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created:2231 days ago
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about: Hey, I'm Nathaniel Jones. I make the web work.

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer in Austin, TX. I've worked with Ruby for 6 years and the web in general for 10+, and been privileged to build some great projects from concept to launch.

Founder & tech lead at Third Prestige, a Ruby on Rails & Design studio in Austin, TX. We help you decide how software can make your business more money, then handle design, development & delivery.


Former lead instructor for MakerSquare, an immersive, 10-week web development course.


I have consulted for eBay's BiG Group on Big Little Pond about their UX design on a Ruby on Rails architecture. I implemented recommended changes and managed their stack for them.

Also recently spearheaded the re-launch of Huckberry, an eCommerce app in the style of a vintage sportings catalog:


Above Photography is another unique project: an aerial photo library on AWS/S3/Heroku with over 40K photos


  w. http://third.io
  g. http://github.com/nthj
  e. hello@third.io
  t. @thenthj