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16 Inch MacBook Pro and Other Apple Products predicted coming in 2019 (9to5mac.com)
49 points by lion0 32 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 57 comments

Apple would need to give up the butterfly keyboard, the touchbar should be separated from function keys, and give me a dedicated USB-old and HDMI port for me to get legitimately excited.

I am so sad that the SE line seems dead. Truly wonderful to be able to hand everything on the phone with one hand and also be able to keep it in a normalsized pocket without much fuss. :-(

current SE user here. I cannot agree more.

It’s kind off topic, but what’s make me more sad is since iOS12 update, my battery die so fast!! The update rendered my phone almost unusable!

Is it just me? Or is this Apple’s strategy to drive people to buy shiny-new iPhone?

another SE here. battery is fine with iOS 12. sounds like battery isn't at her peak. my wife just replaced her phones battery (2+ yo iPhone 7 and it suddenly keeps almost a day of intense usage from constant use of charger)

SE is one of the last modern phone < avg. hand.

Likewise. I dream of a day when apple starts a subsidiary that sells phones of the SE size for people who want them.

If they wouldn't want to dilute their brand, perhaps they call it a jobs-phone?

Yup.. I was so frustrated with my iphoneX that I wanted to return it.. But I was also frustrated with the performance of y previous one.

There is "reachability", which works better on the iphonex than on the previous ones, however the UI of apps is utter insane, and all the important stuff in in the top, and when doing the reachability gesture in for example instagram, it registers a tap.

My 10 year old MBP17 still works, but it's good that finally there will be a replacement option available. Hopefully it will have upgradeable parts again (at least RAM and disk).

So please start making bigger MBPs and smaller iPhones!

> Hopefully it will have upgradeable parts again (at least RAM and disk).

Pretty sure that won't happen. Don't know why, but somebody in control thinks that professional users prefer the slimmest available device over being able to put in a bigger SSD or more RAM when they need to. Better start looking for something else, because the new MBPs are no "replacements" to the one you have.

I prefer a slimmer laptop to replaceable parts, and consider myself a professional user. I have to guess there is more money overall in serving my piece of the market than the one that wants to buy a machine for a lower price and then not buy a new one for longer since they can just upgrade parts of it.

Even so, I still sometimes disagree with priorities around thinness - I would have preferred a thicker 2016 model with a legal max battery that supported 32gb of ram. Possible they found out too late in the process that 32gb lpddr was not going to be ready though?

Just max it out, and it'll last at 5-10 years

"Just maxing it out" would work if Apple didn't charge outrageous prices for memory/storage upgrades. I would be quite willing to order any device in the maximum needed configuration for its life time and even pay a modest premium for that, but the prices Apple asks for upgrades are a multiple of market prices.

Pretty much all the LogicBoard Chips soldering are done though machines, I just don't understand why Apple had to charge the insane amount of money for those parts other than "Because They Can". I could understand they want to maintain margins etc, but it was so much higher than their usual margin it is as if they don't want you to do it.

Same here. My wife is still using my old MBP 17" daily. I replaced the HD with an SSD and maxed out the RAM several years ago and it still does everything she needs, and then some. And the older I get the more monitor I need. I have a nice big monitor at home but when I travel, or just work from a coffee shop, it's nice to have more screen real estate.

Same here, upgraded RAM and inserted an Hybrid Disk. It currently runs High Sierra (with the dosdude1 patcher, haven't been able to install Mojave). I don't understand why it isn't officially supported anymore, it still works flawlessly.

No more butterfly keyboards please

Going from an old MBP to one of the new models is shocking. The display is a bit better, but the keyboard feel is not comfortable. It doesn't feel like a keyboard to spend hours in.

It takes a while to get used to, regardless of whether you end up liking it or not. I found it kinda odd to type on for at least a week–those who really can’t stand it just never get used to it.

Although I can't type on my brother's mbp, because the keys either don't work or are stuck, I also had to adjust when going from mb->mba->mbp

Eventually, that too becomes normal. I spent a couple of months going between the new MacBook Pro and the old one daily, and you get the feel for it eventually.

Same here, it took a while but it grew on me :)

My dream but it'll never happen. Is bring back the 2015 keyboard and add the touchbar above the fn/media keys, instead of replacing them.

Also add some sort of haptic feedback to the touchbar.

Starting with the 2018 models they added a membrane around all the keys that 1) significantly reduces ingress of random crap 2) makes the keyboard quieter.

Before I got my 2018 I had a 2015 MacBook Pro and don't find the keyboard to be inferior or superior to the old gen.

I just finished 3 days of meetings with peers and the note taker was on a brand new MBP. The noise from her keyboard was extremely distracting. I couldn't believe how loud it was. We switched her to a 2015 so we could think as we were discussing things.

I was in a Starbucks 3 seats away from someone on a 2016-2018 MBP last week. I hope it was one of the 2016/2017 non-membrane models, because it really was ridiculously loud and echoing through the store. I thought the complaints about noise from those keyboards was exaggerated until I had that experience.

Have you ever tried sitting in an office full of keyboard snobs?

Thankfully I don't have to, since I'm usually working from my home office or a favorite cafe. I do have a Model M keyboard here that I use sometimes, but not very often.

(However, I do sometimes work on flights after they've dimmed the cabin lights, and a laptop keyboard as loud as the MBP I heard in that Starbucks is a dealbreaker for that use case.)

That doesn't sound like it addresses the horrible typing feel and amount of typos due to poor feedback though.

> Starting with the 2018 models they added a membrane around all the keys that 1) significantly reduces ingress of random crap 2) makes the keyboard quieter.

It still has all the issues it had previously, just that some (not the key travel or separation issues) are mitigated. The keyboard remains extremely unreliable compared to the chicklet keys, or the magic keyboard's.

While the current model has better keyboard than 2015 it's still unreliable design prone to gather dust between keys and the new protector. In contrast with the previous gen it was harder to actually make keys jam and even then you could just snap keys off and use compressed air if needed to clean it up in like five minutes.

And we already have a few cases where the membrane didn't help and keys got stuck or repeating same keys again. i.e The membrane only reduce the risk, it didn't fix a design flaw.

They have a butterfly keyboard that's actually good, the one in the magic keyboard. All they need to do is use that one in the laptops and it would be great.

I will never buy a macbook again if they keep these stupid butterfly keyboards.

The keyboard grows on you (luckilly). I love USB-C and the killing of the ports though.

If the 16" MBP has a new keyboard more similar to the pre-butterfly one, they're going to sell a bunch of laptops.

Introducing _Classic Pepsi_!

While Apple "may" add more memory to their MBP specs, I can only wish they could add more USB-C ports AND spacing USB-C ports to farther away each other.

Having two on each side (plus optional USB hubs) seems to be plenty. USB-C isn't perfect, but being able to charge from either side is a quality of life improvement.

Or a single USB-A port so I wouldn't have to carry and look for the stupid dongle all the time.

The spacing, location, and number of Thunderbolt 3 ports is likely predicated on limitations of the port controller. I doubt we’ll see a significant difference in this area.

I sure hope they are wrong about the lightning port living another year

I'm excited to hear about Apple doing something at least approaching innovative, though I'm pretty sure that adding another size to the MBP lineup will just muddy the waters further. Then again, if they replace the Intel platform with ARM in the 16" MBP that would be outstanding and would really shake things up.

Either way, I expect the pricing to be astronomical; $8,999 for a 16" MBP wouldn't surprise me much.

No mention of what I'm holding out for - a Macbook with specs as good as some of the competitors in that space. Give me one with a 4 core whiskey-lake chip, and at least one thunderbolt port, and I'm in... otherwise it's looking increasingly like the successor to my late-2013 pro is going to be an ASUS.

Introducing a new size seems like a good strategy. It will trigger some upgrades and more sales.

I hope they do something with butterfly keyboard, Otherwise, stop call it PRO.

The big news is the 32gb RAM in the 13” mbp. Amazing that a small form factor is starting to be treated like a real computing device by Apple.

I will only buy a new Macbook, once the SSD is replaceable. It is insane to waste 500-6000 USD just because something stupid on the mainboard breaks.

Time to save up for a new MBP, my 2012 model is still working fine but I'm guessing Apple will end its support by 2020.

I'm in this position too. Mine (early 2013) is still working perfectly and does everything I need for both work and, albeit a bit slowly at times, editing photos.

I'd have bought a Windows machine for the latter requirement but they no longer appear to sell a _Professional_ OS for non-enterprise customers.

> my 2012 model is still working fine but I'm guessing Apple will end its support by 2020.

Even the mid 2012 unibody MacBook Pro can run Mojave, which should receive security updates until Fall 2021, assuming Apple continue to support each macOS release for 3 years.

I want my Touch ID/Home button back.

EDIT: Downvotes? Really?

I wanted that ghastly physical vestige gone from the very first day I set sight upon it (when I acquired my first iPhone2G in late 2007). There’s no excuse for wasting real estate on an actual physical switch.

As for TouchID I do miss it, but I’m hoping they’ll eventually get their under-screen sci-fi tech working.

My excuse is that it feels nice to press. Simple as that.

I miss tactile keyboards and button on smart devices in general. I enjoyed using them a lot more back in the dumbphone days. Even one of my synths (Yamaha Reface DX) has a uselessly touch-based workflow that steers people away from it, even though it's an amazing synthesizer.

I understand why we made the leap to lose physical keyboards though, don't get me wrong.

As for your Touch ID point - yep, same!

Don’t get me wrong you don’t “need an excuse” to prefer one thing over another, just as I don’t need to apologise for not liking it you don’t need to apologise for liking it. Indeed, at least until very recently, I think you’d be considered in the main. Personally I grew up in awe of entirely software-defined interfaces (mainly due to the Star Trek LCARS touch-interface specifically designed to look as if it were a very simple manner of controlling very complex processes) and that will probably stick with me my whole life. Keys and buttons are just cool to me in a retrofuturistic/Blade Runner kind of way.

Maybe they will be “brave” enough to put a mechanical keyboard in a notebook?

One could dream...

I don’t want to work in coffee shops and libraries full of mechanical keyboards, however.

What laptop comes with a mechanical keyboard?!

That’s a portable desktop computer, lol. Can you imagine Apple increasing the thickness of their laptops by an order of magnitude to do this?

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