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I just realized that yesterday was the to-the-day 1 year anniversary of my girlfriend of 3 years dumping me in Palo Alto (via email) the day after she told me she could see us married and happy together (ouch!). Woke up, read HackerNews, and had this insatiable urge to blow off everything I had on my plate for PRMatch.com and code this sucker up. So grateful for all the praise / support / people using it and signing up for more free relationship tools.

Looking forward to some wedding photos!

xo, Anthony

It's heartening to see you moved beyond that painful experience and didn't let it make you bitter. I love that you are still optimistic about love. Best wishes! Hope you find what you are looking for.

Wow, that's cold! Any idea what caused her change of heart?

Sounds like she was thinking about their future 'she could see us...' And ultimately decided she wasn't going to marry him.

At some point I'll write about it -- but she said she was terrified her family would cut her off because they had a particular idea of a guy she was supposed to be with. It was pretty intense and I went back to her again and again, but ultimately -- we lacked the context to navigate it together.

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