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Coblis – Color Blindness Simulator (color-blindness.com)
36 points by luu on Oct 28, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 18 comments

I am red-green colorblind and I found that none of the settings matched my perception, i.e. the modified images all looked strikingly different to me. None of the tools that I've found online modify the image in a way that it looks unchanged to me.

I have found specific examples of images that look the same to me (and that look very different to non-colorblind people), for example these images: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/11/color-blindness-sim...

Since images like those probably came from one of the tools I tested, I'm guessing that there are certain failure cases that I only notice when I experiment with the tool directly.

I'm also red-green colourblind. I've seen a few of these simulators before. As you've noticed, the simulation doesn't modify the examples in such a way that they are indistinguishable by our perception. I've always wondered whether that is a valid test though; is it necessary for the images to appear identical to us for it to recreate the perception of a colourblind person in someone with normal colour perception. It's not obvious to me that these are the same thing.

That's a fair point, but on the other hand, how would you know that it's an accurate representation of what a colorblind person sees /except/ if this were the case? Perhaps people who had their colorblind status change, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

This is kind of sad really. I didn't realize people with color-blindness were missing so much of the color experience (if this website is accurate). I guess if you've always been colorblind though, you don't know that you're missing anything. It'd be like me complaining about not having the 11-dimensional color perception that an octopus has.

Maybe tetrachromats think us mere trichromats are the ones missing out.


You should submit that to HN. Very interesting article.

What is sad is how prevalent colorblindness is among men, yet next to nobody ever takes it into account in their products.

http://www.biyee.net/color-science/color-vision-test/ has a pretty good test system if you are curious. It's not an all or nothing affair. I get about 50% correct on protanopia and 0% correct on deuteranopia.

That test is pretty neat. I already knew I am colour blind from the Ishihara test at the eye doctor, but its cool seeing the break down.

I scored 56% on protanomaly, and 78% on deuteranomaly - 18/31 and 18/23 respectively

Requires Silverlight. :(

I like to put a face in the simulator, I don't often look at colored pencils. What do humans look like?

Am I missing something, or is the sample image for normal color vision totally different than the rest of them (as in, a cropped screenshot where the others are a bunch of pencils)?

Anyway, I'm deuteranomalous, but once I uploaded a different image, the "normal color vision" looks totally unlike the "green-weak/deuteranomaly" version. I guess the version(s) they're showcasing is just particularly strong?

> Please keep in mind that people with color vision deficiency are as capable of living a happy and productive life as those with normal color vision. There are only a few professions not suitable for them.

Kind of odd that our happiness and productivity are determined by our potential jobs.

On a related note, this seems really interesting too:

"DanKam: Augmented Reality For Color Blindness"


Also check out http://colororacle.org/ , which is a FOSS tool for Windows, Linux and MacOS for CVD simulation.

I tried out a DirectX hack that could simulate color blindness in basically all 3d games. Very interesting. It also had a mode that moved the colors around to help color blind folks.

I can't find it anymore, but I did find another DirectX hack which at least has the assist feature: http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/sweetfx_shader_suite_dow...

I wonder why the green-blind looks all green.

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