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Insightpool | Atlanta, GA | Frontend, Backend, Whatever

Established startup currently hiring for various new products and experiments surrounding large-scale social network analysis. While we're especially in need of engineers interested in data science and data processing architectures, we're always hiring intelligent folk regardless of their primary focus. Minorities encouraged to apply.

Frontend Buzzwords > [ ES6, React, Flux, ImmutableJS, D3 ]

Backend Buzzwords > [ Python, Ruby, Go, Scala, Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Redis ]

Other Buzzwords > [ Flexible Hours, Blue Bottle Coffee, Nintendo Products, Spontaneous Dance Parties ]

To apply/get more info, skip the crappy application portal and shoot me an email at cm9jY29AaW5zaWdodHBvb2wuY29tCg==.

"shoot me an email at cm9jY29AaW5zaWdodHBvb2wuY29tCg==."

could you clarify this a little?

His email address is encoded in Base64. Whenever you see what looks like random gibberish followed by ==, it's generally a Base64 encoded string. It's trivial to reverse. He's trying to weed people out.

Cool thanks. I guess I'm not a good fit then? I cant say I come across that writing JavaScript though.

maybe it's just antispam, not weedout

  pbpaste | base64 --decode

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