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created:April 13, 2009
karma: 554
about: Hi,

My name is b3b0p. Inspired by the anime Cowboy Bebop. Simply the greatest work of entertainment art of my generation. Bebop was probably taken when I signed up.

I am a developer, programmer, coder, software engineer. Whatever title is in style.

I like to code, but love learning and teaching even more.

I live in Minneapolis, downtown proper.

I like to play Mario and Zelda. I can't decide if I like NES or SNES better.

I like to watch movies. I can't pick a favorite.

I like to read Foxtrot comics and my favorite books are probably The Chronicles of Narnia.

I like to watched dubbed anime and Cowboy Bebop is my favorite followed by Samurai Champloo and Monster.

I like to build things. I just plum seem to have problems finishing them. I have what I think everyone on Hacker News has, a case of Side Project Backlogitis.

I'm probably most like Charlie Brown and Kermit.