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Sporttrade | Full Time | Software & Web Developers | Philadelphia, PA/New York, NY - remote flexibility considered

Sporttrade is an exciting sports betting startup looking to disrupt the traditional sportsbook industry. Built just like a financial exchange, the Sporttrade platform allows customer to trade on sports outcomes by buying and selling event contracts which trade between 0 and 100, and reflect the market's probability of the underlying event occuring.

We are currently hiring interested individuals for roles:

  - Full Stack Web Developer - own and build our internal tools, dashboards, and eventually our public web application
  - Software Developer - work on our cloud-based microservices system running on Kubernetes
  - Lead Developer, Exchange Technologies Group - work with our team of industry veterans to build and implement our Exchange systems
  - Lead, Information Security & Risk Management - implement and own our Security Controls framework and infosec infrastructure such as WAF and SIEM
Go to https://getsporttrade.com/careers to apply.

If you're interested in joining our team, but don't see a position open for your skillset, we are actively growing. Please send your information to careers@getsporttrade.com

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