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on July 30, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite

Every video was an underage girl in her pajamas mumbling into the camera. Don't think I'll be heading back there... Fun idea though.

Thanks for your comment. I think a lot of those people broadcast during the day and it just happens to be the evening right now. Every app seems to have its own social atmosphere and community; I used to have a shareware app for users of eBay, and was even a PowerSeller for a short time; the user base of my app was closer to age 50 than 20. Do you have suggestions on features that could be useful to this userbase? I've noticed that almost everybody has pop music playing in the background, for example. Maybe something related to music and fashion? Thanks.

Does Justin.tv have an age limit? Do you guys enforce it? I'm not familiar with the product. Is there a lot of live porn on it?

For this app, what search settings did you use? "Women/under 20/personal" or something like that?

Justin.tv is not a porn site. We have admins watching for anything inappropriate at all times of day using a variety of admin tools; we also have flags a user can trigger in case they feel they should bring a channel to their attention.

Justin was about 20 when he started the lifecasting genre, and that's still about the age group that seems to want to share their life online the most. I get the list of live streams in the "social" category once a minute, and show those channels that have viewers (at least 5.) I don't think the age of the broadcaster is available in the API, but that sounds like a good addition.

Hey all,

I made this in about a day (a bit longer than that, but I was sick, so...) I encourage you to try it out and provide feedback! It's written in Ruby on Rails. It's like Hot Or Not, but for Live Video. Any suggestions are welcome!

More importantly, what features could take this application to the next level? Right now, it's just a tech demo, but it could be its own app. Thanks.

Aside from the name being obvious copyright infringement..

the original hotornot concept was about people posting pics to get feedback. here it's not clear whether the people submitted themselves to be rated, or can see the votes. it makes a difference whether users think their votes matter or not.

make sure the next feed you show me isn't the one i just voted on.

the skip button encourages people to not vote.

it's not obvious you can click the image to enter the chat room.

otherwise, it's pretty good :)

I'm a fan of the skip button. It made my user experience a more comfortable one, and in the long run made me want to vote more often. I felt like I had a certain degree of freedom, which made this a refreshing break from the sort of pushy UI that tries to force you to act in its own interest. As a consequence, I felt a stronger impulse to contribute by voting.

I think the original "Hot or Not" won't like the name you're using.

Well, I think 'not liking' doesnt get them really far. http://www.hotornot.com/pages/trademark.html

I just hope the users have voluntarily participated to this...

"This app was developed by Vlad, an intern at Justin.tv to demo our API."

I'm just gonna have a seat right over there.

oh wow, this is sweet. justin.tv rocks...

I can think of a dozen other cool simple ideas that could be implemented with their new api.

I think you may need to tweak the randomness a little though. I got the same girl-in-pajamas 4 times in a row.

Thanks. The app favors broadcasters it has never seen live before, so often it's just a couple of users who are "new" that minute, and therefore the app favors those users far and above of anybody else because there are only a few that fit that criteria, when it "hits". However, I like that algorithm. It's just missing the next piece: specifically ignoring the channels the viewer has just seen, which I will work on tomorrow.

Must have an age filter. Only show me people OVER 18.

Good suggestion. Age isn't in the API yet but I will ask.

Bahahaha Awesome idea, I don't really know what would a good addition but very fun :D

Watching people (girls) read their monitors. Creepy.

Love the idea but it's asking for trouble. Live girls getting instant feedback...

This will not end well.

What are your suggestions? Let me know how you would improve it.

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