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created:November 23, 2009
karma: 9371
about: kevinsecretan ~at~ gmail ~dat~ com

PGP key (for email alias): https://www.thejach.com/about#pgp

Available for IM on Matrix/Riot -- Jach#matrix.org. Steam as Jach. (With the nerd avatar.) Discord as Jach#9107. Hit me up if you want; I'm bad at reaching out myself.

I'm just some unimportant programmer, dabbler by nature, you probably shouldn't listen to me but that doesn't stop me from giving advice.

Speed-ran my own pseudo-retirement before hitting 30, woo!

I have a BS Degree in Computer Engineering from a school more renowned for degrees in video game [engine] programming.

Located in Bellevue, WA, feel free to get in touch for coffee/dinner/whatever if you're in the Seattle area. Or even if you're not, maybe we can play some online games.