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created:March 21, 2007
karma: 3715
about: @vlad on Hacker News, GitHub, and @vla on Twitter.

http://vlad.github.io <awe.me>

I'm a senior engineer experienced with many platforms and languages. Most recently, I provided front-end expertise to build some of the most frequently used applications and features at two big leading SaaS companies over the last four years.

In 2012, I built a responsive web application from scratch for the founders of YouTube that is still a real product.

At Justin.tv, I worked on API examples, building the first spin-off for one category of channels in just two days (later, someone did the same for gaming channels which became Twitch.)

I also designed, built, and packaged a desktop application for Mac/Windows/Linux from scratch in three weeks to enable new use cases for Justin.tv users.