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created:May 7, 2009
karma: 773
about: Hi, I'm Vitorio, and I research and design, broadly.

I'm an occasional entrepreneur, having founded five startups over the past 20+ years, and I've worked with dozens more as a consultant or through my office hours.

I speak and publish a lot, but the next thing for me is to do that constantly, perhaps for your benefit?

I'm looking for a full-time, in-house, user experience design, user research, hybrid, or design technologist/prototyping role which can support ongoing, public discussion and publication.

(The end products, of course, can remain proprietary, but my processes and methods are not.)

I'm also available for speaking engagements and workshops, and I'll consider bartering any of the above for vanilla JavaScript front-end, Python, or AWS (via Python) development.

My personal site has my contact information and my LinkedIn profile: http://vitor.io