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created:June 18, 2008
karma: 7253
about: Me: bradflora.com

Today: I work at Brave.com and invest in startups personally and through a fund on Angel List that invests in each YC batch.

2014-2016: Ran display product at Marin.

2014: Perfect Audience acquired by Marin Software: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/06/i_sold_my_startup_for_25_5_million_here_s_how_i_did_it.html

2012: Pivoted into Perfect Audience, easy self-service ad retargeting.

2011: Took NowSpots through YC.

2010: Started NowSpots, a rich media ad company.

2008-2010: WindyCitizen - Bootstrapped local news site for Chicago politicos. Joined HN after reading about it on TechCrunch.

2006-2008: Freelance Journalist at Slate, Grad school at Northwestern for Journalism.

2004-2006: Admissions officer at Princeton.

2000-2004: Studied viking sagas and Victorian fiction at Princeton.

I read Hacker News to learn from other people out there in the trenches. Also, I enjoy the sheer "smarts" that float around here.