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I'm with you. The average everyday person is going to bleed because of all of this.

Forget letting some massive billion-dollar company get a break. If they can't deliver what you are paying for, you should get a discount on your next bill or some kind of compensation.

I realize Netflix might not have control over the situation, but in the end, they'll be ok. While the average person will not.

What?? Netflix isn't doing this for Netflix, they are doing it for their customers. They are helping to reduce the congestion for Internet users who are using far more bandwidth than they typically do. This is to everyone's benefit. Netflix traffic represents a hugely disproportionate amount of internet traffic, and they are being responsible by recognizing that and reducing their footprint.

Yes, I feel the exact same way. I think it's unethical to pass those costs on to the user. At a very minimum, they should at least be given the option to decide.

E.g. 'We can give you a refund OR you can choose to support us right now. If you do we'll give you a free upgrade to XYZ some later time this year.'

What will average person lose? You are really exaggerating this...

A good proportion are losing their jobs, unable to pay their rent. These things won't even magically come back after the crisis. A lot of businesses are going to go under.

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