport 20,000 containers at a time? The container shipping industry is the back-bone and enabler of global trade, but it is struggling. At its core the industry is fundamentally inefficient: 50% of all container vessels globally are delayed coming into port, and key planning processes are done manually on a global scale. This leads to high operational costs, lost revenue, and unnecessarily high greenhouse gas emissions

Portchain is a 2 year old Danish container shipping startup devoted to help container carriers and terminals reduce operational complexity and optimize planning. We apply cutting-edge AI leading to both a better bottom line and less greenhouse gas emissions.

We are an international team of 15 people serving a global customer base and several of the largest companies in the industry. We have received $5M in funding to expand the team in order to serve our increasing customer traction.

Send an email to our Head of Engineering at jobs@portchain.com

The Trade Desk | Large scale advertising tech | London | Full time | Onsite (but not currently due to covid)

The Trade Desk is a rapidly growing technology company within the programmatic advertising space; with our platform processing over 10 million queries PER SECOND, 600+ billion queries PER DAY (more than 100X the query volume of all search engines globally)

Our business model is solid, and we have shown the strongest post IPO performance of the last ten years globally. We are currently 1400 people globally.

Lead Software Engineer - https://thetradedesk.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/TTDExternal...

Senior FrontEnd Engineer - https://thetradedesk.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/TTDExternal...

Data Warehouse Engineer - https://thetradedesk.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/TTDExternal...

Dan.paine@thetradedesk.com for more info!

NiceDay | Web Engineer | Netherlands (Visa + Relocation), Remote We are a team of 50+ people, changing the way mental health care works in the Netherlands by organising a new way of providing care. We have partnered with the biggest mental health institution of the Netherlands and have built a web and mobile app that is actively used by thousands of therapists and patients.


We have had immense growth recently and our customer base has grown 20x in 2 weeks! Join us for working with a team of passionate engineers and therapists, working tightly together to help define a new way to provide care for people who need help the most.

You can get some insight about how we work at our blog: https://medium.com/niceday-dev

Skills and expertise - Normalized for keyword search, but this is not the only thing we look for in candidates :)

React / React Native / Typescript / Javascript / CSS

Remote is welcome as long as you can overlap enough hours with the Dutch and Indonesia time and are also willing to fly to the Netherlands/Indonesia from time to time :)


Weyerhaeuser | Scientific Programmer | Seattle, WA / Remote | Full Time

Weyerhaeuser Company (www.weyerhaeuser.com) owns and manages approximately 13 million acres of commercial timberlands in the U.S., including a southern ownership that extends from the east coast of North Carolina and Florida to eastern Oklahoma. Weyerhaeuser is committed to sustainable forest management that includes protecting aquatic resources and all ownership is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

We are looking to hire an aspiring, competent Scientific Programmer to work on our Advanced Forestry technology team.

As a member of the Advanced Forestry Systems (AFS) team at Weyerhaeuser you will work on a diverse range of projects involving data pipelining, web development, geospatial analysis, and machine learning. The AFS team mission is to ensure the availability of reliable and cost-effective forest information for the optimal management of Weyerhaeuser land and timber. The AFS team is committed to fulfilling this mission by providing world-class data acquisition, analytical technologies, and support.

Technologies: R, Python, C++, AWS, geospatial libs (GDAL, GIS etc)

I can answer questions if anyone has them (email in profile).

If you are interested, you can apply through the company portal here (Req ID:01015158): https://weyerhaeuser.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobsearch...


Software Engineering Manager | Full Time | Chicago, IL (Remote until IL Phase 5 Reopening) | https://bit.ly/2CUwxEQ

Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer | Salesforce Engineering Team | Full Time and 6 month contract/CTH | Chicago, IL AND Remote | https://bit.ly/3lAvL1P

OppLoans is a Fintech company providing the tools people need to achieve a better financial future, and we are one of Chicago’s fastest-growing startups. We’ve made the Crain’s Business Chicago Fast 50 (#4 in 2019), the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 (twice), and we’ve ranked in the top 10% of the Inc. 5000 five years in a row. Since 2015, we’ve grown from 23 employees to over 500 — and we’re adding even more in for the rest of 2020!

At Opploans, we run one one of the most complex Salesforce installs in Chicago, and we’re hiring experienced software engineers to join our Salesforce development team. Here are some highlights: We use Github, CI/CD, and have a very large regression suite. We use Sentry and Sumo Logic to automatically detect errors. No business users have admin access. Hundreds of users and hundreds of instances. (Lightning, of course.) Integrated with 20+ microservices at AWS.

Surf Air | Remote | EST - PST | Full time | $100K - $130K

Surf Air offers an innovative membership that empowers you to travel quickly, simply, and comfortably anywhere in the US by creating your own private flights as well as offering all-you-can-fly scheduled flights in California and Texas.

SurfAir is looking for a full time remote Junior Full Stack JavaScript Engineer to help build our flagship products.


- Develop new user-facing and internal-facing features - Validate the technical feasibility of UI and UX designs - Optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability - Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

Skills and Qualifications: - Strong understanding of JavaScript - Strong understanding of React - Basic understanding of Apollo and GraphQL - Basic understanding of MongoDB - Basic understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS - Good understanding of code versioning with Git - Basic understanding of browser rendering behavior and performance - 1 - 2 years of real-world production experience as well as a CS degree/Bootcamp and/or a CV/portfolio that makes you perfect for this job

Check us out: https://www.surfair.com https://fly.surfair.com/

email: eng.careers@surfair.com

Urbint | Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer | New York (NYC), NY | REMOTE | FULLTIME

At Urbint, our mission is to create safer and more resilient communities using AI. We are passionate about taking data about our changing world – from climate, to urbanization, to infrastructure risk – and harnessing it to allow utilities and infrastructure operators to predict and prevent threats and meaningfully reduce field risk. We are a tight-knit team of coders, data scientists, infrastructure experts, entrepreneurs, and creatives working together to create and deliver cutting-edge technology to deliver insights that keep people safe.

Our stack is Python, ClojureJS, React, Postgres, Redis.

Current Openings:

* Senior Software Engineer: https://urbint.com/careers/4001372003

* Staff Software Engineer: https://urbint.com/careers/4101782003

* Senior Site Reliability Engineer: https://urbint.com/careers/4088303003

* Manager, Integration Engineering: https://urbint.com/careers/4145465003

Beacon | Senior Full-Stack Javascript Engineer | London (Shoreditch) - ONSITE | Full Time | £70,000 | https://www.beaconcrm.org

At Beacon we're building the best nonprofit-focused CRM in the world. We believe passionately in the power of technology to make a difference.

Innovative charities around the world trust Beacon to run their core technology infrastructure. Animal welfare, human rights, disaster relief, cancer support - all powered by Beacon.

We're a social enterprise and have doing good at the core of our mission. We're also profitable, privately owned, and our goals are for long term sustainable growth rather than a quick exit.

We're looking for a great Full-Stack Javascript Engineer who can help us to design and build our world-class product for modern charities.

Our technology stack is built entirely around JavaScript running on AWS. The front-end web app is built with React and Redux. Beacon's back-end infrastructure is based around microservices running on AWS Lambda, making Beacon the world's first serverless CRM.

More: https://www.beaconcrm.org/careers/role/senior-full-stack-jav... Contact: david@beaconcrm.org

Consai Technologies | Munich, Germany | DevOps and Cloud Engineer | Intern, Working Student | ONSITE preferred, REMOTE possible| https://www.consai.tech

We are an early stage start-up (in stealth mode), with a passion to revolutionize the $10+ Trillion global AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry using Domain AI and Frontier Tech, unlike anything before. Founded by technology entrepreneurs with a background in the AEC industry and advanced practitioners of AI

As DevOps Engineer you would establish a state-of-the-art Cloud Architecture on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and enable Self-Service and DevOps/MLOps for our Software and AI engineers

Technology Stacks: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Terraform, GitLab & GitLab CI, Kubeflow, DVC, CML, Kubernetes, NoSQL Databases (e.g. Graph DBs)

See https://consai.join.com/jobs/1367157-devops-and-cloud-engine...

Find more jobs at https://www.consai.tech/career/jobs (AI engineers and Civil engineers)

Neeve Research | https://www.neeveresearch.com | Bay Area, New York & India | Sr. Java Software Engineers | Full-Time | Onsite (Remote during Covid-19)

Neeve Research offers a distributed data and compute framework, called X Platform, that is used to process massive amounts of big and fast data in real time.

X combines in-memory big-data storage (high 10s of TB), fast-data streaming, and real-time data processing (10s of ms to μs) in a single holistic offering thus supercharging the data management, real-time compute and analytical capabilities of the enterprise. X based systems are microservices based in which each microservice manages private, completely durable, in-memory state, that is horizontally scalable, fault tolerant, ultra-performant and collaborates with other Microservices using fire-n-forget, exactly once message passing. X is being used to implement a wide variety of enterprise systems ranging from high performance data stores, low latency stream processors, real-time analytics engines and machine learning pipelines to complex, highly collaborative miroservices applications.

Our customers include Fortune Global 500 Bank, who is using us to power their Equity Trading platform, and Fortune 500 travel and hospitality giant, using us as the backbone of their e-commerce system for point of sales personalization.

Careers: https://www.neeveresearch.com/careers

Apply: jobs@neeveresearch.com

Caper | YC W16 | https://www.caper.ai/ | Remote | Fulltime Caper builds smart shopping carts - powered by deep learning and computer vision - to enable a seamless grab-and-go retail experience. We differ from other emerging cashierless technologies like Amazon Go because we are the scalable solution. Caper’s autonomous checkout technology is plug and play, meaning it requires no in-store renovation, no operational overhaul, no heavy computations or endless image labeling. Any retailers can buy the carts and their entire store is upgraded with cashierless capabilities. Caper costs less than 1% of Amazon Go's infrastructure. We are already live in-stores and our customers love us! See here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/10/25/tired-l....

Software Engineer: https://recruiterflow.com/caper/jobs/10

Android Engineer: https://recruiterflow.com/caper/jobs/11

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer: https://recruiterflow.com/caper/jobs/4

Reach out directly to me if interested at griffin.kelly at caperlab.com

BESTSELLER | Full Stack Engineer | Aarhus, Denmark (Onsite) | Full Time | https://www.bestseller.com

We are looking for 2 technical talents who can assist the Digital Media & Marketing team with a wide range of technical competences. As such you will be vital part of the development process within the team and thus contribute with strong C#/.NET and React competences to cover the full development stack. You will also be part of the core decision making process regarding system design, services to use and how to continuously improve our applications and systems landscape.

You will become part of a self-organizing and high-performing agile team of highly skilled cross-functional colleagues, all Aarhus based. The product vision of the team is to help BESTSELLER create great digital experiences with Media sharing and Marketing operations. With a focus on digital assets (pictures, videos, and more), product enrichment (product description & relevant metadata) and marketing automatization.

Tech Stack: C# (Full Framework, Core and .NET 5), Typescript, React, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes (and more)

To apply, or for more information, please email me on the alias bestseller-job@carlreid.dk.

Framework | Frontend Engineer, UX/UI Designer | Full-time | Headquartered in Burlingame, CA, but REMOTE ok | https://frame.work

At Framework, we're fixing consumer electronics. We know products can be better for you and for the environment. Unlike most devices, ours are open for you to repair and upgrade.

Our team is made up of folks from previous successful consumer electronics startups, including the founding team of Oculus. We're early stage, but funded to deliver on our mission.

We're hiring across a range of roles both around hardware development and on creation of our marketplace for repairable products and parts:

* Frontend Developer: https://jobs.lever.co/framework/35394a28-12de-41e0-b741-c3bf...

* UX/UI Designer: https://jobs.lever.co/framework/644c9e38-5642-4016-8361-6378...

* Product Design Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/framework/ea8fbe0d-d98b-4f10-b7ec-730a...

Lambda School | US REMOTE | Full Time | https://lambdaschool.com/

Lambda School is a fully-online alternative to booth traditional college and fast track bootcamps. Our goal is to make entry into the software industry accessible for everyone.

We have many open roles, but the roles in my group are for the Labs organization. In Labs, we give students the opportunity to work on cross-functional teams in an environment that closely emulates a high-performing software product development organization.

The first role is in our part-time track, we're looking for a Data Lead to work with our Data Science students during Labs: https://jobs.lever.co/lambdaschool/c8c2492b-0562-434f-80f8-1...

The second role is in our full-time track, we're looking for a Client Product Manager to source and manage our relationships with internal and external stakeholders: https://jobs.lever.co/lambdaschool/61e1a6fa-942a-4d31-89f1-8...

Vimcar | Team Lead + Backend | Berlin, Germany | Full-time, ONSITE

Vimcar provides vehicle fleet management for SMBs in Europe, thus helping small companies to keep track where their cars are and optimize how their are utilized.

We are well funded with more than 70k customers and more than 90k connected cars. Each of these cars is constantly transmitting live data to our servers (so it is IoT :-D). Our business is strong despite the current situation (July was our strongest month on the sales side), so we want to grow.

Technologies include (recent) Java, Typescript, React, AWS, Docker, Jenkins.

Office in central Berlin, Germany, close to public transport. Office language is English.

Open Positions, with more details and application form:

- Team Lead for a small crossfunctional team (Backend + Frontend) with Frontend Skills: https://vimcar.de/career/jobs/tech/team-lead-frontend-web-ap...

- Senior Backend Java Engineer & Architect : https://vimcar.de/career/jobs/tech/senior-java-developer-m-f...

Realwork | Multiple positions | REMOTE / ONSITE (US and EU), FULL-TIME | https://www.realwork.ai

Three-quarters of the workforce don’t sit behind a desk. They’re too busy doing things like hanging drywall, setting up retail displays and stocking warehouse shelves. If you’re among those who rarely set foot in an office, you know how valuable office productivity tools could be. And that’s where RealWork comes in. We designed a simple, user-friendly productivity interface and put it in the hardworking hands of those who need it most: People out in the field. So, mobile workers can finally be as efficient, productive and satisfied as office workers.

We are New York based have built the basic engine and are now looking for talented people who can help us take this to the next step.

We are looking for the following people:

- Managing Director We are looking for a person who have experience from either the construction, hospitality, mining, transportation or manufacturing industry and who wan

- CTO You would be responsible for leading the further development of our platform. We expect all applicants to be self-disciplined, to think for for themselves and to be able to lead others.

For all employees, we offer: - Equity - Healthcare - Benefits - 5 weeks of vacation

To apply please write us at admin@realwork.ai

My startup (Skale, theskale.com) is growing and looking for a strong early-hire software engineer.

If you’re interested in joining a rapidly growing remote-first social impact startup that cares deeply about team culture, we’d love to chat with you.

Our tech stack uses the most popular languages, tools, and frameworks for which tech talent is most sought after in the industry (Python, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Java, Swift, etc.), ensuring that any technical experience gained with us is valuable anywhere.

The ideal candidate has great potential, resonance with Skale's vision, and desire for personal growth. We are interested in candidates of any technical background who love learning and are as excited to grow their careers as we are to enable that growth.

Technical opportunities at Skale include:

• Developing for Skale's mobile and/or web apps (iOS / Android / React Native / React)

• Developing for Skale's server backend (Django / PostgreSQL / Redis / Celery)

• Migrating to exciting technologies as we grow (AI / machine learning, Kubernetes, custom real-time and video chat infrastructure, etc.)

• Performing user data analytics (data science / data engineering / machine learning)

• Participating in technical roadmap planning (new products, backend architecture, etc.)

• Access to leadership and/or senior technical roles as Skale rapidly grows

Please submit your resume to: careers AT theskale.com

Tecton | UI/Dataviz/Front-End, Solutions/Sales Engineer, Data Infrastructure | SF or New York | Onsite/Remote | https://tecton.ai

Tecton's platform is designed to help machine learning teams manage the end-to-end lifecycle of features for real-time data/ML systems that run in production. We have raised $25M from Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and other top investors. Our founding team previously created Uber's Michelangelo Platform: https://eng.uber.com/michelangelo-machine-learning-platform/

To apply, visit our Careers Page: https://tecton.ai/careers/

- UI/Dataviz/Front-End Engineer: You will have the opportunity to design and build our customer facing interfaces and data visualization tools.

- Solutions/Sales Engineer: You will drive successful technical engagements with prospects and customers and be an integral part of our overall enterprise sales process.

- Data Infrastructure: You will have a critical role in building and scaling our Spark and Flink based data streaming platform.

For more information, check out our website: https://tecton.ai

If you do not see a relevant role on the list, you can send your resume to careers@tecton.ai

Hey, do you know if you guys will be hiring interns for next summer?

Indent | San Francisco, New York, Remote | https://indent.com

At Indent, we’re working to make it possible for companies to safeguard the data they’re entrusted with, while still delivering high quality product experiences. Help us make that a reality.

We’re looking to work with folks who are interested in building and operating infrastructure that serves as a platform for immediate product goals and future-facing possibilities. We just went on Software Engineering Daily to talk about some of our tech and architecture (https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2020/07/28/access-contr...) if you’d like to hear our thinking behind some of those decisions.

Check out our open roles at Indent here: https://indent.com/jobs

Tech Stack: Go, Cadence, Presto, Flink, Kubernetes, Terraform, Next.js, React, TypeScript

If you're interested in chatting more, feel free to apply on https://indent.com/jobs or send us an email at hiring@indent.com. Looking forward to talking!

BeFunky | Senior Frontend Engineer | Portland, OR / Remote | Full Time

BeFunky is the popular photo editing and graphic design platform with 40M+ users. The core product is built on WebGL and we use Haunted JS + lit-html for templating.

Your primary focus will be on the UI/UX development of BeFunky's web application so you must be an expert at developing responsive web applications. You will work very closely with our design and product team to implement visual designs and requirements accurately and consistently. We are in the process of developing a new style guide and web component library, and your understanding of usability, accessibility, and performance tradeoffs will be essential to the success of this project.

While your focus will be design-related initially, there's lots of room for JS devs to try new things at BeFunky; we do a lot of fun experimental stuff with the web platform and are always trying to improve the performance of the web app.

Try BeFunky out on a desktop browser: https://www.befunky.com/create/

Apply here! https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1989607951/

Can you tweet this so I can retweet it to lit-html / web components / haunted interested followers?

Lark.com | Senior TypeScript / Node.js Software Engineer | Full-time | California & Remote | https://www.lark.com/

Lark.com is an AI platform to manage chronic health conditions based on a virtual coach. We're moving all of our stack to one platform with TypeScript.

We are looking for: - Senior React Native Engineer: help rewrite our app in React Native https://boards.greenhouse.io/larkhealth/jobs/4700494002

- Senior TypeScript / Node.js Backend Software Engineer: help us scale the ingest and processing of events. https://boards.greenhouse.io/larkhealth/jobs/4420780002

- Senior Full Stack / React Engineer - tools team: help us manage our shared UI, develop UIs using React/Next.js https://boards.greenhouse.io/larkhealth/jobs/4768153002

Tech stack: Javascript/TypeScript, AWS, Kubernetes, Serverless, DynamoDB, React, React Native

DialogEDU | West Palm Beach, FL | REMOTE US | Ruby on Rails developer (2)| Full-time |

Our team is currently 2 full-stack rails engineers, We're looking to bring 2 more (front-end/back-end focused). But working with rails on day to day is a must.

MUST have: 3+ years production Ruby on Rails experience. TDD/BDD using Rspec, Capybara. Experience using/implementing RESTful APIs. Experience with code refactoring & optimization.

Bonus back-end: AWS, Docker, large databases. Bonus front-end: 3+ years production React experience, Strong js experience. Front end testing, Cypress or similar. Basic understand of rails is required.

Our tech: Rails 4. React, Ember 1.8, jQuery. MySQL. AWS SQS, Docker

Projects to work on in the near future: Update rials from 4 to 6. Improve test suite, increase test coverage. Extract Rails engines into core app. Improve performance. Scale. Develop integrations with 3rd party APIs. Improve cloud architecture, deploy tools. Replace Ember 1.8 widgets with React. make your email subject line 'Dialog SE application <your name>' so we know you've read this. Overhaul platform UI/UX

Send email to jobs at dialogedu.com

Include in the email: Resume. Your focus: back-end or front-end. Why you'd be a good addition to the team. If possible, links to projects/code samples that highlight your skills.

Cover (YC S16) | Infrastructure Lead & Frontend Engineer | Los Angeles, CA | Full Time | Onsite post-covid | https://buildcover.com

Come join the team at Cover, where we're reinventing how homes are designed and built. From architectural design through engineering, manufacturing, and installation, we've developed innovative solutions that address fundamental problems in the construction industry. We're a team that's radical in its make up with individuals from software engineering, automotive (Tesla/GM), applied physics and mathematics, architecture, industrial design, and other backgrounds.

We just raised a Series A led by Founders Fund and Lennar Corporation https://www.builtinla.com/2020/07/28/cover-raises-10m-series...

We're currently looking for frontend engineers and an Infrastructure Lead.

Learn more and apply at https://buildcover.com/careers or email a resume to join@buildcover.com

Arabesque | Senior Engineers, DevOps | London, UK | ONSITE (REMOTE for now due to COVID-19) | https://www.arabesque.com/

Arabesque S-Ray is a global financial services company that focuses on advisory and data solutions by combining big data and ESG metrics to assess the performance and sustainability of publicly listed companies worldwide.

Headquartered in Frankfurt and with offices in London, Boston and Singapore, Arabesque S-Ray empowers investors, corporates and other stakeholders across the world to make more sustainable decisions. The firm’s evolution is a story of partnership between leaders in finance, mathematics, data science and sustainability working together to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

We offer: Competitive Salary, Flat Hierarchy, Intellectually stimulating work

Senior Software Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/arabesquegroup/j/A111931947/

Senior Web Developer: https://apply.workable.com/arabesquegroup/j/BC2A0EE831/

GCP DevOps Engineer: https://apply.workable.com/arabesquegroup/j/4218D2AACA/

Any questions, feel free to reach out: miles.croxford@arabesque.com

Compile Inc. | Software engineer - Product | Bangalore, India | Fulltime ONSITE | https://www.compile.com/

Compile provides pharma and medtech companies with the most comprehensive view of the U.S. healthcare market available. The company is high-growth and revenue positive for the past 6 years and counts 16 out of the top 25 US pharma as its customers.

We're a small team and we're bootstrapped (self-funded). There's lots of room to grown and learn.

If this excites you and fit the requirements below, apply to careers AT compile.com

* Software engineer - Product: https://www.compile.com/careers/open-positions/#software-eng...

* Full-stack developer: https://www.compile.com/careers/open-positions/#full-stack-d...

* Healthcare associate: https://www.compile.com/careers/open-positions/#healthcare-a...

JustWatch | Berlin, Germany | FULLTIME, ONSITE | https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent JustWatch is the world's leading movie and TV show streaming guide.

We are mainly looking for talent for these specific roles:

• Head of Integration/Metadata

• Product Manager

• Senior Backend Engineer (Go, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, ES)

• Senior Frontend Engineer (Vue.JS, Ionic, Capacitor, TypeScript, React Native) — especially with TV and mobile hybrid experience

• Site Reliability Engineer.

JustWatch promotes a culture of learning with a high degree of autonomy and room for personal growth. We work on hard problems, with low politics, clear focus and great context. We don't have any non-technical product management and like it that way. Our development philosophy balances fast hacking with a solid architectural foundation. We are a self-funded and profitable start-up, founded in 2014 in Berlin and currently employing around 50 great people. If you're into great code architecture, good naming, like to (continuously) deliver production code and actually help build a product bringing value to tens of millions monthly users already, let us know. For more on how we work, our culture, values and engineering practices, be sure to check out our blog.

Are you interested? Great, we'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email at talent@justwatch.com. We don’t believe perfect CVs exist, we just want to know who you are and who you want to become.

Truework | Operations Specialist | Draper, Utah | Full time Remote due to COVID19/ ONSITE | Truework.com

At Truework we are hyper-focused on building products that enable businesses and consumers to regain control over how their sensitive information is shared online. Our identity verification platform helps HR teams improve privacy and unlock productivity by automating employment and income verifications. On the consumer side, we are giving employees unprecedented visibility into how their professional information is shared between third parties such as banks, mortgage lenders and employers. We believe increasing data transparency and returning data controls to the consumer are two crucial steps toward improving the health and safety of the internet as we know it.

We are currently looking to add foundational members to our Operations team in Draper, Utah. You can apply here

Operations Specialist - https://boards.greenhouse.io/truework/jobs/4123034003

Operations Manager - https://boards.greenhouse.io/truework/jobs/4158637003

Volocopter | (Senior) Embedded Software Engineer / (Senior) Autonomous Flight Software Engineer | Full-time | ONSITE | Bruchsal, Germany & Munich, Germany | https://volocopter.com/en/

We at Volocopter are pioneers in the development of electrical air taxis that take off and land vertically (eVTOLs).

We bring Urban Air Mobility to life, by establishing air taxis in addition to current transportation options in megacities globally. Our aim is to offer affordable on-demand air taxi services and save people time by flying them safely to their destination. In 2011 we performed the first-ever piloted flight of a purely electrical multicopter and have since showcased numerous public flights with our full-scale Volocopter.

We are looking for software engineers experienced in the development of real-time embedded software applications.

Prior aerospace experience is great, but not a requirement.

Join us and build software that will literally take off in front of you!

List of all job offers to apply directly: https://careers.smartrecruiters.com/VolocopterGmbH

Videos of flights: https://www.youtube.com/c/Volocopter/videos

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email at manuel.mohr (at) volocopter (dot) com :)

Engage | Remote/Alexandria, VA | PHP, WordPress, Laravel Engineers

Important: Please, no recruiters or agencies. We are only entertaining US citizens able to work in the EST timezone at this time.

Engage (https://enga.ge) is a full stack digital agency seeking to fill roles in PHP, WordPress, and Laravel full-stack development.

The ideal candidate is an intermediate or senior engineer with experience in the items below. Willing to entertain a junior position for the right candidate.

  - A PHP framework such as Laravel or Symfony

  - A JavaScript library such as React or Vue

  - Basic understanding of systems administration

  - Knowledge of database architecture patterns

  - Willing to continue ongoing learning and passion for software
Engage is a great agency to work with! The team works to create award-winning designs, build complex architectures, and take on advocacy projects for high-impact organizations.

Remote workers should be able to attend meetings in the EST timezone if applying.

To apply please message me at zachary.schuessler@engagedc.com with a list of projects you've enjoyed most, a link to open source work if applicable, your desired salary range, and a little blurb about yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Cohere Health | Software/Machine Learning Engineer | Boston, MA | ONSITE OR REMOTE

Cohere Health is simplifying healthcare for patients, their doctors, and all those who are important in a patient’s healthcare experience, both in and out of the doctors office. We build software that is expressly designed to ensure the appropriate plan of care is understood and expeditiously approved, so that patients and doctors can focus on health, rather than payment or administrative hassles.

This is a unique opportunity to join a rapidly growing engineering team with great ambition. You will have an outsized influence on the future direction and technology decisions.

Our application stack:

    - React
    - Groovy Grails/Springboot
    - MongoDB
    - AWS
Throughout the interview process you can expect the following during your time with us:

    - A coding test
    - Phone call to review with hiring manager
    - Virtual pairing interview (system architecture and design)
    - Hopefully a quick decision and offer!
Software Engineer - https://grnh.se/d56e23313us

Machine Learning Engineer - https://grnh.se/134c4c363us

Hi! I am very much interested in ML role.. I have 2 Years of Industry Experience as Data Scientist and 1+ year of ML - NLP research experience + MS in Data Science.

I am very much passionate about applying ML/DL techniques in healthcare domain. I would love to chat with you..

Intruder | https://intruder.io | Software Engineer | London | ONSITE

Intruder is a SaaS platform that helps companies easily identify their cyber security weaknesses, and fix them, before they get hacked. We're a fast growing startup, over 500 customers from around the world love our product.

Tech stack: Vue.js front-end, back-end uses both Ruby on Rails and Python/Django. Many 3rd party API integrations. Lots of our stuff already runs on Kubernetes, and we're working towards migrating our main app. Unit tests, continuous integration and deployment are core to our dev process.

We're a small team that's mostly based in London, but looking to grow significantly in the near-term. Currently all remote but looking to establish a London office (likely to be in Shoreditch) again soon.

We're looking for a full stack software engineer who likes working in a close-knit team and enjoys all aspects of the dev process and a good amount of DevOps! If that sounds cool, check https://intruder.breezy.hr/p/c46901d9086701-software-enginee... or email me (CTO) at patrick@intruder.io

Asana | San Francisco, New York City, Vancouver [BC] | Onsite | https://asana.com/jobs/engineering#jobs

We're building the future of teamwork. Over 75K paying organizations around the world rely on Asana to coordinate and manage their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. We believe in using the best tools for the job, and being mindful about how we solve problems so that we’re always thinking about the future, while still doing great things, fast.

We're hiring for:

Software Engineer - Product Leads

  - in San Francisco: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/2258436/software-engineer--tech-lead-communications

  - in New York City: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/2251775/software-engineer--tech-lead-track-anything
Product Engineers

   - in San Francisco: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/1074861/software-engineerproduct

   - in New York City: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/1163890/software-engineerproduct

   - in Vancouver: https://asana.com/jobs/apply/1284781/software-engineerproduct

Paige | Software Engineers & More | Full time | NYC & REMOTE

Paige is using deep learning to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. We have raised $95M and have one FDA cleared product. You'll be part of a team of experts in AI, software engineering, and cancer research.

We have multiple roles open, including:

AI Scientist (PhD or equivalent): https://grnh.se/9dfdd02a2us

Senior AI Engineer: https://grnh.se/603eb8c72us

Software Engineer, AI: https://grnh.se/66fb56082us

Senior Software Engineer, Data: https://grnh.se/f7b678462us

Many other positions are also open, including Data Engineer roles, Account Executive, Cyber Security Architect, etc.: https://boards.greenhouse.io/paige?t=676fa8ae2

We provide competitive salaries and stock options to our employees. Help us to save lives and do something that matters.

Learn more at https://paige.ai/

Seesaw | San Francisco, CA or Remote (US) | Onsite or Remote | https://web.seesaw.me Seesaw is a learning platform that brings educators, students and families together to deepen student learning. Teachers design and facilitate powerful learning experiences, students create, reflect, collaborate, and make their learning visible, and families actively support and celebrate student learning. Seesaw is used by millions of K-12 students in over half the schools in the U.S. To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/seesaw

We're currently looking for Sr Full-Stack Software Engineers https://jobs.lever.co/seesaw/26bd1406-4ac9-4ea0-94b3-adf90b7... to help deliver product experiences that delight students, teachers, and families.

Tech Stack: Backend: Python3, Deployed on AWS Lambda + ApiGateway, GraphQL endpoint. Frontend: React written in Typescript.

SerpApi | https://serpapi.com/team | Customer Success | Austin, TX | Full-time | ONSITE or FULLY REMOTE AND REMOTE FIRST COMPANY | $52k 1099 + profit sharing bonuses

SerpApi is a real time API to access search engine results. We solve the issues of having to rent proxies, solving captchas, and JSON parsing in an easy to use and integrate API for our customers.

We are looking someone to join our custom success team. Main tasks are interacting with customers, helping them solve issues they encounter, open tickets on GitHub if it's not solvable directly, invoicing, reaching out and following up, sales, creating content (blog posts and youtube videos), and Enterprise contract negotiations. Experience in customer support, sales, programming, Ruby, Javascript, proxies, APIs, SaaS, B2B, or Browser Automation are not required but are definitely pulses.

Awesome work environment: Our current stack is Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, and React.JS. We do continuous integration, continuous deployments, code reviews, code pairings, profit sharing, and most of communication is async via GitHub. We also value transparency and are a proud organizational member of the EFF.

Contact us @ jobs _AT_ serpapi.com mentioning HN.

Assured Information Security (AIS) is a cyber and information security company with 10 office locations across the United States. From testing drones and searching for vulnerabilities in software to building tools for the cyber war fighter, AIS leads groundbreaking efforts with emphasis on research, entrepreneurship and innovation. If you’re searching for a company that will genuinely care about your growth and happiness, look no further.

We have multiple open positions for software engineers, reverse engineers, network engineers, intelligence analysts and more. Click here for our current openings: https://www.ainfosec.com/careers/job-openings/

Check out our CAN YOU HACK IT?® Challenge to have some fun and test your skills: https://hack.ainfosec.com/.

If you know someone who might be a good fit at AIS, check out our talent referral program: https://www.ainfosec.com/careers/talent-referral/

Feel free to leave any questions below!

GRAIL | Software Engineer, Bioinformatics Scientist, Data Science, Project Management | Menlo Park, CA and London, UK | Onsite

Grail's blood test, Galleri, can detect 50 cancer types. Software is a key part of our product, from powering our clinical study program, processing samples to managing a large scale compute infrastructure. Our tech stack includes React, Go, AWS and open source programs such as Reflow and Bigslice.

Senior Software Engineer: https://bit.ly/35QqSZu

Staff Frontend Software Engineer/Architect: https://bit.ly/2DC4Kcw

Senior Software Engineer (London, UK): https://bit.ly/2ELRcfD

Software Engineer, Test: https://bit.ly/3jEkMCF

Bioinformatics Scientist: https://bit.ly/3aANm3r

Senior Data Scientist: https://bit.ly/30uvCnK

Project Manager: https://bit.ly/3kfEIg0

Survata | Principal/Staff Data/Distributed Systems Engineer | San Francisco | Full-time | ONSITE (REMOTE during COVID, ONSITE after)

About Survata:

Survata is a YC/venture-funded startup that helps large enterprises plan, measure, and optimize brand advertising campaigns. We offer a comprehensive set of tools that help our Fortune 500 clients to understand and improve how they’re perceived in the marketplace, how aware consumers are of the value they provide, and how much consumers trust them to provide the value they promise.

About the Role:

Survata has built an excellent backend system for gathering and statistically analyzing data on consumer sentiment. But our revenue and client list are growing fast, which means we've got to adapt to new levels of scale in our data pipelines. We're looking at doing a substantial overhaul of our data pipelines to prepare us for our next stage of growth. We need experienced technical leaders help us rationalize our cloud costs, architect a new high-efficiency system, and help us develop a highly scalable, highly maintainable set of pipelines.

See and apply for these roles at http://www.survata.com/careers and/or email me: george@survata.com

AnotheReality | Milan, Italy | Mid-Senior Game Developer / XR Developer (Unity) & more | On-Site | https://www.anothereality.io/

We're a VR/AR development studio founded in 2016 based in Milan, coming from the game development industry: we mainly develop B2B applications, but we're also working on a platform to enable future developers (technical and not) to easily develop and deploy XR applications, with open source code to be used within game engines or through a web interface with an authoring tool.

We're now looking for a XR Developer (mainly Unity based, but we also welcome people skilled in Unreal Engine) to expand our development team. Min of 3 years of experience, solid coding skills with C#/C++ (and also outside game engines).

See more on the position here: https://www.anothereality.io/company/work-with-us/xr-gamepla...

If you're interested you can mail directly me (CTO) and ask anything you want at fabio@anothereality.io (add a [HN] in the subject!)

BanyanSecurity | DevOps Engineering | Full Time | Remote (San Francisco, CA)

At Banyan, we are building a truly ubiquitous secure remote access platform that spans clouds, data centers, and all types of devices. Zero Trust.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our team. We are looking for someone who is passionate about developer enablement and infrastructure automation with an emphasis on quality and testing. Our platform operates multi-cloud and runs on Kubernetes.

Key Responsibilities * Develop and continually improve our CD Pipelines * Develop our infrastructure to ensure resilience and performance * Security, Security, Security (we’re a security company) * Collaborate with engineering stakeholders on their productivity challenges

Its a Huge Plus if you have * Multiple Public IaaS experience (GCP, AWS and Azure) * Terraform * Kubernetes ecosystem * CD tools (Gitlab, Spinnaker, Harness or similar) * PKI & Certificate Management

For more information and to apply: https://jobs.lever.co/banyansecurity/7235947b-0435-463b-99dd...


Synthego | Redwood City, CA | Data Engineer | Backend Engineer | ONSITE

Synthego is a mature biotech startup, developing an industrialized CRISPR genetic editing platform. https://www.synthego.com/

About the Data Engineer role:

  - Build ETLs for incorporating (accounting, marketing, biological, chemical, and operational) data from internal and external systems into a data warehouse.
  - Tech stack: Python and SQL
  - Non-CS backgrounds are also welcome.
  More about the role: https://jobs.lever.co/synthego/8a97bcf1-7669-44f8-ba6c-6375b874fdf7
About the Backend Engineer role:

  - Build/improve our customer facing website and webstore.
  - Build integration w/ external services.
  - Collaborate w/ Engineering, Product, Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations, and Finance.
  - Tech stack: Python and Django
  More about the role: https://jobs.lever.co/synthego/60bb98fb-d807-44ff-888a-fab07d40e5d3
All open positions: https://www.synthego.com/careers#open-positions

Reach out at: recinternal [at] gmail dot com

Instavans | Frontend Engineers| Backend Engineers| Android Engineers | Bengaluru | Currently Remote and Onsite post Covid-19

Instavans is a Logistics tech startup focused on the development of SaaS products for the Road Trucking industry. Instavans has built and rolled out SmarTruck™, a SaaS based TMS with a private marketplace. SmarTruck has customers in India & the MENA region and is poised to enter Latam and Sub-saharan Africa. The company’s innovative go-to-market plan involves working with large Shippers and 4PLs (Fourth Party Logistics Service Providers) to synergistically bring their Carriers on board.

We are looking for people to help us supercharge our growth, while we continue to embody the values that have got us so far already. As we are a rapidly growing company you will gain exposure to all areas of the platform, understanding the key success drivers at an engineering team and gaining invaluable experience for your future career. Success in this role will lead to opportunities for growth across the entire engineering team with significant scope for future development.

Backend: Node.js, Moleculer, Hapi/Express, NoSql, AWS, Docker, Git

Frontend: Angular/React, HTML5, Typescript, i18n

Android: Kotlin(Primary), Java

Competitive salary

To apply: careers@instavans.com

Do mention hackernews in the subject.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

ONSITE on Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach, LA Los Angeles (but remote for now). & ONSITE or REMOTE in Florianópolis, Brazil.

AE Studio is looking for a few senior full stack devs to join our team of awesome developers and data scientists. We build products for startups and large companies like Samsung, and work on cool stuff in house.

Separately, we’re also hiring software developers who’d enjoy running our client projects. This role is a hybrid individual contributor/manager role with a lot of interesting challenges involved. We've found that the people who succeed best in them are entrepreneurial developers who love to code but also feel like they should try out "management" or have some freelance or entrepreneurial experience.

We have a pretty fun team of developers, data scientists, designers and PMs. We build products for startups like Protocol Labs and large companies like Samsung, and work on human agency-increasing projects in house, like https://electricsms.com/

We’re currently building things like a COVID-19 test platform and computer vision to do an at-home COVID test, a customizable merch platform with some cool computer vision and nlp behind it, and computer vision for preventative medicine pee sticks.

Apply at https://ae.studio/join-us

Or apply by solving this lighthearted COVID-19 programming challenge: https://challenges.ae.studio/

Glimpse Protocol | Software Engineer (frontend and backend) | Remote (UK-based) | London, UK | Full-time | https://glimpseprotocol.io

Tech Stack: Kotlin, Arrow, SMILE/Tensorflow, Typescript, React, Redux, Styled Components, Ethereum, K8s

Glimpse Protocol is bringing technological innovation to consumer privacy. We create platforms that respect privacy and empower consumers in the ownership of their data.

Our current focus is privacy preserving digital ads - a needed fix for an industry built on questionable consumer data practices. To deliver this, we are building a cross functional team spanning software engineering, data science, data engineering, dev ops, blockchain, and programmatic advertising all wrapped within a performant distributed system.

Glimpse is backed by ConsenSys, Founders Factory, Guardian Media Group Ventures, Innovate UK, Nesta, and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

// Edit to add links for applying

Frontend: https://smrtr.io/4nCD7

Backend: https://smrtr.io/4nCBY

Square | Square Capital - Servicing Platform | Senior Backend or Fullstack Engineer | Full-time | US / Canada (Remote friendly)

We are looking for a senior engineer to join Square's Capital Division, focused on building out our Servicing Platform for lending / credit products.

Job posting: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Square/743999717928642

Tech stack: Mostly Ruby, some Go

You will:

Work with engineering, product, and other partners to build software that is clean and forward-thinking Develop modern APIs that integrate web clients with server backends Build well-designed, reusable systems to model financial systems, financial transactions, and borrower experiences Build systems that collect and maintain customers’ sensitive data, while holding Square to the highest standards for security and compliance Design fault tolerant systems so the team can be brave and move fast, without ever negatively affecting our customers Participate in ongoing training to maintain current knowledge of BSA/AML and perform BSA/AML duties as required by job function

Qualifications You have:

- 3+ years of software engineering experience - Interest in working on backend systems, from APIs and business logic to optimizing database transactions - Interest in modeling complex domains and building resilient systems to support real world applications - Strong software development skills and computer science fundamentals - Interest in working with other engineering teams and partners

Kipsu | Senior Software Engineer | Minneapolis, MN | Onsite | Full-Time


Kipsu is a nine-year old, bootstrapped software company whose messaging tools keep personal connections at the heart of service. We're hiring driven, curious developers with 3 - 5 years of experience to become a vital part of our engineering team of 15 and help us build the next phase of our industry-leading software platform.

What to expect:

• Design systems, select technologies, drive meaningful changes, and help shape the culture as a key player on our team.

• Embrace DevOps not just as jargon but as a philosophy.

• A culture of learning and take a “no fear” attitude toward solving interesting problems.

• Blameless sprint retrospectives with a focus on experimentation and continuous improvement.

• Plenty of opportunities for leadership from day one as we scale.

• Reliance on OO principles and solid coding practices. Our stack includes apps and services in PHP, Javascript / Node.js / Typescript / React, Python, Swift, and Kotlin.

Our team members are given the trust and license to excel at their jobs, and are supported along the way to continuously grow.

If you’re interested in learning more, we welcome you to email us at resume@kipsu.com, or to view our full job description at http://kipsu.co/3ivc and apply there. Either way, a human will get back to you!

Does Kipsu do internships? I have a son who is starting his junior year at U of Minnesota, Twin Cities in the Computer Engineering program. This past summer he had applied for a bunch of internships and with COVID-19 shutdowns everything just dried up.

We do! We don't have one open right now but are always open to connect with bright students and see if there would be a fit for next summer. You can have him reach out to resume@kipsu.com if he's interested.

CoinTracker (YC W18) | Remote (Global) | Full Time | Senior Software Engineer | https://www.cointracker.io

CoinTracker is a portfolio manager for cryptocurrency. Used by over 100,000 cryptocurrency holders with over $1,500,000,000 in crypto assets, it enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio, investment performance and calculate taxes.

Bigger picture, we are building a financial assistant for all financial assets. Our mission is to increase the financial freedom and prosperity of individuals and companies.

We have a lot of interesting technical problems that need to be solved to make cryptocurrency easier to use for the mainstream.

We are a fully distributed, tight-knit team of less than 10 people spread across five countries and seven cities. All applicants are welcome, as long as your work can overlap for a solid 4 hours with 9am to 5pm PST on work days.

We are looking for senior software engineers who love building great products and engineering systems, enjoy being in early-stage startups, and are passionate about cryptocurrency or financial services.

Tech stack: Python, Postgres, Redis, GraphQL, React, React Native, Heroku, AWS

If you're interested, please tell us a bit about yourself and apply on https://jobs.lever.co/cointracker/abb7f14c-5ad4-474a-ad5a-53...

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly: jon+hn@cointracker.io

MemSQL (https://memsql.com) | Lisbon (Portugal), San Francisco and Seattle | Full Time

MemSQL is a database startup focused on high performance and hybrid workloads (HTAP). Our customers include half of the top 10 US banks, 2 of the top 3 US telcos, and 12% of the fortune 100. You can read all about our product here: https://memsql.com/product.

Right now, we are in the process of building a next generation data platform capable of handling many different workloads in one system. Think about a massive company storing all of its data, operational or analytical together. That's the vision — and if that resonates with you, say hello!

We have several positions open:

* Senior Software Engineer, Frontend (Portugal) * Software Engineer, Frontend (Portugal)

* Senior Software Engineer, Helios Serverless Backend (SF, Seattle, US Remote or Portugal)

* Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SF, Seattle or US Remote)

* Software Engineer, Database Engine (SF, Seattle, US Remote or Portugal)

* Senior Software Engineer, Performance (Seattle)

Careers page with individual links for each open position: https://www.memsql.com/careers/jobs/

If you want to learn more about the engineering work we do, check out memsql.engineering.

Feel free to email directly at david at memsql dot com.

Cookpad | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | Bristol, UK | REMOTE, relocation assistance available, ONSITE option (post Covid-19) | Full time | VISA sponsorship Cookpad is the world's largest recipe sharing service, with over 100M monthly users globally. This is an opportunity to join the Global division of Cookpad, which is headquartered in Bristol (United Kingdom), and is responsible for 30+ languages and 70+ countries.

Cookpad is growing its SRE Team and is looking for 3 senior SRE engineers.

The team is working from home currently. Remote welcome, +/- 2h London timezone-dependent. Relocation welcome. Relocation assistance available.

The team currently use:

- Programming language: Ruby and Go for scripting and building tools.

- Infrastructure-as-Code: Terraform, Jsonnet and Itamae (our own lightweight Chef).

- Cloud provider: AWS.

- Container schedulers: Kubernetes and AWS ECS.

- CI/CD: AWS CodeBuild, Github Actions and Jenkins.

- Observability: Grafana, Prometheus, Thanos, Alertmanager, Elasticsearch and Amazon CloudWatch.

- Data stores: MySQL, Redis, Memcached and DynamoDB.

- Event Streaming: Kafka.

Learn more about the role and apply: https://apply.workable.com/cookpad/j/6B53AF891D/

Learn more about Cookpad's mission to make everyday cooking fun: https://www.cookpadteam.com/

Phaxio | Senior Full Stack Engineer & Full Stack Engineers | Full-Time | Remote

Phaxio's goal is to make it simple to build robust faxing capabilities into software. Our goal is to give you all of the tools so that you don't have to spend any brain/dev cycles thinking about to make fax work. It's not the sexiest problem but the fax industry continues to grow, significantly year over year.

You'll fit with our team if you love writing elegant, clean, and tested code. You love to dabble in all parts of the software development lifecycle, from IDE to production. You are willing to get your hands dirty using a variety of technologies, some of which you’ve never even heard of yet. If a problem sounds interesting, you’re the first to raise your hand to dig in and solve it, often because you’re already thinking of solutions before the conversation is over. You may have built a product or written code professionally that isn’t “just some website”. You are always looking to help a colleague, but have no problem asking for help when you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock. You are a stickler about the details but are a master at navigating the constant balancing act between perfection and “ready to deploy”.

We're a close-knit team that really appreciates each others company (even though we're mostly remote) and insights. We're mainly looking for someone that feel really comfortable with Rails although we do use a smattering of other technologies as well.

If you're interested send me a note directly (email in profile) or Apply here: https://inteliquent.com/careers

Pico MES | Frontend Developer | Backend Dev | North America | Remote | Full-Time

Pico MES is a well funded Seed stage startup developing a software/hardware system deployed in midsize factories. We have a web-based product which allows manufacturing engineers and technicians to create and manage their entire workflows within the factory and crosses everything from electric vehicles to aerospace and more. We also provide a distributed hardware system for integrating the 100s of devices on the factory floor into our system. We're a team of software and hardware engineers that understand what it takes to build a highly capable manufacturing line and we need your help.

We're looking for an experienced Frontend Engineer to implement some very cool UI designs collaborating with our in-house UI/UX designer. We primarily use React/Redux and Golang on the backend. We're also hiring for a backend engineer. Lots of growth potential as we go after the 40k+ midsize factories in the US alone.

Our team is remote though most are located on the West Coast, US. Our customers are spread throughout the US and in the future we'll likely have an office or support location in the Midwest.

Please reach out to me zac [at] picomes.com

Prune AI | New York, NY | Senior Full-Stack Engineers, Senior Backend Engineers | Full Time | Remote (US) or Onsite (NYC)

Prune.ai presents a scientific approach to social media marketing. We are building an AI-powered marketplace to help businesses promote their products with word-of-mouth on social media. We have an MVP in stealth mode and are currently testing in closed beta.

We are looking for: * Experienced Full-stack/frontend engineer (React, bootstrap, HTML5/CSS, Django)

* Experienced Backend Engineer (Python, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS and/or Azure, Scala and experience with Spark preferred)

* Machine Learning Scientist (Python, Tensorflow or PyTorch, R or Matlab, Docker or Kubernetes, Scala and experience with Spark preferred, Masters+/PhD preferred)

The engineering team works directly with Machine Learning Scientists, so there is an opportunity for significant technical learning. Our team includes a PhD, ex-Amazon, and people with 10+ years of experience. Our team of 5 is fully remote at the moment, but we'd prefer applicants from the US to maximize time-zone overlap.

MORE INFO/APPLY HERE: https://angel.co/company/prune-ai/jobs

Chartable | Product Engineer, Sr. Backend Engineer, Account Manager, Account Executive | New York City, NY | Remote | Full Time

Chartable's podcast analytics and attribution tools help publishers grow, and help brands & agencies understand their spend. We're trusted by top publishers and brands to handle hundreds of millions of podcast downloads per month.

We’re a startup in a growing market, funded by top-tier investors including Initialized Capital, Naval Ravikant, Greycroft, Ryan Hoover, and others. We offer great benefits (medical, dental, gym, vacation, etc), and a generous options grant.

We don't care about where you went to school, or whether you have a Big Name on your résumé. We love to work with people who are driven, kind, and proactive. Though we're based in New York, we're open to working with anyone within the continental US. (We're unfortunately unable to accept international applicants.)

We use:

* Rails (backend) and React (frontend)

* Heroku and AWS Lambda/Serverless

* Postgres, Redis, Citus Data, and Elasticsearch

Open Positions:

* Product Engineer (Come help build, improve and maintain Chartable’s suite of products)

* Senior Backend Engineer (Help us move to a stream-based architecture!)

* Account Manager (sales, support, customer service)

* Account Executive (business development, sales)

For more information and to apply: https://chartable.com/jobs/

Iteratively | Engineers & Designer | Full Time | Remote

Iteratively helps teams who rely on data to capture clean, consistent analytics they can trust.

You will be working in an early-stage but fast-growing VC backed startup with experienced founders.

Tech stack: TypeScript, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, AWS.

Senior Software Engineer: https://iterative.ly/careers/senior-software-engineer/

Senior Backend Engineer: https://iterative.ly/careers/senior-backend-engineer/

Senior Frontend Engineer: https://iterative.ly/careers/senior-frontend-engineer/

Product Design Lead: https://iterative.ly/careers/product-design-lead/

I’m one of the co-founders of Iteratively, feel free to reach out to me at patrick@iterative.ly with any questions.

DataCamp | Javascript Engineers | Leuven(BE)/London(UK)/Remote(CET +/- 2h) | Full-time

DataCamp is building the best platform to learn and teach data skills. We create technology for personalized learning experiences and bring the power of data fluency to millions of people around the world.

We are looking for talented Full Stack Software Engineers to help us craft web applications that make it easier to build interactive DataCamp courses and/or help us improve and redefine the core learning experience. You will be part of a great team, building applications and solving technical challenges every single day! We are open to remote candidates in a comparable timezone.

For more information and to apply go to https://boards.greenhouse.io/datacamp/jobs/1402346


Apart from Javascript engineers we are also looking for a Content Developer, Head of Curriculum, Data Scientist, Salesforce Admin, Paid Social manager, UX designer, Product manager, and more! Check https://www.datacamp.com/jobs/ for more opportunities

PawBoost | Senior PHP Backend Engineer | Raleigh, NC | REMOTE or ONSITE | Full Time | PawBoost.com

PawBoost is a small <10 person tech company founded in 2014 that helps pet owners reunite with their missing pets through web, email, and social media. Bootstrapped and employee-owned. We take pride in our ability to stay lean, profitable, and fiscally responsible while helping thousands of lost pets every day.

We're looking to hire an experienced PHP developer to transition ownership of our core Yii2 powered backend to. Ideally someone with experience bringing a legacy codebase from the depths of MVP, duct-taped, scrappyness with little testing to a well maintained well operated application and beyond.

Our Stack: AWS, Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, PHP7, Yii2 Framework, jQuery / Vanilla JS / SASS / Bootstrap, Docker

You will:

- Help modernize the application

- Work with product team to build out new features

- Maintain existing features and fix bugs where necessary

- Work with frontend/devops developers to automate and bridge gaps


- 3-5+ years of professional PHP development

- Experience with PHP MVC frameworks (Bonus points for Yii2)

- Deep understanding of ORM, MySQL, queries and table structures

- Solid PHP test experience

Remote work ok, easy-going team, build stuff that genuinely helps people everyday.

If you are interested please send CV and Github link (if available) to tim at pawboost . com

FiniteState | Infrastructure Engineer | Columbus, OH | PERMANENT REMOTE OK | Full time

Infrastructure Engineer (Kubernetes)

At Finite State, we are leveraging massive amounts of data to solve the next generation of security problems generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). We are seeking an Infrastructure Kubernetes Engineer to help us provide comprehensive cybersecurity for the modern World. The individual filling this role will work on building world class information security products with one or more agile development teams. If you are an experienced self-starter who enjoys working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, then we want to talk to you!

About you:

   * Expert sysadmin, experienced in managing large deployments

   * Master troubleshooter - you know how computers work inside and out

   * You enjoy challenge and won’t stop until it’s solved

   * Program in at least one popular language, Python preferred, others welcome (Go, C, Rust, Assembly, even PHP)

   * Experience in UNIX-focused operations role (5+ years)

   * Docker [vanila, swarm], Kubernetes, or Nomad - large infrastructure is what you eat for breakfast

   * You know your neighbor's wifi password

   * You’re not afraid of recompiling your Kernel or tweaking bootloaders

About the job:

   * Support and develop our data processing infrastructure, currently AWS (serverless)

   * Work on our next-generation platform, supporting on-premises deployment (Kubernetes, Kafka, OpenFAAS)

   * Ensure high reliability and stability of the platform

   * Automate, automate, automate, monitor

   * Provide technical direction and ownership of the infrastructure

How would we apply for this position? Not listed as an open position on https://finitestate.io/careers/ or https://apply.workable.com/finitestate/.

This position is so fresh, you get a head start while we work on getting it onto the careers page. Feel free to drop us a note using contact form and we'll continue the conversation from there.

Looks like the only opening listed on the FiniteState site is a QA position.

This position is so fresh, you get a head start while we work on getting it onto the careers page. Feel free to drop us a note using contact form and we'll continue the conversation from there.

Interested. How to apply?

Thanks for your interest, we're trying to get the posting up on the careers site (http://finitestate.io/careers/). If you'd like to get a head start, please use the contact form and we'll get back to you right away.

Viaduct | ML Engineer, Data Engineer, Site-Reliability Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, Software Engineer | SF | Fulltime'

At Viaduct, we are developing an end-to-end machine learning platform to empower automakers to build safer, smarter, and personalized vehicles. Our platform increases the accessibility and actionability of connected vehicle data for automakers and their end-customers. We are a small, diverse team motivated to solve the hardest problems in the automotive industry and are looking for thoughtful and driven engineers to join us!

To get a sense of our engineering culture, check out the open-source projects we've created or maintain:

- https://github.com/viaduct-ai/kustomize-sops

- https://github.com/viaduct-ai/hybridcontents

- https://github.com/jupyter-incubator/sparkmagic

- https://github.com/shreyashankar/gpt3-sandbox

- https://github.com/viaduct-ai/pipelines

Reach out at recruiting@viaduct.ai


Amazon EKS | Sr Software Engineer | Remote (US/Canada) | Full Time

As a Senior Software Engineer in the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) team you will help us deliver the mission of making AWS the best place to run containers. You will be part of an exceptional team that is moving the needle towards making containers as the next generation compute platform. This is an opportunity to engineer systems on a massive scale, and to gain top-notch experience in distributed systems and cloud computing.


Also hiring:

* Senior Software Manager https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1202522/software-development...

* Software Engineer https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1253531/software-development...

Cookie.AI | Remote | Full time

Cookie.AI, Inc. is a remote-first stealth startup headquartered in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area. We are building a market category defining data security company for the dynamic world of cybersecurity. We are well-funded and backed by top-tier VCs and CEOs as our angel investors. The founders and early team have very strong entrepreneurial experiences, late stage startups, and big companies. We are looking for engineers (distributed systems, SaaS platform, fullstack) with strong interests and hands-on experiences in machine learning / security / SaaS. You will play a critical role in building products, working closely with early design partners and customers, and collaborating with senior engineers who have built and shipped $1B+ products. You will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies (Presto, Kafka, Golang, Docker, K8s, Figma, React.js, GraphQL, Cloud Native Services, etc.) and many others from the open-source world. We are looking for characteristics such as ambition, commitment to build a company, passion to build products, and intellectual curiosity to innovate! Please reach out: hello AT cookie.ai

onXmaps, Inc | 3D, Geospatial, Android, VueJS, Golang, Python | Montana or REMOTE, USA only | https://www.onxmaps.com/careers

ABOUT – onX is a leading off-the-pavement GPS app, allowing users to download sophisticated topographic maps for outdoor exploration. We bring our devotion to the outdoors to work daily with a singular, powerful goal; to inspire others to find their own adventures off the pavement.


LEAD Senior 3D Engineer (WebGL, OpenGL and Metal) – This person will lead the development of our web and mobile 3D platform. https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=187&source=aWQ...

Android Engineer (Kotlin) – https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=196&source=aWQ...

Software Development Engineer (Geospatial Data Automation, Python, Golang) – https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=175&source=aWQ...

Front-End Engineer (VueJS) – https://onxmaps.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=223&source=aWQ...

Contact: recruitment@onxmaps.com

Retrium | Senior Software Engineers and Staff Software Engineers | 100% Remote | Full Time

Retrium is a funded startup that helps teams improve their agile processes by facilitating effective and engaging retrospective meetings.

We’re a small but growing cross-functional team of passionate and fun people. We have an outstanding leadership team and a dedication to company culture, so you’ll always feel connected to our mission, even though you can work from anywhere in the US. We’re lucky enough to have an awesome product, great revenue growth, high customer satisfaction, and low churn. We also have amazing benefits!

Here’s a video from our last retreat that shows a bit about our company culture: https://retrium.wistia.com/medias/yk8pz2q3ma

We're looking to hire Senior Software Engineers and Staff Software Engineers who are eager to work with these technologies: - JavaScript (ES6, babel, Flow, webpack, npm)

- React (hooks, functional components)

- WebSockets

- Node (express.js)

- MongoDB

- Redis


- Docker (scripting, Linux)


To apply, please send an email to developer-role@retrium.com or apply through AngelList. Here's more about these opportunities: https://angel.co/company/retrium/jobs/854780-senior-software...

Quorum | Full-Stack Software Engineers | Washington, DC | Onsite, Full-time | https://www.quorum.us/careers/

Quorum is a 120-person DC-based software company whose data and tools form the technology backbone for public affairs teams. Our software supports government affairs, grassroots advocacy, stakeholder engagement, media monitoring, and much more.

Called "The Moneyball Effect on K Street" by the Washington Post and "Google for Congress" by the Huffington Post, Quorum's software is used by four of the top five tech companies, major companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, non-profits like the Sierra Club and the United Nations Foundation, and many other companies, trade associations, non-profits, and advocacy groups.

Our engineers work the full stack using tools like React/Redux, Django, PostgreSQL, React Native, Ansible, and much more. We're currently hiring for two roles: * Engineering Manager * Full-Stack Software Engineer

Learn more about our team at https://www.quorum.us/careers/.

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