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created:2195 days ago
karma: 2234
about: I like to make products with personality.

You can find me in Chicago, IL.

My current project is The Meteor Chef, a site offering detailed tutorials for implementing functionality in Meteor applications.

Previously, I built an app called Proper (using Meteor) that allowed freelancers to create, send, and get contracts signed. It wasn't my thing (http://www.ryanglover.net/articles/proper-is-shutting-down-october-29th-2014/), ultimately, and I shut it down in the fall of 2014.

I'm generally available to help out with projects on a freelance/contract basis. My strong suit is design and front-end development, as well as copywriting. If you're looking to give your product a top-notch design and experience with a bit of character, I can help.

Find me: me@ryanglover.net

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/glover; my proof: https://keybase.io/glover/sigs/bqk06SxPoGYU6T2-0b9HM6n7P8L-aBeYUP3YMJAXA-A ]