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created:3466 days ago
karma: 274579
about: THOMAS H. PTACEK hopes, by strict attention to business, combined with moderate charges, to merit a fair share of patronage and support.

Chicago. Software security. Recruiting. Formerly: founder @ Matasano. Now: flounder @ Latacora.

Cliffs notes:

* Call me Thomas.

* Bill daily, never hourly.

* Just use bcrypt.

* Don't build crypto features; use TLS and PGP.

* Standardize your hiring interviews with work-sample tests.

Things I will nerd out obnoxiously about, Cliff Clavin-style: Hiring / Cryptography / Security in general / Consulting / Alcoholic spirits / Cooking / Criminal justice / The law in general / Electronic trading. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE.



AIM:ThomasPtacek / thomas@sockpuppet.org

(Don't apologize for contacting me! I'm happy to meet you.)

Must-read list: 'idlewords, 'pbsd, 'apaprocki, 'elptacek, 'patio11, 'gruseom, 'carbocation,, 'grellas, 'dctoedt, 'geofft, 'tzs, 'rayiner, 'DannyBee, 'comex, 'kasey_junk, 'anigbrowl.

Come back, 'potatolicious, 'mechanical_fish!

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