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created:May 15, 2015
about:Italian & British dual citizen born in 1981. Abhor the term ‘Millennial’ so I squeeze an arbitrary “Gen Y” between 1980 and 1985 for those of us who grew up with computers but only started considering them instruments of communication in the middle of our formative years when networking and internetworking became widespread. Interested in mathematics (particularly computation, complexity theory, and dynamics), physics (some fringe theories of physics such as quantised inertia and Einstein-Cartan theory which arguments general relativity with torsion), economics (particularly macroeconomics), and programming (C, FORTRAN, LISP, ABAP, Mathematica, and Python).

Liberal, pro-EU. Terrified of the wave of obtuse populistic obtusity that seems to be enveloping the Western world. Prone to extreme buts of anger when confronted with people who don’t or refuse to acknowledge sound logical arguments.

Always willing to change my mind if new facts or better theories are presented.

I’m not a very sociable person. Deeply introverted. I’m on the slight end of the autism spectrum.

Feel at home here amongst smart and technically savy folk who are typically willing to think things through before posting inane bullshit and who are orftem willing to concede valid points.

I live in currently-dismal Italy and help run a my family’s non-tech manufacturing firm mostly for the benefit of the employee whose livelihoods depend on this firms firm continued existence. Not what I wanted to do with my life buy I consider it a duty in exchange for all the benefits I received in happier times.