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created:May 7, 2009
karma: 854
about: I've had multi-year careers in engineering, product management, design, and research. I'm looking for a role that takes advantage of all of my experience, that supports cross-functional work across these roles to holistically build something.

"Wouldn't it be neat if" ideation followed by "yes, and" discussing it with users and co-designing variations with them, testing a technical prototype with them, and building out a business case for it, to be adopted by a production team.

Personally, I think there's a vision worth pursuing at the intersection of:

{ seeing spaces, explorable explanations, Dynamicland, shared understanding } { communities, co-ops, platforms } { knowledge transfer, asynchronous learning, moderation, culture }

Any work that lets me explore parts of that and share findings more broadly would be of interest to me.