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Exactly what we’ve been looking for. An open source ETL tool.

This looks great. Will check it out for sure. Keep up the great work.

I wonder if there are any other open source tools in this space?

There are some great tools in this space, definitely worth exploring.

Our vision is to glue the steps from ETL to dashboard together in an end-to-end solution. We pick whatever we consider best in class and integrate it. So far, we've got Singer, DBT, Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Airflow and we're using VueJS for both the product UI and our website.

We're also working on a blog post exploration what other acquisition might happen in this space. We're adding suggestions to the spreadsheet as we hear them on Twitter, HN, etc https://meltano.com/blog/2019/06/10/first-looker-and-tableau...

thanks for the product. I checked Singer, DBT, both of which are great idea and product. I build one very similar (conceptually) to DBT in my last data project. (I would not if I knew dbt is there).

Airflow is too heavy weight for me, I use Scons to do the workflow management.

meltano must do a lot of work to integrate all this together. I wonder what is the general user experience is. To me, seems too heavy weight.

Ideally, to abstract away complexity (which is what causes that “heavy” feeling)

I'm building one called Ohayo: https://github.com/breck7/ohayo

It is still beta but should be ready to go in weeks.

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Would love to see if we can collaborate. Can you drop me a note danielle@gitlab.com?


Back when I was at a company that had frequent ETL needs, we tried a few, and eventually settled on Rhino ETL. It's not a pretty drag-n-drop tool like some of the others but it was simple and (therefore) worked really well.

I did some integration work with the venerable Pentaho project some years ago. It's got both an Enterprise edition and a Community edition that's open source with tools including ETL and more. https://wiki.pentaho.com/ looks like the best place to start these days.

I too need an open source ETL tool where I could programmatic specify the object mappings and it should work.

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