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created:February 17, 2011
karma: 3451
about: I'm the Chief Developer & Founder of namesuppressed. I make Photoshop plug-ins, desktop & mobile apps, and sometimes do freelance work too.

I also run Indie Conference: a curated list of conferences for indie developers, bootstrappers, indie musicians, digital nomads and other independent / DIY folks.

Basically I love making products & being a solo founder.

I'm Australian & live in Perth, but I also love Berlin & often consider relocating there. So if you have a job or freelance offer in Berlin, I'd love to chat. (Or email me anyway, I'm always happy to help HN people and I try to reply to everyone.)

Twitter: @syneryder Email: syneryder AT namesuppressed DOT com

Personal Site: http://kohanikin.com Company Site: http://www.namesuppressed.com/ Indie Conference: http://www.indieconference.com/