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Wow, Looker last week and now Tableau. I’m only 90 days in to running the open source equivalent inside GitLab, and these big revenue multiples are telling a fascinating story. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for this negotiation, what a great outcome for Tableau shareholders!

With all that’s happening we’re definitely looking to pick up the pace, and would love to work with more contributors on the free open source alternative at Meltano (www.meltano.com)

Edit: just wrote a quick post with some open questions I'd like to explore around this deal https://meltano.com/blog/2019/06/10/salesforce-is-acquiring-...

Feedback on your homepage, https://meltano.com/ There's no single visual on it :( Please show what kind of results one can get with this product.

Contrast with https://www.tableau.com/, which has a sample graph and "See it in action" right at beginning.

Also second this, product guy here who has been using Tableau for years. Curious about Meltano. Went through some of the site / installation guide / videos and then the gitlab issues log and then found myself back here :)

Would like to see a few simple, visual stories about how one could derive business value from meltano, ideally real-life use-cases but if you dont have those yet just make them up.

Thank you for taking a look, you're right and we are working on it right now. This is perhaps a little more attention than we expected for our tiny 5 person project, and lights a great fire under us!

Also, you may want to set up a Patreon page, or other crowd-funding site if you're making this all open source.

There are companies that will pay for it just to have the alternative available to places like Tableau.

Thank you for the feedback, I've created an issue here: https://gitlab.com/meltano/meltano/issues/691 and we are working on it now

In the meantime, one way to see more is to checkout our getting started guide: https://meltano.com/docs/quickstart.html and also our YouTube channel which has weekly "Demo Day" videos sharing our progress: https://www.youtube.com/meltano

Really appreciate you taking a look at what we're up to!

Here we all are in the comments complaining about how all the focus is on front end instead of fixing the back end, and one of the first comments to a legit alternative is "yeah so what's it look like?" !!

Reality is that both need to be covered.

Exactly what we’ve been looking for. An open source ETL tool.

This looks great. Will check it out for sure. Keep up the great work.

I wonder if there are any other open source tools in this space?

There are some great tools in this space, definitely worth exploring.

Our vision is to glue the steps from ETL to dashboard together in an end-to-end solution. We pick whatever we consider best in class and integrate it. So far, we've got Singer, DBT, Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Airflow and we're using VueJS for both the product UI and our website.

We're also working on a blog post exploration what other acquisition might happen in this space. We're adding suggestions to the spreadsheet as we hear them on Twitter, HN, etc https://meltano.com/blog/2019/06/10/first-looker-and-tableau...

thanks for the product. I checked Singer, DBT, both of which are great idea and product. I build one very similar (conceptually) to DBT in my last data project. (I would not if I knew dbt is there).

Airflow is too heavy weight for me, I use Scons to do the workflow management.

meltano must do a lot of work to integrate all this together. I wonder what is the general user experience is. To me, seems too heavy weight.

Ideally, to abstract away complexity (which is what causes that “heavy” feeling)

I'm building one called Ohayo: https://github.com/breck7/ohayo

It is still beta but should be ready to go in weeks.

Here's an example of the top 100 stories on Hacker News:


Would love to see if we can collaborate. Can you drop me a note danielle@gitlab.com?


Back when I was at a company that had frequent ETL needs, we tried a few, and eventually settled on Rhino ETL. It's not a pretty drag-n-drop tool like some of the others but it was simple and (therefore) worked really well.

I did some integration work with the venerable Pentaho project some years ago. It's got both an Enterprise edition and a Community edition that's open source with tools including ETL and more. https://wiki.pentaho.com/ looks like the best place to start these days.

I too need an open source ETL tool where I could programmatic specify the object mappings and it should work.

> I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for this negotiation

I'm not so sure, I'd probably be too worried about spiders to focus much.

Funny coincidence: I was reading about you in relation to Mattermark, then found your blog post on Meltano, and now I find your comment on HN. You're everywhere! :)

Would it be possible to chat with you about your past experience at Mattermark? I am trying to answer a few questions (not related to the company, but related to VCs and investing). If so, my HN username @ gmail. Thanks!

Of course! Dropping you a note now

I just wanted to pop in and say Meltano looks awesome! Good luck with it.

What's the business model?

Have not decided yet, but I’m leaning toward consulting services and possibly even marketplace. There are so many more independent analysts, data engineers, and other experts/specialists who could provide a service network beyond anything we could hire internally.

It’s still very TBD while we get the product to a place where those opportunities start be more emergent. We definitely expect it to be an open core model though, similar to GitLab.

By remaining self-hosted we avoid the big expense (and risk) of storing users data, and they can pick whatever cloud they want. Our team is 5 core members working at GitLab, and we have about a dozen contributors. So it’s kind of a startup within a late stage “startup” (unicorn).

The work you are doing at Meltano is simply brilliant. It needs to be done and if done well I have no doubt you will be very successful. I plan to use it.

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