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> "For practical or business purposes, this is a nice bit of incomplete information to help make a decision. I want to take a serious, time-invested dive into a new statically compiled language, but which one should I pick? An old die-hard or the new-hotness? I could make a guess from reading the docs and such, but I'd also want to know community activity and support. This is a handy chart for getting a sense of that."

No, not really, because you've no idea what assumptions are baked into the data. For some decisions, you can make fast, gut-based ones. For others, you need to take a much more considered and scientific approach. The difference can be defined by the ability to course-correct after-the-fact (the harder to course-correct, the more stringent the decision-making process). There's an entire academic (and military) discipline around decision-making processes and with good reason. People want to make good decisions as well as quick ones.

Anyone making business critical decisions based on this chart, without doing the extra work to understand the data, is basically lying to themselves. That's why vanity metrics and data-porn should be handled with extreme caution.

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