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created:912 days ago
karma: 4089
about: My name is Dylan Houlihan.

I run Breaking Bits, a security services firm for tech companies. We've worked with many YC startups.

I frequently talk about information security as a both a technical profession and a business process.

I'm also the self-appointed custodian of bug bounty valuation on Hacker News. Every time someone makes a comment about bug bounties that includes words like "black market" or "underpaid" I'm going to respond with comments like this one:


It's something of a crusade for me.

I'm always up for chatting. If you'd like to reach out, you can catch me at dylan@breakingbits.com


Don't mind this section, just a place to put the list of commenters I make a point of reading:

'tptacek 'patio11 'yummyfajitas 'kasey_junk 'ChuckMcM 'rayiner 'grellas 'luu 'sweis 'jedberg 'jnordwick 'anigbrowl