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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (June 2012)
89 points by whoishiring on June 1, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 79 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.

Seeking work - Remote, Freelance

iOS product management, user-experience, product design.

How I work:

I will have a thorough phone discussion with you about what the product will do, who the users are, etc., then I will iterate through several wireframe's, getting your feedback. You'll be able to reach me via IM, email, or phone. Once we have a wire-frame, I'll get you PSD's and/or any other images you need.

Latest project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/onp88n40ub5peb5/preview.png

Email me: freelance@adamchavez.net

Beautifully designed!


offtopic: why do you need "scan" button? The system should know if it sees QR code by itself.

Great question.

When the app is opened, the default view is for the scanner to be open and ready to scan. The only reason for the "scan" button is if the user has gone to "history" or "settings" and then wants to go back to "scan" mode.

Feel free to test the app out yourself: http://bit.ly/IcwM62

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Europe (Italy)

I’ve just made the jump from corporate life to freelancing and I’m looking for my first clients to kick-start my new activity!

What can I do for you:

  * Android apps;

  * Image/video processing and computer vision;

  * Web front-end development (HTML/CSS/Javascript);

  * Qt Quick Interface development (QML);

  * Web back-end development (PHP/Mysql/Python/Ruby/Redis);

  * Machine learning;
I'm also interested in picking up technologies i'm less familiar with (e.g. iOS development, Windows 8 Metro development), obviously billing lower rates - not billing training hours. I assure that I deliver what I promise.

Email: federico<at>benedet.to

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/fedons

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/fedons

SEEKING FREELANCER - Spurfly - Palo Alto, CA or Arlington, VA - LOCAL or REMOTE

    • Designer (Android and iOS primarily, as well as web)

    • Front-end developer for desktop web and/or mobile web
If you happen to be both of the above, that'd be awesome. Help us scale and meet demand for real-time location-aware planning. Our focus is on groups and events ("spur of the moment, on the fly"). We've launched the first version of our iOS app and are working on a web and Android version.

The founders are straight shooters who value clear communication and getting stuff done. We're obssessed with creating a product that fills what we see as a major hole in social networking software -- helping people more efficiently connect in real-life with close networks so they can spend more of their time building and enriching real relationships.


    • frontend: coffeescript, jQuery, backbone.js, socket.io, compass

    • backend: python, django, gevent, gunicorn, nginx, postgresql
Immediate front-end needs include many web design tasks and coffeescript/js templates for our single-page architecture web site. We're also on the lookout for a good mobile app designer to help us design our first Android release and update our iOS app UI as we gather feedback from users.

Support what's going to potentially be a wild ride as we do launch events over the next few months.

gmail - davidmarble (main tech guy on the founding team)

SEEKING WORK - BC, Canada, Remote, up to 30% travel

Certified, incorporated Project Management contractor/consultant. I mostly work with US clients.

My dream client is a smaller start-up-ish company that has a product (or products) available in the market. Your clients need some assistance and oversight when deploying/installing/implementing said product. You need a gatekeeper between the client and the development team - someone who can set their expectations realistically and tell the difference between a bug and a PEBKAC error.

Projects never go as fast as they should, right? From my experience on software implementation projects with Massive Fortune 500 corporations, I know what to expect and can help them plan realistically to avoid those surprise scrambles :)

I'm a technology loving geek, but not socially awkward (or so I like to think). Incorporated, professional, funny and adventurous.



We're expanding our web services and want someone keen to get their feet really wet with Javascript front-end development with a focus on both desktop and mobile. You've got experience with JQuery and maybe you're in love in Python. If you want to play with MapReduce, write an API, scale web services and work with real-time data, there's a lot of fun yet to be had. We really love our industry and are the current leading service provider in our field, working with top clients internationally. Email us at hire.me.mex@gmail.com with some work you've done.


Web & User Interface Designer looking to work with startups, smaller companies (e.g. agencies, 2-3 person teams), and cool non-profits/orgs. I offer affordable rates and decent turnaround times. Ideal projects involve product and web application design.

Proficient in: Visual Design (Photoshop), HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and Wordpress.

Comfortable working with: Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Git

Recent Work: Dribbble - http://www.dribbble.com/rglover

Portfolio: http://www.ryanglover.net Email: me@ryanglover.net

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco/Remote

I'm an iOS/Rails developer with App Store experience who used to work at Hipster (www.hipster.com). Our work was ranked on all of Apple's top lists: What's Hot, New and Noteworthy, and Staff Favorites. We were recently acquired by Aol. Now, I'm freelancing full-time.

I'm capable of creating RESTful Rails APIs to power apps. The only support I need is a designer to create UI mockups.

Prior to Hipster, I worked at Google, Microsoft, and Apple (http://www.linkedin.com/in/joshavant).

Say hello at GarageAppsmiths@gmail.com !

App Store:

Hipster (App Store: http://bit.ly/ouvxl5 | Website: http://www.hipster.com | Press: http://tcrn.ch/ygaTMo)

Timeline Photos (App Store: http://bit.ly/IU9HsD | Source: http://bit.ly/KJz3vv)

WiFriend (Currently developing RESTful API in Rails + iOS App - Mockups: http://cl.ly/0u0E1P3J1b1h2u2F1F0w , http://cl.ly/2E0E213C1b0A1U3N2Q0x , http://cl.ly/0g3f423N0o022h46071D )

GitHub: http://github.com/joshavant

By the way, I'm local to San Francisco and the Bay Area and not opposed to in-house work or onsite meetings!

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Freelance

Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now.

I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs. Here's my portfolio:

* http://www.cloudshuffle.com/

* http://www.sidmitra.com/portfolio.html

Contact details in my profile or the link above.

Here're some examples from my portfolio:

* http://www.teaspiller.com - An online marketplace for tax experts.

* http://www.garnishbar.com - social network, to share mixed drink recipes

* http://www.fertilityplanit.com, built their self serve ad network + billing and payments.

* http://www.turlytag.com - an app to connect owners with people who found their lost items.

* http://www.fratmusic.com - an online radio streaming app serving over 1.3 million uniques a month.

* http://www.emriq.com - a web based medical records platform for small to medium clinics.

* http://loudfarm.com - A music event site.

and many more.

SEEKING WORK - Remote / San Francisco / Santa Barbara

- Web app development: Python, Ruby, PHP, Java (backend) and HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ExtJS (frontend)

- Mobile development: iOS and Android

- Server/infrastructure: Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, open source (no Microsoft)

- Well-versed in every framework under the sun: Django, Rails, WordPress, 3rd Party APIs, et cetera

We're a team of three that work together with the coherence of one. Latest projects include co-founding a mobile transaction and data security company [1], helping jumpstart a web malware and anti-virus plugin [2], and working on a web-based property manager [3].

Let's work together!



[1] www.claveo.com -- Mobile and transaction and data security with a scalable web service and strong cryptographic mobile clients (we were co-founders)

[2] www.getcocoon.com -- In-browser malware and anti-virus protection (we built part of the web interface, server back end, and front-end clients)

[3] www.appfolio.com -- Web-based extremely intuitive property management (front-end interface, back-end, and server deployment and continuous integration management console)

SEEKING WORK - Remote Full-stack web developer based in Minsk, Belarus. Seeking remote work in US company with possibility to relocate in the future.

Main skills: Server side: Node.js, PHP Databases: MongoDB, MySQL Client side: plain JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, etc. Layout: HTML5, CSS3 Strong UX and basic design skills.

http://www.fastblogfinder.com/ - wrote a blog search engine for the app.

http://www.fastdirectorysubmitter.com/ - wrote the app and a PHP backend.

http://glockanalytics.com - wrote and designed from scratch. Running on node + mongodb.

I did two more node.js freelance projects. One is a video processing service and the other is a realtime web application part of a financial trading platform. Sadly I can't disclose more info due to NDA.

Github profile: http://github.com/neocoder

Before web development was doing programming for windows with Delphi and C.

My email: neocoder@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK p/t - Amsterdam, NL - remote, freelance

I am a (slightly older than most) student living in Amsterdam for the month. I'm currently sole developer on an unannounced startup, but with the semester ending I have some time for smaller side projects. I am a generalist with decent skills in a wide variety of activities, and have written production code in HTML/CSS/JS, Flash/AS, Perl, VBA/VB6 (ewwww), and C#, and have recently begun tinkering around with Wordpress. Much of my work is in small, private, one-off projects (custom reporting, dynamic banner ads, random hacks to clean up data mistakes by production servers, etc), but am not completely bereft of publicly-visible projects.



Sample work: the Dynamite Deals Firefox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dynamite-deal...

Looking for short-term (days to a week or two) tasks.

PS- I can do English-language copywriting, technical documentation, Photoshop, video editing, and a bunch of other things too!

SEEKING FREELANCER - Berkeley, CA (Remote Considered)

~=> Android Tablet Hardware Hacker <=~

Interested in CyanogenMod? Like hacking & rooting Android tablets? Ever thought it would be fun to hack together your own tablet, from scratch?


This is the type of person we are looking for. If you're interested, we would love to chat! Ping us with a bit of information about yourself and your background...



Particularly experienced in Django. Solid familiarity with C#, and firmly intermediate fluency in Haskell.

Client side experience with jQuery, backbone and coffeescript. I have a simple iOS app in the App Store as well.

Would enjoy working in-person in NYC, but remote is fine as well.




5 year old established and well publicized "cloud" start-up with millions of registered users seeking a rockstar PHP / mobile / HTML5 / futurist lead developer to turn the web on its head in an ambitious redirection.

Email CEO at boldnewdirections@gmail.com (blind email address for obvious reasons)


Starting salary negotiable with generous equity offering for the right candidate. Remote OK, located or willing to relocate to Downtown Detroit, MI strongly preferred within 2-3 months of employment.

You'll be working side-by-side with CEO/product chief/designer as part of a small team. The groundwork has been laid, and you'll play a key role in reshaping the company as it goes from good to great. Tremendous and immediate growth opportunity.

Highly qualified candidates should email us resume + working examples of your work + current availability. This is for a full-time position.


Hi there. How are you doing? My company is looking to hire several freelancers to develop a multitude of small mobile apps. You can use whatever technology you are comfortable with: native iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or an HTML/JavaScript framework. (Even better if you have XP on several of those.)

The only non-negotiable requirements are: previous experience developing a mobile app, and an understanding of REST APIs.

On our end, we’re a growing startup with solid funding. We will pay top dollar for top work. I was a freelancer for many years, so I know the potential pet peeves and potholes of such relationships – I will take care of you as I wish my clients had taken care of me.

Please send sample work you think is relevant to tim@apigee.com (code samples & full apps preferred) and let’s kick ass together.


I'm a seasoned frontend dev with an extreme eye for detail, and a knack for product design.


I've been lead frontend developer on over 60 pixel perfect projects, and a jack of all trades aside from that. I dream in Javascript and a huge fan of Knockout.js data-binding framework.

But my real passion is product design. I've applied to Y-Combinator, and was a 2-time finalist in an incubator here in St. Louis. I have a page full of killer product ideas, some of which have gotten funded by others to the tune of $1 million or more.

I've been building WordPress marketing sites for 7 years and I'm pretty sick of it, would love a gig where I can work on a real startup project. Hope to hear from you



SEEKING WORK - Remote, Freelance

Mac OS X & iOS developer with 2 years experience working on the iOS App Store and 1 year working on the Mac App Store. I've been writing Objective-C & C on both platforms for just a little over 3 years.

My software has been featured on TUAW (http://www.tuaw.com/2011/12/13/daily-mac-app-mi-fi-monitor/), and climbed the paid charts on the Mac App Store to top 10 spots repeatedly, most recently with Codepoints (http://infincia.com/apps/codepoints).

Website: http://infincia.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/infincia

Email: steve@infincia.com


Working on a site that connects freelance developers with quality projects. We would do the vetting for you. Right now, wondering whether there is demand on the developer side for this.

If you have 10-15 minutes to chat and give some insight, I would really appreciate it.

Email: stella@matchist.com

SEEKING WORK — Austin, Texas; Remote OK

Full-stack web application consultant, Ruby on Rails architect, great eye for UX.

* I've worked with Australia's leading aerial photography company,

* crafted a custom, branded, HTML5 whiteboard iPad app for a prominent political strategist — in 48 hours, and

* architected and implemented a custom CMS for a powerful conservative think tank, giving them beautifully designed, powerful, and easy-to-use control over their press releases, research briefs, and infographics

I currently have some availability for consulting & implementation work, and I'm interested in long-term relationships — I've worked with Above Photography for over 5 years. Drop me a line and let me know what you're up to,

http://thenthj.com — hn@nthj.me

SEEKING WORK - Remote or occasional travel to US.

Experience: I worked for a startup in San Francisco (remotely and on site) doing Django development. My python skills are very solid (I love python!).

Some stacks/frameworks: Django, Tornado/SQLAlchemy, Google Appengine, Backbone.js, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, Nginx, Linux.

My github repos: https://github.com/ccarpenterg

Some work I've done:






SEEKING WORK - Remote or occasional travel around Europe fine. Native British developer based in Warsaw, Poland.

Back-end jack-of-all-trades, concentrating on PHP/C#/MySQL, experienced with Apache/nginx/IIS, and general Linux admin.

A few sample projects I work on in my spare time, using PHP/Kohana/MySQL/jQuery:




I'm very good at finding solutions to complex problems, enjoy rescuing projects in trouble, and like working with technology in general. I always chatting about requirements, feel free to drop me a line at tom@tbbuck.com


- Riga, Latvia (remote)

- Experienced and passionate team of web-developers (freelancers) (both front-end and back-end)

- PHP5 OOP (MVC, ORM, that kind of stuff; CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Symfony2) and MySQL

- HTML5, CSS3, JS (jQuery, Backbone, Node.js)

- ActionScript 3 (Flash) (yeah, yeah.. HTML5's the future; anyway, AS3 is great with AIR for building/prototyping Android apps)

- Will assist with Linux administration (Apache, lighttpd, nginx; PHP and MySQL optimization; monitoring; basic fail-over and security like sysctl.conf hardening, mod_evasive and mod_security, ICMP flow regulation, installation of APF/BFD and CSF/LFD, chkrootkit + rkhunter packages, iptables, etc.)

- Hourly rate: 50$

Portfolio available upon a request.

Drop us a line at spiritus.emortus [at] gmail [dot] com


The free Open Exchange Rates (http://openexchangerates.org) API is now running at 160,000 hits per day, serving up static files - I need an expert PHP developer to help me implement an API key system, where each request is logged and API key checked, before serving up the file as required.

Freelancer needs to help design the schema for user details and realtime logging, and implement: ideally the API key system done with MySQL, and the logging done with MongoDB, unless you can persuade me to use either for both.

Some knowledge of WordPress and PayPal payments preferred.

Email joss@openexchangerates.org!

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco, CA or Remote

Hi there. I'm an experienced freelance software engineer focused on web and mobile. I love building kick-ass products that make a positive difference in people's lives. I've done projects from big clients like Disney Interactive and small startups and R&D labs. It's all good with me.

iOS & Django projects preferred.

Portfolio: http://vfleurima.com

Last Project: http://fabboard.com [Backbone.js heavy]

E-mail: vf@alum.mit.edu

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/vfleurima

P.S. I have a car and can commute throughout the Bay Area if you need me too.

Seeking work - SF Bay Area / Remote

I'm available to work on embedded Linux, microcontroller firmware and hardware design (electronics/PCB) projects. I'm also interested in junior level Rails, Node.js or Backbone.js work as I'm currently coding production apps in all three and would like to expose myself to more real-world applications. I'm well versed in BDD, TDD, Git etc, and can quickly learn any other stuff that's needed.

My strongest programming languages are C and Ruby, but I also program in Python, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Objective-C and C++. Please shoot me an email if interested and I'll send you more info on my work: eaurouge0@gmail.com.

E la Carte (Palo Alto, CA) - Front End Engineer (local - FT or freelance) & User Interface Graphic Designer (local - FT or freelance)

E la Carte's Presto touch-screen tablets increase restaurant efficiency and profitability, as well as guest interaction by enabling guests to browse appetizing pictures of the entire menu, place orders, split checks, make payments, and play interactive games – all from the comfort of their restaurant seats without having to wait!

We're backed by Y-Comb, SV Angel, & Lightbank (Groupon). Small tight-knit team working out of a house in downtown Palo Alto.

For details on the jobs, go to www.elacarte.com/about

Seeking Consulting Clients. NYC (and remote ok)

WellPosed Limited is a small R&D consultancy, we help our clients solve hard algorithmic problems that are bottlenecks to building better products with elegant software engineering solutions. (in fact, we only take on clients with challenging problems).

our client roster to date includes companies in the real time web ad space as well social analytic products, though our capabilities span all of algorithms and applicable mathematics.

to start the conversation shoot us an email at inquiries@wellposed.com

Note: while we're language agnostic (all are feasible), we favor Haskell, English, and Mathematics


- PHP (CakePHP a plus)

- General Web Dev (HTML, CSS, JS)

- Ability to think about how to design micro apps or systems based on non-technical requirements

(Example: We make 100s of landing pages, we need some way to organize and reuse them)

Contact me on twitter @harisenbon79

SEEKING WORK - NYC or remote.

I am a mobile developer who focuses on Android Java development. I have worked on multiple Android apps, both large and small, for a variety of clients. My portfolio and Github are listed below:



My previous experience includes C/C++, VB.NET, and HTML / PHP. Feel free to get in touch -- email is theo---AT---bricolsoftconsulting----DOT---com.

SEEKING WORK - Montreal/Remote

Freelance iOS developer. Generalist programmer with 8+ years of professional experience.

I am driven by the final product first and foremost. I have a strong technical background but I believe technology should be seen as a tool before all. Getting things done in a balanced and pragmatical way is my priority. I have strong interest in UX design and project management as well.

Passionate. Quick learner. Great communication. Used to remote work. You're more than welcome to inquire.


SEEKING WORK - Boston, NYC, OR Remote

My general interests are in building mobile apps and large scalable distributed server systems.

Experience with many technologies:

- iOS and Android development

- Server technologies: Scala/Python/Java, AWS/EC2, Hadoop, Akka, Postgres/MongoDB/Redis/MySQL

email: notnoop<at>judeapps.com

github: https://github.com/notnoop

stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/125844/notnoop

linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mahmoodali

SEEKING AMAZON FREELANCER - REMOTE access Must have ability to follow Amazon's explicit instructions.Want Linux / Unix Avoid all 3rd party apps. Need EC2 S3 SQS & SES - Cabability to send email messages. Indicate your fixed fee to launch & test this service Contact: JamesBarbone(at) gmail.com You may forward mesage THANKS + LEARN http://escience.washington.edu/get-help-now/get-started-amaz....


Hi ! I just jumped for employee to full-time freelancer, and I am currently looking for my first clients. I am particularly interested in web applications, and I like the start up universe.

- I'm mostly working with PHP (Symfony2), holding a french tech blog. I'm a strong defender of good practices. - I'm also getting more and more interested in Javascript technologies for front-end, and work with SASS for CSS. - I also have a good C# and C++ background.

I'm @clemkeirua on Twitter, and you can reach me by mail at clement@keiruaprod.fr

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Toronto, Canada

I have great skills and experience in project/product management, business operations, sales.

My employers include Apple and United Nations.

My book reached Top 10 of decision making category on Amazon Kindle store.

In my spare time I'm working on my own mobile apps startup.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/uladzislau

Here's the link to my book http://whyprojectsfailbook.com

My contact email: my username at gmail.com

UI DESIGNER FOR HIRE. Senior Branding and Web UI Designer available for . Im very used to with small teams, startups or agencies. Ive worked with several developers, hackers and entrepreneurs from all over the world for the past year or so.

I can help you with iOS and web apps User Interface.

Check out my portfolio: http://www.heynico.com and http://www.dribbble.com/nicogarcia

Email me: hey@heynico.com

SEEKING WORK - Richmond, VA / Remote

Experienced in functional programming, esp. Haskell, and linux system administration on AWS. Written production code in Ruby, JS/HTML/CSS, Bash script (lots and lots of bash scripts...), and have some proficiency in Machine Learning. Let me know if you have a problem I could help solve!

blog: http://brandon.si

code: https://github.com/jberryman


SEEKING FREELANCER - Ann Arbor, Michigan (Remote ok)

Looking for a Rails freelancer to help on long term project.

Criteria I'm looking for:

  Machine learning

  Rails 3.0 or greater

  Front end/UI skills a definite plus

  Near Ann Arbor a plus, but not required
Feel free to check out my HN history to see if we would be a good fit.

Email: freelancer@qdqr.com with any relevant details you can provide (hourly rate, relevant experience, Github/Stack Overflow, etc)

SEEKING WORK - Remote, U.S. Timezone

Senior Technologist available to help you move the needle on your key metrics, and ship code!

  Creator, PaaS/SaaS/web IDE (Python/Django/Ajax/AWS/Google App Engine)

  Creator, pioneering social networking site (PHP/Mysql/AWS)

  Math Ph.D. at age 20

  Napster founding investor
Now getting into iOS, Ruby and more...



Full-stack web developer based in France. Seeking work with distributed teams in Europe or US/Canada East Coast.

Main skills: Python, Django, Pyramid, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Linux, command-line. Prior experience with Java, Ruby and Perl. Some knowledge of Erlang.





I do d3.js and visualization consulting. Within the next week or so, you will probably see my latest project on the front page of Hacker News. I do all the basics (jQuery, CSS, HTML5) and prefer to use the advanced tools (coffeescript, less, bootstrap). While based in Cincinnati, OH, I've worked with people all around the globe.

Send me an email so I can make your data beautiful: zack@zacharymaril.com



Dash Technologies Inc. is seeking a front-end web freelancer to use existing API to develop web portal for users.

You would get to work with an Emmy award winning designer and a team of educators on a product that teachers and principals are begging to see in their schools and classrooms.

Send a resume, cover letter, and links to portfolio pieces to Dash founder Aliya Bhatia at aliya_bhatia@mac.com


Startup Founder looking to extend the runway for his bootstrapped venture. I'm a generalist and can help you build & launch products that are just rough ideas in your head.

I am proficient with Ruby on Rails and generally quite adept at picking up new technologies as per the needs of the product.

Please see my profile for the contact & other relevant information.

SEEKING WORK - Western GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo, or Remote

Have experience in a multitude of languages (PHP, Java, Perl, Flex, and C++ in order of experience)

Most professional experience is in the back end web development realm, with some "moonlighting" with desktop and mobile application work

MySQL and MSSQL experience, with some exposure to Postgre and Oracle

Please contact me via the email in my profile

There's no email address in your profile.

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Freelance(rs).

I work with a partner. We are passionate problem solvers. Both experienced in casual game industry, currently developing a c++ 2d multiplatform game engine (http://code.google.com/p/eepp/).

We also do Android games/software and Web Front/Back end programming.

info [at] ensoft.com.ar

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Montréal

I'm a full-stack dev with python, django, javascript, node.js, mongodb, redis, couchdb, postgres, xhtml, html5, css, rabbitmq, AWS and who has dabbled in UX. Check out some of my work at http://iamjeffmarshall.ca/work and email me jeff@iamjeffmarshall.ca.

SEEKING WORK - Amsterdam, remote

Visual UI and UX designer for mobile, web and desktop. Available for work from the 14th of this month. I do more than making your apps look pretty ;)

http://www.dribbble.com/marvin My email is in my profile and I can also be contacted on twitter @marvinkennis


Seeking Consulting Clients. NYC, sometimes SF (and remote ok)

I consult on machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics, and I have over a decade of expertise on these topics.

I create value by helping organizations transform data into actionable information.

Email address in HN profile.


I'm a generalist web developer / front end person with many hundreds of dog years experience.

Exciting bullet points:

* PHP - primarily Codeigniter but I'm flexible :)

* HTML 5 / CSS 3

* Javascript

* iOS/Android app dev (using Titanium or PhoneGap)

* Git/Mercurial

I also have a degree of exposure to things like SASS, Mongo, AWS etc etc.

My site: http://pitbot.net

I'm in the UK.

I strongly suggest you learn Objective C. It's not that hard and when compared with the trash you get using Titanium or PhoneGap it'll put you in a different league professionally.

At the very least learn another language, whether it's Python, Ruby or C#. Polyglot >>>>>> Monoglot

I strongly disagree. It's completely possible to build useful, beautiful native apps with PhoneGap, et al. In fact, it is beneficial in many cases, allowing developers to get from zero to prototype significantly faster. Not to mention, porting from one OS to another is magnitudes faster than writing multiple native versions.

It's not the right solution for all cases, but it's definitely right for some.

Sure, it's easier for us developers, but every PhoneGap app I've seen looks like trash compared to other iOS apps.

And I completely agree with your last sentence. PhoneGap is the right choice for some cases.

"... every PhoneGap app I've seen looks like trash compared to other iOS apps"

That's because the you don't notice the good ones. ;)

Fair point. I'd be thankful if you could mention a few of them.

Thanks :)

I'm picking up Obj C but it's early stages yet. I'm also building a couple of things in Python but not to the level I'm comfortable risking someone else's project on it at the moment.

I do know a fair bit of C and spent 3 years in a Perl shop but tbh, I'd rather not go down that path right now :)

I paused learning Objective C to focused on .Net for my new job, but will be picking it back up shortly. Python is next on my list.

And I don't blame you for the C/Perl sentiment :)

SEEKING WORK - Remote Web & mobile interface designer from California. I work with companies around the world on visual design, application design and usability.

HTML5 / CSS3 (Sass, Stylus, Less, Bootstrap) / JS / Photoshop / iOS


SEEKING WORK - REMOTE, FREELANCE www.typewriterninjas.com We can handle any and all of your website content editing, writing, and development needs. We have written and edited content for many websites. Contact us at: editing@typewriterninjas.com


Frontend and/or PHP developers.

Apply here: http://contender.theresumator.com/apply/Iui6yk/Web-Developer...

SEEKING WORK boston. remote ok.

skill set in no particular order: Rails, JQuery/JS/coffee, html5/haml/sass/css, Phonegap/Sencha, sql, mongo, all major social APIs (fb, tw, 4sq), geolocation, product/ux design

gmail: ian.stanczyk

SEEKING FREELANCER in San Diego - No Remote

Looking for an experienced LAMP developer to assist in the development of a specialized search engine prototype / MVP.

Find my email in my profile, must be local to San Diego area.

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote or Houston, TX

You need to know: PHP HTML Javascript JQuery MySQL

We are a profitable bootstrapped company that provides emergency/informational messages to phones by voice and text.

Email: jobs@ontimetelecom.com

SEEKING WORK - Portland, OR, Remote


I am seeking mobile development work. I am an experienced developer with 15+ years exp, the last 2 years as a mobile app developer for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. I also develop the cloud/backend for mobile applications. Java, Obj-C, C#, PHP, iOS, Android, WP7.

Email me at csgatekeeper [at] gmail.com


Here is a list of the apps I have worked on recently:

Fridge Art iOS – Developer/Architect. Fun photo sharing application (Under NDA - have to be vague). C#/mono touch. (In development)

Fridge Art Server – Developer/Architect. The web-service server for the Fridge-art project. Provides api's do add, view, delete, modify virtual photo collections. PHP/Kohana/Mysql (In development)

Vapp (Veteran's Appliction) Android – Developer. Provides a mobile searching platform, messaging, cloud file storage, veteran community access, and resources. Makes heavy use of web services REST/Json. Java/Android. (In development)

Life Sampler Android, Portland State University – Developer. Asks students questions at scheduled times during the day, syncs results via ssh. Makes use of alarms, broadcast receivers and notifications. Java/Android. (unpublished)

Walk There Android App – Developer. Provides visual and audio information as the user goes on walking tours around the Portland metro area. Added enhancements. Java/Android.

C25K (Couch to 5K) Android – Developer. Added GPS capabilities, media player integration, in app purchasing. Java/Android

Break Pals iOS and Android – Developer. Lightweight container bringing native application feel to website. Allows different web pages loaded into tabs. Java/Android, Objective C/iOS. Unpublished

Walk There iOS App – Developer. Provides visual and audio information as the user goes on walking tours around the Portland metro area. Added enhancements. Objective C/iOS.

Economist Pocket World in Figures iOS App – Lead Engineer/Developer. 20+ screen application. Scoped effort, created engineering bids/schedule, created architecture, and implemented product. Pocket World in Figures application provides easily navigable access to the data in The Economist’s Pocket World in Figures book. Objective-C/iOS/SqlLite.

Android social picture puzzle – Developer/architect. Application uses any picture, and creates a puzzle that can be sent to other mobile applications or email addresses. Scramble-puzzles stored on website. Java/Android/SqlLite. C#/mono/Asp.net, Linq to MySql, MySql, REST/Json. Unpublished

Company Seeking Freelancer - onsite Seattle / Bellevue WA

Building a front end dashboard with graphs and search.

Requires: JavaScript, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Linux.

Personal email: alexr##dot##bct$$at$$gmail%%dot%%com

SEEKING WORK - Colorado - Remote

I do Web Design/Development, Python, some JS (+jQuery of course) limited experience with rails, and my obscure talent is that I'm pretty good at SPARQL.


Greetings Scogle,

I'd be interested to learn more about you, please shoot me an email at Carl@Tabrific.com


SEEKING WORK - Remote, freelance (NYC)

Expert Ruby on Rails Expert JavaScript (Backbone.JS, jQuery, Ember.JS, ExtJS and others)

Mobile: Sencha Touch, iOS

Extensive portfolio and references available


SEEKING WORK - Remote (I'm very inexpensive)

Latest Project. Highnoonsolutions.com/goals

Main skills: PHP, SMS Gateway, Design, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git.

timothydmoody@gmail.com (Tim)

SEEKING FREELANCER local / Los Angeles CA.

For a project in CodeIgniter, must be local Aprox 20 hrs a week. Duration 2 months. (pabajo@hotmail.com)

If you are looking for a PHP guy then do buzz me http://adnansiddiqi.com


I do node.js/rails freelance. I don't like to, but I can also do frontend stuff(css or scss/html/js).

Currently working full-time on a startup.


Guys take a look at this new job board it is free to post / find work and you dont even have to register. It is great for devs, designers and copywriters. http://facingworlds.co.uk

SEEKING Freelance, Remote / South Africa

- PHP Expert

- JavaScript / Node / Backbone

- API's

- Backends and Frameworks

- General Web Dev

- Some SysAdmin

Contact me on Twitter @jrgns

Seeking work - remote - toronto, canada

Favorite technologies - haskell,python,postgres Also do javascript,java,lisp,php,mysql,appengine,android

can develop webapps/mobile apps from scratch with just loose requirements

i particularly enjoy writing tests and doing maintenance on codebases

also enjoy develops, automating systems

also big frontend work in gwt

also can build scalable systems on appengine

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