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360pi, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Company Overview: 360pi helps top retailers compete and win in an era when shoppers expect and demand complete price transparency. Our customer base of "brick & mortar", e-commerce, and multichannel retailers accounts for over $US100 billion in annual retail sales and includes Ace Hardware, Best Buy Canada, build.com, TrueValue, and Guitar Center, among others.

We are looking for young and talented developers to help us write crawlers and products that will reshape the retail industry. If you are interested, see the links below. You can email any questions at dominic@360pi.com


"Young"? Really?

I apologize if I offended anyone and/or if I said anything improper; it was not my intention. I wrote this quickly during the March "Who's hiring" thread and copy/pasted it today. The role that was linked last month is a very early entry, out of college, role. 99% of our applicants for these roles are under 30 so I can only guess it was a subconscious thing on my part to put "young" in the description.

Thanks for holding me accountable!

pretty sure asking for "young" developers is against the EEOC, bud...

EEOC age discrimination provisions specify workers 40 and older (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_Discrimination_in_Employme...)

I agree that it's distasteful but it's not actually illegal in the US (and of course poster is in CA.)

does the EEOC apply to CA?

EEOC does not but Canadian Human Rights Act does, and it forbids discrimination on the basis of age, unless it is proven to be BFOR (bona fide occupational requirement).

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