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created:1953 days ago
about:danluu.com / twitter.com/danluu

math/engineering@Wisconsin -> optics@Purdue -> CPU design@Centaur -> Hacker School -> platforms@Google -> ???

I'm looking for a new job! Considering my experience, the best possible fit is probably a hardware/software co-design job, or a hardware accelerator position.

But I'm not wedded to that -- I'm a full-stack engineer, in the sense that I've done basically everything there is to do at a chip (CPU) company, and I'm pretty comfortable with software; I've done everything from work on a core platform where the (amortized) budget was 40ns per, to write a web app. I'm really just looking for something where I can learn something that's new (to me) and work on a wide variety of different things. I have a preference for remote work, but that's not a dealbreaker.

Feel free to ping me if you've got something interesting: (fullname)@gmail.com.