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Depends on the scale of rich.

What do you think of, when you think about startup entrepreneurs getting "rich"?

Fuck you money. 50 mil in ~5 years.

Also, let's not confuse "startup", a single project requiring one's all, with "ventures", a diverse portfolio of small businesses seeded with one's capital but managed and run by domain experts.

Personally, I think the finger in many pies approach is far more interesting and rewarding, since you're hedging your bets.

Just to be clear about one thing: even in successful VC-funded companies with actual exits, 50MM is an anomaly. I have a bunch of friends who have sold companies, and in the crazy-talk best case, one of them got ~$10MM, and it wasn't his first 7+ figure win.

The companies that go for mid/high 8 figures are all apparently VC-funded, most for multiple rounds, meaning that any given founder might be hovering near single-digit points of equity.

Going after a "fuck you" $50MM payday seems like an awfully bad idea. It's not going to happen.

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