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created:March 21, 2007
about:Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/yazhbin

Email: <hiremyuserhandle at awe.me>

@vla on Twitter; @vladician on Instagram; @vlad on Hacker News, GitHub, Twitch

Hi! I'm Vladislav, a full-stack engineer leading front-end efforts for VideoML for Meta. Previously, I led and shipped B2C and B2B products for DoorDash, Uber, Salesforce, Medallia, and with the founders of Twitch and YouTube.

In 2012, I led and shipped MixBit.com for YouTube founders at the same time as we launched the MixBit mobile app, both a way for users to watch and remix videos (like TikTok).

In 2009 at Justin.tv (which became Twitch), I created a Win/Mac/Linux command line app used for streaming 1 million hours of video from VLC to our video servers. Also, I built the first spin-off of a channel category in two days, months before this was done for SocialCam, and then again gaming to start Twitch.

Through 2003-2007, I designed, built, and shipped a desktop app for 1,000 paying customers in 12 countries to win auctions on a dozen eBay sites, Yahoo! auctions, and Overstock.