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Things we never need to hear at another gamedev conference (programmerjoe.com)
37 points by mindplunge on Sept 21, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Okay, I can understand why most of these are on the list, but this one stands out like a sore thumb:

6. Don’t trust the client, it is in the hands of the enemy.

When did that ever stop being true or important? In fact, amazingly many people get this wrong, including many programmers I've come into contact with as a consultant. The top suggestion for securing their server/service is typically to use encryption even though they don't control the client. I don't think this fallacy can be pointed out often enough!

The author titled his post "50 things I never need to hear at another conference". Presumably he feels he has heard this wisdom often enough to have internalized it.

I dunno, the whole post read as if he was trying to make some kind of point about accepted wisdoms, fashions and memes of the game industry. This one is more of an indisputable fact.

Many of the things on my list are actually indisputable facts. That they are true doesn't make them any less worthless to hear for the 100th time. This post actually says as much about me as it does about the conference itself. After four or five years of going to the same conference they tend to just run out of content.

The sad thing about this list is that the best barbeque in the country is just 20 minutes south of Austin, in Lockhart.

Here's a fun article from Calvin Trillin about an upset in the 2008 barbecue rankings that placed the best to the east of Austin:


How weird that this comment could have been downmodded.

"the best barbeque in the country is just 20 minutes south of Austin"

Which is? If I am ever in Austin, I'd like to look it up.

Pretty much any place in Lockhart, though Smitty's and Black's are the two most famous.

I went out of my way last time to find well-recommended, off-the-beaten-track BBQ in Memphis (we did a road trip from Chicago to Austin this summer), and was disappointed. Slate had the same experience.

I thought Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous was in Memphis :-)

Memphis is a third-tier barbeque city, and Rendezvous is a tourist trap.

Would have been more enlightening if the poster elaborated on why each item was in the list. I can make guesses, but don't make me beg your question.

I'd guess that these items are on the list not because they are true or false, but simply because they are repeated a lot within the industry.

I don't need a whiny top 50 [insert inane opinion about inane subject here] story. Bad OP!

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