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Ask HN: Who's Hiring?
161 points by mrduncan on April 30, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 169 comments
I noticed a few threads with people saying that their company is hiring and it's been about a month since the last one of these (so I'm sure needs have changed).

As a reminder, please include the location if you would need employees to work on-site.

Building things that people want is overrated. A person can derive great pleasure and satisfaction from ripping things apart instead. That's the gig we're offering. We work with some of the most interesting companies, along with lots of companies with interesting technology you've never heard of.

This job has had me write compilers, learn Scala, reverse and interoperate with freaky network protocols, test chipsets, write hypervisors, extend debuggers, and crawl through the heating ducts and garbage chutes of several of the biggest web apps out there. It is a very cool gig.


And, I have news! Since last I posted this appeal, we've opened a Bay Area office. I'm hiring in NYC. I'm hiring in Chicago. And I'm hiring in SFBay.

We're looking first and foremost for people who can code and who have a deep interest in software security. I've been thrilled with the quality of people I've gotten to talk to on HN. You can't possibly waste my time. My contact info is in my profile.

I swore off that sh-t ten years ago. I just got too worried about lawsuits, hit men (some toughs show up and you've got 30 seconds to decide how badly you want to mess them up to minimize your risk of future problems), wondering which people on the mailing lists and IRC channels I was on were spooks... and then there was the time that I got the FBI to investigate Japan's #1 superheroine.

I decided it was much better to build things that people want after all.

Were you on IRC anonymously?

Nice post! You're right about how sometimes it is more fun to rip things apart than to build them. For example: I remember running a fuzzer on a brand new Solaris 10 install several years back and when the server spontaneously rebooted itself, I knew I had just found a remote root exploit.

Good luck!

I can vouch for this. I started at Matasano two months ago, and am very pleased to find seriously bright people and a really fun gig. As one of the Matasanoans said, it is curiosity that is important in this gig, not paranoia or certificates. I have always enjoyed drilling down to find out what makes something tick. Clients ask us to find vulnerabilities in their systems. The gigs involve burping web apps, pulling apart C# and Java programs, understanding C, machine language, or even firmware and hardware.

And the coding part is most often in ruby or jruby (and yes, I do try to sneak in a little clojure past Tom). You don't need to know Ruby coming in the door, but if you are a good programmer, you will pick up in no time.

Check us out.

(Ok, back to breaking things. But they tell me I should stop breaking tools in the black bag, though.)

> Building things that people want is overrated. A person can derive great pleasure and satisfaction from ripping things apart instead.

Great spiel!

SSi Micro is hiring great hackers. Know C pretty well, be great at one high-level language (Python, PHP, whatever), be a quick learner (and we mean quick), and then come and be a propellerhead at our awesome, small company.


We're a little company based in Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories. We deliver broadband satellite internet to 61 of the most remote communities on earth, and now that our network's up and running (although we're investing heavily in upgrading it), we're busy building great software for our customers, optimized specifically for our unique network.

Right now, we're building a file sharing webapp. Why not just use dropbox, you ask? Well, our network is pretty unique: all our traffic is bounced off a satellite, and round-trip latency of ~600ms (which is because of the horrible limitation of the speed of light, which we are constantly working to exceed) means that we have to do things a little differently. SSi is so cool that when we won a government contract to do "time-shifted file transfers", we decided that we /could/ meet our contractual obligations with a few weeks of work/testing, but instead we're building a wicked webapp that brings the functionality to everyone on our network, not just big clients with IT departments.

Yellowknife's not as cold as you think, and the 24-hours-of-daylight summers are not to be missed.

If you're interested and game, we'll make an offer really easy to accept: We'll get and pay for your apartment, a car if you need it, and pay you atop that. We'll do all that for up to three months while you evaluate us and the north, so that it's risk- and hassle-free for you to come to a really great, unique company in an awesome little city.

Email: stephenw@ssimicro.com

Wow, that's really remote. To drive there, you apparently have to take a fairly small ferry boat:


Looks like they're building a bridge, though. By "not as cold as you think", you mean that the spit hits the ground before it freezes?

Today it's a balmy 9 Celsius. Sure, the winter brings a couple weeks of -35 C and below, but with a solid parka and the same resolve we're looking for in our hackers, you can hack it. :)

And that bridge... What a nightmare. It's been in the works for years, tens of millions over budget, and it's become a local joke. "Yea, we'll finish that once the bridge is finished."

Also, you only have to take the ferry in the warm months--from January to mid-April you get to drive on the ice road. There's a show about it on Discovery called Ice Road Truckers (oddly, everybody here loathes the show, despite some of our locals being on it). It's pretty fun to be cruising down a shoveled track of ice on a huge frozen lake, radio blaring. Yes, there are roadsigns on the ice road. :)

Here in Padova, the flowers are blooming, everything is breaking out in green, it is 25C, and I went for a drink in the piazza with nothing but a short-sleeved shirt this evening. Yellowknife like a fascinating place, but one I'd rather read about or, at most, visit, rather than live in. Good luck though:-)

Thanks! For sure, the weather isn't for everyone. We /do/ get great summer weather (it'll be over 20C before the end of May), but it's a short season. Padova sounds gorgeous!

(Just a Manly-Man-o'-the-North note: I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt today. We bust out the summer clothes at anything above 5C.) :)

I could stand the cold, but the winter darkness would get me. Or do you adapt fast?

It took me some getting used to. I've been here 14 months now, and I did get a little lethargic at the beginning of the dark, dark winter months. And slightly manic in the all-sun summer light. But I adapted pretty quickly.

Wow, I'm surprised street view has such a remote location. That begs the question where is the most remote street view location.

Probably either northern Alaska, or maybe somewhere in Australia.

This is pretty epic looking, isn't it:


Justin.tv is hiring engineers who want to work on a site that gets used by 30m people a month. We have 250gbps in house capacity. Scary as it is, engineers who graduated undergrad last year run our deployment system, video system, and more. You will get thrown in the deep end on production systems.

http://justin.tv/problems => jobs @ justin.tv

Dropcam, http://www.dropcam.com/ in San Francisco.

You should email me directly - greg@dropcam.com. We code for the cameras and the server-side, mostly Python/C -- and there are many terabytes of data to work with. We also have an iPhone app and will support more mobile platforms in the future.

We're looking for generalist engineers who know C like the back of their hand but prefer to code in a higher level language like Python 90% of the time. You should also have experience with IP/networking or a voracious enough learning appetite to get it fast: we work with protocols a lot, and not just HTTP. Linux knowledge will come in handy too ... understanding file systems, system calls, toolchains, etc a plus.

You might work on web, iPhone, embedded camera code, and video server code all in the span of one project -- we don't like silos. Everyone here is an engineer and writes code. Our current team consists of core engineers from Xobni and DivX.

We've been too busy to write up a fancy jobs page, but there are ample sodas, salary, and equity :)

And FYI, we're funded by Mitch Kapor, David Cowan, and Aydin Senkut.

..and I heard Seqouia was pissed they didn't get to invest.

"Receive alerts when something happens via email or text"

Doesn't this mean I'll receive an alert when I receive an email?

Wouldn't this be better:

"Receive alerts via email or text when something happens"

Both are perfectly legible

Don't try to steal the mountain bike in the office entryway guys.

Well, if you tried it would push-notify my iPhone so I guess that's an additional way to get in touch ...

Quora in Palo Alto is hiring software engineers and product designers.


We're working on a high quality question and answer site.

Some of the tools we are using include Python, Pylons, nginx, memcached, Thrift, and git. We're using continuous deployment and EC2, so all code you write will go live to production within minutes no matter what time it is.

You can see more about our team so far here: http://www.quora.com/about/team

Btw, solved your challenge in under 1s (2.27ghz), but i'm way too far from Palo Alto :)

Airbnb is hiring 10+ people right now. In particular, we could use some Front End Engineers (backend knowledge is a big plus). Our team is small and you will have a huge impact on the product.

Email me directly at chris@airbnb.com if you:

1) are nasty with Javascript / CSS / HTML

2) can prove it with existing work on great websites or projects

3) love the idea of Airbnb

More about our jobs here: http://www.airbnb.com/jobs

Just wanted to say that I've met most of the folks at Airbnb and they are all unbelievably awesome. Seriously check them out, they're doing some amazing things.

Is remote work possible or only on-site?

On site in San Francisco. We feel it's important for our early employees to experience the unique office and culture we've created.

Thanks. These hiring threads always convince me a little more to move down to SF.

LinkedIn - Mountain View, CA

I'm hiring a team to help develop a new user-facing Data Product built on top of LinkedIn's massive dataset of 65 million member profiles, connection graph, recommendations, company database, and other rich information sources - both internal and external. I described a bit about what it is like working on our team earlier this month on the LinkedIn blog: http://blog.linkedin.com/2010/04/20/linkedin-data-scientist-...

To accelerate the application process, feel free to ping me directly (info in my HN profile).

* Senior Software Engineer - Analytics Applications http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=937403

Front end engineer working directly with me & the Data team. You will be wiring up an application and UI that serves millions of users, pulling data from sources like Voldemort and relational databases. Looking for solid developers who can quickly crank out a solid web app in Java, Rails, or Django. Should be someone who iterates quickly and thinks about scale. Interest in information design / interaction is a plus.

* Site Operations Engineer (Ruby on Rails) http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=902262

Another role that might be of interest to HN readers: You will work closely with the Light Engineering Development team to configure, deploy, and monitor production-ready applications using any or many of: apache, nginx, memcached, mongrel, thin, Passenger Phusion, rabbitmq, redis, sphinx, and anything else it takes to get the job done.

We also need more data scientists to focus on the machine learning algorithms & statistical processing behind this and other similar products we have in the works. Experience with things like Hadoop, Mechanical Turk, & Info Retrieval a plus:

* Senior Software Engineer, Information Extraction http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=923006

* Senior Data Scientist http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=944162

My company isn't actually hiring, but I run a jobs website that focuses on the entry level market.


It's a pretty simple premise. Every day I feature a new company that is hiring. You can browse by tag, so for the sake of the HN crowd I'll plug myself twice more.

Software Development Jobs: http://onedayonejob.com/entry-level-jobs/software-developmen...

Web Development Jobs: http://onedayonejob.com/entry-level-jobs/web-development/

I only talk about the entry level positions, but a lot of the companies are hiring at higher levels too.

San Mateo, CA - http://epocrates.com working on an electronic health record system. If you have RoR && ( jQuery || moo || prototype.js || yui) skills, please email me. We use Shoulda, continuous integration (hudson), macbook pros with external monitors, &etc. This is a nice place to work with smart people -- we're working hard on the v1 of a new product, but have a midsize company's resources and maturity (benefits, experienced management, sane buy vs build mentality, &etc.)

It's also pretty cool to go into work each day and know that you are working towards saving lives and helping the medical industry.

Nice use of boolean logic.

I heard a little company called RethinkDB is hiring.


They just got new offices in Mountain View. Check the jobs page for compensation and such.

You get to write functional data structures with hardcore low-level C/C++ and the linux kernel, and run awesome experiments on really fast hardware. Plus, I can promise you that Mike and Slava are really cool guys and you'll love hanging out with them.

Bump is hiring one full time Android architect.

Complete requirements: general awesomeness

Get into mobile!

Email: hackernews@bu.mp ; Mountain View, CA near Caltrain ; YC/Sequoia

New York, NY

LimeWire is hiring Python, Scala, Java, and Javascript developers to help build its next generation music service.

I am the tech lead of the REST APIs component, which is written in Scala. We are using a Service Oriented Architecture with back end services written in Python and Java, all communicating via Thrift. RabbitMQ, MySQL, Memcached, Solr, Riak and cloud deployment round out our back end stack. Front end is HTML5/CSS3. We use Git.

With 5 weeks paid time off + 10 holidays, free lunch every day, made-to-order breakfast twice a week, and rooftop parties, it's easy to get used to working here.


Yelp is hiring back end, front end, and mobile engineers (check http://yelp.com/jobs). We use Python for a lot of the web site and search services are mostly Java. As an engineer you'll be working on new features and scaling existing features to work with our ever increasing traffic. Best work environment I've ever had the pleasure of working in. We're located in downtown San Francisco.

Social Gold is hiring end-to-end developers in Seattle and SF

We're a growing startup with 20+ full time employees. Many of us have worked at Amazon; many of us have founded startups. Our customers are app/game developers and our services are used by millions of consumers.

We help social games and apps monetize and manage their virtual economy. Payments, virtual currency management & analytics, subscriptions, and more. There's lots of real demand, so your priorities are closely tied to our business needs and your products will make us money. More about us: http://www.jambool.com

You'll code in Ruby. We're looking for people with 2-4 years of experience writing production code. You'll focus on one or two products, but will be exposed to all of our systems. You'll work with external customers to understand their needs, design solutions (features, products, process) and implement them end-to-end (from UI to the database). More job details: https://www.jambool.com/socialgold/corp/jobs

FathomDB is hiring engineers to work on our new scalable relational database: if you'd rather solve 'impossible' problems than work on yet another database-driven website where your biggest problem is going to dealing with bugs in the Facebook API; if you'd prefer to build something that will power real businesses for the next 20 years instead of building a Twitter add-on that'll be obsoleted when they launch their own version in a few months; if you'd rather invent the future than read about it; then email jobs @ fathomdb.com

Don't get me wrong, "database as a service" seems cool and all, but ... inventing the future? Don't you have to be a rockstar or a ninja to do that?

Watch the video: http://fathomdb.com/news/demo2010

Cynicism is too often just an excuse for mediocrity.

Burlingame, just south of SF - isocket is hiring two engineers. We've had real paying customers since before funding and Techcrunch was our first.


And we're pretty serious about being a flat and equal team - we stirred up some good reactions on HN with a blog post about why we don't believe in job titles:


I am one of their paying customers and have chatted with them lots. Great, hard-working and determined team. :)

Yahoo! (Sunnyvale, CA) is looking for a javascripter to work on their application platform: http://developer.yahoo.com/yap/

Email me directly at rburke@yahoo-inc.

Etsy is hiring:


Come help us change the heart of commerce from the ground up. Hard problems, smart people, and the coolest office space in Brooklyn await you. Check out our development blog for a taste of what we're working on behind the scenes:


Always a Bridesmaid is looking for developers to start ASAP (open to contractors, summer interns or full-time employees). I am a second year at Stanford GSB and will be graduating in June and working on building this business full time. We are going to build a one-stop shop online for bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaid dress industry is a $2 billion industry in the U.S. that is fraught with pain and dominated by brick and mortar local mom and pops shops (only 19% of bridesmaid dress purchases were made online in 2009). We are going to do for the bridesmaid dress industry what Blue Nile did for diamond engagement rings.

What we are looking for: Web developer – either one person who can handle both front and back-end or one front-end developer one back-end developer.  We are going to build an e-commerce site that is overlayed with additional functionality, including workflow and coordination tools; this will be a group shopping platform where the bride can act as a mini site administrator with her bridesmaids connected to her account.  We are either going to use Magento as the e-commerce platform upon which we customize or we are building from scratch (we need help evaluating the risk of customizing on top of Magento given that the coordination tools are critical to our value proposition).  

Front-end skills should include UX and UI experience.  We would love to have someone who can help us with look and feel but are planning on having a graphic designer work with us on this if we cannot find a front-end developer who can do this too.

On the back-end, we would like to set up our website for robust analytics, inventory management, integration with an accounting system, etc.  Past experience building a website end-to-end is a must; experience with e-commerce and/or social-networking platforms is a plus.

Founder, Ilana Stern: Prior to the GSB, Ilana worked as a Buyer for Bloomingdales, where she spent a portion of her time purchasing dresses for Bloomingdale’s nationwide.  Last summer she worked for Bonobos, an e-commerce apparel start-up, and as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group.  Ilana received her BA from University of Pennsylvania in 2005 where she focused on International Relations.

If interested, contact Ilana at stern_ilana@gsb.stanford.edu

Will you be staying in the Bay Area?

I believe the answer is yes in this case.

If you love Django, live in Austin, and want to be a hacker/journalist, there will probably be a job open for you soon at The Texas Tribune. You'll get a chance to fix everything you hate about how news is done on the web, and do all sorts of nifty things with government data, like these:




BackType (YC08) is hiring engineers to work on both the front and back end of our analytics product. We work mostly with Clojure and Python and use a mix of technologies from Thrift and Hadoop to Cassandra and graph databases. We're three people, we all code, and we work with TBs of data, manage a cluster of 100 machines, and build and scale products that serve hundreds of millions of monthly requests.

Checkout our tech blog at http://tech.backtype.com and contact me directly at mm@backtype.com

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Funda Real Estate B.V. -- http://www.funda.nl/neveradullmoment (Dutch)

We're looking for a fourth UX designer to join our current UX team. In our company a UX designer is multi-disciplinary capable in the fields of communication, to design, to front-end development (HTML/CSS only with Javascript as a plus).

Please see above link for details. You're always free to send an e-mail to the contact person in the listing or myself at jeroen.mulder@funda.nl

Dropbox (http://www.dropbox.com/) is looking for an engineer to help with our backend architecture and scalability. Lots of nasty, difficult challenges interfacing with millions of software clients and keeping a multi-petabyte filesystem running. We're located in downtown SF.

Needs to be proficient in C, Python, MySQL. Needs to be able to pick up new systems quickly. Great GPA from a top 5 CS school a plus.

If this sounds like you, send me an email! r@dropbox.com

Have you found that being a graduate from a top 5 CS school is a good indicator of being a good performer? I know that the early Dropbox team was almost entirely MIT grads, but at the same time, I know a lot of GREAT programmers who haven't come from top 5 programs.

He said a plus, I take that as a great filtering mechanism.

Freelancer.com (http://www.freelancer.com/) in Sydney Australia is hiring. We are the 500th biggest site in the world and growing quickly. Lots of interesting work. We need both front end and back end engineers.

Plancast (San Francisco, CA) - http://plancast.com

Backend Web Developer

Things you can expect to do: -Work closely with co-founders Jay Marcyes and Mark Hendrickson -Build out the "guts" of Plancast by constructing database-heavy models and controllers -Lead development of major new features -Help with the refinement and optimization of existing features

Qualities we're looking for -5+ years web development experience -Expert in PHP, MySQL, and Object Oriented programming -Competent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript -Experienced with Symfony or a similar development framework -Comfortable with Unix command line interface -Adept at Git or a similar version control system -Happy to code projects large and small, as well as refactor code as necessary -Loves coding

Investors include: SoftTechVC, True Ventures, Founders Fund Angel, Zelkova Ventures, Aydin Senkut, Saul Klein, David Cohen, Joshua Schachter, Dave McClure, Dan Martell, Ron Bouganim, Paige Craig, Naval Ravikan, and Shervin Pishevar.

We're currently a 3 person team. You WILL have a big impact on the future of the company.

More info: http://plancast.com/jobs

Austin, TX (will take relocations)


Spiceworks, Inc is looking for Rails developers. I was recently hired and they are still looking for more. With the $16m capital infusion back in January executive management is looking to double its size.

Brought to you by the same people as Tivoli, All.com, and Motive Communication (currently the 2nd largest IPO in Austin history).

Let 'em know Scott sent you :)

Academia.edu is hiring http://academia.edu/jobs. Academia.edu helps academics follow the latest research in their field. Here are a few bullet points that sum up the atmosphere in our team:

- obsession with exceptional engineering

- obsession with building a great web product, and a great user experience

- intellectually inquisitive - we like delving into ideas, whatever the ideas are about

- fun and friendly - we enjoy each other's company a lot, and have a great deal of respect for each other. We want to continue this atmosphere through the people we hire.

Here are some of the technologies we work with: Rails, Nginx, Node.js, Redis, Memcached. We are based in downtown San Francisco. More information about the team, and about how we think about software engineering and product development, is here http://academia.edu/jobs

Digg! We're hiring engineers and product managers right now. We're in San Francisco.

Interesting. Digg could be really develop some excellent discovery and sharing functionality... the product management opportunities could be great.

Hi Brian!

Goldstar.com is hiring Killer Rails developers, Front-end Engineers, and Web App Designers. You'll be working with awesome people, working on an app that both makes lots of money AND uses cutting edge technology to do really cool things. We've got tons of data, hard problems, and a 10+ person team doing XP. Prefer people in Pasadena, CA (relocation assistance provided) but could make exceptions for great hackers.

Front end engineer: http://goldstar.catchthebest.com/apply/11ec/d7b0

Web App Designer: http://goldstar.catchthebest.com/apply/54c7/d7b0

Rails Developer: email: pmaddox +at+ goldstar dot com

Sifteo (http://sifteo.com) is hiring in San Francisco. Drop us a line at jobs@sifteo.com if you're interested! Blurb follows:

Sifteo, a venture-backed consumer electronics start-up, is seeking talented individuals to help create a new generation of interactive games on a revolutionary platform. We are creating Siftables, a set of interactive video tiles that form the world's first tabletop game console.

We are currently looking for:

* Game Designer / Developers

* Software Developers

* Web Developers

For more info, please see:

* http://blog.sifteo.com/topics/jobs

* http://ted.com/talks/david_merrill_demos_siftables_the_smart...

We're hiring at Urban Airship ( http://urbanairship.com/ ). We're located in Portland, Oregon.

We do push notifications and content delivery for mobile devices - currently iPhone and BlackBerry, but (very) soon Android and others. We have lots of really awesome customers and power some really big mobile apps.

Server stuff is in Python, but there's also work in Objective-C and Scala.

We're funded by True Ventures and Founders Co-op and we currently have 7 people - 6 engineers and our CEO, Scott Kveton. It's a place where everybody works on every layer of the stack and we're having a fantastic time working on new products and scaling out. You should join us.


Looking for embedded Linux/NetBSD developers. CradlePoint, Inc. Boise, ID. 3G/4G routers & solutions. http://www.cradlepoint.com/content/employment

Our company, YCEO (a pseudo startup doing local ecommerce solutions), is hiring Python hackers.

We're located in Kadikoy/Istanbul.

Contact: u.karatas@yceo.com.tr

Awesome to see my city represented by others on HN. Just out of curiosity, what sort of gig do you guys do? Custom tailored solutions for clients etc?

Currently we're trying to come up with a generic ecommerce platform. Turkish market is underserved in this area, we think.

Loggly (http://loggly.com/) is hiring in San Francisco. Full job descriptions will be up in about 2 weeks.

We're looking for one or two Solrish search developers who enjoy Hadoopiness, an AWS aware operations peep who yearns to develop more, a Python middleware API wrangler with Django chops, and one or two UI whizzers to do some cool jQuery based front-end work in a retro UX.

If you are interested (in the jobs), sign up for the beta at http://loggly.com/signup/, and then email us at jobs@loggly.com to get the access code.

OpenX is still hiring - we're looking for a wide variety of positions (http://openx.org/Jobs), one of which is to work with me on the Market (http://openx.org/market). If you're into scaling high-volume back-ends doing non-trivial work on every request using a variety of languages from Java to Erlang - you might like working on the Market. If you're interested send me an email (joel at openx dot org). The location is Pasadena, CA, and you need to work on-site. Relocation is available.

There seems to be a problem with your website in Firefox, the stylesheets aren't applied. It looks good in Chrome though.

SB Nation is hiring Ruby/Rails developers: http://www.sbnation.com/jobs/developer

We're based in Washington DC (in sweet offices in Dupont Circle) but are open to remote people.

We don't have a job description up for this yet, but we're also looking for a strong agile project manager. If you're interested, send email to: jobs at sbnation dot com

Here are some of the people you'd be working with: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mlovitt/4507488493/in/set-72157...

Unity3d.com we are hiring for a number of positions, from engineering to marketing. we even sometimes hire people just because they can bring a good idea to the team. Why could you bring to unity technologies?

Citrix is hiring in Cambridge, UK. We are doing opensource hardwarde virtualization in interesting languages (including functional ones).

Please write me an email (address in my profile) for more information.

Palantir Technologies is hiring in Palo Alto, DC, and New York, LA, and in Europe.


The Fireworks Project is recruiting members. This is not a typical job and certainly not a typical start up. We're looking for guy or gal #3. If you don't want to have anything to do with us, I'd still like to get your thoughts on our member managed corporate structure.

No resume or CV please. I want to see blogs, GitHub accounts, StackOverflow accounts, and the like.


Your legal document has an error. You cannot arbitrarily decide to pay your members (LLC partners) as 1099 contractors. You must follow IRS rules. From reading the rest of the description of your plan, IRS rules will be contrary to your 1099/contractor classification.

The company was chartered under the legal guidance of The Berkman Center, specifically The Vermont Project. We worked diligently through the unique legal formation to be sure it complied with all tax code and SEC laws. There is nothing in our legal agreement that explicitly states we are LLC partners, but rather a member owned and managed LLC under Vermont law.

http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/ http://lawlab.org/digital-institutions/vermont-project/ http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/interactive/events/luncheons/20...

It is a unique and innovative legal formation yes, but not an illegal one.

Think is hiring! We're making this:


We are looking for web, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry developers near Palo Alto, CA.

News coverage:


Job application:


You don't often get the chance to build the infrastructure for a site that will (re)launch and have to immediately serve two million-plus users, handle a never-ending influx of real-time data from those users' actions, and support commenting, moderation and relationships across all of them and their actions.

That's the web site for the new Star Wars MMO. Integrating live game data. Feeding it to the web. Letting people go crazy with user-generated content on it. For the two million players that EA wants, just to start.

The community is already huge. It's one of the biggest Drupal sites ever, and it's getting bigger every day. Come help me work on it.

BioWare is still hiring for senior Java and senior Drupal or PHP developers, as well as a graphic artist and an HTML/CSS/JS developer, in Austin, TX.

I'm an interaction designer for the web team, and the three jobs are here, under "Marketing:" http://www.bioware.com/bioware_info/jobs/austin_jobs/

They're contract jobs, so no relocation is provided for, but they're a year long, so you wouldn't have to look for something new right away.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you apply and want me to put your name at the top of the list.

Security Innovation in Seattle, WA is hiring.

We're a Software Security Company looking for great Security Engineers. I'm the Director of Security Services at Security Innovation, so if you have any questions e-mail me at jobs@securityinnovation.com

Here's a link to the formal job description: http://securityinnovation.com/company/careers/job-security-e...

Here's our "informal" job description: Are you passionate about software security? Do you look at MD5 and RC2 with disgust? Do you find yourself reciting hexadecimal often... in little endian order? Do you find security issues everywhere you look? Do you often wonder how software security can be so broken, and why more people don't understand how SQLi, XSS, and CSRF work? Do you smile uncontrollably when you see 0x41414141 on the stack? Would you rather stay up all night, for 12 hours strait, writing a tool to automate a task than do something repetitive and boring for an hour?

If so, then I have great news for you - Security Innovation is hiring! We're looking for somebody who will fit in with our current team of extremely talented security engineers. We pay well, have great benefits, and provide a budget for annual security conferences. We have an awesome office downtown and get to travel occasionally. Enjoy the challenge of penetration testing n-Tier applications, crypto systems, and web apps from some of the largest software vendors in the world while enjoying the office lifestyle of a small, yet established, company.

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been searching for, then look no further, email us your resume today!

We are hiring a designer at our startup: http://www.pinterest.com. We are in Palo Alto. 3 people, funded.


We want to add one more hacker to our pre-launch team.

We're expecting to release our early access and close funding (from a top tier NYC VC) both within a two month time frame.

Familiarity with the django framework and mobile platforms help. Off-site work is fine to start, but you need to be from the NYC area for team meetings (or willing to relocate).

email: joe@revolutiontrades.com

http://www.travelsort.ru/ We're seeking a top-notch, very experienced RoR developer who delivers high quality, clean code quickly, and is used to SCRUM with daily standups. We're using EC2, Git, Thinking Sphinx and Rally. Please have:

• At least 3 full years of experience developing in RoR to produce best-in-class Web sites on-time and within budget • Strong communications skills and ability to get things done in the context of a highly distributed, international team (we have folks in the US, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine) • Pro-active and can-do attitude: if anything is blocking you or unclear, you ask for clarification right away • Pride in your work product: you test your work before telling us it's complete • Passion for travel, and solving users' current pain points

Native Russian speaker a plus; we're developing a cutting edge product at the nexus of vertical search and social media that is launching intially on the Runet--one of the few markets where Google is not the #1 SE and Facebook is not the #1 social networking site.

Piqued your interest? Contact hilarys+ror@gmail.com

Nasuni (Natick, MA) is hiring!


Inside Sales Representative (Account Manager)

Web Marketing Specialist

Community/Social media manager

QA Test Engineer

Most of these would be onsite - I'm pretty sure the Community manager position can be remote.

We're a venture-back startup, and we've just gone live with the 1.0 version of our product. Now would be the perfect time to join us!

Feel free to email resumes to jobs@nasuni.com or jnoller at the same domain.

Washington DC - Java hackers and general mgt jobs http://www.opower.com/Careers/CurrentOpportunities.aspx

This is from a friend of mine: I recently changed jobs to a software company with a focus on utilities - OPOWER - and we're growing rapidly. I was employee 75 and we're projected to have over 150 by the end of the year. As software is our product, we need the best and smartest engineers and developers we can find. It's a very cool, casual atmosphere and a great place to work but being on the east coast, it's very hard to find the level of talent that we need.

On the off chance that you know anybody that would be willing to move to DC, please, please let them know that we're hiring. Beyond the fact that DC is, in fact, a great town to live in, it's a great company with wonderful benefits and new candidates receive options in a growing company. I know it's a long shot, but I figured it's at least a good excuse to get in touch. Seriously, we need the best people we can get, and fast.

FreshBooks in Toronto is hiring a whole slew of people.


Splunk is hiring engineers in SF, drop me a line at dlanstein@splunk.

The last time this thread came around, we hired the one person who emailed me :-)

Tapulous (Palo Alto, CA) is hiring: http://tapulous.com/jobs/

Tapulous is a leading iPhone developer with over 30 million users. People play our games over 3 million times every day. Our flagship, Tap Tap Revenge is the first gaming franchise on the iPhone. We are angel funded and profitable.

Our open positions are listed on our site.

What's awesome is that my team has grown from one (me!) to four as these threads went out. Sadly, none directly from the HN.

To correct that, drop me a line: sanj@tripadvisor.com

We're looking for intern, junior and senior folks to work on stuff that's cool enough that it is embargoed. We're in Newton, MA and you'll need to be too.

Warning: I'll ask you to write code pretty much the first time we talk.

what no love for linux? http://img2.me/4sWE8.jpeg

Either way, I'll see what you have to offer. Good luck finding HNers

Ignore the scary banner -- it should work just fine.

Ditto what Sanjay's looking for. We have an HN candidate sharing agreement, so no need to email both of us :).

Cape Town, South Africa

We are looking for C++ Engineers to work on open-source code in the compilers/object persistence/DB/multi-threading/networking areas. If things like the new plugin architecture in GCC 4.5 make you excited, then you are our kind of guy (or gal). Here is more info:


Would you consider people from outside SA (willing to relocate)?

San Mateo, CA

NexTag.com is the leading comparison shopping site for products, financial services, travel, automobiles, real estate, education and more. Founded in 1999, the company was named one of the Top 10 Comparison Shopping Sites (2nd place after Google) by CPC Strategy.


QUALIFICATIONS: • 8+ years experience in software development with 2+ year in Java programming. • Solid working knowledge of UNIX, preferably Linux. • Experience working high volume e-commerce web development applications and tools. • Expertise with Object-Oriented Design and implementation. • Expertise in data structures, algorithms, and complexity analysis. • SQL experience a plus, MySQL a big plus. • Strong background in relational database. • Good communication skills. • BS or MS in Computer Science from a Top Tier University.

Great opportunity to work for a fast growing company. If interested, send me an email at Lbeseda71@nextag.com

RJMetrics is looking for a developer in the Philadelphia Area. We build BI software, make rap videos, guest post on Techcrunch, and have been doubling revenue quarter over quarters since we got started.


Advanced Bionics in Valencia, CA is hiring a web designer/ UX/IA person.

Looking for someone to help lead the charge in improving our web presence. The right person will be able to have a huge impact in pulling our web presence out of mediocrity. Our company is a good one to work for. We make cochlear implants.


What does IA mean in this context? Interface architect?

Information Architect I presume. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_architecture)

there a lot of dev and design openings at nytimes.com. all jobs are in nyc.


also have a opening in the r+d lab for a data scientist: http://bit.ly/nytdatascientist

Do you know if they are also willing to hire interns for the summer for dev positions?

We're looking for a software developer at Xtify, Inc. The position is in New York City. Website: htttp://www.xtify.com More details: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/System_Software_Engineer_1165_...

Any startup want to give us a try. I am leading a very small team of 4 people in one small town in India. I want to work in my own ideas, as apart from consultancy there is not much happening in some part of India. I am not getting the real experience. So want to be part of a startup to learn, work harder and deliver. This way I think I will get some confidence on my ability and my team strength. We can work on PHP, CakePHP, XHTML, CSS (hand coding), GIMP/Photoshop (basic photo editing stuff.. not professional logo or graphics design), JavaScipt/jQuery.... Learning Ruby on Rail too!!! Anybody interested can drop a few line to my id.... prasana.mishra at gmail dot com We would like to work for free till you gain confidence on us and we work upto your expectation....

Cary, NC.


JavaScript, Erlang, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, FreeSWITCH, FreePBX.

Grooveshark is always looking for clever music lovers to add to our quirky culture. We're based in Gainesville, FL. See http://grooveshark.com/jobs for details or feel free to hit me up directly - chris@grooveshark.com

This should probably be made as a 'sticky' topic :)

Or resubmit every month, so the posts don't go stale.

Web app developer for www.jibe.com; expertise with Rails stack and JavaScript is desired. Problem space is combining social networks and employment. It's a small team, so your input means a lot. We're based in NYC. E-mail hacker@jibe.com

Miso - http://gomiso.com - The second screen that makes watching TV more fun.

We have an amazing team, but we're changing the game with Miso, and we need more talent to make it happen.

We're looking to hire:

- iPhone/iPad wizards

- Front-end web heads

- Server-side web devs

- Better yet: a killer developer who can wear all these hats and more.

Current technology stack: Objective-C / Cocoa Touch on the iPhone/iPad, HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / jQuery on the web, Ruby / Rails / MySQL on the backend. We constantly evaluate other technologies to incorporate where they make sense.

We're funded and located in San Francisco, in Pier 38, on the Embarcadero, next to AT&T Park.

Send your info to jobs@gomiso.com .

If you've donated money online in the past couple years, odds are you've given to one of our clients. Presidential campaigns, non-profits, cultural institutions, universities and others.

If you'd like to spend your days helping empower those same organizations, check us out:


We're hiring for several positions, including some non-coding jobs for those who like hacker news, but don't hack.

Boston: developers, sys admins, product and project management, client managers.

New York/Washington DC: client managers and a few other content and analytics positions.

I talked to a senior member of the Obama campaign (he led the Dem Convention but his name skips my mind) at length about what you guys do. It sounds incredible. If you have anything going on in Atlanta, ever, please contact me.

Clinical Trials Software Web Developer


ASP.NET MVC NHibernate JQuery C#

If interested, send me your resume. This is my position (I'm leaving) so I can tell you what you need to know, and hand your resume to the right person. Plus I can get the referral bonus!

We do.

We are starting to develop a large suite of applications for android. Thus, I am talking about a long term contract.

You can live anywhere you are, work is to be done remotely, paid on milestones basis.

We are looking for groovy hackers that are willing and able to hack on this system and develop the infrastructure, framework, API's (C, C++ and Java), and the applications (jQuery/HTML5/Canvas are the building blocks for the web apps).

Autodidact or Ph-d's are all treated the same.

We do not have a price list. You set yours, you get a chance (task assignment) to prove you worth it, passed, moving on, failed, too bad.

Contact me at tzury.by@reguluslabs.com

YouNoodle is going through some exciting growth right now. We're changing the way emerging businesses are understood. Currently, we serve several governments and some of the world's largest technology companies. Our data is used by an audience of tens of millions through media partners including Bloomberg BusinessWeek. What you see online from us right now is only the tip of the iceberg.

We're looking for stellar product managers and engineers excited by big-data. http://younoodle.com/static/jobs

Not a startup, but my company is hiring. It's a design agency in San Francisco called AKQA.

Right now my team needs web developers more than software engineers.

(Send an email to the address in my HN profile if you're interested.)

Cramerdev is hiring for UI/UX, general web dev, and project manager (http://cramerdev.com/employment). A more passionate and crazed web team you'll be hard-pressed to find. Our current tech stack is Rails, with some PHP and server-side Javascript thrown in, but we're open to whatever you've got burning inside you that'll blow our minds.

Literally the best team and company I've had the honor of working with. Onsite (Iowa City, IA), or remote, either is great.

TrueFit http://truefitcorp.com/ is looking for a Statistics/Machine Learning guru to help transform online commerce in MA (Woburn).

blippy.com is hiring: Chief Security Officer, engineering, and product.

We're trying to free your purchase data to allow any developer (including us) to add value. Social commerce (as a space) is ripe to explode, and we are at forefront.

Some of our tools include ruby, rails, haml, memcached, mongodb, sphinx.

Backed by August Capital, CRV, Sequoia, Ron Conway, Evan Williams, and many other awesome angels.

Team: http://blippy.com/about

Funny pictures: http://blippy.com/jobs

Wildfire Interactive is hiring for several positions, both technical and non-technical. We're based in Palo Alto and have twice been chosen for funding by the Facebook Fund, and have also just secured a Series A round of funding from Summit Partners. We're growing incredibly fast, and need more talent to help maintain and grow our successful business. Check out our jobs page: http://www.wildfireapp.com/buzz/jobs

If you live in Boston, and Python, Javascript and dealing with seriously big datasets is your thing, we are hiring a few engineers at Compete (for compete.com).

email me at fchamut@compete.com

FratMusic, LLC - http://fratmusic.com/

The site has 100k visits a day (started ~August '09), and a considerable amount of financing. We're looking for somebody to lead the day-to-day development for a good amount of equity or pay (your call). A good understanding of what makes a "complete" and usable consumer product is critical. Also, the backend is python / django.

And obviously, if you like music too... we'd really love to have you!


And to clarify: telecommuting works for us.

Located in San Francisco near Caltrain and BART. Recently funded by NEA, full compensation, great co-workers.

One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) is looking for front-end and back-end engineers (web developers) to help us bring the consumer solar industry into the 21st century. If you're interested applying your software skills to the renewables space, this is a great way to do it.

You can reach me at kalvin / 1bog / org (Yes, we're a for-profit with a .org... it's an ongoing discussion.)

Demonware - Irish video game network middleware startup acquired by Activision in 2007.

We develop custom client and server side software in C++ (client/server) and Erlang, Python & Mysql etc (server) for the biggest games in the world.

We solve a bunch of hard problems and have some fun along the way.

We are a small team and we work hard to keep our startup ethos.

We are hiring for multiple positions in Vancouver, Canada and Dublin, Ireland.

See our website for some job listings (not much else I'm afraid) - www.demonware.net

I forgot to say, any questions drop me a mail ook-hn@yumm.ie

Panjiva, a venture-backed startup in Boston and NYC, is building a Ruby on Rails supply chain web service. The small dev team of MIT and Stanford grads (including a YC alum) is expanding and looking for people with web application and data mining expertise for summer internships and full-time work. I have contact info in my profile if you have questions, or go to http://panjiva.com/jobs.

We're looking for one or two strong software engineers to join our team building Windows backup and disaster recovery solutions with C# and C++.

Work is on site in Reston, VA, USA. No visa sponsorship so must have right to work in USA.


I'm the development director at AppAssure, so drop my name and mention HN when you apply.

Facebook is hiring http://www.facebook.com/careers.

Why Join?

Startup culture - This will be the closest thing you can get to a startup environment without going on an all-ramen diet. We move fast and avoid the bs.

Work on something people use - Users upload a Flickr worth of photos every month. Life is too short to work on something nobody is going to use.

Plus you get to change the way the world communicates and shares.


Our company is immediately seeking a Mid-Level Developer to fill contract opportunity, for developing video conferencing and web based business applications. We are working towards developing a revolutionary business idea, which we have submitted for review for the 2010 techstars program. At this time we are in search of a developer to help us build this site. The serious and committed applicant must be able to be a part of the techstars program (http://www.techstars.org/) for 3 months – August 16th through November 12th and have some time to start building prototype leading up to the event. We are looking for a Developer that will work closely with the product development and sales team to understand business requirements and design a quality video application interface that will be installed on end user pc’s. It is required that candidates have experience with creating GUI applications to integrate with Video conferencing signaling components.

We are currently looking into two Video conferencing SDK solutions to be used to build a customized Video Conferencing application. Solution one is made by www.avspeed.com and is called “iCOnf.NET Video Conferencing SDK”. It is a .NET based SDK toolkit. The second is by www.eyeball.com and their product is “Messenger SDK”. This supports various languages for the purposes of application integration.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

Candidate should be self-driven and possess a mid-level degree of proficiency in the following areas:

Video Conferencing Skills RTP (a plus) C++ VB script Linux programming Multithread programming TCP/IP sockets programming Real Time Embedded programming Video H.264 (a plus) SIP (a plus) Audio G711, G722, AAC based BFCP (a plus) .NET

Business Application website development HTML Javascript .NET Ajax XML

Lastly candidate should have experience in system analysis, design, coding and unit testing. Analyze and transform business requirements into technical design specifications captured in document form. Maintain Source code repository. Spec out and assist in deployment of development environments, including website(s) and database(s). Proactively provide ideas and solutions towards the improvement of the site and the business.

All interested applicants’ contact:

Jerroll Harewood or Nick Burke Jerrollharewood@gmail.com NBurke@gmail.com

I'm hiring four senior hackers at StyleFeeder and would love to hear from anybody who is interested! We're in Central Square in Cambridge, MA.

Axolotl (San Jose, CA, USA) is hiring more developers to work on health information exchange and clinical messaging applications. We need both generalists as well as specialists in release engineering and BI. Technology is a wide mix of stuff, mostly oriented around web applications and Java EE.


Ticket Text

Python/Django Developer

We just launched http://ticketabc.com/

Small startup (3 devs), required onsite, Dublin, Ireland

Meteor Solutions (http://www.meteorsolutions.com) is hiring! We're looking for a couple of sharp devs to join a small team building cool stuff in Seattle. Come hack on Python, Javascript and CouchDB! Send an email to banderson@meteorsolutions.com if you're interested.

Carbonmade http://carbonmade.com is hiring a lead designer in NYC.

Books make people happy. Helping people make their own books make them even happier. Helping people be happy is happy.

Blurb.com is hiring. We're a print-on-demand publisher in San Francisco. The work is fun and the people are great.

Rails (and non-dev jobs): http://www.blurb.com/join_us

Wall Street on Demand, Boulder, CO. Need to work onsite.


TechCrunch, in Palo Alto


Scribd (YC07) is hiring - http://www.scribd.com/jobs

We're based in SOMA in San Francisco.

We're looking for software engineers, generalists that can work all over the web stack and total bad-asses! If you also happen to know Rails that's particularly attractive. :)

We work with a significant amount of data and traffic, so our problems stay very interesting. If anyone has questions for a Scribd engineer, you are more than welcome to contact me. Email in profile.

Anyone in London town?

Before I moved back to the US, I was working at youDevise in London, and it was great. Financial services startup. Awesome people.


Would you mind saying a bit more? They're showing up at my uni. in a couple weeks, would be interested in knowing a bit about them. Specifically, are there opportunities to deploy my elite computational statistics-fu? ;)

Depends on what the fu is. We are very interested in computational finance e.g. backtesting, measuring alpha, beta, gamma. Best way to find out more about us in general is to read our blog https://dev.youdevise.com.

Interesting, a few people have mentioned this place to me recently. I shall investigate.

Glad we are getting known, I hope for good things like being committed to learning (dojos, lightning talks) and using non-dogmatic agile practises (serious continuous-integration farm, pairing effectively, self-organising teams). Would be very happy to talk with you if you write to the address on the careers page linked to in the parent.

SocialSci is hiring a fulltime ruby developer.

SocialSci connects the online community with academic researchers and provides researchers with the tools they need to bring their science online.

http://socialsci.com , 4 people, Boston, TS. email- leon@socialsci.com

Hiring in San Diego for biz dev & PHP/AJAX/JAVA hacker


Positions are w/Trapster - one of the fastest-growing mobile apps / networks (5million+ downloads) that you may not yet have heard of :)

Performline.com is looking for experienced people to work on it's network platform.

The codebase is well-written and maintained and written in Django. Anybody with strong experience in any web framework is welcome.

Pay and options are very good. Work must be onsite in NYC.

Get in touch with Adam Nelson at adam@performline.com

mFoundry is hiring engineers and project managers: http://mfoundry.com/company_jobs.html Larkspur, CA

In addition to the listed positions we are also looking for Silverlight and Android developers. email: hr@mfoundry.com

athenahealth (NASDAQ: ATHN) in Boston is hiring software developers. If you are interested in math, Perl, JavaScript, Linux, SQL, and healthcare, drop me a line. My contact info is in my profile.


Booyah, a Palo Alto based company, is looking for an all-star Web Developer. Check out the link below for the details!


Thumbtack is hiring for our San Francisco office. We're building a marketplace for local services. Imagine eBay for handymen, painters, and French tutors. Awesome team & well-funded.


Looking for a Rails developer for http://www.simplepay.co.za - online payroll system for South Africa. Preferably in Johannesburg, but other locations in SA could also work. E-mail is in my profile.

CastTV (San Francisco) has a couple open positions (see http://www.casttv.com/jobs). We are a small startup backed by DFJ, Marc Andressen, Ron Conway and used by millions of passionate users.

Whitepages.com is hiring a bunch of software developers. We're a great place to work, use Rails a lot.


doubleTwist is hiring. Our office is in San Francisco CA.


email: chris at doubletwist dot com

We're also looking (although it isn't listed in the link) for Android engineers.

United Virtualities (Company I work for) is hiring a Sales Manager: http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Digital_Sales_Manager_2232_2.a...

A Thinking Ape is hiring engineers in Vancouver, Canada. http://www.athinkingape.com/jobs

(I have nothing to do with the company, they're just in the same building as me)

We need senior/architect Java people. StyleFeeder / Time, Inc. Cambridge, MA http://www.stylefeeder.com jobs@stylefeeder.com

We are hiring a .Net Developer and a FrontEnd developer. We are based in NYC http://www.spa-booker.com/careers

Lolapps is hiring actionscript, python, and web developers. If you want to work on social games or help us scale, drop me a line!

We're looking for a core engineer(s) and design lead at gdgt in SF.


Snowball Factory is hiring a Backend Engineer in SF http://awe.sm/55e8g

There's a group of talented people in Ukraine that would love to join startup environment. ukr.startup@gmail.com

deviantART.com is looking to hire a senior developer. Work in Hollywood or telecommute. Details/submit a resume at http://deviantart.theresumator.com/apply/XtBsCW/

kikin is looking for serious Java, JavaScript, Linux, and BI Engineers to work in Soho,NYC.

kikin, an NYC startup, that is changing the way people experience the internet. Check out kikin.com to see our product and positions.

HockeyBias.com is looking for 1 developer with a broad range of experience; .NET/C#/SQL, android, appengine/Python, and SQL. See http://hockeybias.com Email me at guy@hockeybias.com

In SV, who isn't hiring? The general job market is hot, and startups are springing up and hiring.

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