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created:July 31, 2009
karma: 11239
about: email: <username> at gmail

web: http://amirchaudhry.com

Based in Cambridge, UK

Things I've been involved with:

https://docker.com ( past) -- via acquisition of http://unikernel.com. Still working on unikernel adoption but with the leverage of Docker's ecosystem. First product is Docker for Mac/Windows.

http://unikernel{.org|.com} (past) -- Working towards wider adoption of unikernels.

http://nymote.org (dormant|side-project) -- FOSS, OCaml-based toolstack for connected devices and personal clouds. Just as the LAMP stack enabled the modern web, the Nymote stack (aka MISO stack) will enable the 'Internet of Everything'.

https://mirage.io (current) -- MirageOS is the 'M' in the MISO stack. A new approach to the Operating System where developers compose their applications by pulling in OS components as libraries (e.g networking, etc) and let the compiler deal with optimisation to produce lean, single-purpose VMs (aka Unikernels). The 'I' in MISO is the Irmin, git-like data storage system.

http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/projects/ocamllabs (alum) -- Co-created this group to push OCaml forward and make it more effective by working on tooling, documentation and a Platform. I herded cats here.

http://www.springboard.com (spun out, later acquired) -- Accelerator programme I set up in Cambridge in 2009. Worked with neilgd. Teams included PagerDuty (agmiklas, bpuvanathasan & alexsolo) and TidePowerd (profquail) among others. Now being run by jdbradford. Merged with Techstars in Q1 2013.

http://www.tidepowerd.com (board member) -- One of the Springboard teams that Red Gate invested in (profquail). Makes GPU computing accessible to .NET devs. Now shut down.

http://www.svc2uk.com -- Student run series of events with folks from the Valley. Chaired by Sherry Coutu and Reid Hoffman.

http://www.go-test.it (now sold) -- Red Gate acquisition. I worked with the founder, martinkl, who moved on to Rapportive (YC S10) with rahulvohra and samstokes. The assets were sold on.